The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 7, 1934 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1934
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Served by the United Pre* BLYIBEmLE; COURIER NEWS OOUmAMT NEWBPAPEH OP NOHTHrSA HT ARKA N8A8 AND BOUTHEAOT MISSOURI VOL. XXXI—NO. 18 D»Uy Men Blythertlk Crurkr slulppl Villey Ltider Blylhevllle Herald BL-YTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY. APRIL 7, Fall of Rock From Mountain Side Sends Wall of Water Over Homes AALESUND. Norway, Ajiril 7. (UP)—A tremendous muss of mountain rock which crashed tniu the narrow, deep Norddalsfjord today caused two waves that <wr- whelmed Die fishing villages ol Tafjord anil I-jo:rra and killed perhaps 40 to 50 peisoas. T.l.e peasant fishermen and their families, who make up the villa? es, were as!.e;i when the rock crashed into (he almost boltomlesj fjord nt 3 a.m. They thought the judgment day had cotne when the first great wave roared through the villages and struck their little homes. It immersed the power plant and plunged the valley into darkness. Cri.sof drowning per..ons, groans of victims buried in debris ot homes, continued until there came a second uave which swallowed up many who were calling from windows for help. The. pastor of the liny church at Taf^ord—the larger of the villages, with a population of 200—said to a United Press correspondent: "Motor boats and rowboats were tossed half a mile up the valley by the waves. The crash of the rock had been expected, as it was overhanging, but nothing could be dune to avert it." Four B- jrtntined Full »f Girl* . A x-\f' .OELES, April 7. (DPI -%/' j& hours of quarantine w. '• apua Alphi Tr.eta sorority -• on the University' of Cali- nla campus, 26 coeds and four male students, marooned *Ali hrin, slicked themselves up today lor a fresh social stun. Unfettered by university regulations,' the students prepared lor Jie;r second "quarantine" dance .ince the "keep out" sign war a.ttd on the front door by health i.ilioril.cs, fearful of an out.( iK of scailet lever. So far as .•; known only one cord is. ill. The mule students, employed at hi; hoLLV as waiters, bus boys, hriu >r.era) handy men. averaged six oatcs each last night when they MftSeii their first djnce m forma, attire. SINGLE COPIES FJVE CENTS Flood Druili Toll Above Thirty License Plates and Identification Marks From Auto Ripped Anti-Long .Qrganizat i o n Formed to Control Appointments .;". . WASHINGTON., Apr. 1 (UP)— Development of a patronage organization in' New Orleans with anti-Long men in control of federal appointments was described before a senate committee Unlay. The testimony was given by Edward Rijhtor, PWA chairman In Louisiana and counsel for D. D. Moore, whole appointment as internal revenue collector for, Louisiana was the subject of. the hear- Thalia Kjassie Insists. She Will Take Her Life GENOA, Italy, Apr. .7 (UP)-Mrs. Thalia Massie, central figure of the sensational assault and murder case In Hawaii, lay in a hospital today, under close guard'of mins.and Insisted calmly and tlre- If-ssly: "I am going to die. You may stop me now. You may think you are more ckver than I, but 1 will show you." . • . •. Her wrist gashed deeply but not dangerously. Mrs. Massie was at the hospital after an apparent suicide attempt Sunday night aboard tlie liner Roma as it entered the -Mediterranein. --••'- *•» New York Cotton NEW YORK, Apr. 7 CUP>- r -Cot[on closed steady. open high low close May ..... 1207 1209 1204 i205 Jul ..... 1216 1218 1213 1214 ^ Oct ..... 1225 1230 1224 1228 NOBLKSV1U.K. Ind., Apr. 7 <UP)—State police were mustered in an Intensive hunt for John nil- linger today following Die discovery of a wrecked automobile containing two machine guns und Minnesota license plates near here. The automobile was wrecked on "State Road 31 In the northwestern' part of Hamilton county after nllldlng with a truck. License plates, said by the truck driver to have been Minnesota plates, were ripped .from the: car, and all other identification marks .vere removed. '•• Several rounds of ammunition •*'ere found beneath the back seat in addition to two machine guns. Reports to Captain Matt Leach cf the state .police said the car corresponded to .ithe Hudson sedan which pllliiger and hts