The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1934
Page 3
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JATURDAY, APRIL 7, 1934 BLYTEE7ILLE. (ARE.V COUBIER NEWS PUBLIC DE Clioap at $3,500! PAGE THREE OB I L.E •> Motes for the Motorists G E Sales ol Higher Priced Models Reveal Willingness to Spend The New Do Luxe Plymouth Town Sedan DEARBORN, Mich.--Uiriiniic fn- dlculiims that tile public lias more ready money, is s.|Miilin.' freely and lU'inandm; ".sinm-lhinL. 1 just n litll'j ljeiu>r" is i:i ai: analysis i,f .sale.', ol Ford cars during March, it was slated al ilu- head oltices of tla- Foul Motor Company. This analysis showed that GO |;er cent or nil Font eais dining the inonlli Mere ol th-: ilf luxe ty|je. only -SO |K-r cenl of the orders culling loi ihc lypes, Uic slalemenl saiii. 'I'll? ratio is in contrast to 1SU3 when the lieicentaye of de luxe ears v. 1 ^.'" only 44 |jer eenl. Since Ihe first ol the year the ratio of de luxe lo slanilard has been rising steadily, lictonlin;; to Ihe study of Ford factory orders. In January the .sale uf deluxe, types was 50 |)c-r cent of the total. In February the peicem- age of lie luxe cai.s had grown lo 56 per cent. Orders in Murcli call for (JO |jer cent, and advanie requirements for April are 70 pi-r cent lie luxe typ:.s. Inasmuch as the lis: 1 . prices o( the tie luxe ems aiv Sill higher than of Ihc .standard ty ; ;es this encouraging .sjiiipioni is taken to indicate that Hit public no; only is spending in greater uil- ume lhan last yL-ar. so (av as uev; motor ears are runreniefi, til Ithat it is also purchasing something lieyond hare transportation :c- [|Uin ments. The dilferential lielwicn Ihe 1:M prices of the Ford .siauilnrd ai:d Ue luxe lypes covers tile additional tquipmnii on the de luxe type;, iiichiilhis safety glass not only in the windshield hut ni^u in nil -I-L r doors and windows as well as i sij'isn car. one 01 Hi? mnu'els ever olf-.-itd on a Plymouth chassis, has jusl been added 10 dual horns, tail-lights and sun | !l ' e 1U ' i ' 1 l'ly"'u;ith line. Th? hanti-ume built-in inii.k. mnuiiic.-d on tlie rear, is standard equipment, visors, and other de luxe littin:-'s. PLUMII DC Luxe. Town Sedan Wools Requests of Numerous Dealers DKTHOri 1 . • A Uol.nxc Ki-ikui. Imtleil us tin- mi.ili-1 rvi-r iill,-|-<-<l on :i I'lvmoiuli hus bevn uunnunci'il by Hi' 1 Plymouth Motor conmriillon. n' coiiiin-ullim sinful tlul the iii-xlfl ivns ili'Vc!i)|h'it lo meet ivriius ilciilrr vi-i|Ui:Ms tor n of 'his lv[>o-. m-v\' inocli'l ruimils uut thu Tiruthm's line ol IMI cars. II ulu'aily in iiruihifllun. Hlilp- nuuts In volume linvi 1 sturlcd. A lo'iir-duor. foilr-tt imlwv srdnn, (he IIHV model Is u "rliNc-i-ouptcil" cur but. n liilijc cur. mlll/lnn 1H- wliiTllKiM 1 . A liniiilsniiii 1 new built-in trunk is mmintiMl on tlie Buick Employment and Payroll at 4-Year Peak l-'UNT, Mich—The llulck Motor company enters April with employment and payrolls nl tin 1 four- year |X'ak maintained durh:i; Hie pasl two months, llurlow H. Curtice, president, uimouneed le-iliiy. A total ot 14,310 are nl work In tin 1 Uulek fatluU'.s, appioxlmntc- ly Ihe same, number that were employed during Febniaiy, while the payroll for March