Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico on October 26, 1936 · Page 5
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Albuquerque Journal from Albuquerque, New Mexico · Page 5

Albuquerque, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Monday, October 26, 1936
Page 5
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October 26, 1936 ALBUQUERQUE JUUKNAl fage l'ive Six Die in This Auto Crash! TAMPA MOVES STORK DERBY PROBE READY r ' IN WHIP CASE ITY READY FOR TEACHERS ore Than 2000 Expected for Convention STEEL TERROR' TO BEPROBED La Follette Announces Senate Agents at Work WASHINGTON, Oct. 25 (IP) Complaints that "a campaign of terror" had been launched against steel union organizers In Welr- Will Prosecute Nightriders Canada Prepares to Hunt 'Wooden Nickels' Californians Arrest Man As Gunman, Desperado SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25 JP) A dozen policemen and deputy sheriffs Sunday arrested Charles W. Clark, 37, asserted robber, gunman and escaped convict who, authorities said, had a long criminal record on th Pacific Coast. Police Captain Charles Dullea, said Clark admitted robbing banks at Los Altos and Irvlngton, Cal., but only shrugged his shoulders when asked about an array of other crimes and two pistols battles with law officers. Dullea said Clark had pursued a career of crime sines escaping from the Oregon state penitentiary Aug. 14, 1919. on Murder Charge TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 25 OP) While MAURIXE ARNOUX LEADS IN FRENCH PLANE MARATHON PARIS, Oct. 25 UP) Maurlxe Arnoux, French long-distance flier, Sunday night raced toward Bagdad with a commanding lead over his grounded rivals in tho 15,000-miIo round trip flight between Paris and Saigon, French Indo-Chlna. Arnoux, accompanied by Andrew Japy and a navigator, was reported In a dispatch from Damascus, Syria, to have passed over that city at 9:53 p. m. Greenwich time Sunday night headed for Bagdad. Their competitors in the race, which started Sunday morning from 1-e Bourget airfield, were grounded in Europe. Michel Detroynt, flying with Gaston Durmon, was forced down near Corinth, Greece, when his airplane ran out of fuel. preparations went forward for the Albuquerque Is ready to welcome 's week more than 2000 mom's of the teaching profession to aproacblng convention of the TORONTO, Ont., Oct. 2 5 (Pi The Hepburn government put on its glasses Sunday night and began looking for the wooden nlckles in tho Millar will mess. American Federation of Labor here "It's a racket," Premier Hep authorities announced Sunday they would muve Monday to prosecute a band of alleged nightriders charged with murder as a result of burn said, mincing no words. Sun day, with the finish of the bewll "5 annual convention of the New xlco Educational Association. Jls la the largest and most si ght-jr convention held yenrly In 'lw Mexico, and Albuquerque, Kwiroil V... II- lon, W. Va., and Steubenvllle, Ohio, were made public Sunday by Chairman LaFollette (Prog., Wis.) of the Senate commltteo a triple flogging Inst November. derlng "more-and-more babies" ex Tho convention which starts travaganza only six days away, the Nov. 16 and the flogging case were tied together by federation offi government wants to know what the. racket angles arc and how to talnlng the teachers for the seo- stop them. cials who threatened to move the assembly to another city unless the Bl successive year, has laid plans fV. ' V t n. , fc ' 'A i r - j prosecutions were pushed. make this the most enjoyable sion In the history of the as- investigating civil liberties violations. He said Senate agents were investigating charges of Phillip Murray, chnlrman of the steel workers' organizing committee, that "flouting of law-enforcement" had occurred In the two cities, where National Steel Company mills are Following this development and OFFICER BLAMED the organization by Norman Thomas, Socialist presidential can didate, of a "committee for the defense of civil liberties In Tampa," indictments charging kidnaping AS 60 KILLED latlon. Opens on Wednesday he convention wiil open Wod-day, with an all-day session of Educational Council, and will tlnue through Saturday. Dr. H. 