The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 8, 1931 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 8, 1931
Page 1
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Served by the United Press VOL. XXVH—NO. 252 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION tilythevillc Courier, Elylhtvllle Daily Ne-vs, ,,. ,.,,m-un i i< H.T^MUAO -I-IM-I, IT lilylhevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Ijailer. HI. t 111K\ ll.l,]-., AM\A."\bAb, II [UISUA'i , .IANUAU V 8, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS isi93ni[ n ii Brooklyn- .-•; Jobless In Food Riot' 1,1 IN Modern 'Girls Demand Both Independence and Cliivalr NEW YORK, Jan. 8 (Ul'i-A ; Batherinij of unemployed In from! of the Brooklyn borough hall was' "Live al Home" Program tlimccl iiuo " )' lot lodtl/ W:K " ™' C n I c i • ! ot "' c demonstrators swarmed tl«- ; vJCRll as Uilly oalvatlOn nearby Salvation Army building ile- I c i T-I • v '.mantling food and threatening 10 tov Eolith IKis Year. | brcak £,. Police with fists and slicks from. With six cent cotton :\ Brim pas- | banners carried by the demon- sibillty for the 1931 crop. Mississippi I strators. beat the crowd back and; than 250.000 persons in Arkansas, couuy farmers have tr.eir choice; when another charge ap|x>aied] will 1 between adopting a "live at home" '' program of food and feed production or going 1 hungry. That, in brief, was Ih; n.essase KIHTOlt'S NOTE: Akc Wiiu^h. ! who wrole the, fiillowliLg schiUllat- ! liif urllt'lp|0ii "the muilcni glcl" c\- '. clusivcly for ('curler News rtml NEA Parts of Oklahoma, Texasj^^y, 1 ^^^^, l ; I ||f." S jJ.' l "" 1 , 11 , 1 "' MlSSOUI'i aild Kentucky! miry (lullil srlrcliun. Though liN Al U I U't homo is in London, he has traveled AlSO tlarci nit. i continuously during [he lart four — : ye;ir>;—iurluiliiiR making three trij^ ST. LOUIS. Jan. 8. iUP>— Mare I ni-nns the American rondnciil. delivered this morning to some 20C I walks farmers who attended Ihe annual away, agricultural outlook conference for The disorder resulted when a , be dependent on li>e American i Imminent black Jacks were used. Red Cross for food before rvbru- Mc-n nnd women were knocked • ary 15, Albert Evans, mid-west :lis- j down and trampled Mourned po. cuter relief director of the organ- i cm ,,„.,... secrales inardc:! cue, and lice riding up and down the s,de- iiallon, predicted in an interview , m h |Ulrt a E e instead of dozing b=- I!V Al.EC WAUfill Written for NKA Service Theie his alw-ivs been a '• ""-'e IMS Hm.lJS UtUl II [1 the northern district of Ihe county, held in tlie circuit courtroom l:ere this morning. A similar conference wa.s held at Osceola this atter- J. E. Critiz, county ngricultura! agcnl. presided at the iiieetiii-j here. finally drove the crowd, with the"United Press today. ! fore his lire, sat around street cor- • Evans, who has returned to uis- j ,, ers nsknlg questions, till his f;l- tnct headquarters here after sur- | ]ow Athenians In desiicratlon hand... , t . . • -•committee sent to present n pen- vey ing the Arkansas situation ' President in : drouth an interview from which newspaper. reach it. 1 ; peak.' men were excluded, returned with' summer has yet, "to ! a pessimistic report. at which talks were given by C. H. j Alvord. representative of the feel- i era! farm board, J. E. McKell, dis- | trict agricultural agent. Miss Mattie R. Mellon, district home demonstration agent, C. E. Born, Uni\-?r- | j" T j" R Q sity of Arkansas economist and afi- | | I* I 11 I rlcultural.Etatislician, and Craig I I LLUU Kosuboroifgh, agricultural agent for ! the Cotton Belt railroad. M A , , 01 i • i rehel arc de\ l.itlle Clianrr to Make Mnn-y INO\V Atipeai IOT Llotlllllgj Namely tin All of the speakers agreed tiiaM T cc . 