The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1938
Page 2
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Win Who's Wlio tionors •>, ,TS1», .Ijfket Chios jyh'lte ain Wlson, ' BiTZ Bits 'of New Mostly Klrsfiijcr.and.'Byrbii ;crc In st(|tf«art yesterday ttends llic University of Social QlepdaV ;A111£PAY;S EVENTS Central Parent Teacher 'assocU- tloii sponsoring bake sal? ut 9;00 o clock ii former Pat OBri'int buPdlng ' ( ~- ' as.nt Kayelicvlllc. He (ARK.), CoOillEH .NEWS , A Uinnci pally gUcn by lln Fetra Maj Mid Pcg^j Burns at the Burks 1-om? last, rriddj night 3auner>ed the progressive p-^rty i>)iich oiitfrfiliiBU njcntbcrs of the B p P clufc ovci the weekend A theatci party t^ e P >>/ Sara Lou M Catclicn followed the Slipper i^fter \\Jilch Hie- girls, were guesta of I Clara J<">n Moslpy for rpfreihments at Robinsons driig store A slnm- hei piiitv «i Uic White home \ Itt Peg|y White Bettv ,Bjxlson am PaUlch Wise p^ liqs^sses was Die final trjaay pi egression Saturdiv moftjips, breakfast served at llio Wh.(Ee home prec s>oft^il games which ttue plaice during the morning At noon Sat- urdaj Mary ]*elen Moore ani June WoOunan v\crc liootes?^ at a llincl! ?it the ^^oore lionic llu 1 fuml it fair was in aftcnioon p^rlj at the home of M^ri Ljnrj Jickson In the^lalp afternoon she sencd a cJi ( At a meeting of llik ciub Wed- ncsdK> iftwnoon al Die Jackson Jiome plans -\\ere mndc lo gt\c A dinclng parti it the Vfoninn s clul) Jtny 13 It A\lll be, n formal affair At tile close of the, heeling thc Easter motif was used on thc des serijrplate; feued by (lie hostess mo'her Mrs E ft Jackson to members of (he club and one guest, Evelyn Jordan _, • * • A acatum Daner To Be Gucu Tomjhi A dance complimentim; students i\ho nro ficme on their spring- va (.scions S om schipl a^id out of tonn'gUe'ts v.Vio ire spending their F-ister holidays here will he given ton(?lit al the city Mil under thc, of Deoige Cro*s jr lyo LhiKKnicli Utho Same-; Sinford Hoonc TOd. ^ranl' Bell Lebn Jones lind Ins Blue nhjthiii Bojg, d college band from Cape Giraideau ; will fuml'h (he music for thq ajlaii which a nuintjei of out of tof^x people are e?p-cted to attend, The (lance i\ilt begin at 10:00. o'clock. * -I * Club lias Gucilj ' Mrs ,Sheldon Hali .Mrs Clinics Rose Mrs lyfatt .Monaghan Mrs. Elton Klrbj, Mrs Harry W Hatncs, amlS.Mrs. .\V_ Ji .Wundcrlicli.' of Springfield J\Io, ^ere ^he. tuests of Mrs ^Baker Wilson when slic entertained, members of tlic Wednesday Bridge club Lunch yas seneri "a I trip dming table nhicli had for Its centerpiece lahsman roses, and valley lilies. Narcissuses, daisies and roses decorated tj5» Hung room where bridge «as c p!ayed Tallies in the spring scheme were "used. Mrs C A Cumilngham was high and Mrs James. Ii Bell second high In the games Mrs Monaghan rcceUed the guest prize Has Club A centerpieca ot mlxe(J flowers Mf-s Wiulhcd Cranium Miv> Ai(ij I r,itaes (jCiirln Bcrryrimii Mits Nrdi i uomnmn To del Harrison 11 incci Ciciiiin Mis, wlnlfictl C'raw- - v, 1 cci .ciiin M% wnlficd craw- oid antl loild IlBiiison won ouI'lBUdiiig iioiioi? .11 the letcnl Wiiol ™ ilwhsolctl bj tlle u "» 01 B)jHw-\llle high \\as \ifd on ihe dining table when Mr 5 J A Lcecii entertalnecl members- of the Thursday .Luncheon Uub infl t>o guests, Jvjrj, Harrj' Kircy