The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1931 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 2
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PACE TWO m,YTHEVlLLKMAUK.> COURIER NKWS Widow of "T, R." Back from Triji Cooler stores THURSDAY, JANUARY 8, ]<J31 Sll0pplng ut Society Calendar . ..Friday- '-,..,; 1 The Dorcas Sunday school class i i of the' First Baptist church »-|H' have Its monthly meeting >^il the home of Mrs. T. H. Hayncs'at 7:30 o'clock, when the -officers v,11l he hn=:t.*":*n5 ": ' •'• <'• - Bits of Neios Mnsllv Personal hostesses. Mrs^ C. W. Aflllck will entertain the Fidflis Sunday school - class of tiie.First Baptist o'clock when officers of are urged to attend. The 'executive board of ior Hleh ' Grady Cancer lell toJiy for S;- natli,' Mo., where"hc will make his home with his parents. ' K'allona! P.-T. Head fa Attend Stale Session Mrs. llus.i Bradford, of Calllor- Kln. nctUsuu! .Kevident of I he Con- gres- of I'Liri'it Teachers, will be Hie iv.ii'.->! i.-f ihe Arkansas c:n- (jross or I'jn ill-Teachers in Hoi Springs Friday. Wliflo there tin 1 will link; nriniigcments for Steclc Society—Personal her home hi Kidgeu>pTenr>.. ' tkm -will have an tmparlnnt busi- morrow after having spout scvoral WortI \vas received here Wcdne< ilicrtav mornlnj of tho wedding of Ml;., Anderson A. M;i fpr children from six to and Mrs. Welch Foster ten years of ages.' Martha Reynolds Thfe,: Children of the Confederacy E. O. Hanklns is attending will meet with-Misses Helen an:! business in I.cachvlll" to-lay JaneL-Barncs with Miss Thelnu Tcmmy Kstchcr of Wilson was Wort£mgton-leader.of the !x;e and the guest of Miss Keturah Hoely las', evening. | Mrs. Francis Carpenter nnd M:« i Mary Louise Tfiylor we're visitors ID I S—S-10- M;mp!ii5 the first of the week. They ' I were accompanied by Miss June- 1 1 Euck who returned to St. Mary 1 : j af^er spjiidin;; the holidays . with , . of Cliaffea and formerly of Stwlc. She was very popular n musical circles, being an accom- .pushed musician, and was nn ac- .?_.,tive vvnkcr in the Baptist church - , of this place, Slie received her od- i lie-alien at Stcele High School and i later attended Junior ' Cui-utlicrsvlllc. BY rmvAitn c. WOI.FK Mi-nibrr of Ihr .Vallaiwl Cliump- luii!.hl|! Auction Team Jackson program. DZCLAJ1EB Echoes How,'.b>veet th? answer Echo To Music at night When,'rousid by ; 'lute or/horn, shs ! -waltes,- '- ' l -' Yet LSve.-JSh cilices And far more'swcet Tiian •e'er.'Beneath thc Moonlight's star, Of horn or luta or soft gulur The songs repeat. Tis when thc slg^h — In youth sincere , And only then, The sigh that's breathed for one to hear— Is by that one, that only Dear Breathed back again. T. Moore. | liiir parents Mr. and Mrs. C. K. And .far away o'er lawns nnd lakes! . OoesVanswering light! J .' "• 'Honey and daughter Miss Mary are moving to tl'e'.i- resldenr? on West -Mnln street, the form'""home of Mrs. J. C. Cibb. I.. D. Cimml'llu urs a business I visitor In Memphis Tuesday. : Mlis Ada Uunavant is in Pnra- gould tortiy visiting her parents Mi. antl Mrs. J. n. Klrby, of Paragould, arc the guests of Mr. and Mrs Harry Klrby. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ellen W. Klrby for D H-3 U-Q-109-C-5 C—K-G-3- H-&.K-IO-74 U-A-7-4-3 C—tone EAST Collcf.' nl Dr Thomas is 'a i-romlr.cnl dentist at Chaffec. He I:: r. graduate of the daitnl school of St. L-uls University and a former resident of WorthlnRton, Mb. The young couple will make their iioine In Chaffce local L. mil, dircclor of alumni acllvl-1 school at some time, the report, I .. _ , ! ties at the University of Missouri, estimates. ; H. Ballcntliv; transacted business 1 revealed there are mere than 25,-, in Carutnersvllle Tuesday. • COO alumni and former sludents '• Before his conversion, th-> Aires- oinude Holmes ami Tommle Hop- now living in llio state ol Mis-' tie Paul had carried on an C n«r-' i,!.' i . o were shOPPC" at sourl. Almost 40,000 living men: geic persecution of the Christians local stgres Saturday. Blld yomen have attended the i in 1'alestlnc. Mrs. Alma Grisson was a Blythe- vll!.' visitor Wednesday. Mr. Clyde Hudgeons of Blythc- villc was a visitor here Monday afternoon, Austin Ellis made a business trip to Memphis Wednesday. COLDS MAY DEVELOP INTO PNEUMONIA 40,000 Attended .Missouri COLUMBIA, MO. CUP)— Statistics, recently prepared by R. Coughs from colds nay lead to serious trouble. You can slop them iioir with CreomuWon, an emulsified creosote lint is pleasant 10 lake. CreonmUion is a medical discovery with iwu-fuM action; it soothes ;:ml hcali tho iufiameu 1 membranes and m- liWis (jcrra eroislli. 0! all knoivii drugs creosote is recognized by biph itji'dk'al authorities asoni: of ll:e firejli'sl licjliug agencies lor coujJis fju'ii colds and bronchial irritations. Cieoaiulsion contain?, in addition to creosote, oilier healing elements \\liich sowho and heal ilio nifhncd membranes and tiop thct ir- lilaiion, while Ilie creofjle goes on to.• ilie elonucli, 13 absorbed into iho blood, allacks iho Etjl of the Irolibl; and checks iho giowili of ilie gerraj. treomubjion is uusrai:I«,l satisfactory in llw treatment of coughs from colds, bronchilis and minor forms of . bronchial irritations, and is excellent for building up the system sfvrcolds or hit. Money refunded if not re. n.ered °' lcr taking according to <!:iec. tuns. Atk your druggist. ( a <!v.) FOR THE COUGH FROM COLDS THAT HANG ON I Appearing In goofl health and si):: 1 : Us;, Mrs. Tiieodcrc Roosevelt, for- : SOUTH-- DUMMY S-J-5 11-1-0-8-5-2 t»—0 (;_). 10-8-S-* 8-3 H—0-6 C—A-Q- 0-7 l> Mr. and Mrs. T. C. BeastcJ- . n.c-' mcr p|rst Lady of the I/i;>rl. is j 'npanled by . their daughttr s '.°wn here as she arrived in Ne.v | .... ,--«ude Alice, and son, Joe, nnd y °rt the oilier day aficr a holiday ! rCi n ' erni'i'son, "Jr'o Marlon Michie, left vacation in the tropics. She vhiteJ j i Friday morning for Fort Myers he - s °». Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., I I Florida where tboy will spend the Bovcrnor-general of Pona Ki-.-j, «: ) j "•Inter. Maude Alice will return to' 'Snn Juan. ; i the University of Alabama and Joe -i to TulaiiD. University' lo continue',,,.7 imi, i-,.,-,!- ™,,_ .,„.__! , - . . . . Ilielv studtes Interrupted bv At auction, an urijinnl heart bid; Christmas holidays ty North I: •.Ji-cvldent. . F,a-t wit/i support lor his partner in caul i;f lilt? three other suits and with n'. leas', thru? quick trices has mcie th:u> sufficient strength (o justify an informntory double. What should Soulh do?' and little Jackie Ellis were riding, Ulc :was completely overturned near' . ,„ ! 8:iibUtown. The exact cause of the! Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Rhodes cccldcnl Is not known mid netiiier were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. the rccupants of die car nor the G. G. Trnvis, Sunday. ; car itself suffered any serious dam- 3. L. Robinson transacted busi- ' age. nrs-i in cariilhersvillo Monday. ; Mr£ j H ^^^^ nnH „„ Hoy Ponder tett Satimlay night : j,,.,.,, ,',"'.. , Sunw " days. W. A'.. Black, of Oklahoma Oil, v , , , ,,, for Columbia where he will rein my opinion, a two hearts lj!d r ., m _ j, s [ uc i t ,, s nt lhc Universitv 111 would bo wrons for (he reason that i Q" Mls'onri ""'versus; _ M[ . ^ ^ v/ w Srmca ^ • t a sinulc Q5S)5l Biiornntces not only Mr " an j'M rs . A. R. Bcckham of. c ' 1 " dl ' e " tf I'ortagevillc ivere vis- • i trump supiiort,- but defensive EnlertaUts Clal). • Mrs. Francis Carpenter entertained members of the Matinee Contract club and several cu?sts Wednesday afternoon when Misses Mary Ix>ulse Taylor and JuanlU Smith, Mrs. E. B. Dickey jr., anti Mrs. 