The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 7, 1946 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 7, 1946
Page 2
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FAGK TWO BLYTKKV1LLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1946 Mrs. Perm Re-elected :hbral Society Had M«. Charles Penn •« re-«Uc*«i Son Named Giry The »on born 'to Thomas s«r.; arid noon at ' Bly.theMlk Honplfal -.hit* , '•___:,* /-!_•[ <ur•*••*• Uj . Ui . ___ _. __ iresident ot BUrUvrtilte Ctoanl .So- 1 ^n nil me<l Gary 'Wavne - .-•--•• ..... • . • . . . jlety last nl«ht «t the; annu«l taw- .ness meetlt* at- City .Auditorium. O. E. Knudsen'wlll serve as vice president and other officers elected Tiid re-elect«d weie: Mis. W. : D. 2obu, secretary'; ,WU»n Heary, <^>r- responding secretary; Farmer En* - LaRd, treasurer • »nd Dalton C. Foilston, librarian, jj?, .... The jExeciitlve Heart will again 1- >*i.^j_ .... ~* u«4 Bucucll l^Arr. their first ehlW. .' Mrs. Hopper> Is former. MUi Ds "aifde up of Mrs Mrs! 'George M. Lee, Ross Stevens and AlvUi Huffmin Jr. Nominees, for office fere •«sailed b>>the nominating committee headed by ktr»- Wilson Henry. Essie Chamblln of Wilson. Junior-Senior WeiMC -^ Held at Holey FieU: Numerous toolal «venls ore scl>e> ^^ .duled for'the g'rad(>atkiig claj*",'*! Parr, Blythe^Hle HlK h Sc™* 01 ^ including t<) ^ glveh . by -tlie Parent .Teacher Association arid affairs given by various cinircntt. '( • Outstanding event during thj p«3t n'eek was the annual Junior-Senior Colib head, in charge, Tins- is the final maelihg of this Reason with regular sessions to be VeiUin^c! in ,Sept*mber , rf * • • Dons, Muir Wed In StT. Louis Ceremony i. Si Hi Fr5irh Four n Play £)ay Events four Mississippi couc- ly Echoals, Wllsob. Luxora. Dyets BJythevlIl*. partkipateil Sat- the play -day at Haley eki,, •••,''. '•..-.' The 7j jirii 'tailnj part gathered ai the fleia Vt 10 o'clock and played > gjuiie.s unlj) 3:30 o'clock. the iwttft 'and contests ball, .soft ball, nnd accepted "as a whole by the!picnic at which ' the Junldr clssS so<iel> |»-«s'. host, .. ...'•-Mr England *a^e v »- treasurer's | Given Friday ^t , . repat ind tMo^t 'the session, ! tures of th* pkiik-,*a..a: rcfieshineiils -were ler^ » iUl Mrs - b * u « ttme '' i^ 1 ^' >«.,«*"*«' entertauuuiiW conunitU* the seniors won,,.arid '>. game -which .'juniors W,ofi.; ., T Approximately ISO students juestH, including Junior aiid' s*.: L'lass si»nsois aud' blhfr >fac iminbers, were prestnt.: . '4V Sandwiches were'served wllh wit ill-Inks niid an ice creuiu cbne':de^-. sert. Serving w'ere JlUJ Onl^s, D«n. Caldwcll. Vimnj-e . Wliltley and'' 'Joanne shanks; i . '' >••,.' '<•'•',,' Chi the Food committee were J^iri •s Dan Oaldwell,' S^inieJ-.Hood played- »*r* , . , beat.b»ll,'»occ«r; ri^niesJioe and folk d^htlriif. Ttie eAtite group was divided into squads. '•.A program wds.' presented by the High school Glee Club, Walk HosaUal Admit i«d: • Mi*. O. P. Flakes, Steele, ata. Joseph James; city. Willford. Darmy Morris, city. Barbara Ann Ournow, city. Bedford Bryeans, city. Dismissed: Alice Fay LaComb, Luxora. Angellne Mills, Rt. 1, city. Joe Crawford; Holland, Mo. Evelyn Bumi, Rl. 2, city. Albert Taylor, city. Jiianlta 'DePrlcst. Hurnersville, Mo. ' - . { Ann Samford, Holland, Mo. t Mrs. O. A. Oarrelt, city. , dcr Recital! of Mrs.