Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on May 27, 1896 · Page 5
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · Page 5

Omaha, Nebraska
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Wednesday, May 27, 1896
Page 5
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- - - - - - - - - - - - I . p TItE OMAhA DAILY i31E : 1YE1)NE'mAY , MAY 27 1891. 5 - - - - - : . , ARCUE FOR A TAX ON BEER , / \ Scnathr Vote Down a Mot1o to Tabo Mr. Dubola' Axnetdment. tILLED CHEESE TAKES UP MOST OF A DAY Jun I F1rtnhl Lidil AIi1e for the AfltI.Iton,1 Meniire3tr. Thnri- Inn J.flne III , . I'oi.ltlon on rcn.tIns 1rcl.ilaIon. WAShINGTON. May 26-Trlt ! nd finance tath came In for a Bhare of consideraflon In the aenato today. } ar1y In the daT Mr. hcrrnan aucceeded In having the filled cheese bill taken up. whereupon Mr. Dubola - Offered an amendment adding 7 centa per barrel to the tax on beer. The aenator aald 1.1 amendment waa Intended to test the sincerity - cerity of senators who expressed the patriotic deaire to aid the treasury by raising more revenue. Mr. Sherman oppoJcd the amend. : nnt as a sidlIful means to defeat the chcese bill. Ills motion to table the Dubols amendment - ment was detested-yeas , 25 ; nays , 30. On ' \ the question of adcptIng the amendment , the debate became general , Senators Mills and Gray supporting and Nelson0 Aldrich and 'IIas opposing it. The bill and the pending beer amendment were displaced at 2 oclock by the bond biii which was advocated by Mr. Pritchard. republican of North Carolina , and opposed by Mr. Lindsay , ileinocrat of Kentucky. A lull wn passed to pension at $75 a month the widow of General George Spencer , at onetime United States senator from Alabama. Mr. Thnrton , in 'view of his departtwe , owing to sickness lb his family , defined his posItion on a number of important pending sneacures , viz : Favorable to the election of senators by the People. to the bill amending the law for punlahment for contempt of A court , to the filled cheese bill , and opposed to the bill prohibiting the issue of bonds. ' . As to the last measure Mr. Thuraton was not opposed to the principle of the bill , which he might approve at another time , but he felt it was too late In the session to withhold from the administration the meana of avoiding a monetary crisIs. DUIJOIS' TAX Of 13EER. As soon as the filled cheeie bill was taken VP , Mr. Dubois , republican of Idaho , offered an amendment to the chece bill placing an additional tax of 75 cents per barrel on beer , ortor and ale. In suiporting the amend- znent , Mr. Dubois said it offered an opportunity - tunity to Mr. Sherman to execute the atrlotio purposes he bad recently expressed without resorting to the Dingley tariff bill , an "unjust , unsatisfactory , sectional bill . which cannot pass the senate. " That bill .was a "trap , tranaparent and unfair. " This beer amendment would yield $2OOO.OOO additional - ditional revenue , Mr. Dubois said. Senators could accept this or else "quit posing before the country as the only patriots. " Mr. Sherman , republican of Ohio , replied briefly , urging that this was a move to cripple the cheexe bill , which was in no aense a general revenue bill. Thirty millions of revenue already was raised from "that . .very Useful and comfortable drink , " and ho ( Sherman ) thought the consumers of beer paid about enough. lie moved to table the beer amendment. which motion was defeated -yea , 25 : nays , 30 , as follows : Ycao-Ropublicans tdrtch % ; Galhinger PItt , Allison , hawley Quay. ] aker , atltc1ief , Hewehl. 3turrowu. M0ITIII , nhermnm , Cullom. Netson. IThoup , Davis , Perkins , WIIson-1S. , Yeas-Democrats : s. Cockretl , Palmer , VIlas-7. BUt , I'asco , Total-5. tlttheil , Turpte. Nays-Republicans : Th'own. Dubots , rettIrew , Cannon , llansbrough. TeIler-7. Carter , Nays-Democrata : Bacon. F..tIkner , Iorgan , itatea. ( ray , l'uqh , lLerry , harris. Jtoath , CsfTery , JOnea ( Ark. ) . 'Vest , Chilton , . Daniel , 3.IIIs ! , White-iS. Nay-PopuIIsts ; Alien , ] yIe. stewart-sW I ijutler , Petter , Total-O. FOR AND AGAINST TrIE TAX. ' I The refusal to table created something of a stir through the senate. ir. Vilas opposed the amendment , saying the tax on beer fell on the consumer and the ' vage.earnlng workers. Mr. Dubois said cenators declaimed for snore revenue and yet opposed a move to raise rov.nue. lie denied that tb'e would place a great burden on the consumer of beer. Doer wca cheap , two glasses for 5 cents. and the price would not rse. Mr. Mills , democrat of Texas , supported the ' 4 1 beer amendment and pointed out that the I OpfOsltiOn came from senators who supported ' ' ( a greater tax on choose , an article of food \ used by the poor. ' Mr. Aldrich , republican of Rhode Island , expresord gratification that the democratic ' party had , by the vote just given , placed itself - self on record In favor of a high beer tax. It had been generally suppo.sed that the brewers of the country supported the democratic - cratic party , not by their votes , but in amore substantial way , and in return for this belp the party offered a heavy beer tax. Me. Nelson , republican of Minnt'aota , deprecated - rocated the move to inject the tariff or all. ver questions Into this niertoriua