1(> " ' — there was no assurance of a profit- j ls>s >u& atle market for the 1831 prc.duc- : lion of cotton or of any other cr.s'.i crop and that the only safe cours; open to farmers of this county am! .wo of it, flipped out one morn, , i ing, made for London and wrote Thousands of families, he sail :.. Thc Tami ng of the Shrew." . who were able lo care for them- H ere '•modern Bill" is a term ol selves for several months, now flnl j nljUiW; w!:cll wc clll|llo ., (hp , cl , n .themselves In serious straits, with- :we rio „„, vc f cr to tnc nv erase girl .out jobs and unable to borrow' tet vveen the ages of lli and 20 that money because of the credit, situa- , we mce( . nt ollr ,, lcnc , 5 . ,„„„-,.. tlon. and as winter progresses will | Wc refer lo Uu , t „, ir , i]nt : te forced to ask the Red Cross for csnj])crn [ es ,,„ contemporaries by , food and clothing. I csaggeralinR and caricaturing'the : , Other Areas Hit -characteristics of her period. 'Us, n addition to Arkansas. Evans. u . llly .. lhc mollcrll irr ls somfc . .said lour other critical areas for ollc who (rles w ge , „ thu b:lUl j relief arc developing. W!>vs Thnt ccrlnln , ls whbnl j hc ley are eastern Okto- ^ lodn • . . ; = As Old SuDDlieS-l 10 ," 1 " 1 ', hC COU ° n belt ° f smit "- c!ls ' . She's a Real Paradox '-, «s via ouppiie5. Mlssmirl lhc P3nhnluile of Texus _, Qn my ^ Qf ^ MM({t ^ il LIES OF Fatal Accidents Off African Cons! 'Revealed by Air Ministry Today. liOMK. Jan. B. IUI :llmmcd the rejolclni; of the Italian Uses Gas to Start Fire, Burns Fatal Leo Brothers, Secret Pris.r- oi\cr Since December 2!', Revealed as Murderer. SIKESTON, Mo. Jan B.-l,lc.yil Orcer. Itl-yi'iir-old . sou of Wlllliun Oii-i'i- and wife of Ihh city, died at the- home of hLs sister lure Wrdncsdiiy inomlUK u:. a result of , burns sustained Tuesday when he! I ]»m-«l gasoline on live embers In. a i-ook sin vi' in bulldlnu a tiro mill was ciivrlqicd In (lames from the explosion whleh followed. Tim CHICAGO, Jan. 8. (UP)—Sohl- yoii'.li al first puured kerosene oyor.tion uf tllc murder of Alfred J. Llu- iwople over the Soulh Atlantic' Hie ™nls ami when the lire dkiiule, Clilcaco Tribune rcporlef; thru llluhl o( Clcnmil Halo lialbo's MI- j not Klarl threw 'uas-'line Into the Inn Invcallijatlon unprcccdfiucd In plane squadron today. Move which caused a terrlle oxplo-jthe city's crlmluallly, and arrest of OlIlciiiK nniioinicetl that five nv- I ! ' lon whlcli blew the gasoline cnnuiic actual slayer was announced by , tutors were killed In two nccldeuti' " IKl slo^'e Into bits and covered the; State's Attorney John A. Swansoii b.iy with llamcs. Kftorts of rein-1 toduy. thai murrcd the beginning of ibc 11)00 mllri from Dolnimi. Guliifl. approximately over the ocean to Natal. Hrazll. Two pilots, two mechanics nnd ono operator were killed. The fu>l. accident occurred wl:c» lives to extinguish llv? Ilaints were successful only after the hoy had been futally burned. The Oreer family hail recently moved Vcre from Arkansas. No arrangements thus far ]iavc been the ahplane piloted by Caplulu i » llnol »'«d lor Ihe. funeral althouuh Are Exhausted. land eastern Kentucky. All of Hie,, M , s ^ c ' t on , hl shc u „',,,„„„.,„,, •"'"" "'"'" J '.?f d , hl i. b >'., thD ?