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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 6

Reno, Nevada
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FRIDAY. APRIL 1, 1938 PAGE SIX RENO EVENING GAZETTE ADVISORY GROUP TELESCOPE TRADE PILO TREND OF FOR 10 MAkKET Leaves Jail But Says He Will Return HOLD SESSION TO FOR ORD UN TA I road going through Mexico, so look for the money if you don't catch me. I will give myself up this fall at Carson prison. Give me a chance please." Sailors Drown LE HAVRE, France, April 1 VP Six French sailors were drowned today when the Norwegian tanker Mosli collided with a tug that was attempting to make fast to the vessel in the harbor. STEADIER THIS fore and have them baffled.

By the spectra astronomers usually can tell of what gases a star is composed. Some astronomers suggest the sun may one day explode like these novae and burn the earth to a crisp. They are interested in finding what causes stars to explode and what happens to them afterward. Dr. Zwicky has a theory that super novae may be the source of the mysterious cosmic rays.

This suggests some of the work to be done at the new observatory, a California 'Institute of Technology project, financed by the Rockerfeller Foundation. It probably will be completed in 1939. PALOMAR SAYS REPORT WEEK Cardoza Improving WASHINGTON. Anrll 1 UP As- NEW YORK, April 1. -VP) Bradstreet, in its review of the sociate Justice Cardoza of the su- preme court, was sufficiently recovered today from a serious attack of i heart disease to take a twenty- Train Is Late Because of Five Mongrels DES MOINES, April 1 (JP) Five shaggy mongrels were the reason a passenger train pulled into the station several minutes late.

The engineer said the dogs started across a railroad bridge, unaware of the approaching train. He brought the train to a stop iust ten feet short of the terrified group. Then, with the engineer urging them on with blasts from the whis tie, the dogs picked their way to the other side of the bridge, wagging their tails in thanks. PROGRAMlfJ AID REFRESHEN SUPPORT UN AL HELD LAS VEGAS, Nev, April 1 (JP) Two prisoners who escaped from the county jail yesterday were still at large today. They are John B.

Matney, who was awaiting removal to the state prison at Carson City to serve a term on a bad check charge, and Ivan Pruitt, CCC boy awaiting federal action on charges of misusing government property. After escaping through a hole which they opened in their cell wall by tearing out plumbing, they sawed bars in the corridor door and thus gained access to an outer wooden door, where they went over the transom. Matney left a note to Sheriff M. E. Ward saying: "I will send you the money for the check as soon as I make it.

Then I will give myself up to Car minute automobile ride. In one month 4370 workers in an auto plant in Moscow made 10.614 CHICAGO, April 1 (JP) Twenty-five members of the business advisory council of the United States department of commerce prepared to leave tonight for Sun Valley, Idaho, for a three-day conference on business and agricultural conditions in the west. Upon arrival In Denver Saturday morning, the council will meet with Colorado business men and leave on a special train for Sun Valley. Discussions will continue en route, with a stop at Cheyenne for a meeting with Wyoming business men. During the Sun Valley conference, April 3, 4 and 5, views will be exchanged with delegations from San Francisco, Los Angeles, the Pacific Northwest and intermountaln states.

Governors of Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska and Utah were invited to Join the delegations. Heading the party here was W.A. Harriman, chairman of the council and chairman of the board of the Union Pacific railroad. suggestions for Increasing produc FOR V. K.

DEAL tivity ana reducing costs. iPZaZBKfufl Funeral services were held on son City. I can get a job on the Quality Fruit Vegetable Market PASADENA, April 1 Orders are being placed for a forty-eight inch Schmidt telescope to be used as a "scout" for the 200-inch mirror at Palomar observatory, Capt. Clyde S. McDowell, supervising engineer, said today.

"It will be a part of the Palomar observatory along with the eighteen-inch Schmidt telescope already in use," said Captain McDowell. Dr. Fritz Zwicky, astrophysicist, who discovered two super novae or exploding stars with the eighteen inch telescope, explained that the new one, although smaller than the 200-inch reflector, is so constructed that it will photograph a much larger field of sky. "From the photographs we will determine what we want to study with the powerful 200-inch mirror," said Dr. Zwicky.

