The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1938 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1938
Page 3
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^FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 103.8 HLYTIIEVILF-E (.ARK.) COUNTER NEWS Casey Jones-" Bra vest of Engineers" Memorial Fund For est Of Kgmeers" e<! At Banquet A IIY JOHN SIIUA XKA Service Stall 1 Carre: . CAYCB. Ky., April M. '— The- world's inosi famous railroad cn- uiricer is lq linvi.- something wan- permanent ihan a song as a monument lo Ills courageous life. The banquet unit cclebi'iulon llu'il tills Kenlucky crossroads town 1 iliiw ih« nllii'i nislit Mailed ihe )«)! rnlJlDx for :i memorial to CiifX-y .Kmcs, tin.' bravo mini who trying to get through on time just. ::ii yr-ai's a<^o conic this April 'M. Caycc.'s cili/i'iiry plans lo sol up :i on ilu; highway nt:«r town to remind tourists that tills «.'i.'; llif place of Casey's blrlli, TJif monument Fund got a fjnod .start at tin: banquet, will) inure- than $400 being rnlsccl. Cayce Is mighty proud of being till' bravi; engineer's homeiown, and prouder still chut it gave Casey his nickname. The rciil name was Jolin I.uUier Jones—taiil Ills pnls clmnsed. it \vlicn they foinul out he hailed horn this hamlet. Present at the banquet Ihe oilier night, was Casey Jones' widow. I Also tiiere was Sid Law, now eiisji- i new nml wifetj- director tor the Illinois Central railroad, who iva.s 1 the fireman on Casey's regular run. Ou hand. loo. v.'as a slim old Negro who wnlked willi a limp. He Is Sim Webb, who liral for Casey the night of the wreck ami who heeded Jersey's advice to Jump. Ueeull l-'uniou.s Wreck Many of the people ill Die ban- i|iiel here, remembered Hie famous wreck and Casey the; man. They recalled thai this Casey was no ordinary engineer. He was handsome. He was blg-3 feet -t and hitting 200 pounds. And ivlieii he got la thai cab, a train would perform some very extraordinary teals indeed. Just about everyone on the Illinois Central run from Jackson, Tenn., to Water Volley, Miss., knew j fascy—or at least they knew his' whistle. | Mrs. Cnscy told nt the banquet | how ihe first IhJnu Casey did when 1 lie got his engineer's job in 1800 j was lo develop his own very special I whistle. A long, low, mournful ! whistle it was, and when peo;)te bran) 11 they'd say, "There goes Casey." Furthermore, "All , tile switchmen' knew by . Ihe engine's moan.s tha^.tjic man. al Uie throttle : Casey "got a lot out of his cii-! Cine, and the record runs he didn't { ))iake weren't worth going after, i 1 But if there v:as one ihiiig riled i 'Casey it was lo be late on n run. i That, was what finished him. j For a Friend j Along in April of 1900, jusl 10 ( years (hat he'd been engineering, i '">"' brave Casey Cnsey iiiudo an extra run. An engineer friend of Jii.s (jot, sick. ;in<! Casey said he'd take the trip, nl- Ihrmgli, as Sid I;>w recalled, he had liad no rest. Cnscy pulled "Old 1138" out of Memphis at It o'clock that night, —fully .111 hour mid a half laU', .Sim Webb said at Ihe banquet— and headed for Canton. Miss. Fog und rain, uut leaning out the window and jamming the (nrollli: C:\sey gunned her for nil she was worth. in which he crashed to his death. :isry .Tom-.s with .riiin No. 1 ;,()- )roacliinj; rit hifih ipend froin Civ- n:iil:. Plauman si nod it-re with lorpi- do on tin- rail. F i rcm n n Sim Welib j u m |i <• (( hero. rnsh neenriTcl 10: four rav-j frfiiilil irajn iiiKins out o[ ling nnln main tnck. rr'i|',h' tt'nin No S SlaiKlilljr oil 'aiiKlinn sidiim. o n rt n c tor E<| lloko. i-pight train Net'. ^ on si^iinK to nvpt Ictins No «3 :md No. ). ,vo Kcrtinns of • a i u No. 2li a c.k oil in on lonso -tvac-k' 1 nt uiRiian Ktntinn 1ft C'asoy .Tonc-s to South switch to V<iii(!h:m