- Ralph B*rry- |hey ^mttt ."Vten Orajimptli- ealiiuV'rly. Beelhoven; "Ital- 1 " • - In a ceremony Saturdaj night at the**Cracc Prccbyterlan Churcli in daunht«r-of Mr and Mrs George Muir 2*6 Bast pavlx. bocaiue bride 'of£ Janet, Brooki Oocbrai ^, _ son of -Mrs. Ruby Cochran of St. "'^ F l n nnce"coinipltl«e w'us inftde I'- 0 " 15 y ' , uu of Mary • Aan'. Parks.'.Oi(ei The H«v' Ralph Wart pastor, lson _ 550,,,^ B aij mid P..D.-Foster, officiated at the. double ring ceremony Mrs.' Mildred 'English was her sisters matron of honor •fhe^ftJde. wore a blue tailored dress wtih a eors<if« ot i>lnk rosebuds. * : Htf" accessories were in black ," * Mrs English's dress wajj black and white with a shoulder corsage of red roses. Her accessories also were. In black. After June 1, /"""and Geral<j Bloiiieyer. Jlnl*ftaln!Wlf ^S^ ! committee nieiubers- were B1U_ Wfl- *. "f Hams, Ruth Seay. T Joanne'.. Shajiks. of s' "I* B 01 ? McDanieU.;.; -, ,V ', .-.'MI ot. M^,., r\titnitrA r < nnni'nltL*'P WUS Iliauc blytheviltc Juniors' •. • Fleet tor Senior Year Mr. and Mrs. .by ..VidtOr •ller- .pa}}'' by. Fi'li'ncl ya'ri 'Hoihie's 'as-soloist. .iV.'i-ai.'.Will be','8prui«,". U*"' 'Wid • "Bells, of SI. !$•«.;;.-:•",;•""; ' •-.'•, .'-,.. , •', ~- '.progranii^'as concluded witti ' of.'Uie tea" by Soliiian fol- ( .''rite. llmerkKs,'. • VTti« Bee I' 1 ' nie itxive", ; "Wl)lstli ','Tlnk' ij'" Tlnk" am! scliool Ailmitled: Walter pankey. city. Dick Brown, Born to Mr.' rs. p Tom. ; C5al- ; Gamblers Quit In New Orleans Wide Open Place* fear Raids as Hew Mayor Takes Office. NEW ORLEAN8. May 1. (U.P.) —Tills town which long has been flamboyantly famous' as "wide open" New .Orleans today was closed light as gambling and vice welcomed a new city administration by laying oh-so-low. It didn't take any raids to clos'j | the usually flourishing handbooks and dice games. The "word" went down the line over the week-end, and today you didn't dare even match pennies. • The handbook parlors, nestled conveniently in the back room or almost every bar in town, were deserted. Their result boards were barren without the familiar entry churls, and Uie rasping call of "off at Belmont" was • silenced The bookie .• operators stoo /\mbush Victim, In Hospital Here, Gains Strength Condition of 19-year-old George Bray of near Holland, Mo., myster ioualy shot Friday night, today re moined satiafactory. It was understood that officers there had not identified the assailant who was hiding beneath u bridge to await arrival of the Bray youth on his way home. Young Bray said the man fired as he rose from his hiding place. Tiie bullet severely lacerated his left arm. If. M. Hulsman. a neighbor, volunteered to bring the Injured men to a hospital In ills truck and utter starting for Blythevilie found rldhig in the truclc extremely painful. To make Bray more comfortable, he was transferred from the truck to an automobile owned by Mrs. Cheste; Brown. Mr. Hulsman accompanied the Injured man to the hospital. Uttle Rock man that was formerly a state policeman. Sheriff Plant said, "I do not understand what (his Is all about, but I am sure my deputy had noililnv to do with It." i A recent survey disclosed that public eating places serve approximately 62,000,000 meals dally. !