Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on February 9, 1934 · Page 12
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 12

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, February 9, 1934
Page 12
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RENO EVENING GAZETTE FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 9, 1934 PAGE TWELVE TAX MEETING TO BE HELD ELKO, Nev.. Feb. 9. (Special) Elko county taxpayers will meet at the Hunter theatre in this city February 13 to discuss matters ot taxation, according to John J. Hunter, president. Secretary F. N. Fletcher of the Nevada Taxpayers Association will be the chief speaker of the session. The advisability of the state adopting a sales tax will be one of the main topics of discussion. President Hunter says: "With our valuations coming down we must either raise the rates or provide other sources of revenue. Our tax rate is high and the sales tax offers us an out, as reports from all the adjoining states show that It is an effective method of getting funds, and provides a means of taxation which falls equally on everyone. Those who buy luxuries pay the tax In proportion to their spending ability. "I believe it is none too early to take up this question and discuss It among ourselves. It can only be put into effect by an act of the legislature, and if the taxpayers of this county favor this means of raising money, we must take 6teps to secure legislative candidates who will pledge themselves to work for and vote for such a measure. "I hope that every member of the association, and every person interested in public economy, will make it a point to attend this meeting, as everyone will be given an opportunity to be heard on any matter which may be brought before the association." HIGH LICENSE ELY, Nev., Feb. 9. (Special). Keepers of combination saloons-dance halls-cabarets featuring "percentage girls," who kicked on a proposal of city council to tax such establishments $200 per quarter, were given a Jolt at the weekly meeting of that body when the licence fee was boosted to $500 per quarter. The motion to raise the sum was made by Councilman Fisher and ec- onded by Councilman Curtis. It passed on second reading as amended and on third reading will become a law if it passes again. Designed to abate Main street resorts which are alleged to be fre quented by many loose women, the measure alms at a prohibitive fee against establishments of that type, without interfering with legitimate halls which are used occasionally and only for dances. WORK PRESSED ON ROAD LINK ELY, Nev., Feb. 9. (Special). Construction Is well under way on the sector of the Ely-Tonopah highway between Callaway's ranch and Locke's, according to employes of Dodge Brothers Construction Com pany who were in Ely recently. Officials said the full crew of sixty men likely will be at work by the first of next week, and about thirty-five or forty already were employed. BIG SNOWSLIDE SE ELY, Nov., Feb. 9. (Special). Unseasonably warm weather has been followed by a big snowsllde on the southwestern slopes of Ward mountain, according to reports reaching Ely. The slide has been viewed through field glasses and a party this week will attempt to reach the scene and study its effects. Two lives were lost on the mountain two years ago in slides, and one man was killed near Berry creek In a similar slide the same winter. More than one thousand workmen's houses are to be built in Belfast. Ireland. - - yrwWNWWWWNAAW Doctors GiYe Creosote For Chest Colds For many years our best doctors have prescribed creosote in some form for coughs. cold3 and bronchitis, knowing how dangerous it is to let them hang on. Creomulslon with creosote and six other highly important medicinal elements, quickly and effectively stops coughs and colds that otherwise might lead to serious trouble. Creomulslon is powerful in the treatment of colds and coughs, yet it is absolutely harmless and is pleasant and easy to take. Your own druggist guarantees Creomulslon by refunding your money if you are not relieved after taking Creomulslon as directed. Beware the cough or cold that hangs on. Always keep Creomulslon on hand for instant Callous, Bunions. Ingrowing Nails removed without pain. WHY SUFFER? Weak ana Broken Arches Corrected DR. W. G. EDWARDS AND SONS loot