bill against Zrauduien cheese. Mr. Gray , democrat of Delaware , ad ! the cheese bill was confessedly not to raise revenue ; that the beer amendment was most opportune to make the bill what it purported to be-a revenue meaure. At 1 o'clock the cieeso bill. with the beer amendment pending , was laid aeido , Mr. Sherman announcng that ho would call it up as soon as the bond bill was dlspeeod of. Mr. Pritchard , repubflcan of North Caro- lina. epoke In opposition to the Issue of bonds in time of peace. Mr. Lindsay. democrat of Kentucky , op- ioeed the bond bill. While he did not regard it as an act at repudiation , yet he Ibelloved It would head to the auspenalon of aped'e ' payments within elxty days from the time I of it adoption. The bond bill was then laid aside , ' Mr. Stewart , populist of Nevada , asked ' that the financial report of Secretary Car. hale in 1878 be prnted as a document , but Nesars. Lindsay , AldrIch and Platt objected ' to it. as antiquated. The final conference re- ' POrL on the executive , legislative and judi- cml bill was agreed to. A. partial conference report upon the sundry - dry civil bill was agreed to , the remaining Items , Including public buildings. being sent back to the conference. At 6:10 : the sedate bela a brief executive cession and then ad- ourned. a VthtIC Ol' S3IOOTH ltOltSI TIIADRIt $ . l'iensnsst Dale nnd'Vicinity ( hiren it Soerc L.snn , PL1ASANT DAL1. Neb. , May 26- ( Special.-A ) smooth act of swinchlera have been Infesting the country around hero an Emerald the last day or two , They were horse traders and "struck every person they met for a swap. " They told a long and pitiful story about being starved cut by the drouth in Colorado the last three years and said that they had lost all their property and most of their horses. They cold that their teams were all brcken up O account of losing a crop or they would not sell the remaining horses at any price ; that they were goIng to Buffalo cointy and go on a farm they had , Several people succeeded in gettIng into their net and beIng duped. They had hardly gotten away from the smooth traders until they found that their borrea were either absolutely ortbless or stolen from the southeastern part of thb state. There were plenty of people who wore ready to he taken in on "a great bargain while they had a chance , " as the smooth traders told them. They represented that they wet-a "from Missouri" and did not know anything about brres and trading. They euddenly left and no one seems to have any Idea where they went , Some of the people near hero are anxious to see them. Chinrged with Sjenrlng Piahi. PItEMONT , May 26.-Special.-Chsrles ( ) Ladd and John Parker ere arrested this of- ternoon on complaint of Abraham Iaster , foreman of Patrick's ranch , charging him with spearing fIsh at Patrick's lake , east of town. They gave bonds for their appearance - pearance June 19. floth arc honest , reputable - ble men. There are rumors that there are other prtios who have vlolatbd the law and that a good deal of fishing has been done in the lakes in this county with spears , seints and evcs pitchforka and that fish have been thus hauled away by the sgon load. R.ttN hIflL.I'hiD I'U'I' OUT TIIC ruth. Sc'ient-PIv I''ople hioniclesa by it , tvIll Conlhiigrntion , DESERONTO , Ont. , May 26.-Yesterday afternoon fire broke out In the tie dock of the Rathburn company and in a abort time spread to the docks adjoining , destroying large quantitlea of shingles , posts , hardwood , etc. , a flour mill , bran house , elevator and a canoe club boathouse. Going .northward and eastward it swept away almost the entire eastern portion of the town. The Roman Cathoiic church and several ntores were con- sumed. The flames apread so rapidly that many bet all their possessions. About 9 o'clock a terrific downpour of rain helped to extinguish the flames. About aoventy-flvo famIlies are homeless. The loss will aggregate over $350,000. I3TtILLION , Wis. , May 26.-Pire tonight destroyed the l3rlhlion Manufacturing corn- pany's factory , the Northwestern hotel , the Barnes Lumber company's entire lumberyard , Weigand's brick block , C. Tech's general - oral store and residence , the Union opera house , several dwellings , the Chicago & Northwestern station and several barns. The flames then jumped across the Northwestern - western track to Warner's elevator and warehouse , destroyIng Hansen's general store and stock , Weaver's milling store and stock ; the Furniture company's plant and lumber yards , the Tech's warehouse and several - oral other buildings. Loss , $150,000 , VrtMILL1ON , S. D. , May 26.-Special ( Telegram.-Flro ) broke out early this morn- log in Malhy's planing miii and scroll works and reduced the plant to almost total ruin. The Roller mills and electric light plant were saved by a hard fIght. Loss about $3,000. The fire was of Incendiary origin. MALONE , N. Y. , May 26.-Fire today do- strayed property in this city valued at $50,000. \ Murlrer 3hailaes it Confession , AVA , Mo. , May 2G.