Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on July 28, 1955 · Page 17
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 17

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 28, 1955
Page 17
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RENO EVENING GAZETTE PHONE 3-3161 RENO, NEVADA, THURSDAY, JULY 28, 1955 PAGE SEVENTEEN ' - I (,' f ,Vv 7, : - . sTT I r AX tv vA r wAi - - - irt - -41 r 5 A v-vj:c" , S, LI ..V -y -if'- MAYORS OF RENO and Sparks were the guest speakers at a Tuesday organizational meeting of a Reno-Sparks chapter of the Loyal Order of Moose. Above, left to right are Mayor Len Harris of Reno, Floyd Pierce, of Maywood, Calif., Nevada membership chairman for the lodge, and Sparks mayor C. E. Richards. The Reno-Sparks chapter of the lodge will be instituted here Aug. 21. More than 100 men, including the two mayors have signed applications to become charter members. (Christensen). Test in Court Requested by New Bailiff liver Tragedy Claims Victims Because the Washoe commis- QUINCy Two persons a 13-year-old boy and his uncle drowned in the Feather river Wednesday when the uncle failed in an attempt to pull the boy from the stream. Victims of the mis- sloners have refused to recognize hap were Bryan Holland King, 13, of Oakland, and Cecil C. Nicholls, the validity of his appointment as 55, of Oroville. !"iff ifrNW?shofTrdis tri? ' The tragedy occurred about 11:30 a. m. while Bryan and his . niffnrrt Tip vino Wcdnoulau filort J suit aeainst the three men to brother, Way116. H. and sister, Diana, 10, were fishing with their uncle at tne kock creeK bridge, quest from Harold Welch, presi- Squaw Valley Zoning Program Draws Protests Nevada County Resort Owners Offer Argument Strong protests against an emergency zoning program, de signed to cope with problems which will arise from the staging of the 1960 Winter Olympic games at Squaw Valley, Calif., have been voiced at Nevada City, it was reported here today. Objections were launched by Nevada county ski resort operators at a recent meeting of the Nevada . County Planning Com mission, which seeks to lay the groundwork to provide an orderly zoning plan to meet the expected population influx into Nevada county areas ne,ar Squaw Valley. OBJECT TO COMMITTEE Dennis Jones, representing re sort operators of the Soda Springs area on U. S. Highway 40, led the arguments against a proposal to create the special zoning com mittee drawn from several coun ties in the area, we already have too many commissions and committees attempting to direct our affairs and we don't feel that another com mittee will accomplish anything important," Jones said. "We have no problems and we do not approve of a planning committee which includes the Soda Springs area." Jones' statement followed a re- IRON HORSE HAS PLACE TO RETIRE One of the Reno city parks may become the final resting place of the "Genoa," historic brass-bellied locomotive of the Virginia and Truckee railroad, which was recently discovered in a Western Pacific roundhouse at Stockton, Calif. The Reno City Council voted Wednesday afternoon to give the Comstock era "iron horse" a place here, providing it can be obtained from its present owners. Mrs. Clara Beatty, executive secretary of the Nevada Historical Society, asked permission to place the locomotive in Pawning park Councilman Richard Taylor, " spoke of a Chamber of Commerce idea to convert a portion of the park into an ice skating rink during the Winter. The historical society will pay all expenses of enshrining the locomotive and install the necessary walks and cement foundation, and councilmen agreed they will find a place for the relic if it is obtained. Business Men Voice Protests On NIC Policies Action of Claims Of Injured Workers Brings Criticism McDermott Plans To Leave Board Clark Member Firm in Request For Control Man at Las Vegas Administrative policies of the Nevada Industrial Commission came under tire Wednesday in Carson when about 20 business Former Reno Official Starts Iko Business Reno's recently fired sanitation show cause why they refuse to recognize the action. Supporting the show cause request is Judge Gordon Rice, who made the