tolulrd appioxl- inalely $1.725.000. Mr. Curtice bald. The ruinpnny ended Miireh wllh a ti.tal production of (1,943 cars wllli t.lW .scheduled for April, an Incieasc of 'M per cenl. Hi lull .sules dm Inn March huve ujqirukl- nalely tloubled o( Ihe cor- nspondlns tnonlli of last yeiir. Mr. Cuitlce Mild. With factory employment at •ak. Hie plutits of the ciiiiipany e (r]H'iiillnt! on multiple shifts. llni-e .shifts daily bclny requlibd In several nifuiiifacliirlnx division*. Hunted as New ' Dillinger Aide liolhluy and cenaln ]HJ!ii1mcnts nre n<°w. The new model is lpim nt. mti-tior Up- Ill COM.MISSIONKK'S SAl.B Notice Is hereby given Hint Die undersigned commissioner, In compliance with the terms crce rendered by the of Chancery li-ur colors -lilack. i-'lshi rinaii nine, I'alm Heach Gray mid Ounmclal. H is not available without the Hunk, which is pail ul the Ijoily. ( I Ike other Plvmouth models, the i Town Sedan offers all of Ihe haste I |Chiy.<ler Motors eiiKiurcriiiK features. Indlvldunl front, wheel Jsu. inuimr and a TT-lior>epower en- jKii-.'. 1 with Floating Power mounl- !lni:s comljinc lo provide n smooth, j ride. I 'Ilic DeLuve Town Krdun is one. of !he .safes) curs evor built. It Is eompaclly built and hits nil of I lie o'.lier Plymouth safety features, including an all-Mccl tally. Ihydiauhc brakes imd a rluld X- j t>li". hox-M'ciit:]!. double-d.-op frame. New Records Set By Pontiac Last Month PONTIAC. Mich.—March was Court (or the Chickusapbn Dislrlc of Mississippi County, Arkansas on the 20th day of February, 1934, wherein Taylor Roberts, Rtcelvcr o( Travelers B. i I,. Assn. il pelmil) was Plnliitlfl. No. MM, and Mrs. Minnie McMgihun el nl.. j were Uvfemliinis, will sell ul pub- : lie auction to IH.I highest and \x-fi , bidder, on n credit o( three | month.s, al the front '.ioor ol Ihc Court House, between the hours prescribed by law, In tlie City of Illylheville, Arkansas, on the Mill day o( April, mm, tin, following real estnle, tn-wlli All of Lets Five (5) and Six ili). in Block "C," of the J. !>. I'rlile SiibdlvLslon to the City of Hlylhevlllc, Arkansas.; al- tn CerlKicntc No. 6485. Class U9AA. 40 shares of t.he Travelers Bulldlni! and Loan Asso- clnllon U'eriKtunl). Hull! -sale will be had to snllsfy mid decree In the sum of $1.088!):). with lu per cent. Interest from February 2(1, 1034. t)llUrn:i.r KHU- :iacl :iri'useil i.l u Mliiii»iiiu bank rolila-ry. Tniiiiny C'a r i o I I. almvu. is toimiu hy pollie AuihuriticH fjiy ilini Ins photo li.-vs been lileiniili'ii as thci <A ono of llu. Mien hi Ih" S[ P.inl apai [ iiiiMJI v.ln'ie Dlllliur. • flnil hh \ui> om -jf • rfnice trni one tliousand dollars with Interest al 8% IKT nimum from dale, the balanci: of the prin- clpnl of which is M80.40. One nute dated April 2Clh, 19M, whi'ieby Charles Kandi is li.r. value promised lo pay to C. !>. -. Lemons, Asent for \V. H. and Addle Mason ul Novemkrr 5;h, 1030 Ihe- sum of sni.Cu v.'lth interest at clvht jitr cent t'j;:) from dole. CJne note dated Jan. 18, 1U30. ivlieirby W. II. K'asley for v.ilue' premised lo pay Chailes K;uid- eis VI inonllis after dale there- . of the J.UMI of WiUQy with In-- tereM nl eluhl IKII- cent id',; i per annum from dule; .said . note having l:een emlor.v.'d to Hit 1 older of C. S. l/.