The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 27, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 27, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XXXIII—NO. BlytheMlU Courier BlytbevUlo llsrtld TH« DOMINANT NEWSPAPER Of NQRTH1AOT ARKANBAB AND BOUTHEA3V MI8SOtmi BlytbeiUlg N(*» Lt»d«r ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, JUNM 27, 1930 SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS WILL HEAR ROOSEVELT, GARNER Biggest in This Section, Pool Meets Strictest Health Requirements • The big swimming pool at Bly. tli(:vi!le's new municipal park will bj opened for use at 8 o'clock next Tuesday night, it was an- mnmted today by Fred Saliba, lessee, following a conference will) U S. Branson, crchitect, and oilier* in charge "of construction activities at the park. For the first few clays the pool will be closed during thc mornings lo give opportunity for the 'finishing of some minor work, as yel uncompleted. After that It will b« open from S a. m. to 9 p. m. dally. Either Cnmcy Laslie, manager, or J. A. Puekett,. assistant manager, will be in personal enrage at all times. Boys and girls 1C years old or younger will L-c admitted lo the l»ol free of charge on Tuesday and Saturday mornings, Mr. Saliba announced. At all other times Hie fee will be 10 cenis for children of 12 years or less and 25 cents for all over 12 years. ' Mn-ts Highest Health Standards The pool is one of the Mrs. Zionchech Must Defend Assault Charge Rooswell Demonstration Sets Record WASHINGTON, .June 27 (UPi — Eislrlcl cf Columbia, aiilhorlilK, de-tided lottay lo press -assault 'harjes f.-ialnst Mrs. Uubye Mix /.!< ncheck, wife of Hep. Marlon A. iStlr-Me-Up-a-Zlpue-r) Zioncheck. Charges of assault against both Zioncheck nnd his wife were preferred by their landlady, Mrs. Sciijijnln Scott Young. Zloiv -Moves SliOS and TrOOBS check avoided the chaises when - M iiuupo he was transferred to a saullar- !".T in Mnrvland. outside Jurisdiction of District of Columbia MUhoritts-s. Mrs. Young asked today thai the charges against Mrs: Zion clicck be pressi'd anywity mid Disl. Atty. Leslie Gi-.rnett replied that nn Immediate attempt made lo serve the war- LfflflCTl Renews Protests at Geneva Against Italy's Ethiopian Conquest GENEVA, June 27 (UP)—Nlcar- a»i;.i resigned, from me LM,,; » of Nations today and Emperor Halle Selassie, still fighting lo regain his lost throne, demanded ,— .„ — „. illt . ,... & ^^ that its members fulfill their ob- In the entire state and Is one .of j Ugations under the covenant and Ilio most modern, as far as health -"*-•- l -'- ' •-• , protecting facilities and equipment are concerned, in the entire country, according to U. S. Branson, architect, who designed it.. > The pool is 'equipped to meet all United. States•'•, public health service and state -health board : requirements. It .is -intimated'that, 13.COO bothers caii be accommo- • dated in'C;the pool over "a 10-hour ni-nocl,. on ,{hc basis v of .an -hour's rratcre his Imperial _._ The negus' renewal of vigor- cus pretests p.->aliist Italy's conquest oli Ethiopia ar.U Nicaragua's sudden action frustrated I-;a»i-e efforts to tury the Italo- Ethiopian conflict and devote its attention to pressing European problems. Wants American League MANAGUA, Nicaragua.. June 27 lo Crush Ant i-jap Re- Cantonese bellion ol liCNGKCNCi. June 21 (UP) — Generalissimo Chiang Kal-sek.' dictator of the Nanking central. <.;cvcriimenl. today ordered two) smndrons of warships to proceed to Kwangtunoi province, ccnier of Ihe rebellious sonthweslern movement aiislng from Nanking's, failure lo resist Japan by force. General Chlane plnccd Admiral' Chnnk ciiuk In ccmmnnd of thc ( fleet, which It is nnderslooc! will i Include cruisers, destroyers and' .-(jilt ijcnboats. 1 At least 30C.OOO crack Nankin? 