Specialist I Arcade I'hone 4851 FOR CABARETS EN N HILLS CORNS Meeting Place Of Comstockers Is Taken Away VIRGINIA CITY. Nev.. Feb. 9. (Special) The purchase of the Black building on the corner of C and Taylor streets, which will be remodeled for a modern store, has necessitated the removal of the quaint old benches on the corner, which was the gathering place of the pioneer residents of the Comstock. Like the traditional barber shop or country grocery store, these benches were the real center of business and political activity. Several well-known state officials, among them State Printer Joe Farnsworth, Attorney General Gray Mashburn, Gilbert Douglas, former secretary of state, the late Dave Ryan, ex-state treasurer and former Judge Bert Ballard, all began their political careers on the C street benches. It was to these benches that former Comstockers, returning to Virginia City for a visit, went immediately to renew old acquaintances, because there the old-timers gathered dally, and one was almost certain to find his friends there, dozing in the sun. There, too, many an important mining deal was transacted. ALTAR SOCIETY IS ENTERTAINED YERINGTON. Nev., Feb. 8. (Special). Mrs. George Keema entertained the Altar Society of St. Joseph's church at her home in Mason Wednesday afternoon. A business meeting was held and officers elected for the coming year. Mrs. Katherlne Burns was elected president and Mrs. H. H. Koehler secretary-treasurer of the organization. A social and business meeting will be held on the first Wednesday of each month. Following the meeting cards were enjoyed. Those present were: Mesdames William Farrell, John R. Ross, Louis Isola, Jess Silva, Felice Poll, John Borge, George Keema, Katherine Burns, Amos Fabrl, George R. Magee, H. H. Koehler and Joe Mathews. Judge and Mrs. Clark J. Guild are spending this week in Las Vegas where Judge Guild is presiding in the district court for Judge William E. Orr. Mrs. John R. Ross entertained with a children's party Saturday in honor of the birthday of her daughter, Jackie's seventh birthday. Following an afternoon of games refreshments were served to the ten little girls present. In honor of the fourth birthday of her daughter Joan Mrs. Joseph Leavitt Invited several 6mall friends of the little girl to a party at the Leavitt home Monday afternoon. Games were played and refreshments served. Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dotta of Santa Cruz, Cal., visited friends here Sunday. They are former residents of Yerington. Walter Whitacre and William F. Powers 6pent Tuesday in Reno on business. Mr. and Mrs. John McGowan attended the farm bureau meeting in Reno this week. Otto Schulz, local farm bureau extension agent, is in Reno this week attending the farm bureau meeting. Mrs. George Meyers of Carson is visiting her sister, Mrs. Otto Schulz. Mrs. E. H. Scott has returned from Reno where she spent the last week visiting her daughter, Mrs. James McKenzie. Mrs. C. A. Early of Mammoth, Cal spent the last several days here as the guest of Mrs. John Beaupert. Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Green of Lee-vinlng, Cal., are visiting relatives here this week. Mrs. Ruel E. Lothrop and Mrs. George Anderson spent two days In Reno this week. Sf. Nicaragua expects to export nearly thirty million pounds of coffee this year. 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If "it contains a doubtful drug, don't take it. If you don't know what is in it, don't VALENTINE PARTY GIVEN AT EUREKA EUREKA, Nev., Feb. 9. (Special) A valentine party was given by Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Ramsey to their daughter, Mary Oirelle Ramsey, at their home on Spring street. The occasion was Mary Oirelle's seventh birthday. Games were played and dainty refreshments served. Those present were: Madaline Echegaray, Mary I Otagie, Thelma Robinson, Elaine Her- rera, Helen Morrison, Dorothy Hooper, Josephine Eather, Frances Recend, Carol Depaoli, Louise Tognetti, Gene Tognetti, Pauline Tognoni, Bessie Jurey, Joe Tognoni, Elaine Borgna, Esther Borgna, Claire Biale. Loretta Page, Marjorle Kelley, Roberta Mer-ialdo, Thelma Minoletti, Arlene Mer-ialdo, Miriam Rebaleati, Marjorie McKay, Marguerite Allison, John Charles Vaccaro. Arthur Biale. Teddy Herrera, Bobby Herrera, Leon Sausenlni, Arloa