'ioddard of Vegas is ehalr-u of the council, which is the rt and legislative body of the ping young quarryman from Vermont, died from the ordeal. Seven Are Tried In April the seven policemen, who had then been suspended and were later discharged, were placed on trial for the Poulnot kidnaping. Tho police chief, R. Q. Tlttsworth, named as an accessory, and a special officer, Robert Chappell, wer freed on a directed verdict. A Jury convicted the remaining five-Sergeant C. A. "Smltty" Brown Jr., John P. Bridges, Sam Crosby, F. W. Swltser and C. W. Carllsla and they were sentenced to four years In prison. They are out on and second degree murder were ob tained against ten men, seven of them city policemen at the time. Runaway Coaches of Sol located. LaFollette made public a copy of letters from Murray to the governors of West Virginia and Ohio, which asserted that active opposition to steel organizers was "at the immediato instigation of Mr. Ernest T. Weir, chairman of the board of tho National Steel Company." Efforts to obtain legal aid failed, Raided Private Homo They were accused of raiding a elation. diers Crash Down Hill ouncll sessions will be held at private home without warrants where a group of men were organ Franciscan Hotel and will be ured by the outlining of a pro- HONG KONG, Oct. 25 (Chi nese reports received Sunday night izing a coalition third portyforthe purpose, they said, of "cleaning up twil now pending appeal. ed legislative program by J. 11. When the government's solicitors start actually fishing for the phonies they will inquire Into tho following phases of tho affair: 1. The rush of women In recent weeks to the Bureau of Vital Statistics to register births they claim occurred years ago. (The will of the late Charles Vance Millar requires that the Toronto woman who bears the most babies must prove it by the records of the bureau In order to receive the 1500,000 bequest.) Clunk on Exploitation 2. Exploitation of the mothers or their babies growing out of the notoriety that has resulted by reason of their participation In the contest. (Tills Includes the efforts of outsiders to promote stago appearances for the mothers. One promoter is known to have offered Mrs. Graco Bagnato. a contest mother, $25 a day for stage appearances beginning Wednesday a contract which she could not accept under any circumstances because of her condition. She is an expectant mother for the tenth time In 10 years.) 3. Commercialization by the mothers of their "fame" through the rate by contract of "exclusive rights'' to interviews and photo ollum, president of the associ- blamed a military officer for the worst railway disaster In China In recent years, In which at least n; an address on "Educational lualltles in New Mexico," by II. Kodgers, state superintendent; Six Dayton residents were Instantly killed when their far drove across the tracks into the path of a speeding passenger train at Dayton, O., leaving; the car a mass of twisted wreckage, above. Bodies of two of the three young ladies killed appear in foreground. 60 persons. Including 53 soldiers were killed. eport on the committee on "Fi Four runawav coaches on the newly-opened Canton - Hankow ring Institutions of Higher rnlng," by Pr. J. It. Peyfried; report of the committee on Railway dashed down a steep hill and collided with a train climbing Murray said, "Ilecauso of the complete domination which the Welr-tun Stuel Company exercises over the local and state officers of Weirton." Murray added the company officials also had "recruited from the mill, under threat of discharge, a large force of workers" to organizers of his committee. Although complaints had oeen made to Inw-enfnrcement officers, he said, "No relief was secured." Murray asked the governors of both Ohio and West Virginia to "Institute a thorough-going inves MOVIE GOSSIP for BRICKWALK FANS f-itcwide Plans for the Study of city politics." Three of those seized Joseph E. Shoemaker, Eugene F. Poulnot and Sam Rogers were taken to the police station, docketed for questioning as to communistic activities and ordered released. As