appointment, and who contends he has the constitutional right, to name a bailiff for his court. The petition was made to Judge John B. Sexton, who will apparently try the petition hearing. CONTROVERSY STARTS Controversy over the appoint ment of the bailiff started early supervisor, William J. Albert, is in July when Judge Rice asked back in business again at Elko, that Devine be appointed to work where he has been given the with present bailiff, Jack Lewis, garbage collection franchise. The two other district judges, A. - Alhert will nneratp the sanita J. Maestretti and Garnt Bowen tion service as a private concern, did not concur in tne appoint- since the city has no sanitation ment. v service of its own. y-v v."-. For 13 years Albert super-ty commissioners to appoint a the d sanitation service uwiui, wiuoi uwy uecuiusi ui i h He was fired by Mayor after receiving an opinion from Len Harris after Harris Aiiorney general narvey uicKer- tolr rtff5 At !rn Alhprt son. Dickerson interpreted a 1953 contended 'that he could not be statute wnicn covers tne power 01 summarily fired since he claim. ine commissioners 10 appoinu a Sparks Greenbrae school, Su perintendent Procter Hug said, to police medical claims, hospital Lv', thT S open Aug' 2' but another board billV and doctor's fees. . able lsc?sslon. f but the New meeting will not be held until late Frontier in which licenses were in August. According to the account given dent of the Truckee Chamber of the other two children and Commerce that a zoning commit- T";wA fnM TOO to riomon crtsvn imrh ron tne stream Dut scramDiea out. "uc- lw" will definitelv not hi finiPrt in m!;nn mrir t 6""":u'-""""v. wiuuidu, r., irnnv tVion cnroamp no shf. saw from the Uonner sumnut area anrt , . r . ...v ..6vlulu sidnev Broder. Louis Kllenson. 1 u. ... I t mo t nr t no nrtomntr nt rphnni i 3 i i " ' ' i n. , - . . . t, 1; i u one renrpspntfltivo from Tahrv. . - & -" cj, amVajSii it icuuue xusaei Melvin Miller. A. J. Gordin and me DOara can taKe no imai ac- S11US&""S wollc!. --x-- SeDt. b. frnm inHnstrial amsntc I . " ' U: v,i; Mr v;nii, ,.7ao o a ti n o- rMationat sorest. . . . . . "... uuorris Koseman. - uu" Bamuu"6 """"'i lunch nearby, plunged in to res- HITS FLY BY NIGHTS -. rTf McDermott said he thought still is the function of the tax cue the lad. Welch so suggested the com- " m hr. TrtlA ii rhiMrPn in tht T rr 1 , "!pamS ae" action on the applications should commission, tut it nas iuu control EAR SAFETY mittee, expected to work in co- bailiff, When the commissioner failed to take action, Rice made the De-vine appointment, effective July 1, and the commissioners have refused to pay his salary. WRIT DEMANDED The petition filed Wednesday afternoon, demands an alternate writ and a writ of mandamus from the court, which would force the commissioners to appear and show cause why they "refuse and neglect to approve the appointment". Filed with the petition was an exhibit by Judge Rice, which contends it is the "inherent right" and the "exclusive judicial power" of the court to appoint the bailiff. The affidavit states that Judge Rice has been serving since Jan. 3, 1955, all this time with only one bailiff; that at least on one occasion there were three trials in session and that on one occasion three different deputy sheriffs were pressed into service as bailiffs in the court. Judge Rice states that in his experience as an attorney and judge, each court requires a bailiff to properly attend to business of the court. State Highway Toll Increases ed he was a civil service employe. Harris took the view that Al bert was a department head, and thus not entitled to the benefit of civil service regulations, Although Albert asked the city civil service board to consider his case, the board took no action, announcing that they had no jurisdiction unless the mayor filed a formal complaint with them. The franchise which Albert takes" over, effective Monday, is one which has been held by an other firm, and is to run until June of 1957. Under terms of the franchise Albert is to pay the city $50 a month, Originally Albert and another firm applied to the Elko city council for the franchise, but the