'j oops were co",-°Hrr> l .'"i ]»>-•• tlie bordere;'''of Kwnnglung nnd Kwangsi, auionomous Kuutiic... provinces under the Canton government, which is threatening -Independent nctlcti against Japan in Nnrih China. Tlic Kwanjtung-Kwangsi army was on the march to meet, tivj threatened Invasion of its territory by Chiang's forces. Several skliir&hes have been nspo'rted. Nanking troops reportedly have entered Kwan^tung province, sweeping across the border from Fukicn. Advance units" 'of the Kwangsl nrmy penetrated Hunan province as far as Ilongchow. Hurricane Threatens Gulf^Coast CORPtfS oimiHTI. Tex., Juno27 (UP)—Thi) jjovcrnmcnl wcathei bureau voporled th'nl « tropical (llslurbaiice which formed without t waiuhig In Ihe Cmlf of Mexico and I'luiule Its first appoarnuci! a short d!slim«> off Ihe Texas const »t mld- of Corpus chrisll this afternoon. Bxncl posllion of the storm was unknown. . Port'Aransiis, a lown on fiiisliuig ] Island. 30 miles from the- main Texas coast,, was .struck by the storm shortly before noon (oday. The wind was estimated nt OC to 10 miles an hour and "getting slronscr'' v/.ieii telephone commiin. Icatlon was InterrunU'd. The hur- Hc,ane Is expected to reach the mainland east of Corpus Chrisll In a few hours. Tlu> wind here was 55 miles an hour. -Trees were uprooted In Corpus clirlstl and a low • telephone wires were down. Citizens were warned to stny oli the. north bench. Cantciiesc ^ CHANGSHA, Hunan Province, China, June 27 (UP)—Two divisions of Kwaugsi province troops, campaigning lo. overthrow , Gen. Part, of the huge throng of paraders who singed 11 demonstration lasting 'a,v hour and nine minutes selling a record for all political corlvcntions. Is .shown here as they marched through the vast Phil.idei-' na Mmiicipa Auditorium after th f name of Franklin D. Roosevelt; was thundered forth by I, so - naloi, Judge John E. Mack.\, K rt .,.v— ............. , ,..-... * nujm hall, they swung back at: <T .• .. . ...... „., Anastasio -Soihoza'l province. Chiang Kai-shek and unify China for war with Japan, advanced! today to Tuyon, 10a miles cast], of Kwclyang, capital of Kw'elchow . "and' cheei, rocking th mammoth .forth thrown the nls .e s in an unrestrained burst of enthusiasm lh,,l ended °nly >thcn all the paraders were, utterly weary ' use-- of- -Ihcv/pobr b;?' c'acli^persdn,-!- 11 — PPI^ 'guard commander' and I Kwelchow; a 1 proviiicevsemi-j'ri- nnd^ still .meet-isanitary require-1 jj-^jj" "f thc r^nt rebellion' which dependent' of both;"the ''Nanking central government 'and theSsoiilh- nients. For ; actual swimming- ori force<l tlle resignation'of President bathing room it is estimated that ,."?. n Sncasa , 'oday jjrpposed estab- »•- pool caii accommodate about Ilsh ment of ail.'American"•" persons at one time. I nations." '-,", ',. UOO 'league of The pool is ICO feet wide and 2001 Commenting -'on ' Nicaragua's feet long, of ovnl construction. Its witlldr awal from Geneva yesterday depth ranges from 2 feet around! So1mo zn -said: . (he edge to 10 feet in the center.'.. " w ° believe the League of Na- Hooni for fiOO Balhers .. . - ------ . o a- Irons Is of no use or benefit to Nic- The pool is between 10 and 111 °™S lla - We w-anl to have nothing - ... uiui 11] i - — . ""v" ^ iJ^yt: nuL[img times as big as (he old Chicago) do with Europs. I nm in fnvor and Is; °' "'"Wishing some sort of league Mill swimming pool here and Is Enid to lie exceeded in size by only one pool in the state. It is larger than Clcarpool at Memphis, the Helena and Forrest City pools, and all other pools in Ihis section. The deep water area In the middle of the pool Is 30 feet wide and CO feet long. At either end of this nrea is a concrete island, each about 10 feet wide nnd 30 feet long, on which will be mounted the diving boards. On each Island is a reinforced concrete diving tower, built for the standard high (living height. The one meter or low diving boards will be mounted on the Islands at each fide of the high dives. At each corner of the islands will be a ladder for easy access and two life guard stn- for Americans or, in otYier words an America for Americans." 