Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on June 10, 1994 · Page 16
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 16

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Friday, June 10, 1994
Page 16
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Asburv Park Press Friday. June 10, 1994 13 roads' fast lanes may get faster soon THE ASSOCIATED PRESS TRENTON Here, at a glance, are New Jersey highways that are eligible for the maximum 65-mph speed limit under federal law, according to ' the National Motorists Association: ATLANTIC CITY EXPRESSWAY From Exit 5 at Route 9 in Pleasant-ville to Exit 44 at Route 42 in Washington Township, 39 miles. GARDEN STATE PARKWAY From Exit 12 at Route 9 in Middle Township to Exit 29 at Route 9 in Somers Point, 17 miles. From Exit 30 at Route 52 in Somers Point to Exit 80 at Route 9 & Route 530 in South Toms River, 50.2 miles. From Exit 83 at Route 9 in Dover Township to Exit 90 at Route 549 in Brick Township, 6.7 miles. From Exit 91 at Route 549 in Brick to Exit 100A at Route 33 in Tinton Falls, 8.3 miles. From Exit 109 at Route 520 in Mid-dletown Township to Exit 117 at Route 36 in Hazlet Township, 7.5 miles. NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE From Exit 1 at Route 40 & Route 140 in Carney's Point Township to Exit 3 at Route 168 in Bellmawr, 25.5 miles. From Exit 4 at Route 73 in Mount Laurel to Exit 9 at Route 18 in East Brunswick Township, 49 miles. From the Pennsylvania Turnpike Extension in Mansfield Township to the Pennsylvania state line in Burlington Township, 5.5 miles. ROUTE 18 From Exit 15 at Wayside Road in Tinton Falls to Exit 30 at Route 9 in Old Bridge Township, 15.2 miles. ROUTE 46 From Exit Interstate 80 in Knowl-ton Township to east of Paulins Kill River, Knowlton, 0.8 miles. ROUTE 55 From North of Route 47 in Maurice ' River Township to Exit 24 at Route 49 in Millville, 3.5 miles. From Exit 35 at Garden Road in Vineland to Exit 58 at Deptford Center Drive in Deptford Township, 23.3 miles. ROUTE 130 From Route 322 in Bridgeport to I-295 in Logan Township, 1.8 miles. ROUTE 206 From 1-80 in Mount Olive Township to Route 183 in Stanhope, 0.8 miles. INTERSTATE 78 From the Pennsylvania state line in Phillipsburg to Exit 40 at Route 531 in Watchung, 40.8 miles. INTE1STATE 80 From the Pennsylvania state line in Pahaquarry Township to Exit 34 at Main Street in Wharton, 33.5 miles. INTERSTATE 195 From Exit 3 at Yardville Road in . Hamilton Township to Exit 35 at Route 34 in Wall Township, 30.3 miles. INTERSTATE 287 From Exit 5 at River Road in Pisca-taway Township to Exit 9 at Route 28 in Bridgewater Township, 3 miles. From Exit 13 at Routes 202-206 in Bridgewater to Exit 31 at Route 24 in Morristown, 17.3 miles. INTERSTATE 295 From Exit 2 at Route 140 in Carney's Point to Exit 20 at Grove Road in West Deptford Township, 18.8 miles. From Exit 36 at Route 73 in Mount Laurel to Exit 57 at Route 130 in Bor-dentown, 19.4 miles. From Exit 64 at East State Street Extension in Hamilton to Exit 69 at Route 206 in Lawrenceville, 4.3 miles. INTERSTATE 295 & 95 From Exit 71 at Federal City Road in Ewing Township to Exit 2 at Route 579 in Ewing, 3.6 miles. 65 mph From page Al saic, a co-sponsor, stressed that similar bills have been approved by the Assembly before, and said that administration officials seem "favorable." New Jersey Turnpike Authority attorney John Sheridan said turnpike officials support the bills, but want to ensure that the state would be able to decrease speed limits for safety in the event of extreme weather or congested traffic. Mikulak said he had no problem with that revision. Catania said raising the speed limit was long overdue because "studies have proven that an increased speed limit will not increase accidents." He cited a 1992 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report comparing fatal accident rates in some of the other 41 states that have adopted 65-mph limits. The increased speed limits would be established on uncongested parts of divided state highways that Mikulak said "were designed for speeds of 80 miles per hour." Mikulak said three-quarters of motorists now exceed the 55-mph limit on New Jersey's highways. Yet Ocean County Assistant Prosecutor Steven M. Janosko predicted more accidents would result. "Speed is undoubtedly