The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on July 10, 1970 · Page 12
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, July 10, 1970
Page 12
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leatrLIK in wij te btm la trite Link centers Afhlutt m The Sinter Compmy Link Simulators Ten-Agt Cltmei Air-Conditionnd Dual-Control Oodgt Can Cs'l (toy op iiIghf7 doyi o week. , 833-6868 ST McMurray Ri. Main Offlct Shows To See And When Starting timet are the, sttme tomorrow unless othencise indicated. FRIDAY HAL CURTIS ORCHESTRA sati nnw EDDIE ARNEL ORCH. FREE DANCE LESSONS by YWC Teeeeer HE CONtt SAT. 8:30 P.M. 7 1 1 The Speei'ofi BUHL PLANETARIU M "Weatherwetchers," 2:15, 8:15. The St a 3 APPLE HILL PLAYHOUSE "The Lien In Winter," 8:45. BECK'S PATIO THEATER "You "Can't M!k a Cow With a Wrench," 9:30. BEN GROSS B'oelett end Ber. fcsra. 9:30. (Tomorrow: 8:30, 10:451. BEVERLY HILLS PLAYHOUSE- "Bsll. Book and Candle." 8. BROWNSVILLE SUMMER PLAY. HOUSE "Liolit Ud the Sky." 8:30. LITTLE LAKE THEATER "Coma Blow Your Horn," 8:40. MOUNTAIN PLAYHOUSE -"The Student Prince," 2, 8:45. (Tomorrow: 8:45). ENTERTAINMENT NIGHTLY CASBAH 543s Ant CASBAH5' Shodyside fl U Folk Singing Rightly U II M0N. H0UTENANY AUDITIONS Q inn.. Wed. Ir Tkuri. f j Monday . I MONDAY , j BESTERMAN I STRATHMANN J! fl Imda Jeaeie Trisk l II Friday I Sahirday fl X STiH b H4LPH IMTTI flOWD J ODD CHAIR PLAYHOUSE ''Everything in the Garden," 8:30. PENNSYLVANIA STATE FESTIVAL THEATER "Indian?," 8:30. ROBERT MORRIS COLONIAL THEATER "Suddenly Last Sum-mer." 8:30. ST. VINCENT SUMMER THEA. TER "You Can't Tata It With You." 8:30. WHITE BARN THEATER "Norman, Is That You," 8:40. The Screen ART CINEMA "Alimony Lov. ars." 12:10, 2:40, 5:10. 7:40, 10:15. "Little Sister," , I.-30, 4. 6:30. 9. CHATHAM "Airport," 12:30, 2:50. 5:10, 7:30, 9:50. (Tomorrow: 12:40. 3, 5:20,. 7:50, 10:20). ENCORE "What Do You Say To a Naked Lady?" 6:15. 8:15. 10:15. (Tomorrow: 2:30, 4:30, 6:15, 8:15, 10:151. FIESTA - "The Landlord," 1:35, 3:55. 6, 8, 10.) FORUM "The Boys in the Band," 6. 8, 10. (Tomorrow: 1:45, 3:45. 6. 8. 10). FULTON "The Hawaiians," 12:10,2:45, 5:30, 10:10. Sneak pre-view at 8:15. FULTON MINI "MASH," 12:30, 2:40, 4:50, 7, 8:55, 10:45. GATEWAY "A Bsy Namd Chai-lis Brown," 12, 2, 4 6 . 8, 10. (Tomorrow: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10). GUILD "Fe'lini Satyricon." 5:20, 7:35, 9:50. (Tomo-row; 3:05, 5:20, 7:35, 9:50). KINGS COURT "Getting" S'rat," 2, 4:15, 6:30, 8:5 a"d II. (Tomorrow: 2, 4:15, 6:30, 8:45, II). MANOS "Hello, Dolly!" 1:15, 4, 6:45, 9:30. NIXON-'KeHy. Heroes," 12, 2:30. 5. 7:30, 10. PLAYHOUSE "Alice's Restau-rant " 7:30. 9:45. , SHADYSIDE "The Strawberry Statement," 6. 8, 10. (Tomorrow: 2:15, 4:15, 6:15. 8:15, 10:15). SQUIRREL HILL "Darling Lili," 2:25, 4:55, 7:25, 10. STANLEY "Chiium," 12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 8:30, 10.30. (To-morrow: .12:30, 2:30, 4:30, 6:30, 10:30. Sneak Preview 8:45). WARNER "Myra Bracken, ridae," 12:30,2:30,4:30,6:30,8:30, 10:30. Siarring Part 7 12 The Pittsburgh Press, Friday, July 10. 