The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1930
Page 5
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'IED ADS •l-«ro wuw a word lor nrst tu- •erllon and cue cent i word lor eacu »uUequUit uistr- "oa. NO Adwnuenient taken lor less than He. Count the words tod MBd the eaih, Phone 3(H> i?l C/ l''OU HUNT FOH HUNT—From bedroom, ad- juiiiiiii; bath. Private nuini!. Phone 47a\V. 17c-K22 ^.I^I^IL.WMll-lCOUlUlJtt NEWS PAGE FTV1 ly, LAURA LOU BROOKMA.N ft® / .Ay .AUTHOI?OF"RA6M ROMANCE" ^-> © IQ50 /Oy NEA iu:<.i\ iii:ui: TODAY l-'OH RENT—Light housekeeping rcoms. 1020 heani St. Pnoiie 848. 17-1'K. 21 t'OIt KENT—From bedroom, convenient to balti. Mis. 13. M, llullmaii, 522 Lumcrate. I'lioiK- 138'IJ. 17-PK B) l-'OK RENT—Four room furnished or unfurnished apartment, oath, yanifje. Mclirulc Apis. 13|>K16. FOR RENT—Two story liouse, nine rooms, two baths. Main si. I'lionc CM) MM S)iHJ. L. L. Ward. it FOK KENT -One of Shane apartments on West Main street. Tel- ejmone 1!)7 ami !>V1. FOR RENT— Housekeeping mums cheap, till Hearn. 15p!;22. '; FOR RENT—Sleeping room adjoining Hath. Steam healed home. Garage is desired. 1100 Wesl Main .' l'1-.ouc 114, IScklB. FOH RENT -G room house, 232 Duusan. Phouc 334. iticklf FOR RENT- Splendid home, 2 h.itii rooms, newly decorated on W.ilmit St. Renl $45.00. Thomas Land Co. ICc-iilO WANTED — Family Washings. Washed und iruneU vy totnpc- leni wnne woinan. Mii, ijroun, '(U4 a. Lake iSt. ' IVUK-II WANTED—Three or Jour-room Jur- nislicd nparlmcnt, private, louy; term, desirable Iccation. j U. It., Courier News. ICp-KlO | WANTED to rent, lease or buy three or tour-room house, modern. (Jood condition. Price right. Box "H" Cornier News. lGp-K18 WANTED—Second hand \vanlrouc or chiilorobc. Phone 560. l^cklO. TAKEiV 'JP TAKEN UP—Blue marc mule. Owner call at Ezra Hampton's j on Route 2. m>-K22 Cotton Seed Market -MEMPHIS, Sept. n. (UP)—Cotton seed closed easier today. Sept. 28b; Oct. 28.25b; Nov. 28.M; Dec. 28.75 to 31; Jan. 2D.25; Feb. M.75b Mar. 301); April 30b." No "sales;' • Cottonser-ri meal closed irregular today. Sept. 23.50 to 31; Oct. 30 Hat; Nov. 30.25 Hat; uec. 30.75 Hat; Jan. 30.50 to 31.25; Feb. 31 to 31.50 Mar. 31.50 Hat; April 30.50b. Sales. fi.800 Ion;. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Sept. 17 (UP) — Cotton clcscd steady. Open Hicli l*ow Close Oct 1009 1100 10S3 1055 nee 1118 1125 1110 1113 Jan 1120 im 1121 1122 Mar 114-1 1151 1130 iiac May 115!) HOG 1154 1!55 Jill 1183 1183 mo 1171 SIKHS cl05Cd steady und unchanged r.c. 1011. The COFF HOTEL wishes tn announce a few vacancies available to permanent guests Icr fall and winter occup.incy. Special rates have been ar- r:m;cd, with Ihe a.ssurancc of the finest accommodations and service in the city. NOTICE With nur recent partnership with Mr. Gets Carney, we now luvc tbc equipped independent shop in town. CARNEY-JENKINS GARAGE Pickwick Building "We- know we know how" —Auto Parts— We sell used parts at one-half price and less. JACKSON AUTO PARTS Main at Zlst Call G6 Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems Fhonc 52 Ingram BIdg, Blytiieville, Ark V. R, WASITAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special catea on carload lots. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-D3' WERT Ho Makes 'Em Set air| hltjll fcchuul, Ki>fji(In n )»(H July dny luuktui; fur a Joli. jjler inuthrr. 3IAIIGAI11-M 11 JUICDUS. In II lUJoW, (•nilllliyri) »\ II hL'tltll- hin-ns IN n ilri'hH h)iUL<. On lliu U:iy n Ir( UT nlifrli whe cnnrcnlit 1 rum Crlln. K I* mi ii!ri-r, M^iu-il JOHN MlYClll^U In imnlilr I lie K<r) ttllh t^rry ndvtuilji^i- of fil- ii.