The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 20, 1951 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 20, 1951
Page 1
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PACK TWO BLYTHEVILLB, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HOWBAT, AW3OTT », 1MK West to Label Red Youth Peace Meet As 'Near Disaster 7 BERLIN, Aug. 20. (JP> — Official Western observers plan to label the Communist peace feMh'al a "near disaster" for communism In reports to their governments. The festival wound up a two- week stand last night (n ft blaze of hale for the United States with half R million blue-shir ted youths chanting flllegiance to Stalin. The kids crowded trains ami bviP-se.s today en route to their homes behind the Iron, curtain. Despite, the majw hysteria whipped up by the Reds, Western observers wore unimpressed. They drew three main conclusions from the activities of the past weeks during which about 2.000,000 Red-indoctrinated klris visited east Berlin. At least 1,000,000 of these are estimated to shave vLstted the west to sight-sec, for polilicnl reasons or just to pick up a square meal at one of the U.S. or British canteens. youths IVcre Exposed 1. East German Communist youths were exposed to West Berlin in .such numbers, and liknd it RO well that they may flcod Lheir homes behind the iron curtain with pro-\yestern feeling. 2. Many delegates from tlie satellite nations, restricted to the Soviet sector of divided Berlin, were impressed by the fnct that the cause ol communism has been stopped cold at the border and hasn't the ideological strength to push westward. ^3. The lack of enthusiasm among German youth cast a sharp reflection oti the party indoctrination work and the men responsible for It. It is possible that snme conclusions are bchig sent to Moscow for the SoiMct polltburo to think about, Russian political ad- viwrs presumably saw the same evidence available to Western officials The ended after two- hours of feverish an tl-Western seeches last nifiht with an oath- taking rite reminiscent of Nazi mysticism, "Wreck lh« Wml" The youtKs, hauled to the Marx- En gels PIMz in trucks by their unit leaders, wore tolrl bo vow to "wreck the criminal plans of th# Western wiirrnakcrs-" '\Ve swear it, we swear it, we swear it!" they chanted three times in unison, rating their clenched /l.sls fn (.he Rpd A,? In to HX searchlight* played on tt giant portrait of Stnlln. Tiien, as fireworks burst over the city, they broke rank* U> Join other youngsters who had played hookey and were .snake-dancing, Kinging and sky-lurking through the dark streets 01 the great city. Ratlrtoni Bent Into Ea»t Antl-Comimmtai West Bcrllnm spired tlie Mnnl rally by .sendin); over small bnl Icons which opened and scnlterert anti-Red pamphleU through Ihe crowd. were eagerly scooped up even though the Communist police Rrablwd them a quickly n.s they could, East German Communist Premier Otto Grotewohl, In his windup speech, declared that the Reds would strike at and sabotage Europe's defense preparations. His violent attack was typical of those which have marked the "peace" festival whose official theme was "Against re militarization and for n peace treaty (or all Germany In 1951." McMath Urges Cotton Formers To Place Crops in U.S. Loan LITTLE ROCK, Ang. 20. CAPJ^Governor McMath ha« issued a proclamation urging cotton farmers to place at least half of their 1951 crop In the government's loan setup. He said that placing (he cotton in the program "will provide for an orderly marketing of th« huge cotton crop requested by th« federal government." The Arkansas Bankers Association last week announced opposition to the program, The organization said the plan would bypass banks in making loans to /armors. The program calls for the farmers to place their cotton crop with the Commodity Credit Corporation at * fixed price, basod on market quotations, "F" IS FOR FREEDOM—Carrying freedom's mes^nce to Germans behind ihe Iron Curtain me pamphlet-haulms balloons like this one being prepared for launching by West Berlin youths. The letter "F" is the anti-Communist sian for freedom. A fuse attnchctl to the c.