Robinson, Catherine Robinson, Cath erine Ramsey, Franklin Laird, Leslie Laird, Johnnie Laird, Mary Oirelle ' Ramsey, and Mesdames Mary Jane Laird, Albert Biale, Abram Laird, John Laird and Clarence A. Ramsey. Arriving from Austin on his way to Ely, F. N. Fletcher of Reno, director of the Nevada Taxpayers' Association, spent Wednesday night and Thursday in Eureka, where he conferred with county officials and officers of the County Taxpayers' Association. Sam S. Arentz, superintendent of the Windfall Mining Company, was here Wednesday inspecting the property and directing development plans, which have been carried forward here for several months past. IS PARTY SCENE LOVELOCK, Nev., Feb. 9. (Special) Mr. and Mrs. Fred Nordham entertained friends at their home Saturday evening. Cards were the diversion of the evening. The guest list included Messrs. and Mesdames Axel Olsen and Shirley and Le Roy, Emil Hostman and Alice, Gladys and Grant, Eric Hostman and Carl, Barney Wiley and Mrs. Paula Jacobson. Mrs. H. R. Porterfield departed Thursday evening for Berkeley, Cal. where she will be the house guest of Dr. Ruble Durgln for an indefinite period. Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Moses and daughter, Peggy, and mother, Mrs. W. H. Bryden, motored to Fallon Sunday and spent the day visiting friends. The Ladies' Aid Society of the M. E. church held its regular monthly meeting Thursday afternoon in the social hall at the church when Mesdames B. Collins and George Griggs were hostesses. A short business meeting was held and then a social liour was enjoyed with refreshments being served by the hostesses. The members present were Mesdames Emil Holmstrom, T. O. Roberts, D. O. Fry-berger, A. H. Loveland, Paul Davis, Frank Fuss, George Kennedy, R. M. Severson, Pearl McCrodan, A. H. Bech-elor, E. L. Stiff, Frank Eno, L. Marker, Peter Gottschalk, Cecelia Hanson and Cora Gates and Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Chase. Richard Cowles of Reno spent Tuesday In Lovelock looking after his cattle interests. J. A. Jurgenson returned Wednesday evening from Winnemucca where he has been attending to legal matters. He returned Thursday morning. John Fant spent Tuesday in Winnemucca attending to business affairs in connection with the Humboldt river project. John Gross and William McCulloch motored to Fernley Tuesday to attend to business. Tom Griswold, sheep buyer for J. G. Taylor, departed Thursday morning for San Francisco. chance it. The contents of Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin is stated plainly on the label; fresh herbs, pure pepsin, active senna. Its very taste tells you Syrup Pepsin is wholesome. Aiehght-ful taste, and delightful action. Safe for expectant mothers, and children. Drug stores have it, ready for use, in big bottles. THE TEST: This test has proved to many men and women that their trouble was not "weak bowels," but strong cathartics! First: select a properly prepared liquid laxative. Second: take the dose you find suited to your system. Third : gradually reduce the dose until bowels are moving of their own accord Dr. Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin has the highest standing among liquid laxatives, and is the one generally used. L n v E L n r: k m Wf BO Olflt MVT Aged Couple Are to Marry In Northwest SEATTLE, Feb. 9. 7p)if8 nearly seventy years since the civil war but a Lincoln's birthday marriage, In a sense, will climax a civil war romance. Daniel A. Reams, eighty-seven, and Mrs. Josephine Brasfield, eighty-three, will be married, after an acquaintance growing out of their joint membership in the G. A. R. They met seven years ago. Mrs. Brasfield has one son and Reams a son and a daughter. BOX ACT Y ADDS WORKERS SUSANVILLE, Cal., Feb. 9. (Special). A night shift has started to work in the box factory of the Fruit Growers Supply Company here. The first shift went to work Tuesday night. It is a long time since a night shift has worked here and while no outside help is being hired mill workers who have been out of work are being reemployed. The increased market for lumber products is very encouraging, according to lumbering officials here. E IS PORTOLA. Cal, Feb. 9. (Special). Harold Williams was named constable for the Beckwourth township which includes Portola to fill the unexpired term