•*«•< Pilots' Threat of Strike Does Not Hit Arkamans LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. May 7. tUPl —The proposed strike of 1,000' pilots of the worldwide TWA Airlines will :iot directly affect air uansporta- Lion In Arkansas, airline officials said here today. While pilots of Hie commercial lines serving the state do belong U: the same union—the AFL Airline Pilots Association—only TWA workers plan to strike. Passengers to be inconvenienced by the strike will bo those wishing to travel lo some point served directly by TWA lines, which ha-S its closest terminals at St. Louis and Kansas City. The Heauty Nook ill No. First I'hont' S91 Helen I,aster Isiibel Kurtius . 8*nuny« y , Jo - Stiles, .Geneva 'Be'Uy WirriiiK- i Rogers, Su, Wldner, n* 1 aU'r, UlldreUMea- <k>V*. •.Barbara - Monanlian, yatsy Xi}ij, '.Tr'avis., -yirgiiUa SweareiiKen ' -Barbara ; CulHs«n. . . tff' chocolate Ice Owen Cochran will make their home in Columbia, Mo., where he will attend University »' * Mis. Cochran "was graduated from 'BlsthevlUe High School alia served as deputy county court clerk-here several -years, since t°- ing to, St. Louis .recently she has been .studying at St. Louis Unt yersity while employed as secretary in allied. Cross Office there. Mr. Cochran. veteran of three years service In the European Theater, is the nephew of Mrs. A. B. Holland and Mrs. Zal • B. Harrison of Btythevilk. Is Hostess to WA Mrs. C. E. Johnson ..was hostess last night to the Young Women's Association of First Baptist Churcli at her home, S13; North Franklin. Gurley, Johnson, s ecre u\i;y i nu R utli ' treasurer. - MLss Frances Luna B. Wllhelm wljl '»(fJW> be*'*';' lor class sponsors.''. . . > \ .'•.;•• *,.{; Bits of •Mrs. HObert E.-L*« KiOf, ' Ohureli . land. MUs.. who i» : vislt(l%,j li*r daughter, Mrs.- S»r«4«l j"; No<t and family, 810 Weil Waliuit 1 . .w«? to Jonesboro todxy, .to speittj ^w? <i»ys with Mrs. H.-J. Klmbro. '*nd fanilly, who • reildedi;l|i !Blytji«VW<! u number of years ago. SwfiiC- cainpanied Hunter . Ijine .' Kioibro ' iwv,th« Y R*V( "'.'Nfartin Ntblack'. -1..]'.^ itw'-.lociil^ cl)urch, vhijs itii^tiis; a ad. : 3\~: pastoral charV- <' &ptaJt«r' of. the .conference -_ ^.'Dr. V'J, -'If.-; Chit wood . of Birmingham, -Ala. Bishop Ivan tee alai 'Jin '-.ini; -ji^nti as he has nil. lor arv ecumenical BlUtt. - OLKei- -coutieetllulial officers from Sit. .Lduls.r.ipirkjuviUe, tjesotp and ^Ujtirsi)0.1«it«>iiri.«KSJeV!t«l, .the Rev. .—._-,». \iaf' lite'.ilrst iiix luon Ui5 ofislhis\eorjfeha(be 'year wUl. -B$ ti)a'4e\ al(d ipl»hK .for ~ the: next six mtmtlvi.;:*i|f be' foruiulaledY .is, Luxora.' a • daughter "this.''iporii* Born to Miv and Mrs.'Hives How-' lett, Manila,-a; son thi* rnb'rnlnij: ^ rJLsiniSsed': ' : '.'-' .''.-• ' •' '. Mrs. E. C. Short. Manila.-, ,. ' Mrs. Clieslti- James. Caru'thers-. vllle, Mo. - •' -. v • • •''; .•- : Jackie Leroy -Martin,.Molla,ud;M,o, Mrs. Giui*tt .'Abbott, .'city. : ,',. MrM»h!» Mtptlsi Hospital Admitted: ' ' " •'-.'' • Mrs. H. M.