The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 18, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 18, 1930
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Served by the United Press 1THEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THF: DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—\o. iss Ulytheville Courier, Blytheville Dally News. Mississippi Valley Leader. B1,YTIIKVIU,K, ARKANSAS, TliniSHAY, SK1TKMIWK IS, I'.MO SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SCHOONER AND CREW LOST AT SEA Enterprise Wins America's Cup .BEITS LIPH'S " S1 """' VM ' [ WENIBII Shamrock Gels Away in Lead Bui Loses Lasl Race by Wide Margin. oimif; Mother Kills Ha be to ISnd Suffering JOHNSON' CITY. Tenn., Sept. ii UP)—A young mother todav CJH- rcssed lo pnlice the had given he-il-months-old baby carbolic acid causing its death. Mrs. Isabel Hlgglns. 19. was held in Joncsboro jail as a result while tlie Washington comity Brand jun now in session will investigate. "My baby had been sick Tor sonv lime and I knew it was sullcrmg terribly." she said in her siate- menl. "I did not have a liome where I could take it, for treatment an- I didn't have any mom-y wilh wliich to gel a doctor. I decided (o go to a drug store and ;;cl a battle ol carbolic acid." She described how she save hc r iinby the medicine, how pail of liiv acirt spilled on its chest, ho-.v il became strangled, anil how then she grabbed up the child and ran screaming. i • ' / f\ erspirulioii (On Corpse.) Delays Missouri Burial CRANE. Ma. Sept. 18 lUl'J—Two |. t::ads ol perspiration hulled ^ IVi- i;i-rnl Tor .'.ju-tiil hours yrst'irdtiy ! They were (HI the corpse • j _. , ' Mourners hud readied ihe cnn- I A . • \vrr ri , r wilh the body of Mrs.. Archie {.A^lor J' Wllf KeUll'liS h'Oin j ^irrners! I",, lo Nevada With Film ; ABOARD THE U. S. S. KANE. International Race Course, S'.'pt. 18. <UP)—Enterprise today retained for ihe New York Yacht club llii' hiMoric America's cup. symbolic ot" yachting supremacy. The (jreat while metal sloop slipped acr-ss (he finish line today for a fourth successive viclory over .Sir Thomas Liplon'x sjrrvn challenger. Sh.imrrck V- Tile challenger was mnrc ihiui a mile and a quarter astern. Enterprise crossed the finish line at l:bl):0:> p. in., completing the com-:..' in 3:10:05. Rluiinrnrk Off in I.racl Shamrock V. and Enterprise cicsscd the starting lin; at 10:40 ;s. in. Captain Ted Heard, professional fk'pper ol the. challenger. • again seized the windward berth ' as tlie yachts went ov.?r Ihe line, although Harold S Vanderbili, who drove Enterprise tar down the line, ap- i pcared to be fOD'.ing faster. , The challenger was forced to los; i r\ nn n P i way before the start because ot tile ! ™nCC Uver VU I CV Lent, risk ot crossing the line before ihe stalling whist!?. Both boais were on the starboard ns they went over but alicr one minute of sailing Shamrcck came about on the pert tick, indicating her skipper \.a.s raiting lo find himself in an advantageous [wsition. 1 lustces for Bonclholclers Seeking Removal o[ Re- > »»"•*"»• '"«-; , . i i c r> ed in order thai ihe Ceivership to U. J. Coill'l ;mighi hare a lasl look at Ihe de' ceased. Someone noiiced a few drops ol iwrspiration on Mrs. Ilitn- negan's foiehcad. while relatives Scene or activity' in the legal battle ' ver the Drainage District 17 ° receivership will be shifted lomor- '""lied frantically others went for and ;row. temporarily at least, to tl:.:; 1 * doctor. Whet: he arrived ifedt-ral district courtroom at Little : fcmul ll 'C body Imd not jHci-k. ! baluied he applied restorative : Judge has set 10 o'clock [measures for several hours. All ef- 'Dircclor; Divorce Hinlccl- HOLLYWOOD. Cill. ??pt. 1R i lUPi Mrs. Marguerite W. 1. Beery. 