The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 7
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THURSDAY, APRIL-10, 1947 Troops in Greece Battle Guerrillas Shock Troops Landed from Sea With Plans To Encircle Enemy ATHENS, April 10, U.l\) Ov.'ck shock Hoops landed from the r.on today at Cape PaHainon. £oullirasl of Ml. Olympus, opening an operation dcsif-ncd (r, encircle : "Ak*i 1J: ' " llt .wrrilli forces In li^p^i of Ml: Olympus and ML Ossx Karlic-r reports said 000 para- l-runiK-i'.s had been dropperl ill llic I.Hiissa are:', as (ho "ovciniucnt's offensive against Biieri'illa bands leathered momentum. Thy seaborne forces pushed up the I'intos River Vall.'v between Hie two heights with a view lo liiiminji out. and encirclin> l'ic rom-endations tit report- L:| ramped on the .slopes, ••Operations are uroceedhit: satisfactorily in all areas," N.ipoleun Xervus, minister of public orucr. reported. Two hundred fighters, fi|>!iler- bninbcrs ant] Huston light bombers '•f the (ireek air foree have beer, tlirnwn into (lip offensive, Air Mimsler Panayotis Kannellopoulos K'fJOl ti'd. He said the planer, were operal- iiii; conlimiou.sly in pel-fee'; flying v.i'a!her, and had achieved "e.x- ullenl" results. Dispatches from ine fi^hling sirens saiii us guerrillas weru killed. <;s wounded and 7j capture.! following a elasli near.ihe villa li ! l r ranf;ista. fn other areas the Rovcnimenl rjflensivc involving GO.OM Irooii! Mi|i|)oi-le<l Ly tanks, artillery am Plans was reported to be making Mesidy progress. The troops arc .timing to destroy ''•A tucriilla strongholds in the ' W 1 lhc • '''"dirs. Olympus, I'ilioiTnnd Ossa Mountains. Tin; attack which was opened yesterday with the dropping of thousands of leaflets by government, planes is bcinsf supported by flri'pk destroyers, innlor torpedo lioals and landing craft, slruidinj by lo make possible naval bombardment ami amphibious landings. A-h-h, Spring! (ARK.) COURIER NEWB Spring brings out oilier things besides crocuses and tree bud.5. Tin- nation's zoos are btijliiiiliig lo (jnviier Iheir sprinj; crop or youiiiiMori, .some of wlilch nre pictured below. Unlike human babies, who aro a financial liability foi- imite a few years, these newcomers are worth plenty of jack from the slart, Osceo/o Rotary Club Conducts Quiz Program OSOEOIiA, Ark., April 10,—Ask any Osceola Holm-Inn the ?ti-l (|iics- liun niKl lie'll probably be able to answer. At any rule, in u iHiii contest Tuesday ni&jht at. tile iviuilnr meeting at the Methodist Clnireh, all questions were answered correctly. And for each rlulil answer. 00 cents was added to the fund for the Orlpplcd -Adult Hospital. IJrucc. CollH'rl was program-leader and Hasll Swuvi's, im'jldiml, conducted the qni/,, Luncheon was .served by v.'ouien of the Presbyterian Cburch. U. S. Coast Guard Rescues Actor on Stranded Yacht Ruby, mama dromedary at Cleveland, Ohio's; Brookslcte Zoo. KIKVI-S as only camels can when photographer snaps Tom. Jr., her four-Cay- old calf. Junior is worth from SC03 to $1000 right now. CULVERT PIPE of Copper Steel We carry it in slock in K", 1">" IS" ami -H" sizes. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. Illyllicvilli', Ark. NE WPO11T IIPAOH. Cal., Allrll 10. (UP)— The Coast Guard Cutler Perseus ioday cninp (o (lie tes- i ne of actor Jimniy Caaney, adrift sinee Inle ye.sleniav aboard Cag- ev's 123-rnol yachl. Swift, Tlie cutter lock the luxurious nxillnry schooner In lew "0 miles Ronlh of liero and expected lo have fhe Swifl in porl sometime afler (iaylii'til. C'a^ncy nut out from here yes- lerd'iy wllli a small crew for a "inline crnbie mid flashed n distress inessai!" I hat lhc S.vifl's pivhie liad failed and Ihe yaciit conlri not make oort under sail. Rklrp'-r Willinni Pann and Tunv Proirh-^la. za who riveiiUv Irie *o .peddle a "floa'iiif; tticvcle" fro 1 >n^-,. ^erop- -in