-{White,<'cUy. : '- Wayne Wallace, Manila.; ' ' Memphis M«t)ut4M H<M»Mil V Admitted:' ..'••'-.. '" "••.. . J. -P. McC'tilla,; city. , ',', •": '• Coming' Emits WE3NBSDAY Sudbury Parent Teacher ., Aiao- ciatlun meeting 2:30 o'clock, with Executive Board, 2 o'clock., . Alpha Alpha, chapter, Beta'Sitr- jjia Phi. meeting at;the home of Miss Tllice . Salvba. , • • . . .'•• May Breakfast sponsored by-Woman's Society-of chHslljin Service of First Methodist Church, at. the . Mrs. Harfy Klrby. -IputA* to Wednesday Bridge" Club. •: . Mrs. Jarhes'fa. iClark hostess to Town and Country Bridgei Club at home on Highway 81 South. Chapter E>> P. E. 6. StstWhood, meetitnj wltU-'Mrs. H. H.'HoUchms, 1 o'clock.- • • •' .' '.'''.' ' • -THURSDAY '. Friendly 9ook Clufa meellng with Mrs. Leon Schemer;' Udells Sunday.-School Class-o First Baptist Church meeting To" around Quietly In small groups, • talking i . fishing for scraps oI Sheriff Arrests One Of His Own Deputies SEARCY, Ark.. May . _^ _____ . Information which mliihl give un Sheriff T*»tum'"piaVii - of what the -future holds. Scene uf OptratUns ShifU .Tlie lltt didn't mean that . you (UPt — WhiU county, said -here today that ht ha( | sm , e d- ;l warrant for the arrest of OIle of his uel) ulies. Floyd . . couldn't -try your luck If you reallv Morl .| S> ,„ Connection with an arson l by attorneys for the > hud u mind to.- In adjoining par- clmrge Isliet. neon-swatlied play palaces Bvlers. operaled In lush levity. They arc lout tif the new mayor's jurlsdic- Itioli nnd had no qualms about VfuJl-blcist operations. .. , ,:. The city Itself, however, was illu ™«' fact, one veteran police- Too Late to Classify for Sale 50 Hu. Whippoorwill Pe Hlytheville Curl» Market ISO K, Main 5-1-tk-l. 3 Rooms furniture. Pre-war. Phone :i»89, 1101 So, Lulu- St. .; 5-7-pk-Q-10 for LUZIERS Fine Cosmetics Call i\1iss Francis Jones Phone 24SC or 3«33 said "tightest lid I've ever The Byler clnn figured prominently in Arkansas news since they I were charged with first degree I after the. shotgun-slaying ' I County Sheriff J. Law- last December 4. Rti- °f For Rent •21)7;in. I'll RADIO REPAIR 1 jiiid 2 day Service on any make or rr")''el Reliable i'Sen 1 "™ 1 " •?••"- "" '" "",bert Byler was Inter convicted and Houses of, prostitution, joined th- sentenced to die In the electric imbllng gentry In the shut down, chair May .31. hey, too, got the "word" without The Byler's decision to file i« unpleasantness of a raid. And against the peace officers grew iey were told lo keep the front,out of the burning of their house supper home *f Mrs. Roy ' Wood. T-.30 b'clpck.' Entre Nous: (Cliib" .meeting .with >Ir«. William Berrymaii. • Mid-week' Club meets- with- Mis c. A. cunntngnaia. ., -,. - v-' '•' .-'-.'-''" •_ Thursday Contruct Club' m**tlri " ^^^^fSiS^I 1 ^'^-^ The itstess served re/resliments.' Condition of .E. R- >*a«on. fftw underwent ail operation .yesterday. » & I ter 1 S Mrs. Cecil Hayes April 23 at Walls Hospiral;- has been named Sherry Francella. Their first child, Mrs. Hayes is the former Miss Catherine Oxford. afternoon at warraj cheater. MliinMs very good;, -Ntrs. ed to return home In thr«« : The Hayes family lives Chlckasawba. al 117 Mrs. ^Wolters Hostess To GEO Club;Merhbers