The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 11
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THURSDAY,. APRIL. 10,. 1M7- Perusal of FDR's BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NRWS Senate Investigating Group Seeks Oil Deals Data in Personal Piles (Unlfnl j' i,r.r. y ss Staff April 10. <UP>- SDiii'ti- War InvpstlijaUnB ommittee has luked I'lrsirti'iit Truman for p^nui-;ncm lo ecxam- ini' nli the Lite President Hooso- veli's personal piii;crs that miclu ri'lute to its Arabian oil investigation. it \vas-leasncil yesterday. Atitlioritativo sources said 'the committee nfkert that an investigator bt> allowed lo jjo through l>a- IJH-s now in HIP Roosevelt estate nt Ifyrte JV:rk, N. y., for possible cities in its oil proba. This was n broadening of the eommitlee's earner request for plir-.tnstatii- conies of three specific (Irvnmrnti. Those were believed to inciiu!,. Oilman Jumes 13. Moffelt's refilled offer to ye!! Arabian oil to tlie Kovernmem al a bargain price in 1S41. T.'c committee is investigating wliy I lie Navy contracted for the same oil at iicarlv lrip!c the price in 19-1-1. 'President Truman lias informed ihe committee he will be glad to t;et them the requested photostats. But theie has fjcen no rcnly yet 10 the request to thumb through all the Roosevelt files'. Mo.'felt told the committee that failure to r.ece-pt his ol'fev in 1D11 cost the cover nmcnt SC80CO.CCO in extra profits to (wo oi! companies ....... Ihe Texas Oil Co. and Standard 011 Company of California -since the Navy contra;! was signed in 1944. ^The Navy denied this, saying It ^p.^wht only SSO.CM.COCI worth of oil fr ^ll 'he v.vo companies and there- foiu couldn't hnve allowed the concerns SM1.C03.CCO extra profit. The hearings nre ejected to resume when Chairman Owen Brcw- sSer. n.. Me., returns [rum a trip to E^vpt. Doc -Stork Is Working Overtime Tlic Soutli African weaver bin) builds its nest wiih the entrance at I lie I jo I lorn. Dies Mysteriously Currently booming U. S. bill]] rale might Inerctiso the pupulution In 1U5,000.00(I in 1DOO, auys Hie Census Bureau. Jt expects /innl rignres to show :!,'HO,(II)0 Ijiillis in )!M(j, Hie iill-timc hiijli, :is eoinpiircd with U)C iirevlolrts high of 2.03-1 ,«GU in 10^:l and the depression low o[ 2,081.232 in HOT. her unrents. "She won't rauogiilno lier mother and fiUher,"'Uiey .'••uiii. FulU'i' will be turned-over to Chl- enijo ofliciuls, the FUI snlct, C, 15. Weeks, suednl Flif ngunt hen 1 , f:il(l tlmt Fuller mid the girl were picked (iip while seeking tninsuortntib:; lo New York City. Week snid Hint Fuller, wlfh Ihe yoiini; clilld Inul trnvvled exten- jslvely, oi'easlonully working us a (llsliwnshei- »ml diineinB leaiher nl roller shallnn rinks. The cine that led to FullerV r.p- prchenslon \vi\s given lo Ciit.-f of Detectives Waller Slorms of Clii- cago a nionlli ngo when lie li'.iined Hint a man Hiiswei-lns,' Fuller's ile- scrliillon Inul ordered iin expensive pair of roller skals for Mnr/ Ann from H New York City linn. PHI ngenls traced Fuller lo Mobile, Aln., (hence to New Orleans. PAGE ELEVEN Between 5,000,000 nnd 7,000.000 Americans linve serious lienrlnB Impairments of one or both eiirs. Long FBI Search for Child's Kidnapers Finally Bears Fruit By CHARLES NETHAWAV (United Press Staff Correspondent) | NEW ORLEANS, April. 10.-Pretty , Five-year-old Mary Ann Kubon,' mcrnljer of a professional sRadngi act who was abducted from a Chi- ' cago boa rdiiiu house almost two' years ago, goes home today to her! mother'she doesn't remember. • FBI agents located the missing girl last night in the custody of William G. Puller. 