miles of open sea to Oatalina Island, also were aboard the craft. PAGE SEVEN TORNADO <'imlltiucd from 1'age 1. lleved to be In hospitals in I'oumlmi! communities or weru given slielter 1,1 bomes that escaped brunt ,,i tlie twister. persons were mlsshiR mid ' s\r Oklahoma Midway I'alvol chief II. H. i/jweiy rrixirU'd early loiluy that 72 bodies had Ijeen collided .it a lomperaiy moi-Riii- opened In the Woodwurd Coiiiiiuinily Uulldlin,'. •«<'>•''"'• workers by the hundreds, nldrcl and hnmpci'iMl Oy grlevlht? ie aim's uf tlie missiiiK. du« Ihrougli dc4)i;l s in ihe imnhwesl residential the storm can be compiled. The Woodward .storm may prove to be lhc mosl deadly In Oklahoma's SJ-ycar weather>history. Tlie lilnh- cst rtcalh loll was S7 In a lornado lAhplanes Joined the stream of vehl<-l,'s earrjhn; medical aid to this sirii ken community. Death Tull May Go Higher I.-'Weiy anil R n \ cross disaster relief officials expressed fears the death loll | n woodward alone miKlit reach KO, They said miiny 'of the injured were In critical con- (lili'in and amy die. 'Hivpiiuis in' Wooilvvard and a hair do/ni olhor cities und towns of Northwestern Oklahoma were unnb'c lo nn- for (lie injured. By 7 a.m.. 1wo an-bnlanrc loa(h "f (he injured reached hosptlujs nl O.daht.aia City—some 200 miles southeast of Woodward. IJri-anse Hie Injured ' were so widely MaUrred, Lowery said it inhtlit bp Uvo weeks or more before Hi,, final Casualty list, from communications contact • with ri'st of l!ie world, *~ Klrlkc* at 9 p.m. I Although stunned citizens reported the storm stni;k about 0 p.m. Hint destroyed the town uf SnydiH'.'or a HUM .ifler. the bl« clock in in Southwestern Oklahoma, May ( Ihe ISakrr Hotel—a landmark of JO. 19C5. Kixlity-lwo person's were | this frontier 'cattle' town—liad killed In a twister that, slushed stopped at 8:42 o'clo'.k. I IlirouKli Antlers. In Southeastern 1 An cmewmy Headquarters lias Oklahomu, April 12. IQIIJ. Bixtv- !>S'IMI set up In Uic Community four died in a . s lorm at 1'ryor, In Untlillng, one of Ihe fev> x dou'n- Ihe Northeast section, April 27. U".vn tiuildlrijjs which still h:is n IR-12. fi'orf, The mnnjues of two funcr il A series of Iwlslers (hat slrurk hcaies are crowded with the .dead. Antlers and six olher Oklahoma A llilvd morgue- liar, been set np communities left a total of 11-1 I" Hie biiseillent of llio First Chris- dead on Aurll 12, 1C IS. The storms Hun Church. came wllliln a period of Iwo hours' -\\ w tmir-sloiy Hiker Hole], lar«- nfler Ihe dealli of President l-'ranl;- est in lhl s twh whose 1B43 point l!n 1). lioost'vell. hiUon V.-IK 5.4'JO. was lieinj; used' is fli'U IMi'SKiiK'it Through an auxiliary hospital. ji,s windows 'Hero of Ihe tornado that tore were ulir'.vn nut 4>nt Ihe O'rlck slruc-' Ihroniih Woodwurd shortly aflor line nllieHvlse sustained no major' 9 p.m. hist uiuiil was I,, f,. Aurell. daiuane. wire chlof of (lie Southwestern Hell 'I'he streets are scenes of tho Telephone Co. His home blew uwiy, worsl i!e:itni'.'llon. People who lost \ while he and members of his fain- loved one.s arc v.-r.ndei'lni! uijoul 'ly InuVlle,! In (he tjasemenl. ' ' lAfter lhc slorm's "sncllon ind passed, Aurell ran to Ihti if town, climbed a telephone p, ind held lonelher Ihe ends r.f the to team If tliey \,ece among | tist! titles Numerous peace /officers'. Wpilcrn OKUhoma' ire her'js jpair^l- ' linf the ^recked area to guard Sulla ana penicillin hue been Mown here and <&te' ,oJ the"'lfir'" jured h proceeding aa rapidly" as* New Single-Occupancy Sleeping Car f)eviscd n\Lack of Steel Delays Bridge Construction HiuUl Co. '•Jesigned room-type null. Officials said the constructed -so the (UP) — The announces tliat it new -sinyle occupancy railroad slecpiiiR car MEMPHIS. Term.. April in. IUP) —Lack of steel may delav Ihe com- plellon of ihe new Mississippi Rlv- IMS 0| . \ wMKe nt M( , nimils t()t . n , | on! . t another la monllis. n sleel company expert predicted loiluy. "'c'llMn' h'_ Tllc s l Mk ^'"nn .said lliat was 111" new passenger can -s e passenger can ........ lower his •berth into position with-, '"i 1 '' I"' 1 , 1 ""™ "»d out stepping into the corridor or ?"{>' • slee| s(i]>«rf ITiiess as the time necessary lo or- Inslall Ihe neees- ipcrstniclure on the Grizzly cubs at ,(,hc Flcishhaekcr Zoo, San Pranciscrt, ECttin.; •limpse of the outside world, make a bee-line for the Mamma gets there first and growls, "Nix, you're much too Dubs are worth about $200 apiece. their 11151. pool. But yours." lequirlns; the assistance of a peril 1 r. nuviiif; the day, Uic cabin is equipped with a sofa-lyps seat and the berth is concealed in tlie wall 1'cehind tlie .scat, when (he passenger is ready to retire, he turns a simple handle which releases two safety catches, and the counterbalanced berth is lowered easily. He can lake a nap iVurinu the day if he wishes. " ! Baby Drained of Blood Expected to Recover bridge, Too Late to Classify For Sat* '1 tryrrn. II '• 1-ma 110-440 Volt i.C. 3! VollD.C. , Makes Repair Work Easy! WELD .iny mcul in iiny -jausc er .v«i(lu — l,,.n. >l»cl to moK.r Mock.. BUILD >cur OM n MAncluvitK. stCL-l yAies, power tA«. h.iy !,«,!««. tonvoynrj. BRAZE ..JC.T i.mkv rir-'s. i!u-«i n»ul. SOLDER tJ.lucoi!. nirinc. 1,-aI.V Itiel Cini. milk. >.,n..HARD SURFACE plow.lmci; cul- llvjior I ii'. iKo.t!.- Only Forney Has All These Features WrjiWrioof caic. Firc-proaf connnic- li.m. l'ro['cr voluve raiinK fdr each hejt ita^f—ii-,!m-ci i|)I.MCci. givci mc,r« elli- ci^-nt ii|>;r3iion. I : acc oi \vcljcr *h*>"» tfiitci &ite oE rcii in use tvith each lif.Ti iM|;e. AH connection* l.rj:cJ .T u.l.le.I. li't hinli <o Ian! .IV tc. i^e. ^tl^L RUSSELL PHILLIPS TRACTOR COMPANY Phone 211 IA N. J. (UP)—Officials of C'olnm'jus Hospital Hrc confident they will be able soon to rc-J lease lUhert Jeffer.s, Jr., the first^.m Ni-\v Jetscy baliy to have all the r blood drained from his body and upUiL'cd by transfused blor.d. ' A blood coniplicalion known as the Rh factor, incompatibility of the blood streams of his parents, wa.s discovered when the buby was Ijorn one monlh ago. lie was first E;ivon a quart transfusion and later a booster transfusion of a quar- ler-pint. W. ('. Allli t'hr IH'V.'r lifi. 2 In, rullivnliir. I A IIIAVIT lift, nnil , M.iidi hii:livv;iY (II F'lKinc 7:17. Hlnml Tested Chicks. "•I I I,,.! Aim nllL|,1,-1.- |1n lunillrv r.,,1. l,,,ii- I'linllry. i :Jio. .mi ]•:. Mniu. -1110-1 ' 17 SAT-KSMATM WANTED Aj!«' ^('Hl In cnviT Inral li-rrilnry. Iv vDli.'tit i>ii|iiirtitnlly. (\ir h'-liirnl. In HIM rM.,'iilln1. Al.plv I'll* XY/. ',. CnuriiT Nrii s. .1111)-,-!;. I I Help Wanted '.a — Mn-i I, nl. l'l,:i.n CASH You Ger $100 $150 $200 $300 Monthly Payment* For 12 Monlhi| $9.25 13.88 18.50 27.75 $500 | 46.25 $750 $1000 69.38 92.50 1 Include! Credit Lifa Iniuranco A c t i i MONEY AT ROCK BOTTOM RATES For Old Debts Home Repairs Doctor's BHIs Taxes You Name II I2J W. A5H ST. BIYTHEVItlE GENERAL: CONTRACT PURCHASE '•• • - -. CORPOBATIOM Practically a plutocrat is this Australian black swan at the Cleveland, Ohio zoo. Her six week-old cygnets are worth S215 a pair, at current swan prices. Vari-Spcllcil Kansas lias had more tlian 40 different spellings, some of which arc: Acahsis, Cancez, cnnzas. Can- zcs. Clian/es, Eseanjaqnc. Kansaws, Kanse^. Kansas, Kans, Ko:i/as, Okanis. and Quans. Coinlcinned lo Die The Everplade kite, of Florida, depends entirely on a species of mail for Ms lorxl. Now man is draining the habitat of the snail, anil \vith the snail's disappearance, the bird, loo, wiil become exlinct. GIVK US THIS DAY . . . OUR DAILY HRKAD For bread the merchant labors long and late; For bread the beggar goes Irom Rale to gale. For bread the sailor loses hearlh and nome, A thousand, thousand miles bread-seekers roam. For bread are weddings made and sermons said; Of all sood tilings, the first and best Is bread. —By Arthur Gultcrman • • Used Equipment For H KAKiUAU.S wiHi cultivators, middle busters :ind planters. U FAUMALL with culliv.