The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 6, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 6, 1946
Page 7
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5, 1046 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION •LTTHEVILLE (AlULf COtfftrKK FORSALI lor ............ __ so. «-. Mr tote .... ---------- u. lin. p.r <Ul ------- 11. KM to fe, J...J ___ t, r lint ,«, i., _____ ^__ j, *' fiM »•'' *»r -------- »« r )!„« ....! _____ *j. ** •"*•«• «"** M tt« HK. «rd«red tor Li,«, or >U II BM »«d |t*»P«d MJore .rplr.tion will b> ekufid or ft. »uib« rt rikM lh« >d i^Mr.d ft* idjutuiuit of Mil m»i«. .ill Cf.nlfl.j Aii».rl!stn« oapr ok- im«d by peruoa. residing out.ld. of U* ily must be •ccom|HnE*J by c«*b, R*t«« i»7 b« , computed froiu the ord«r (or !rr»rul*r InMr- lau. uk*. u,e UQ« ifioe r»lo. No TMponMibLlity will Ije Ukeu fur nor. «* OBM Eucurrect iui«rliuu o( auy «]»•> * For Sol* rl.'flri,- l,.,l -roomi. f.Adi All.f .[ ]-n *:UMil> !.)• oirntr. Ti I...lay. I'huiie i'!ji. |New 75-pound Cooleralor Ico Box in Hood condition. Phne :!«.'):!. 5-6-ck-5-<) lights |Six Room Residence, wafer, no h;i(h. A $19dO Cash. H. C. Campbell. 1'hone .Mti or 2931,. G-pk-10 FOR SALE ; Newly decorated five-room house with bath, on corner lot, plastered walls, in good condition. Has nice five- room house on rear of lol renting for $25 per month. Prii'ed^ST.IOO.OOfl. Five room house with bath located on North Fifth Street, has three-room house on rear of lot. Priced $1,000.00. For a good investment 'we offer three upar Intent houses with two three- room apartments and bath inn each house. Monthly rents $175.00. Priced — Sl.'i.SOO.OO. Five-room house with bath • on Main Street .Wonderful I location. In good condition. T'ricecf—SliSOO.OO. I Duplex apartment on South | First St.. newly decorated I inside and out. Has three ; rooms and hath in each apartment. Can be used its home or duplex. 1'riced — S,<1,()00.00. Several nice lots ranging in price 1 , five hundred and up. \Ve have a business on Main Street for sale, good \^ Vil . lion, doing a n<H>d business, one that is easily operated and will pay for itself in a year. OM'ner leaving town. [Grocery Store and fixtures. See F. M. Davis. 1101 S. I-ake St. 5-6-nk-5-20 |PHOTOSTATS~of your serv-1 ice discharge. O'Sleen's) _Slwiio. 5-4-ck-Vl . \v e also offer for sale a nice |:!00 Fryers and'Baby Chickl I *rocery "'""• ' J "" 3 days to ?> weeks old. Elevator Feed Store, North 4th & Railroad Crossing. £>-4-ck-8 | o iflant^ ft iu-r Iiuiiiln-tl. F;l riil Yar.l. [i. O. Hunt. :l pk ili-li'. il9.9. r > Tin- Ki<lin K. Slain. Call iHJ. I/of,!! I.Vrn- pi.),-.:,,, I:., rake with Kiilr ,l,]iv, Jravu farm iiii|,l,'in. | LAREDoiEANS Cleaned and sacked al $3.75 per bushel. R. GATHINGS, Phone 18, Luxora, Ark. 5-l-pk-5-8 | Off ice" furniture, household goods, including beds, rugs, etc. Mrs. James B. Clark, phone 2798. 5-1-pk- store located on corner lot of a good business section. Can give Ions time lease on building al very cheap rent per month. Walk-out proposition. Several lots on Highway . 