-Ed W. Perry , the murderer of the Sawyer family-father , mother and son-has made a written con- frasion , in which he says the deed was done by himself , Arthur Douglass of Springfield , Mo. and a member of Sells i3ros. and Fore. paiigh'a circus. Douglass has bean arrested at his borne at Springfield. The showman's iimo Is noLgtvenand be is believed to be a myth' or'rerry's own thanufacture. Perry claims the plot originated with the showman - man , who compelled he wad Douglass to be parties to it , threatening them with death if they refused. He alleges the actual murder was committed by the showman , but admits dividing the plunder. There is still talk of lynching Perry. He is 24 years old and caine hero from l3ehlvilla , Ran. AMUSEMENTS. J ececocccowoooocccocc John Drew's stage career , which now dates back twenty yeare , ha been almost a continuous - tinuous series of successes. His two latest successes , "Christopher , Jr. . " and "The Squire of Dames , " each of which will have been presented for fifteen weeks in New York this season , are among lila most congenial - genial roles. Drew Is perhaps the most IOPUlar actor In New York at the present time. While other attractions may be play. lag to small houses , Mr. Drew's theaters are filled with Now York society people. It Is something over forty years since ho was introduced - troduced to the world at his mother's house In Philadelphia. He made his first publid' debut in 1873 with Mrs. John Drew's stock company in Philadelphia. Mr. Daly saw him act in 1875 and soon after made him an offer. Mr. Drew's first essay in Shakespeare character was in 1876 in support of Edwin Booth as Hamlet. Mr. Drew does not care to talk of himself , but he does hike to have Dna observe that his clothes are always the exact fit , and ho always desires that his company ha its share of the praise due his Productions. IlLS three night engagement here as a star begins at the Creighton on Thursday with "Christopher , Jr , " "The Squire of Dames" will also be presented during his stay here. Eugene O'flourko , the Irish comedian , will appear at lloyd's theater on Monday and Tuesday evenings of next week , in the Irish comedy , "The Wieklow Postman , " Mr. O'Rourke in said to have surrounded himself with a most excellent company , and incidentally - cidentally to the piece , John L. Sullivan and I'addy Ryan , the ex-champion pugilists , will be introduced in a prize scene. "The Wick- low' Postman" ban mot with good success throughout the entire seasen , and it is thought that Omaha will not be an exception. The sale of seats will open at 9 o'clock Saturday - urday morning. Roland Reed will be the attraction at Boyd's theater , June 8. . pELr1i PICTUHEIS PLE.ASANPLY ND FOINTEDLY FAHAGRAPHI3ID \ ThYi3 HA.'P OP 1700- Was qtllttt an nITaIr-a troublesome affair-lu IILI'4iCt contrast to the shoe bthyiflg btisines ot today-you wIll uotlco we have n special hiii of boyts' niiil lhllSCS' tflU nuitl blacI ithoes thut wo'vo btartelh at $1jO , vlkic1& tills the bill exactly , For wear , lit auti style It Ii never h1eel equaled tutu at the vrlce ' Ii ; le the best thioo ever brought to this : city , Ireayy soles am ! solid as p. rock , ntSI,50. I Drexel Shoe Co. . - . TIll IIA'V OP ST4O Looks ti little out of date-but hero's sometYiluig new-brand new-up-to tlate -marked 145. Did YOU OVer hear of a now-big-full sized ilauo-8 letIalH- liateut Inthilior-COutInuous hinges-ole- giunt desigu-s'llllhg ( for $115 7-that's the price-u znnlhutacturer's lithe thmt got stuck in OIUaihtt-vO are asked to (1151)080 ot thieui-wo Cfill tb It-to make sure of It we mark them A. Hospe. Jr. Music sid Art. 1513 Douglas ALCOHOL CLAUSE REPEALED ilouso Adopts a Measure for Choghig the Wi153n Tariff Act. DO.1IVER OF IOWA TALKS ABOUT BOlES ScolTs at the Senntc and this S'rcMldent nsat Thou Irlfts Into h'olltiii Until Protests Are Ilniseil Agninst lhliia , WASHINGTON , May 2G.-The house today , by a vote of 165 to 69. passed the bill for the repeal of section 61 of the present tariff law , provIding for a rebate on alcohol used in the arts or medicinal compounds. An amend- meat was attached to the bill providing for a joint commission to consist ot , three members from each house to examine and report on all questions relating to free alcohol at the next session , The opposition to the mneas- nra came almost entirely from eastern and New England states. An analysis of the vote shows that. fifty-six democrats , 104 republicans - publicans and five popullats voted for the bill , had sixty republicans and nine democrats against the bill. The senate amendments to the genea1 deficiency ( except the French spohiation claims and claims under the 130w- man acti , werq disagreed to , and the bill sent to conference. Mr. Dolliver , republican of Iowa , a member of the ways and means comrmlttee , spoke in favor of the alcohol bill. lie ridiculed the idea of attempting republican - lican legislation against the opposition of the "Inert , populistic mass in the senate" and the "inert , free trade mass in the white house. " Mr. Dolliver then drifted into politics , and paid his respects to ox-Governor Horace Boles of Iowa , who , he raid , looking In vain through the dust and cobwebs of a country law office for a republican nomhna. tion , joined the anti-prohibition element in Iowa and carrie'I the democratic party to victory. With cutting satire lie described Mr. l3oks a' tiring of the contemplation of the legal 'status of the town pump , and turn- log his attention to broader fields. lie