The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 18, 1951 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 18, 1951
Page 8
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FAUB Russia Ready To Talk Again On Debt to U.S. Soviet Translator Pope Up to Discuss WW II Lcnd-Lcas* WASHINGTON, Aug, 18. W)— "Hi* United States has arranged A meeting of Russian and 'American experts here Tuesday to take another look at Russia's six-year-old }II,000,000,000 lend-lcase bill. The meeting was Moscow's idea. Without advance warning, the State Department said yesterday, n Soviet embassy translator popped Into a department official's office last Wednesday and announced that Moscow wants to talk leml- Ittiae again. The translator, one Myschkov, haA a habit of showing up unannounced, the department said. This time he walked Into the office of department official George TrussdeM. Truesdcll said Myschkov did the tam« thing several time: before when he wanted to talk with various U. 8. officials connected with lend-lease. Usually, foreign representatives telephone the department In advance of any official (Wife. QmesMon Is Ignored Trueedell sakl Myschkov ignored i question whether Russia had anything new or "constructive" to offer In way of settling the deadlocked lendlMM account. Standing stiffly at attention, the Husslan announced simply that a new meet- Ing of lend-lease experts was requested. Nearly five years of on-agaln, off-again talks were broken off last Majr 7 with the two sides still more than half a billion dollars apart on a settlement. The U. a. hart offered to settle the account for WOO.OOO.OOO, but Russia refused bo offer more than »240,000,000. Hot «nougK, said the V. 8. Furthermore, Rucsla bluntly declined bo consider returning to the 6. a. W! l«nd-leaje naval ship*, Including 84 merchant vessels. 556 gmaH naval craft and 30 military water craft such as barges and tanker*. Two leebreakm Inetadrd Husala said tbe V. S. doesn't need ttw ships, anyway. Included are two icebreakers which Russia •aid last January were stuck fi In t*» io». The U. 8. last April proposed international arbitration of the dispute, Huaato. hasn't accepted the Idea. The 0. 8. hoc asked Russia to pay only for "civilian type" iend- lease articles which have peacetime value In the Soviet Union. These includ* four complete oil lefinertefl, parti of two others tire factory, $800,000,000 in. machinery and thousands of trucks, vehicles and communications equipment. Included In TJ.8 war-time Icnd- leue shipments to Russia were plane*, tanks, military vehicles and other munitions valued at $4,100,000,000, or lew than half live total amount. Obituaries Former Omofa Mart Bvrtaf rn Jones bora Cervices for Fred Hester, Jr.. formerly of Oaceora, were condnctec yoterday afternoon In Oaklawn Cemetery In Jonesboro. Mr. Hester 47, died In Little Rock Thursday after a long il/Aess. He lived hi Jonesboro for a time before going to Little Rock. Phillip Deer's Father Diej at MalYern, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Deer or Wilton left this morning for Malvorn to attend the funeral of Mrs. Deer's father. J. W. Dial. Mr. Dial died at hts home near Malvern last night. Funeral arrangements were incomplete this morning but the Cooper Funeral Home of Malvern is In charge. THE LIGHTS CO ON AGAIN—It's business almost as usual tor this street peddler in Seoul, Korea, despilc 13 months of war. Ilia wares are crudply-madc I/imps, fashioned from old beer cans nnd oUittr salvage materials. (NEA-Acmc photo by Staif Photographer Hi.sna Kgoshi.) r UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE—Sign posts that speak an International language were needed at the Seventh International Boy Scout Jamboree at Bad Jschl, Austria, attended by some 15,000 scouts from 47 nations. Here, two British Scout leaders, John Nirol left from Canal Zone, Suez, and Maj. Thomas W. Walles from Cairo) Egypt, get directions from a descriptive, cartoon-style sign post. (NEA-Acmo plioto by Slall Photographer Gerhard P. Seinig ) Thrill-Seeking Youths Nabbed By N. Y. Police in Party Raid NEW YORK, Aug. 18. (API—Po-, caslounlly for R thrill but were n lice today reported rounding up 151 