Mrs. J. Hlnes Wolters was hostess last night to members of QEO Club Ht her home,,*M East Ken-: lucky.,: . ''••'. When bridge was played, h\nh score priw was awarded-Miss DOr- olhy'Jean Higglnson • and brldgo went, to Mrs. John F. Fields. Flowers'from th« Wolters garden were arranged home:. ii''tf)f'Haraiflc.'IT .months! ,.. ... it .. •3,^ n i l ,. v »i,.' Barbara Ann arrived: here r fn>ni Tiltit Her parents vn.ltord' Milter. .A ;j(«(iri service.. Mr. t ' ' l -f(Ir, 'arid I' aiia' ^ttjrjr^.'^a'Ve' peliuayltaiJa^.to^ \ir'. .«>>a;r MJf«V. V yete'niA'n>ro(<o«r N«4li»rii . rocen ' ' with Mrs. F. ^oyn*r." . Mrs. Boyce Moore .hostess ONB C|«b. r v ....' Thursday Club mee^: with : oor—and the back door—locked Actually, New Orleans "houses" ULven'l been wide open since the tart of the war. They were closed hen at the Imistenec • of military xjllCL', and since have remained Jscreelly hidden—out of the French Quarter. •''However, u civilian could find n 'house" just, so loiitf as he conltl itid n taxic'rib. Now even these nestled-away places were affecleil i)s, the closing order, v Jyron Morse Mis. Cleb Langston hostess to Octette club. 'Alpha Beta Bunco Club meeting With Mrs. Jane Nowell. Mrs. Jesso M. White will entertain. CHib Eight. Read Courier News Want Ads. and killing o f their livestock the day after the murder. They said| the officers were responsible. Although Sheriff Plnnt said he knew no details of the alleged offense, he served the warrant, ami Morris is at liberty under $2,000 .bond. Indictments were returned by the Izard County grand Jury last .April 29 against Morris and n PHONE 2642 We Call fur and Deliver Fred Collirian Klectrica! Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola Radt* Sales and S*rvie« 106 So. First St. Landys' Beauty Shop 2003 iW. Main St. Phone 3990 Ijmdys Rowlett CtfAMIsoCTS* GOOD. FOR I!*! MAC!* X0 x»* ';»<£* Continaoui Show* ETSIT DM «>i Office Opens 1:41 Show SJaris 2;9«» LISTEN Ti> K.LCN MONARCH Jf ofler'r Friend massaging prepa- zatioa btlps bring ease and coniloit to expectant mothers. M OTHER'S J-'HIKND, nn cxqutsltely prepared ernolllcnt. 13 useful In cocdltlons where a bland, mild anotlyiie jnaaafcKe nitdlum In skin lulirlcatlou U desired. One condition In v/hlcli v.-onnui for more than 70 years have used It i* an application tor cias^aglni; the body during- pregnaacy ... it helps keep the sklu sott' and pliable... thus avoiding tinnec«ssary dlscomlort due to and tightness. It refreshes und tones the I kin. An Ideal inassane application lor tUe Bumb, tingling or burning sensations ol the akin ... for the tired bacK muscles or cramp-like pallia In the legs. Quickly Kbaarbed. DellgliUul to use. Highly praised by U5ers, many doctors and &une«. Ullllons of bottles sold. Just nbk any druggist for Mother's FrletiU—tlia ckln emolTleut and lubricant. Do try It. 4 TUESDAY Mexicana with (Mnsliiiit-e Moore »nd Tito <Jui-/ar Si-lectecl Short SuOJect Wednesday Thursday and Friday V\-6-M's WllD-WEST MUSIC* . ' ipalvetituii, Mrs. India ' Grceii S»j>d«rii''l*|s gone to'Bostoni by plaiiev-.-U) ;Vlf ' her son, John'Roland Sa&aftv.ju L-aby. while Mrs. John Roland .84. deis is vlsitiiiK her. .iiu>l.h«r,-.rJ*rf Bess Proctor, in' L-HUe'^lf^iibk'^iftrr Proctor Is .very ''ill- .'