Kirling. Homestead Staked Out On Newly Formed Isle , . WAY'/.A'l'A, Minn. (UI')— K. M. .;i|l'ntch of Wayzata Is probably the [only man in his country who : hopes the receding waters of Lake 1 Mfmictonkii will never conic back. j I'aldi has discovered the situ for 1 H new home In the middle of the hike. A tlirei'-ai're Island hits emerged from the old lake bottom, He has staked out a claim on It. fenced il In and posted "keep oif" signs. Patch is not particularly worried about Ihe fact that llic stale put tin end to honiestendini; 10 years HBO. !le is sure he Ims u justifiable claim. He says hf'll fight attempts to dispossess him or prevent him from buildinj. a home on Ihe property. The island Is 8 feet above the Slft'lc-C<)o1(;r Socicly—I'crsoital Hunk (lull .ll.'i'ts With .Mrs. Ciili'innn Mrs, I'cti'r tjolemiin was )»)slcs.s to 10 members of the I look Hub ivt her hinm> Wcdnesdiiy n[U<nirum. Mrs. N'l'wlii'rry .lolniKim Huvt- u spleiuiiil tnlk nn the- book " 01 Mlir * Men" iiy Jiick .Steinbeck. Tlii- iK«t<'ss served chccsi' snnd- wiclir.',, |«'!icii 1111,'d siiliid in KiisU'r 'kl'l.s. roolili'f;, i:n|fi<i> nml li>;i. Tlie l-liistcr iniitif was I'll'i'i'llwly cnrrli'd mil Mis. l.ic Vi-iiKt'r I llushss TII 'Iiirviluy Cluh j Mis. I.rt! Yca^i'r was the charm- i inn husti'ss to lii-i' 'I'uo.sdny ('ItiD | ut her hflini! on Walnut AVI-. Tui-s- j day Hl'UTiiojin, Tin' riii'M.i spent 11 |i)i>»l iiit- erminn knltllni; afler vylilcli tin 1 hostess served (H-eivn pie und coca- colas. They will meet next week v/llli Mrs. llerlu-rl Poinl of Siifcly PAGE THREE water nl the highest, point measures ion yards by 15. Casey Jones, widow of Ihe iamons engineer, ynzes on a jiholo of ,her heroic mate •fr- - - . FARM LOANS 150ft and Uf Arkansas and MtHOUri l.owc.11 rates— ript-niw Also city properties DON H. KASSERMAN Thomas Land Co. OBJce P. O. Box 470, Phone 627. and Messcr- recently all of their married life. A of A German I'mine. the schmitt Bf-lOD neuter. , ,.„,„ „„„ „ broke the world's land plane speed were their guests at dinurr record with a speed of ;t70 miles , n " llm "'' ;'«.I.!JH Hr8<1 Courier Nev»» Wuiil Ail. A new type torpedo liomber pinnc for use on nlrw-iifl cnri'lci'M Is Ije- Ihg • tested by ||, 0 u,,u M | stntes Nnvy, As .soon ns (lie wheels toticl: the deck or n, f molhcr «hlp, the wlniis finn to fold iiji. B now Is used for the folillnu uf i he. Dr». Werl & Wert OPTOMETRIST* OYfr jot iBMUa' atOtf •WK MARK 'KM SEE" Phoo* Mo Tn Have Stunt Till.' jllllior <;l!lK« Of Slci'll- l||«ll scliool is sponsor lo n sliint iil|;)ii program which is lo hi- iilven next Tuesday nttlvt. Diilercnt Hubs mid orientations will ]nit. (in 11 ten minute Mum. ma niul (lie winner will be I'.lven u prize. Amniijf from out of town here tor the funeral of Clnirllo Jones yestordny ivfternoon were Mr. nml Mrs. W. 1. Powell und (iimily of Joiner, Ark.. Mr. and Mrs. D. lien Holly ami many others from Carulhcrsvlllc'. Mr. nnd Mrs. ISIII Iliiile.v nnd dniifshlcr, Asiies, of niylJii'villp. Mr. mill Mrs. V. A. Pimilerljnik celcbniled Ihelr Mrd wcdilhiu an- iilVGrniiry Monday u|. thrlr home near Cdnter where Ihcy have lived j lit i Iliu is hope Hint Ihcy will ln> JMde Horn I'luMiiy HII.S nlliick.s In jlln> iieivly-ilcvlsed anti-iitr raid Ii inn I;or pictured nitwit, 'flu: inlqiic siinpe iniikes H llleiiillv n i«liu of .safety, us the sharp cone lliTl, presents a dllllcuH Inrijel liombliiK pilots. Miidc of cnu- le, pnlntcd crcen. Hie 00-foo't Ii chmnbcr cmi provide inis- pruk'ctifin (or 300 persons, Kvery hatr on the Immivn or nnlmtil body 1ms n muscle. Thin Is shown In i.i)i' jiclton tif the Imirs In frliilu. The ml. llmmijh iniiKciilar action, raises llio Imlr.s on Its buck FHA 5| HOME LOANS 25 YEARS TO PAY l'l> (<i !M) r { tif tipin-alxi'd value. Wrilt! as i»r see your