The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1934 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLVTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, APRIL 6, It's Great With Moat Loaf,Thb Relish Y:G±:-.-* Bloov At Iced Meeting sour, milk; one to one nnd one half teaspoons salt. ff flours together, stir the soda Jnio ihe sour milk, mix. alter-, ntttijiy with the {lour and molas- adding tf*; salt last. Pour Inlo ,a pound bnklhg powder can ell rubbed with shortening and bake in a moderate oven, 350 degrees, for one hour. Or steam two nours, and tlniih In the oven, with cover off to brown the iop. Fill can In either case only three fourths full, 'nils may also be bnked In a pan with a funnel certler. SI'ENCER. Iowa (UP)—A violin which utilize. 1 ! the principle. 1 ! of the plnno lias been Invented and patented by H. Mux Maine, Spen- oer musician. One section on the face of Hi- Inslrument Is a i>!,,te which serves to 'carry the tension of tile four strings. In ordinary 'violins thl£ temkm cum pi esses the sound box .under ubuiit 100 pounds of pressure aud prevents Ihe free and unhindered vlbnition of tho sounding board. The device Invented by Maine frees the sound box of this pressure with resultant fullness and clearness of tone. The new violin has two complete sound bod'ps. one loruieii dhcctly under Ihe • oilier. Two c! the strings pl.iy Uie upper violin trdj. while the ctUi two prodtrt? the touts from the lower. Small Boat Expkrer Sail* Magellan Straits WASHINGTON (UP)-In a 26- oot boat, Amnn Burg, explorer and navigator, successfully nr.vl- l»l«d the turoiilent, ccldoni- traveled waters between cap,' Horn und the Strait, of Magellan desplu; dangerous weather conditions, according 10 dlsputchc.s iv i-elved by the National oo graphic . Society. During his lr | pi Ul( , a ,i vlcfs ,.„. vealed. Burg cncouiiU'rcd mountainous waves, hlgu wlnils .„„ swift currents which many lime. drove ' him from )H S course In drenching ruin and blindlm- snow stonns. He made tlic Jourwy In tt r e- oullt Coast. Guard surf bout. Tile objectives o! tlie oue-jiv,,, expedition, It was explained WHC to explore Islands and littic- kiiown water passages near Cuiw Horn, and to study ana uliuto- graph tlw fnst-viinlshlns iiiiiive Indians of lliai region ROXY Friday & Saturday Mat. 2:30, I0-25c Nile 6M5.. 10-2f.c l Last Time Today Hiit, ~i :M, 10-25c Nile ti.-.|f). .J0-45c Head Courier News Want- Ads. Forty' y«a.M o1 rnrikal imitation, flrst us a Socialist, then M a Communist, hurt not dimmed HID nhille or ".Voilier" JCIhx lleeve Blnor vijien she appeared *1 the Cleveland convention nf ilia Communist parly, as shown here.. S),e has been UKliLitliij; • nintUB U,c .Iowa and NsbrusVa ."" laruera WANTED Pll« sufferers—sufferers with sores, burns, akin dlse««»—to listen to this— and knbw It for U» truth: • Crese Salve will either cure you «r it will give you the most grateful relief you ever experienced In your life.' It doesn't matter how^old or aggravated your case, ft doesn't m»U*r how many remedies you have tried that have failed you. Cross Salve-will take care of your trouble or It will cost you aiwolutcly nothing. Combining a powerful disinfectant In a velvet smooth, petrolatum basej Cross Salve offora the Ideal combination; a disinfectant strong enough to kill every possible germ- an oil base that jfives Immediate floothlng relief, and assists nature In the quickest possible healing. Over a. .quarter of .a century of success on seemingly Impossible cue* makes certain our'know- ledge tint Cross Salve will help you. Trust us. GET A JAR-TODAY. .We say to you honestly that your money will be returned without a question If It fails. 30c and 50c at all dealers The 3al»e Co., Inc., Marlon, Kentucky, . ' SWIL Florhide ; kes old floors new!\ ll These were reuuested recently. by o New England reader. They nfe worth having in every household. for both nrc (oods we all should know. .' • . OU Fashioned Bean Ponidre One • nnd one half cups dried beans: one pound corned beet; fourth pound lean salt pork; three nuarts wa'er: four medium sized potatoes sliced; two medium onions sliced: dashes of cayenne: dumplings. ' '.'' Tt>e soiin msv be sereedwlthor without., dumpllnes' bul tile old fashioned wav included thertump- lin«s. It is miiallv made fn large quantities and reheated, and is better after several reheating;. Small white beans nre best: the beef should be one piece with no ' prlstle and no fat and 'should not he verv salt: with a little bone if possible. Soak the beans over nieht. drain, add. with .beef and the uncut norX to tr»" water and bring' to boiling removing the 'rum as it rises. Simmer three hours or longer. Add notnto. onion .and Dep"»r and simmer another hour. Durine all the cooX- Init .add n little hot water from time to time, so as to kern the ruantlty of tlw liquid what it was i In trie beginning. ! For the last twelve minutes of »be cooking add the dumplings. \ Cornmeal dumplinos are much ' used, ns