addicts. young "thrill seekers." includlnc Five other youths'and four gii four girls, nnd an alleged dope pect-j were released. Police said they ha dler In a raid on n party In a Rock- j (rone (o the party "just for a thril away Beach rooming house. They! and there was no evidence they us ranged In nge from 17 to 21. or sold narcotics. The police rented a room in the p o1icc sait , cundnlls. necditie m house to watch another room which I , lcv fol . [ln , BS fov hls owll usc .'found they said was rented by a ' Cold Front' n Arkansas Rain and Cooler Air Moves Into State By The Associated Preo The tall-end of a "cold front" loved Into Arkansas from the ortheast early Saturday bringing 1th It rain and cooler temepratures. The U.S. Weather Bureau at Lite Rock said Us Ba'tesville station cported 4.10 Inches of rain. The so-called cold front was pre- Ictcd by the Weather Bureau W"d- esday but it had not materialized late as Friday when an unolll- al high for Friday was 105 degrees t Texarkana, followed by 104 at El norado. Camdcn and Arkadel. hla both had 103 degrees. There rerc numerous 100-dtgree readings cported but Little Rock only had 2, Saturday morning's low was 65 cgrees at Newport and Batesville Saturday Included: Calico Rock 2.21 Inches, Newport and Black Hock 2.08, Walnut Rldfte .83, Bradford 1.60 and Pocahontas ,23. 8th Air Force Jets Head for Bendix Races EDWARDS. Calif.. Al!8. 18. lift— Sight Air Force planes took of! rom Edwards Air Force Bjse today, leading for Detroit In the first all- et Dendlx air race. The first one -screamed down the unway at 6:56 a.m. pacific Day- ight Time and most of the resl were off in a matter of minutes 'Hie pilots hope to make the 1.915 nlle trip In about three hours. The •ecord, 520.8 miles per hour, was el in 1949 by an F-84 thunderjel Two F-84's started aljout an hour ate. One, piloted by Col. E. S Davis of Eglin Air Force Base Florida, developed trouble in it- oxygen system at. (he last moment The other, with Maj. Gilbert A Pcderson of NcllU AFB, Las Vegas Nov., sprang a leak In a fuel line The Bcndlx is a race against time so the late starters are not hand! capped. Italians to Try 2 Accused Yank Gl's in 'Absentia 1 TURIN. Italy, Aug. 18. (AP> . The general prosecutor of Turi Province said today an Italian com will try two former American sol dlers In absentia for the slaying their wartime commander if it unnble to bring them to Italy tand trial. Aroldo Borghcsc, the general pros editor, declared: "the two Amer cans, if they are not consigned t the Italian magistracy, will be trie in absentia." The Americans are former Lt. A: do <Ike) Icardl of Preakness, N J and former Set. Carl G. Lodolc rtochestcr. N.Y., named this wee by the defense department in Wash illgton as the slayers of Maj. W! Ham Hoiohan In a behind line clonk and dagger- drama in 1944. yountr customers on the benches peddler who tremiented the Rocfcn- j -„.„„;,„ , 0 ' ,,., y hlm $1 „ shot ,„;. morphine. lie rented a hotel room as headquarters. they said.. Polite sntrt other residents of the way beaches to liutt prospective customers among youthful bathers. They arrested Georse Conduits. 24. of Brooklyn, nild charged him| with sale of narcotics and narcotics; holc i became curious at the mim- aduiction. i bcr o( teen-acers who visited his ; Six youths found In his room, nil room. Tile polk-e took a room near- ; from Brooklyn, were churned wiltijby and wlien the party was at llsl using narcotics. Police quoted them! height, shortly after midnight took; as saying they used narcotics oc- the yroup into custody. ! Navy Recruiters Change Hours Navy recruiters In Blylhevllle g on a 60-hour week this week. Chief H. o. Tiewater said toda that his City Hall recruiting sub station will be open from 8 a.) until 6 p.m. Monday through Sn urday. Men wno nave passed pre-induc Lion draft examinations may sti enlist in the Navy, Chief Ti< water pointed out. They will be nble to do so unt AUK. 31. he said. ti ten tor her kadln* nun. We mad* leveral big pictures together. Thea Norma retired after her seo- on4 Ulkluz picture. My career did noi go well for a while. Norm* and I had been a team. It wag my fate. I did two pictures with Constance Bennett, who