-mons. AB-.-MI by Charlea Kandus and In blank by C. H. famous, ngent, tin- Ixiliinc- 1 of prliie!]j;ii due being 517.40. lliiyer will l;e r.^i'ilnd lo plvn ii .sulvenl ljci:d. and hi udilltlon a llui nil! I.e retained to ,-ccr.u the ]iiiri:li:i.M; price. This I IK 4lh day of A|>iil, 10.11. It. I,. UAINF-S, ComnnssloiK-r. N'O'JTCK OK "AIK OK KKAI, KSTATK :Six New Chevrolets I Delivered This Week ! Six new Chcu-olel ])asn>n(;er oars Itt'erc delivered tin.-j week by sa!cs- !men for the Shoiise-l.i'.t'.e Chev- nujlet Co. R. C. T!o.«c received his six wheel - sedan IXJUL-IH from Lex Chamblin. bales Already More Than K ''° also ^Hvered a Chevrolet! CA r> ^> / T i c :ccacn to J - K - Sl'i^i:'S «f 50 Per Cent of Tolal tor ! «'»- : i y i Dr. I. R. Johnson has a IH-.V : 1-nsi I ear . .Chevrolet coui>e bought from U ' • |W. Muilins. " I DFTrnoiT. Mich. -Sales of Ter-j J. C. Uuchtinan deliveiTd a se- raplanc and Hudron cars are now'.'lan to Clarence Volliner and a considerably in of hall to .\!:-o. I'e.irl Co'.'.an of Lnx- lotal number sold during 1933.'.'"i. In obedience to n decree entered on -the V7lh day of February, 1!W4, by thi! Chancery Court fnr I lie Chlckiuawba DMrlcl of Mississippi County. Arkansas, In n, Number 557IJ. wliereln A. Cl. I.lltle. as Trusle.c for the First Niiliimn! Umik o( Illylheville, Ar- kunsiis and R. L. Ilrndley, ReecH'er of Mild bank were I'liitnllffs, and C. a. U'uiuiiK. executor ol the islnle uf Addle M. Mason, de- reared. W. S. Mason, I'mil Victor Mason anil Duruthy Jean Mason were Uefcndmits. on Saturday, April imili. IfllH, oiler for .sale al public mictlnii, nl Hie south iloor cf the cmnl house In llly- theville to the highest bidder on credit of three months [he W. T. Barnett Four New Deliveries single crealcsl Will Produce Own Materials, If Necessary, Mami- facturor Declares Two riymouths and Iwo Dixlyos 1 "'"-' Payroll: the '.veiT dili'.-ered this week bv W. T. I 1 " 1 ' 1 nf l m >' nntl "'c ;. Abbott, yoneial manager of the Hudson Motor Car Co., also had some other statistics. According to Mr. Abbott. "Out of 71 cities which have jusl reported registrations for the Hist port of March. 14 cities chow the Terraplane and Hudson registrations rank fourth or better. Amona the cities in which Terraplane and Hudson registrations ai? fourth, or third, are the following: Akron. Ohio; Cleveland. Ohio: Knoxvil'.e, Tenn.: Richmond. Va.: Cnmden. N. J.; Detroit, Mich.: Minneapolis. Minn.: Tampn. Fia.; Salt Lake City. Utah: Toledo. Ohio: Canton. Ohio; Humington. W. Va.: Montgomery, Ala.: and Springfield. O. Pointing out. that total shipments for Hit week ending March n were 3.865, Mr. Abbolt staled. "In shipping this number of cars for II. N'. Minn icceivnil ; (dupe irom Tom A. Chevrolet Production Highest in 34 Months DFTR01T. wages a!ii[ material cnsts bioimhr, anlo- r.:ob:!e inife increases v.crk by a runiber of Icndinc aiitoiunbi:e nintmfai ruiei.s. and almo.-t .simul- laneo;]. 1 ;;'.- c'amc n slateniint. by Henry Kord Hint :hr.-e factors would no: inllumirc his <-n:r:p:my to rair^ 1 tl'.c selling price of its ca is. Asrerlin^ lhat hLs couilianv was oriiiatir.u' profitab'y uiiilei' ]i;-e.senl week and a month; Ihe number of employes on hiuhest hourly largest number R-inieti. !'