"The forty-eight inch also will be used in other investigations, of course, but this will be one of its chief services. "Stars or nebulae of a magnitude of 17.5 can be photographed with the eighteen-inch telescope. The forty-eight inch can be used on stars of magnitudes as dim as 20.5." The human eye, unaided, cannot see stars dimmer than the sixth magnitude." Still observing the exploding stars, one of which became 300,000,000,000 times' as bright as the sun, said they both decreased rapidly in brilliance until the past few months, when they have "levelled out." The brighter super nova has dropped from the eighth to the fifteenth magnitude and the other from 12.5 to 17.5. Both novae are in other nebulae, or stars systems, far out in space. The spectra, or light color bands, from these super novae are like nothing astronomers have found be GROCERS PHONE 22311 (with Reno Meat Company) week's conditions, published today, said the trend in leading lines of' trade was still generally uncertain.

"No changes of constructive significance occurred in the leading industrial divisions this week. While manufacturers exerted more than their usual efforts to obtain new orders, it was found that distribu-l tors were not anticipating require-; ments for any extended period," the review said. "Quickening of demand was more apparent in many of the principal wholesale markets. While numerous, orders were for small quantities, despite the fact that the majority of stores were working on low inventories and had yet to accumulate peak Easter stocks. Purchases were limited to immediate needs: few commitments were placed for late spring and early summer; almost none for fall requirement," it' continued.

The estimated wholesale volume dropped fifteen to twenty per cent below, the corresponding 1937 week. On rail trade, the review reported that only a few sections of the country had an unbroken stretch of clear warm weather to accelerate spring merchandise movement, adding: "As these gains were too small to erase the losses in other parts, average retail sales in the leading centers of distribution were unchanged from those for the preceding week. "As comparison was made with the post-Easter period a year ago, drops were shortened for all districts, the estimated volume of retail distribution going but six to seventeen per cent under that for the corresponding 1937 week, taking the country as a whole." Wednesday at the Susanville Methodist church for Vernie K. Deal, well known former Reno resident and a resident of Lassen county for the past few years, who died Monday at Susanville following an illness of four months. Burial was in the family plot of the Janesville cemetery.

Mr. Deal was well known in Reno, having engaged in the garage business here for ofurteen years before moving to Susanville. He was service manager for the Durham Chevrolet Company for several years and later operated a repair business of his own on East Fourth street. Colombia is the world's principal source for emeralds and in the production of platinum is surpassed only by Russia. FREE DELIVERY 20 WEST COMMERCIAL ROW Flood Threats Are Abating LITTLE ROCK, April 1 (JP) Flood threats abated in Arkansas today as streams, swollen by torrential rains, neared their crests and fair weather was forecast for the weekend.

Heavy rains in scattered sections of the state accompanied a series of tornadoes that cost twelve lives and caused an estimated $600,000 property loss. BOSTON, April 1. (JPh-The Com-mercila Bulletin will say tomorrow: "There is a steadier undertone in the market and a somewhat broader business, so that prices are maintained on a steady basis. Demand has favored the fine and fine medium western wools, with some interest in medium wools and less inquiry for pulled and scoured wools. The bulk of the fine and fine medium territory wools are moving in the range of 60 to 65 cents, clean basis, for average to choice topmaking wools.

Sales in the southwestern states have been generally on this basis, and have been in fair volume. "Opening prices on men's wear staple worsteds for the heavyweight season by leading manufacturers have been at prices 35 to 55 cents a yard below a year ago. These prices are expected to attract business. "Foreign markets are generally firm on good wools. "Mohair is steady on very limited business." The Bulletin will publish the following quotations, all scoured basis: Texas: Fine twelve months selected, 65-67; fine short twelve months, 63-64; fine eight months, 57-59.

California Northern, 55-57; middle county, 54-55; Southern, 53-54; fine scoured, 55-56; carbonized fine, 56-57. Oregon Fine and F. M. staple, 65-66; fine and F. M.

clothing, 56-58. Territory Montana and similar: Fine staple choice, 68-69; half blood combing, 64-65; blood combing, 4 blood combing, 48-50. Pulled: Delaine, 67-68; AA 67-70; fine A supers, 63-66; A supers, 58-60; L. B. supers (choice), 55-56; supers (white), 53-55; supers (stained), 48-52; supers (average), 47-48.

CHINEST'SEEK FINANCIAL AID COFFEE pound 29c RITZ 19c OR AKIfF Jurofc Southern Navels. Each 2c VIXMIiOlj Large juicy Navels. Dozen 19c GRAPEFRUIT Arizona Finest Desert Sweet 8 for 25c LEMONS Fancy large, clean Southern dozen 15c TOMATOES Large No. 1 red ripe, for slicing 2 pounds 25o PEPPERS Fancy large. For stuffing pound 15c GREEN PEAS Fancy Telephone pound 10c CAULIFLOWER ESSE 10c JOHN D'S GROCERY MARKET 803 E.