of W. M. Mcintosh, who resigned last week to accept a state police position, at the regular meeting of the Plumas county board of supervisors held at Quincy Monday. Williams' term expires following the next general election which will be held in Novemebr ABL AND iijj wyiiwyDvufflu , rOU EXPECT some improvements in any new J model of any car.;. But tations! You'll still fall way short of the wealth of beauty and improvements with which General Motors has endowed the 1934 Oldsmobiles. You've been hearing exciting things about the new Knee-Action Wheels. Each front wheel is mounted independently, and cushioned on its own flexible coil spring. The wheel "walks" over bumps and holes without jarring the car or the passengers. Steering? Center-Control Steering banishes "shimmy" and shake. A built-in Ride Stabilizer counteracts the usual tendency of a car to sway and roll on turns and curves. Stopping? Newself-energizing Super-Hydraulic Brakes do it quicker, surer, safer. A tremendous 90 h. p. Straight Eight motor. 82 miles per hour. Oversize, 16" x 7.00", low-pressure tires. Full-pressure lubrication, with rifle-drilled connecting rods. Electro-plated pistons. Automatic choke. Multibeam headlamps; II GENERAL MOTORS SILVER ANNIVERSARY VALUE Nevada Distributor at Reno RANCHERS FILE BILL PR0TES1 AUSTIN, Nev., Feb. 9. (Special). The executive committee of the Austin branch of the Lander County Taxpayers' Association has sent a vigorous protest to the senators and congressmen of Nevada against the passage of the Taylor bill. Bert Gandolfo and Ralph Isaac were initiated in the Rebekah order at the monthly meeting of Austin Rebekah Lodge No. 13 held at Masonic-Odd Fellows hall on Tuesday evening. The next meeting of the Austin Parents-Teachers Association to be held at the high school building on March 1 will be a visitors' meeting. As a result of the literary and poetry contests held during the first semester by the seventh and eighth grades of the Austin grammar school John Hiskey has been awarded the first prize, a copy of "Treasure Island," in the literary contest with honorable mention for Mary Aberas-turl and Bert Charley. In the poetry contest Mary Aberasturl secured the first prize, Tennyson's Poems, with honorable mention for Rae Torgerson and John Hiskey. Mrs. Florence Crumley of Ely, head cook at the camp of the Wheelwright Construction Co., executing reconstruction work on the Lincoln Highway east of Austin, is recovering from a, very serious cut in the right hand. She was brought to Austin for medical aid. The seventy-foot long retaining wall In the excavated side of the hill back of the Lander county building is being rapidly erected by the CWA force. The wall is of granite and will be from twelve to fifteen feet high. It is three feet wide at the base. William Wholey of. Reese river Is superintending the construction. Fred J. Rufll, Sam F. Peacock and C. L. Good all of Battle Mountain, constituting the Lander county board of commissioners held their regular monthly meeting at the court house in Austin this week. The usual monthly payments and routine matters were the only business transacted. Striking a match to get more light under a truck which he was repairing, Howard A. Miles, county road maintenance foreman, was struck in the eye by the flaming head of the OLDSMOBILE OFFERS BIGGER, MORE BEAUTIFUL EIGHT . .... AT LAST YEAR'S LOW PRICE ... 845! OLDSMOBILE WILL SOON INVADE THE FIELD WITH NEW ALL-FEATURE SIX double your expec Young Smoker Hangs Himself In Home Shed PITTSBURGH, Feb. 9. One of the children "told on" Conrad Zozato told his mother he'd been smoking on the way from school, and when the boy arrived home his mother greeted him with those foreboding words: "Wait till your father gets home." Sent to a backyard shed to get a bucket of coal, Conrad stayed so long that Mrs. Zozato sent another son to look for him. The searcher found Conrad hanging lifeless in the shed. match. The eyeball and both eyelids were burned causing painful injuries from which, however, no permanent damage Is anticipated. There are only twenty-four names on the revived list of those seeking employment at the office of Manager Walter B. Collins of the national reemployment service. John Hickison, president of the Lander County Taxpayers Association and prominent Lander county