The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 3
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JANUARY 8, 1031 P.l.YTTlCTIM.R. (ARK.) COUuiKIt NKWR New Motors Make Bow at National Show BMIi! IS 1931 I (Continued frc:« \w 10000.050 tojp cro;> lliat woul- suit ivoulcl bilny more mr-i?v a noriinl tarl-cn or filteen lio:i bale- trou. . IUs :tsr JIK- |j:-cf!'ai;!<! :: sion of arrrriCf 1 ulo:i-.- iluvsi 1 Hi- said; vim drll-.x-r btnin or uhrr vr-;-" to C.-,IIII::IE f.iclcr'-; ran di:ce t'.iein to i;'.i; t)y i i- would r.'. 1 i:an?i[l-j: ?b]j :ird in grnwins trulls or vj^-t fir .'.hipii'Mt to c-i'y nr.'vki! 1 ! yor. .' MK^ M'-lion rt-c!:ir?d th; ; Sardl-.'ss rii .{he 10;i piRvSt-.- t(-:ton or o'.r.2r ca^h u-u;.:: famior v,-ho iollowfi! Ihc 1 [•>:!•. 101 vice m'OJmr. ?!ioiil!ons pirduc-Mo.l rirti i-un:l!l-.^ ol lables and irocit world n to HO h.:n3ry. Oardsns. i>! j. uiciui plenty to c.U. she said, j iiiG that the canning program! t? started curly In the sprin;; to i avoid Ilie effects of dio'iih such' as lhat expoiiur.ced las'. year. She , also reconnr. .tt-.kd canning libeiiil supplies of meat. Mr. Bern txprf^.scd hmvc-ll frill r-.irocirtnt with othor ^licak- i crs as to the 1931 cotton price ' outlook, but <aid lhat he believe:! i then.' \vo;ild Lie an upward turn in j business conditions before lon^, I and that 1932 ousrht to te a profit- j nt!? yinr fur t:;e fanner iu a po- ; r'Mon to take advantage of it. He therefore urged that besides; pro- U:M:I; V .ati'iili? food and fred supplies thin year Mississippi comity tnrrncrs do cvc.-ythin; pos=ih:i> In nut their places in sooj co:iditicr. for 1932. Specifically he r;cam- nitnded growing of uo;i. r , to build fertility, chanins c.ut of u'itchts. rojiflir of bui'din^r, and cqnipnuMU. Mr. McKell, • be.sMcs reiteratin;-: the neccsbity of adopting the live at home pro;r.:n| in virw of ill?! impossibility of p!ci:i:-.j any cash: crop thai assures a profit lids, year, explained how the drouth relief measure, nc-.v before co:i-. gress, wili operate if f.nally passrd; In approximately i'.ii pn-senl 10:1::. An office to servo the mid-?oiuli will be established at Memphis! v,hich will pars on all applications • for Scans. Decirion v.ill b; bas=a : on inforniation fnrnished by the j ft}:p]li*nnts and in reports by to- cal committees, f.oans will be made ""'••; to farmers adopting » crop^!^/,-: system approved by the agricultural extension iervice. Loans wlli be at 5 per cent Interest, secured by first mortgage on crops, jt v.-i!l be anticipated lint all loans . w-ilt he repaid from the- sal:- of co'.- i ton. Farmers will not l)s compelled to sell hay loans. The measure, as il now pri Former Local Mil! Head [ Transferred to Chicago Fred Yv. Solmlz. fonnrrly man- ngcr of the lllythevllle branch m! the,Chicago Mm m u | Uunbcr cm-; porntlon nru| for Mwrnl yp-.ird in-ir.' iiger uJ tin- He,eim biunch. has interred to flic suln do-1 lives In llayil, Mo. n frucliiii'd i'c.ll:,<h'ii tibli' Internal Injiirlr? <am. lie sustained n> nud |irob- In the at-cl- Georgia Bank Closes _ .._ ____t" RKh mysterious plpe-lrco, or posstuly: holiday srcison. Armed :i:nic Hiilinn biinr thitl nnlnr; had nalros, commissioned as deputy lino the iicluiil sliniie ol aherills, have been posted In Cio three bunks ot the U>»n. J. N. Martin, cli: Innan o! the bankers committee which sponsored the ar- ur-C/iTUIi. CiA. .ii.ii. 8 tif t!) 11 Ilu'iunr roini-.iny i!u.