'Randolph Smith made up the guest list. In thc bridge games Mrs. Harvey W. Stewart won the club prize, stationery, and the guest, prize, a deck of cards, went to Miss Mary Louise Taylor. The hostess served an appetizing apple salad, egg nnd olive tmd- wlches, olives and tea. • * * Club Has Guests. who spfcl the canon seasons her^ - J, h >«-' ,' ; ^ , «« Wck Av wHl' r hh famllv" ^'^ of Wh8t ™«» be IIle Mrs!''spurEeon'a 1 Pattern,, lelt ft " nl (icclnratl °^ ™* «"' Sollth Wednesday nflcrnon for Memphis where "she will Join Mr: Patterson for a trip through Mississippi uefori returning lo their homo in nlr- partner later makes a business double. A three hcnrt bid guarantees trump support only without de- aftcr swndlno- two i Icl!sivc trlcks all!l lllolllfcstl y shows mother, Mrs \V. T :m n " emul to s!lut cut furllKr bld- inlnglram, Ala.. weeks with her ... u ,.. t „. .,. ^. Ob;rst. Mrs. Oberst accompanied I ding, her to Memphis, returning last night. The writer's nolion, however, is Hint few expert players In West's . . _ Miss Bobbie Lee King left today' position would bo shut out of bid- for Monroe, La., where she attends school, after spending th,? holidays ding four West diamonds, which East can make against any Cooler were the guests of Mr.- and llors llcrc Sunday. Mrs. Abner Ashcraft Sunday after-; Cernon . Clay cf Memphis spent neon. .' | lnst ' Vi ' cc!; tnd with his parents Mr. | and Mrs. E. E. Casey. Mr.' and Mrs. A. K. Bcckham ol Fred Carlcck' of Blythevllle was! a. vsilor here Friday night.•'••>••' I Howard Pertdcr, Philip --Ko'uryj CAIID OF THINKS and Kernice Albritton were vlbltciV Thc f ^ nU c , lhe lats ' Jud c L in Cnnithcrsvllle New Yenrs night.t Moare |s grnt . fl ., fol . the lnougW . ni,tored't e So, 1D T;nn, I ^- 1 S^-^ Mr. and Mrs.. E. Cnsey nnd] ¥1 * n|| \r rfiniH(T\ daughter, Miss Vallte and son .fiAMLl 1 ItltU, with iicr parent?. Mr. and Mrs.! defense. Therefore a Jump bid to Robert E. Lee Kim;. i Dr. and Mrs. 1 J. H. McDaniel ]r.,!b j four hearts by South appears the best d eel a ml ton. motcrf i.lo JoiKS'ioro yesterday lor! The rule for the assisting li«nd the dafovlicr? thay visited Mrs. Ms- 1 can be well FtAted In tlie follo^inc J'sS'ist • • • • Danlel Mr. -mid tfir. Mrs. ! words: "Whenever r. hand is strong Joe S Dillahunty: offensively (that is hearts When Mrs. K.'c. Fatten enler-! ?"1'» m "5;:. n ' °^"' ™!^' Irunip) and weak dtfentlvcly (U«l !o this city where Mr. Dillahunty; i s w f t ii t h c ndversnrlcs playing the will establish his olflce as comity: i, nn ,i) i\ Kn j umi> n >( > bidding to nssessor. n i \easi one trick more than you Alex Perdu:, of thc Smith Print- ;W!(!VC vour parLl i CV w m mak e." ing company nl Pine Dlulf, Is the : u wou]d , |lUecd rcqulri3 CO n S ld- IgUKl of his sister, Mrs. \\. Uo:i ; cni))]c ,, ollragc ml a , c , )nrt of W esl .Smith, ami fnm'.'y today. ', 0 W( , five di,,,,,,,,^ OV( , r a fo , ]r Mrs- W. A. Dobyns. wlro has been. ljm(;H dcc , nmtloll| an(1 yct r, ve ' diamonds can be made against anything but perfect defense. Thc Play Played nt Jienrls. the best lead seems to be a small trump, Icad- .lie Icnaco suits be avoided and taincd the Wednesday Brldga club she also had Mesdamcs Clarence Vollmer, Elton W. Kirby, Marvin Robinson and Jack Horncr ns guests. Miss Margaret