200 Depositors Fail To Call For Dividend Checks About 200 'of the 800 final dividend checks for Fjrsl National Bank depositors will be mailed to Washington, D. C. after today, R. L. Bradley, federal receiver, who closes out his trust of the defunct institution here, said this afternoon. The 200 depositors who failed .to call at the receiver's office In the First National bank building for their checks must write to the - --- „ —- comptroller of currency at Wash- lions arc located on each island, ington to secure their checks att- Entirely around the pool is a|er today. ••'--'-• " The final dividend was an Interest dividend in the amount of 10.25 per cent, following 'payment of 100 cents on the dollar in earlier dividends. -.- foot wide side walk or pool deck. The pool is completely enclosed with a six foot high chain link fence which has a turnstile Bate allowing exit to the wading liool area. Entrance to the pool Is through the bath hous? only. Thc water supply for the pool Is obtained from n 1,434 foot artesian welt which flows more than —- , --...- *... VU i ,— ICO gallons per minute and which I Tlle stock market sagged with Am- cnn pump, with the available crica n Telephone In early dealings equipment, more than 400 gallons' (0{ ' a } 1 *>"' rallied vvlien steel shares Icr Sterilized aim Filtered , most important feature of \ equipment of the pool is tlle means west ccr.ucil of Canton, ha's been invaded by ' Chiang" RrfUsliek's trcop-s. "' -,-.<, Thousands Cheev Fascist Leader and Clash With Police Troops PARIS, June 27. ,UPJ— Two thousand Nationalist demonstrators cheering Col. Robert de la Rocque, Fascist leader, clashed with police tonight on the C'iiamps Elysees. De la Rocque announced formation of a French socialist party to replace bis fascist Cross of Fire organization recently outlawed by the government. The nationalist demonstration followed de la Hocquc's ment. The nationalis City Officials toi 'Work wilh Cqu-nty Sanitary Official '.I The city board of health at a meeting yesterday votoci to work in co-operatldn with the counly health unit and George Shamlhi county sanitary officer, |n an active campaign to improve Vienlth and sanitation conditions In Blythcville. Shamlin in making Inspection of cafes, drug stores, lunchsUinds and all types of food handling stores will make Investigation^ for possible violations of cily ordinances ns well as state health- regulations and will report his findings to city officials who will bs charged with enforcement of the city's ordinances covering sanitation. A recent survey by a federal bureau employe revealed a large number of hogs and cows were being kept. within the city limits in tle flags and shouted "dc la ROD- que to power!" The marc'h down Champs Elysees followed a ceremony at Ihe tomb of the' unkonwn soldier. Police charged (lie marchers broke up the procession and drove tu_ j_ ...... ,.. . -, demonstration V B "- V HV,«HH.H inn my imms m lie's announce- "olalioa of a city ordinance pro- sts carried bat- lllbltln g the keeping of such anl- d "dc la Roc- mals within the city. irculaling system. By Jhis system the water Is remov- -. from Ihe pool, treated with ScfJinlcaLs, chlorinated, filtered and Vnt back in the pool sparkling clear and pure at the rate of 42,CCO gallons per hour. The well's capacity Is 24,000 gallons per hour. The lotal pure water that can ba delivered to the pool In n 24-hour period Is 1,584,000 gallons. .The pool holds almost 500,000 gallons. The water can be changed three times in 24 hours. In controlling and purifying the water supply the precautions taken to Insure against Infection of these who enjoy the pool are shown to best advantage. There are 24 inlets around tlic walls of the pool, located six inches above the floor. The water is fed into the pool through these Inlets. There arc four large outlets in ti le center of the deep area of Ihe pool, The water Is removed through these outlets by means of a huge electrically driven pump, In the pump house are located the chlorinator, the coagulate feeder and the alkalinity feeder. There also is the hair and llilt (Continued, on page three) ' oj . ,-, crow; up inc procession and drove j lOSlllg MOC/C I rices I lhc demonstrators tilwh side streets. Commission Authorizes Reduction in Bus Fare LITTLE ROCK, Ark.