competing firm subsequently withdrew its application. in that area TJnrr cqiiI Vie? r,.KKl.T - , , , , i . IMV-M. JUJfj OCWIA UUO JIUUQUJV Th rMHrPn sairf tw nolfl ALit T" "'- 1.": mean double sessions for the first i iiuaaitJii. in v i Lt: 3uuerviMi r nrin v i a i , -i oimrvct T-oanVm h hanU- with t u ' - .V. :. ' lwo graaes uniu oreenDrae is ' ijuircr ui x.aait;iii iNevaua couniv k.:.i i Bryan when both were dragged and Cecil Edmunds, an official of Jslnvn Tvunrrv "" - -'v.x "'"t.1- "j line iruonc uiinues uis- the undertow created as the trict. to serve as ex-officio mem- Feather river empties into the bers. lake behind Cresta dam. The dam Edmunds, a member of the about two miles down the planning group, said it appeared Feather from the site of the to be important to establish some drownings. form of zoning before t'fly by Two other fishermen nearby. mht not dS stand operators Alhert Nienriem and James Hum- move m- nhriP nf Salinas rif hparri we do not believe a committee Diana's screams and attempted whlch be made up of new- the Sparks tax rat tod the to aid the two in the river, uut X""'"- "r"' same as last year's, has not risen before they could give help, """7 -"tr 1VZ7" - proportionally with the school en Bryan and his uncle had been ""; 'r fj"-.s - ux roUment The trustees noted an Accused Robber Asks for Help Accused robber Santo Amabis- ca, 2U, asked lor a medical ex amination when he appeared in district court Thursday morning. Amabisca is charged with rob bing the Handy Shop, in Sparks of $345 Tuesday. Mrs. R o b e r Larsen, manager of the Handy Shop, said Amabisca ordere rood, then produced a gun, or dered a customer to the rear of the shop and demanded money. Amabisca was quickly found by Two more Nevada residents met death on state highways Tuesday, which were the first highway deaths of 1955 in both Sparks police when Mrs. Larsen Pershing and Storey counties. told her brother, Kaiph Micone, Killed outright when he was of the robbery. Amabisca was struck by an automobile cnU.S. staying at Micone's Apache Highway 40 was Jose Ruiz Maci- motel. 48, Later Opening Scheduled for Sparks School Paul McDermott, Nevada tax commissioner from Las Vegas, said today in Carson that he was going to quit de spite efforts of the governor and fellow commissioners to keep him on the important state board. He said "They want me to stay but I am going to quit anyway" because a member of the three-man gambling con trol board created by the 1955 legislature has not been sta men attended a public hearing on tioned permanently, or even on a trial basis in Las Vegas. proposed NIC rate increases. Southern Nevada has more 1 A schedule tentatively approved mnnpv invAstpd in crnmh1iny 1 1 ii 1: ii... J o o uy uie i-uimmsbion earner uiis or, j ,OT.QQ TrnW0a J 1 XT- . A 'J NIC premiums an overall nine per nneciea w in me activity cent. man any otner pare 01 xne Not all classifications of indus- state, McDermott said. try are increased, some premiums Therefore, he added, the are reduced, others boosted and a southern section deserves better tew remam the same. rpnrpspntatinn on tho hoard. nr4. c . :a- : 1 1 I iv.ui. iu uie uiul-imh was level- Ua vi,r nw, led at past commission action in problems of Qark county by nmrinrr y oimo iMiuwnH nrAilr 1 t-ajB uijuiCvx flvw in and out RATES POSTED Rudolph Schwartz, president of the Nevada State Farm Bureau, protesting the rates assigned to agriculture, said two settlements had been paid to one of his em ployes without he employer's knowledge. One case occurred Derore tne present commission took office and the other last Fall. Edward L. Pine, manager of the Associated General Contrac tor's Association, said his group also was protesting the rate in crease. He said the contractors would like to know, among other things, what the commission was doing Control Board Demands List From Stardust "You have to life there to get Operators of the Stardust hotel the feeling of the area and its nave not suppnea JNevaaa gamb ling control agencies with the list of more than 2700 stockholders and the new gambling control board members indicated in Carson Wednesday that no license problems," he declared, Failure