and Mrs M A Isaacs ai. her .hcme..yesterday. Jnjthe. bridge, games which followed Mrs Kirbv v,as liigh -nid Sirs Boss D Hughes, second high Entertains .club A spring scheme proalled In (lie luncheon and bridge partj puen \esterd-iv Tfternoon b> Mrs Rodney ;L, Bannister who entertains':! members, of Hie Thursday Con , Miss _Borryiiwin, who received most lumbr.s anioiig tlic i-hls was awarded the titles of."mcai]s ivitet. to 'f3, '«, s,", "inosl li'clptul" "best cltiacn", .mid "mast digiilfloit citizen/' ,'.'•' .' : ; •Ihiiriooiriis the boy.wlio. received (lie most hpno'rs was chosen . was chosen "most 'inuidsoiiie" ' ; ii bsl cll»- ° ii'-,-- .,'. - , s nuisoie" i nlllcd Ecnior"; "prelllesl lihlr", nml "menii., most to B H S" 11>c honors. of "most popular", "most fricmlly", and "m'-caieit 'cvos"' were -bestowed on Miss Mary Wncc., .aciirln. S lie also taccd in ihe conlcsts.of -most beautiful", ,iml 'Vest nil romtd " 'Crawfonl.^s judacd tlic "most beautiful" and "most atlraol- Most ipopular '• -means most to B. u. S" "prettiest h-ii -•' est ", . - ' ' "prettiest eyes", ivcrc . . «h| L .i, 5 , lc a ,- so another guest, who has been in Urtinn where lie intends liie Uni- ycrslly 'of Illinois, hod not ton with -their friends for sonic time. « - • * Hear Book Kcyien A. large.,-'n'miiber of iiiciiibcr* hearri l\frs., Rodney I/. Baiiisier review the book, "Under, ihe Nulme'g Tree" at tlic meeting of (he Dcl- 'hinn Fine Arts at thc Hotel Noble Wednesday morning. • Mrs. James A, Bartlelt. bt Clii- cago. .who .i:; t tlie liousegxiest of her brollier, Jaiires li.'cliifk-. aiid'Mvs. Clark,, was llic.imly out ot town present. , when Mrs. C. A. CmmUigliam cn- - . . . lei-lainc<l with a luncheon 'aiid coiujiicletl. 'the «* i b-lclge party yesterday in honor of Mrs. Slicldon Hnll, wlio Was before her rcccnl marriage. Kliss Mnry Vlrgtnla Arnold, of Memphis. Throughout, the remainder of the house, irises, narcissuses, splrc.i and bridal wreath were arranged Into attractive boiirjuc'ts providing B spring background for the bridge gniiics which 'followed Jmieli. Yellow and pink rallies were used iii the games in wlitcli Mrs, C. O. Smith, jr.. was hlgli, and Mrs.- W. C. Hisiiiison. second high. The guest of honor was presented iract club snd one Charles Perm guest Mrs. A fcotiquct of mixed spring- flowers were nsed OT the dining (able *hcre lunch y,«s sened wHk at- lrac% bouquets of roses and tu- -ips^rere arranged around the living room. Spring tallies w*re used Ii Ihe card games in which Mrs Charles I'Min v\as high She was presorted hCvi»n for fte pri'e To fcnc Easltr Tarty ^Thp Poyuinr s D^parlrntut cf ire Pu-l jjn-uodirt chiuch wll Jisw An E» tor oarlj' al the C. W Ramey liome fcjturcta .iitcr- , Tlie gi.e^ts v\JI meet church Kl 2 00 oclo-K It announced Mrs. P. L. Eiiglcr Will 'yivc a ljuok review. * * • Ladles' Aid Plans Uanrr Plans .were puliiucd 'lor n ilumc to lie held in tlic Osccola Coiiimu- ntty house. Thursday niglit, April 128 at.BiCU o'clock at n mcelhig of H members of .llic JewUVi Lsilcs' Aid and one giiest, fttiss Rose Hu- bcnslfin. of O.sceol.i. in ll-inplc Israel last ilight.' A'caiidy «ile will tsc given Saturday, April 30. The place of the sale will be announced at a later date. . . Entertains for Mrs. Hall Talisman roses, valley'lilies, yel- iw" tulip, and-daisies formed 'tlic at (lie hw been T Special Meeting Called; A^special-. meeting ot the Clill- tiren of the Confederacy has been called for tomorrow "afternoon at 200 o clock at Ihe home of Mi*s Mary Jeanne Affltck ' ries jo^enri, whu ls,hu(i for Jef visit wiw h£s foinlly before to Little Rdclc^lSre h v e w1it t a position, was host to six Kuests a t a chill supper al his hQJne last night 8, .