became my wife. Then came another small time way from the camera, then more pictures, then the war, then the Cisco Kid series. It was Hades to get out of It. It took John Huston to do it. He cut my hair, threw me a guitar and told me to sing, ft changed my whole career. Gilbert stood up, stretched his lean frame and said that he was due at Uie tennis courts. "You see, my friend, I am not afraid to talk of the old days," he smiled, "ft, is a bad story that I am afraid. Perhaps it will amuse you to read this letter from a fan." He fished a folded piece of paper from his wallet and handed it to me. "Dear Gilbert," the letter began. "You are my favorite new star. I am so happy that Hollywood Is giving moviegoers new faces like you!" LITTLE, BUT DEADLY—Banned from the market In New York ind Cleveland is this peanut-sized pistol, made in Japan to sell for about $1.95. The inch-long weapon shoots a 1/16-inch pellet with enough force to penetrate eight pages of heavy bond paper st 15 inches range. It is seen in the hand of a Cleveland, CX.'deteo Hve. Below the pistol ai'e miniature bullels. Burn marks at righJ show where the pellet entered heavy paper; arrow points to the sharp hole left as it passed through the eighth sheet. Two Brothers and Sister Meet Here After Separations of 24, 29 Years Two brothers and a sister who indn't seen cacli other in a quarter f a century v»'ere reunited here Veclnesday. Onis Bnker went to Cincinnati, )hio, 29 years ago. He hadn't seen ils brother, Sie, nor his sister, Mrs. Bessie Camp, since that time until his meeting. And Sie and Mrs, Camp haven't Ex-Sergeant Denies Guilt In OSS Death WASHINGTON. Aug. 18. (#•>—A ornier Army sergeant accused of killing Maj. Wiliinni V. Hoiohan in Italy seven years ngo insists he will he proved innocent when the "complete, true story" Is given out by authorities, Arid an Kalian senator who led wantime Communist partisans in northern Italy came to the defense yesterday of another American accused of a major role In the killing. The defense deportment in statement Wednesday charged that former Lt. Aklo Uke> Icardi of Frenkness, N. J., and former SgL. Carl G. LoDotce, with the help of two Italians, killed Hoiohan, their leader on a secret OSS mission behind enemy lines. seen each other In 24 years. All three are here visiting two other brothei's, I,. B. Baker and I Billy Baker. Sie lives near Smithville, Ark., up in Sharp County, and Mrs. Camp has lived in Clarendon, Ark., and Memphis, Tenn. All three have visited here in recent years, but not at Hie same time. "They just never could all get off at the same time," Mrs. I,. B. Baker said this morning. But. she continued, they decided it was high time they all got together, so they arranged the meeting. Hollywood Woman Turns on Bookie NEW YORK </P)—A Bronx housewife gave the police an assist In their drive against gamblers by having an alleged bookmaker arrested. Her complaint wn,s that he failed to pay off after she had parlayed $100 into SI,885 betting on horse races. The woman, a- mother of tv:o children, told the court- she bet an average of $30 a day on the races without drawing on • her bank account or her husband's $85 weekly I) Eiy. With the Courts Chancery: Margaret Ncal vs. Johnny Neal suit for divorce. Eleanor Post vs. Edward Post, suli for divorce. Contineud from Page 4 there was a fight among the c*t ami | was hurl. Valentino opened a boltte of nine for me. It was a simple thinj. Valentino giving a glass of vino to a bleeding extra, but I have a great memory of It. "Stars had greatness then. I had been an extra In one of Barbara La Mar's pictures, when she died, I drove to the mortuary In Edendale. It was raining like Hades, my friend. Barbara's face in death was like a dolls face. "t loved her, because once she had smiled at me and I had felt recognition from her. So I waited until everyone had left the room and I stood there looking at her in dealh. She was a great star. "It was the time 01 the Latin lover. An actor named Jack Kranz had his name changed to Rlcardo tortez. Then there was Antonio Moreno. Don Alvardo and Ramon Novarro. When I was about to be starred, there wns fear that the public had tired of Latins. "They