to station a top-level man there jeopardizes legal gambling in this state, McDermott asserted. The tax commission met Carson this morning to take actidn on various licensing matters referred to it by the three- man gambling board which held its first regular meeting Wednes- applications and two denials, thus auu 1IdU . rL u affirming all actions taken by recommended that the license be the three-man board yesterday. wl- will be issued until the stock ,m books are on hand. At the instigation of William V. Sinnott, Board Chairman Robbins E. Cahill and Member Newell Hancock agreed to inform the Nevada Tax Commission Greenbrae will have two kin dergarten teachers. A house-to-house survey made by Hug indi cates 79 children of kindergarten age residing in the Greenbrae clared that each claim is checked carefully by commission person nel, that claimants are examined carefully by the commission phy sician, and that the final deter mination of settlement is hashed out by the commission itself. PREVENT CHISELING He said every effort was being made to prevent chiseling and area, thus necessitating a second overcharges. He said that he be- A recent Sparks school board of trustees meeting brought commentary, from the trustees that lieved most of the state's physi cians were dealing fairly with the commission and that the "graft ers" were only a very small minority. He said the commission had hired a registered nurse to check be deferred until the whole New of investigation and the institu Frontier financial picture is tlon of revocation action, and straightened out. passes its recommendations along Money advanced by the pros- 10 tne tax commission. pective licensees already has been I Principal stockholder in the used in the operation of the Stardust is Tony Cornero Stralla, hotel, the commission was told. I formerly the admiral of a fleet of Gov. Charles H. Russell said gambling boats anchored off the that approval of the six new licensees would not interfere with a' continuing investigatian of the New Frontier Hotel and that dis ciplinary action would be taken against the hotel at a later date if evidence warranted such action. ' coast of southern California. Cornero originally was an applicant for a gambling license, but withdrew when it became apparent the tax commission did not favor granting him a permit. The Stardust casino is to be leased from the landlord group dragged under the bridge, The spot where the two drowned is about 41 miles south west of Quincy along highway 40A, the Feather river canyon highway, Bryan was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred King of Oakland, The family was visiting the Nich oils family in Oroville, and Mr. Nicholls had taken his two ne phews and niece fishing. LAKE IS DRAGGED Dragging of the lake was or engineering and zoning consult ant to plan our development.' Air Service Urged Here drug and hospital bills and that 11 per cent increase in the num- personnel had been hired or pri ber of students this year over the vate investigators contracted for, rosters of 1953-54. to ferret out wrongdoing in rTTT TMPOKSFRf .V. Moinc ' - i Liauiio 1 x 1 1. . increasing enrollments," Hug Schwartz said that unlike other iZJr Vegan t0 said, "need for additional faculty, businesses, farmers could not an additional school to be put in- pass on "the Nevada Industrial Commission's excessive costs" to their customers. McDermott sent a letter of res- headed bv Cornero by a small op- ignation to the governor on July erating partnership headed, by 20 but Russell thus far has re- Milton B. (Farmer) Page, a long-fused to accept it. time associate of Guy McAfee. He said that he had not had an Page, like McAfee, has held a opportunity to talk to McDermott Nevada gambling license for many yet but still was determined to years. He also was associated WASHINGTON, July 28. UP) A civil aeronautics board exam iner said today that Denver, Kansas City, Salt Lake City and Reno need more east-west air service ganized Wednesday afternoon by between Chicago and California. party under the direction of examiner a erdinand D. Moran Under Sheriff Ed Soellmever of saia- m an initial decision that to