told of a dinner at tue New York Reform club in 1891 , at which Cleveland , Carlisle and Boles were present , and at which Boles dc- livered a high tribute to the prosperity of the country under tIme McKinley law. He eulogized the splendid leadership of Reed , McKinley , l3iaine and Harrison , undr which the McKinley law had been enacted , and described the misrepresentation of that law which had overthrown the splendid republican phalanx. and bad given congroes over to the 'widest ! assortment of political freaks that ever added to the gayety of nations. " lie went on to describe how Mr. Boles bad once again "shifted his horizon , " and now sought , 'with some local success. " to restore the irosperity of a republican administration , by advocating the "unlimited manufacture of 50-cent dollars. " The republican side displayed a good deal of indecision during the delivery of Mr. fbI. liver's remarks , but Mr. McMiiiin , democrat of Tennessee , angrily protested against consuming - suming the brief time for debate with apolitical harangue and Mr. Knox , republIcan of Massachusetts. joined in the protest. Mr. I3artlett , democrat of New York , and Mr. Colson of Kentucky , opposed and Mr. McMiiiin advocated the alcohol bill. The tat. ter denied that the proposed legislation was in the interest of the whisky trust. Mr. Dingiey , chairman of the ways and means committee , closed the debate in favor of the measure. There were , be said , three facta to be borne in mind : First , this was not a tariff bill , It was simply an internal revenue bill ; second , with claims against the government piling up , good administration demanded its repeal , arid third , the present provision was absolutely unworkable. fly 112 to S the house accepted the corn- promise amendment agreed on by friends and opponents of the bill , providing for the appointment of a eommltteo to examine all questions relating to free alcohol and report - port to congress next December and , as amended , the alcohol bill was . passed , 165 to 69. - - Another partial report on thq Indian appropriation bill , which left only the ques- Uon of the sectaria0 schools and the old settlers claims still in dispute , was adopted. At 5:45 : p. m. the house adjourned. WEYLEII MAKES ONE CONCuSSION , . ' &siierienn Ovrners.ofLenf Tobnoon in Cuba tViII lIe Allowed to Eaport It. WASHINGTON , May 26.-The State department - partment is omcially informed that all contracts - tracts for Cuban leaf tobacco entered into before the publication of the order of Captain General Weyler prohibiting Its exportation will be respected and that citizens of the United States proving themselves to be bona dde owners of such tobacco prior to the premulgation of the order will be permitted to export the same as heretofore. Mity Veto Itiver and harbor Shill , WASHINGTON , May 26.-There is now good reason to believe that the river and harbor bill will be vetoed by the president. Secretary Lament , having returned from New York , has been consulted by Mr. dave- land on the subject and it is intimated that the veto mescage Is now In course of prepor- ation. The president regards the measurca as carrying to the extreme the plan of corn- muting the government to large expenditures through the contract system. Ilsngree on California Minerimi Lands WASHINGTON , May 26.-The house corn- rnlttee on public lands today voted to recon- aider its recent action on the bill for the segregation of mineral hands In California. The committee had agreed to the senate amendment , whtch extended the provIsions of the bill to Oregon. but today decided to report - port to the house a disagreement and ask for a conference. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Vetoes a l'nstmnstt'r's Cinim. WAShINGTON , May 26.-The president has sent to t3m house his veto of a bill fOr the relief of Benjamin F. Jones , who was postmaster at Beauregard , MLss. Jones' claim was for $50 for carrying mail , but lie was a defaulter to the government in the sum of $190. _ _ _ _ Aldrich \Vhsis Iii CotiiItjt'e _ WASHINGTON , May 27.-The Aldrich-Un. dcrwood electton contest froni the Seventh Alabama district was settled today by the house conirnltteo on elections No. 1 in favor of T. II. Aldrich , the repubhican.popuil.stlc contestant. ' I . ' ' . : ' jJ ! 'IuiI3 HA' ! ' 051' 1170- . , \as something like time other idenm of tiuzit t1att-thie ieoilo did not In- ( orni thiemst'Ives 'ha they do today- ulioro siectacles are woi'ii IiO.U.(1iI'S ( lCCahlSe ) jucopho know the boneilts. Dr , Iticimurd 0. Moore htil'S "both my tmtlnly % and I have becut litted wIth glmnises by Dr , Seyzimour of your optlemmi do. Partihient and it Is with vleasiiro I l'CL'OIhIlflOulI ( your votk , " Ir. 1) , 1) . Arnold says our work Is Iortect. Aloe & Penfold Co. SinoffllgLiorm Afl iufroutofswro. arnam itESUh.TS ON Thhil ILl 'NlNu TlLtCiCS. Porn. I'inyers ntfIl6ris ! 'nrlc ( act Oil in 'Cuitp1 .1iulees. NE\S 'YOflK , May 4.