The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 15, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 15, 1938
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWRPA1WI) nu unnmriBlUr. " " ^^ VOLUME XXXV—NO, 24. Blytheville Courier Blyllievllle Herald J'HE DJ>MmANT_NEWSPAPEH OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MI6SOU.U Mlsslss!j)])| valley Lender" Blytlieville Dully News To Support Effort To Pull Italy Away From German Agreement liy I/rilled Press Fran™ Indicated todny Uiat she -soon would join Great Britain's diplomatic olil.wlitif- at the axis Joining Italy and Nazi ttermajiy. l ; Yance, will) a new anil more conservative cabinet, under ivemier Kdouard Daladler appeared to Ix: tightening her alliance with Britain almost io it wartime basis and a foreign office spokesman said (hat lilendly negotiations with MIISSO- linl might t« opened Immediately— presumably in an effort to get Marled before Hitler visits Rome oti May 3. Mussolini frequently has Indicated desire for better understanding with Britain and France and li was generally accepted thai only the hostility of (heir now discarded foreign policies drove him into a Aged Man Fractures Right Leg Jn Fall J. H. Holt, 70, fractured (lie joint socket hip tx)ne of Ills right leg when he fell yesterday morn- Ing in attempting to step from tlie ground u> the porch of hLs home, lie is in tlic- Hlylhcville hos- pilnl. where he Is resting very well today. The serious break occurred after Mr. 7toll, who lias been paralyzed tor mere lhan n year, was returning to Ills nfier walking '" "' yunl, wllli llu; old ol u FRIDAY, AIMUI, his nne. BY Ifl fIGHI BILL Dixie Democrals Orgam/e To Oppose New F.ffovl lo l-egislalion Happy Awakening WASHINGTON, sword rattling Hitler. partnership Meanwhile nlong- Die Intcrnntion- al front: Spain—The Loyalist govcniment abandoned hope of preventing the drive of insurgent armies to the , Mediterranean. Nationalist General ; Meguel Aranda was sclmluled to romplete within few hours the splitting of Barcenola—base of government war materials—from the loyalist territory of Valencia and Madrid. An early end to the resistance ut Madrid was believed likely. A more determined stand was ex-' peeled at Barcelona. China—Chinese armies continued to make Japan's Jong- lines in Shan- Imig a great danger lo the invaders. Japanese casualties in north China were estimated at 250,000 killed and wounded, chiefly In guerrilla warfare. Tokyo received "reliable" reports that Chinese Cicn- fralllssirao Chiang Kai-.shek liad wen wounded in both legs durin? (lie Japanese bombing of Cliangsha France—Sit down slrike.s by 150,000 metallurgical workers continued lo defy the government's peace efforts and it was hbitetl that force would be used, If necessary, to restore the armament industries to 'ilMJlirje basis. • Palestine—British troops palroled Jerusalem lo Itiwarl disorders as Christians. Jews and Arabs ob- .'.erved religious holidays. Nationalists Reach Seacoast I1ENDAVE, Franco-Spanbh Frontier, Apr. IS. (UP) — Nationalist, troops oc'oiipied the Mediterranean seaport of Vinarox late today, cut- ling Ipyallst Spain in two. natloh- Burgos on- 'Hie nationalists thus severed alj •ormully Announces Candidacy For Reelection As Mississippi County Judge County Judge f>. u Oladlsh of Osceola today authorized Hie Courier Newji lo make fonual nonnccniPiit of his renomlnntion for an- caiidldacv for Apr. 15. UJPI •-.mipni Ocjiiocruis, Inslrunien- Inl in KillliiK it wdgi-hour bill |» bluer house rtglu | II; ,| y,. nr ,„.. t'lmlwd solidly loilny u&tlma „ new winji'-hour 1)1)1 ami pr.-,|l<-nxl It would be drfenl<\l If H rencl HIP house lloor. The southern bloc; i»i«unl».,| ,,..,• lhi> hoiisi- hilmr rommltav, «.