confederates used in escaping from a department of justice trap in St. Paul a week ago today. ., Dllllnger was reported to' have been seen in Indianapolis several days ago. ings before committee. the senate finance Barrow Frt« II«U{t FORT SCOTT, Kans., April 1(UP)—Federal and state officers and Kansas national guardsmen followed a hot trail in their search for Clyde Bqrrow and his outlaw companions near htr« early today i after the notorious desperado re- Rlghtor denied charges by Sen- leased a hostage kidnaped In Okla'"- Huey P. Long (Dem., La.) homa yesterday. appointed Police Chief Percy Boyd of Com ator that John P. Sullivan Moore or controlled the internal revenue office under his administration. After several clashes between Long and Chairman Pat Harrison of the committee Long produced witnesses who related circumstances which have resulted in organized labor's active opposition to Moore's appointment. John N. Breen of the New Orleans Typographical union said Moore had been president of the unien and had arranged a con- ttiet with the newspaper managements only to-Instigate a lock-out In' .'1914, three 'years before the contract was to hive expired. "When "a rriari Ls a member of a union ami'.. jrtoiites his .qbligg'- tioii to'that .unlpri he;-fs 'unfit'for more ''i/lBiporiarTt.-. .offices." B'rein' ' Rlght'or'!siiid-he. personapy suggested.'. Moore's" appointment, . IK became - assocla ted ''.with Young Roosevelt Gives Battle to Camera Man Plill.XtKU'lUA, Ai'.lll 1. (UP) -A inov'b MTr&tlini: mulch l nljilit 'by on tin] ciicounicr M>'luii:ii tuiiiklln n. I.ouscvelV Jr.. >ni.iii;i'r mil of the |)r.'.s!ikiil, rnw.siinjh.-i 1 |>]u.lMBrui)l) 1 1'. Vuiinn Uoosi-vi'U wus »n Hit ulsli- Irmn his it ultiT tin- L-oiiclUMion of tnu iti'lii's svhi'ii IMi Cuvelll. pho- .inpln-r lor ti.o l>lillsulel|iln:i .st.i-p.d in Inini >ii Inn. u ri.nKi':i. Kou-'TwIt i... ..i.i.i.lly illd i.i.t wii.ii to ue , he- <-tiL:i, lUMI. lit' knix-lird Uitvi-lll's fnin i ni ilcnin un<l turn CHVI; him sue.. . \1<.| iii i.iish i.nit in- ivus sen. .l» in.hi,i;. Tfl SIT Instiluiioii Takes Over Assets o( First liona! of Steele Na- merce, Okla.. suffering from a minor scalp wound, received when lib companion, Constable Cal Campbell of Miami, Okla., was killed by the outlaws near Commerce, told of a wild ride with Barrow, Bonny Parker, and a second man he thought was Raymond Hamilton. Boyd was treated well, he said. His captors treated his injured, *frt f^ ^f rr ° W h, 8a M h to,». c . 1 ««« :l Thirty VfTSOns " e knoml dead ' Ecores nliS5iu - 1UIU Property damage is estimated In millions its r, rt- garment, he said , drencned Bull of .spring floods throughout the midwest, from Minnesota to Texas. Wisconsin and Oklahoma FJrd No Trice Released on a highway here ]ui to,.'a before 1 ami., Boyd. .walked to>& faimhouse and immediately telephoned the sheriff here. A hurried search was organized but no day long •-/v^ ..... |&^*1 i£au ^*f^ ' '-(a .... - .. ^ — 77 . "' ^-r—-—— . -""— Dec 1234 1239 1232 1236 wfulstana" patronage•' because "the Jan 1237 1244 1237 1244 administration'"Is- -not ""entirely 1 in 1237 1244 Mar ..... 12« 1251 Spots closed steady 5. 1237 1244 1245. 1249 at. 1225. off New Orieans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, Apr. 7 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. open high low close. May 1204 1209 1204 1208 Jul 1212 1216 1212 1213 Oct 1225 1228 1224 1226 Dec 1233 1231 1233 1236 Jan 1235-37 1240-42 Mar 1248 1248 1247 1250b Spots closed steady at 1223, un- ohanged. Chicago Wheat open high low close May 86 1-4 86 7-8 86 1-4 86 1-2 Jul 86 1-4 86 3-4 86 1-8 86 May Jul Chicago Corn open high low close 48 1-2 49 48 1-2 48 3-4 50 5-8 51 1-1 50 5-8 51 1-8 Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T ............ 118 3-4 Anaconda Copper ..... 16 1-: Bethlehem Steel ....... 42 3-4 lanijony -with• tht senatorial rep- esehtattves from L/oulsiaria." .. . Forays during .the last two' years.' Less"than a week ago he' and his companions- of today -killed two Highway patrolmen near Grapevine. Tex:, -without' giving the officers a chance for their lives. Ttief Works Quickly to Get $30 m Cash It. took ,an alert thief less than hree minutes • to enter the Frisco Icket office, break .open a cash drawer, and escape wih »30 this morning. . . The cash drawer was tooted dur- ng the brief absence of A. f. Smith, third trick operator. Smith had left the office to deliver a message to trainmen of a St.