operation and only a small in crease in property valuation made it appear to the trustees that any cut in the tax rate will be next to impossible to make." The trustees approved a bid for the installation of a new boiler in the intermediate school. The remain on the board. Its action on license matters recommended by the three-man board completed, the tax commis- 4tT 1 , . oiuii JliUCL V A L 1 1 tilt; board this afternoon for a discus- sion and determination of policies. Presumably, the commission al and sell our product at whole sale," Schwartz declared, He charged that "lots of with Cornero for a few months before the. gambling boats were closed down by federal, edict. CHANGE AT HOTEL The board also learned that a financial reorganization is underway at the Moulin Rouge Hotel in Las Vegas. Hotel operators are trying to borrow $,yuu,uuu on a claims" had been paid that were fcSL! L of McDermott s first mortgage and have obtained not roccv ua ,cl, v,MTPrvll:'"""auuu tu.H"'- 319(1 000 from .Tank- S vprman a The governor indicated earlier, $7,577 was arvpntpd Tho ha r,,-t.; ' however, that he was not gomg W ' a -'kT; r VC- ::: l,l.r.X to dictate administration to the uiwrtu tx uivx ui (.lie: uuica Plumas county. But after two three airlines - Western, Conti- Electric company for electrical hooks had been lost on the rough nental and American should be bottom of the reservoir, attempts authorized to provide the addi- to recover the bodies bv that "onal service. method were abandoned. The Pa- Moran also found that an inter- cific Gas and Electric Co. low- change of equipment at Chicago ered the level of the lake 10 feet between Continental and Capital and kept it down as long as pos- airlines would be m the public in- sible to aid the searchers. terest, Parties were assigned today to Other applicants for new serv walk the shores of the lake to ices in the area were TWA, Unit- watch for the bodies. ' ed, and the North American Air The body of Mr. Nicholls was lines System, a nonschedule or- found floating in Cresta dam at ganizatlon, work- in connection with the boiler installation. The cost for this will be $2,475. with employers, whom 'are paying the bill." JIG MlUUl,MO A wii v.v.-iiiaii uuai u. "T onnnintfl l,-Jl r -. . . - , I auuumnu LUC ill iiy ilcliiUlC I rTir cniH Vte itrrviiIH hA r I o rl 4-r I . WiJ axx "c vwwiv 6iau iu fhp (T!m n(Tnmhlnm A oc fn with oenwartz, Three Minor Fires Keep Firemen Busy Three fires, all of minor pro- diller of New York, consulting ac- He declared that the commis sion was not seeking an "auto matic solution" of the problem by asking for a rate increase. He said the new rate schedule was based on an actuarial study of claims experience conducted by the firm of Woodward and Fon- am concerned, they will set up their own staff, and conduct their own affairs," the governor said. 11 ajn. today and the search for the nephew was continuing. Fire Is Fatal To Tonopah Man BAKERSFIELD, UP) Joe against operating through-plane wise, zu. a rancij wuiaa, urcu floHoJ j x j -t to ''t nDr. ttt07 I Oakland and Reno and points other than Denver north or east of Salt Lake City. The service to Reno would be authorized tem- Kern County General Hospital today of burns received when his bed caught fire yesterday. The coroner's office said he was for three years uuineu uvei ins enuuc uuujr aiici he apparently fell asleep while smoking a cigarette Wise was visiting Kern county portions, hnsipd T?pnr firptnpn I tuaries unless objections are filed, the Wednesday examiner's recommendations will r . . , , become final in 10 days. Moran recommended that West- """iT" iuu tu ueyonu caused some damage to fence Denver to San Francisco-Oakland poSts by way of Salt Lake City and . ' . . . , Reno, subject to a restriction wA1!?!? Mve ?e fuse wa. ui itiia. jtal ivi ianan s nouse at 401 Court St. shorted out and brought firemen to the scene. The power company took charge of the situation. . The Watkins Mill Lumber company at 2000 E. Fourth St. reported a fire caused by a welding tfirrh RpvPTq1 VlQT-rpd raftore HOLD MESSAGE met firemen when they arrived Police hold a message for Ave- on the scene. Mill employes had lino Arbolido. . 