lui'ftl litilkliiw nmlerlii) <k>ukr about, this mnsf nl- Iniclivc Home FinnucliiK I'lim. THE GUARDIAN COMPANY Niiltmitk'l Dyke, Jr., Crcsltit'iit 1(17 Pvrmnid lilil,;,, UlUc Itock, Ark. OWN YOUK OW'NHOMli SAVE AS MUCH AS ON 10 GAL. OF HI-TEST NO NOX GASOLINE 90c 10% I't'imsylvnnln Oil,, Senlcd .Cont«lncr s 25c SAVEON GAS CO. Mlk's No. of Rlntc lAnc !!. W. til HOLLAND, MO, Hemorrhoids-Piles WITHOUT SIIRORHY & (iUAKANTKUli S*te, inre and with Inn dlsixiiururl. All dlwiuu and rondllloiu i>f urrvuuj origin, foot altmenla and akla i-anrrra ITritril and c-urrd at oar clinic. DRS. NFES & N1ES 5U Mrntn Phone W < HlTtlievlllii, Ar». This diagram shows where and took Ills farewell trip into the promised land." Then 50 miles out of Memphis Ihe smartest thing ho ever did. But there was poor brave Casev keeping Ids hand on llial air brake i ight through Ihrce ears and a caboose. When "Old ,«3tt" finally stopped not, a passenger was dead, but gallant Casey had taken his lareivell tii)> into me promised land. How SOIIK .Slnrlrd , There are a lot of stories of how I I he song about Casey Jones nrl|ji- —worse luck—Casey a half hour by n got slow cUi up freight. »-'f'iit Betting into t l*ast Vaitghan. \ /i-eiglils were s»i When he got "Old 638" rolling again Casey \vas pretly soi'e an^i he wasn't, thinking about anything getting into Cnulon on lime. Miss., a couple of opposed to pull off on a siding for Casey's speeding pullman train, but when Casey ramc charging along, only 11 miles trom Canton and not holding her hack a bit, the second freight, was just, idling through the switch. "lioj-. You'll Belter Jump- Now Casey Jones ivnsn't the guy lo lose a couple of mimites on account of a tiling like that, but when he got, right on top of Uie freight, he had to jam on the air brakes. But loo late. He 'Tinned to the fireman, said 'I3oy. you'd Better juinjx 'cause there's two locomotives that arc going lo hump'." -Sim jumped all richt and it was nalcd. but it is fairly certain that some southern darkies who had known of Casey and his heroics jus), sort of surfed humming and rilling in Ihe word.? as darkies do. and that later a couple of vaudeville troupers jnraed up Ihe lime and made it a nation-wide hit iilong about 1000. GRAND DADS Peaberry COFFEE Always Fresh Buy a Package Today SAVINGS ON USED CARS ALL * LAM AGNI 1931 Chevrolet Coupe $99.00 Runs good—Cli5tx1 Tires 1935 Plymouth Sedan $199.00 GIXH! Shape ... No Trade 1937 G. M. C. V 2 ton Pick-Up $575.00 CIMII, low mileage. 1R" Wliocls. 1935 Chevrolet J / 2 ton truck $175.00 A Harbin 1936 G. M. C. IVa ton Truck $395.00 Long W. It. Stake body. Real buy. LEE MOTOR SALES, Inc. ft.M.C. Trucks' Oldsmohltes Rales and Service 307 F.. Slain PJifme 329 Eliminate "Guesswork" From Your Future With . . . SOUTHERN NATIONAL'S HOSPITAL SERVICE PLAN "A Modern Service To Meet Modern Needs" Tliotisjiuds of families liuvo disTovcml (his ;tn iincxpcclecl illness. easy wtiy tn prcpavo foi' There's no rod tape connected with the IIOSPITAI, RKIiVICK I'LAN. It's us simple as ABC. For 3 cents u dav ($10.80 ;t year) you have $5.00 per day hospitnli/alion . . . KOK TURKU WIIOLK \VKKK.S . , . IN ANY HOSPITAL YOU CHOOSK. Yon provide your own I'a.ii- il.v Physician or 'Surgeon . . . WK PAY T1IK J10SPITAI, \\\\.\ t . ,\ lt medical cxaminnlion is necessary. THK irOSHTAI, SURVICR PNAN is not devised to take tin- place of any other insurance, hut is a separate, and distinct form of personal protection. A modern service \vhtilc-hoartcdly endorsc-il bv Ilospihils, nuctni'.s, Nurses, and Pharmacists. indorsed by Churches, Civic Chilis, and Societies everywhere. Within a few days one of our representatives will cull. I .el him give yon detailed in formation on the HOSPITAL RKUVICK PLAN. 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