—Thc Ark- turned up. Trading was dull. A. T. and T 154 3-4 Anaconda Copper 34 3-8 Beth. Steel, 52 3-8 Chrysler. .'. 109 Cities Service .... 41-2 Coca Cola 99 Gen. Am. Tank 48 1-2 Gen. Electric 38 1-4 Gen. Motors 66 7-8 Int. Hnnester 88 1-2 McKesson-Robbius ... 91-4 Montgomery Ward .. '. 44 3-8 N. Y. Central 36 7-8 Packard 10 7-8 Phlltlps Pet Radio •..-,. Simmons Beds .. Standard of N. j. Texas Co U. S. Smelting . U. s. steel Warner Bros. ... Zonite 42 1-2 11 5-8 30 1-8 60 36 81 61 1-2 10 1-4 6 , ansas Corporation yesterday authorized Commission the Mathls Bus Line to reduce passenger rates from two and a half cents to two cents per mile between Blytheville, Leachvllle. Monet te, Jonesboro, Grubbs, Newport and other points in eastern Arkansas. The new rates will become effective Wednesday. Chicago Wheat Tcrral and Ashley to Open Campaigns Today LTTTLF, RCCK. June 27 (UP)— Former governor Tom Terral and Slat* Senator John Ashley today open their campaigns for the Democratic nomination for governor. Ashley will speak at Searcy this speak open high low dose .. .... n ,. 93 i-s Mussolini s Daughter afternoon and Terral will al El Dorado tonight, July 94 1-8 94 1-2 93 1-2 ** ,-j, Sep. 94 1-2 95 1-8 93 3-4 93 3.4', Chicago Corn high low close July \J\3\ 11 a ., ,„_,, VHAJU iliCt'OIlC \\ ttVlV II IS JO LI Ugt'Oli UrttIgJI~ 66 6G 5-8 65 3-4 65 5-8' ter, Anna Maria. Is seriously ill of 64 S-8 65 3-4 64 5-8 65 meningitis . An effort is to be made. It is understood, to provide residents of the old Lumernte bayou nrea on Norl'n Fourth and' Fifth streets With an extension of n present sewer line into that section. New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 27. (UP)Cutton closed steady July ...... Jan Mar. . ..... open 1238 1167 1164 1169 high '1243 1113 1170 1169 1174 low close 1238 1239 1167 1172 1163 1172 116-1 1168 1165 1170 1159 1174 Spots closed steady at 1249, up 6 Spot Aycngc Is 12.3S The average price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton on the 10 lead- Ing-spot markets today was 12.38, according to the Blythevllic Board of Trade. Producers are entitled to no subsidy when the s|X>t av- erajc is above 12 cents a pound. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, June 27. (OP) —The cotton market was strong throughout the day's short session and prices closed with gains ranging; U> 7. points, strengl'n was attributed to better foreign markets. the .unfavorable, condition of the crop In portions of th» belt, and the scarcity of contracts. July Oct. Joe Enjoys iI-Tis Kcst Mrs. Leathie Hill, 93, Dies at Home of Son Mrs. Lenlliic Hill, 93, died at 5 o'clock Friday morning at the home of her son, Ben Hill, here. I Her death resulted from compll- _______ cations following a fall she sus- Relaxotlon time came lo Senator Joseph T. Robinson of Arknnui<: lnlncci nbout a weck "8° ft nd iirUli -.-.,,-..„ i „_. 