1 I wife el Noah Beery ol the 111ms. i was in set'luslon at the home ot . been cm- friends tr/duy liter clearing up a !l- • day mystery (is lo h.?r whereabouts. ---.---. • •-• Mrs. Beery ended the frantic t: morrow morning for hearing two j (0 'ts railing he pronounced Mrs. j search conducted by her husband motions by Charles Fiierson of Diumcijaii deatl for a second (hue i and police ofrielaLs by resuming' Jor.c.tboro. attorney for ihe Guar- . ""d ll! ' ; funeral ceremonies con-; from Us Vegas. Nev., lale yfst?r- anly company of Cleveland ; "nncrt. jd»y :nid expressing ama/.ement llmi and Clis and c-nipany, irustees for drainage district landowners, who are seeking removal ot the receivership from chancery conn lo federal court. , Tin 1 iwc matters lo t: heard are a petition Tor the appointment or _ a federal receiver for the specific P . purpose ol rnfm-clng collection of T • djlinmicnt taxes, and a motion to U remove the entire receivership proceedings to federal conn. H P '.' » D I A Denied by rnlrell Cnhc s Banks Are ,,„,, ns cLnc,.,or w. .M. Optimistic LflOUfih tO Ad- ;Fmroll has already instructed CM. r\ nn D r i '• Um ' k - Ihe receiver, lo bring suit for vailCC Uver VU t ev LeiH. jccllcciion of the delinquent taxes. local men conversant with affairs NF.W ORLEANS. Sept. 18. (UP' ft the district do not anticipate —E. P. Creekmore, general man- that the petition for a federal rc- awr of the American Cotton Co- '?*v"r r-r that, urn-rase will receive operative association. issued r extended considirallon. and arau- slalemeni here lobay denying. ment is expected chiefIv on the charges of Nathan Adams, yice- ! motion for removal of the entire , agers appointed by the hoire or oreadent, of (he Dallas. Tev.. chain- .receivership to the federal-, con;;:.- f rcpresentaiives in-1029 •IMS formai- :ul had caused so much | y went to Las Vegas to I establish a residence," Mrs. Beery jsitlil. j Berry Asks Inquiry j She did not slate il this meant .".lir plans lo seek a divorce but Ihe i • ,| Hollywood screen colony beliewtl '< BROOKLYN. N. Y.—Tlio Neither ihe men nor the animals ran always keep their feet on the ground at a wc.slern rodeo, and Hie rodeo held recently at Ellens- bin B. Wash., proved no exception. Here Is Carl Shcpard wlnntir, earnest. The calf is very much up In ihe air nboui It Cardinals Defeat • Robins Again Today OI Acrain<;l rt B cllll:>l Otate. Pnv uos " St- Ihe •al or the separation action ' Brooklyn Robins (or the third she began two years ngo and linn I slr.iighl game here today. ^ to 3. withdrew. Ucttomley or the Cardinals and Her husband was with her only 'Herman or tlie Robins hl\ homers. 1 •_• i • i p, her move ultimalely would result ' Louis Cardinals defeated Louisiana Legislature Uropsiin renew a rev.- minutes after she returned,! BATON ROUGE, La. Sspi 18 ""'" P r e.'eiil.;(l a demand to federal (UPl—The road lo Washington to- : n B c "ts 'or an investigation of act- day was opened to Louisiana's 3G- | ivilics ol Raymond Wells, n motbn year-old governor and Democratic | l )lctl| re director. : nominee to the U. S. Senate. ! " If there was a man Involved in Impeachment charges against llle n "a'.r, I might, lose my temper. : Gov. Huey P. Long have b?en Mrs ' Beer J' ls " sick woman and lui abandoned and the board of maii- been under the care of an nlienisi ' fur over three years. She is subject" The breeze had freshened^ to H j ber o 1 ! "commerce in which h? cle- A motion for removal, made be- ly dismissed, knotf nr.d in the drive through in- ! m " n ^ed Creekmore's resianntion. lore Chancellor Futrell some weeks The seven charges n-easingly choppy sens Shamrock i " If ho '""stritcs my takins Ihn ago by Mr. Fricrson. was denied on had overcome the disadvantage of i responsibility of advancing !