>:i(lnti, ir.'Lirl :iitd Mictnl |M>»|- Ilim If (lit* mullji-r will ^Ur livr up M [i rp. :t ret d re In re* »h« >\ 111 ai-vrr do (liU. «'r]ln K Itir :i Jrlip iillh HAII.VKY Mill.I.IIS, yoiiitj; uv«>- l>niicr jiliy|o»;rni»!icr. JUariuj toll-t <YUu lie IIII-CM her nutl L\vi-:irji ihiil Atmif il:iy llif y i\ III lit- m;ir- HIM!, \r\t iluy llii 1 wlrl oonllniir* Jirr rtriiiTh for \vnrk ninl &rviirrH n T.n.lihm ;i s tlfiUJurriLiljrr. Slir ^nrs In l]tf HUnp tn nrr Iirr imitlirr rtml IhuN MM. I(.I-,T« lm» IKM-M liikvn mtlilntlv Ml. Thr Junior hn>« Iic:it nuil r.\liiiustli>]i tiro Mr.i, UDK<TK ri-luriLH tn ln-r dnilr*. litit lUrro iljij* Inlcr fclic |i:ii v :i (till to Ihe ilDi'lnr'H ullk'C. M>W (JO O.\ WITH '1'IIV; S'l'OHV CIIAPTKll V wyOU'VH KOI lo net nut of tlint-j eiioi>. Mrs. llnpors. You've* • jioi to ilo it at oi\co! couniry life—" "iiut Doctor!" llic v:otn:ui pro- trsicil, "I wsi'L stop workiji^!" Dr. Wniinins snortcil losllly: ' All rlKlit. Tlieu I'm through with llu* case! I've lo)tl you what to expect if you kr-ep on tliia \vay. Tltrcc months—a year—I won't answer for ll;o cousetjnenccs." .Margaret Holers turned her h After a monionl'a silence Die pliy- • slctai! went on more kindly I "Your condition 1s sci-lons. T! don't know exacUy yet how far the damage Ii;i3 ^oue, but I do know that collate llic other day was the first warning. Mrs. Uogcrs. you can't afford to let this KO i>n. You have a flghtini; chance, (live up yonr work, &Q home and rest i\ few days, then come back to sec flic next \Yci1tiosclay." Mrs. Itogcrs rose to go. Kite (old ttio doctor nliu would "think things over" and FCC what she cnuld do. The physician notified. "Then I'll see you next week," he paid, "tiootl afternoon." Going down the Isail and out Into the bright street, Margaret's slight; l)!ackx-!ad figure-- sec inert to have shrunk. She had outstayed her lunch timu hut the thought did not cruss her inijuK She walkcii through trafilc without scelns I 1 ^- dePtrians or voiiicles. Auiomati- catty bhe cnlcrcil Margot's dress .shop and climhcd the slairs to Ihe fitting room. Two women were sowing at a larsu tahle and n. thlvd was slilcli- ing ou a machine. T ENOKE, who made more sales -*- J than anyone else except Mar sot . liersyU, entered Ilia room, ,. "Who's working un (hat evening dvcss for iMiss Spcncur?' 1 she askcJ. "The coral lace?" "Here it Is. I haven't got to the hem yet/' Margaret answered. "Well, you'd lictter bastu it. Miss Spencer jnst telephoned. Rue want? to change her filling from four o'clock to 2:-J5. Can you have it ready then? She's a yood custo-- mor." There was a consultation. Mrs. Rogers uns EI swift worker and she did most of the evening dresses he- cause she had a knack with such fabrics. There was ninth lo he done to the coral lace. Tho entire skirt had to ho re-fitted. 3ian;aret promised to work swiftly to sot the Ranr.ont to a stage where careful finishing could be done Inter. Tho price tag, clipped lo tho lining, caught her eye, Tho mark was $135. Margaret put the lag ilovn. How many $135 dresses, she thought bitterly, would it take *o uay for OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Aheni TUKc Dcnnhon's tuorrfs rang in der eon—"Suppose scnicl/iing j/iou Jioppcn—" her knees Margare Iflly, placing plus li the silken folils. Sho year's rest lu the couiiuy, doctor j T"\0\VN on hi bills—. -'-' \vorUc-rt swll Her efforts Hint afloi-noon scrnccl | rlimisily iucffei-tlve. When at near- smoothed ly tliTce .'