'already extinguished the blaze. from his home in Tonopah, Nev, as, 48, Southern Pacific section hand, who was a resident of Toy, ICM-ron P;Lc PV;UJ ! Drt.V Cnnr 15 miles west of Lovelock. w.w.w SSi Merchant Patrolman Fined for Slapping Youth frnm a hue nnd wnllrpd intrw thol patn or an oncoming venicie just the appearance of a po- cunven by Harold tfaiiey or bait hce officer, uniformed and arm Lake City, Utah. Mr. Bailey was ed, is enough to suggest the idea not held, according to Sheriff A. of force, Asst. City Atty. Bruce E. Rose. The death was termed Roberts said Wednesday, "an unavoidable accident" by Roberts was prosecuting mer-Coroner W. Ira Beddo. chant patrolman JOseph Stefan- Maurice Roy Minatre, 21, Car- ski on charges of assault and bat-son station attendant, was killed tery in Judge Harry D. Ander- iate xuesaay wnen tne car ne was son s municipal court. He was driving missed a curve on the describing Stefanski as he stood Gold Hill road, one mile south of and questioned Russell Crook, 22, Virginia City and plunged 300 the night of July 9 on Marsh feet into a canyon. avenue near Lander street. Herbert McKibben, 20, also of CYCLE STALLED Carson, suffered broken ribs and Crook was pushing his stalled head injuries. McKibben, owner motorcycle in circles in an at- of the car, was a passenger in the tempt to get it started again, vehicle at the time of the acci- Stefanski, armed, uniformed and dent. ' in his marked Business Men's Minatre s death brought the Protective Agency car, watched gtate highway fatality toll for the the youth's actions. year to 90, one more than the Either he must be crazy, Ste- total at the ned or July 19o4. Ifanski told the court of his mus ings, or he must nave stolen tne cycle, So Stefanski stopped Crookfwas slapped and shaken by the and questioned him. He asked him for his identification and his reasons for being where he was and doing what he did. "His answers were not proper," Stefanski told the court, and he called the Reno police depart ment on his radio-telephone. ARM RAISED The call was answered by Officer Allen Anderson, who testi fied he arrived and saw Stefanski raise his arm and strike at Crook. He said he saw Stefanski lay hands on Crook, although he could not be certain the thin youth was actually shaken Anderson said he found Crook violated no law and he released him. Crook later swore out an assault and battery complaint against Stefanski, claiming he white-haired, middle-aged patrol man. Stefanski toldjudge Anderson his job is to protect his clients, who hire him to guard their private property. He contended any one acting suspicious near his clients' property merited investi gation on his part, Roberts, however, said Stefan ski had no more rights to ques tion a man than any other private citizen did. "He was only try ing to show his authority," the prosecutor said, "when he unlaw fully stopped and detained Crooks." Stefanski, represented by at torney Martin Scanlan told the court Crook swore and used abusive language. He also declared that increases in compensation voted by the 1953 and 1955 legislatures were not included in computation of current rates, which have been in effect since January, 1953. CHAIRMAN CHIDED Cal Liles of Las Vegas, repre senting laundries and dry cleaners, chided Cory for "not calling the employers together before each legislative session to tell us what the lawmakers are going to do m the way of increased workmen's compensation. Sen. Fred Settelmeyer of Gard nerville, suggested to Liles that instead, he look over the Clark county legislative candidates prior to election and "find out what they stand for before send ing them up here." Other requests for reclassification were heard from several pro- testants, include George Frey, rauon nvestocK teeoer. wno is Roberts said he saw no reason state farm bureau vice president, why Crook, treated as he had William Forman, Reno attorney, been, should not have talked the representing Consolidated Coo- way the patrolman claimed he permines Corporation at Kimber-did. He said Stefanski, in admit- ley and Roy Torvinen of Sierra ting he laid hands on Crook, Pacific Power Company, paved the way