42-year-old pro- ' fessional skater 'who 'reportedly had used her in skating rink shows throughout the country. Chicago ponce ami spokesmen for Ihe PHI said that Fuller had stolen the girl to train her for a professional skating career. Fuller 'was apprehended ufler a 22 months search. He was charged with kidnaping and unlawful flight to avoid prosecution. The child's parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Walter Kubon, had placed Mary Aim, then, three years old. in the boarding house a few month:; he- fore she wus kidnaped in June, 1915. Puller posed as the child'/i lather, nuthonttes snid. The girl wns reported to be an accomplished skater. Besides Fuller, his wife, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Remri Taylor, nil members of a skating act, were reportedly held for questioning. Full Jiiinllp or the case were withheld pending iur- Iher ([iiestionmK oi Fuller and oilier members of the skHtiiiK.uct. Mary Ann spent the niaht in a New Orleans orphanage. A police matron will take her to her mother. The police matron was jxyi-clFtl here frojii Chicago todny. ,i;nenlle authorities said that Mary Ann would be turned over to her" immediately for the trip home. Police snid that the girl apparently thought that the Fullers were Tired Kidneys Often Bring Sleepless Nights Wlien disorter of kidney function permits poisonous matter to rvmain In your LlooJ, It ninyniusp nn« [jins bachnche. i houmallc [ial niu IC-K p.ilns. loss of ix;i> und cn«r Kyi getting up niKbls, swelling-, puffiness under the eyea headaches and dizziness. Fnjqucnt or scanty passages willi smmtinK nnd burning wme- tirnea t;no\va uit-re Is something wrong with your kidneys or Llndilcr. Don't wait! Ask your druggist for Doan's PiJb. 11 stimulant diuretic, used successfully uy miilinna for nvcr BO yearH, Ilo&n'ji ^ive liupyy relief QUO will help the 15 miies of .kid Hey lubes flush out ro'sonoua want* /njm your Ltood. Get Doan'n Weak,Watery Blood Blamed for Making Men and Women Look and Feel Older THAN THEIR YEARS How ilo you Jeel «(. tUe end of n <taj? Is umt old time pep ami ilrlvo fncklnir? Have you checkt-cl-uy on your blood strength lately? Thousands now regaining Kliv,vln l: B ood looks and vitality tlirouith the release or vibrant onersy to every iiimcle. fibre, cell. Every <lny—every hour—millions of tiny rcil-blood-cells must pour forth from tlie morrow of your hones to re- pmce those that are worn-out. A low blood count may nftect you In several ways: no appetite, underweight, 110 encr- BV. n Betiernl run-down condition, lack at resistance to Infection nnd illsonio To get real relief you must keep un your blood streiiotlv.Mcdlcal authorities, by analyst of the blood, have by tiosl- llvo proof shown tlmt SSS Tonic Is amazingly clfcctlvo In bulldlnR up low olood strength In lion-organic nutritional anemia. This Is due to trie SSS Tonic formula which contains special and potent activating InercdlcntB. AlKO. SSS Tontc helps you <nijoy tho foid you eat by Increasing the Koslrlc olEosllve Juice when It Is iion-organl- cally too little or scanty— llnis the Blom- aen will have little cause to get ualky with nas. bloat and Klvo off that «onr food taste. ^Don't waltl Energize your foody with ;j^h. red-blood. Btart on HSS Toiitc now .As vigorous blood surgfa throughout your whole body, greater freshness and strength should make you cat lii-tlcr. Bleep better, foot butter, work better, play bettor, havo a healthy color glow In your skin—firm Jlesh nil out hollow places. Millions of bottles sold Clet a bottle from your drug .tore. SSS Tonic helps Build Sturdy licalth. Police have uncovered a possible love triangle in th; strange death hy drowning of attractive] Wynona Harvey, 23-year-old Phil-" ippine Embassy secretary whose bociv* was found on Potomac River shore near Arlin<;lon, Va. Investigators questioned Theodon: HucX. 23. her fiar.oc of one week, and an un-nimed middlc-ace,l New Yorker who is said 'o linve replaced her fiance in her affections. Her pastor told police earlier she suffered had dreams nnd \viis "emotionally shaken" prior to her disappearance. j CHECK \VKrficKS~~~"! j NXUV IN STOCK! ! ; SAMUKL F. NORMS j ! I'rinU-rs .Sl.lliimcrs J ' Across From Cit. Hall i AVo arc faking orders for Attic Fans to ho installed before hoi weather. Cnll us for csfiitintca MISS. COUNTY £ LUMBER CO. ™ Phone 415 Steel Oil Barrel Racks Slie T. L. MABRY 423 MISSOURI ST. ril. S6i7 Made with twisted ' dough for liner, whiter texture. Twisted dough mikes a velvety, finer-textured loaf that stays fresher longer! \ m p i o v c il quality . . . heller lastc. Only the best - hy - test goes into Kroger Dread! ftol ;;:r?r Bakers at our 15 Kroger fink-cries unanimously say: "THE NEW KROGER BREAD IN THE BLUE AND WHITE WRAPPER IS THE FINEST KREAD WE'VE EVER BAKED!" /- a r g c size makes this Krogcr-quality improved loaf America's hcst bread value! Large Loaves KROGER TRADEMARK-THE SYMBOL OF QUALITY AND VALUE Made with Twisted Dough for'Finor, Improved Qualily Give* Belter , Taslel KROGER MASTER BAKER H. M.HURT SAYS: "Tliis is the host bread we've ever seen come out of our ovens. We use tcst ingredients ... viumin enrichment ...and twii! (hedough for finer, whiter texture. / know yon cun't buy a lictlt'r lo.if ibun the new Kroger Dread!" BUY 2 Double Your Savings Lorye size ... Aincr- ico's best Ijrociil volucl Plain or Self-Rising, Country Club FLOUR ' 25 Ib. 2.15 50lbs.4.25 Avondalc F! HI IB 25 - |b b °9 $202 rLUUJ\ 50-lb. bag $3.95 Pure Cane 5 SUGAR re Slanip 11 Now (iood for 10 l.lis. KROGER'S 2k COOKIE SALE MACAROON SNAPS ^ ^- ^ CHOCOLATE TOWNE TAVERN ,%21 C VAN8LLA CREME DELIGHT ,,21 VANBLLA TOWNE TAVERN ,,21 CHOCOLATE DAINTY SANDWICH lk 21 Meats, Sea Foods, and Poultry CHUCK ROAST ( A Fresh Daily or Sotips Gnule "AA" or "A". I'omul , ' inn Fresh Dressed Gaevert Roll Films G-20 or 6-20 28c G-27 23c G-16or6-16 32c Ground Beef^ Ib 35c Fryers, [b ..... 59c Tork I.oill Ontvr fill Roast, Ib 49c Pork Chops, Ib 59c I'urc I'orli Swift's Orloln Sausage, Ib . . . 45c Sli. Bacon, Ib . . 55c Film Hot; Swift's Smoked Lard, 50 Ibs. $16.99 Picnics, Ib N 45c Slrc:ili ()' I.ran Cminlry Hunrl Salt Mear, Ib 35c Cheese, Ib 25c llulllilit . II. ,V C. Steaks, Ib 45c Whiting, Ib 17'l-2c Hiver Ocran Carp, Ib 15c Perch, Ib 29c Kroger Eggs Ciificli'd, Dated and Sealed'Under U. S. Supervision U.S. Orii. \ iMrnv i'ri. Do/. Krogi-r's Hut Dated •.Coffees SPOTLIGHT 3 ^ 1-l'iHiiul Hag Me FRENCH BRAND t ,: 1 , 1 : 44 COUNTRY CLUB ^47 Popular Brands CIGARETTES 2 Packages 41 c KKOGICIt ORANGE JUICE iMOT'l"S APPLE JUICE filll 21 Koltlu V-8 COCKTAIL JUICE <t 33 STOKKLY'S TOMATO JUICE •Ki-O/. Cun Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Daily Sweet Juicy -Ib. Washed SWEET YAMS 29 ICxtra Fancy Crisp Kcd APPLES ^"ir 29 DATE SPECIALS New Data-Nut Fresh Calif. Dulcs 8-oz. I'kff. 2 6-oz. Rolls U. S. No. 1 Washed POTATOES' ' Hod 'J'fitimphs 55 C Calif. Fancy p Fresh Carrots „ B New Spring ItciJ y RADISHES B Younj Tenitcr C .Green Onions h 5 TOMATOES EVAP MILK PRUNES PORK & BEANS PINTO BEANS LIBBY BEANS GREEN BEANS ICxtra Standard No. 2 Can Country Club ;! Tad'Cans Snnswccl I.arfjc KJ-Oz I'kjj. Counlrv Club No. :!(m Can Family Hrand :i N(i. 2 Cans Deep Hrtnvii IT'/.-O/. Can French Style No. 2 Can 15 rSPAGHETTI 37 APPLESAUCE 27 PEAS 14 NIBLETCORN 25 TUNA FISH 18 STOKELY KRAUT 20 TABLE SALT Country Clul) Two 7-Oz 1'kgs. Wagner Hrand No. 2 Can Country Club. F.,arg'e Sweet No. 2 Can Green Giant 1 2-Oz Can California Fancy No. 2 Yi Can" No. 2J/i Myles Brand 24-Oz. Pkg. . I5 C 28° 19° 16 C 39 C 16 C 4 C

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