The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1939
Page 5
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 1930 BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURJEU NEWS PAGE F1V1 OPPORTUNITY USES THE WANT-AM-J/ C « (AMI AFFORD TO MlSJ THEM * ' -' *' ' ' ' CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Unity rate per Una for consocu- "ve Insertions: Rue lime per line lOc Two limes per line Her rtfiy....08o Vlircc tljne.5 per lino per day...06o fix (tines per Ihie per clay (Be MouU. rat« per Hue GOO Cards of Thanks. SOc & 76c Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for throe or six 'lines mid .stopped before expiration will be charged for lire number of limes the niitl appeared and adjustment of 1)111 •made. All Classified Advertising copy mbmlttnl by persons residing oul- itctc of the city must be accompanied by cash. Rales may ue easily computed from above (able. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertions lakes 'he one tlcne rule. No responsibility will ue tuken lor more than one incorrect Inscr- Uon of any classified ad. SAFE. 38x48. Weight 3500 pounds. TERMS. City, box 434. 5-ck-D-S Severn! varieties of crapes. H. ti. McHnflcy. Hi miles' west of itcs Slore. -t-pk-t) Cypress Gtuu Oak, Ash timber PII 409 acres of woodland, R miles southeast Blylheville. 1). U. Ciur- ncr, Armoiel. 3-pk-9-3 For Kent 2 and 3 room mcnls. 113 W. C83. furnished Kciiliicky. •I •room collage. 513 Limierate. 520 moiilh. IS. D. Ferguson, phone ICO. l-c 4 room modern furnished apart- menl. 2 bedrooms. Private bath. Reasonable. 1129 w. Ash. 4-ck-l! 5 room house, 110 S. Franklin. Mrs. S. E. Webb. 1011 llcarn. 3-pk-10 Nicely furnished room, cocmcc'.uit' halh. Garage. 715 Ash. Mrs. Brighnin, 3-pk-8 3 room newlv furnished apartment Private bath. 535 No. Gth. I'hone 52V. 2-ck-7 4 room furnished house, able. 1413 W. Mnlii HI. Rcason- l-dc-5 3 room furnished apartment, electric refrigerator, private ball) Garage. Phone 294, 1111 W. Ash. 27-ck-U 3 room furnished house. Close in Ulilities furnisher). 120 Dugan SI,, Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-lf For Sale Soys He Drowned Aid horsepower General Electric motor. fieci> run 8 hours. $18. Tliom- s l.ami Co. a-ck-7 Milk fed fryers. Uatlcry raised. Mrs. Russell. N. W. Corner Holly and Division. ai-pk-8-21 320 acres good laud. \v, boles 01 cotton or 50 bushels corn, to acre. 2 good sis room houses and four tenant houses. Ornrrl road to farm. Located 4 miles norllt of Cairon, Mo. $50 per acre. 240 acres, 2','j miles north of Gny Ridge, Mo., Stoddnrd County. 150 acres In cultivation, 90 itcres otd- over. Two 4-voom houses and Inirn S30 per acre. •ICO neres. New Mndriri County, ono mile soulli Highway 62, ou Liltle River. Kxlra fine piece of cypi' Innd. 390 acres In cultivation. S10.- 000, Several oilier good pieces of hind ranging in price from $15 to $60 per acre. See me before buying. A. 'I'. Kin-is, • Lilljnurn, Mo. Phone 22 5-pk-12 Welding EXI'ERT KIJCCTEUC ANI> ACKTYLENK HIKK 'Inc and heavy welding WELDING ic and heavy w< spo chilli 1 . Barksdaie Mfg. Co. I'honc l!l or lies. 1019 J;iilcd at Clinton. 111.. Ceor^j Carson, above. M-yciii-old 11*111- cr.inl, conicssed pu^hiUH Kdwjul Schneider, mil of Tom I'cmlci - gasl, e.'i-K.