|,d- liig mimlh.s of blckerlns »i«i (Ji'ud- IcK'k, reporled n bill designed lo establish n niiniinuni wage of 40 cents nn hour and n maximum work week ol 40 hours by mwluiil adhistmcnt of m-o-limir standards Heprescnlntlve Sum 1) Mclley- I Holds i Dem., T<-nn.i who descried' alist headquarters noiinrnl. n second term ns counly nnil probate judge, .subject to action of Hie volers at (he Democratic primary, August B. Judge Gladish, in authorizing announcement of his candidacy, niudc (he following statement: "In announcing ns n candidate for counly and probate judge lo serve you for it second term r nsk your support on Hie record I have made since assuming office January i. 1937. I took office January 1 and lei' February Ihc greatest flood In history swept over Die county, destroying roads and bridges ant driving thousands of people fron their homes. There was no monej available for repairing roads am bridges on (he scale demanded bu I dirt the best possible with tin limited means at. my command. "Eight years ago the voters o this county repudiated the leasing of prisoners which hnd existed foi more than a quarter of a centurv and Judge Zal B. Harrison, assisted, by a committee of business men, purchased a farm of 658 acres at a cast of $22,400. During hLs entire administration he constantly added Improvements to said farm Hint are estimated lo be -worth more than leu thousand dollars. The payments on this farm have been made until there is now due a balance of only $3,000. '•Besides saving vast sums to the tax-payers by keeping and working Ihcse presoners on the countj farm (instead of in jail) a commodious and comforloble building has been erected as a home for the pnupers, white ami colored and a large part of their upkeep Is now produced on lias farm, resulting Iti a big saving in dollars and cents. "The farm was operated nndei direction of the county. Judge and Judge Harrison reported savings, of thousands of dollars by Its operation. yeur (o previous vita vf-ry doiiblful nien.siiie nvej- would ., . Ihe administration lost uid Ihe fight against Ihe bill, said it (hat Ihe new reach thn Ilooi: Although reported by the labor committee the bill must be groined n rule for house consideration by nn antagonistic rules connnli- tee. Southern members were even more hostile lo (lie new measure than the one killed Inst year .since SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS City Council Gets Demand For $12,296 Waterworks Apn The oily I'liuncll last nlj;hl: lt«-fusi'il In jjlvi- Dr. J. M. Willis PCI Illlsililtl lo U|M!I1 II hll.s- piliil ill lllvMim ill id llt'imi siioels. No |in mission h : iil born MiiiKM l>> IH-. Walls but Uir di>- nliil imliT followed rcrlnlii pin- Icsls iiKulniil opening iif (!»• Itosjillnl iimlrr <ho olly's -(1111- ,.y indeed wns the awakening of ^year-old Barbara Jem, Hevp of Chicago when she ope,,«l her, eyes for .he jjrrt lime In Ume nnd looked Into those of her mother shown nbovc embracii.B her M,, Rhner Hen* .11,0 mother, was stricken by Mec-p!,,,. L while convalescing from measles. the earlier measure had provided land communication between thei "When 1 became county Judge I provisional capital at Barcelona in I ? aus ed this farm to be operated the north and Valencia and Mnd-l ln . tlie mosl economical manner rid. The highway along ihe sea through Vinaro/. was the last one lhi- loyalists had to link cities. Holds Restoration Of Driver's License Illegal LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Apr. 15— lievocatton of drivers' licenses of persons convicted of driving an automobile while intoxicated Is mandatory under the law and there Is no legal way In which the license may be restored or another issued (o (lie guilty party within one year of die date of revocation, Attorney General Jack Holt ruled yesterday. Gov. Bailey ba<i requested an opinion to ascertain It the state revenue commissioner may lawfully reissue a driver's license to a person whose fine or penalty for operating a motor vehicle "while Intoxicated 1ms been remitted gubernatorial proclamation. by I'LL T€LL YOU BY " BOB — BURNS _ possible, a strict account kept of every item of expense and cverj item of Income, i w ant to say here and now that this farm can I be opernfed at a profil, (hat it Ls ivorlli everj' penny il cost im- provemenls Included, and I am unalterably opposed to selling