- -d (lie \)I' -- nud Instl- 'i- r\iimlnnllon disclosed, how- that n:: rid pipe had been l in ilio hpnii of :i tree, and i;0 ilnv.s liacl Krown nioiiiKl Mrs Svhutz. corporation'.! bteu iissoi-iatpd with this business (or a imntbir o[ yours. William Donney. curator of Die siutr hl.stcirical society, tlctlared iliui the pl|» had probably been I'liui'd In u hole In a tlr tn,; nearly li*t) yi'.us :n',o by some trapper or W)10 | S one ot presld.Mil;,. hns- rangement, said steps would be taken to organize a. p<rin»nei:l vigilante commlHe* here. 666 Trar Grows Around ' Old Pipe in Trunk Ttke Osceola Accident ij.. c i • i™" Victim to M. LOUIS'tliruw in his stov 'I !.":U'I'OS. MO. vUl'l — In 'Iti-nton, Mo., me takliiR no chnncei of holdup.-! during tin- ir ABOVE—Opening of the Aulo- nic,l. : l.- Shu'y (it Grand Central Palate. New York, this yenr, revealed a ccnorul agreement on dr'lilr.3. r.tiappy lines mid attractive color combinations. TJIO photo slious n rjcneral view ol the IIC-K cars ' on display. CDNTliR — perhaps most 1111- i:-i\.l tji all thi- new 1031 automobile:; mi difipltiy 'at the New York Ai::o Slio« at Grand Cciurnl Palace is this front drive Cord rond ster, a combination not only of uilra-snaypy Unas but of quite ccnlrtistlng colors, cream and henna. The torpedo-like fenders mid irnr Rive the cr\r a fnrlher appearance ol speed and snap. BELCW — The new baby ot If31. the M-.uhis, was introduced lo Atsicilcan motorists at the New Vorl: Auto Show nt Grand Central Palace, its wheelbase Is % inches. it \ar, & 32 horsepower engine and is lo BO 35 miles on a gallon of luel a: 35 inik's an hour. Price ol thr- CCUBC will b?i J445 at Lnns- lii-.', Mich. .- C. Hicveiib. Kl. of St. trills.! Mo,, who :>uM;ili:,?(| seveic Injuries 1 when the truck in which ho was. lidiiiu cashed Into 11 concielir cul- vc-rl railmij on Highway til iienr! Ofceola. Tiiculuy nH;ht, wns removed to a SI. Louis hospital last flight. Slevcm wns brcusM lo in? Hly- thevllle hospital here Immediately after thr accident, which occurred according to re|x>rls. when a front tire on tin- truck blew out. causing llic driver to lost- control o[ the niaehlne. Steven's son., who was driving the truck tint! u co:npanlon, Robert Mies, weic unlnjuu-d Slov«nii had bi-en visiting rc-la- iVMni A.R. Rul- !cce of wood (11 he IhoURhl for « moiiu'tit lhai hp hud discovered a n Like this Safe Prescription'] Ii a doctor's Prciciiptlon {or [Colds and Headaches Hanks [IT IK THE MOST SPEED* KEMEDY KNOWN, «66 ALSO IN TABLETS. AL tHelpYc Ki 'our Kidneys r-,-.- nations Keep Pledge M^ile Thirty Years Ago Standards Mainlai tied by Sadbury School Scouts ! "S«^ ort 'o : ™c h r%Terett yJ 0£ J J i culture and founder of Arbc Scoutins. the aim of most Ameri-' other games usually conclude the can boy. is typically paurayed in '. meetings. activities of -^ilie Sndbury s'.-hiji For Ihc trip^ this group went las: scout troop 31 of which the prhi?!-jycar'to Camp Prierson, near Jon-33- A. S'nbbs. is SCDIU boro, for a \veek-end and hler a visit was made to Blcrigcr. and Capa Giiardeau, Mo.. \vh?re the;- cesnpcd out for two nights. For the projects this sch.wl vcar an auto trailer was aES?mbleci ta i Cfiarlcs master. The 15 mcmfcers, selected ; many times that number who com to pay their! 