1970 TV s Mario Steps nto Movie Role By VERNON SCOTT HOLLYWOOD (UPI) - The number of actresses who tiptoe from television into motion pictures is miniscule. "Peyton Place" provided the opportunity for Mia Farrow, Barbara Parkins and Leigh Taylor-Young to move from mini- because lilllStFi DOWNTOWN Whft dill Uti llm! Till flei I! im: rdr... : TOAST OF THE TOWN GO GO GIRLS Nightly -til 1 o. m. No Cover Chare.' No Minimum Route 22 Monroeville, Pa. NOW APPEARING The FOUR Reservations; 824-4000 351-1383 M , I- LAwb . ...... fopulor Sleainj inapt COMING JULY 12 GE88I 6RAN6ER. TAKE SOMEOSE YOU LIKE TO 45C4 ClAIRTON BLVD. W WH ..J a. 11 HI i W FRANK JOSEPH Cocktails Dining Entertainment SUNSET EAST SSirl i W ELEMENTS OF SOUND E5vi?Y COMING EVENTS: EVERY THUR5. IXCtPTIONS VWWWWW ilia's 007 Lounge;"-- Fffl.-THE JAGGERZ I THE SCEPTORS SATURDAY HIOHER-ANB-U FINE FOOD DANCING ' FINE FOOD fat ninnvc i.nrraf.p'. i Nori. -' w tf"rTe DICK TADDY BOWLING BANQUETS and his From West View Park SVVING1K' LADDIES .RESV. i i V 'ROCK WITH--4 .CATERING TO BANQUETS. EXOTIC DANCERS EVERY WED Cover TOMTF. at RESV. 881-9517 LOUNGE TONITEI FRIDAY! mi sw, INNER CIRCLE Run Rood SAT. THE SCEPTORS . MUSIC EVERT WED THURS., FRI. A SAT.W I YOIJIVfi and WILII WED. Thro SAT., PLUS SAT. AFTERNOON JAM SESSION 2 to i WHF.IIK? M'RFSWF. 4 Corner th t Woter "on th rlvor" McKresperf, Pa. w m m m w IM m AT PkVoTIII-lftf f V 657 Broadway, MeKees Rocks ml v m-m' mw m.mAmA m. mono ill-ivif Tonight V -. COMPLETELY AIR CONDITIONED i "SATIN" I. P. REVUE with Bill Bradshaw Exotic Dancers! Wv COCKTAIL HOUR I to I with BARMAIDS rWWU PITTSBURGH'S FOREMOST ENTERTAINERS fabulom TRIMARKII Appearing nightly In The Emperor's Lounge I Dining Room ' (No Cover N Minimum) REDWOOD Motor Hotel Banksvfflt Rd. it Potomac Ave. 343-3000 PITTSBURGH'S FINEST CANTONESE RESTAURANT! .1 Jlotui, Qanden "Cfiinest Food that i Different" 3911 Saw Mill Run B'vd. Specie! Family-Style Dinner upen ueny una4ys trom Noon BtHmtlnni and Tk Hut Service Phono 882-6232 FREE PARKING AT OUR DOOR CHINESE BOAST niir.K Served on Week Endi COUNTRY-WESTERN at the BUCCANEER LOUNGE"8 tSTSSS: GENE PERRY T JACK D'AMICO "Thest 3" Tomorrow Sat. Ilillulliliiliilliliil nt,n iiiiimur! 1 CASTAWAY Restaurant & Lounge KcKEES ROCKS, PA. 331-2848 presenti Every Wtd Frl. & So. - Dinner Husic I Co"' n,ralnm"' naeini featuring' Singlrq Guitarist I HAL MONTAINE TRIO I I RAMON PADILLA plus RAMON PADILLA i 1 OPEN DAILY for Luncheons, Dinners, Late Suppers, ? and Cocktails plus Private Banquet Facilities ?.i I I I I I i i , i i t i i i i i iiiiMiiiriiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiininiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiniiniiinin, SERVING EXCELLENT CUISINE Ir COCKTAILS R-HOUSE ",!,"' RUBBER BAND K URBAN RENEWAL ROUTE 88 835-9971 Opposite SoutA Park Drive-In The Landmark T0NITE & SAT.! THE FABULOUS 90c 600 X'ashinplnn Ave. Rridgeville 221-3333 " LIVING Mitchell's Corners, Rt. 19 South Phont 531-1980 9 Business Men's Luncheon Daily ENTtRTAINMtNT NfiHrtX WHERE THE IN CROWD GOES ' HOME CIRCLE CLUB ,0, a'.T KATZ & JAMMER KIDZ "Jn RACKET SQUAD BjB MEMBERS & GUESTS aM 7T QUALITY COURT MOTEL EAST RT. 30, N. VERSAILLES TWP. KEG Lounge JAZZ MATINEE Every Saturday Afternoon featuring) Bobby Negri Bobby Boswtll Jim iWemore Don Aliquo Plu Featured Arfhh Each Week MON. THRU THUR. SANDY STALE FRI. & SAT. CHUCK MARLIN TRIO 'liiiiiiiiliili'lMi'iiiiiiiiieMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieiiiKiiiine r.i e , Mi;iiif.j l l e I l HI !YR MT. LEBANON YOUNG REPUBLICAN CLUB yr- : nuv vovAt;K si imiii imm; Friday, July 10th, REDWOOD MOTOR INN, 9:03 P.M. Until 7?i MUSIC Bit AI. IMIVe'K H I.TKT EXTRA ADDFIO FFIATI'RE: GIRLS IN BIKINIS ! VD JUDGING OF THE MISS MT. LEBANON