they left the police station, in the heart of the city, on a busy Saturday night, they were bundled Into automobiles and transferred to a motorcade which awaited them on the outskirts of town. Thence they were taken out Into the country where they were stripped, beaten severely, daubed with tar and feathers and ordered to leave town. Shoemaker, a strap- provement of Instruction'," by I.. S. TIreman: report of tho Is expected he will get other breaks. A promise prevents the '4'lutlons committee; a dlsous- the grade Oct. 22, said delayed dispatches from Tengchtatang, Hunan Province, in China's Interior. Twenty-four coaches, .lammed with national government (Nan disclosure of his name until he does Schilling pepper Bruce Cabot's relurlance to comment on his estrangement with his wife, Adrlenno Ames, when he How through Albuquerque, soon nfter divorce proceedings were beiin indicated that the young actor, a show up In a picture. of the educational guidance .-ram, and the report of the imlttee of the constitution of association, by D. N. Tope, utlve secretary. king) soldiers returning along the Vanirtso River Valley from the re tigation of this entire situation." former New Mex- n im.uiii. Although Bobby Breen, 9-year-oid singing star of "Rainbow on the River," which Sol Lesser Is cent South China rebellion, formed Prominent Speaker eneral programs. beginning producing from RKO, la kept busy can, was still fond of Miss Ames. Rumors that with both screen and radio work the train, pulled by two locomotives. Four Cars Crash The train stalled on a steep hill and the engineers split it into two JEasIRil i-H ha has managed to keep ahead of graphs. Twelve mothers, including all the lending claimants, are understood to have bound themselves tinder such contracts to a single Toronto newspaper. Mothers Are Irked The contracts prohibit the mothers from giving any information concerning themselves or allowing they became rec-R other children of his age In hla rsday afternoon, will be held h Armory. Speakers include William Trentlce Hearing, Ident of the Oakland City Col-Oakland City, Ind.; the presl-s annual address; Tr. Kstella 1 Warner. Washington, repre- Candidates Center On 2 East States Continued From Tuf On school studies by almost two years. sections, each engine pulling i- coachfs. The second section was One of Hollywood's most dura onclliated before the final decree was awarded have been going the rounds. Hollywood keeps an pv on them and themselves, their families or their bio marriages, that of Al Jolson mg the U. S. Public Health Ice; State Superintendent Tlod- homes to be photographed by anyone other than tho paper to which they are under contract. Many mothers frankly were Irked n '; nr. uoak N. Campbell, Nash- Ernest W. Everly Republican Candidate for the United States Senate (6 Year Term) lr. Tfiui., curriculum consultant the latest gossip Adricnnc Ames gePeabody College; Governor e4'S frpe Sunday night because tho approach e Tlngley. ordered to remain stationary until the first surmounted the grade. When the first section was unable to make the ascent, four cars were sidetracked. The engineer planned to return and pull them ahead after taking the other cars to the nearest town, Chinese reports said a military officer aboard the second 12-oar train forced the encin-er to start the climb. The second train's' movement Jarred loose the t-tur .a,i. .tracked cars laden with t. ntertalnment features Include Garden Thursday night follow. On his way home to Topeka, ho halts for an nddress at St. Louis on Saturday. Friends of the Republican nominee and Alfred E. Smith expect the two to have their first meeting of thi campaign when the former reai hf s New York. Although the 1 928 Democratic presidential nominee has campaigned in behalf of Mr. Landon's election in recent pfr-fhes, tho two have not had opportunity for an across-the-tablo and Ruby Keeler, shows no signs of slackening Interest according to word from the coast. On the set of "Ready. Willing and Able", where Miss Keeler Is starring opposite Ross Alexander, witth Louise Fazenda and Allen Jenkins In supporting roles, the dancing and singing star Is regularly called from the set at least once a day to talk with Mr. Joison, who Is visiting New York. The couple celebrated their eighth wedding anniversary .several weeks ago. SAYS TARIFF MENACE NEW YORK, Oct. 25 UP) Pro to the end of the contest next Saturday night, has increased Interest in them and has brought attractive offers from newsreel companies and American syndicates offers promising much more than the modest returns that have come to them under their contracts. 