- Louls-Memphis passenger train. He was gone three minutes, from 5:57 o'clock to 6 o'clock, Smith told police. The Frisco ticket and freight offices are choice spots for thieves operating here. Both offices have been entered several times in the past year and efforts made to open safes without success. However the attempted robberies, resulting In damage to the strong boxes, have been expensive for the .was found of the fugitives. .';The Wiling at Commerce yester-. . were hit the hardtst. The alrviev shows Ihe Wasiiita river, normally only a few. yards wide, sweeping over miles of land north of Elk City, Ofcla. water-'-in Nine are known to 1 hnvp died here, su-eel-. ot. -c!il|iuowa Fulls.- -Whc. - but" 'the latest chapter'lo story of Barrow's bloody. Slayers Refused Right to Retract Guilty Pleas .CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Judge John E. Duncan overruled a motion filed by Charles A. Brasfield arid O. C. Tompkins. seeking retract their pleas of guilty murder, and because he did they must serve the rest of tlieir lives in prison. Brasfield and Tompkins pleaded guilty to the murder of Will Taylor, of near Holland, who was knocked In the head with a bottle and robbed of »20. In filing motion to retract their pleas of guilty the two said they h»d been told If they confessed to the crime, only a charge of manslaughter would be preferred, and punishment would probably be fixed at about 10 years in prison. The two, with eight other prisoners, were carried to Jefferson City state penitentiary. Chrysler 54 1-2 Cities Service 3 Coca Cola 1143- Oeneral American Tank 40 3- General Electric 221-8 General Motors 38 3. International Harvester Mlddlewest. Utilities. .. 1-4 Montgomery' Ward 32 New York Centra) 35 3-4 Packard S 5-8 Phillips Petroleum 19 3-4 Radio 75-8 Simmons Beds. 21 1-2 St. Louis-San Francisco Standard of N. J Texas Co 271-2 U. S. - SPECK IS FREED LI Intruder Flees After Family Is Aroused I Mr. nnd Mrs.- George D. Jones awoke to find an intruder in their house, 80fi West Chlckasawbn, last night. Mrs. Jones first became aware presence of the nocturnal Wins Acquittal on Appeal of' the From Municipal Court, vlsltor ttnd arollMd her husband Conviction house as Mr. Jones switched on a I light, lakltie the latter's trousers J. w. i ' thcr. CARUTHCTfSVILLE, Mo. —Another fojarik for this city wns open this, morning, the second to o]ien this week. H Is the National Hank of Canillicrsville, and like the First State LJank of Carulhers- villc, which wns opened lust Tue-s- clny. carries dcjHisltors 1 insurance guarantee. The new hank Is located In the building -formerly occupied by the defunct Bank of Caruthersvlllc which Institution was placed U: liquidation some weeks ago. Thl° new tanlt purcluised this bulMlns ' nnd flxtmes for JM.OOO In com- ! vi! bidding. The new bank Is' capitalized for $50,000. with 410.000 surplus. Steelr Hank In Liquid-it* Tin; bullillni; has been completely remodeled ami rcflnlshed, on I file interior. At first Hie bank had not expected lo open unltl Mon- ilay of next week, lint authorization was received yesterday afternoon, permitting the new Institution to swing op?n Its doors this morlng at 0 o'clock. The Nalloal Bank U n member 01 the federal reserve system. It has purchased assets of the First National Dank of Steele. ThLs will leave only jane bank at Steele, the Bank"or6tjee-ie. The First National of tlmt cltv will go Into 1 voluntary liquidation, and depositors and 'others Interested will be paid In full, as this bank was In a highly liquid sthtc. Sttete M«o Are Otticen Officers of the new National Bank are: president, Ed L. Ablng- fon, Poplar Bluff attorney and vice-president ot the Bank of Pop- r I II r n lar Bluff; vice-president, deo. W. liskelly hears bro- Cook, vice-president o the Steele The oUinr picture shows DrUte 'May Have Met Foul PlaV knon 8lnncr nntl business man of J J Pemiscot of Doubt that his brother, Drlstc Mlskelly, 40, of St. Louis. Mo., C. J. Speck, Main street barber. ™$ „«!,• a floor ov won an acquittal Friday afternoon intruder fled n the only city appeal case tried Jonfs summoned ,.