YOI'NG RErMiBLICAN VD i IK cvERYanny welcome cotT i tie free parking IK; EVERYBODY WELCOME COAT & TIE FREE PARKING tiilMliiliiliilliliiliiliiliiliiliiI'lliil'iliililliiliiliiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiji.iiiiiiiiiiiniMHiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiii. THE ALPINE DANCE CLUB "PITTSBl RGH S NKWEST TEEN & OlNG ADLLT CLLB" is holding their first unforgettably evening? Join host CHICK BRINKMAN and: THEFABl 1.01 S JAGGERZ!! jfc 1 THE CONTRAILS! THE PACIFIC LIGHT SHOW!!! recently seen at the Civic Arena bO foot screen 50 projectors pAWM NIGHT. JULY 11, 8:30 P.M. ADMISSION $2.00 take Wilkmsbur Kxit oli Pkwy. to Bndik Olds A follow stgnii ? 0 Pthe Playing NKelv plus Sat. Aft. Jan Snsslcin HAROLD BETTERS tflCUlfs Th im Sen"rtion ,h Country Wal".,'.st-j sk?dyia- iiiunurniit . niHHFBS WWWWWV1 MUST BE 21 rtMWWHWHW TOMGHT SATIJnOAY ED SC0TTI, Singing Star GINA LeCUIR, Sensational Exotio COMING FRI , JULY 31 thru SAT., AUG. 8 (Nine straight days Matinea Sun,, Aug. 2) BUDDY RICH & His Own Big Band SUPER STAR IN CONCERT Tleketl en nl it The Fountain dully H a.n, t 2 ,m., r send eheck or money tror with "Il-id4re(s(d itamp.d tnvelooe to FOUNTAIN SUPPER CLUB, 4031 Saw Hill Run Blvd., Pan,, Fl. 15227. (Please tin preferred) and alternate date). TICKETS: $4.00 per penon Mon.-Thurs. $5.00 Frl. & Sat. and for your dancing pleasure THE LANCERS EXCELLENT CUISINE RESERVATIONS 881-1 1 12 4031 SAW MILL RUN BLVD. ROUTE 51, PGH., PA. 15227 CATERING TO 8ANUETS, PARTIES & WEDDINPS ( tf fl YTY7 ITTTN Y WEDNESDAY AT A THEATRE OR DRIVE-HI NEAR YOU! screen to maxi because the soap opera provided them the opportunity, microscopic as it was, to act. But rare if any is t h e situation comedy star who has climbed from a weekly -series to feature films. I The most , recent is Miss Thomas Mario Thomas, seen regularly as "That Girl." A facile comedienne, the slender brunette proved she can turn on a battery of powerful emotions in "Jenny," her first starring role in a movie. Ever ebullient, Mario said, "Now I've worked in all three mediums; the theater, television and movies. And I'd like to continue in all three. Knows What's What "Most girls look at a television series as a stepping stone to movies. Not me. There's no reason why you can't work in both if you know what you're doing." Mario definitely knows what she is doing. She is fully aware that she 1$ the only actress playing a single girl in a regular series, all other video females in sitcoms are either widows or married. Thrice nominated for Emmy and with a good chance for a fourth nomination this year Mario's show will move next season from Thursday to Friday nights. Just Hzrszif The swilch leaves her un-worried. Although Friday is the night on which the fewest number of sets are in use, a good show can still come up with a respectable rating. Asked if she more closely identified personally with Ann ' Marie (her television character) or Jenny in the movie, Mario answered: "I'm not like either one of them," she said. "I have the joy for living and the energy of Ann Marie, but I also have a romantic quality like Jenny. "The important quality I share with both girls is that I don't allow myself to be defeated by mistakes." ... i . For on "experience in dimns enoy on ERCULIAFJI DINNER GALLITZIN, PA, For ever 30 yeen eur hobby has been tU eontinuoui leareli for unusual foods. An avalanche of food awaits you at Ereuliam i. Dinners served with 38 or mora varieties of foods. Combination of Italian and French dinners. For a trua txperienct in eating pleasur. plan now to visit ERCULUNI'S. DAILY 2:00 . 