^xs Cupper •»« designed as a I '"*& together' Rffalr since ^ Mr. X Joseph, who has been, Jax oklalioiiia | for some time, and Francis Adams Chili Hus SSIiCH.rr, A lisnrtkcrchief .shower hi honor of Mrs. MK.K Woolen, who with Mr. wnotrii and ilaiightcr . arc moving lo Memphis In make ihcir home, was given Wednesday, ni- ternoou by mcniters of Mrs. Woolen's club, (he Thursday iMler- nocn clulj,, wlieti (hey were cn- tprtnincd al llic home of Mrs [>. U. Itotlirock. . irises. TnlliK. roses, wicgelas and other spring (lowers decorated the home, iviut thc tallies carried mill llic .spring scheme liy linviug (lowers on them ns decorations. Following'the Abridge games !n which Mrs. Randolph Smitli rc- cctvt-d hosiery for JUsli prize, a salad pliitc was served. e tlicy met, nyron Rhodes Morse. Who at Aricau 1 . . thpi.ii home and will ,'s'jjorid c Easter holidays, with hts iia'rents Mr. and .Mrs. Morse. ' Sam MiHican, I'Yjuii'k Aslic'r, A !1. Wnllacc. Gflhcrt Haimriock a'l'ul' Tom Lltlle, Jr., attended tlic baseball ?ame between the . . and the Cariithersvllie 1-llois In, Carutlicrsvilie yesterday Miss, Allyce Nclsoii, is speritlW ,lhe \veckc)i<l In I'aducah. %y as ,llie eiic.-.-t of Miss Orvc'lta Brum- cll. Cecil n'rl(ii.son has nrriV«l lipme to sr;3ii«l ins sprint- vacation ivitti nls paient.s. Mr. and- Mrs, U S lirauson, a'n(| family. He Is a student, at DC Pains' University, Gree Castle. Hid, Mrs. W ; Saiulra „„, Ifig llic. week the ls of Mrs. John Long .and family. ffal w<i HWAird Moore have arrived froiii Baton Rouse, Ui., to spend their spring vacation with their parents, Dr. and Mrs. i,. H. Moore,, and .family. They arc slii- dcnt.s al Louisiana State University. . ^Irs. S., JIcdr;\ spent ycsLerclay hi JPojlag^viitc with- 'her father, M Barkovjlz, ....Mr..fliid.,;«,)frs,. : 'C!, M. Buck have rptui/icd froni. Kansas City where Mr,. Duck was I»i 'a clinic for several weeks. ,.Mr,, : fi[itl,.MrB., d'eo'l'ijc llale, of gi.kcslon, ,wlll ;spcrid Sunday with Vfi. Mile's t Isle r, Mrs, J. \, Guard, and family. , Mrs. Asliley, H^lrJock and dangii- tcr, Janice, returned to West Mcm- p!ils yesterday. after spending scv- ifi-nl days with ,&fe, Wyatt Hen- jcy. Mr. niul jirs. Haddock will move io hllfle riock'nexl week. :. .Miss- Vlre'lii'ia 1 Mai-tin, who attends Ihe University of Mississippi ,nt Oxford, arrived home last night to .spend her spring vacation wliii .her parents, Dr. and Mrs. s. P Martin, ana family. ... Mrs.,'Edgar Peterson, of Joncs- tjpro, .spciit 'last night and toclav with her In-other, Sieve Brooks and family. , Mrs. R. >T. Ware and (langhlcr, Alice, .formerly of licro 'Ijiil now of Tallulah. La., visited friends r hcre Tuesday .and Wednesday. , ,7 . , r '"•' c iuwuay anil wctinesi Jfr. ;ui(l.Mrs. W. C. Lpggetl : wlil .. Mr! '' Robert Kllvlngton ;,.....». ... vy, AJtlSISCU \\lll Iinvc us (lietr weekend guests their