4. The threat of "dissipation" of KOB On Radio Station Tonight 8 to 8:30 remark is "Adrienne Ames and Bruce Cabot, rumored as separated again, were together at the Coca-nut Grove for the opening of Jan Carber's Orchestra." Bruce, Ktienne de Rujac when he was in Carlsbad with his family and In Albuquerque a a university student, Is coming right along as an actor on the West Coa?t. However, the public is heartless, and when a trailer was shown on a local motion picture screen fore- down into troops anil they sped bill crashing headlon the the the 1 train with the J.IOO.OOO fortune by lltiiratlon. All leading contenders now have lawyers, and euch has her own plan Mr. Everly will ditcuit further the vital water problems of the Pecos and Rio Grande as raised by criticisms of his radio address of October 16th by Senators Hatch and Chare i, and will show the disastrous results upon the economic future of New of fighting for a share of the guld p. reptlon ball Wednesday night r-"jhe Masonic Tenii!e, the an-el ball and Mardl Gas Friday to W at Carlisle Gymnasium, sight of Bp trips, and numsrous dln-e- , breakfasts and receptions for nt ler groups of the association, n. ee'lncs of tho various sections x- he association will tie held in in, Mgh school buildings and ut itnwn theaters. DITIONAL ARRESTS h, NTED IN EXTORTION :j gainst huhon kin a : l:TO.V, N. J., Oct. 25 (,T) In enoe of Federal agents to dls- lnI the arrest of a suspect In an on -iion plot aimed at Mrs. coftly casting "The Last of the Mohicans The. government foresees a court struggle unless It takes charge of matters itself, as it did with the Dioiine quintuplets. Lj Mexico and these valleys should the policies advocated by Hatch, fessor Irving Fisher, Yale economist, returned from a European conference Sunday asserting that "tariff questions are the big menace in Europe today." European nations, he said, have built up tariff walls In the struggle for recovery, resulting in "an exaggerated nationalism." Chavez, Tingley and the New Deal be carried out. (Paid Political Advertisement) In which Bruce plays the part of an Indian, a ripple of laughter went over the house. Good-looking and cocky Bruce tricked up as a painted Indian, with shaved head and top-knot, was a little too much for his former acquaintances and friends. Hope his performance in the picture itself will win praise in spite of the rig. talk. Smith Speaks Saturday Smith is scheduled to make his final public condemnation of New Heal policies in an Albany, N. Y.. speech Saturday night. At Chicago Saturday. Dr. Francis K. Townsend urged his followers to "get actively behind" the candidacy of Governor Landon In New Vnik and 13 other states In which William I.emke, t'nion party candidate for president, is not on the ballot. Townsend said in a statement terrified soldiers helpless to avert their own deaths. Officer K-onpcs The officer who was snld to have forced the second section to proceed was reported to have fl"d after the disaster. tA dispatch received In Shanghai said the four ears which rolled down the hill actually were attached to th? first train bvit broke loose from It. This account stated the engineer had tried to cut those cars free previously but nn officer with a pistol forced the engineer to keep Hie train intact.) mn 1 1 i in' lias Middleton, aunt of Coun- Glass Workers Strike In 6 Pittsburgh Plants PITTSBURGH, Oct. 25 (Pf A strike order went into effect Sunday at six plants of the Pittsburgh Plate Class Company employing approximately 6000 men. The order was issued by Glenn McCabe, president of the Federation of Flat Class Workers, who claimed the company refused the union's demand