rancher has returned from a trip to the coast with Mrs. Hickison. They were away about a month. L. E. Hanchett of San Francisco, well-known California capitalist, visited Austin this week and went from here to Ophlr Canyon in Smoky Val- J ley, south of Austin, where he spent I his boyhood. The object of his visit was to revisit scenes or his youth. Mr. Hanchett's father, Lou Hanchett, a well-known mining man of early days, ran the old Ophir mine and mill for many years and also the Jefferson mine in Jefferson Canyon near Round Mountain. Two daughters, Misses Margaret and Alice Hanchett accompanied their father on his trip. A former cattle man of this part of Lander county, Harry Pelley of Battle Mountain, accompanied by Mrs. Pel-ley, was here for a few days recently visiting Mr. and Mrs. Leo Gallagher. -- More than 64,000 men have teen given Jobs on 1672 CWA projects in Kentucky. HUSKY THROATS Overtaxed by 6peaking, singing, smoking - VVVVTW m mm m. - w w mm mm mm mm wrw w-w -wv -- r r - ----. vW - advancement over the conventional type of hydraulic brake. More room? It's there ... no cramping or crowding. Quietness? It's there . . . Oldsmobile's Syncro-Mesh Transmission is quiet in ALL speeds; body and engine are cradled in rubber. Power? 90 horsepower in the new straight Eight ... 84 in the new low-price Six. The priceless year-round comfort of Fisher No Draft Ventilation. Mechanical refinements and advancements mean the new Oldsmobile will cost you very, very little to run. Precision-built throughout with all the ruggedness and performance for which Oldsmobile is famous. Come in. Whether you plan to buy a new car this year or not, give yourself the pleasure of looking at, sitting in, driving a 1934 Oldsmobile 15 more light on sides of the road. Sixes priced $640 and up, Eights $845 and up, f. o. b. Lansing. Spare tire with lock, metal tire cover, bumpers front and rear and rear spring covers built in all cars at extra list price. News from Topaz Is Briefly Told TOPAZ, Cal., Feb. 9. (Special). Mrs. Clarence K. Beaman and Norman Dickson of Topaz were called to Reno Tuesday by the death of their brother, Robert Dickson. Hugh B. Winemiller went to Reno Wednesday to get Mrs. Winemiller, who has spent the past week visiting friends at Hobart Mills, Cal. At a school meeting held Wednesday evening at Colevilie, plans for the improvements on Antelope union school building were discussed. L. Stanford Beaman, who has been in Bridgeport for several months, re NOW SOLD . . at all dealers DISTRIBUTED BY NEWBAUER & SCHMALE 1101 FRONT DOl'CLAS 5350 SAN" FRANCISCO KNEE-ACTION WHEELS " B lAftu !- WAkl Mlieru eanniirre Each front wheel mounted independently and cushioned on strong, coil spring controlled by double - action hydraulic shock absorber. Wheel "walks" over bumps; body of car remains stable. CENTER-CONTROL STEERING p58 1 (lt Divorces steering from road shocks taken by frontwheels: In Oldsmobile, steering action is exerted on both front wheels from a point exactly midway between ; steering wheel is completely free from "shimmy" or quiver. turned to his home at Topaz thla week for a short visit to his family. A light rain fell in the valley Thursday morning with snow on the mountains. Mr. and Mrs. E. R. Oden of Colevilie were Reno visitors Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Mrs. Albert Radley of Colevilie was taken ill Tuesday night and a physician called. On Wednesday, she was taken to Smith valley to be placed under Dr. Mary Fulstone'a care. Mrs. George McAllister, daughter, Ella Marie and son, Ernest, went to Smith valley Wednesday and returned In the evening. . Italy has a milk-surplus problem. pAicid Aiqhtl VD RY GIN lfi!fe VAN DEUSEN, Irtfc SAN FRANCISCO The 8-Cylinder Sedan with Bumper Guards LOW - PRICE . . . $640! SUPER-HYDRAULIC BRAKES Not just another hydraulic brake, but a tremendous ad vancement. Grips smoothly with slightest foot pressures Always equalized on all four wheels. Self-energizingj Quick, sure braking. RIDE STABILIZER You have felt cars sway and roll at high speed or rounding curves. Ia Oldsmobile this is now prevented by a built-in Ride Stabilizer. The car is ALWAYS in balance; when you take a curve you remain relaxed, comfortable; James Cashmann, Dealer in Las Vegas

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