niece, Miss June Lcggett. of rtcm- phls, and Mrs, Leggett's motficr Mrs. N. E. i ..ffarks,.of Ojifbr'tl. : Mfcs. James Guard will return to Chi- cago'Sunday where he atteml?'liie Northern,.Illinois; College ol tip- tomctry. Mr. guard has spent three weeks vyitl.i.jils, parents, .Mr. and Mrs. ,1. L. Giia'rd. mid 'family 'reijip- crallns from an iijjpe'ndccfoiiiy whlcii was performed several weeks aso. In .Chicaso. Miss Kl(a Kfiie Gariinglon tvjll lie (be weekend guest of iie'r mother Ih-gcnrcy, Ark. k C .V. pefcau^li biisi- nc4.s in 'Pumgoiilil ilnrmff (he past two clays, . Mr. and Mrs. Elldn W. Kirljy arc m Memphis lo:lay. MUchcll Best ,'is spemllnj llic weekend _In McCrdry, Ark ., wlth Oecrgc, linlc, jr.. of .{jtkesloii, who is in school at the Bradley Institute ol Horology at. Pcoriii, HI., win come dpwn.. Mr. .the 'djjmic lo be Sh en at. the City. Hall loiii^ht, .fa- will .be.. the wcckenti guest oC J.i ; "ies Guard. .."v A- Nelson .left Wednesday lor Birmingham, Alii., | 0 attend a conference .cf Dr. Pepper 'bottlers ui .the fioiithern division. lie will return Sunday ni B lit.. Charles Lnngslo'n, jr, MJS.S ; . , r, S.S Adclo Lmlgslon,. and Miss Virginia «i»m were in Memphis ycJstcKiiy flier were accompanied lioine by daughter, Evelyn Jane, ot Memphis hare arrived to speiiii several <lays .with Mrs. Kilvinglon's iiarcnts Mr and Mrs. 2 A. McCilLston. Tlic tondillon of H. 'u'cjianite-s wjio tins been ill for some time, h still unimproved. Mr. and Mrs. L. v, wise and dnuglilcr, Patricia, will leave in the Jijoriiiug for Tiiscaloosu to Easter with 1''H1DAY, APRIL 15, 1938 who liiovcd to St. Louis today where Mr. noblnson will be in the office cf the E. C. RobhiUm Lumber Company. Mrs. C. G. Hires, wlio has been ill at her home from lnlluen?.a, is now able .to bq \ip. . . Mrs., James iiill , was ca(lcd to Circcnvllle, s. c., yesterday by Wi c Mrs. Marian LecKli. Mrs. nil) Win atly be ^oiie for two weeks. Toiu Little, wlio was taken to the Memphis Methodist hospital yesterday after hayhii! bcco'n'ic niore seriously ill, stood Hie trip cxccp- llonally well a'ntl wiis impiovcd last ulgiil. At the Hospitals Mrs. 13, p. fiotish, of Wilson, was removed .fi-oin (he Blyllicville hospital to her Ivome yesterday in a ColJb ambulance, Mrs.. Mabel Mi-Murray was removed frotii (lie Dlythcvlllc hospital to her iioinc on Lake .Street yesterday In a Cobb ambulance. Mis:; Flossie Canncly was remov- «l from tlic Blylhcvllic hospiljil to her home yesterday in a Holt ambulance. Mrs. Ixjn B:itcy, of Hickman, has been udtiiutcd lo tlic Blyllicville liospilal. A SOD was born ve>lcrd»y iifUr- noon lo Mr. and Mrs. B. c. Locke The baby, who weighs live pounds, lias not yet been iiamcd. Mrs. Alvln llaynes was remove;! frcm the Blyllicville hospital to her lirmc yesterday in ii Ifiinna Hiiibii- Innce. . . .... .,,...:. O. (Ul>)—Tlic uni versal appeal of romance is help- Ing llic Cincinnati Summer Opera Association lo '.'get on its feel" lin- ariclally, '|(s director, Oscur H Hflcl. declares, "When Ihe 'man on the street' sees ii billboard advertisement 'for the opera 'Carmen' illustrated will) a love scene he derives a new con« ,. , 'ceptlon of opera/' Hild said. summer Upera Interest By using me "love" approach last season, Hllcl said, attendance ,. at the summer