«»'l>>. ; the freedom of the twentieth cen- -- , , More than 200 requisitions [ol . The most crillcal situation howev- • .„„., , h ,, rl . tnlnln tllCiCK ( v . • - • • of ' " ' f '° d ' inv ° lvlng Over $50D worth ol i er, is In Arkansas, he said. , , . , ...... i supnlies. were issued from R«li " At tnc P 1 '"-' 1 '- ctiou of food for their farm-1 Cross neadquattl!rs , lere .; erdav . 30.MO families, in "1. rl.:^..', 1 :™ J,"'. est= " ! and today the crow t of applicants 1» lre aW and .airy of the nineteenth. s*e lo „,, ftllo , vcd to (Io wlmt she their first not urge or other cash crops, but they ad- i diminished vised that they be given t consideration. They did j thal llnErt the stairway and uppe ; the elimination of cot tan | corr i aol . of t he city hall was littli Evans said. lo be reached by the middle ... *•' •'•. ..HUHVU \<J llu IMltlb 3IIV ll^l:^, ,hat state re- Ivhorc s))e ,, kB5j with wilom s!lo ;L55" * ?_"•;: !>1««. She expects also to be treat-' "We expect the peaki^, ,, s a rcllant cn b ", A •wl h\r tho ti\1r1rll& ft* ' •v«* l jwn ^' . sible person when it is a qucstlqn we'd be miseraWe together. You what she likes s;i>s the riodcrn (u dn Iml wants n shoulder lt> wctp upon. cus. (hat he must not lie proprle- lory. and when the young mnn accepts her commauds. allows her |V break dates, smiles frlcndlly when he sees her dancing at a night club with another man, she hands him back his ring and says: "I'm sorry it's no good, you're very sweet, but Enra Bllvlo Uecngno was forced lo descend. First Sergeant Louts Fol! was killed when the heavily lontl- «l plane struck the water. The, left, lioat of llio seaplane was dam- ; ngctl. Cap'.uln ]!ccai;uo, LiculciiniH; Uanalo Aubriata ami Hadio Oner- ntor Bergeant Mnrlo Manclni were not Injured, ofliclnls said. The seaplane remained atloal and the four survivors were rescued. The mi- chlne later was lowed lo Bolama. The accident that cost (he lives of four flyers occurred about two minutes after the take-oil from isolinim. The plane, commanded by i Captain Boer, caught fire nnd descended on thc sea In flames. The four occupants were burned to Is presumed Inteunenl will be here. Analyzing the an. estii C'Ottl 000 -thei the six cents unless a redical improve- • in murmur. "There, there mw. , , - .- T . i territory west of Big Lake Business men and farmer- In fh-'.'"" "' Z ..... ,"" ...r™ e ?_,™!. n . anQ farmpr = in thff :is no where else , ing at his table only when there ment in world business condition-, I known to be in need of aid. to receive the rewards of Industry It will be lo find a note perched against Ihe mantelpiece: "Don't bother to wait. Have gone out." He must himself make no comment on her behavior, but should she see him dancing with his secretary, lie will nnd on his return a bed-made up for him upon the sofa. It is In the name of such a one thai old men In their club and young mm sitting beside desolate telephones invoke high heaven with the groan "these mcderr girls." Luckily "the modern girl" is, as Gulf Refining Company's Wholesale Plant Visited Tuesday Night. Officers today were again seeking i a safe robber—but u dllTcrenL. one death and thc plane destroyed, than the burylara who made four Officials emphasized both accidents were the. result of unavoidable- risks in connection with the full load necessary for thc long flight. The seaplanes carried the heaviest load ever taken across th: Atlantic by air. unsnccesstul attempts to rob in local business houses In the last two month. Tlie safe In thc office of the Refining company's wholesale plnvH near highway 18 west of this cl(y. was opened Tuesday, night and $153 The slayer, Swansoii, said, Is Ij«6 '.