Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on December 19, 1953 · Page 2
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 2

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 19, 1953
Page 2
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2 RENO EVENING GAZETTE 5 Tl iTTiviascope Fiftieth anniversary of powered flight occurred Thursday and was almost overlooked locally, except that children in a few of the schools developed essays en what the Wright brothers started when they launched their first plane from Kill Devil hill in North Carolina in 1903. Plans for a "fly-over" from Stead Air Force base had to be dropped because smoke covered the city in a weather phenomenon. Las Vegas put on a better show observing the day than did Reno. Col. Clay Tice, jr., training commander of Nellis Air Force base, gave thousands of southern Ne-vadans a thrill when his plane broke the sound barrier and sent a shock wave through the town. Colonel Tice dove his F-86 Sabre jet from 40,000 feet and followed up with high power acrobatics at 40 feet altitude at speeds upward of . 500 miles an hour a far cry from the wobbly first flight of the Wright brothers. Some will claim that it wasnt Colonel Tice's sound shattering performance which sent a shock wave through Las Vegas, but the debut of Marlene Dietrich in a Strip nightclub. She appeared in a clinging gown o transparent black net . and little else, to sing nine songs including "See What the Boys in the Back Room Will Have." Dietrich reportedly draws $90,000 for a three weeks' stint of songs twice a night in a foggy and slightly off-key baritone. Asked why she chose such a daring costume, the star said: "This Is Las Vegas. If you can't wear it here you can't wear it anywhere." (See page 2 for picture.) Normal traffic has resumed over the Southern Pacific tracks following a train wreck at the Winnemuc-ca airport crossing Dec. 10, but railroad officials are still figuring their losses and costs which will mount Into many thousands of dollars. The wreck occurred when a truck and trailer attempting to cross ahead of a freight train failed to to clear the tracks and a three-diesel locomotive and 36 cars went off the track in what veteran railroaders describe as "the most devastating wreck on the Southern Pacific I have ever seen.' Here are some of the facts on the wreck gathered by a reporter for the Lovelock Review Miner who was on the scene: Out of 300 head of cattle, only 117 survived. carried on me xrain, ana some cf the items damaged or delayed in transit were one carload of beer, six gondolas of rolled steel, one of structural steel, one of fuses for the army, one of bed sheets, one of light meters, a carload of automobiles, one of index papers, two of crude oil and a carload of automatic transmissions which were later taken to the General Motors assembly plant in Oakland by truck. Four Winnemucca cowboys roped cattle and dragged them out of the wrecked cars, destroying those badly injured. The dead cattle were piled high on trucks and hauled to a rendering works in Reno. Cars were piled 40 feet high, one IT'S THE GRANDEE COFFEE SHOP 1406 East Fourth St. BREAKFAST SPECIAL 5 a.m. to 10 a.m. Juice - Ham - Bacon A Eggs Toast t Coffee 75c For Specialty of tho Day Phono 3-9928 Under tho Management of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Berger Hi 106(1 m 1 4;jni 1I?of. for. ;u -iff? lirMML-j. r.T3Ji -for.-. '"lip December 19, 1953 atop the other, something rare in railroad wrecks.' Fourteen pieces of heavy equipment were sent in for use by one Western Pacific gang and two Southern Pacific extra gangs. Wreckers were sent from Sparks and Carlin and two section crews were ordered from Lovelock. More than 150-men were at work building a 600 foot sh.oe-fly around the wreck, then clearing it up and restoring the main line tracks. Three iron ore bodies have been located in southeast Pershing and northeast Churchill counties by the use of a mobile magnatometer, a development expected to revolutionize the prospecting game. In commencing a prospect with the mechanical device, a survey is made and points are set, after which the magnatometer is