Mahan. tho n? club, member, won th? hosiery a; 1 .': the guest prize, a picture, went to Mrs. Clarence Vollmer. Mrs. W. B Tanner, a bride, received a makeup box. - A delicious salad course was served ttil hcoffee. Mpsic Club Meets. The McDowell Junior Music club met Wednesday nflmioon 1 'at lhe mr. aim ,uvs. jiuo^n i-uvicr ;i:ia •„..,. -,,,,„. v m - t h i-iki^ Hi" studio of Miss Minnie L;e Jones, daughter. Elaine Anderson, linve [ *$ k ™ d crols-niffs rmtte 111 for iwo indnths, is able be out. Among those from Osrcoln wl attended tlic funeral o.' ; JudBcC. : L Moore tills niornhii! were: Mr. and i Mrs. George Erirlngion. Mrs. F. B., ,„., Rv ,- (ro|] . Hale, Ed Quinn._ Vance Cartwright.; sh = HW ' scnetMy Lum Eriuan, Joe Montague ami daughlcr. Miss Josephine Moutagn^. Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Polier a:ici ' thc teacher, when Misses Margaret Ozment, Kitty Bell Newman and Dina Saliba were hostesses. For the program the club song was sung and plnno solos played by- Misses Chrisline Brycans, .June Workman, Josephine Brycans, Colleen Holland and Anitn Joyce Bryeans. Howar^ Massey told.-the life of BeethoveJi and "Minuet in O" from this, composer was r played by- Miss Kitty "Bell Newman. The 30 minute'Study course, conducted by thc instructor, displayed' much interest among the pupils in. thf topics and answers to questions of musical Interest. Two members and these guests,' moved to the Evrard home al 1101 West Ash street. the lead of the .six of hearis is more apt to prove disquieting than first two lhe dummy and clubs In his own hand. Hie hands, ruffing fllamouds in Kelson and Miss Alice McDaniel '' motored to Pnragould. Ark., Sun-! dny where they'were the guests o'fi Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Hopkins former' [ WEAK, NERVOUS residents of this place. Hugh 'nrlttain arrived frcuij Dumas, Ark., to spend p."\veok with.his pnrc % nts.;Mrs : ."Brittnin and children 'have'''been here' ''sine,} Christinas but will return with Mr. Dumas' r.oxt Sunday. Raymond and Hubert Perry of Cooler transacted ' business hero Wednesday. Mrs. Charley Sampson of IMra- goulil. Ark., is the guest of her sisters, Mrs. Paul Frame nnd Miss Dclsie Stewart. Rev. G. R. Ellis was returnee! to his borne in tls city Monday afl- from lhe Methodist Hospital in Memphis where iw has been lor several weeks ill a very serious condition. Hg~(s Imprqyjng .rapidly no\v. ^ '• Mr. and Mrs. H. E. 'Darner-'have returned after spending two weeks In SI. Louis. While enroute from Ctiruthers- ville to Sice!/:: Monday morning tile car in which Mrs. Abuer Ashcraft Sunday"! Took Cnrriui, It Built Me \\~ mi .i j LVII i :r ' • ™ ' Mesdames .Clarence Mapsey, Join Bryearis; W.'C. Halford,'J. W. Fes Mr. and Mrs. Rowland Wolfor! ' Thc crWoa | p!n y comes wiien North will have as their guests Friday ; lctl(]s Ule fourth diamond for diisn- Mrs. William Smith of Tulsa. Okb.. my to ruff . At f., ls sli , 5Ci south Mrs. Morris Block and Mrs. John cnn 5 n p |i, his queen o! trumps McKenzie, of Paragould. nmi w ln the trick. If he docs, the • declarer will score fcuv otld and County School Heads i*"" 18 ' Demise he will dijcnrd cue ,.... . . lot dummy's two losi!.y spades. TV ill nde^i at Armorel Played at diamonds, the Orfrnso is equally inlcresllnc. After ruff- Tlie 55 superintendents and jn-in- ! l"5 the second heart Wcsi \v ill ot cipals of Missitsippi county schools i course iead a trump. North must wjll attend a group meeting al Ar- «°' Pl n y llis ai ' c of diamonds C'.i morel Tliurday evening -ivhen O. C.; tllc flrsl trump trick ami certainly Floyd, of the state department of i not on the s?comi trump trick, ff A WAY TO STOP ATIACKS OF FITS Hejiorls are rcceiycd of an amazing treatment that epileptics slate has provrd successful In Plopping their attacks. R. Lepsc. Apt. C2, 123 E. Wright, Milwaukee. Wise.,. Via* t>:t>:i supplying sufferers with this treatment. He now wishes t6 reach all those who havc^i noi teen helped nntl to do so is'hiak- Ing tlie startiing offer of a 'generous ircalment free to all sufferers. Anyoiu- alflictcd siioiild write for Says This Lady. C;LARKSVH,LE. Tenn.