'end school there, don't tolerate • smoking, lying, cr.eatin^, stealing stands, i ai: d other boyish vices which nn- ! NEBRASKA CITY. NEB., Jan. 8 (UP)—A wilted bouquet, of red tcuiiali&tir. en Carl Morton's (jrave tore evidence today llmt Flank :Mc:s;. «2. has kept his pledge I t!'.:cii3hout the years. More ;hr,n 30 years ago Morse . Sterling if njri- bor Day. Mcrfe admired a red carnation Morton uas wearing. "When you d:c," said Morton, " T II pi:i R red carnntion on your ^iave each anniversary of your" "And if you die first,-I'll do ..the s .i,jne for you." Morse said. ton died a short tin]? later. ,,> ,.....„„,. „ „ ..„., „ .,., - , 1» used for making short trips K\$\ I'ide.? only for loanr. to finance idennine cliaracttr and health. They j camplnst pbccs. The parts were Jo- a I. seed and fertilizer. An cllort' are -hard-working, hard-playms, i nated by parents and friends ar.d I ether by the boys The troop is spcnsDrcd by the' Sudbury tton. IE new underway, however, to nuk; wide-awake, clean-living younsstsrs'ths trailer put t< I provision for food loans also, and 'who want to get the most out cf life. Mr. McKell expressed hope time in • Their activities include gymnas- its final form the measure will j tic games, trips to interesting pinc- Parent-Teacher associa- include this provision. tiundy Ridge News es and project work which takes in I j one or more diligent tasks. Their • newest hope is to erect a cibin !-j i scmewhere near thi? city where j they may spend the weekends. Much cf tile success of I!:P ::"0ii is because o*f tire troop committee. 1 R. F., shaiiman. Jam?.- !.. ! modern vaporizing tf—Just nat on OVER^t? MILLION JARS USED YEABLT ! Mr. and Mrs. Wonlie Bevili a:ii family Kiwnl last week in Ruievill:. Miss. Several younj pecp'.e cnjn\v: | Guard. Frank C. Douglas and By-i |..-i^' parlies given at the Whittle o:id , rcn Mor;e. When th: scouts neea | 1930 Eubanks home last Wednesday cv=- ; something badly they ask the com- j sciirr Youth Admitted ] to Navy Aviation School rung. Mrs. Ralph Everhart's parems nrc moving from Tennessee into this community. Etoyie Whittle was tho guest of Mrs. John Brock last Satiirdny nipht. Miss Vchua Vining was the gn^t of Miss Nash Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Jeis Smith an£ family and Mr. and Mr?. Clavt™ Tenter were the gneits of M ' mittec. lhat is nil that, is necessary. Many of their enjoyable trips r.nd recreations have been made possible through these citizens. . Members of the troop arc: U G. Thompson jr.. 1st class, senio;- patrol leader; James L. Guard j: 1 .. Is; • class, scribe: class, leader of : row . ! lender: nick Burns. 2nd cla;>: Maslin DeWitt Rcd^pis, son of is. Laura Dodgers of Osceola,. nlistcd in the navy Aucust 1, i has been admitted to tho' of aviation' at Hampton I Reads. Va.. after completing his YmintT usual period of training. j He has teen at the Virn'nia sta- ; tion aft.T havini; piswd the exam-! illation at Blyth?ville and Little i Rock. ! SI. I.ouis Man Ka^er Tn T.=ll What New And Different Medicine Did For Him. nes LI. (.iuara jr.. is, • Norman Speck Is: : Lutheran Pastor Will firrt patrol: 'Xcr.i- ; 1st cla-:=. nsstsisn! | biVK .Lecture Friday The Rev. H. J. Kbindienst. p? .tor of the Pilsrim Lulhc,-an churc i ' trol; D,™ Kamner, 2nd das-,, as-1 W JH E i vc a lecture on "Th3 P rs n slstant leader; i^noy Bro-*u. ten- , snd W ork of Christ" at his horn? derfoot; Joe Burns, tcndertot: i 1130 West Ash street. Friday- Mrs. T. \V. Whiltie w'jnaa;- eve- , S^.ceby, 2i-.d c:ass: iltrnif-.n 1u:r.