these crumble while they rook and thicken the porrldee. Hc. move the bone and pork and beef Wore serving, or a little of the beef mav be shredded and return<••! to the porridge. Let cool and stand over nHht. Reheat before rtrvine. If dumplings are not wanted In the porridge, serve toasted cornbread with It. cFLORHIDE ENAMEL 10 HMdem colors <Hr'*theloi>r^couw>7tob««u- < I t«r.yptir Oodnl Florfaidc U kpe- I cU float.enoet, 'aaie to rcdtt | bvdMt WHU-. It co*u but Utlle • for eoouck to rrfinJih the Hoor ol your porch, hall, kitchen, b«emen«, fjrigc, or apy floor ta your hoiMc. Come io today for free color card. •Gallon Quick-Drying WATERSPAR ENAMELI Makei it easy to bfiutify FurnUuxe »nd . woodwork. Dries in 4 hours—oot coat liiually fnoufih. 24nchco]«cs. UTILITY SCREEN ENAMEL ... Quart... 70c PURE BOILED LINSEED OIL... fri. . . $1.15 White SHELLAC Qukk-dryinj, cW« WATERSPAR VARNISH tt*i Enr» durable. For interior Wl or .esterior u-c. Will 'not 12-Quart PAIL WALLHIDE brings One-day Painting , EtxUdjfsof men! Your curtaioi and pic- t^tclCMibt hung tht simetUy walll «nd ",' nilingl »rc piintcd wild WallhideV One A 11 « BT COJ,,1 usually couich. IS WJlhlWt colors. *»•"*•* • Two cups comme«I; nve teaspoons baking powder; one tea- ' spoon salt; one cup milk. Mix j commeal and. baking powder thor- I ouchly, add' Mil, pour In all the I milk and . ml* mlth a knife as qukkrjr u posibfc. If mixture Is too thin to drop from a spoon as dough, add a . UtUe more com- , me*K Handle quickly. Drop from) tablespoon into the boiling soup and cook about tvelve minutes. LADDER Strong, B-ft. rise with shell $1.25 BRUSHES IW Eam*l Brush . , 20c 4' WillBruh. . . 65c 1* C«ldram«Bnnh . J1.50 FIASCO PAINT iWt (or raterior or exterior lurficei.Knulirl $ W1KT MONTGOMERY" Hi pTiiiii W H^.N A WOMAN .OVES IIKHBDRT MAHSHAU/ MKS. PATKIOK CAM.M5KI-1 "Trick fiolf" (Wililies m> Hurry l,;in^<lnii C'umt'ily Saturday Only MAT. anil Nite—lite - 25c A blazing itory of the cow country, In which a fighting fool shows hit hand to a gang o< bad m»nl Steel Wool CJeans pots A pans- easier I Se'Pkf. One enp rye 1 flaw; one cup cam-, me*!; one cup wheat flour; _ two t«upoobt soda;' ttatt fourths cup <•** Mta nnlistHj 1*6 **4 GUM IUSTICE WiA Ctcelij Pirlici. Directed by AUn)«(Mi. Produced by Ken Mayi nard Production!. Presented by C*H Lt«ranU<. A UNIVERSAL PIC- 1UR£. Fatty Arliuckle Comedy' Novelty "Last Straw" Sunday • Monday Ulj MAT. & N1TE— lOc - so these figures measure HIGH TEST ^you good at riddles?.... Then uy 10 guess whtther "umiitmul high lex gasoline" ii reiUjr higher in i«si ihan "amtimg high <ta gasoline." The longer jou try, ihe more fou ippfeciile the sincerity and directness of PhiUips 6C advertising. Instead of describing the tta oi PbiUips 66 wilh broad boaniog -.-ords, we publish the gravirjr (or high lesl) rating in pliia figures—in eiaci accord, •ace with the method prescribed bribe Amerind Petroleum Insti- tute, tl,eofficially-recui;i,,ied scieulihc standard. The figures above provt ih^t PhiUips 66 is gtiiuint high lesi. They gnArantee that you will feel the difference in your moiui: in acceleration and spetd ... in power and mileage. Plu^ the smoothness and silence of Tein- eihyl Lead, ihe finest i,m-»,i:,ck fluid. PHILL-UP with PH!U.IPS ai iht Orange and Black <i6 shield. HIGHEST TEST»^:/. at the price of ordinary-gasoline RICHARD ARLItt IDA LUPINO ROSCOE KARNS GRACE BRADLEY MONTE BLUE i n < TOBY WING Otrtonn "Olo King Cole" Serial "Pirate Treasure" Sunday - Monday j .MATINEE & N1TE—10c-35c Hubbard Hardware Co. AUTHCW1ZED PTtTSBUKGH PAINT PRODUCTS AGENCY the radio favorites of millions, Wilti Tfd Htily, Eddi< Foy J, ). Firrcll M.cDon.W, Riy Hcdje, lhorn«s Jtckson, Giac* Hjycs. TrUic Fti3»ni«. Dictcud b^ M Bojibttg. Produced by Toy P, 0 . duclion!, Ltd. Plinnrtd by Ci,l Lnmml«.AUNIVERSALPICTURE. Comedy "Gobs of Kim" With George Givot Charles Jutlds. Travelogue "I'aris on l';ii;ulc Broiulway Urevities "Around the Clock" \Vilh Norm a Terris And I Kton Ilovs For a Longer JJoneymoon NO ONE expects honeymoon days-to go on forever. For you—or him—to get all-of-a-twitter every ,time you see each other would be asking just a little too/ much. .. ,. But—beware the stodginess of growing too. matter-of-fact—of always wearing "practical" clothes, of always doing the practical thing. A new and deliciously feniihine negligee, a new dress bought just for thejoy of it, can set your-own heart singing and getva word of appreciation from '\} : that serious fellow whfp .paysj'.'ithe bills. So here's an end to..Humdrum! Turn now to, the advertisements and let them take you on 'an adventure of shopping, and revived romance. .' Advertising is one of the reasons why so many women today are so charming. They .teach, the secrets of the great beauty specialists. They give hints on health of .inestimable.value. They take you into the confidence of the famous dress authorities of New York and Paris.

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