The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1949
Page 13
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TUESDAY, APRIL 10, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople ' PAGE THIRTEEN AVNPF-SPOTT-TT/,- DO EARS PLM M6 FALSE? Me,A MftM V\'HOS6 GEKllUS WHILE VOO'Re WMT1KSGTO He AH. FCOM.VOOR TOOTHPASTE SLOGANS, TO CASE THE 8OREDOW BROTHER TOM HA 1 ;. FOUND SOU A 30B SETTING OUT RED YOU WAIT A \ MOMEMT--VM NOT GOIMG TO g>K CLIMB1N& . DOWN THE IKJSTAKTT 1 NOU'RE READY 1 FOR K\E TO SEE / IF YOU'VE WIPED THE DOG DRY AMP INSPECT ,,/ YOUR rCET/^/j / AWRIGHT.' / AWRIGHT/ H BUT IF VOU'D J OF TOLD US IN I TH' FIRST PLACE I WE COULD OF V JIS CRIED OFF COtJQUER THE - IMG OBSTACLES OF TH& •< PAKiAMft CA(JAL ? SETTIhiG OOT RED LArtteRMS OM A SEWSR 308?— AIARTH/V ARS YOU IM YOUR. R1G HT MlMD? 5£V06R PROJECT/ YOU START TH' WORK I DID. _ U& 16, AND YOU START WHY MOTHERS GFT Elizabeth R. Roberts COmiGHT IY GMIHIEIG: PUILISHfl MlTKIIUTfD IY NlA 5E*VKL INC III: STOn V i H»K* ive »flTb Ifcr Kohrrik »(irr vita- ic I ten If nun I'M liar* MI offlrrr ninK M-litml. In M^'f of the n|. H Jim. All is forgiven Return hoir.e at once. You will ncvei again be laic for an appointment and lose your job. V/c promise to buy an accurate new Bulova at DREIFUS Jewelers 31 (i West Midi) St. lilvllievillc "•Meet Drtifus—Wear Diiiniomls" A STYLE TOR IVtRY KOMI , . . A DESIGN FOR EVERY OPENING DEAL'S , PAINT STORE 109 i::isl .Main I'hune 44!>» In ii NIIOII h:ink, ICoKcr MI > • hr'll kiiv* i lit- minor iinul \rnll Jl OKI. " XV * 1>UT the motor pool had other plans; it didn't get around to pulling the car out by the time we wore ready to go home. Roger had words with the sergeant on duty. The beat the sergeant could do at the moment wo;]Id be to send a "recon" lo tnkp us home. Roger perished the thought that he should accompany us and leave our car alone at Hie mercy of the mechanics. He would slay <n personally sec that it was righted, and drive it home himself. It was a gorgeous moonlit night, and Jf there is one thing above unolhci lo be said for Montana, it is that the visibility is good. In Montana. one can sec farther and see less than anywhere in the world; Blind Kd with his cane could have founii the turnoft from the army road to the highway. But not Roger. 1 must have been asleep for several hours when there was lap on my door. Roger wished to speak lo me. "Come in," I said squeezing my eyes tightly shut ant hoping not to be very much waked up. "I've had a slight accident, 1 ' he .said. My eyes popped open. Hoge held up a bloody handkerchief as evidence. VMy nose," he explained "I missed the turn onto the highway. Hit a post head on." 1 was tempted to sny "How coutc you?" but I hat would have bee: verbose. 1 settled for "Where is the car?" "On the road," he replied, open ly amazed at the stupidity of my question. "A passing motor is brought me home." The army road comes to a deac end as it joins the highway. had a mental picture of a large cclan broadside lo the Helena toad. The Highway Patrol had a Jhysical picture of the sumo thing. lied to tell me about jL • * • [JY the time J laid Rob the story next morning, 1 could also add hat the radiator was bent in a icrfect V (or Victory, thni both icadlights were gone, both front enders smashed, and that the cylinder head was probably cracked. It would lake six months, f we were kicky, to gel the neces- iiisy parts lo repair the damage. "Why, you—you crazy galoot, v'ouj" Rob exploded at Roger, 'You—you big palookn, yon. 1 ' I ivas astonished nt the moderation