„.._ „..„ „ so far at the current term of search around the premises result- cd ln a l(!llcr received from ---,.„„,.„„„..,,,, criminal clrciill court. Speck, ac- ed )n , no midlllg of Jones , wa)]et dead man's widow wns expressed V n ,hw of the rnsen nf illppal tw«p«y:lnn nf in- ...ui n i. i....i i _ , , . . >i»ro tn/lr», Vnr i iu %f i*i.~iit, .".noun.* ui . *inr county; cashier,. A. B. Rhodes, present cashier of the First National Dank of Steele. Leslie Ferguson, brother of John ; c ' cused of illegal possession of in- wnlcll imii been "removed froii? his herc tolln - v D V J - w - Mlskel'ly. pocketbook had cvl- .T na sti Louls nmn rileti - presum- I will be assistant new bonk. John toslcattng iu.Mi.cii.iu5 IIMUUI iui UK i)uji**>e trousers. The pocketbook had cvl- illc *"•• wuis man died, Presutn-I ln of sole, had appealed from a muny denlly been dropped by the flceln- nb 'V of P°lson self-admlnlstcrert :,"'"„,.. r-mirt p/vnvtr-H/iTi ArvnVVinnc pntu* » L- i.. , _ _ . , , . i .. - in o ^rl«u ^r ii n .m_ ur .1 iui uiLcij court conviction. Another case lhu . f as clgln dol(|lr j ,„ against Speck was nolle prossed. alld papcrs worc fol]nc| , m Sam Manatt, city nttomey. np- ert. wnreil In the role of prosecutor and Neill Reed was defense counsel. money "' " dri n* islnrb- wrotL ' of liquor, his widow Speck's case was the only misdemeanor liquor case to be tried, since Bradford Chitwood and Jim- I Daughter of Cooler Steel si 3-4 There Is yet much homestead land to be procurer! In Alaska. Mount Everest was named for Sir George Everest, famous British surveyor-general of India. railroad company. Seek Home* for Four Fatherly Children Four fatherless children in Bly- thevllle, without enough to eat »nd with no place to sleep, »r* in need of permanent homes. Mrs. John H. Long, probation officer, has temporary charge of the two S'rts. age two and five, and the 41 5-8 mne an< l H-ye»r old boys. • - Their mother Is willing to give them to kind people who will rear them as their own because she is unable to support tliem and wants them to grow up like other boys inn Mrl« MT# ti.... _- hav* place to sleep and can go to school, I will do »f.hout them for I can't give :hem those things »nd I want them to b* happy," said the mother in relinquishing her claim They are attractive, bright-faced children. Anyone caring for more information may get in touch with Mrs. 4 1-2 3-4 San Francisco bay • forms thf largest natural harbor In North America. Vancouver, British farlher north than Quebec. Columbia, is the city ol Mother of Rev. Summers Aski Him to Come Home PURYEAR, Tenn., April 7. (UP> —Distressed after reading that ttu life of her son had been threatened, Mrs. G. E. Summers today wired the following plea to the son, Rev. L. D. Summers, at Hot Springs, Ark.: "Come to mother, son." News wires Thursday • carried story from Hot Springs that federal agents were investigating .. threatening letUr received by Rev. Summers, militant crusader against liquor and gambling. The letter was quoted as saying his church would be burned and "you will be among the missing." No answer to the wire had been received today. relatives of the here. A sister, Florence Mlskelly. committed suicide In St. Louis a number of months ago. The local man, who lives At 1318 c .. , _. . • Holly street, believes that his bro- SaiU tor China thcr may have mcl fowl play. He i may go to St. Louis to investigate. v Jor.cs were fined $323 nnd $190 COOTFR. Mo.—Mrs. M.iud Ban- Tllc st - ! ' ollts man - wll ° Wrme'r- arly in the week. After Chltwood kcvltz, of Chicago, daughter of J. 'J' llveci llerc - ls s *Id to n!ive Decn nd Jones convictions a number M. Jordan, of Cooler, has sailed ' in " depressed mood since the I other liquor defendants elected lor China, aboard the President death of his sister. He disappear- withdraw appeals or allow at- Jackson, from Seattle. Wash c ^ ^ rom home Wednesday nl«ht Irmations. They Included: i She will Join lier husband, who *' illle Drinking and was reported George Abbott, Clifford Jernigan, hns b* 1 ™ i" China for six months dead ot l "e tl[ ""<! » f » 'fiend the Elizabeth Turner, Bill Bailey and a ' oi »S res. aich work, having eslab- " e!:t morning. Poison he .secured , Ems and was connected wllh the oW Sturdlvant Bank of Cape Oirar- MEMPHIS, Apr. 7 (UP) - The weather bureau said today that the White river will begin falling e«rljr next week at Batesrille, Ark. It will retch. 