-FavorItes fareti lthly at Morris paiM tdny as a rule. In the open race Shniare II was asked to pick up 114 poun'1sani ! win , which he did very easily , thue he had very little to teat. . In the secq\il'olley was the out- alder of three and \t'oh easily at the end. There was a go ( I dII'6C speculation about the Laureate stakee' . but liaphaztrit wa' settled upon as thJ favorIte and backed heavily. lie eould I16 rio better than ccc- end , however , for llttion caine in an easy tyinfler. Deeralayer was backed for the favorite - vorito In the fourth' mtee as if It was allover , but hionwell tkj a measure without trouble , the going just suiting him lie was at remarkable odds.7 Itidelin was the favorite - ito for the fifth evf.n , but he had to be driven to win from Aaro. the others being absolutely out. In theast race I'remier'a good race on Saturday as completely overlooked - looked and Cromwell ithd Copyright were made equal favorites. Premier however , ran away from all and won at the odds of 8 to 1. ltesuhtsI First race , six and a halt furlongs : Shake- sPeare' 11 (2 ( to 5) ) won , ltocedale (2 to 1) sec. enl , \Vhppany ! (30 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 123i. Second race , one mite , sel'ing ; Volley (5 ( tO 2) ) won , Abus (9 ( to 5) ) second , lheneniaia (7 ( to 5) ) third , Time : 1:43. : Third race , Latireate , fire furlongs : flap- tion (6 ( to I ) won , haphazard (2 ( to I ) second , Time Friar (4 ( to 1) ) third. Time : 1:03. : Fourth race , one mile : Ilanweht (5 to 1) won , leerslayer (7 ( to 10) ) secOnd , Aurelian ( S to 1) ) third. Time : t:42L5. : F'Ifth race. five furlongs : Eldehin ( even ) won , Azure' (7 ( to 1) ) cocoon , The Manxman (5 to 1) ) third. Time 1:02 % . Sixth race , mile and a sixteenth , selling : I'remier ( S to 1) ) won , Prig ( to 1) ) second , Cromwell (5 ( to 2) ) third. Time : 1:50 : , KANSAS CITY. May 26.-First race , six furlongs : Stelin Logan won , Mice Gilmore second , Zerilda third. , Time : i:19i. : Second race , three and a bait furlongs , for 2.yenr-oids : Ettaire won , Lucy Day second , Buenos Ayres third. Time : 1:01 % . Fourth race , five furlongs , handicap : Dead heat between Come Away and 11 Ii. Roy , Katy Ihird third , Time : 1:04. : Fifth race , seven furlongs : Montehl won , JO0 Woolman secind , Green Bay third. Time : 1:3214. : Sixth race , six furlongs : Carrie G Glendnlr II second , Jose Matthews third. Time : 1:21 : , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ROAD fltCEitS GETTING IN TRill. Con the Seen DniI Now Out Ofl tlit' Io.he Strtet Course , The atpirant3 for Decoration day road race honors can now be seen every day in training on the Dodge street course. Some of them tAke their pra.tico spins in the morning - ing and others in the afternoon and even- lng. The course is an ideal one for a road race. The surface of the macadam is smooth , contains but one turn and that not a dangerous one , and with the exception of one railroad track there is nothing which could be culled an obstruction. This railroad - road crossing is planked in such a manner as to render it as little inconvenient as possible. There is suflicient of down hill and level road to afford opportunity to display - play the speed of the riders and hills enough to climb to test their wind and endurance. In a jaunt over the course yesterday many of the riders were found barth at their training - ing and speed enough was sown to demon- strata that the winner will hare ample reason to congratulate himself on his sue- cess. In cycling circle , it is rumored there are some hitherto unknown men who are very likely to give the old-timers the. hot end of a very hot argument. There are rumors of fast time made over the course by several - eral of the candidates , but these , like trial heats of race horseS can always be taken with a grain of alfowance It is pretty safe to Sn ) ' , however , that the scratch men will not hay back this year waiting for the other fellow to set pa l and let a handicap man win time prize."without a struggle. They have learned alesson and all who ax- pect to be put on.scxatch yow they will ride it out from the crack of the pistol and if a handicap man 'wjns time prize this year he will have to 'dde hard and be a whole lot bettor than.tbo handicappers gave him credit for. RED OAK WTil 3LtSY FIRSTS. js : . . . . - CLInICS of the lgdflth'svcstern Iowa uILzlL SChOO15rfl Chnrlndn , CRESTON , In. , f r 26.-Special ( Tehe- gram.-The ) field thii' , of the Southwestern Iowa High schOols at'crarinda today was a grand success. Reult Base ball : Carinda , . ; Bedford , 7. Tennis : Bedford ivon. ; One hundred yard dah : Clark , I3edtrd , won. Time : 0:103-52' : Twelve pound chot put : Pinkerton , Creston - ton , won , 37 fecLfl-iaches. Running broad jump : Palmer , Red Oak. won , 19 feet 2'inche. , . ° ' lInac bali throw : Steven , Red Oak , won , 300 feet 5 inches. Half mile bicycle ; Holmes , Villisca , won. Time : 1:12f : , 'rwo hundred and twenty yard dash : Clark , iledford , won. Time : 0:23 : 3-5. Running high jump : Flick , Bedford , won , 5 feet 3 inches. Standing broad jump : hills , Red Oak , won , 11 feet 6 inches. I'ole vault : Maloney , fled Oak , won , S feet 11. inches. Twelve pound hammer throw : Giles , Red Oak , won , 91 feet 6 inches. Hurdle race : Hoincs , Vlflisca , won. Time : 0:193-5. : Half milo run : Jeffers , Red Oak. won. Time : 2:15 : 4.5. Running hop , step and jump : Garner , Red Oak , won , 41 feet S inches. One and one-tirdf mile bicycle race : Holmes. 