/clock sl'.ii was told Miss Spencer was wailing (o try tlio dress. Margaret lirouglit it, carrying a lilg cnsliioti oE 111115 in tlie otlicr hand. "I'm sorry—I didn't tiuite linisli," she said anoloMiically as she came into the daintily agipolntcd dressing room wiUi Via Uu^fi mirrors. i A tall girl In Breen silk Bat waiting. 55ho smiled good natutcclly, arose and began to slip oH licr cos- Tiiis iv?.s lielen 8pcnccr, as Mrs. Rogers knew. Slio !iau Cited innny dresses for her before. "Tl'.ey promised me tiie dress would bo ilelu'cred Friday laora- ing." paid Helen Spencer. "Oh, It will ha ready on time! I'm going to pin the part I didn't yet Lasted so you con see exactly how it will look. We'll have it out for yon Friday all right." She slipped the bright loca over Ihe girl's shoulders and carefully eased the folds into place. Helen Spencer considered her reflection ill the mirror with satisfaction. "I'm era/y about this color," she said musingly. "Beautiful" Margaret Rogers agreed. Then, with the instinct oE her trade, she tddeil. "And so be- Ijatlcd. readjusted and llicn stoo hack admiringly. "It's perfect, Miss Spencer." sh said. "Just pcrfccl!" The girl in the limning sheath o lace studied the mirror. "Yes." she said finally, "I think it is. 1 like tlie way that frill ,-s and it does make me look .livinely Fltrn." "I know what Im going lo do!" Helen Spencer decided. "I'm going to vreav tliis (he flrsl night on shi[i Iward." "Oh, you're making an oceiui trip':" • '. ".'s\.\t wet!:. Didn't yon know! They lirul my picture in the im]>er yesterday. Mother and 1 are to be gone lor three mouths and I'm fo excited. see, I !!nishcd li!gli "Do you really think so?" "Indeed I da. You'vo got complexion for it." To hundreds and hundreds the of Svfcooi last month and H's a Kradua- tlon present. I'm EO thrilled! Just think of all the grand looking men I'm going to meet. I'm sure K'.iro- pean men must be thrilling. -Maybe I'll come hack engaged—or married!" Mrs. Rogers smiled. "\Vhat school did you go lo?" "\Vcstcrn. Father tliinkG I inr.-ht yon 0:1 Uini'. And 1 ln>|io you Iwvo u lovely ivlp." "Oil, Ihank you!" Margaret picked up the coral 'rork and went kick io Iho sew- iuj- rcom. Slio-bad to KO Biov.'ly, lioUini; io the wall. She wna horribly afraid unolhcr nttnck o! weakness was coming on. "Yon IIUIKI nnl! Yon must not!" Mnvgarct told herself determinedly. Khu closed her eyes and tho cool breeze touched her forehead. It was refreshing. She tried to lircii'.iin dcoidy aiid when K!IO opened IHT eyuM again the voom was nut reel- IHK crar.ily but was Blcndy. A woman across t|io rr.oi:i wtildied her uncertainly, "You iliui'l lock liko felt well, Margaret. Is IhcrO 'nnylliliiK 1 can get for you? MuyOo you'd bcller go tu and lie down,'! .•!. ItOCKllS fihook'hcr head. "I'm nil right," Hho hiHtsled. Nothing's tlio matter." "Wlii'ii Is it Celln Blurts lo vork?" her neighbor til tho next •vhlo asked. ''.Not until a vvei-k from .Monday." "Well. Bhe's n line girl," thu oilier 'ill. "1 lioiw she's got n nice Job!" "Yes—I hnrio so." Mrs. Kogera Tillio reunion bad ivoihod In he lilting roum longer llniii ulllier >f the other four. Sho was unmarried. oulBimkr-n, generally referred o iis "nn old nititd." Tlllle cared '."lliiug for tact. Kow uho spoko "IVell. I've been meaning to ear t for n lung liino and now I'm gong to. Margurc't," Hho suhl. VI ihlnk it's a pity. It (here's'nny- iliing I hnte to lieo H'5 a swcr-t yo-jng girl gelling iulo the rnt ol K dowiitnwn day after day. Vi'ariiig out their niclliuess nml their nerves when they ounht lo be selling married mil raising families—" •Tlllle, don't lalk llko that!" It wan iho hcsidc Miss Hen- nljon who had Interrupted her. "I don't care. I mean II! Why. Margaret, suppose aiiylhlng would linppeii to you? Who'd look niter Celia?' Maigarol Rogers eyed Ihe wall before her blankly. "I don't knuw," she nnswcred. 