opera at, thp Cin. ciiinn'ti' Uob was rncr'eascd S'i per .. cent. lu :ipilc ol ihe old belief In red llannels, the 'he'atiiiK power of tlainjcl depends upon Us thickness and not Ms color. ,IN MEMOK1AM In memory, of 'my precious son. Leroy Richard Wood, who passed away April 16, 1033, 'five years ago. Np qnp knows how iiinsli I miss you. NQ one kno'jys (he 'bitter pain 1 .have suffered since yon left inc. Life has .never, been the same. In my licaVt your memory lingers, Sweetly (ciider, fond and" true. Tlicz-c is not a day. my darling, Thai, l do .not weep for you. But 1 1 try to bear on bravely, An-j face lily days that remain With the comforting tlioujtit that sonic day We shall .meet again. Sadly missed by motHcr, Mrs. Will Wood. ROXY Ailiiii'ifbii :ilii;uys ll>c- i ;ifc jMaiiiirrs. .Sal. '& Jiiiiiilay Njslit s'hoiis—Box Oftier Ojicn 7:i)l) p.m. Allows start 7:15 p.iii. Head Courier News Want Ads. TOO I.ATK TO ~..-.^. „,„, j_., u .) ( j ivi.ic, «-HO IS n fresluiian at th c University of Ai ,- W11 , ,, Linn tlicic Mis 4 M Butt iml ic! Miss Ruth, ictuincd \eilcitlnj fiom to Amarillo. Texas, or . . for transportation References, Box 40, Eton-all. Ark. 15-p-k-lD ifth itriH Walmit 1938 SEAT COVERS • Retain Iho JrDsh, now appeafcinco of your upholstery with Ihcso. alhactive spat covers. The Y <«» lailoro'd lo 111 snugly KEEPS VOUR.CflR Availablo in pleasing colors— INTERIOR CLEBH mada ol slrong. wcbr rcsisiing f ° br ' <: ' .!' V°ii r Veals arc sjjoitod and -ivom, thcso covets raako IhV car interior look like n-nv MOTOR CO. centerpiece o! thc dining lahlc ncad Courier News wa.ii Ads. Ahilic tlii.s Kustcr n.liap- |>i';r one for your Sloth ''i' . . . Wife . . . Swect- lie;irl. Sciui them Kuslcr Plan- Your Order EAKLY Helton's Hoineoi' : Plo\vers 2(10'K. J)hvis 105 For 'Kale—lOO.tKJO ft. of good hill oak lumbtr delivered at very low prices, See J. W. Barren filylhcville, Ark. Phone 398 IElTil Everything for your enter* tairitrient nnd comfort, Ailnilssldn rilatincc lOc & 2Co Admission Nigh't ICo & 3Go Watch Society Page Of Courier News For Free Show Guests Friday - Saturday THRiLLiNG HISTORIC SAGA! COtUMBJX PICTURE X,'art«bn. ,*. serial "Tim Tyler's l.udi," Final Chapter. C'oiilinuoi.'s slioivin? Saturday WEWD MtST^HY HIT! Join •diaHy Inviting T TODAY ONLY GLORIA STUART MI&HAELWHAUtl PAUL KEILV ROBERT KSILARD JUNE STOREY PAUL HURST Also selected Admission Matinee 10e ,t Admission Night IBc & SGREAM-A-SEOOND FUN FESI! PI CTtIRE i & serial. "Secrets uf Tre.i- surc Island." Cuiiliiiimiis iho«iu s . iWniissiou till 5:W j,;,,,. H) e lt 28| . Admission aflcr 5'p.m. '](;,; A M.. UNION EASTEK SUN-MSE ,Virst Mellio(lisi ..('.Irtrtvli, '6:30 A, IVl. KcV. 'Gro'rgr W. S|)ci-i«il Miiwc by li'ni'ied '(JIMr SPECIAL EASTKft AT n A.,M. AND 7:;J(ri'.M. AT AU , REVIVAL CITY-WIDK Sunday - Monday DAVID O.SELZNICK'S \ 7 I ^A/ •NMNmalW ^Ki^HY'rE'RIAN 'ti On Muster l' Gil KiSTJAFs Sdznid. Inuriialioiialfifiiitii MARK TWAIN'S' BELOVED STORY THE OP TOM SAWYER "/it Technicolor Admissio w .,. . , an Admitiioii ,Mcu. 'jfia. Jflc i ?6c Attnussioii Moiirfay Nfjlit ific A- 36c Jion((ay morning matinee. a t io : oi ?,™9!! k . a .' tl'e Kilz Tlic.iler for school diilrtrrii (if |!i ¥ 'gninmur S- junior higli "Tom Sawyer 1 '

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