25 feet it Hewport Monday, 25 feet tt Georgetown April 12. »nd 31 fett tt Cltrtndon April IS. Grants Reduction in County Collector's Bone County Judge Zal B. Harrison has granted a petition asking «• ductlon in the bond required ol Clarence Wilson, as county col lector. A reduction from tlM.OOC to tlOO.OOO has been granted. It is understood that the small cr bond will be entirely sufficlen The. directors of the National Bank of Cartnhersville are: A. B Rhodes, Oco. W. Cook and J. H. Workman, all of Steele; E. L Bradshaw of Campbell, Mo.; H W. Green of this city; nnd Hu?o L. Boevlng nnd Ed L. Ablngton bolh of-Poplar Dlulf. :oxie Chisholm. Arthur Freeman, negro, accused I lished there. a laboratory of his ouni nllcr leaving home was mltad with Park at Armor*! Will Be Lee Wilson Memorial A Hide park. In memory of R !. Lee Wilson, is being developed it Armorel. eight miles east o Charles Crlgger Jr., is the highway to the fountain, there full docket looms before the an( | otn( , r re | a ti ves ' nexl week. Besides the trial S. T. Boling, accused of scc- visited her father [n co.trr if S. T. Boling, accused of sec-' _ , md degree murder, set for Mon- ^ LaruthtrSVllle LeglOH "lav, other cases which are almost certain to be for trial Include: Jesse "Tougliy" Williams, robbery; Bennle Dlxon, neirro, burglary nnd arrangements are complete, according to the Cobb Undertaking company. to Offer Rodeo Sunday i CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo.—Peml- j the I Buckeye Screen Star ?rand larceny; Willie Brooks, ne- "ot County Post No. 83 of the I WOOSTER. O. (UP) — George ro assault to kill and assault American Legion Is sponsoring a Blanford. 2-1. who. on the screen with intent to kill: Wille Smith, one-day performance of the Ad- drops the first syllable of h's grand larceny: Floyd Spates, rob- ams Rodeo Company of Bismarck, j name, has Just signed a seven- bery, Charlie Lewis, grand tar- N. D., here Sunday. The program ! year contract with the Fox Film will be benciies and the space is being beau lined with shrubs and flowers. The park adjoins Armorel lake, where swimming and boat- Ing afford diversion In the summer months. It Is planned to use Wilson park as a resting place for those who frequent the lake as Signs New Fox-Contract ftc11 as for People from the nearby c6unlry who use Armorel as their shopping place. in Blyihevillc to Get. Underway Next Week W(.rV. v.'lll protaUy start Monny on the lilyllievlllc nirixirl rct and on the city stmm sewer lojrcl, imirklng the opening "of lir- u;w federal work r.'llef .iiro- riiin In this city, D. N. Wilson, oi'iitv [idinliilflnilor, siild tcdiy. Work on UK; American Legion •nil'Li iilso scheduled for enrly rp- umpllun, und olhcr projects will ijot underway us soon us they arc ippraviil at Little Rock nnd ncces- ;ary locnl arraii'eiiients aie.cohi- ;ilctcd. - •.L. I-;. Tull, city engineer, Is. in Little Hock today to submit for nl u list of 'etls thin have nlrcndy received Mr. Wilson's apnroal. flt,»Qt 'f»V Hrst Monlh •'' niyilicville's allotment for "the Hr:t month of tire work relief program is $14,000, which will permit •niploymciu of alxiut 400 men for • .uirici'nt time to enable them lo .arn tho amounts determined upon by the relief organization as nes- . ;ssary for the Mibslstenre of their ' faniilks. Mun at commpn labor will ke permitted to earn from $10.20 per mnnth upward, depending on the size of their families, ' and men classified as skilled 1 labor will be permitted to earn from {30 per month upward. Common labor will be paid 30 cents nrr hoiir and will work-not ess Ihnn 54 hours per month. Skilled labor will be paid »l^per hour und will work not l>ss than JO hours iwr month. Cerlaln work- .is will be classlflrd as semi- killed, and will receive H5 tents per hour. Work will tc furnished :nly lo persons certified by -the cas; work division of the F. E. R. A. as unemployed Inrtustrlal workers. . ; j Handling of the work relief pro;rum In niythevlllc promises to be fairly simple matter, Mr. Vil- ' on believes. Emphasis will be laced on providing Jobs, r»(h«r. han open carrying out particular''' projects, he pointed out, and. this naj-mean liiat.