with which he dealt with Roger, Foi a moment I thought the shock had been loo much for him. "Haven't you insurance?" Roger asked in his voice of sweet reasonableness. "Insurance!" Rob bellowed "Why, you fool, do you think I'd ask an insurance company to stone a loss like this? I'd rather hold 'em up with n gun- I'll tell you who'll pay for this, you ninny You'll pay half and I'D pay half That's who'll pay for it. Maybe that'll tench you something aboil automobiles. And it 1 !] (each me not to be such n blamed idiot as evor to li?l yon ha mile a cnr mine again. (It didn't.) Insurance!" lie ?pnt out. Robbie got the itten that mayb we didn't need Koger to make ou' life complete. "Got rid of htm, 1 he said next morning. "Tell him to move. \Vc don't want him/' "But the OPA doesn't operate that way." "The Of 1 A? Now what have they got lo do with it? 1 ' "The OPA won't let you make a tenant move \mless lie's guilty o moral turpitude, doesn't pay hi rent, or you're going entirely ou of business." "That's it!" Rob exclaimec "We're having a fire sale, We'r- going out a business." I won't say Roger listened a keyholes, but I will say that ever; me we got out the nx niul boRim o pul an edge on it. he turned •voi a new leal instead ol a car. .londay n large box ol red roses rnved foi me witti a card: Words are too (coble a thing to ixpress my gniliuuie lo you lor •our eve: gt EHMOIIS hospiiahly. May these buds speak fot me in hen more bcnutiful language— togcr," Thai wasn't a KIKH! day 0 show him the gate. Uu arrived tome bearing tin cc thick .steaks vhich he tiatJ wheedled from the ctiel at the Ofl'icers 1 Club Di'll- litcly, that was not the luyhi Lo loot httu. ATURDAY niglil. Robbie and I were invited to a dinnui in town and Roger was noiuj; to the Club. Hosier admired my new din- icr grown extravagantly—the ladies were dressing though the yun- .lemen were not---and insisted 1 ;ell him our hosts' telephone uiiin- Roger kept culling lo inquire whether 1 were having u good lime, whether J wouldn't enjoy more joining him al the Club for the dance. Each lime 1 was called lo the phone, 1 gravitated nearer and nearer to sweet 10. The third time he called, my mind was made up; Rob had rpfuscd to play poker and I'd becn'conscripled while he caught up on his rest. 1 know nothing about poker and care lens. I gave Rftb the look of the cut- about- lo-ea I-1 he-ran a ry as I slid past his recumbent form, 50 comfortable on a (Livenpoi I. My look must have carried weight, for lie o,.iit.'kly opened his eyes. I Iried lo make wifely signals lo let him know 1 was leaving and that so far as our hostess knew, it was because of n terrific headache brought on by concentration on poker. 1 gave htm the family look. Every word dripping with icicles, 1 askeu\ "Arc you coming?" "Not by a damn sight. It's the shank of the evening. . , . Think I'll play a little piano." All the guests approved. "Then I'll go alone," 1 said. No sooner had 1 got in the car. turned on the switch and the lights, than our hu.stcss called from the front porch. "Rob's toniinfi." f (To Be Continued) One of the oldest rings known jvns 9 gold Egyptian ring found at, Ghizeh bearing the name of Cheops, the Pharoah (or whose tomb one of the pyramids was built. Const;mt growth of our business has mude it necessary to increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number is Think of An Apple 812 / ate one too! KI-TKCTIVK Al'Rfl. 12, !