11 __ _•__ MUiauia li-nrt f t-siuMn .Will Move Inliuui NEW .OULBAN3, June a? (UP) — A hurrlcjuie ndvlsory Issimtl by the U. S. weather bureau here nt 10:30 o'clock this ntonilne warned .of a tropical disturbance on (lie const of Texas between Corpus , Clirlsli nnd Mala aprda Hay and staled (hat the storm will rnovc Inland within : n fen- hours. ' - : • : The advisory said the storm was developing rapidly a short dlstnnce cost of Corpus Chrfstl ami that U will move inland near the losvn. President May Ask New York Governor to Reconsider His Decision WASHINGTON, June 27 <IJP)- Pcrsonnl presidential Intervention In tlic.ollcinut to persuade Clov Herbert II. Lcluunu to seek reelection In New York state was forecast lodny as President UOOTO- velt prepared to accept his party's presidential iioinlnnllon tonight Announcement tlmt Govrmor Lchnmn nnd his family would be guests cf HID President and Mrs Roosevelt on Ilic trip to New- York following the gigantic notification rally Iti Philadelphia was made while Mr, Roosevelt, secluded himself In the While House sli-rty In preparation' for his dramatic appearance before the Democratic convention. White House ntlachcs declined to uttncli particular significance to Mr. Roosevelt's meeting with Lehman but it was known the president was personally hopeful Hint the New York governor could be persuaded lo seek re-election. thereby Volslering Democratic chances In the Empire state in the forthcoming election. BEAM Convention Adjourns After Tired Delegates Re- nominale Garner HV I.Y1.K WILSON . with renomlrmtlon of Franklin D. Roosevelt completed affairs of the Democratic national convention settled ctsprne and enjoying the last half of his ci 3 ar. the senate leader of his party and permanent, chairman and olhcr 'Pctspirine ot heart trouble. „ the convention is shown here I Scrvlce !n charge of funeral ar- taktns; his ease alter a strenuous week. Irangements. Connor Will Issue Centennial Edition July ] ; Extra Copies May Be Reserved 00 N S 1 »«t Wed'- . temlrom pictures taken genera- be a Centen- 1 lions ago, will show leaders in the ? dl "°" of «i county., development and Truce Ms m *' " rogrcss from P lOTCCr "-"« »»'» Stricken With Meningitis noME, June 27. (UP)—Premier, ~^.- 118S 1164 ]159 1163 Benlto Mussolini tSday hurried to Jan. ...... 1159 116 o , 15 o 1163 Rlcconc w'iierc Ills youngest duugh- *'~ •• ' Dec. • open high 1232 1232 1164 1168. 1159 1164 low close 1232 1232 1T64 1166 1159 1163 Mar. list 1167 116_ 1167 1161 1167 . " -i -- -— -•••*-• vanuw inn- terlal about the past nnd present of Blythcville nnd county. It will contain a history o f Mississippi county, stories about thc pioneers who settled 'nc're In tlic first half of the last coMurv and about the leaders wlto hav« carried on file development of thc county since then, and n m c h descriptive matter concerning the Mississippi county ot toSay and the opportunities and advantages which Is offers. Special 8-page sections will be devoted to the Osecola and wil ^^^•^ n0 ^'. «* «!•»» 1169b industry. tohecotton I . --••-• •-«• *IUP 1101 no3u inuuat.iy, . v ' It I? llli'crfll In I Spol* closed steady at 12% up 5.1 ' Scores of illustrations, some oip-.rt',, m Auslralla todiiy. This spsclnl edition will be delivered without extra charge to all region- subscribcri. in the belief however, that many readers will waul additional copies to keep for themselves or to send to former residents or friends elsewhere, the Courier News wii: have available several hundred extra, copfes. As long as they last they will be sold at 10 cents per copy. There will he an extra charge of eight cents tor mailing. Those who wis'n to be sure of obtaining estra copies are Invited to ^^ "-l"^-™^ ! n is Illegal to tip "Pullman car Commencement Service at First Baptist Church Sunday morning at the regular worship hour at thc First Baptist churc'ii a commencement service will be held in honor of 46 Sunday school workers who have completed the first four required books of the training course. The Rsv. Alfred carpenter, pastor, will preach on thc subject "Where Do We oo Froal Here? 1 The present need of extensive training In Christian service and the future policy of the church regarding Christian education and the program for carrying out-this policy will b2 presented by the pastor In his sermon. Special music will be given by Miss Anne Tempkins and Frank Huffman. Dr. George