mounted on a power wagon which carries it over all types of terrain, making a continuous recording on tape and also making recordings by a foot meter and a gyrocompass. Attrac tion of an orebody is recorded in gammas. After ore is located, diamond drill holes are put down. The new-fangled equipment can cover 200 miles a day compared to the mile a day now possible with hand instruments. Some residents of the Comstock were no little discombooberated at turning on their taps to find green water in their drinking glasses one morning recently. The green fluid was introduced into the fire tank above town by the Virginia City Water Co. to find out which private subscribers were connected with the emergency supply in the fire mains, a condition created by casual plumbing practices of 50 years ago. Results of the infiltration brought merriment to some households, fright to others and enabled Hobart Leonard, water company manager, to determine that eight domestic water users were con nected with municipal fire lines. Marine Gets Prison Term LOS ANGELES. upA 17. year-old marine was sentenced to five years to life imDrisonment for murdering a Lancaster rancher. xie is William M. Lawson, C ampbell, Calif. Superior Judge David Coleman convicted Lawson in a trial without jury. The victim, Joseph Cyr, 35, was found last May 21 in a half rlug well on his ranch. He had hpn shot in the head. Lawson was arrested two days later in Las Vegas, Nev., driving Cyr's car. Lawson told sheriffs deputies he met Cyr in a bar and stayed at the ranch for five weeks, having escaped from a marine brig in Long Beach. The youth said he got tired of Cyr's talk about "disembodied egos and ghosts." got into an argument and snot Cyr while the rancher was inspecting the well. Smelting Firm Official Dies PHOENIX, Ariz.. Dec. 19. UP) nooert may MCElvaney, retired vice president of th A Smelting and Refining Co., died at ms nome nere today after a long illness. He was 72. He was with the New York min ing firm for- 46 years, working up from manaeer of a smpltpr in Utah and plants at Omaha, Neb., ana nayaen, Ariz. He retired in 1949. Have You Been To The STIRRUP CUP Lately? Sunday Buffet Suppers, $1.00 NOW PLAYING GIRLIE GIRLIE SHOW YOUR FAVORITE DANCING GIRLS NOW FEATURING NADJA The Cuban Bomb Shell THE DESERT CLUB SOUTH VIRGINIA AT AIRPORT ROAD PHONE 3-01 41 r FOR A NICE GOOD Try CARSON CARSON CITY, NEVADA FRIED CHICKEN, TURKEY HAM and SWEETS, PRAWNS STEAKS (The Best) All Meals with Shrimp Cocktail, Salad, Soup, Vegetables ' Dessert, Hot Biscuits and Honey OPEN 5 PM ON SATURDAY 4 PM ON SUNDAY DANCING SATURDAY NIGHT i J) -it- & -3r .;i'A.,:,:,,s' . 1 r-: if ff.l i K J II mm NIGHTCLUB DEBUT Marlene Dietrich, above, glamour grandmother, made her nightclub debut at Las Vegas, Ney., in the most revealing gown that show business veterans could remember. She is receiving $90,000 for her three weeks engagement at the Sahara. vHk r-v jyy (if ?V " vtf&P, ESCAPE William Holden, Eleanor Parker and John Forsythe in a scene from "Escape from Fort Bravo" which opens Sunday at the Crest Theatre. Civil War Drama Opens William Holden, Eleanor Parker and John Forsythe star in "Escape From Fort Bravo" opens Sunday at the Crest Theatre. This drama of the Civil War ?ra, filmed in color, is the story of t hard-bitten Union captain and his soldiers who put up a valiant fight to hold the vast desert wastes surrounding Fort Bravft against lie encroachment of Indian raiders. A cast of seasoned supporting players includes William Demarest, William Campbell, John Lupton, Richard Anderson, Polly Bergen and Carl Benton Reid; together with hundreds of extra players. Christmas Party Set at Tonopah TONOPAH. Children of Tonopah will again welcome Santa Claus at the annual community Christmas tree gathering on Wednesday afternoon, Dec. 23, it was announced today by members of the committee in charge. Stockings filled with candy and gifts have been ordered and distribution will be made by St. Nick at the Christmas tree at the south end of Main street. A free show will be held at 1:30 o'clock in the afternoon and distribution of gifts will follow immediately after the matinee. DRIVE