>0 per - ihe grounds lhat U;? requisite di- spells or sickness thul affect her > n . ,. , " 'rinclmO'S 01 .mind." Vnnderhllrs first maneuver. Twenty minnies alter the start of the race the big green boat had opened up a slight lead, perhaps 200 yards. rver the -.liver masted defender. Bui at 11:25. 45 niinut.->s after ihe start ol the, enterprise had cpenet! up a mile of clear water between lier and. the hamrock. Motorboat Endurance Pilots in Second V/eek I cent colton al i'-s current vnlne pessimistic it would bo exceedingly shown, and the makhig of a slmi- or hnpeach-, Court files I'.eie showed irt.t Ray- mciit brought Mforc ihe senate in ' mond Wells several months aco March. 1029. were dismissed by the ; sucil Beery for S50.000 damages foi- versily of citizendiip was not : house ol representatives in ail ex-i alleged assault.'' and Educational -Inquir- ise Not Yet Ready. intercslmg if he would intiiole what per centacje of its current value his banks are advancing." Creekmore challenged. Cecil Shane Discuss<><= HOT SPRINGS. Sept. 18. (UP< —Ernie Hill and his co-pilot, Clifford Hump, today entered their cightii day in their motorboa; re- 1 fiieling endurance conies', on Lake Catherine, near here. At 3 o'clock they had complete 132 hours. tar mo:ion bi rcderal conn is ihe next step in the erfort of the Guaranty Trust and Otis interests to take th° receivership away from • what they regard as ihe prejudicial influence of local interests. _ . Should Judge Mnrlineau order re- ; at K.Oiary moval of the proceedings lo his coiirl if is regarded as probable ' The history of the United States .he would name a new receiver In i constitution was intereslinslv rtis- : "'•<•''" o( Mr. Buck, to whom ob- today's Rotary limchson Jeclion has been mado by bond- meelinw tracrdinary session yesterday by vote of 70 to 20. Submits Preliminary Stale incut of His Findings tc President Hoover. WASHINGTON, Sept. 18. (UP) — President Hoover had before hit today a preliminary report on 111 imilon's Inland waterways sub mined by Secretary of War Hur ley alter a three weeks injpccUo ot -the 'MhM.'tlpp! river -regicxi The report was given" Mf. Hoove hist mglii shortly alter Hiirleyan Maj. Oeu. Lytle Drown, chief nrmy enplr-eers. arrlvetl here plane from Birmingham. Ala. A complete roporl on the surve of waterways and flood coutr .. imlitv ^ 1\UI,1IV IIUILLUOII J'.'-Liull lju.i u.i.11 i.iuu-, u., uwi.u . , ^ XVI'II f"l by Cecil Shane in carry- holders because ol his past arfilia- , Legion I VOgraill Will DO I out a program for Constitution week. Guests included Geor; pher. or Gurdon. Ark.. Wenlver. or Helena. National - tlon with land owners or the district. t Chp5trj- May Apjieal Removal Order '• .nil Huge If j 11( j,,, Martincau retnses to • orc'.»r the removr.l il Ls not be- Itcveci any further course of action will be open to those ob- Wclls said lhat Beery injured his LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. (API—Re- Jkull in knocking him to the street ! p , rts of sllrVi , ys on ,„,, stat( , pavement. Beery made n denial and in«m,,ii n ,« projects will be made to the prcs the case never was tried, U bcinr>. ; ernment and upon state Institutions , icportcd lhal it was seltlcd out or : cf high learning expctlcd for some co 'irt. i weeks will be delayed !o:- several Wells, it was declared, accom- i vv , cl;b reilor t t : panied Mrs. Beery on ths trl]) and ' ilieery asked agents