asked me to change my name to George Adams and I refused. I sounded like a president of the United States. So it was as Gilbert Roland that I was starred finally in" "The Rose of the Golden West.' With United Artists I was under contract with Nor- rna Talmadge to United Artists. To be a star with United Artists was a great thing, my friend. Tne studio had John Barrymore. Mary Pickford. Douglas Fairbanks and Charlie Chaplin. "Norma Trtlmndgc always want- AI>VKKTISEMENT FOR BIDS FOR EQUIPMENT FOR CHEROKEE COURTS, LOW RKNT HOUSING PROJECT ARK 5-2 BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS Sealed bids will be received up to 2 o'clock p.m. Central Standard time, Tuesday August 28th. 1951 at the office of the Housing Authority of the City of, Blytheville, Arkansas located In the Administration building in Chickasaw Courts Housing Project. Blytheville, Arkansas where they will be publicly opened for 'furnishing the following equipment .for delivery to Cherokee Courts, Low Rent Housing Projec Ark 5-2, Blytheville. Arkansas. 77—Gas Water Heaters T7— Gas Heating Units 78—Gas Ranges 76—Electric Refrigerators. Contract documents and specifica. tions may be had from the office o the Housing Authority or from th Architect. Uzzell S, Branson, Firs National Bank Building. Blytheville Arkansas, upon deposit of $5.0 which will be returned upon re turn of the documents In good con dition. The Housing Authority of the Cit of Blytheville, Arkansas reserves th right to accept any or reject any r. all bids and to waive any informal ities in bidding. By order of the Housing Author SUNDAY & MONDAY HOLLYWOOD'S MOST TANTALIZING TORSO — National Sweater Week doesn't, roll around until late nest month, but some of the movie studio photographers want to be sure Actress Susan Czbot Is nominated for the week's queen. They describe her as Hollywood's "most tantalizing torso." Boston-born Susan wants to be a top dramatic actress, but 1! she doesn't make It she can always make a living modeling sweaters. (AP Wirephoto* This delicious dish from Dixie gives (he former "South . Pacific" slar a gay answer . . . ind it's strictly un nnd love ;onjjs from icrc on inl ill. hilarious came*i\ tt'ilh lo^^j starring EZIO PI NZA- JANET LEIGH MILLARO MITCHCU-GALE ROB8INS IN \! G V PICTURE Your Biggest Cleaning Problems! Keeping kids' clothes clean is a major headache for every mom. But wise mothers send US those soiled garments, for thorough, gentle dry cleaning! They like the way we remove stubborn spots . . , have clothes back In record time! Try us today: BLYTHEVILLE STEAM LAUNDRY & CLEANERS PHONE 4418 COTTON BOLL on Norlh Hiwav fil RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Saturday 'SONORA STAGECOACH 1 Hoot Gibson Also Cartoon & Serial 1 of the City of Blythevill* Arfc. n««s, thli Hlh day of Augmt, mi J. Mell Broofcj, tjlT-ll •laygrounds for the Kiddie* Free Kiddie Car Ridet Kids Under 12 PREB with Parent* J Show Starts 7:15 p.m. & P>""" 4732- -. No Mosquitoes— No Bugs Saturday NITi- m NITt-J , Y« IIRf.. YMM CM ANO (M\ in OCCUPANTS l/J^WUMABMttTFBFO* .. ONE- BUCK! (AMUUTO Y-AIL...) k REAL RAM/ML A 6MATSW1NCS!! Double Feature i_A_UNJVERSAUNlERNATIONAl PICTURED —plus— *" "TRAIL OF THE YUKON" Kirby Grant ——— Susanne Dalhert —Also— Popeye Cartoon & Panda Cartoon Radar Patrol Serial Sun.-Mon. THAT Sal. Owl Show 'GIVE US WINGS Dead End Kids 2 Color Cartoons Lalest News Sun.-Mon.-Tues. "APPOINTMENT WITH DANGER" MOX Always a Phone 162! Show Starts Weekdays T:M Sat.-Sun. 1:00 Double Feature Alan Phyllis I-add Calvert SATURDAY ONLY "Family Night $1.00 per Car Load W Phis Comedy am] Cartoon Kiddies FREE Guest Movie Ticket Nigtiti Sun.-Mon. GO FOR BROKE! Plus 2 Cartoons Warner News & Shorts Air Conditioned By Refrigeration NEW "Your Community Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Silt. & Sun. Ph. 5S Saturday 'RODEO KINGS. SENORITA" Rex Allen Sat. Owl Show "THE APE" Bela Lugosi Sunday & Monday 'UP FRONT' David Wayne • Marina Bert Tuesday "Tahiti Honey" Simon* Simon* Saturday DOUBLE FEATURE Also Cartoon "Undersea Kingdom" Serial Saf. Owl Show 11:30 Sun.-Mon. 2 Hits — Plu»— "IN OLD MISSOURI" C«rt<xm

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