A. Bowdler, secretary of mission work in Argentina, South America, with headquarters in Buenos Aires, will preach R missionary sermon and give some of 'nis experiences !n thc work In South America. United Press Stair Correspondent CONVENTION HALl,, Philadelphia, June 27 (UP)—The Democratic nalional convention 'nil- Joimici! sine die at 2:UO p M. today, formally presenting to tho votora Us 1938 election ' ticket— President Franklin D, Roosevelt •ind Vlco-prc-sldent John 'N dui- ner, -, • Tonight both will accept the nomination In ceremonies ichod- ulcd In vast 110.000-eapacity Franklin Field : nnd the New Deal's drive foi- another Mm year's «tewardshl|> will ,-bo officially underway. DcltRatfs Arc Tired A sparse- represcnlallon of dolc- .Jtes and spectators olfercd a tired 10-mimite deinoiislmtlon foi Onnier after his nomination , bj Clov. James Allrcd of Texnb ' Thu'eoiwcntluii then quickly nM- provcd the [lomluntlon by '.ac- ^niimlloii mul hdjoiinicd, Its onca- hi-four-ycara business , completed Uy Ihe Umc adjoiirnmenl cams hardly 60u persons, delegates spcctntors and all,' were In the hall. . Enllnislasm was low after the crashing demonstrations t li n t marked yesterday's nomination of President Roosevelt. Mans were resting • In preparation for the fliral event—Mr. Hooscvelt's acceptance, speech, scheduled at Franklin Field tonight. , The nomination, of Darner was delayed more than nn hour after Ihe convention met to allow Umc for arrival of more delegates. , rh. .the,,!ntcrhn ,the nmi pvi|iocra.t!c national •committee re- - jelvcd formal approval .and resolutions of- thanks and appreciation were adopted, • Though worn by n week's hilarity and (ilmost a solid dny uf one demonstration after imothci the delegates did . not adjourn without throwing their- caps in the air for "Cactus Jack" Darner. The lusty-lunged Texas dele- gallon led the show In honor of their native son, born, as" Allred pointed out, In "a nidi- lou cabin," and rlsinj lo be- ccmc President Roosevelt's right hand. Itaiii Thrp.itcns • Passibillty of transfer of President Roosevelt's nomination ac- ccplance ceremony from Franklin Field to the convention luill nrosu today when, the weatlier bureau forecast showers tonight. It was planned to hold the ceremony at thc open air field where n throng of 110,000 persons Is expected. In case of heavy rain, however, the proceedings arc to on held In the convention hall, which can accomodntc only a fraction of the huge crowd which W expected. Three Planes Crash On . Good Will Flight Today' ALBANY, N. Y., June 27 (DPI — Three, of more than a score of airplanes inakliij a good will niglit from New York to Montreal, crashed nlong the -route today, injuring several persons. One of the planes, carrying Phillip Droller ot Olcndalc, N. Y, and Pilot n. n. Blythe of. New York city, crashed while port airport. Both were slightly Injured. The plane was badly damaged. ^. According to reports received by state police at Ellzabethtowii, Essex county, another plane fell into Lake Champlaln nbout 100 feet off the shore from the village of Essex. ...IV ..UL.UI^. nv ,Y 1 Ul EV t^ll-Jf, . CIUSIICU Willie Funeral services were held at allcrr.pllng to land at the West- Ripley, Tcnn.. at 10 o'clock this """' "' ' """morning with thc Moss Funeral Fire Destroys Lumber Company At Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, June 27 tUP) — Fire of unknown origin today destroyed the Enterprise Lumber company here with an estimated loss of J25.0CO. THREE PLANES—14 ... . .... WEATHER Arkansas-^Parlly cloudy toniglit and Sunday. Unsettled In north portion. Memphis and vicinity—Generally fair tonight and Sunday, possibly becoming unsettled Sunday. Not much change in temperature. The maximum temperature here yesterday was 97, minimum .58, . clear, according to ..Samuel - P. (Norrls, official weather observer.

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