AND FOOD HOT SPRINGS $2.00 $3.00 and up , t it f J - A ; , Renoifes Atfenr1 Nye Elks Bali TONOPAH Former Tonopah residents now living in Reno who were here for the Elks Charity ball included Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. George Dugan, Mr. and Mrs. James McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Jim Morris, Mrs Dan Skanovsky and Miss Nada Navakovich. . Mr. and Mrs. Tony Rodela and children, Dale, Joan and Steve, of Las Vegas, visited Mrs. Rodela's parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Lytle here recently. Mr. and Mrs. Denton Hays spent the Thanksgiving holiday at Pan-guitch, Utah, with her mother and other relatives. Thomas Sipes, who underwent surgery recently at Nye general hospital, is recovering nicely.. SPECIAL BROILED CHRISTMAS HAM FREE! FUN FOR ALL! SATURDAY DECEMBER 19 OWL BAR 734 B ST. SPARKS PHONE 3-4822 THE WOMAN FROM ALGIERS AND THE PNG OF THIEVES I V BA "JENNIFER" Starring IDA LUPINO HOWARD DUFF Screens or 2:40-5:40-8:35 PLUS WORLD NEWS COLOR CARTOON Bright Star Offered at Golden Bank One of the brightest stars of the show-world galaxy currently shines in top spot at the Golden-Bank Casino. Felicia Saunders, the singer with a real walloD in her voice. opened there Wednesday night. . Zooming into the limelight after making the disk "Song from Moulin Rogue," Felicia Saunders has held her place with the cello-like quality of her voice which she combines with music and words in emotion creating ways. " Frankson the Great is the Spanish maeician billed in second spot for this new show. A "new school" type, sorcerer, Frankson works under bright lights and close to his audience. He offers unusual card and cigarette stunts with speed and Dolish with the real punch of his act coming when he makes a practical and working radio disappear. The sharelv Dewey Sisters add a great deal to the show in fast rhythm beat numbers mixed with pleasing showtime personalities. Glitter is added by the Golden Girls in two good routines that are backed by the Sterling Young music section. Sterling Young music also builds the other acts and invites patrons to dance at the end of each show. Plavine three times nightly, this Golden-Bank Casino show can be caught at 10 p. m., 1 a. m., and 3 a. m., with between-show dance tunes played by Dante- Varela and his trio and music from the Gold Bar by Joe Mazzeo. " '. Wool Trading Light Scaliered BOSTON, Dec. 19. UP) Scatter ed, piecemeal trading prevailed in the Boston wool market this week, with little expected during the holiday period, according to the Commercial Bulletin. The BuUe tin Will say today: "A light turnover to mills on purely filling -in needs against orders in hand was reported by dealers for the current penod. "Some mills at least were con tinuing to take small lots for eking out inventory for quick require ments. On this business, the price situation was reported steady. While no real activity was notice able, the woolen end was somewhat brighter than the worsted for wool demand. "Standard grades of territory, in scattered selling from week to week where spot lots are available, have held the basis quoted in our list. We heard this week of transactions in good French and staple around $1.75 clean, with average to good French combing at $1.65 upward; quarterblood fully $1.20. "Fleeces have been generally dull this month, but a little has been done. Some turnover of three- eighth-blood was disclosed this week at 64 cents, which fairly establishes the basis as steady. "Pulled wools have been getting a little business here and there. Prices are generally unchanged." THEM VITAMINS . . . Before your yery eyes, we Induce 8 fuU ounces (that's a half pint) of golden Juice from icehllled Sun-kists, all for 20c ... . Let winter come .... ORANGE BOWL Across from Harolds Club Drink a FRESH Juice Every Day" DIXIE' 596 AIRPORT ROAD SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN and BARBEQUED SPARERIBS OPEN FRIDAY 18th BAR ONLY Kitchen Being Repaired K THE FAMOUS WINE HOUSE FRANCOVlCH BROS. The Choice of Food in Season W Specialise in Manrcca Fed Beef Colored Fried Chicken 18 EAST COMMERCIAL ROW Phone 3-5821 1 