<)[!) I'MTUI) INSl!KAN< E ACICNCY "The Friendly Insnrnncc Service" Kirs I & Main — Ingrain Uuilding We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS Soy it .... With The Flower (•leiu'oc Hotel I'lione 4491 01 2747 COTTON FARMERS CheminiMy delinteU cotton seed germinate quicker, plant anil plow the same week. Kerluce chopping expense And produce more cotton per icre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE 1). & I'. L. No. II, per 50 Lb. tUf »IO.Ol) U. & r. L. No. 13, Per 50 Lb. Bar II).(JO Stoneville 2 B, Fer 50 Lb. B>( 10.00 Stoneville Z C. Fer 50 Lb. B»f 10.00 Kowdcn 41-B, Per 50 Lb. Bait 10.00 Hall & Hull llllbrccl). Fer 50 Lb. Bar, 10.00 Cokrr's 100 Wilt licsislant. Per 50 Lb. Bar, 10.00 I'atila. IVr 50 r.b. Rn|- 10.00 Umpire, Per SO Lb. liar. 10.00 Come in and n'ace your order or pet Tour supply tntiay BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Blylhcvillr. Ark. Chime K.VI Branches: I.eachville, Ark.. Hornerivlltc, Mo. and Sfnsth. Mo. F^BM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS OR ANY EXCAVATION »*rt~.-*fc- t-it I''HHCK1,KS & HIS Kill UN 1)8 Hy MKKHILL BLOSSER III Slvle "Me retire? Not mo! I'd linvo a liuck ot n time collecting all the dough on my books it nooplo thought llioy couldn't charge any nioro groceries!" vY On To Tnc ciiv.' 01 o i lor i ICKS URR/, Tue VCATS' (^ l KONWMIOM, ii NOW IN me OKWIR'S SE*T/ l -"* UH!£2£filmM r* fitJivicr. isc I'RISC'HXA'S 1'OP II Jll Kil-Hl AL VICHMEKR ' TELL M!:T\(p^Tl CARLYLt/ \ -^ DID OOMCONE I HEl.p VOU tr: ; WITH TH15_V ., ,'7jjft, •$*-! ".,te£C a.//j i 1 . DOESN'T VOUR MOTHER HAVE 5OME •3PARE TIME .IN THE VIC l-'LINT f WHAT WAS THAT CRACK YOU AlADt. BUC3S ? JIGGER JACKSON WOUIDN'T HAVE irn WIIAI LVIN' AROUIJD IN HIS WHAT VOU RE roe. FOG. HE'O A-KEPT IT GOOD AN' 5AF[ liy MICI1AKI, O'MAl.l.KY iiml RALPH LANK CHANNtl OUL1SDA r^5T ONE. JE BY INVITING US GUI TO HIS FARM II AND NOl -jHOlVlrir, UP. I'lL MKE A RIGH7 ItS WITH,UF.YOU A WASH TURHS A CliiJd'.H ((nt'sllmis liy LIOSI,IK TURNER Wt MABE OUC BC-PS AUP V'OBKED IN HIE GAkDEH. i CAN DO THAT FOE voui uuae nftsv siiowcn MC A Cf^tAEL 1W CECiEHtji PARK! WILL YOU EL : Al> TO AVE SOMETIME? WHY. OF I COURSE. CM1IV AT THE OKI'HkNUGE. ClIiCLCf. SMt> VOU'R HEUER SEND FOC WE. IIE'« OUI1C RUDE-. WLt KMOW. 1 WISH IIECOU1D SEE Us NOW J O.W 5W6EP, I!UCS BUNNY i £M$i$&r*\ \vdir\Veii riTvit IIIKIll Of r.TKOLIIN5 wuti Miiuf ror.- me Ptujiir IU IIUMiiU LONa AGO COWlWWPLfvCE TO' HIM, By KRKD HAUMAN. TUDEBAKER, CARS and TRUCKS You'll Be Proud to Own 19-17 Studebakcr Land Cruiser . . . beautiful blue, itn ideal family car. */» 1042 liuick -l-ilonr . . . drive Ibis car for a bargain t H price _^ C 19 JO I'lymoutli l-door . . . gi.nd '.ires, new paint ... and offered al a real price. 1939 Chevrolet 2-door . . quipped with radio & O m healer. m 08 19-!7 SUuIebnkcr 1 '/i-Tnn Truck with new paint and DO >• a good body. ^. 7S 1917 Sluclcbaker 1 V'z-Toii C'ah and Chassis . . . good _ m (ires and heater . . luw .nilcage. jo ifl!2 Dodge I'/2-Ton . . . new paint, new motor, and ™ a good Army body. 1 FILLED IT WITH W.TER./S PULLED TH' TRIGGER, ) LIKE THIS, AN' NOTHIN' HAPPENED... OOPS/ , v^_ ^zfY.. ••.«. G FERGET I SQUA\VKED, DOC...IT'S C<AY NOW/ rp^ fV&j /VW"~ v ALI.EY ()()!• Now for the Uuillv Bv V T HAMUN 8. J.C0HEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLE ARK. in Sales Co. HISHNESS I CAN EXPLAIN THIS MIX-UP.' HUH; iou SHCtiup TALK.' V?u COULDN'T EVEN BE, QUEEN FOR. A PAY.' HOOTS ANH IIKH flUDDlKS ll'.s ;i I'nnic By EDGAR MARTIN 07 "Your Friwidly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ash Phone 2195 'STUDEBAKER' fOR XWtVi Of

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