-imns City war. Into Missouri river (rum Kansas (Jity bridgo. I'oliec, however, arc skeptical. S;' tier's body tv;is recot-orcd river some weeks ;i|><>. C; siiid pushing w;is result ol when Schneider resisted ImUi For Sale or Trade Terrnpliine Scciau. Oootl coudi- llcn. Will trade for ?ii:u)l or lot. Thomns Land Co. 3-ck-l WAHN1NU OUDI'll Alex A. Clare; Msibi-l Cltuir, Ltel-. lie Kctidk'; Nellie d. Chin! Simpkins; Alvlu Htntpklns: Thomns Clnre; Hilly Frank Clnrc; Krcln McIJildo; S. I,. Mi'liildr; Lcnn Lowery; Hmte Circcn; h. 'I'. Hod- RPrs; Miiiyupiite Uodiicrs; 1'mil C. Rodj;i'r;;; Kdiui Rodders; Purker lioUijirs; I'Vrn RudKi>rs; I''rimk]ln Hodym; Unlit liodners; Hi'leit llocl(jei.s u ml 11. M. llniijlil., ti'.-nned lo :i|>|Mvir in the Clmiu't'iy Court, for Ihe Uhlckiisnwlm District of MissiMiipl Comity. Ark;tns:i.s, within thirty days after Ihe dad' hereof, to niibwcr u c<iiii|)liiinl, lilcd list llieni by Mrs. Ro-,c H»li;lit iirid fj. S. Ntiwlln as IniMcv in MIC- Dulwt Hits day ol July. IMfl. By UllznljL-lh lllylhc, iVpuly. HAKVEV MOKHI8. Clerk. Hi'id nnd Kvrnrd. Attorneys lor I'iuinlitls. Vl-W-5-13 Ohio Arranges Grape Festival After Harvest SANDUSKY, O. lUI'i -A lirape. Fcsilvul lo nc'iuiiint Ihr I'coplc <l Ohio itnd licilllll«llinv :.(ntc:i lite jirotlurls of f;;ion will be held here Oi-l. (i, '( nil 8. TJic fc.'.tlral, bring .virais'.ii'Cil l)_v Ihe Junior chiunuer ot Counnei'ce. will In- held ul tin- Municipal Dock hm'. lirowii'N o[ mure (hail 3,1100 \lnes und operators nf V5 art' fXiifclctl to liartli'i- lu- fesllvul tit foine ul llw the r,rn]Je hiuvest. l's lit Illo OVelll HIV. to 1)1! Ilircniuh [he Mite of a Krle C'oiniiy <Ua|ie Kestl- nip'Viil" |)n:.ti'r .sttunjis. deiil^nerl to Uu lied lo paeliiicc. 1 ;. rnt't lopi'.'i iiiolor ear windsltiold:i. ilos Mil-rial Include Ihe Ives, Concord, Nlugarnl ul $28.539,180, the report Of the 208. iind Caiclessiicss in Canada Causes 60 Pet. of Fires MOMTUKAIi (tip).. |.-|rra.-liu per cent tit which could have Iwni |irr- voiiled-dc-slrnyed iivmierty vultird 'I'hi- arc;t In In- lin-liiilril in the j (Tli-l.'i'iitlon cNtrntK IKHII Vci:iill-i tin cm UK- OHM In Port Clinlon on In 1 wi-si. HMI7V Ihtm H) miles nf ui'-l'.riiwhti! 1 :ikr Kilo .'hmolliu>. The islund dislrlct M iiitli-s orlhiK'M. of IKTC is ciilli-rt tlm vurld's Bii'i\H':it Catinvl« :m-:i. 'linn the Ciiluwliu tirulten lire ii.idi- the wlillc, dry wines emiiil.-.i.t'iiiji rule iniicini; Ihc three' r lour hesl In the world. Other iiilH 1 viulrllc.s urinvii in the »re,\ Da if, Nice Inrge bedroom opening on sleeping porch. Mrs. Emma Nolen, 310 W. Walnut. 22-ck-tf 3 room modern, furnished, apartment. Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Main. 13-ck-lf Comfortable bedroom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 108. 15-ck-ll Modern 3'roor.i unfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone 764. 