a cause in a significant amount of accidents," said Janosko, who also heads the fatal accident unit. "If the speed limit was increased to 65 miles per hour, people would drive 75." Stephen G. Carrellas, coordinator for the New Jersey chapter of the National Motorists Association, said in creasing speed limits would allow more cars to use roads, and reduce fuel use and air pollution. But state police, who issued 112,000 summons for speeding last year, said they would not support the higher speed limit. "The state" police believe that increasing the maximum allowable speed limit will have a serious effect on the motoring public," said spokesman John Hagerty. "This effect will be measurable in term of additional accidents, fatalities and injuries." Press staff writer Art Weissman contributed to this story. AS GA5V AS 123 II PtrGaw mJ tCSJ ' wiBJIiTD w "s. I I FWffly 11 : - V"1 II NO PAYMENTS A " NO DOWN -M VI 7 I W yA WEAR-DTED kA Convicted killer may escape from death sentence THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ROANOKE, Va. A man who escaped in the , nation's largest death-row breakout was happy to learn yesterday that a judge overturned his capital murder conviction, though he realizes "a lot of twists and turns" remain. Mark Miner, spokesman for Attorney General Jim Gilmore, said yesterday that Lem D. Tuggle "will stay behind bars until we have made our appeal known." U.S. District Judge James Turk ruled Wednesday that Tuggle must be freed or retried within six months because his constitutional rights were violated repeatedly during his trial. Tuggle, 42, was sentenced to death in January 1984 for the rape and capital murder of 52-year-old Jessie G. Havens. He was one of six death-row inmates who escaped from the Mecklenburg Correctional Center on May 31, 1984. All were recaptured within a month. The five others who escaped with Tuggle have been executed. It remains the largest death-row escape in U.S. history. ' Attorney Tim Caine said he told Tuggle to anticipate an appeal and that the best conclusion he could expect is a new trial. He said Tuggle "recognized, too, that the appeal is likely and this is not the last step or a big victory. You just go to the next level. These cases have a lot of twists and turns to them." Ms. Havens' son, Roger, said he was dismayed at the prospect of sitting through another trial. "I feel really shocked and amazed and hurt that we're going to have to put everybody through ' this mess again," Havens told WDBJ-TV. "I thought we pretty much had the biggest part behind us. I think the man got a fair trial." In order to convict Tuggle of capital murder, the prosecution had to prove the rape charge. Evidence was insufficient to convict Tuggle of rape, the judge said, because no semen was found inside her body. Danny Lowe, the former Smyth County commonwealth's attorney who prosecuted Tuggle, said "a horrible conclusion can be drawn" from Turk's ruling. "What this is saying is, you could never prove rape when there is no semen and a man kills his victim. He's getting the benefit out of killing his victim." But Turk also said Tuggle's rights were violated because the Smyth County court failed to appoint an independent psychiatrist and pathologist for his defense. Department of Corrections spokesman Ben Hawkins said he did not know whether Tuggle will remain on death row and was unable to get the answer from agency directors yesterday. Five months before Ms. Havens' murder, Tuggle had been paroled on a 1972 second-degree murder conviction. After the record-setting escape attempt, he tried unsuccessfully to escape again in 1985 and 1987. No escape charges were ever brought against him. . I CHANGE VOW IIHID 'iflPJt' '' . ' IF YOU W CHANGE THI CARPET NO QUESTION! AMID 30 DAY RIHACIMENT f WARRANTY 1 WEAR-DATED T ORKflJJ TRUSTMARK cum ttPunM iTiiiH "AS MKO OU ri .-ff'JH SHOWS YOU STIP ' Y STIP HOW TO COMPARI LI WEAR-DATED i M WIAR DATED I U;.. . 4 SAXONY SALE lfJN YD. I llHlTAU.10 OVEEt PAP TONED TRACERY io iToa SALE CMMI FIGHTS Witr Stalk StH Fa (4 $13.09 VAU0) INSTALLED OVI Utb" Eft PAD WEAR-DATED ill CARPETlW AUP NEAR DATED N 40 Calart Na Qvtititm H OhMf Tnr Hhii Wt Uiaa Tkti J1 Ml MUM. W INSTALLED OVER PAD f and 12' WicU I CSASS CARPET LJI Sq. 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