for a "closed sho p." The plant involved are situated at Ford City and Creighton, In Pennsylvania; Mt. Vernon, O., Henry ctta, Okla., Crystal City, Harbara Hutton Haugwltn-ltlow, led to speculation Sun-hat additional arrests might .incoming. nts, declining to be quoted, ted "investigation is still go- DINOSAUR MONUMENT Mae West's first vehicle under h'-r new contract with Ma.ior Pictures, soon to be released as a Pat amount Picture, boasts of the strongest supporting cast the star has ever had. Warren William, Randolph Scott. Lyle Talbot, Alice Brady, Elizabeth Patterson, Isabel Jewell, Jack La Rue, Margaret TO BE CONSTRUCTED NEAR VERNAL, UTAH NEW YORK, Oct. 25 rians t iid mi on vei th th tic ou o: t len llOT th , b n, s lr loo that "Tliis Ik the only course for us to follow.' The California physician said thut he still saw a chance of throwing the election into the House of Representatives for a final decision. Others to Debate This c osing week of political debate includes scheduled speeches by Secretary Iekes at Harrlsburg on Tuesday and Senator Frederick Steiwer. Oregon Republican, In Indiana nrd Arizona on Wednesday and Friday. suspect. Melvln Strickland, ir-old Atlantic City mcchan-s held In Mercer County jail 110,000 ball to await action e Federal grand jury. He irralgned Saturday before V, ommisaloner Marvin A. for a "Dinosaur National .Monument" to preserve as a national Mo., and Clarksburg, W. Va. exhibition rich fossil deposits near D. F. Cannon, assistant super 1 ling following his arrest by Vernal, Utah, were described Sunday night by Dr. liarnum Brown, archaeologist, on his return from the prehistoric "graveyard " intendent of the company's plant at Ford City, said no attempt will be made to operate while the strike is in effect. Perry and other top (light players add their brilliant talents to a film already hailed as the best Miss West has done. A wealth of colorfu background, ranging from a Cuban night club to the austere lines of a typical American farm, provides ample contrast for the renowned Wrest curves In "Go West Young Man." It has drifted back to Albuquerque that a certain tall and blonde youth who left here a few months ago was called to take a part In the Mae West picture. Only the fact that ho couldn't sing prevented him from accepting the part. It After sandstone deposited 140 million years ago containing "un 1 agents of the Trenton of-f the Federal Bureau of In-itlon. . Middleton received a letter ugust threatening to blow up ome at West Atlantic City she raid 13000 to the writ- told numbers" of dinosaur bones Is cut away to leave the fossils In re RAIL MAN DIES ROANOKE, Va., Oct. 2f (-Pi-Arthur Chase Needles, who ro?e Bobbie Sox, Bare Legs Embroil Los Angeles Coeds LOS ANOKLKS. Oct. 25 (rV) The battle of the hobble six Is In full swing at the University of California at Ios Angeles. Bobble sox socks, the purists would call them are ankle length hose. In case anyone doesn't know. from railroad rodman to the presidency of the Norfulk and Western Ired Plumber Arrested railroad, died here Sunday at the age of 69. lief. Brown said, a Government museum will be constructed on the site with the relief panel forming one wall of tho building. The work, Brown said, will he done by representatives of the American Museum of Natural History, of which he is curator of fossil reptiles, and the Federal National Parks Service. Murdering Wife The controversy started after VEHH1LL, Mass.. Oct. 25 OP) up con rib n y 1 : ar ;lon P hut 9 o' I ea arts' heln red'' hi ha tear ce arrested Edward M. ..