. v/ ../vr: \-\ Mrs. Allan Walton;^» .-onkii-' ;ii trip to Atlanta aiid othrjT • pp 1 .- huving accorauinied her. dau((h*r, Mrs. Berry B. Brooks, i ' Mrs. I>aVe. Ray , and Ksnnetl, !jo.\ were'y* .-,-... it Mrs. R. H. WU»nVh«k:;i : r'j; Robert Ed Tt>«>i)iacij,- ,;a^»<aijl* :nachinUt. 'mate thjird,''>.cl»i«;; i »riii ueen discharged frocii-the V lift* at Uie Separation 6eijti*-,f-in;-«fc * woiiers gm-um Orleans. La: Scii pf.;M^.v:H;«1 throughout the Thompson. 418 Easl/We,^ /»ak graduated , from BlytUe*l!le-ttW(n School prior lo entering.'? ' Bob Berry-man, 'radioman 'seccricl class, will arrive soon to be with hta parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Berryman, following his return to tb't States. A veteran of 'two - ,v • Dial ; y (Wl iwriy : of vBlyllievllle. The hostess served a salad course. Breakfast Discussed At Meet Yesterday Tomorrow morning's May Brealc- fnst was dlscuxwd by its spohsors the Weouh's Society of Christian | Service of Tint Methodist Churrh. at the business session yesterday afternoon at the church. Final plans were made for the breakfast, C:M o'clock to 9:30 o'clock, and Various committees disciused tl«Hr duties. Mrs. Hugh Whltsitt. prendent, conducted the seKlon. . The . meeUnc *a> opened with prayer by Mn. O. N. Hawkins and Mrs..James C. Guard gave the devotional. Mrs.-Whttritt iav« tlie cloning 110 Dovi«an, hiving been ;'.undervfeut; a .at Memphis .-Mrs. McC»Ua 4;V;.S.-PEAKING OF SPECTATORS •r * '. r 1 « • • • • a L ook at half years service, he itas on Thorn! ok t loil U»e > tooted Tborntoa i • «aV <)U1OK pallU- rhl >ttf«ae«a. Helps ,y. CM tube J Ointment or i'ftumositorlei. FOR MOTHER'S DAY GIVE CANDY Hollingsworth and many other famous brands. Priced from SOc r* >S WOODS DRUG STOKE . , . ROY WOOD* — OWNERS : — RALPH NICHOLS til W«it »NJ»9t ; , Pfceiie* 5«7-5«8 ORLANt) Brwra »n4 Whit* h,noti3n to turn anyone s neaa... tn«se smart nev v RH/THM STEP ; Spectators. Fasnfon favorites, tficy are. /on never lire of tnem. Fncy never tire you. Invisible Rhythm Tre^cis gently cusnion trie neel/ arcn ana call of your foot vvitu every 3100 step you take* AMCELA LANSUIY Proton Virginia KMiny FOSTER • O'MIEN • BAXM o.i. MAIN • 0111 WILLS "' M-C-M nciu.t <f«n/,,. HtBRY C«ANE, JAMtS O'HAHION or,d 5»l»5OM «f.PHA.ElSOK - AddiBonal Dmlogv. Vy ICor V"" •»— Baled on IhebooVby Somvel Hopk^rviAdomt and ** orlg'^al \lo/y by Elconoie Otilfln and William t Jf.kU Word* -3rd Muilc l>y JOHNNY MfllCEH Cftd H^RIY WJPRtN • ulwKd by GEORGE SIDNEY Produced by ARTHUR FREED Si-lecled Short Subjectl Continuous Showing Everyday COMING SOON TO TIIE RTTZ: TAKS A Sl'AltS with Janet Blair and Alfred Drake ADVKNT11KK with Clark Cable- <* (irecr Clarson j MY RKI'UTATION with Barbara Stanwyck .'c Oeorj»e Brent . KITTY with Paulette Coddard * Ray Milland $7.9$ AH WMt* Tic S7.M V.. PttK Matlnem Sat * Son. (Mr 601 Office Opens S:M; Sb*w Htartt S-.AS r. M. Kach f.rtwl*i Oyenx Snndajr 1:M; Starte l:U Contin«««j Sh«m Sat. mmt •••. r^.1. Mght F.ferr NI(M *ti*t* N* imurii.t: VKATURE FAMILY SHOE STORE Jl»M PKAim* - ««»«««OUWIT HOMKTKH01UT Phone 2342 312 West Main St.

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