—"When ij was a i.'irl til home, my heallh very gccd," writes Mrs. Delia Pentecost, ol 945 Charlotte Street, this city. "I suffered Quite a bitj Irom pains in my side and back. "My mother thought T ought to take a tcr.ic, find knowing Cardui WHS sccci, 1 decided on that. Just two bottles cleared uj/ my skin and cas«! the pain,- and I fell much boiler. "Afier 1 war, married, J was weak I and rim-down, and at times very' nervous. I wo;i!a.- set tired so cosily, and dirt r.ot-feel like doing my wurk. f took Cardui ngnin. two tfOUk.=, and It built me up and 1 fell like new. I am glnd to rec- ominc-iu! i; as a reliable medicine." If you are run-down, nervous, or suffer c\ory monlh, take Cardui, a purely vcgclable reconstructive medicine of long eslablislieil value. Experience of several generations has shown that Cardui helps women to health. Ge'. ;i bottle of Cardui. and try it in your case. TAKE today, education, will bo (lie principal' West foolishly leads a third trump,. speaker. , North must win with the ace. lorceU,,^ frtc tre;1 , n , cnl , nt oncr , giving His subjec'. will to: "Tlie Edu-1 out West's last trump by leading :i I age. —Adv. and Miss Alice Freeman were serv- . calionnr Legislative Program ior: small trump and his two rcm.iining | - - L-..— cd hot chocolate and cake. ; <!>31." A report of the Southern, jiiearts, holding West to two odd. | KBGBKBI^B^H^^^HBMI • • • i Supervisors confcrci'.cc. by Mar-1 • - i P. T. A. Members ' iorie Hardy, will be given by Miss' Hear of Hobbies. j Winnie Virgil Turivr. county nip-, Students of lhe Sudbury 'clcmsn- i crv ter. ami XliM Willie A. L.IWSOIV tary school presented a "Hoobv" j colln 'y MilKrintcndent. will make program at the Parent-Teacher i a]l a;ldrof5 «» 'cHigh Spots From, meeting .Wednesday afternopii. A. llllc Supervisors' Conference" as Wille tsUng Cardui, a good laxative to use Is ThedJterd's Black-Draught. 251 a, package. 1J7-1I . \\ JSI in 12 meeung , weancsday afternoon <i. illlv ouin-mouia VUUH-LILH-U musical 1 trio by Miss'Margaref Ji«r'-i compiled by Edwln Rl Rincdcr ritt, J. E. McDowell and RO<COC"L.' Tllc mccti "S is to begin at 0:30 Morris and a brief business session } °' clocl: ' ,. completed the first meetin" ot th°' _ new year. .' . •; ; , Per.HSCOt EoWCVth Union In the .program Mary Sue Wll-j linghar.i displayed anti told o! hoi' i coin collection; Colin Douglas, wr.o '• .collects Interesting news Items and j CCOTF.R. Me.—The inrriinj! K'. studies nature, showed his no;;''he County Epw. rth l.jag'.io U:ii:\!. book; Paul Rorie, who Ins a col- se ' tor I'o.iui'.'ibn hcie Tufu.iy (•'. Jcction of 500 stamps, and AlfrsJ ; thii v.crk. Im.- b.:-n p-ttpsni-.l ,111- Arian, with 1000 in his collection j' 11 Jan - 12 - Ti:c nirc'.in? \\ttl t: hc.:i told of their hobby; Rucy Drake I in lntl !cc al Met^.odi^t ciiuri-l: and Polly Nash discussed old i building PS lor:i:;rly niinoi;r.c.t.i they are saving; Evelyn'Nash an'l-' Mi ss Hautic Terry, president of th: Helen Boswell related their favor-! Cooler chapter, suics lhai .ill th.' itc hobbies and Peggy Martin, who I chapters of (he county arc tspcct- has some confederate money show-' c d to bo represented here. . ed this. ' ! Mrs. Mary G. Spar.n and M-s Cecil Whlt-s tied for honors in the , room, having the most 'mothor'; i-.i! attendance. Masons Meet Friday i The regular communication o! IChickasawba I.srlge N'o. 134 will h; huhl Friday nigiit. Jan. 9:h. Visiting brothers src welcome. Have Candy Party. Miss Edna Ear) While was gyac-t of honor for a candy parly : given by Mrs. Cecil Wl-iilc at he;home Wednesday evening. ,-Tiia.eight couples prcwnt madcj J. C. Stevens, ll.iyli. Mo candy and played gamis for stv-'.