'Villisca , won. Time : 3:32 : ½ . Jqhn V. drum of Bedford had charge of the day. _ _ _ _ _ _ Foot flail 1'lnyers Off for Ihntle The Omaha foot ball eleven , under the management of Charles Thomas , left last evening for Iiutte , where they play a game on Decoration day. The team is composed of men well up in the game , each one of them being a strong individual player , but they liars never at any time played together and none of them have had any recent practice or training for the event. They will have one of the strongest aggregations in the country to contend with and if they score wiil have to work hard from the minute tIme ball is put in play. Teiuils Doubles itt Dublin. DUIILIN , May 26.-In the tennis match for doubles today in the annual competition for the amateur athletic championships of Ireland at Rail's Iirldge. the English team , consisting of 'ST. ] tensha'w and Eaves , lull. yard and Lewis , and W. Iladdeley and II. Baddoey won from the Irishmen , hall-Green and Murtia , Mnhony and Goodb.dy , Pim and Stoker , by 26 sets to 16. New Vnvnced Mile. DENVER , May 26.-A. ii. Hughes rode a mile , unpaced. today in 2:01 : ½ , making a new world's amateur bicycle record , The best previous record was 2:03 : 1-5 , made by harry C. Clark in Denver. DI2MING. N. M. , May 26.-A , Ii. Simons today lowered the world's unpaced third mile bicycle record to 0:13 : 3-5 and made the quar. ter in 0:25 1.5 , timed by electricity , Crelgliton Ilesiteii at 't'n usa. WAUSA. Nob. , May 20.-Special ( Tele. gram-Tho Wausa Lilies and the Creigh- ton Crackerjac"cs met hero today. The re- suIt was'it hot game ending in favor of the Lilies by a score of S to 1. flatteries : Wausa. Morrison brothers ; Creighton , Graham and Sullivan. 1 : - ' S UI , S iia TIlE H.tT OP IS& ) Moi'e faoulliarly 1loWfl ns "Chi'and. pa's hat , " t'ns of very large iropol' . tions-InIt fl dozen of them wQuld uiot legiim ) to hold time "American beauty" . mulil "La Fraiie" 'cmses that y. are going to give away to every lady hi. t'yeliitt : will ) iittt'flIe ( our "bicycle recep- tioll" uleyt 'l'lulrstla ) ' o'eimliigVe liroullisi' s'Iioel ieOPIt' tIme tliiutt of their lives. ' 'u vIi1 not "tire" yell , ( or our t'xlert 'hiaudics" soda vater like a "scorcher , ' Kuhn's Drug Store , Really the only th Z T' 1 Cut Price Drug Store " - ° ' ongaas O CA1P FOR TilE CAIETS ) Univdrsity raculty SitI Down on the Companies' Annual Outing. RESULT OF TIlE COMPETITIVE DRILL Pt''iiiig Rtigen.lcri'il i.nst $ nurllny l' to tue COnt'lisloii thiiit the Nebraskit City hinterprie Sliuuhih lie .thnziihoneI , LINCOLN , May 26.-Speciai.-The ( ) cadets of the University of Nebraska are very much disgruntled against a recent dec aba of the faculty against their going into camp this year. Several indignation meetings have been held , and the end is not yet , It Is asserted that the attitude of tIme faculty originates in the fact that on Saturday night last there was a somewhat riotous d'poitiOn imtanl- fasted among some of the companies conipet- lug for the prizes offered for superior drilling - ing , which disturbance led to the arrest of 000 of ( 'he c'Idets. The ground selected for the encampment Is at Nebraska City , and the faculty Is fearful of similar exploits among ( lie young men It they are allowed to go into camp near that city. Some of ( ho boys declare they will go into camp anyway. The Pershing Rifles have extended a cordial Invitation - tation to the cadets to participate , and it Is freely claimed that the invitation will be accepted. Governor Holcomb today sent commissions to Miiton 13. Deck of Bennett , recently ap- ponted ! surgeon of the Firat regrnent ! , Nc- braska National Guards , and to MaurIce A. heaver , appointed surgeon of the Sccond regiment. Both have the rank of captain. Adjutant General flarry has aent"-to each company in the guards 200 rounds of bionIc cartridges to be used on Decoration day. For several weeks Lincoln people have been annoyed by potty thieving , Including chickens , clothing and small articles left lying around the house. Today the police raidct 'a camp of tramps near Twenty- seventh and U streets , capturing four and chasing another out of sight. Officer flout- zahn fired several shots at hi retceatlng form , but so far as learned none of thorn took effect , The four landed at ( be station are a tough looking lot. One of them , Delaney - laney , alias McVoy , alias Smith , is supposed - posed to be the man who lately broke into the residence of H. M. Scott. The city council has given notice that after July 1 no more bilis will be paid for the maintenance of the Lincoln police force , It is expected that property owners along the beats of the patrol will pay all expenses - penses in ( ho future. Under instructions of the court the hood perjury case this afternoon passed into history , the jury bringing in a verdict of acquittal. The defense hind entered a tie. murrer to the evidence against hood and Judge Hall sustained it and ordered the jury to acquit. The jury in the case brought by Oliver & Lansing against It. H. Moore to recover on a $500 subscription to the building Cf the Lansing theater , today returned a ver- duct in favor of the plaintiffs for $500 and Interest from 1891 , the full amount claimed. Brad D. Slaughter , receiver of the Lin- coIn street railway , has asked the district court to remove the case recently brought by the city to foreclose on the road for delinquent taxes to the federal court. He says that is the proper tribunal to fix the priority of liens. Omaha people in Lincoln : At the Lindell- E. A. W. Sneli , D. F. hiurd , 'V. B. John- son. At the Capital-J. M. Casey. At the Lincoln-fl , G. Harte , F. 13. Wingate. AWFUL . EXI'EltIidNCE OP A. BOY. Dragged for Ilourasit the hlcei of a \'hId lliiIe. BELGRADE , Neb. , May 26.