4th St. Phone 4168 Locally Owned Locally Operated 4 FREE DELIVERIES DAILY Each WAXMAN'S RUSSIAN RYE BREAD WASHINGTON, April 1 (JP) An overwhelming majority of favorable replies, to Secretary Hull's program for international aid to political refugees is coming in to the state department. Hull is expected to announce in a few days the time and place -of the first meeting of the international committee he has suggested. It will be in Switzerland, but not at Geneva, where it might appear to be linked to the League of Nations. Of thirty-three countries addressed, nineteen have replied.

All but onewere favorable. Dispatches from diplomats indicate that nine or teikjadditional favorable replies are en route. The nations that have accepted are Belgium, Brazil, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, France, Haiti, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, Colombia, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Sweden, Argentina, Guatemala, The Netherlands, Panama and Venezuela. The country refusing is Italy. The United States has no yet heard whether Germany will permit the political refugees to leave Germany and Austria.

Germany is reported to have been none too happy over the fact that Secretary Hull sent out his note without informing Berlin at the same time. Speeches by Hitler and his right-hand men Goering and Goebbels indicate, however, Germany would be glad to have Jews leave. Secretary Hull has received in the last few days a number of representatives of Jewish organizations promising their assistance, financial or otherwise, to carry out his BRUNETTI PATR0NE CherrTX PippinS Rhubarb Artichokes APPLES 6 fr 20c I V25C 4sJ VlOc THE STORE OF QUALITY AND VARIETY PHONE 5731 250 LAKE STREET FREE DELIVERY 5c 11c 8p SUGAR pure cane 10 lbs. OLIVES No. 1 cans CLEANSER Sun Bright 4 for TOMATO JUICE ,6 for TOMATO SAUCE 6 for SPINACH Fresh, crisp, green ORANGES The Sweet Juicers 2 lbs.

Fresh Peas and 2 lbs. New Garnet Potatoes 58c 10c 15 35c 19c 10c All For 33c Nevada Potatoes 10 lbs. 11c PEAS Du Drop Corn Shepard, No. 2's Fresh From the Ranch EGGS Large Extra 2d0z 49c Fresh Crisp GINGER I SNAPS I 2lbs- 19cV COFFEE 13' OUR DEPENDABLE Packed and Ground JACK CHEESE I LB 23c LONDON, April 1 (JP) Dr. Sun Fo, Chinese ambassador-at-large, said today he hoped to arrange discussions of British financial aid for China.

"China needs war and medical supplies as well as credits to finance their purchase," Dr. Sun said. "She also needs foreign bank balances to support her currency." Son of the late Dr. Sun Yat-sen, father of China's republic, Dr. Sun i plan.

FRESH FIG BAR COOKIES. 2 lbs. 25c For a bracing, friendly cup try Schilling Tea! Always delightful in flavor and aroma always clear because it's made from choice tea leaves grown in the world's finest tea gardens. SchillingTea is always the same protected and kept fresh in the attractive red, cellophane-sealed package. Challenge SALAD OIL He has specified that although the delegates to the international committee should be officially named by the governments addressed, private organizations should finance the project.

Fresh Creamery BUTTER 29c 2-lb. Krispie Crackers 1-lb Krispie Crackers I rial 98c 18c Lib. OOC Tins also is chairman of the legislative council. He declared, however, he had no authority to discuss the ex- tent or technical details of the assistance China seeks. Asked if he planned to go to the HEINZ BAKED BEANS 1-lb.

2-oi. tins 2 for 23c BISCUIT FLOUR Globe A-l Ige. pkg. 27c HOTCAKE FLOUR Ige. pkg 19c DRY APRICOTS 5 lbs.

45c POTATOES 25 lbs. 25c CAULIFLOWER 5S 10c TOMATOES for slicing 2 lbs. 25c ASPARAGUS L7penaccy 2 lbs. 23c FRYERS (COLORED) Lb. 35c POT ROAST Lb.

15c VEAL ROAST (MILK FED) Lb. 23c PORK CHOPS Lb. 27c RUMP ROAST Lb. 19c BOILING BEEF Lb. 12V2c COLORED FRYERS, COLORED ROASTERS, COLORED HENS, RABBITS DOUSE BURIAL SERVICES HELD II A ii Boneless tenderized Picnics II AlVl5 4 to 6 pounds each I AliD CTCU AH fresh young lamb pound pound pound pound II All freshly dressed I IN 3 to 4 pounds each 30c 9c 21c 29c 25c Freshly Fryers and Rabbits dressed QOOBg LEGS o' LAMB United States to ask help, he countered, "Is it any good for me to go to America?" Western powers, he warned, may be drawn into the Oriental conflict although they are forgetting it amid tensions closer to home.