'I don't know!" Then slio bent her head to lilclo llio fright that was in her eyct-. Tlie others turned on Ttlllo Dcn- nlsou tmllgiiantly. They said uho hao no right to say such thtngs, (hit Hlrls who worncd in ofllcca inr-t lols of nice young men and plenty of them married. They do- feniled Margaret, privately worrying al (lie same time- ' ' There was htill much to be douo on the coral dress when It wns hung away for tho nighl. Mrs. lingers was Urn last to leave Ilia work rcom. Cclia had the evening meal ready when her mntlier arrived al tho apartment. She thought that her mother looked tired. Mnrgnrct Rogers Insisted she wns not. "It's just llio heat,' sho explained. Later Barney came lo take Cclln for a drive. "Yea," Mrs. Rogers nodded, "you IIS Pt-ACf .2 •^ A. TfcAPE -' ' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES THE RKTURNiNG VOYAGKRS Marti « young folks go alone. I'm going to be liome to start college tliis fall i to read (lie but I'm not very mucli fntcrestccll But after Iliey had gone slio did chool. I tliiiik It would lie lots not read. Slie got out paiier ami more (un to get married." pen nnd ink. For fi long time s!io OWE AV\- ~\'&c. (*> ATO. BACK. I'.'.&tt, New York Cotton NEW YORK, Sept. 17 (UP)-Col- Ion closed steady. Open High Low Close Oct. (old) 1097 Oct, uiew) 1058 Dec (old) 1118 Dec (new) 1115 Jan (eld) 1127 Jan (new) 112U Mar 1145 May ll<H Jul 1179 1104 1104 1125 1124 1134 1132 1140 1107 1131 Vpols closed quiet at 1100, up Closing Slock Prices A. T. and T Aviation Clirytlcr Cities Service Ccca Cola Fox General Electric General Motors dries!)}- Gninow 9 1. T. ai'.d T. 42 1-8 Montgomery Ward 311 3-4 Packard 12 7-8 Radio Simmons 23 Simmons 277-8 United Gas U. o. Steel 169 1-8 CONVICT THANKFUL MAUISON. Wis., (UP)— How fl ccnvicl v:ho learned to read nnrt wrilc English in prison donated Ills first check fnr a story sold to a national magazine to tile .Univcrsi- ty of Wisconsin mtension clciiart- jntjnt whicli Kave*nn\ Mluc I opportunities was related by Ciies- tcr Allen of the extension division. 1'I.ENTV OF SIUI.E TUSCOLA, 111. lUPi-N'o horses, but pkiily or alleeeu "mule" was cti:-,f;;cated ti^re recently when ! Sr:?rlfr O. R. Twiford, made a raid I ou tlie o'ci iivcry stable ol D. A Cooper, 82. slared at tho blank slicet. Tlic girl talked on lint Marcarct Ueunisou's u-ords rang In her cars: Rogers was now working mediant- "Supposo sometliing cally. Slio did riot mention Ilio fact "Yon'vo got the. com- tbat her own daughter was just ffraduatcd from Western. Margaret Rogers began to wrlta (To He Continued) seemed to iiittar womanhood Erom "Tlitil's all. Miss Silencer, tliauk you. 1'U BCO that the drc=5 rcacbd KRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS LITTLE SHAKY! LETS St6...0ME BAKSGG TO GET CHKO. AM' I'LL SG AT TU6 ~THS IS SO-iE TOO6H SCIMS-... 6OOD TMVG X DlONT B2IWS FRECKLES M.OMS. - HEO BEEH BUSHflO LOUG TH6 l<:iD 16 AtU ALOM£...V(ELl. wo TIHVE uue THE —•^^•^XN ^^ ^^ : -':m^W^ '•.'••'. /' -~ ' S n : >' : \ 7'^> A FIHE . ..ALWM£ IM A PlCkL6 Or _.... f^f ALL TOO OLD •SO BE LtMHW I OOM-t Ct CO \ DOU'T v;&U~ A SUBST11UTL'. -tut "tUIHG'.l WWEH I WtCT PtoPl.t ; ON twc. siwr-CT IHCV COOK \ IHt OTHET) WKY. IChN'T ELVtN C!\UWV ON A UE.CCNT I'ME tltVtft PLNVfD 1 . WC-'LL BE OUT OF

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