-Speclaj- ( ) Yesterday as young Riley Jianer was returning - ing borne riding a mule , the animal threw him , His loot became tangled in the stir- run and he-was dragged about the prairie , no one knows how long , as he was alone. His shoe finally came oft and released his foot. His friends notIced the mule all day with the other horees and supposed the boy had turned it loose and did not go to look for him till nearly dark. They found him covered with blood and dirt and still uncon- clous. Ho was removed to iii home and a physician summoned , and at present he is resting easy with fair prospects of recovery. FIGIJItING ON A 1510 INVES'I'hII3Np , Eastern Cnpltnlits Anxious to l'ur- ehizist' liii. ile'zitrlc't' Street Car Line , BEATRICE , May 26.-Special-After ( ) a thorough investigation of the track , buildings - ings and equipments generally of the Beatrice Electric company , the three New Yorkers who hare been in the ely for several days left at noon. They did not succeed In pur- chaalng Ilorbach's controlling interest In the plant , but left a proposition for the same , which is only $5,000 short of the amount asked , There is said to be a probability that the proposition will be accepted , and if it. IS the now ownera wiil at once put the motor lines into active operation. It is understood that In any event the lines will be in operation - tion by the middle of June , SvhiidIetl On nfl ( ) Ii1 Gnome. FREMONT , May 26.-Speclal.-C. ( ) C. Davis , who has yictimhzod the morchanta of several towns by claiming to be an advance agent of Robinson's circus , making contracts - tracts with them for supplies anti borrowing a little money on them had Fremont on his list of towns and made arrangements for the gircus to show here Juno 17. He had dr. cus blank contracts of all kinds and seemed to understand the business though looking rather seedy for a circus man , A far as hoard from he got no money out of tills town. lie made all necessary arrangements for the circus. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ iix-hhasik CnsIiI.'r on Truth , LOUP CITY , Neb. , May 20.-Spocial ( Tale. gram-Dlstrict ) court is now in session with Judg"o Westovor of fluah'iile on ( ho bench , to try the criminal cases against A. T. Nichols - ols , the ox-cashier of the defunct People's State bank of Litciifleld , in which cases Judge Green of this district Ia disqualified. Crops in Gooti Condition , NORTH PLATTE , Neb. , May 26.-Spe- ( ciai.-Crops ) are looking fine and the acreage - age of irrigated crops is much better than aver before. The first crop of alfalfa is nearly ready for harvest. : ' . . : ' TIIH hAT OIC .1R3O _ , \Sas vtmm'y nihstoci'atlc-not .so much 80 US the ninny colored "Eclipse" hi- cycle-the wlie'el that's tIm strt.mgest sss'lftest-higlitest and Iow'est li'ed- ) thu highest grailti w'hmeei mimmide , It Is tIme most modern of' all wheels-itiul cciii only be ithli'eClihtel ) ( 1)7 a Persohmmil liisiwctlomh. Bring your bicycle tt'heiiil iIhilg tiild w'o'll heave It to him whiethier It's Ilot Just us we repi'ec'nt antI lflol'c , too. Wolfe Electrical Co. othidOtrcetftj4 Captol Ave _ _ _ - - - - c- - - _ Tomorrow and next day-- Two days of unprecedented Bargains Iii the Weinberg Stock Everything nirked down lower than ever-ihe biggest bargains you c'ver sa\v. Nothing Reserved Capes - Cloaks Sitits Waists At Half what Weinberg paid-- S At Fourth what you. ever. paid- Pick out what you want- No Price , within reason , refused- for In Two Dys We Move to iii Douglas. THE STATE Yll M1 0. A. Building. UIgNOWN MAN FOUND BI3AD. Body Located limit Oat Field Near 1,20 lI' or ii. ELKUORN , Neb. , May 26.-Spedial ( Tee- hopper , residing south of gram.-WiIliam ) Elkborn , this afternoon found the dead body of an unknown man' in an oat field a quarter of a mile south of town. He evidently was about 50 years old , we'gblng about 160 pounds , and was five feet seven inches in height. lie was dressed in a faded brown diagonal coat and vcet , white shirt. celluloid collar , black cravat , white suspenders , light colored pants with wide stripes and low cut cloth top gaiters. In bin pockets was found two handkerchiefs , pair of gold-rimmed spec- ( aches , snuff-box , door key , small comb , small memorandum book and a puree contain mig $1.25. There were no marks en his clothing by which ho could be identified. In the book ho carried there not a scratch of a pen or pencil. Coroner Burket was notified and this evening came out and held an Inquest and took the body to Omaha for identification and burial. The jury , from the stories of the witnesses , surroundings and cond ( ion of the body , found that the deceased came to his death by cause unknown. Coroner Burket says the man has been dead a week or more. Cinsa flu ) Exercises. DUNBAR , Nob. , May 26.-Special.