9:30 P.M. SUNDAY: 12:00 7:00 P.M. For Information Call B14-886-2941 or 814-884.0832 Route 22 to Cresson, 2 miles East of Cresson to big stone House, turn North to trcunani s in waiiinin, ru. WRITE FOR FREE MENU SOOCOOOOOsI Next For Schuck HOLLYWOOD - John Schuck has been signed to co-star in Robert Altman's film for MGM, "B r e w s t e r Mc-Cloud's Flying Machine," along with Bud Cort, Sally Kellerman and Michael Murphy, all of whom were featured in Altman's current feature, "MASH." r' Son Follows 'Poppa' NEW YORK - Bob Reiner, 23-year-old son of comedian-director Carl Reiner, is currently appearing in "Where's Poppa," a United Artists release currently filming here. George Segal and Ruth Gordon head the cast, directed by Carl Reiner. E30TSTEE TH TBI THEIR LEGS. iUH OF THE 70 Sf ROARING THROUGH THE STREETS ON CHOPPED DOWN HOGS! V They steal women... initiate them into the , sell them the black crime! - mi cm, a v.? rJr' .'b I market of STARHINfi BRUCE DERN CHRIS ROBINSON MELODY PATTERSON Eowgl RIM RRAMF. MAI IRIHP SMITH hk.U hl U IHIU III! VI l VU W I f I I I I Associate Producer ARTHUR GILBERT & FRANK ftAGUSA E CURB & CASEY KASEM Executive Producers ATRANS AMERICAN FILMS RELEASE '- , nf,,,,, AT A THEATRE OR DRIVE-IN NEAR yOU! BLUE DELL DR. IN Rt. 30, E. ECHO DR.-IN Rt. 51, So. FAMILY DR. IN... New Kensington GARDEN North Side KENMAWR DR.-IN .... Coraopolis W RAGLE MILE DR. IN. Monroevilla MT. LEBANON DR.-IN... Rt. 19, So. NORTH SIDE DR-IN. . .Geyer Road REGENT East Liberty STARTS SUNDAY ARCADE South Sldi BR00KSIDE DR. IN Sswickley GRANADA Centre Avenue MEMORIAL McKeesporl R0XIAN McKees Rocks A man called "Horse" becomes an Indian warrior in the most esectrityinq ritual ever seen s i (ifw-jpip Wrywy"TW'v,..,wflM yMMMMMgjg'ffl!HWffjgfP''Wy pAflpwmwWWWWWjjiqtfWIKjj fwwwwwwHMie L14 'I a ;: i Ik IS- W t mjr-4i The white man captured end ' If I The strange ritual of love be- dragged naked into the savage k W . tween the Indian Princess end world of the Sioux Indians, f) t ' j m,n- ' , Axil M?W 6i I 34 'm Mmm I m l The hostile Indians force the ! , MVA'i $ I The white man becomes in In-first white men they have ever THw ' 'a 1 dian Chief in the savage battle seen to become I horse or die .. ? f 1 between rival tribes. f , 1 ... - I The torture of the white man as he fights to become an Indian .warrior. The plunder of en Indian village by their blood enemies. DM ABD EU1BBBS as I lill I 1:1 I Rn 2e I!n Bn K v5 SI W P.,i3l Ira l"l Ikmt ata.1.a WftilHiiiBMlljiir HMWI.fftJrie . Also Starring DAME JUDITH ANDERSON Co-Starring JEAN GASCON technicolor f I CAMP H0RNE DR. IN.. North Hills i MAPLE DR. IN ... ...Routs 30, E. J SHERIDAN SQUARE.. last Liberty " j CHESWICK Cheswlck McKNIGHT CINEMA. .McKnight Rd. J STRAND ....Oakland D RATEWAV DR. IN Now Kenslnrrton i MEMORIAL MrKnnsnnrt i SOUTH PiBK DH. IN bt e. AT A THEATRE OR S GREATER PGH. DR. IN... Route 30 i MT. OLIVER Brownsville i TWIN HI-WAY DR. IN Grafton riDiur ill utVo wain I HOLLYWOOD Dormont i PENN HILLS Penn Hills J VILLAGE So. Hills Villaei DHIVE-IN NEAR TOUI $ LIBERTY New Kensington t RANALLI's DR. IN RT. 8 I WOODLAND DR, IN. ..West Mifflin fJTO

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