for legal grounds Cory said that the commission of assault and battery. would meet with any employer on JUDGE CONCURS classification and rate matters. Judge Anderson evidently con- Before the rates go into effect, curred, for he said no private the commission must vote form citizen has the right to question ally to adopt the new schedule. or detain another. He fined the and a meeting for this purpose watchman $25. will be held within a month, Cory " XI you saw or thought you saw declared. a suspicious act, the judge told tpfonclri 'vnil chmild havp nail. ed the police department imme- PAYS 10 TTSIi diately. It is their duty as public Charges of assault and battery policemen to protect the public." cost Leon A. Hansen, 60, 1300 "You, "as a private citizen, "are Nanette Circle, $10 Thursday in charged only with the duty of municipal court. The charges protecting those who see fit to were preferred by Kathryn pay you a fee." I Hansen. McDermott's letter of resiena- Los Angeles- tion was short and to the point. Foley also asked the commis-He said he was quitting, that it sion to allow the operators of the had been a pleasure to serve and Dunes, another Las Vegas luxury hat he held all of his fellow com- hotel plagued by financial difficul- missioners in high esteem. ties to borrow $190,000 from Ben- McDermott said today he un- jamon Lassoff, of t-def erred Dunes cerstood that the rest of the com- licensee. mission was going along with the The board would not accept this governor in determining not to proposition and later voted to de- 'cu lx summing control board fer action on Lassoff 's application how it should operate, and where until an investigation of his form-its members should be stationed, er associations could be corn- That will mean that all board members will live in Reno or Car son. McDermott said none of the three wants to live in Las Vegas and that he isn't going to stav on ' tne board to fight for a southern M.evada representative. iau,uuu irom jacK Silverman, a Los Angeles supermarket owner, who intends to seek a license. In a separate action, the board recommended that the tax commission gratn licenses for minor interests in the Moulin Rouge to Louise K. Carson, Marvin Rubin, Harriett and Burton Palter, all of pleted. 1 According to Foley, Lassoff already has posted the money and it is being held in escrow. The gambling board also recommended approval of a plan under which Gus Greenbaum, former licensee at the Flamingo, will be come managing director of the Riviera Hotel. This establishment has been having financial difficulty since its opening two months ago. Greenbaum heads a group, many A second city license insDector of them former Flamingo licen- has been appointed in Reno. sees, planning to lease the .hotel The new inspector is R T from its present owners for $1,- Rogers, who is hired in addition to 250,000 a year. present city license insDector The prospective owners have Wendell Taylor. Both work under loaned the Riviera about one half assistant city manager Fred Fray, million dollars so that operations jviayor Ln Harris has tagged can continue. uie license inspection system, in Second License Inspector Hired which the inspectors check busi ness income and determine the amount of license fee to be paid, one of the most important activ ities of the administration. Senate Confirms U. S. Attorney Appointment of Franklin P. R. Rittenhouse of Las Vegas as Unit ed States Attorney for Nevada, was confirmed by the senate today. Rittenhouse was given a temporary appointment by Federal Judge John R. Ross on July 6. His nomination was subsequently sent to the senate by President Eisenhower. Fails in Sleep To Cause Crash A sleeping passenger caused an automobile to overturn Wednesday a mile north of Reno on Greenstone Drive. Deputy sheriffs said the car was driven by xarry o. anan. 17, 420 Vassar St. Shaff told the deputies his passenger, Robert Cate, was asleep and fell against the steering wheel as the car rounded a curve. The curve was not successfully completed. Shaff said his car hit a ditch and flipped over. No injuries or citations resulted.

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