-Tbe ) graduating exercises of the Dunbar 111gb athool were held in the Cumberland Preaby- terian church last evening. The church bad been tastefully and beautifully decorated and was filled to overflowing. Friends of the class were present from Nehawka , Wyo. mning , Auburn , Talmage. Lorton , Syracuse and Nebraska City. Tim graduates are : Mimes Ililie McCailiater , Mao Westbrook , Nellie West , Mao McAllister ; Messrs. Edwin - win 1 ! , Jones , David McAllister and Richard James , WAHOO. Neb. , May 26.-Spec'al-The ( ) ninth annual banquet of the Alumni association - sociation of the Wahoo 111gb school was held on the ground floor of ( lie opera house block last night. A short prcgram and businees meeting was held at time 111gb school. The athirci's of welcome was delivered by Preel- dent 11. 4. Phelps , and the response by Gertrude Smith , An adjournment was then taken to the banquet hall ip the opera house block , where an Interesting program was rendered , Guests and members were pres- cnt to the number of about 100 , ODEIJL , Nob. , May 26.-Special.-Tiie ( ) closIng exercises of the Odell high school were hold lest evenIng In the Methodist Episcopal chum-cit. Theta exercises consIsted of orations from the eleven graduates , Instrumental - strumental music by Mls Nellie l'ayne and a vocal solo by hiss Quinn , TECUMSEJI , Nd , . , May 26-Special.- ( ) Time graduating exercises of time Tecumseh high school were held at the opera house ln3t evening. The hall was crowded , Fifteen 'S 1 ; p , ' . .j. 'l'hlid IIAT OP 1870- Iteiiiiimds us of a "stove plpe"-prob- ably because w'o Imuove so many "stove hiPCS" aiid oilier household ( tui'nltui'c iii otir "Dig Vans. " l' ii'vo iil'obaluly hieum'tt that w'o caru'y ofl tIme entire contents of it $ eS'ehi'rOdlmi iiouiqu Iii ommu of our "BIg Vniis"-s'elI , unit's so-aumU ( iirthiermiiore hut co.'ut Is iilnit a thiii'd of s'hint It is by thin "s'agomo wa-for s'e charge ly thin load-big loath for little juice. We umiso store goods. Omaha Van thuld ? ; Our telephone , 15531415 F \Vabasli 0111cc , members constitute the class. Each of them took a short part In the exercises. ORLEANS , Neb. , May 26.-Special ( Tele- grarn.-A ) class of seven members graduated tonight from the Orleans public school. The class conoists .of Edith Jennings , Ihlancho Claypool , Anna Manning , Frank SVitllace , Lulls Chandler , Maude Van Sickle and Mabel Olson. The class addrc'e was delivered by EDit. F. 13. Beau of Hastings. i5121)UC13n SAIthtll3S 01" OI'FICEIIS. Beatrice City CouncilConeltides to Ii. hit' it ii U iii I CIII. BEATRICE , May 26.-Special ( Telegram. ) -The city council tonight passed the salary reduction ordinance , which reduces time sala- rica of all cty : orncers an average of 25 percent , except that of councilmen , which ret. mains 0. The city attorney read a petition which will be filed in the district court tomorrow on the action entitled "The City of Beatrice against the Beatrice Electric Company , " praying for a writ of mandamus requiring it to repair the pavement between the street car tracks throuhout time cty and to keep them urfaccd to conform to the ordinance - nance under and in pursuance of which the franchise wa.s granted , and on failure to corn- ply that the franchise be declared forfeited. The ainessor reported the areessment of personal property $20,000 short of last year , and real estate valuation , $60,000. Nebraska News Notes. Judge Sedgwick is presiding at a term of district court at David City. lion. John F , Irish of San Francisco and w. J. Bryan will debate the silver question at time Crete Chautauqua. About 100 tenting claims have already been staked out for time conming Beatrice Cimnu- tauqua , which opens , Juno 16 , Joseph Tucicr , colored , if Fremont Ia no- tier arrest for stealing $100 wortim of tin- mends from Mabel Bishop of that place , District court is still in seiion at Beatrice , both Judges Letton and Stull presiding. The inmmerman divorce suit , of much local in. tereet , Is booked for next week. The fifth annual mneetiui of time St. Paul Alumni association Saturday night was iargely attended , Pros , Timornmms and hayward - ward , Judge Kendall , lion , A. 71. Cady , 11ev. C. C , Cissell , John floe and Mba Elemiora Lrow delivered speeches. " , Villiam Barker of Chadron lost hmb mit for damages instituted against the B. & If. lie alleged that. his house was destroyed by' sparks from one of the company's engines. The railroad in turn formally charges Barker witim perjury growing mit of the testimony. At't'iih'ji I mm I mm C..hormiiio II lime' . LEADVILLE , Cola. , May 26.-Georgo W , Cook. western rpresentativo of the liii. nols Steel company , fell from an ore bIn at time Keno mine today and broke several ribs. ' ' . 'l'hiH lIt'S' OF' 1800- Looks veIl on any 1111111 who ss'ears tailor made clothes , If you're going ( C ) be married yeti vhi1 iieecl our help- Ivo claim tlrst 1)111cc in Ounahma its tzmI1or of thuio w'eddiiug stilts-they have benit 1)EltiSOil ( ot' years us mmrntiels of every. timimig that wechhliig 8thits shioulil be in muatemIai-st'he--llt ciiitl llimishi-nio cx- tensivo hue of lnipoo'ted itud domestic c'lothies in liamicisonie patterns to select ( coin. Williams & SmithTanors Ojmp. Paxton hotel. 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