<iismi?i,ed from '.In Ii''yth-'.i;'c cral hours. |pi la i (cx j ay Hospital Noics Wisconsin Woman Lost 11 Lbs. "Have been Inkmr: Kriischcn Salts f;r fat vco'i;citou--nm on my s«j-! ond buttle—t lost 11 ixyiir.rts in six i wo:ks and feel fine—Krusrlicn sure I iives you n lot of viu> and p;p." | Krutchen Sails ore u=cd daily by, :*ul'ion3 ell over tin. \\orU', i;o; only to ta!:e oif fat from inv:wch'hl j-ccplc but to rejnvcnnii- ::ic rii- iire system. C.i.e bottle of Knisel 11 n Salts 'lasts 4 \\tcks) costs bin !,'>c and one bottle will prove ol \.:-.i bru:- Ii' to i^oplc wlio hr,\T fcj'.jtipa- i lien, hendr.chcs.- inrllgcv.ion. ncr- j \OUSIUFS, r.icumatl'-::!, doprc*>ion.' acidity and aiito-iniiixii.itiDn. ! Not only that but one b;i".!lo will j bring iiboul' body aclivity- - incivasc | in energy, vigor ui:d ;i::'.bil'.on. bparkling eyes and freecic:u Irom pimples and blemishes — uuuto-is i know all this—you rughi In know i It. Take one half tras.o; 1 :-. in :i ] Klass of hot water every H-OMHIMJJ tefovc breakfast—walk u Intio meh. day—cut dcwn on swreti ar.d tat' forming foods. ! Sold by Klrby Druj Conrxiny '' ciril druggists Asnerica ov:r \\iil 1 . :'ac disllnci und'-i's'.ar.O.lne '; or.? bottle will help jc'j :o>/> l.\> or- ervice Low Cost Grinding Valves and Cleaning C arbon I'] i\.'w Fonl iu- ln ti'.c I'lojiH. \vu)l-c(iiii|i- pi'ii >.!ici|i—K-ll us when ymi v,;mi ii—;ui(i wv'll li«\i' it iy:i:ly. One ol' the invustmi'ttls yon can inakr. \ on will lv siii-[ivi?ctl how imirh it inipvovo.s tl'c luTt'oniuniio o;' yoni- car. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Phone SHI Ford Doalevs T^ true old-time SUGAR Houg FLA • / 7 ' S~>t J 7 ^ IM this C •vftf/jp 1 ?? tit ^///O \J(Ji'liC'ft tasted PANCAKES before until yen try them iyit,', this clear ^oUtii !yntf>. j/y<!/-//4«ji i " fl-.:-:'.-r%i"csysu c. of-.-;h..: j:.',K;^l:^s cs.ti If: 1 ! «'~p»ASTE this Golden Syrup of outs and A you'llkno\v\vhatI nieanby'realold- time sugar-house flavor'! It's ablcndwe used to make down South nearly fifty years ago when we cooked our syrups in open kettles and syrup blending became an art. "Syrup as fine as this is rare nowadays. There's more to it than selecting your ingredients carefully. There's the knack of blending at just the right time and just the right temperature to bring out its luellowsmoothncss and purcgoldcn color. '''Nobody learns to make syrups in a Bin. HEER 'j- blaster few months or a few years. ; vo =pe:it: :i' most a life-time in pcrteclini^ this Go!(*.t:'. Syrup of ours. It's as fine ns a syruj. can be. Ask your grocer for Stalcy's Golden Syrup and serve it with pancakes, wnfflcs, muffins, hot breads of all kinds. Yo.*.an make delicious cakes, cookies and ginger bread with Stalcy's Syrup. It's surprisingly inexpensive, too. Write for our frcc recipe hjok. STALKY SALES CORPORATION Dccatitr) It/iitzis Staley's GOLDEN- Syrup comci in the BLUE can For 47 years Bill Hccr lias Wended, Icslcd and u-lcd jyrups. Every batch of Sulcy syrup; must pass ihc tot of 1m educated pilite at each step in Us nuking. Staley's Fi-»vor.t\ by the Master B!e?ider Syrups

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