He described his mission in England as a "good-will" tour to create a favorable atmosphere for Britain's financial and economic assistance. He said he already had seen Montagu Norman, governor of the Bank of England; Sir John Simon, chancellor of the exchequer; Viscount Halifax, foreign secretary; Sir Alexander Cadogan, permanent undersecretary of the foreign office, and was arranging to see Prime Minister Chamberlain. pound HOUSTON, Texas, April 1 (JP) Private funeral services for Col. E. M.

House, war-time adviser to Woodrow Wilson, were conducted here yesterday, attended only by relatives and close friends. An Episcopal minister, the Rev. James P. Dewolfe, conducted the services. House was born in Houston but in the '80's moved to Austin, Texas, and later to New York.

He died in New York after a long illness. WT n. vi ROini-pr- treet yl Leg of Spring Lamb 07ic "1 Pound si XjCPLY ADD bunch 2 for 2ibs. WATERCRESS Large bunches AVOCADOES Ripe; Ready to use SQUASH 5C 15c 25c Lg. Pkg.

2gc SOAP POWDER-- White King Granulated PORK LOINS As cut HENS Fresh killed pound 2" 2 pound "yic Italian Zucchini PINEAPPLES each 9Qc Fsh Hawaiian T.arr sfafl LAUNDRY SOAP 10 bars 95c White King Heinz VINEGAR Pt. 9c Qt. MUSHROOMS basket 9Ec rilitvafjwl WhifA hnftnna JUtM Colored Fryers pound I or Roasters Uui 15 Heinz KETCHUP Large Bottle 10c 29c ONIONS 5 lbs. White ORANGES doz. Texas Valencias Large size GROUND BEEF pound -lAc Fresh IU (Demonstration In Our Store Saturday) GRAPEFRUIT 3 for Oc Texas Fink Meat Extra large size (Demonstration in Our Store Saturday) Heinz MUSTARD Qc 9-oz.

Jar Heinz SOUP 2 Ig. 25c -3 Sm. ORc (Except Consomme or Clam Chowder) Heinz SPAGHETTI 2 for i ALSO PUZZLES TO WOR SAUSAGE PATTIES pound OEc Brookfield or Mt. Rose Link Sausage Worth 5c but given free with 2 pack' ages of Morton's Salt at all grocers! Here's a chance for your youngsters to have a barrel of harmless Kit includes 6 lifelike masks of "Spanky," "Alfalfa," "Darla," "Porky," "Buckwheat" and "Baby Patsy," as well as real movie playlets to act out. Also contains puzzles to work, games to play, mystery pictures, and stories about "Our Gang." Worth 15c but given FREE with 2 packages of Morton's Salt solely to induce you to use this famous non-caking brand I RIITTFB Model Dairy li'UI.

VU COFFEE Hills Red Can 1 lb. 29c 2 lbs. ggc V. pound 32c HAMS Swift's Prem. pound Q7c Whole or half Cm I MYSTERY PICTURE! GAMES.

TO A STORIES OP "OUR GANG" tv fresh creamery PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE VIRGINIA BAKED HAM 2 packages 15c 7 slices 25e 64c Roasted Chickens Roasters. Each pound 19eD Spare Ribs Fresh Pork IOD1ZCD OS PLAIN COFFEE. 1 lb. 29c 2 lbs. ggc Maxwell House Regular or Drip SNOWDRIFT IQc 3-Ib.

Can 47c 1-lb. Can At WESSON OIL 7Qc Quarts 37c Gallon SUGAR Pure Cane $1.45 10-lb. Bag 59c 25-lb. Bag SNOWFJLAKES or GRAHAMS OQc N. B.

C- 1-lb. Package 16c 2-lb. Caddy Adt MATCHES Ohio Blue Tips 23c Carton of 6 Full Count Boxes TOMATOES 2 for 1 Qc 1-lb. FRANKFURTERS and 1-lb. SAUERKRAUT both for 19c HORMEL HAMS 98c MACKEREL Norwegian.

Each 9c COD FISH wrapped pound 19c FRESH TRIPE SLICED BACON EE beef roast sir; SWEETBREADS lb. 9c lb. 29c lb. 18c lb. 49c 5c 45c SWIFT'S BROOKFIELD LOAF CHEESE American or Pimento.

2-pound box. Each SLICED CHEESE 12 thick slices 10c LAMB PATTIES each Dorsay, tins. Portuguese. men i yor iiw, vu SARDINES rood oil. Per tin fcW i -'ti.

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