-I . Ti r . ... dt . ,,r.t.,i,.,w. (B-Vif -if Dean of Women Helen M. Laugh-lin sent letters to campus sorority I Speaking of the outstanding motor elder, 67, retired plumber telfare recipient, Sunday night car for 1937 presidents, asking them to request co-ed members not to wear bobble harge of murdering his crip-nd grey-haired wife, Anna. sox on the campus. But many co-eds felt the dean's lee hours earner Mrs. i-iaicn- views on undergraduate style were unnecessarily strict and there 64, died In a Gale hospital lally paralyzed, she was arosn champions of low socks, and it to tho hospital Oct. 19, Getting Back to FUNDAMENTALS POLICE SEIZE HICYCI.ES Police Sunday collected over 50 bicycles that boy patrons of the movies had packed on sidewalks near the theaters. The bicycles will be held until the boys have explained to Chief Pat O'Grady why they disobeyed tho parking rilling. Police recently established a bicycle parking place on city hall grounds, where boys may leave their bicycles while attending shows. tt unclad legs. Thousands of Chinese Flee onscious and suffering, Med-xamlner John L. O'Toole i m rom head and neck Injuries During Military Maneuvers ) a l r In ctim, he added, "uf physical TIENTSIN, Clilnn, Oct. SB (Mon wimith'. Manager in '32 day) (P) Thousands of Chinese residents In villages near here, where extensive Japanese military maneuvers began Monday, are regal POLITICAL BROADCASTS NEW YORK, Oct. 2 5 UP) Vo Disgruntled Democrats evacuating their homes In fear of ISEY CITY. N. J., Oct. 25 tr) litleal broadcasting Monday will tr iy a! untoward Incidents. r Frank Hague, floor man- include: (Albuquerque time) Al Smith at the 1932 Republican: WEAF-NBC ISO, ratio national convention, Gov. A. M. Landon from Phlladol phia; WABC-CB3 10 NBC Mid first major political address The Japanese arranged with the residents of the villages to blllott 1000 soldiers participating In the maneuvers and the Japanese requested that at least one member of each Chinese family remain. campaign Sunday assailed west and Westorn network, 11, termed "disgruntled go around the country George X. Peek from St. Paul. Democratic: WOR and N. Y When a man fills a tooth, drive a car, cats i dia mond, he is doing something artificial, civilised, relatively unimportant. When be plows the ground or plants a tree he is getting back to fundamentals. Advertisements are like men. Too often they talk frothy superficialities instead of getting back to fundamentals instead of selling on the basis of the eternal values: service, strength, utility and your-money's-worth. Get back to fundamentals. Advertise fundamentals. Sell on facts and get more business. It's easy when you advertise in . 25 and pleading with loyal promising that no eventualities would occur. Slate 7:30, Gov. H. H. Lehman from Yonkers. WJZ-NBC at 2:30 Irats to destroy tne party 1 bru aeen. te Republican." will carry the talks of President esalng a rally under tne Roosevelt, Sec. Harold F. Ickes and vas . is of the United Polisli-an Domocratlc Clubs here, Dr. Mordecal Johnson, president of Howard University, at the dedica :aptu Gov. Tingley Gives Address For Opening of Highway JAL, X. M., Oct. 25 VP) Gov. Clyde Tingley was the principal sav e-chalrman of the Demo-national committee called tion of the university's new chem Istry building In Washington. irty loyalty." sneaker at a barbecue and dedica :or f. i rep' my, 5 DEAD IN IV I I LK to cr YO, Oct. 25 (41) Dispatches llanchoukuo Sunday said one lead Ise major, one lieutenant onoml THE roe privates were killed In ilong four-hour battle with ban- Ten of the bandits were ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL tion ceremonies formally opening a new highway from here to tho Texas statellne. Hiram Dow of RoBwell, Democratic candidate for lieutenant-governor, spoke briefly. BACK FROM JUNGLE NEW YORK, Oct. 25 IP) Mr. and Mrs. Martin Johnson, explorers, returned from 18 months In Borneo Sunday, bringing a 28-year-old Malay "boy," a baby ourang-ontrang and two gibbons numed "Altap" and "Blackberry." Tho Johnsons said they took 150,000 feet of junsle movies on the trip. 1)1 1 HELP ITESEyRSEECES FOfl EFEEETT Warm bath with Cuticura Soap greatly soothes and benefits. Then apply Cuticura Ointment-effective treatment and medication for local irritations. Try it tonight. In morning, du?t with Cuticura Talcum to hflp prevent shoe discomfort. FREE samples by writing "Cuticura" Dept. 31, Maiden, Mnss. 25 W 'ACEXM HO.NORKD McN rH BEND, Ind.. Oct. 25 W) harlefl University of Notre Dame In a ) ed an honorary degree of en nb HARRY W. SMITH Ace News Cameraman al we I of letters upon His Kml-Eugenlo Cardinal Facelli, ttion. secretary of atata, Bunday.

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