-mibonrd container comes it to explode and release leaflets over Ihe Soviet sector of Berlin. -(NBA-Acme photo by Start Phologi'pahcr Ernst Lechner.) time, were not providing the chal lenge In life that she needed. Greek War Hero Marshal Papagos Hits Road on Political Campaign SALONIKA, Greece, Aug. JO. W| —Greece's No. one war hero Field Marshal Alexander Pnpagos hit the road tcday u'ith a stumping lour for the Sept. ft parliamentary elections to which he is A candLu'ate. Ihe famed conqueror of the Communist rebels arrived here from Athens last ntgut with 150 followers in a specially chartered trnln. He was 'greeted at Salonika station by cheering throngs. Waving to the crowds, many ol whom shouted "we want you to rule Greece" Fapago* declared: "My only aim will be to serve national and not party interosl.s. I want your vote so as to be able to form a strong and self dependent government and this I hope will be the result of the general election. Papagos, who resigned as commander in chief of Greece's armed forces last May in a dispute with the palac*. disclosed several weeks ago that he would run for parliament. The announcement cnmc as a surprise since' lh« veteran military leader had steadfastly refused any political role (or more than two years. Papagos told newsmen he was entering the nrena to give Greoce "the stable government of which she is In need." Two weeks ago the' leftist newspaper Eleftheria said it had learned a plot wax brewing to establish a dictatorship In Greece under Pa- pagos. Premier Sophocles Venl«elos Uild reporters If such a plot existed, it would be stamped out. Young Actress To Become Nun LOS ANGELAS, Aug. 30. (/P)—A 20-year-old girl who made $1,000 a week R* a movie actress htui turned her back on acting to become a mm. JiiAnltn Qulgley, who waa fcp- ponrlng before the cnmrrfM when she wns only three, IK .studying canon law toriny In San Vinccntc Nov- itlfUe. There .she Is known EM Sister Quenttn RiU of the Cnthollc Daughters of Mary and Jn.seph- She promised herself Lo Christ Jr conducted Saturday hy the Most Rev. Timothy Manning rmxtllnry bishop of Los Angeles. Her mother t Mrs. Wayne Quigley, .s Jim nit n decided more than a year flfio that movies and Television AIU other things that had occupied her SPECIAL Free Pinking Shears with every machine purchased City Rebuilt With City Parts • N*w Motor • New 5-»peed Conhol Sew UgM N«w Carrying CdlB YEAR GUARANTY .-il The population o( Iceland IE HO !l 000 Offers of Help Snowball for 7 Children Offered by Parents COLUMBUS. <)., Aug. 20. (/Pi— The voice on the other etid of the line was clear though the ccn- nectioh was bad. "I'm calling Iro/n Philadelphia," the man snid. "Saw these Davey kicis' picture In (he paper. I might be Interested In adopting them. Can you tell me how to reach the family?" That call to a Columbus newspaper office yesterday was part of a snow-balling to an out - of - the - ordinary request- Would anybody adopt some or all of the seven children of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Davey — who, for thi'ee years—had carried a load of illness, debts, and homeseeking? Seemed there are a lot of people who would. Davfty made the adoption proposal in a letter to the Columbus DlsiMtcn, saying the family was facing eviction. The story was carried nationally by the Associated Pre. c .s. Davey said people had been calling all day. offering to take- some or all of the children "until we get on our feet," and added: "I wish everyone , who is down and out could get his story before the public. 1 had -no idea there were so many wonderful people. I don't think we have to give any of the children for adoption now." Davey said his best offer came from a factory owner who sug- gpsttA they consolidate the family's debts, and that Davey should come to work In his factory. But. the factory executive insisted, the children must stay. Navy to Convert 101 Old Vessels WASHINGTON, Aug. 20. <AP> — The Navy announced today that orders hav« been buued for the conversion or modernization of 101'nav- al vessels, including three Eftsex class aircraft carriers. The program also Includes the construction of four minesweeper!. N"o estimate of the cost was given, but ill the past the cost of modernizing a single' carrier has run into tens of millions ol dollars. Germ** Family to Sw*4*« Scfoly in L««ky •«•* MALUO. awed*!, Atlf. N. (A»> —An East German family whe flu their Communtat-ruled homeland In a leaky boat wen •*(• In awwten today. • The mothw, father and four tin*I children frantically pumped water out of their frail craft all Saturdiy night and were exhausted when they were picked up by a Swedlah light. ship In the Baltic yesterday mom- Ing. • COOLS • DIHUMIWHK • VENTILATII , • FILTER! • QRCULATH *>FR1GIDAIRE Room Air Conditioner Adams Appliance Co., Inc. ADAMS, Mgr. Sale* J. W. 206-208 West Main • Service Phone 2071 r i e i i i L MF.A- This Coupon CITY SEWING CENTER. INC (>% *.!auiMHi AVcnuci "ompSi's, "••Tflti. I would like a free home demonstration or your fulty guaranteed rebuilt Singer Sewing Machine at no obligation to me. 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