to determine ir." ell ' s of(lce llcre l!ilvc indicated, .a federal law Ijtitl been violated.! ^"' lc Bureau ol Municipal Rc' Mrs. EPCIT telephoned a statement: search or New York has dennllely lo Ihe United Press regarding her .begun work on the survey recently absence but. refused to say where ' completed of tlie stale government, the was staying. , upon which Governor Parnell is cx- Bl'Oadcast from Nine Lit- " r Kmt to Ij9s Ve ? ns • 1ncl ! !t >- pocterl to base his light (or a re- T1 L . \1 i- - lc " A to r ° Ulr " thcrc to make my , organization or Hi? government ICS IhroUghOUt INatlon. i permanent residence," she said.! along more efficient lines II During-Ills three weeks nbs?nc the war secretary covered about I Par- I 55)0 miles by river steamer nn ' more than 3,000 miles by alrplan Richard Jiedel Will Conduct Holiday Services Convicts Kill Each OtKer" in Prison Farm Brawl 1IUNTSVILLE, Tex.. Sept. 18. 'UP)—Two convicts on the Ferguson slate prison fnrm slabbed each other to death in the bunk- hou.-e lasl night, it became kno-.'.r here today. The killings ta'.lowed an argu- iiienl between them. rlStOl 3nOt at negro .jccting lo tiie present receivership, ive broadcasting hookup e\"er Meeting Has Wrong E-fcct lsh ™ lrt hc ordcr , !). le removal '""e-ranged. a will he a possibility of appeal to Speakers in nine American citie-. the circuit conn of appeals. i from Mair.e lo California, will be The original plaintiffs in the" heard in the course of the pro] i-.'ceivership action, E. Harper, gram, which will be broadcast from i holding bonds of the dis:rict as . 8 (o 9:30 p. m. from all National 'trustee for the Chicago Mill and Broadcasting company station;. _ Lumber corporalion.' and C. E- Governors or eight states. Com- "Will you please ascertain what re- , The educational survey, which Members of the American Legion | ward Mr. Beery offered for my was to have submitted o Go.vcrn- aml many others will lime in their i discovery. If il is sufficiently large < or Parnell last week by the Bureau radios tonight on the most extens- .' "'"I have myself brought- in at EMPTY LIFE IIPKIFK elwccn Fifteen and Twen- ly Men Were Aboard Missing Timber Vessel. SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 18. (UP) —The coast guard cutter Cahoklo. xlay proceeded at full speed to a, olnl olf Cape Blanco, Ore,, where.' lie sicain schooner South Coast •us believed to have foundered Uli between 15 and 20 men aboard. The first • news Hint tlie vessel •as missing was. received here ycs ; erdny when two steamers report-(1 to the hydrographlc office of the lavnl stalton they had seen tt deck nn empty lite boat and nn- Herons logs, the South' Coast's mgo. 500 miles north of here. Tlie sieam.schooner, left Crescent Ity. Cal.. Tuesday, bound for Coos 'iiy. Ore., where- !l was due Wed- lesday. Al an early hour today the e.«el hiul not been sighted either' t Coos Buy or other coast points. The missing vessel carried no radio. Demented Father Slays His Wiie and Daughter ATLANTA, Oa., Sept. 18. (UP) — A family of three was found slip'. o (loath In their liome here today, apparent victims of a demftited father, C. T. Beam. SB-year-old railroad mall ctcrk, ' . Mis. Grace Beam, his wife anrt their 15-year-old- daughter Aubrey were foiim'. shot through the head In a bed room, while Beam, a .38 calibre revolver besltlc him, lay dead on the floor, R; H. Beam, a brother, discovered the .bodies. Police reported they had been unable tp determine aii'y. ot^er.cause Jhan'jlemrifjrjuy. derangement of llic falher!" • ST. LOUIS. Sept. 18. <UP1— Eli- today his psychology was all wrong He fired a pistol in front of negro evangelical