-. V. Brothers, u mid-west rjangstcr, :* GO timers ancalcd In St. Louis, his'..] home, but a newcomer In Chicago',' crlmo when I.lnglu -was murdered "June 0. • : •-, Ic'.riiUfkiitlcm I'osilivc • ; S\vni]bo]i said Brothers was postr ? tlvely identified as Llnglc's murderer by several witnesses. Brothers, posing an Leo llacler. a motion picture operator, since Llngb's deatn, was arrested through a v;o- man'n qulck-wllted scheme In his ioulh clde aiiarlmeht Dccembei- 21, and has been held secretly without chariies in a hotel room while the Inveatlyiitur.s piled up evidence axalnsl him, - • Ills nrrcsl cmne through thc most expensive and accretive. Invcsilga- j tlon ever undertaken In Chicago, It grew out of n whisper connecting. Him with the crime; ut first no more . lhan one of many such underworld of Information which .-was : developed by Pat Uoche, Swanson's-". chief Investigator, Chas. Rsthbura, the Tribune's attorney/ and others. ' Rose. Houbseh,-:-who .occupied an'. apartment across from tliat of Brothers, supplied the ruse, a fsko tel-. ephone call that- tricked Brothers oiiljif .his^partuiern[af.ter ; tlic |rj-- v'cstrga'to"ri- s liad w'at'ch'ed 'lV\8l day/." nnd caused his seUiire without a blow. • Except, for the announcement that Brothers, a tall powerful bloml, was a hired assassin, the motive behind thc Llnglc murder was unannounced. Brothers still as a de facto prisoner, nls hiding place un•A highly interesting program en- j Inner door did thc .robber resort to f^JS,"'!' 1 at {hc " lercy Ol the terlalncd Blythcvllla Holarlans a! force, smashing lhc lock to release i '"""l>""" !l - The two seaplanes that made I lu cns ii removed, il -WM revealed forced 1 landings cnroute to BrBnitttudnj. . •- . .. v _^.xi,..,^-_, \ f _, and now In tow of Italian war! The robber appnreniiy'*ns'an ex- vessels, were expected lo arrive nl inert of his type, rtllicrcnl from tin Fernando Norcnlm Island olf the burclars whose amateurish efforts Brazilian coast today. Rotes Hear Alvord failed lo o;icn safes In thb city 0:1 four previous occasions this winter. - The combination of the Quit oaf? AI ur il T L l wns Corked, opening the big out- At Weekly LuncneOH; side door'of the safe. Only wh»n • he was thwarted by the lock of Ihe 'l-rappcd Roche's former secretary, Miss ' their regular weekly luncheon at noon today. C. H. Alvord, representative of the door. Only the cash box In the sate was disturbed by the robber. lhc federal farm bs.ird. who ad- ] Entrance was gained to the of- dresscd an agricultural conference i Ice by forcing the front door to Sir this morning, miulc a brief speech. : building, according to A. A. Tho:n;j- . Mr. Alvord outlined the possible i son, local manager for lhc gas coiii- crop outlook -for 1931 and advised pany. she has always Uecn, the exception. admitted today they ha:l i lhc Identity of thc robbers. Defends ^$50,000 Suit Col, Zach Miller He was spirited away aftcr photographers and newspapermen viewed him early today. When action will be taken against him was nol announced. ^ ,.re invited to notify much the result of over production I Red Cross office, Number 304, as of under consumption. Mr. A!