-Euin^. i.rojtcts-ic- milrlniia. lara<i amount of skilled ator may have lo be sidetracked in favor of others needing'a larg- r proportion ot common labor,' ml In general no difficulty Is ex'- ictfed with worth wlill: prpject'j or which material can be pro! idcd. Firm Profnun Compllcaltd . A more complicated problem Is aced .by Mr. Wilson In tils cspac- ly as rural - rehabilitation admin-. Istartor for this county. This program, designed to place rural violins of the depression back on .heir feet economically, will involve the placing of carefully seeded men upon small tracts-'df and and helping them to fcecoraie,. self-sustaining. Applicants for this . lorm of help must receive the approval of local and county committees us to their character and ability, As many as posslbb 'of those approved will be placed up^ on five ID ten cere tracts of -land. They will receive help In oblaln- Ing necessary tools, seed and liye- -tock. for the production of the' food necessary for their own faml- .es. They will be expected to pay ftr the hslp they receive either in labor or In surplus commodities, which in turn will be used in carrying on the direct relief fro- A county committee In charge of rural rehabilitation has b.-cn named by w. R. Dycss, state re- lef director, consisting of Mr. Wil•on. County Agents J. E. Crltz and 3. D. Carpenter, Miss Corn Lee Coleman, homo demonstration igent. Bob Robinson of Kcher and Juries Col:man of Osceola. There s a possibility, however, acccrd- ng to Mr. Wilson, that this set- •ip may be changed to vrovlde for xparate committees for the nortn 'nd south ends of the county. As work rJief administrator Mr. Wilson will have his headquarters n Blythevllle, lo which that part of the program Is confined ;o far 's this county is concerned, and he has been assigned office spac-? .ilth Mr. Tull. Headquarters o( ths rural rehabilitation program, bovver, of which he Is also administrator will te at Osceob, and h> ' r'"' M - 1 his time between the two ofllces. ceny; Ross Wllllford, burglary. Caruthersville Methodists to Open Revival Sunday CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo — Sun... . . Is to besln at 1:30 in the afternoon. WEATHER Arkjmas—Partly cloudy tonight and Sunday. and vicinity—Fair lo- Su ti- and the Methodist, church. The Rev. • E, W. Potter, r«jtor of St. Paul's The maximum temperature here Corporallon. His mother, Mrs. Lloyd Naftzger, of WoosUr, proud of her son's cinema progress, said, "He has never turned down a movie chance no matter how small It was and i\o matter how little money it paid. He took, up work on th« stage when lobs had begun to get scarce and when lots of others Just gave up and quit. "If he makes good, It Is wholly to cover funds handled by the I Church at Springfield. Mo., will yesterday was 74, minimum 58, through his own perseverance," collector. Expense of the bond, se- deliver the sermons. R, L. Morris cloudy with 11 of an inch of rain cured through a surety company, U to direct the singing. The re is paid personally by the collector. |vival will last two weeks. fall, according to Samuel P. Nor-|lctter man In high I rls, official weather observer. I letlcs here. she smiled. Bluiford was a three- school ath pmed On Two » Result of Joyride "Qoob" Caldwell entered pleas of guilty to charges of driving a cur without permission of the owner and public drunkenness In municipal couit Thursday. He was fined $10 on each charge. Caldwell was alleged to have exceeded his authority when he went Joyrldlng recently In a used car, owned by the Shouse-LUtle Chevrolet company. The Joyride resulted In Injury of six persons when the car Caldwell had taken and another collided on Highway 61. north of Blythevilte. Mather and Daughter File Divorce Suits A mother and daughter died dl- s'orce actions at almost the same time here recently. Mrs. Rosa Holt, the mother, brought suit several days ago for a divorce from H. E. Holt, charging desertion and Indignities. Mrs. Johnny Wright, the diUjh- ter, followed In a short time with an action against alleging desertion. J. B. Mrs. Wright, Wright Ls M-s. Holt's daughter by a former marriage. Ed B. Cook is ittomey for Mrs. Holt and Urs. Wright, who Ura at Dell.

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