meeting here i Debt Service Only School Expense Abnormally High tional bank of this city, ican Legion, the mayor of Boston with them as a party and American Legion bands from • unknown, are conlesting llle effort. n-any cities will be heard, as well the receivership removed. , as such outstanding attractions a^ Madame Schumann-Helnck. Martha Alwood. Reinald Werrenrath. "Newspapers reported Mr. Deery had said I Iwd $750 on my person al the time or my disappearance. During my entir,-! married life I have never seen S750." She did not reconcile this statement with Beery's iformation he had set:'>d a 5250.000 trust fund cu her IHO years ago. The whereabouts of Wells was of Education al Washington, has been delayed. It is expected Ihis re]»rl will not be forthcoming until abr.tu November I. 'to have JThev will be represented .it Little Reck tomorrow by Attys. Charles Coleman ot Little f?ock, W. M. Sat- and the Victor orchestra, directed jterfield of Memphis, and A. G. Lit-: by Nathaniel Shilkrel. ns Scores Hoover for ; Statement on Exports ! J Girl Killed at Start of Long Flight There will be special services Monday evening. 8:15 o'clock, a" the Temple Israel wilh Richarci Jlcdel ns acting rabbi, in observing Rcsh Hnshaiinah. the Jewish new- year 5691. The two day holiday will bring r, number of visitors to this city lor these services. Mrs. Walter Rosentha! and Mrs. Rowland Wol- rort. will be in charge of the special music. Fire at O'Brien's Cafe Is Quickly Extinguished For the second time this \veek a ' local restaurant was damaged by fire when on overheated oil stove set fire to a counter in Jlmmie O'Brien's cafe,- 105 North Second stret, late last night. The fire was discovered when the counter burst Into llamcs and firc- iien working quickly succeeded in subduing the fire with chemical,;. O'Brien today estimated his danii age at approximately $150. t O'Brien and his employees worked last night In cleaning away Hie niirncd section of the counter and the restaurant was open for business as usual Ihls morning. There issued. 'nave been 15(1 Invitations Release Pair Held in Connection With Fire Tdilor's Xntc' Tins is Ills fourll- rf a 'series of articles prepared b; Surcrinlcndenl Crawford Grern- (Tcaling; wilh thr various phases or the local school situation. % CRAWFORD GRKKXK Supfriiilcndcnl of Schools The iwo maior iiem^ in the l!>2fl- 1P30 exiwndilure have been previously discussed. The remaining items were listed by tiie auditor n^ follows: Operating Expense Salaries or four janitors •lanitor's supplies Fuel I iehts Telephones I flvc> Click service (Western Union) 1.7-IS.7? 188.0? for insurance. $l.n84.25 for pavin? taxes for six years for the SudbnVv school. $250 Tor the petty casi' fund and 5234.24 for capital out • :ay. or permanent additions (o I hi- equipment. All of the expenditures for th: vear total S100.824.7i, JLid the district not been required to nnk" "ayment for the back naving taxe.i Ihe expenditures would have bfen -••"•- i tie of this city. W. L:on Smith! ii, Boston, pickup points will in- will represent the drainage dis- ; elude historic Fanueil Hall and trict at the hearing, and il is expected that a number of other local men. including C M. Buck, the receiver, will also be present. the tower of the Old Nonh church • The entire program will be con- ! trolled from Boston, where the in- I- tricate switching from city lo cily ; will be supervised by Phillips Car- i Will nicrucc RewarfJ ' ""• Other points from which llv TIKI uis>(-Ub!