- j telephone.' . ; vord said. iKjintiiig cut that eol-! K. H. Ziehm.. representative ol j ton production in recent years has Ihe mill-vest Red Cross office at, not been excessive, but that rapU ; St. Louis as^ig^d to the territory, falling oil in consumption in 192)! which includes Mississippi crimty.' Cross at Cooler Aids Widows, Invalids COOTER, Me..—Thc local chi ly the | Fit'St National'-; Annliralion ! T1)at boot! ^S8crs ; ' Haiiu'ldl S /UlpllcaUOn : are "hard up" alonp with the other "it Haraway. Besides Mr, Alvord. Ear] Kiluj this vicinity *• rlclc of Marlannn was a yucst Mississippi Engineer Dies in Locomotive Cab BOBO, Miss.. Jan. B. (UP)— "Faithful lo the hist" is what friends said about Charles P. Brant, 54. engineer, who died here today two minutes after he pulled his train from the main track to a siding. He was lifted from his cag by fellow trainmen. Brant sjrved ths Y. and Jf. V. >,..„ ,„, . - - railroad for 20 years. "He was cne .Miller 101 ranch owner of Ponca| 0 f our most trusted engineers" of- r "" "''" Iflclals said. ' . . NATCHEZ. .Miss., Jan. 0. (UP)— Mix, movie cowboy, was her: of boo Prnfei t(Xlay to n « l11 n $59 ' MO br ™" " [ 01 ti.e fcnooi. ' rmessor )trac[ 51]1[ n , C(] |)y Co , onc) ^^ liming on ,11 consumption in IDJ)' wnicn includes lUitsissippi c'lmty.- ~r "• ""-'" v: '"! 1 - l:l r> • • /-, " • i • , ,, "' "™"K »un in and 1930 issultetl in the accumu- i arrived h.TC Ihis afternoon and will ° f th( ; American Red Cross h-s be- • KeCCWinfr LoilSldcratiOn i !°' k * thousands of pc-plr- laiion of thc present huge surplu: .«o over the situation with members '8 un teu »'B food , and clolliias t; • with consequent drastic decline ii< i of the local organipation at a tllc I™"' "nd destitute iamili's ol price. He spoke of the farm board'-, I meeting at 4 p. m. Definite plans 'h« section. Aid Is largely confii:?:! efforts to maintain the pric" thru- r °r handling the needs of the to widows, invalids and the sick, as is re- Officers R^pl'a^r^.."'"'! !!; D0 iSmith Aiteids Cotton First M.Hhcdist, who K assisting in, ] ot the First National '' 1D rtistributi™ of fooo. tupplies to, «•/ i- . a t Wasnington. the purchase of large amounts or,' Manila an tl Leachville communi-• tlie town Is furnishing work al St bank wrrc i-.opelni today that be- ' th .<; needy cotton but admitted that the fall'' lies are ex P Kted to bs one result per day to those \vlio must luvc a;-' forc " 1S end of the week IS.ey i Onc ot ° 111 ' leading bootleggers Ing off of consumer demand ) n .. I of this conference. 'and are able lo work. Headquarter; ' would be able to make a dofluile ' E« snpplins and Ihe wife of an-i are at the Bank of Cooler with Re 1 ,-. • announcement concerning thc fu- oln - r Mrs. Olive Mix, thc row-bay's ex- wife and third bride, was to testify for Colonel .Miller. She ci:n: from Hollywood for tin- trial.' . M ,-. . Miller claims Mix signed a con- ai Wew Urleans | tract to appear In the 101 ranch 1 show but went with Sols Floto cir- C. O. Smith, local manager of' cm instead. Mix denies the allepa- Last Rifes Held For Mrs. W. C, Foster Today Funeral services were held this afternoon at Steele, Me., for Mrs- • E ' tG ,', Slei>nes011 thc I==; sscntatlve. Proceeds of Dinner made this effort futile. The farm! board, through thc cotton stab:!;- • i* v r r- t iir-n r . 