- : Era Vining was thfc guest of Miss -Mary Evans of Ncv,- Libav'.y Sunday". Jack Alexander and Henry Sim;j-I Ralph Willingham, Ut chits, lead-1 n i r ,g beginning at 7:30 "Vlc:-k son ot San Pedro. Cal.. and Clr-nlor of third patrol; C. M. Bixtp, 1 , i ^11 are cordially invite':! to t'K Alexander of Carnthcrsville. Mo., j 2nd class, assistant leader; Jasne? weekly meetings "being I'.c^d f- Vs-ere guests in the Whittle ho::;? | Roberts, 1st class; Al(rc;l Arian, 2.->..:' Sunday afternoon. Norman Pritchard and Fran': May of New Liberty were visitors nt Sandy Ridge Sunday evening. Phileon Eubanks and Mr. Ho!- ccmb were guests of William Vining last Sunday.' Midwait Notes James Gibson. Leonard Hill and Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Soxton visited Mr. and Mrs. John Ford Clark and family of Coles Ridge Sunday. Clay Chrirco of Coles Ridge is dangerously ill of pneumonia. class, John Howard Wliite. ten:l:r foot. The re^-.iircniEnls !cr entrance are numci-cus. Alter the ot!i;~ scouts have pas^etl a ^naiiimj'.is vote for him he must Iiav2 the consent of his parents that they want him lo be a sccat. that trey «-.,. buy him a full uniform, will i;a., his registration fee, will bick the and will aid the son in bsin-.; e i goo^ .scout. In the tcndcrfcot '.raining th.-: •v leains kno-.vkdee cf the lias. I the scosit oath, salute, law and hov: v.'eekly meetings i wo mol ,;i, s Ended Without Cnftin? or Salves Thousands of Pile sutlcrers havei leanied that quick and permanent, relief can only b: ai'coinplishcd with an internal medicine. Neither salves or cutting remove the cause. Barl circulation of the blood in MR. ELMER KOCH "Mv entire system wts In a bad ly rnn-dov.n and weakened cond ticn and I was losing weight", sal Mr. Elmer Koch, 3437 St. Vlncen veins are flnbliy. Ihc bowel walls [weak—the parts almost dead. To end riles sn internal medicine rrtitc and I suffered pains after each meal. Mr nnd Mrs. Walter Drnt^n r.f' to tic " m e "ssful l:n=tf. At Luxora visited Mr. and Mrs. E. M.i ousulrf5 rn-et'nss test? are passed, McDonald Friday. Miss Winnine V. Turner visiteci I reports given, preparations m.ido 'for securing merit badges or oth^r activities for advancing the knswl- I ball. tag. volley ball, Blaylock were guests of Miss Mar;>j Baker Sunday nflcrnocn. M:s. J. R. Blaylock was the guest of Mis. S. M. McDDiuln \Vcdiies- the Burdette school Monday. Miss Sarah P.irkinson of nuv- deltc was i Blytheville visitor Saturday. L. H. Cannaday. Ous McGotijh- an. Boss and Teho Wooldrid^c ar.d T. J. Kill and family were visitors in Blytheville Saturday. Ike Cannaday and Thco Wonl- i day. dridge attended the dance at Kan- j i.'u'oort Cole dy Ridge Saturday nig;U. • Mii^e'l to busine: O. Randolph and A. J. Hill were i Friday. ness viators in Blytheville, L. A. Maxwell :rt.iy. [Osceola Monday. ^iie Misses Orene and Roven:| Reed Craxvloy was a Colo. Very May Sexton and Ruby ! Burdette Monday. I the lower bowel c.i.ists piles. The a\;nt:e. St. Louis. "Stomach dU orders caused me to lose my ap Indlgestlo I was ne must be used to stimulate the voits and terribly Irritable, circulation ar.d strengthep the ft/- " M >' mother kept suggesting t fcdcd parts. , m " tliat : IK ^ Konjola as It ha Dr. J. S. Lconhnrdt was the; done her so much good. Fh to discover a real internal pile! bottles of this medicine