> rvcwdiu ^ program will be picked up include i for Bridge Dynamiters Portland. Maine; Portland Ore-: b J gon; New York city, Washington ! Jacksonville. Florida: Dallas. Tex- ' as: Cilicago and San Francisco. I.ITTI.F. MISUNDERSTANDING KAI.ISPELL. Mont.. (UP)—Kilo wall, a r'lJilhciid Indian, found ; red traffic violation llcket lied to n ] the steering wheel of his automobile. Failing lo understand he wis lo report al .police headquarters | and Ix-neving his machine had' . been selected to receive Itrst prize . Diego avlatrix. was killed at Loma i as tl:i tmsi excellent, automobile WASHINGTON. Sept. IS. (UPI— Portal, near here today, soon after ! In Kalispell. Kilowatl returned to i-resiaent Hoovers action in point- 'taking oft on a riiehi to New York this reservation and announced him- the increase during August. T he young flyr-r crashed Into the "ir the tribe's mo-sl distinguished trade was a' Spec McGregor and Archie Har-. ry. held by police as suspects in the fire which destroyed the stock and equipment ol George Wright's cafe, owned and operated by H. P. Marshall, Monday night were ordered released by Neill Reed, deputy prosecutor, today. The two young men had been held since the morning artcr ihe fire but their release was indicated yesterday when officers admitted the investigation of the blaze hart reached a standstill. No formal charges were placed against McGregor or Harry. LITT1,E ROCK. Sept. 18 CUP>- Whethcr a reward will be offered by the slate highway department lity of persons who dynamited the The following table represents I '.,.', the percentage distribution of th' i 1 Th " ".„,;„„ ! Mexico City Observatory : Seeks More Secluded S P° I the president did no; mention under those ol August, Bynis also diatged in a statement Issued through the Democratic national committee that Mr. Hoover lolled to mention the sericulture department's August report hil1 ln »•" inside the city limil. ID of section just to the woLl- Miss Alexander took olf in a low wing monoplane and headed into heavy fog. She was believ?d to 'have lost her bearings. Nearby ,lesidenis heard the crash of Ihe ', liny plane and telephoned Held of! ficials. .- Police were called and the girl's resident. aiu- various costs of total exoenditur"-; was asked after it for niythevllle r«-.mtf as compared bv Me- 18.0' 6.0446° General Control F-'iwrlntcndciK's Salary .. 3.Mn.oi Clerk's Salary 7!M/!= ''ookkreper's ' Salary r csi of school census .... 554.4S PrenariuR lax lists mn.iyi Office Supplies. Printing, etc 199.4^ Diplomas 85.<5i co:iiui»n«>metit speaker ,. Adverllsing 30.0r Si RSI ft* Olhnr items were f!17.4S '•"• niaint'Miancc and repairs. S2.: ! was learned tho governor could of- 1 f3r a. reward of o:ily S500. N'o nr- j re.sls have been made in coiuiec- > ti'ii with the blasting. The commissicn and the Kansas ' City Bridge company, builders or the bridp?. have not yei compromised as to which shall bear the responsibility of the loss. MEXICO CITY. (UPl—Tl-.e mct- c^rological bureau is seeking a new Hold Services fir Newport Wreck Victim m '" "'" ' iaii °" Oaucrhv in "The Fiscal Administration of City Schoal? 11 : B'vlllc 353 cities Oenoral Control .. 55 r - s.ic Instruction ...... n?8 f : 52 i'; Oncratlon 5.7 r ; 8.4^ Mninlniance. Fixed Charges, etc 4'.^ 5.S^ Carital Outlay ... 0.5" 14f: Debt Servic" 21.S^ 6.(K, It is eafilv seen from Ihcs* fi<>- nrcs that the ereat burden on Ihe Blylhevillc budsel h th? deb: r."rv- lee. From a perr"iifn"e standiwlni '. The state drouth relief committee (he cost of instTction is abnui announced today it would work with whot sveraoes indictite ii s^nnlith" county commitle.5s to aid in ob- yet :ii^ flwros ror teachers' sala tainlnr; text books lor (he chiidren (roiillnnefl nn r.isc Four) unable t-c purclinse them. NEWPORT. Ark.. Sept. 18 (UP)— I if E 1 ' r* L Funeral service-, will be held here Ae V rrom fiSh r'carihquake""aiid Joda V 'or Jnnvs H Hnl - 3 5- Demo- : P e ]j f O f SflinwrPfk .vily laden truck, i crartt ncmlnce for representative,; oin^wreLK location for its observatory—one where it will be. easier to distill ;gu!sh teiween an passing of a hea 1 . u ^ ...