7atton corporation. Is now holdin*' KsllGI flind Will v>et 3.000,000 bales ol cotton off trn! market. . Despite the apparently discouraj- '' , ing situalton there Is hope in the ! Rotarlans and Lions and Iheir fulure, Mr. Alvord said By ->row-- ! w ' v «s arid sweethearts'will hs t'.-.e ing the food and feed they °ne»-l : guests, the Goodfellows and Red I farmers can protect, themselves • Cross relief organizations u-ill bo I LITTLE ROCK. Jan. again?! disaster, he t-aid. and at t!le beneficiaries, and E. B. N'oble. | One Arkansas s'.atc ba: the same time pave the way for' proprietor of the Hotel Noble, will • for business' today ai . _ better cotton prices in the future, i be nosl ' at an H 1 ' 0 ™"' dinner to; closed for liquidation, the bankins uuctlcn of the Institution's ca;>i tn leave late this afternoon i W. C. Foster, 80, who died Wcd- has claimed widespvca-l ' nt%s[i;l i' afternoon fallowing a brief i Arkansas Bank Opens, Another "If the farmers of"AVkansaTanrt. '• be neltl ln thc lintel banquet ro:m i department learned. " stock . from $150.000 to SlOO.i other southern states will grow all ; at 7:30 Friday night.- ! Th? Bank of Stevens resumed '"."I 1 $20,000 surplus, and necc (he food and feed necessary for The guests will pay, but thc host-, b!lsincss after Dosing for a week, their own use t^ere will be HD su,-- .will not gel the mousy. Instead I'. :The Bsn!; of Lo-v=ll. oi ' i how his business was affected by. this parsed upon by i".e i the depression. He said that In federal reserve board is _ ,__,_,_ ,, llt vt vl ^ al(t , . ^ i:[ jiuij v\;i 11 «• uiviib j. iiioi^avj i. • —• " ... . plus production of cotton in 1931,-; will go to the relief prs- |'\rk.. failed to open today and turn- .responsible for failure to ob:a:r, .in he declared. He appealed for a'gram. The dinner was suggest-?'^!" affairs over for liquidation. : carl| er decision. Stockholders of the First i iv U5.}*H:.-.M;J[|. ill; i^nn U'.;H. HI i rr* ,_ Dj-embrr rf 1SW he s^ld 5»3 gal-; HVO IWOre Tracts for ln-i<= of li - _ a ._..V Xllt \UIJ1LIL -Il*-J OUp5%.3L_J . -- ----- _., t _ cotton acreage reduction of 25 Mr. Noble as a suitable substl-l" 1110 bink ' s caoital w»5 «lO.("i .. cent or mere and declared that the lute this year for Christmas gift- deposits aggregated $32.400. No ef- " ere nottned a week ajo of a m:ct- (Contlnuod on Page 3) which he has made to numbers cf i'"« I! > reflrgan:7e will be made, th; ;"= to beheld ^February 2 for '.He, line two clubs In former years. bank's officials sai:l. A program for the dlnn=r is b 1 -' — Ing prepared by a joint convmitteo sold but five gallons - while last month he: Brave Lake Storm in Hunt for Beer Runner of tlic iwo .purpose of ratifying this reduction I 1 in the capllal stock. According to Olto Cummims. state game warden of this clly. ivh-; assisted the federal warden in tho r i c 1 nrr - J casC| Kln ^ wtl1 te arraigned before I LOUnty rarm Utterea Judge Martlneou in federal coi!r: ': " . on a misdemeanor charge. 1 Two tracts ol hi-.d said to be tin- Ki n? is said to have admitted i-e . der ccnrldcr.itlon by J-.idw Zal was selling ducks to "make a liv i WaVr Plan? GorH Wi!) i Six Reported Killed in ROCHESTER, N. Y., Jan. 8. (UP) ••? Soi:th America' N cw Guinea Tidal Wave es Wilson Given . pi i i n ii Harrison and his county farm com- Ing." rUi'lOUgh by rarnell mlttee cf the q«srum court, were • ' "ft included In Ihe proposals list-' LITTLE ROCK. Ark.