. S. Payne of Slccle. i (lf 'li'alcrs. V.u.. received. n P.lymouth .scdaii| "['rodiictlon leached tlie highest und J. J. Penny of Maiden. Mo.', ixjiut ol Ihu year," .suit! Mr. Kllny- a Plymoiilh coacii am! a Dodyc • ler, "when 80S cars; were turned .coir.meicial Express pick-up. jout Thursday or this pasl week 1 n. L>. Tluehes. local in,erchant, '01:1! 820 on Fi-iday. We should run a.-, delivered a new Ocd^e sedan. RM cars or more a day as long as All the sal B.inictt. , b DETROIT. Mich.—Chevrolet production during March set a now high mark for the year to date and shattered all monthly production records (or '.'it 1 pas'. 31 months. M. E. Coyle. president anil general manager of Chevrolet. Motor Company, amiminced today. March also established a iirst quarter's output uhapproachrd in the last 4 years. Output, (or the month w:i; 110- 2Cfi !oi y of the company, ar.ii the laru- tst March since 1(120. Production for March. >fr. Coyle West Buys Pontiac !i. CI. West Is tlie owner of a i new Ponliac s]»rt sedan bought Ihls week irom the;;e .Motor Co. The ear was delivered : by Oliver Coupeitge, who . the seasonal ilemaiid continues, and that oii'iht to lie well beyond 'the usual sprini; period. During isrinch 14.8tll new ron- I liars were built. Tliis Is three limes Ihe March production of IMS and 27 iwr'tent above February of Ihls year. H represents the largest month of Pomtan protluc- the I*Y>rd Motor Coinpar.v woulcl • :! of •• W. C. T. U. Starts 1>rivc SPRINGFIELD. Mn. (Ul' T V. C. T. U. is rcMiininj of leniency i;Prosecute Violators ! of Retail Auto Code for tlie payment, of such pur- chnse money. Witness my hand and the seal of -said Court, on this, the Mih day or March. 1934. R. L. GAINES Commissioner In Cliniicery. •27-2-10 Nine <9> In Dlock Five (5) Davis Third Addllion lo Hie City of niythevllle. Arkansas. One note dated Jnn. 22. 1030, whereby Charles Sanders fer vnlue promised to pay C. S, Lcmoiu. Agent for W. S. anil Addle Mflsoii al Nov. IS, 1930, JOYNER & BONIFHvLD Distriliulors I'hone iwllcy! violal- ! 2Cfi cars and trucks. Hit- thiril inl Prifs •-(•> Ion iii«h we ni! nrtcst March output hi the his- •'""'*''' •'• '"i r own." ii.creased ca"is;. and i( our n .'.ter- starl day "we inve *"*'"'* 'f 4™"" I '™ l ms 285 -' W cent of the'prol mid Ilia, SoVer^ew'^'e^n^M.,^!' 1 ' 10 ' 10 " ln . Mi ' rc "' ^ '^»- ^ ™" 18. 1933. Considering the rorresixmtln::; |>crioil (or the entire first quarter ments made from WuarTl ,*p ? 0 ^; ™^ Camvamt " lh » 8 March 17. we are 2C5 ix>r crnlli- ahead of 1933. To make this more • graphic. I may state lhat \\e ship- -ped over 3.000 more cars dinin;' • the second week of March this ' than we did during Ihe sec- week of March last vear." H Jon'./ h:is been tlie e^jiu'ssod Ford tihllucnphy that higher '\:iu'es ir.afce. it for efficient workers belter mat^rinls ;.:e aleeonomlca: in tin- T.d." "It is iirosty certain." he xuii today, "that evcvybrxly -.vill lie looking for a plan lo reduce prices fccfnro v.e can say Ilia', business •s a Coliim ircc.s school MiiierintciulenLs, ed this week at Ihe state attorney I in'1; B " n " llr f i>wl- There