or leasing it to nny one under any circumstances nnd I mil also opposed to leasing the county prisoners lo any person, firm or cor- poralion. Our present system of handling the farm prisoners and county poor is n success from a business standpoint and' fron humanitarian .standpoint. "f have been as economical ns possible In conducting the affairs of this county, insisting in season and out of season that operating expenses be cut to ih e minimum and as result the county indebtedness has been materially reduced during the year 1937 in which I served. "I have Iried to cooperate with every agency in improving conditions in our county and am still ready lo cooperate with anyone and everyone wishing to belter conditions and lessen expense of operation. "I respectfully ns k a full and Impartial Investigation of my official acts and I am confident that your sense of fairness will result in giving me your vote and influence to continue lo serve you for a second term' I never could see where folks sot the Idea that city people are smarter than farmers. Every time I read a slory of some bunko racket It's about some city slicker thnt beats the so-called "yokel" out of Jiomelhln'. Maybe the reason you rton't hear so much about the other side of the story Is because the "yokel" is too slick (o be found out. I remember some city people HseU drive out to my uncle's farm to get milk. One day when I was there, my uncle looked dorni the road atxl lie hollered to my aunt nnd says, "Here comes them city people . . . hurry up and warm the milk up. You know they want It fresh from the con-." To Award Scholarships To State University County ju<J se S. L Gladidi has announced that he will award scholarships for four years free tuition lo Ihe state university, Pay- etteville, lo nine students of Mississippi county. Only those who have been bona fide residents of the stale for one year previous to entering Ihe university nre entitled to these np- polnlnwnls, he M |d. Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS. III., Apr. 15 (UP)-Hogs: 6,500 Top. 8.50. 170-230 Ibs., 830-850 140-160 Ibs.. 7.86-8.15. Bulk sows, 72J-750 Cattle, 1,000. Slaughter steers, 6.75-1000 Slaughter heifers, 6.00-9,00. differentials In favor of the south MeRejuolds predicted that II the bill actually reached the floor II would precipitate a fight even more billor Ihnn (he struggle last, PHIPPS ENTERS March Death Rate Is Far Below 1937 Mark The death rale in Mississippi county for March ivns less than one-half what it was in March of last year when the flood cruised :> number of denlhs. Figures released by the county health unit show that ihcre were deaths lust month, compared lo lie In March of 1937. As Hie deaths were lower, so were tlie births, according lo the report In March of this year there were GO births. 50 of which were white, while in March of- lost year there' were 104 births with M- of these white. Ousted Education Commissioner Announces His Candidacy, Opens Office LITTLE HOCK'. Apr. 15. (UP) — W. E. Phlpps, deposed Arkansas cdiiralion commissioner, today announced his candidacy for tlie Democratic nomination of governor In the August S primary. He illed his corrupt practices pledge In Ihe secretary of slate's ollico at 10 o'clock. 1'hlppV place us education commissioner be filled tomorrow T. H. Alford, former lendent of schools in 'No'ftff Little Rock. Alford wns selected «s Phlpps' While pneumonia caused 20' successor on April fl by the stale deaths during the flood, this disease i taar<l ° r education niter the group caused no fatalilies in March of this year. KItlney nlhnenls caused seven deaths, four accidents were fatal; three each were caused by heart ailments, influeimi and premature births. Brnln allmcnta. acute Indigestion and "unknown" caused tivo each and. in the single column the. causes were anemia still born, malarlu. peritonitis, raMes and Brunettes? Well, They Can Dye for Their Country! liad dismissed the retiring commissioner. PlUpps, in announcing'his cnndl- (tiicy. said he was seeking ihe nomination "io lake Ihe schools out of politics." "I -have been urged by persons from nil sections of tlic state lo seek tiie governorship," PHIpus said "These jieoulc nre from all walks of life and are sincere In their offers to support my candidacy." Phlpps said his gubernatorial platform would be released at n laler date and thot he was opening prc-campaign headquarters In u downtown ofllcc building. Find Body of Little Girl, Victim oi Attack LOS ANOELES, Apr, 15. IUP>- The nude body of seven-year-old Jenny Moreno, ravished and appnr- ently bealen to death, was found In the weeds of u vacant lot 100 yards from her home', in suburban Downey, early loday. Chinese and Japanese Deadlocked In Crucial Battle On Long Front SHANGHAI, April ir, (UP)~ The bitterest battle of the Chinese-Japanese war raged lodaj itrang n (iO-mlle front from llnnch- wnng to Mnyl, in southern Shantung province, scene of (In Japanese defeat. recenl More Ihnn 200,000 Chinese troops wove deadlocked with an estimated 50,000 Japanese In a buttle which foreign military observers Mlevejl may be u turning point of the: war. N Thousands of Japanese rei.,- forccments .were rushed Inlo Shan- lung province us the Japanese Anti-Begging Society Tried in Johannesburg JOHANNESBURG I UP) - Complete success Is claimed for n scheme for getting rid of slrcet beggars tried out here. Johannesburg citizens formed nn Anil-Bogging Association, membership In which costs $2.50 a year In return n cltl/cn receives n book containing 50 slips, all numbered. When stopped by a begsar he gives him one of the slips, wlilch entitles a person in genuine need lo help from the association. If the beggar is n professional, the slip Is not likely lo find Its way back to the association. jmii?"ln °lfc«''l?"Sj*'|S'' iht"n/«l V«*ft f "'• ""-!. 1 ! 1 !*>"«£»."»« IMtlft ' \Vlieii Jean Hitler went Into Austria, Colwell, actress, young. ilonde nnri beautiful, was "hurt errlbly." She started thinking— Ml seriously. About this silly war business, you know, and how lo lop U, Presto, came the big Idea, 'inbodled In the above "personal" ad she Inserlcd In n New York laper. All you need to do. she ays. Is recruit a brigade of beau- Iful blonde bombshells, set them own in NO Man's Land, The sol- go for (he blondes, and there gos diers College Supplies Part For New Diesel Engine YELLOW SPRINGS, O. (UP) — An imporlanl part of a new Diesel engine ts supplied by tlie Antloch college foundry. The college supplies Ihe rotor, n sort of fan which blows air Inlo the cylnders. It Is made of aluminum allov. Tlie product Is cast at the Aluminum Art ftoundry, Inc whlcli was Incorporated In connection with the college. Morris M. Bean, young metallurgist and former assistant in the Antloch College research Institute, Is the manager. MlLLBURY. Mass. (UPI - Apparently forgotten since Colonial so she can form her war- She did the possibility of y of the boys In the trenches being killed \ n the rush. valued at $4,000^was discovered recently In the .MlUbury public library cellar by Fred La Traverse, a WPA bookbinder, while sorting stacks of tattered, lomes. r - • ----- .... vi,, i/mmuucji. .oiiRhl to recoup ihelr losses They cnme from Tsltigiao. Jeiioi and northern Honan in an effort to halt the Chinese drive on the cltv of Yihsien. The Japanese claimed they hnd outmnneuvcrcd Ihe Chinese nmi inflicted "Irreparable losses." However, they mode no claim lo gulns find admitted openly for Ihe first time Ihe fall of Tiilerhchwung lo the Chinese. Dell Students Hear Speech By H. N. Gill H. N. 0111 was Ihc principal speaker at the annuiil father and son banquet given by members of the Cocatlonal Agriculture classes at Dell Wednesday night which was nlteiidcd by 83 sons and fathers and alumnae of the department. Mr. Gill look the cue for his speech from Ihe recent song hit "Jt's nice work If you can get It' and you can get It If you try" J D Stone talked lo the group oii "Salesmanship", other speakers on the program were D. s. Lantrlp R. B. Whltmore, of Manila, and Freeman Robinson. A wagon loaded wllh