3-ck-tt Office rooms, sudbury Building. See Graham siHi''-ury. ?7tf Wanted Ice 'llsfnclory quality and nervier fjRlry products. Catlle free 'Bang's Disease, hi best of physlco condition. Cnll Mrs Onicc D02-J, for Ilnlscll's Grade, A Hn* Milk. Cream. Country Duller. Hut terinllk, extra or holiday order.' Inspection cncournpetl nnyllme. llnlacll's Balry Promised Land. Route 2 Canndlan Underwrllcrs Association for 1038 reveals. There were •14,101 Dies In Canada ilurtni; ions nml rj.71D which c'ausod dnmnno aniniiiiUng l» $2,-" •iaii,5!)7 wt'rn (lie result of smokers' caieli' and jnati'hr.s. NIC report said, Bloves, furrmc.'c«, nlpcs and liolk-rs smiled DTO oulljrcaks ii'llh 11 to.w niiiinmdiig to Jl,80:!,- VVhing and electric- ' appliances were the cause of 2,625 [ires, while defective clilnmoys-nnd-flues started 3.B70 fires causing properly v.-il- ued at, $1,090.2(17 lo go up In smoke. Under- llic ncu- 1 government training program, • Iherc' will )je alcly 100,000 aclive pilots 1911. ' ••• RECTAL DISORDERS Clinical otaTvnll cliiso lhat reel nl are rcsunnstulc for more 1 wrecked nervous systems titan liny oilier palhuliifik'nl con- dlllon. Many mses of «eu- rnil lUTVouxncw;, hi'iidiii'hi 1 . 1 ;. ow-liiu'k lU'hc.s, If'K-nrlii'.s, mil lusiiiiiiilii arc due ID mini pathology, UOJUj) EVERYTHING - 13y Clyde Lewis ICE-ICE Phone 10? JOHN BUCHANAN ICE COLD WATERMELON'S Mini capable of handling office for cotton gin. Must make bond. Give full details and references in writing Box "11" Courier News. 8/'l-ck-tf WANTED Young couple for rcs- laitranl work. Man for chef and woman for \vailre.<«. Write Simpson Oil Co., Charleston, Mo. Minnows For Sale GOLDFISH Uamon. CA.r. MINNOWS Railroad Sr. CAN YOU STOP? You would not start an oi:ran voy- nge williuul lile preservers. Good brakes are your "lilc preservers" vvhrii you drive. Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It costs nothing lo KNOW Ihe Irue condition of your brakes. Drive in for a FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT A complete and thorough Ford AJiC Brake Adjustment, inclmlini; adjustment of Brake Rods S|.35 or Cables it Hand Brake. I (Replacement p.irts not included) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELINING JOB roii ii r..issi!.v<!KK CARS Disassemble entire brake, system- Tree up all brake cams—INSTALL 8 NfcW HRrtKE SHOES- Adjust clearance—Adjust hand brake—Adjust brake rods—Lubricate cross shaft- Adjust pedal clearance — Road teat—One additional adjustment after delivery COMPLETE. INCLUDING LABOU AND $Q.05 NEW BRAKE SltOES.... «7 G PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. i, ..Notice . Fishing License FOIl YOUR CONVKNIKNCK. \\'K ,\TIK PIJEPAKEO TO ISSl'K VOUK FISHING LICENSE AT OI5H STOKE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. Phone 35 Washing, Itoning Expert washing nnd Ironing. Cheap Rough dry nnd finish. 6 (jullls $l.flO. One day service. Willie Bell Green, behind Cily ice Plant. 7-pk-3-1 No I ice rjphnlstcrlng and K M. Touiliu, 2M S. Wral O-ck-8-f I Personal Arnuie Sluggish l.lvrr. work the blip, to rid yourself of const! nation, gas pains nnd that sour uunk feeling. Take one box KIRBY'S ACTIVE LIVER r iV nl all Kirhv Slnrfs Lost Upper Denial Pliite. turn to Lost Boy \vny 18. Reward for re- Grocery, Hi';)i 5-ui;- Laundering W.tshinH and irnnlnc done tvcl Called fo r and delivered. 327 l.u tlede. 5-pk-I Asphalt is not. ;i inoclcrn building material. II mis used iti au- cieiu Babvlon. U. S. SENATOR HOniZONTAL l,6Dis(in- guishcd U. S. senator. 10 Narrow intef. 11 Deer. 12 Leased. MWild beast. 1C F'inale. 