were general's office under the Ohio re- lO.OuO copies in the firs; priming, covery act which duplicalif, the mailed follow. national recovery acl. id Non-Skid Tire I'alrnlnl LAWRENCE. Mass. iUi', _ A non-skid lire rover is the patented invention of Policeman John J. Dineen. It fils over Ihc automobile tire, replacing rli.nins in winter. Thus crpiipprd. the inventor claims, a car ran an fey corner at a 50-mile clip without .skidding. Windstorms Strike Quickly Windstorms arc mcrciloss. They strike \vithout lyarn- Ing. Yon can (>iinrd ag.iinsl fii'e or thicvrs. bill- yoii arc l-.ciplfMlo protect your properly against tornado dam:i :<• except Midi in.sui-.inre in a gixil company. Kce us atjout windstorm insurance (or nil properly. First National Insurance Agency Onrra! Insurance Phone 12 Complete Custom Tailored TO' UPHOLSTERY COVERS KOl; A LIMITED i;rv von; sr.r TIMi: ONLY NOW - - - The new l!>:il Ciisiem Tailoiv.l (^ver.-, aio re:u[v liir.v..-bt-autifi:iiy patterni'il and mad- of ii:nMl>>. eool ;-eal-i:iivi.'V malrrial.-. C:.irr(i:liy :.i:lor:\l to accurately fit al! iiplinl.-irrrd parss of your ear. hasily altnchn! v.ith palenleil 2- ISIT.III fancy p:n lisj-teners. They will preserve the iipholsteiinr; of your car, arid cliarm tn it> ap;ii^arance and i:ic::ase ridiu ; comfort. Coniplolo rpliol.sU'ry Cnvtrs us Low l-'nr I'nnK. I'lunmitl^ nucl Chrirnlrls: Coiilio or Kiud-.iiT S'! S-l':i--r n;:rr Ci>in:e in- Cnac'i SOD) 5-p,iss. Sotlnn sm.nri. I.i (.'""IK . r '-l'.i.-.en ; >•]- f'oneli Scat t'ovtrs All Olln-r M.ikrs r Id'iul.-iL -r . . j ii;!.' or unly nl Prices PHILLIPS MOTOR f,O. Announcement We arc proud to advise our customers that oui' service department is now in charge of Mr. George Disinger George needs jio introduction to the automobile trade of Blytheville and will appreciate having his many friends come to see him. AVe,arc striving to give the public better service.all of the time. SHOUSE-LITTLE CHEVROLET CO. NEW FORD V-8 FACTS Not Mere Fairy Tales I'tUCKS KKIHIOKI)— NO INCKKA.SK NEW V-« TDDOR K67 DKI,. COMIM.KTK $50 TO J75 UNDER EVEN 6-CVL. CARS YOU .MAY OWN A NEW KOUI) V-K IIV I'AVING AS LOW AS $IM DOWN— n.\i.. in MO. VOIIK NAME IS NOT PUHI.ISHRI) EVEN ONCE OK TWICE WHEN YOU BUV A NEW KORD V-«— UNLESS YOU KE- QUEST IT WATCH THE NEW FORD V-Ss FH.I.INU OUR STREETS AND HKiHWAVS— ALWAYS IN FRONT. TOO FORlt LEADS IN WAGES— S5 1'Klt IJAY MINIMUM PRODUCTION SCHEDUI.K IOK IOO.DW NEW V-BS-SAI.ES r.KA»- INO ENTIRE COUNTRY COMPARE OUK StW FORD V-8 1IE- l.IVERED PRICES, CHECK EACH ITEM OF EQUIPMENT, NEW CAR GUARANTEE AND SERVICE FACILITIES. Buy The New Ford V-8 and Save The Difference Phono 811 Today for a Demonstration. Phillips Motor Co. Authorized Dealer DONT BUY ., TIRES BLIND 0 Get Goodrich Certified COMMANDERS and SAVE EV1QNEY! The most expensive tire you can buy is the "cheap" tire that looks good, but wears out fast,—costs you a io; ol trouble nnd inconvenience. SLick to known quality, Dnd you'll save in tlie ciui. Tliese rugged COIIK.IJ ..:.-r Tires are certified by GCD;:I:.-'.I. Tl.;y will give you long, cieptr.«!ab!e service at extremely lo-.v cost. Play sa/o nnii put a set on ynnr now. \V. .1. 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