corn and another with cotton surrounded by n border of corn was placed In the center of the table, and in carrying out the agricultural scheme, samples of cotton were used for the place cnrds. Vnses of lullps and Jonquil.'; ivcre placed throughout the cottage. The club's colors, blue and gold, were used for the color scheme and In toping with this favors of blue violets appeared on the plates. The home economics department served the three course dinner In the vocational agricultural building. Start Repairing of Lange School Building Work has started on the repair- Ing of the Lange elementary school, which was badly damaged in the tornado March 14. The work will be completed sometime during the early summer. The plans of the two-story brick building have been changed by making the main entrance on the north side, facing West Main street, Instead of on the east side and lir»|i«sed nnllnuni'i- (a amenil llu> ycnilug- uritliuuii'i' (it .simijrtlM'ii Us ii|i|illc:tl|on (n hospitals. Took mi iiclloii mi nn «rdl- nance which »oul<) rri|iilr<> 11 showing (lull n "n r( .,i ovhl.s" fur lh« upi'iilug »r any hospital uml requiring I),,, nnincll In IWS.H on iruiilllleullnns uf ujii'i- alors of hus)illu):<. Formally rrji-i!t«<l llin jmijio- siil for jiurr-liusc of llic tllyllii'- vllle Wulcr company properlli-s by till- city al u urltr of $:tOO,- 000. Was limmulliilrly uri-seuti'd with u hill for Sl^.'JOII.SH by \v. .1. liming unil euiniiiiny, i,IUt<> Koi'k liumllni; liuuse, wlilrh clulms on (lie Iwsls of iv 1'inilracl entered ln(o by (lie clly uulhorliliiK the (Inn to nc- jjotl.ile fnr the purchase as Its "Kent II liuil lirmiRlil the clly nnil wutpr company lugelhrr on nn UKrcenienl for at S300.UOO nnil wii.s enllllcil ID Us commission us sueh niri'iil. At a lengthy session last night (he city council refused permission to Dr. J. M. Wulls lo open n hos- pllal In the former p. B, Elliott residence ut Ulvslon and Kcnrn streets but denied reiniesls of liiosn opposing (he hospKnt (o bolster the xonlng ordhrance and puss » sepnrnle ordinance covering hos- jillnls lo give them further support. The council ulso llnnlly formnlly rejected the proposal for purchase of Die ni.vlhevllle Water company properties and wtis immediately presented wllh n bill for $12,290.50 (and probably a l»wsull) by W. J. Herring and company of Little Rock, which claimed that as the city's agent It had secured nn agreement between the city and Hoberl K. Johnston of Oklahoma City, the Auction Sales Total Reaches $3,000 Mark "IllKtfi'i- unil bi'llr-r" WHS Ihe third weekly lorm iiuellon «i]», sponsored by Ilii! MKsco corporation lor Hit- Mnnulier of Commerce, which \viis held yrelerdiiy ut Hie sili- of Ihe Olilcaxo Mill. There ua.s goods from Tupelo, Miss., Ik'ubi'vn, Tonn,, Pnragoukl, U'pnnlo, Reiser, Kleele, Cooler and points of Kentucky Included In the RoOO worth .will and boii«ht 1'rae- lloiilly evn->lhlni; wns disposed of mid (line WHS t hirgo crowd pivs- i-nl (Inoiigliinit the day. Tin.' mllch's were vnrli'd wllh llvi'slofk, wnslilng iiiachlni'.s. liinn loots, second liiuul clnlhlii;; nmi wiybi-iiiis Included. company ownor. the purchase and wns enlltled lo Its commission, The council. It Is admitted, pawed a resolution some lime ago directing nn offer of $300.000 lor the plant but last night aldermen hinted that a report of the Little Rock company an t.ho wafer company's 1 properties and earnings was erroneous and that the city wns not bound by Us agreement. At nny rale after the resolution authorizing Die $300,000 offer was passed and ccrUiln city oniclals hnd conferred wllh Johnston mid Herring company officials nl Llltle nock Uie proposed purchase was condemned by n chamber of commerce com- inlllce and n number of clllzciw ns unwise. Tlie chamber of commerce coiiitnlllee last night again rellcralcd Its disapproval of the purchase at such a price. Hospital "Operating 1 Roosevelt To Deal Wilh I'fi.xcs On Government Smn'ilic.s WASHINGTON, Apr. 15. (Ui')_ PrctiMi'iil Koosovell sukl today he would send two IIICSMIHOS to