17 Italian river. "18 Reverence. 10 South Africa. 20 Indisposition. 21 Soul. '.!3 Spain. 2-1 He is an or free Ulinkcr. ?.9To disagree. ,10 To verify. .'!! Circle part. 33 Blue grass. 34Dala. 3T Types of sheep. •!0 Beer. '12 Lace rat ion. 43 To separate from others. Answer to Previous Puzzle •H "Clamor. •J5 Ho is past 80 of ags. •57 Limb. 48 Godly person. 50 Blood money. 51 Singer's voice. 53 To escort. 5 1 ! Pulping machine. 55 He was once 13 Outer layer of M Lily-like 15 Reimburse mcnt. 201fnmllo. 22 Species of pier. 24 Exists. 2.T Point. 26 North Ciirolinn. 27 Station. 28 Liliaceous VERTICAL asT^ilurn. .2 Amphitheater 35 Feminine center, relative. 3 Skin. SBArmndiilo. 4 To make lace. 3B '''""'' in a 5 Fragrance,. 3 flScS,ck. iRnmnnian coins. 8 Sea lelltJco. 9 Blunders.- U.S. secretary 12 Pprtaininy to of • a remainder. 52 Musical note. 5th & Walnut Thone 810 Our modem otlli'e imMUmls Imvc many ndvnnluncs and applicable In iiboul n.y;:, of nil crivs. 'llic Dici-pllons hf- ln>i ciinciT and lubrreuliir IIMiiln. Very Illlli! dl.scom- forl aiul liiciiiu'enlcncc IK experienced while lifins Ireul- I'd. lfr|;iiliir ivork iiiny he I'onllimi'd. Nn no i;emT[il uni'sllii'lte. A very wife and snri« licHtnu'iil. Wcrl Optometrist "UK iMAKKS 'KM SKI (her .lue lx:i:u-.s' I'hone 510 PRESCRIPTION - - Accurate Your PrcM'.riiiUon Fowler Drug Co.. PRESCRIPTIONS Froshesl Slock (iitnrnnlpwl [!i'!i( Price* Kirby Drug Stores Drs. Nies & Nics lll.t diet Hie, <\rk. 511 .Main St Nutv l.ucalnl nl 101 ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU J. L. GUARD Oplomclrisl ()|i|niuc- In inyllirvllli-. ' 1'ltlcil Correctly DON l-:i)\V>VIII)S, rnipili'liir illakrH nf Itrlmlll Tyiicwrllrrs, AililhiR niiitlilnen (,'alciilalors— Hi'iwIrhiK— I'urls— "II Sii.vs, 'If Ihc cliniii of Mils dinmicd ktlcr i.s broken, your t>oO<l Hick-will tcnsu nml ndvcrsily will follow! 1 " I'll El) II All MAN 6,xuort Gets >; ---THEM K6EU tt&Ert COME ' l-OUD ^US Mit) CU(vSlMO—'CM^ut'5 QAND OF KU.LESJ5 OlA.RGli •SCUr-AtT GGl-DvJ MD \M\ frit- GOLD 6o»: ONDERili^ ^Rh , RCD RVt)HR.,W>SiNO AS fs WvlCiT, -n (UNDER. AMD l_EAP5 To HIM. V. T. HAMLIA VO YOU MSAJO YOU'RE GOING TO 5II5K. - 1 - THSr /,\AN'.3 LIFE / YOU'VE OW YOUR. C EACH- / ALREAPY POT GADGET ._-/ KtLLE TOOl: / \BEOW50!J USTEW, YOU YAPS! K>C AWT KILLED NOBODY/ z KNOW WHATS HAPPEM- ED TO B12DWSO10--AW' THWS WHY WOW REMEMBER, OOP—KEEP YOUR. EYE O>J THAT MARKER. SO IF "lOU HAVE TO LEAVE THE POLARIZED AREA, YOU'LL BE ABLE ^ TO FIKJD ITAGAIM.' , DOC (I'LL SEseeiu I'AA GOlM'AFTEfJ HIM! The .Man Th« m IWft IUVKRHNL WE CNU ir.a if AMVOV1E CAIAE ASHORE OR V!OT. / A!l,6QOn WORUIUS. MV GOOPW.VM ECES TWEVTV TOllARS. PIEASE KEEP MVABJJIVAL SECRtT. I W AU OLD FR€HD OF WS fAVAlW, AMD WliH TO -SURPRISE THE OLD fcEUTLEMAW TU6W1 60 TO vte mow IICAKD A P1AVJE. it S.EEWEB l'o EKE TROW THE U'MER JUST Of F 1UE 6EACII.' THREE, SIR. BUT I'M AFRAID H« OUT. HIS I'lMl'lNDS TOO /.LL HAVE Y^LKl LK'.TS OF FOP. THE SCAVENGER HUr/r FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY. MV FRIEND, AMD CAN'T HELP BUT SUCCEED IN LOSING TDURSELF/ ', BUT 1 6UESS JL AINT PLAVIM' ' NOBODY FOR BOT • WAMr L6PT our' 0>K BACK WITH ^ 1O / 4fl A farewell. 41 Ocean vessel. •15 To spoil. •19 Onager.

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