« tt , m^^. - The observaiory at present is sit-! who <"«* yesterday from Injuries: N FWmtnvpnnT \i--< rimi uatcd in Tacubaya. Mexico City ' received in an automobile accident. I w «liam F >™"il 1m what is believed relic -t •'•? fomoiis . where increasingly heavy . tv>«co«nn ~ traffic is causing the seismograph Two Killed Near Gurdon ! SnTy «l"tln ; iieeciie jumps orr u s .nsltive iracs. tl.e in Automobile Collision , Relief Committee Plans '•J C C«U« I ru:U^> n .scientists in axlendance are never GURDON. Ark HICf tor acnOOl Lnilflren 'rertaln wither a serious disturb- One person was k ^ . ,o T,n ance Ol naUlrc has occurred or injured when an auf-mobile collld- LITTLE ROCK. Sep.. 18 (UP)- u-helher Iwo laxi drivers have had:ed with a truck near here last .1 collision al the next c-rner. It, night. Is understood the observatory will Louis Davis, driver of Ihe auto- be moved furthev inlo tin 1 suburbs mobile, was killM and t:ls two comas soon as arrangements ran beipanions. Lawrence Cox and Ernes! m< ' l[> .Schce. were injured. e ship sank with all on board ; In a terrific blizzard off the Mas R?pt. 18 (UP)— 'chusetts coast on November 26. •as killed and two were ', 1898. A total of 157 persons perish ed Farrell has a big brass key bear Ing (he wrd "Poitland" and Uit! figures "128." Tt was round in tho sicmach of s co^Rsh caught otr the Massachiifptis coas; only a rew dny.< afl;r the steamer lo'.mrlercil. Bud's Gumshoes Aid lo Sleep in Nation's Capital Travelers Refused New Kavanaugh Field Lease I LITTLE ROCK. Sept. 18 <UP>! The Little Rock. Travelers were ; without a home today, j Renewal ot a lease of Kavanaiigh ! field here has been refused by the ' Little Rock school board and the field will be used solely for school athletics. R. G. Allen, owner of the Travel-. ers. said he had no definite plans.. : . for the future Official U. S. Recognition Given President Uriburu WASHINGTON. Sept. 18 (UP)— 'cund! An ideal milk wagon horse. N'o longer will the residents of cer- ain streets in Washington be rtis- :url?d at early hours or the morning by clatter of hoofs and loud , shouts of "whoa" and "giddap." I •Bud," a diligent worker for one I of the Capital City's milk compi- : nies. has carefully considered the i BUENOS AIRES, Sept. 18. (UP) feelings of a peaceful sleeper and —Robert Woods Bliss, American has allowed his master to teach ambassador, visited .the foreign of- hlm the latest methods o keeping nee today and presented a note quiet. With rubber shcos on his feet, •Bud" comes into the residential section without detection. When [ Ihe time comes for his driver to! deliver ih? milk. "Bud" is halted! with merely a "shush'' Instead ol the usual "whoa." When his master is down the street there Is no need for a loud "giddap" to bring "Bud" along. A way.; of the hand •-tarts the rubber—soled feet into motion unaware of the visit of the milk wagcn until they find their milk In its usual place. recognizing the provisional government of President Jose Uriburu. WEATHER ARKANSAS-Falr tonight; Friday fair and warmer. The minimum early today was 61 degrees, one degree higher than at any time during the recent cool period, Yesterday's maximum was 65 degrees, according to the official weather observer. Francis Carpenter.

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