con- Bri'.ss .shortly, dealliiij with Imposl- llon of luxes on (jovcrnmeiit socttrl- HCH Issues nnil monopolistic pnic- tlces In buslnrss. Ills lux message, he siilil, will deal with the present exemptions under wlilch holders ol tjovornmoiit securities escano regular luxation. In Ills messiiHO to conRrcss you- lerday he wild he. bi'llnvod Hint such Mcurtltcs Issues would lie subjected lo rcRiilnr Uixntlon. Possible uixnllnn ol siilnrlen of locnl, fitulo and federal uovenmienl oinduls ulso will be considered In ^ lo| '.. s| tiio new message, (ho president! ""I, 1 ,,* 1 ;,, said. THREE KILLED flT Outlines New Proposals to> Accompany Spcnciing- ' Lending Program WASHINGTON, Apr. IS. (UP) — President Roosevelt sivept his now recovery drive Into li(gli gear to- dny, outlining new proposals lie wiH submit Io congress lo accompany Ills RDIG.OOO.OOO spcnding-lencllng nnil $39,000,000,000 credit, expansion program. • • ' Mr, HoosovcR rcjiorled o. wsvcii to cue ratio of fiworiOMo responses In Din seven hundred communications received thus far at thn Whllo House. '•'.'. Hn oulllncti lib next, slops In u driiuiullc revival of original New DiMiI recovery ladles. •"' ' '[\vo now messages will be sent tn congress. Tlicy will ask: •1. Kpmoval o| tax exemption, privileges on bonds of the federal ami local governments; reciprocal 'taxnfloii of tho Incomes of state nml federal employes. "' 2, Methods of meeting problems of business inonoi»ly and. price nxlny. . The president would not say whether he would ask action'' at this session of congress on tlie'tax and business problems. Yesterday, In outlining his drive, he mentioned bolh issues but did. not Indicate whether he would •„_ mniul thul the present session pass legislation. Government agencies, the president revealed, today tiro working ' top speed to translate Into ao..-II all phases of the now ca'rh- | iialun, Tho securities and exchange commission already Is drafting new securities registration requremenft, designed to lesson the cost hnd simplify .the tusk of seourlllcs floatation by sinnll .enterprise. Tragedy Almost Wipes Out Family At DecaUir, Ala. Today \ DECATUR, Aid., Api'.'l,V."(UP)- Tlirco persons wore killed and un- otticr critically Injured today when fl train struck u passenger car nl a grade crossing, three miles west of here. Tho dead . were Mr. and Mrs. Prcd Shelton of Oecaltir and their one year old child, David Shelton, three, was .so tally Injured (hat llllle hope- WH.H hcltl for lib recovery. nvcstlgntliiif ofllcers said the Shelton milo wns struck by n .southern Railroad train on thn MemnhlH-Clmltnuooga division. filicllon, who wns driving, apparently failed to sec tho oncoming train and drove directly Inlo Us path, police said. School Officials Hear Greene Talk Last Night Thirty five sutierlntoudents and: prlnclpiil.1 representing 11 schooh In Mississippi coimty heard Oraw- lord Green, formerly superintendent of the/ .Blytheville .. publlo schools .member, of .the slate .bonrrt. ,of education In Lltlls Hock, spcnk on the "Rebrganlia- tlon of the School System" In Ihe new Home Economics building at' Uiwa last night. SHiools represented at Uils- meeting of superintendents and principals were: Osceola, Ltlxoro,' Ulylhovllle, Manila, Whitton, •Yarbro, Wilson, Kelscr, Burdette, El- owah, Black Water, To Assist In Filing Of Income Tax Reports „ Kwlng C. Reed, of the sidle dc- Thc Walls' hospital which open- !™ r i! n<; "J; of ™vcnuc, will be in ed several days ngo according to "'""""' •-•---•Dr. Walls lopponenls clnlm Is not yet a hospital) continued In opcr- 'nicsdny and Wcdnes- New Hospital Service Insurance Offered Here Tlospltallzatlon— one of the newest forms of Insurance — Is now, being offered In this territory by the Southern National Insurance company of Little Rock, which Is' to announce appointment of agents here soon. Costing approximately three cents per day, hospttallzatlon or hospital service as It to •sometimes called Is designed to tote Its place -In the family budget' as essential protection. It Is designed lo old. the