— Governor. »d In yesterday's paper. j Roy Sliaw's Bank has sub-: proposition • to. . y«,terday granted an in-^ The Federal . deanlte furlough t» James T. Wil-. milled a second . . j son of St. Louts. Mo., sentenced Judge Harrison involving 160 acres i I-K i T t -, rOStfOned f.O Jan. 15 -.—•,-••" I HAVANA. Cuba. Jan. 8. (UP) — "la-'-s ! p ° ;lce announced tocjay the brs.ik- ''" "ing up cf a plot to' dyivimlte two large hotel? in Harms. The announcement said the plot was discovered late yesterday with the arrest of Jose Fernandez, Manuel Alvarr-z and three confederates. Thc men were arrested ty police .who surrounded tho traiie and cn- " I gflgcd In a gun flgr.t. I Automatic pistols, three bomb3 | nnd 110 i , seized. i of ammunition were •'C;i«i.i:n" William Sheldon, de-! s,-r:bed by customs men as thc' lvers Aloft 90 Hours -r. t. 'SOIlth missing dnin Sunday. 3 swalls ' lh = L5d >' Ro! ' h ' enSura • nhnf girted by Babbl« Trout ' The n:rn said they could find no r-'n-. -Mie Ccoper. \vns in flight be- i •'•"! !'f b-jt k.iwn "silrsmen " vill trace o! Captain Sheldon nnd two, l-vccn R C?nti ' " ' ' compatiicns who left Kingston Sat- I e-.rly today, hsv urday. hour alolt. , u- - (UP) — Bolated advices tod... Within ten daVS t"* Ctv nare/mr „>*- um ^ j * « - »"- Thc heir to the thron; and h's ber 24. ilircther Prince Gser?= as i>" ' : -- 8 l lnsl Apr " lo servc two years on a of land west of Oscccla and the! Frtliir.inary hcarir.j in. Jan- a. i charge of forgery. Wlls-n was Bank of O=ccoh has cffcrcd for'Shaw, charged wlt:i tl '^ ,„.'"- i'. sent to tlle '" t[>t - P ds5 " {ro:1! Miss-; roiisideration a tract of 320 acres of Rrccc Coatncy in 3 -' '. . • Isslppl county, at the sorins term due w^st of McDonald's slurp nn nurir^i «f o frawhiiMn WEATHER ARKANSAS — Fair tonight and for Roy the murder • Fridny^'prcbaWy" dice game .• f e on quarrel at a samblin? house on: According to th3 official \vcather In Blythevllle. Highway Cl belwcen Lusora and the Arktwas-Mtssouri state lln-. jrb'srver. Clmrle.-, p;-niai, the rain- Indefinite furloughs were also Biirdettc, It Is stated. . has been continued until Thurs- Imum temperature hers yesterday granted Ed Farley of Union coun-' 'day. Jan. 15. was 34 dsgrees and tr\2 mv;lm-jm • ' -n ' r' ' An-l" i •-; . o" 1C ^o r-OD ^11- • ,2 , a ^ Ual Mntr01 Pla "° '"' - a J ' eat on a P^ 1 "" 1 ''" charge nnd it Is reported the govern flng passed U BjV' 1 !'''-)' in-rV f- -n com r'r, in , Oermani- a teacher can Io w. t>. Brown, Jackson county, admil all imported alrp!, • ing pass.d Its 931. i. ij ». cr - '•••» -n country m,correct a pupil's mistakes as they sentenced in 1929 to serve four and accessories free of ucir me months journej,. jare made. years on a robbery charge. the next five ycart. .', sentenciid in December to serve To stimulate aviation In China, The hetrlng was originally slated ' 46 deitrees7 cloudy with .53 Inches piano in- a year on a prohibition charge nnd it Is reported, the government will to be hckl today at Caruthcrsvlllo. | of rain. On th? ,-am» dav a yta- '" "' " ' *--'" - airplane parts Mo. Shaw claims to have shot' ago thc minimum timpsratare BBS duty for Ccalney in self-rtetensc. The kill-132 degrees and the maximum 47 da- yeart. ing occurred on December 27th. 'grees; 1.42 inches of rain.

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