STARTS SUNDAY Continuous From 1 :00 PM GLORIA CESAR ;f GRAHAME. ROMERO . PLUS , , - I lip I HI II I ! IW ! X ' lite i " FELICIA SAUNDERS, a beautiful brunette with a sexy cello-like voice stars in the Gold Room with top tunes of the day and favorites ol old. Frankson the Great, a Spanish magician and the Dewey Sisters are also billed In this new Golden-Bank Casino show. I )'.:'! A" WINS AWARD Pictured above is John Azevedo, driver or Wells Cargo, Inc., named Driver of the Month by the Nevada Motor Transport Association, Inc.. for quick thinking at the scene of a California accident ear'ier this year. Mr. Azevedo's prompt administration of first aid to a badly injured woman was credited with saving her ife. OLD FASHIONED BARBEQUED SPARE-RIBS BARBEQUED IN. SAUCE tssssssssssssslilssMssMBlsillliMssHsMMnaeMiailHHMM A TREAT FIT FOR A QUEEN Open Daily 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. MAY & DOTTIE'S M 732 B St. Sparks Reno IMq Theater CHILDREN'S THEATER Presents "SANTA RIDES AGAIN" 4 PERFORMANCES Saturday, Dec. 19, 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 20, 1 :00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. CHILDREN, 50e ADULTS, $1.00 7TH t SIERRA STS. PHONE 3-4502 tornado of v v adventurs from Warner Bros. UX BARKER - PHYLLIS KIRK SECOND FEATURE Wolr Disney Prestnrt "ALASKAN ESKIMO" LATEST IN REAL LIFE ADVENTURE Scrooa 3:47, 5:00. 7:13, 9:26 CARTOON (Birds) LATEST NEWS V f - Nye Commissioner Attends Meeting - TONOPAH. Commissioner Wallace Bird represented Nye county at a recent meeting of the county commissioners state associa tion held in Las Vegas. Mrs. E. N. Pennebaker of Phoenix, Ariz., has been here visiting her mother, Mrs. Jennie Curieux; her aunt, Mrs. Lena Bateman, who has been seriously ill, and her cousin, Miss Eleanor Bateman. Continuous from 1 p.m. At 1:10-4:10-7:10-10i10 Ends Tonight Joan ninirnnn st MIP.HJF1 WIUllHG I MMHMM III I V links III.VMI ALSO "CAPTAIN SCARFACE" Starts Tomorrow M-G-M's GREATEST OUTDOOR COLOR DRAMA! STARTS SUNDAY Strn . Tim . t 1:00 3:13 5:26 7:39 9.52 .MJS90L HUGHS' .ANtttC DtTOlM Continuous From 1.-00 PM Dial 3-351 S I COLOR DRAMA! p? I it I I n i' 4 r Stale Will Buy New Eciuinmenf Numerous Items of equipment. ; including a year's supply of batteries, are to be purchased for . Jan. 7, Kennetth Easton. state purchasing agent, has announced. Eighty flat plow blades, for the use of the state highway depart ment, are the subject of a bid opening at 3 p. m. Dec. 29. At 2 o'clock the same afternoon, bids will be opened on six" 50-foot lengths of two-inch fire hose, with this item to be delivered to the highway equipment yard in Reno. A sedan is to be purchased for the mine inspector's office at 2:30 p. m. Dec. 30. A ranch type station wagon is requested on an invitation for bids to be opened at 2 p. m. Jan. 5. The vehicle Is to be purchased for use by the University of Nevada. The battery bid, for a full year's supply, as needed, is to be opened at 2 p. m. Jan. 7. Specifications on all items may be obtained from the state purchasing agent's office in Carson. Fresh Green Apple Pie Rauhul's Bakeries The Romantic Voice of Carl Ravazza JAY LAVREHGE Sizzling Comedy EDDIE FITZPATRICK AND HIS ORCHESTRA THE Lovely Mopes Skylefs In The Terrace Room Dancing Nitely From 1 1 JOHNNY BOZIC TRIO MUSICAL COMEDIANS Cont. From 1 P.M. Dial 3-3515 Losr Times Today "Sabre Jet" Robert Stock - Coleen Grey ALSO "Shark River" Sfcvo Cochran Carolo Mathews STARTS SUNDAY Randolph Scott "THUNDER OVER THE PLAINS" ALSO Wolf Disney's "Alaskan Eskimo" mm Last Times Today Continuous From 1 P.M. "CHARGE OF THE LANCERS" Screens at 2:30 - 4:50 7:25-10:15 S' AND 'VIGILANTES TERROR" With Bill Elliott 1:20-3:40-6:15-9:05 STARTS SUNDAY "PRISONERS OF THE CASBAH" With Gloria Grohame Cesor Romero AND "JENNIFER" Starring Howard Duff Ida Luotno 8 Phone 5-4242 Sparks Continuous From 1 PM . ENDS TONIGHT Virginia Mays Dale Robertson "DEVIL'S CANYON" 3 K)5, 6:25. 10:00 PM Second Feature Wayne Morris "FIGHTING LAYMAN" 1:25,4:50,8:25 PM 0 STARTS SUNDAY 5 & JOHN WAYNE T- "ISLAND in the SKY" f: Second Feature i g "HOT NEWS" z i

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