aver- family In taidjetlnj Its un' ation today. No court action was indicated today but both proponents and opponents privately admitted that the controversy would probably end up in a court lest. C. A. Cunningham, who said he appeared ns attorney for property owners, as a member of (he fxmrd of the municipally owned but pri-1 vntcly ojwrnled Blytlici-illc hospital and ns o properly owner In the vicinity ol Ihe Walls hospital, led the onslnuglit ag.ilnst the,new hos-1 plUiI. . I Mr. Cunningham declared prop-f erty owners In tlic vicinity were opposed lo the hospital being located there It would depreciate Hie vnlirc of their properly and its operation would disturb the neighborhood. In support of the proposed amendment to' the zoning t ordinance, which would specifically j Include hospitals in Us terms, sub- i seqiieiilly tabled, he insisted thall such an amendment would be effective In hailing the opening of such an institution, claiming there was no hospital In operation there already despite recent announcement by Dr. Walls thai the hos- pllal had been opened, Mosl of Mr. Cunningham's argument, however, was devoted lo a plea to the council lo refuse permission for the hospital to keep from "wrecttliig" Hie municipally - .._ ....... clay, April 28-27, lo aslst Individ- 1 predictable hospital needs . as' It tmls In the nilng of Income lax re- 1 would groceries; ullilty services or ports to the state. Whai'll He Do to TVA? faclng Railroad street as It has iOWUOli 81 >' lhcvillc '«>splUil. U ap" been since the structure was built J?.^" 1 ?...*"*'" ..I 1 " 5 ??"."' , lh)l a number of years ago. Because of this change Ihc - n . through Loy ir. Welch, second ward alderman and hospital (ward mem- fonner entrance. The walls are being repaired, a contention that Mr. Cunningham, After spending four years in Ihe homes here Senate and never Introducing bill or making a speech, Senator Vic Donahey of Ohio Is mentioned ns possible chairman of the Joint congressional TVA In- other items. The plan Is for Individuals or families, the rales being based on tlie number Involved. Three cents' per day Is Die top rate tlie cost being scaled do»ii where two or more members of n family are Included in the plan. Under the plan each Individual or individual member of a family Is allowed three weeks per year hospllallzatlon In any hospital he chooses. •• Tlie plan was started originally by Dr. Justin P. Kimball, Dallas, Tex. educnlor, who recognized the average family's need for this kind of insurance. I" 601 mtall > requirements, Includ- 1 vestigating committee. Washlng In addlllon lo olhcr minor repairs which are being done at a cost of $7,254. U. S. Branson la architect, | ng „ nndln g by , hc dty Cunningham fer the Institution. Inslslcri Uiat the opening of the Wall hospital would mean that there would not be suf- .Wontlnucd on Fage Eight) I (on buzzes at the prospect of the ' vasl TVA expenditures being placed under scrutiny of a man who. as Ohio stale auditor, once rejected an expense account because a stale Judge spent 40 cents log. a "baked potato. South Carolina To Plant 10,000.000 Trees Soon COLUMBIA, S. C. (Up)-Apnrox- Imately 10,000.000 trees and shrubs produced in the Soil Conservation Service nursery at Rock Hill, S C during 1937 will be set out this spring on farms of cooperators In the erosion-control .program in South Carolina and other Southeastern states. , ; The plants range from bush lespedeza to yellow poplar, black locust and loblolly pln e . Each of the species will be used in some phase of the erosion-control plan, according to J. y. cole forester on the Rock 1 Hill project. ' WEATHER Arkansas—Cloudy, local thunder- shoivers tonight and Saturday. Memphis aud vicinity — Cloudy probably occasional thUndershowers lonlglit and '.Saturday, not much change Iri tempera turs; lowest temperature tonight, 62 to 66. Tlie maximum temperature here yesterday was 78, hilnlmum 57, clear, according to Samuel p. Morris, official weather observer.

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