ended m edge of scouting. Uaskcitall. base- remedy. He called his prescription! cilments. I am gaining weigh •3-<ln-> and jHEM-ROID. and prescribed it for'and I feel better .In every respec -— -lilCOO patients with the marvelous'I have n good appetite and I am truly grateful for this won derfnl medicine." Tt's logical to believe that and ,\. J. Hill at- in Biy'.hevllle was a visitor ir iccord of success in 960 cases, and I nerves have become calm. Konjo' then decided every Pile sufferer has made a new man of me an should be able to get HKM-SOID from their own dnt?crist with a rigid money-back guarantee. Dr. Lcon'iaidfs prescription has! Konjola has done tor others a wonderful record cf success risht' will do for you—for every one. Tr In this city and Kirby Drug Co. Konjola today. Invites every Pile sufferer to try | Konjola Is sold in Blythcvlll HEM-RO1D and guarantees to] Arknrms at Klrby-Drug Stores, ar (refund the purchase price i[ It] by all l!i» best druggists in a visitor i<: jdccs not end all Pile misery. —Adv. l l . lov, tv> 1! tion. Deal Promptly With Kidney Irrcguloritira. When bladder irritations, getting up at night and constant backache kccpyou miserable, don't take chances! Kelp your kidneys at the first sign of disorder. Use Uonn'j Piflj. Successful for more than 50 years. Endorsed by hundreds of thousands of grateful users. L Sold by dealers everywhere. DoeaVs s and Sore Thr<ia< Ho- Jii'vod Almiist Insliintly Stop children's roughs mid 'son> throats befoie Uu'se ailments lead lo dnnsilou'; llliu'ss. U;'e,'I'hnxlnc, a doctor's fnmaix pn-;rrl|itlon whlc'.i brings relict nilhm ir> nVnutC'f, yet contulns no haiml'ii! Thoxlne winks on a dlllerenl principle, it 1ms a Quick, double , action—it- relieve;] (he irritation and I noes direct to the internal «iuse. j Ideal lor all children because It Is I pleasant Insthv.; mul cnsy' to take- not a Earyle. Ask (or Tlmxlne, put tip ready for use tn 35c. GOc, and 51.00 bottles. 11 you are not. sntU-, fled your moivjy villl be refunded. Sold by Khby-Dell Drun Co.. mid Kiiby Drug Co.. antl nil other Roo'tl dfuy stores. —Adv. r» $5*75 $6.25 $7.50 $9.75 Kentucky Small K Kentucky Lump iuuplre M«m (nviillo Genuine 12.00 BIiCWNE & BILLINGS Phone 76 New Blytheville Feed & Coal Co. Phone 196 FORD BATTERY ONLY Conspirators! With allowance for yo«r old battery A genuine 13-pIak', 6- volt, 80 - aiti[K;re - liour Ford battery! A remarkable value. Made of best materials; fine workmanship; rigidly tested :ind fully guaranteed. Drive in and let us install one in your car. We'll give you an allowance oil votir old battery. 777 Tire & Battery Station And PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phones 777-810-811 rce young people with their heads to- er, pluniiing to give the old home town the surprise of its life. "What this town needs," said Ginger, "is a place where its youth can get away by itself—away from its fathers-and mothers and -nieces and nephews and family dogs and bishops—and do its flaming without benefit of clergy. Nothing puts a wet blanket on the incandescent like a family reunion in public.": And Ginger provided it. For details read "For Ginger's Sake," the lively new serial by Ethel Hueston. A (•banning love story. Thrills galore. And a lot of fun in the bargain. It anuary 14th In IhiGusnout, this entire stc- —Adv.' COURIER NEWS

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