-itnii', middle busier and plantcr. H KARMAI.I. with cnllivntor. MO!,!NK cultivator, planter and middle hustcr. CASE with :ind planter. F-20 FAKMAM middle busier. cull i valor, middle buster with cultivator and ] JOHN DKKRE. 1 FORD with partial c([iii|)men(. These innrliinrs may lie seen displayed at our plant on South Highway fil - . . They arc ill good rnmlilion and will serve you well through this Spring ami Sinnmrr. Russell Phillips Tractor Co. DOUGLAS l.AWSON, Mgr. Highway 61 South Phone 2171 )"oken lin side world hat had conn- to Ihe Isolatcil onmumttv. Hi' mnde tlie eonnee- lon despite a torrential rain and •lec.lriral sloim. mid lompany "I- :iclals said he had risked hl's lite o make (lie call. The Iniv, "I .(lie plains ntari'il \Vuaduikiil \vllli such suit- Into denne.'s lli:vl rnn',1 hath did nul have (11 .sliirm ci-llnrs. lime The Mlysoin l-lCansns-'lVsiis railroad dep:ii \^-!i.'i duiiiai'ed exten- slveiy. 'A sliavji wind !•; blowing Iliis nuirnliii! and hli'h'.vay;; leadlni; to Weodward Inve liren crowde<l wilh i elaUve;; of residents here trying 'liylnij; lo Identify them among tho Clip", dead. cdi;e Die]; qvahain, secretary of tin rkli hniiiii Medical Association, said , , ,14 diTlorS had I'ccn down inlo In order to let. (hit out- W ,,c<lwaid lo heli. care for tlu knrw of the liai'Cdy ,,, ;1 ,, v i n j ; |,.,.,|. Hoioilals 1111 overflowed mid many of the Injured \\MC taken In nearby communities. Nurses mid doc'tnrs from liunu runs \\fsleni Oklalnima towns cmnc liere Mirnni'.h lon-cnllal rains and hllih wind drain!- the niKlit lo aid In (lie n'f.nie vinik. Tlie cll'i'n p;ir\ IT "lanl. was kmrked nut and lla;:|ihi:ln.s and candles wore used mill) I'liicuicnry |iri\v<:r nulls were One Miivli'or. I,eo ,iac!; of ICnld. Okln.. Kald'lhi; onl>' waininv. W'as r. "lilt; v.-oosh" dial preceded I'm 1 mm! of the wind. j A moment Inter, the eiife In | which .luck and a companion were' itlnc caved in. I "The wind seemed lo last [ five mtimle.V Jack said "t could. liear Ihe Iniiklini; coming down' all aromul me. I>nclklly, none of lhc wood ov slope hit inc. When I it was all over, I uot np and aw thai only three slnols at the counter were MandhiK. Mverytliliu^ else was wrecked. ' We slarled down l-he road inlo Irwn and s.i\v wrecked liouses ey- ery.where. A woman .stood In the vard in front of one of the houses. I She yelled that her family was tri.piled in there. It was JUKI a pile of wreckage. We .went over, and helimd her, and Rot four liltlel <lrls out from under a pile of fur-, illiire, plaster and lalli. i T'he companion. 11111 Cralir of | Oklahoma City, served in the Infantry In France and Ciermany dnrhii' World War II. lie said he saw "nothliiK In the war as lior- rlhlc as this." I An eineiiieiicy line wa-s slriuif: to the Woodward swllehbaord alifinl H:3o a.m. Unlay, re-e.slaljllshlnit TOP-HOTCH QUALITY REASONABLE PRICES! HUBBARD Hardv.'aro Company 21!J W. Miiin- I'hono 201fi Dr. F. B. Elliott 209 West Ash St. . Announces a New PHONE * NUMBER * the old number—556, has hcon discontinued' r COME -- M __, REVOLUTIONARY OUT-P^LLS OUT-LASTS Ilunilrcils of f iclil tests prove t lie new Firestone Champion Ground Grip Tractor Tire deans up to 100% more effectively, pulls up to 62% more, Insts up to 91% longer and gives a smoother ride than any other tractor tire. No broken center tire can duplicate this performance! 9-24 10-24 11-24 10-28 11-28 9-32 11-36 12-36 13-36 10-38 11-38 12-38 „ O. O. Hardawoy W. H. Pease The liesl Today — Keller Still. Tomorrow Phone 2102—207 W. Main St.

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