61 North of town, city water. Two-acre tract of land on Highway <>I. Good for business building or home. Three-bedroom home, close in, good location, hardwood Floors, Butane equipped, servants house and garage- Shown by appointment only. T w o moderately priced homes, one 51750, one §2,000. Have a two-story colonial home located on Main Street on KM) foot lot— • Priced §10,500. DAVID REAL ESTATE H: INVESTMENT CO. Phone 3«:!3. Call E'. B. David or F. U* Joyner, Salesman 5-G-.'it There's no place ^ HOME Service .Get your car ready for Spring and Summer driving P HI L L I P S MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark. Tel. 453—454 Political Announcements FACT th* taUum- to UM Opart* to tn« caidldktw, Demoerntlo primary: •HKKirr Ann couacrom JACK rrMl*T ROBINSON Wll.UAM BEHRYMAN COUMTV JIJIX1E OENE E. BRADIJCT ROLAND ORF.EN r<>K TAX AtiSlltiSOB IXJYLE HENDERSOM W. \v. "WINK" WATSON C1XCU1T CLZMX. HAHVEY MORRIS COURT ci>:m BUXAUt.TU HLYTHK COUNT V 1BKAHVKLB IDE1.LA PUR'HJt 8TA1K KtrKESKNTATIVE AIJCNE WORD E. C. FI.EKMAN IJTiiUB "DUK1E" SPECK I>. H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDK1U-.ICH (I'or- rt'-i-liu'tlon) STATE SENATOR J l.EB BEARDEN JEFPKfjaON \V. Sl'ECK Truffle Accidents killed n IntiU o! ll.luo iHTKon.s during llio lirsi six monili.s of 1915. nrcnrcllriK to records. BABY CHICKS Finest (|ii;irity at all limes. Uumplclc line of poultry 'tl. The handiest place in own. "We liuy 1'oullry * Eggs" Chester Lewis Poultry 111) ICast Mum St. Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Mai» Phone S616 Bales - PhlUIn lUMnMD Bcrrln . FcUi C»rn«j Depp-sea clivers are not attacked )y tifier Khniks,' because Hie nlr bubbles Dscapiiii; from (he helmet scare the sharks away. 7'he ouija bonrd gets Its immc from "oui" and ''j.-i," French and names for "yes." Lost . Qii,llily Slio iil, Line ill 'J:l9. f , Simp. Spit! d»K n^iie. ill. Muck spots. An- f Vritiy. Cull 3ly9. 4|:i().dli If r, yellow iin],! WATlMf Ill^ck ii.l. I1KWAH1I. C'all itUia. 'JI ni s lit«. wrt.i d»y«. ikil. Dinette Knit, oil luirii stove, tinolt'ilni ruK, IVQVPI 1JIIU Hullv. After 0 l».m. 30-pk-5l77 ' |6«p Acres, 3'/ 2 mi. from Bly- I -yiheville. Fair improvements with extra good land. Located Yz mi. from gravel road. Could handle some Blythevilie city property in exchange. Priced well below other farm lands in the community. C. L. Earls- Noble Gill For Rent Agency. 4-30-ck-5-7 | Picture frames made to order O'Steen Studio. 4-24-ck-tt' rlnrificnttun wnlfrr eysto; vvitli ^ufln^r, rlH'iniral tai [uiiks. xvill sell chc:ip. " ks. Alor.iye t'«ll 20: r, 4|26-ck-tl | Used radios, electric and battery. Guaranteed 30 days. Perry's Kadio Service Appliance Co., phone 3414. A 4-I9-ck-tt ,roc*ry Btore w5tli living yunrters, lo Kt'lliiT WTth 4 rental Itotibca. .Approx- im&lely 2 *cre3 of land. Fronts i>n Hw y 61, borders on Couon Hull K.K., iclciil locution fur industry. Sue llucl. in»ir s Uorccry, K. llwj-. 61. |Ni'« 7 t .al«n,I uliilc rnl.l.ils. 3 dors Mid * 4 compartment hiilcti In yotir bark >ard. Will do wonilprs to reliovo llit TiLe&l s^iirtnt'e kt your honse. 'J \<eA- JRreed JtrRd tlot'R with Jmlch ?00. 3 registirfd lirod clops with hutch, 575. South Side ll-ibljilry. 3 miles Ko. It%vy. »1. lllylheville. Ark., I'ltono 3'J90. if* (urr kitchen slied n]>nrlmciil. Tlione 310:i. I OS \V. ..,1 todn Apnrlnirnl. Klix-tr fiill 2007. Atlrnctive front IjL'lUti low.]. Call 20S7. O-i.k'13 Call 27:'.1>. t'ljona 2338. villi l,l,el. Mir.I nftcrnnon. Bel:/ rd i.ffcred, J'lion-. We Specialize in Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Seed and Plants Wholesale or Retail Blytheville Curb Market 130 E. Main Phone 973 Wanted fo Rent Small ImiKi /iirni.iljril or iiiifnrniiiliril In (ir ni'iir tiiwn. (.'nil J. A. liiireli. ei-fll. I'erinaiietil. 1'lione 2323. :iu.)ik.7 Furnished apartment or two liudrooiu house. CM 21)50. I'ennnnent. l; Wanted to Trade Medroom, 314 Ntnlh. Phone 2333. 310 WcsE W»li)ut. Scnrkm Oil slove cleaning anil Te 2151. French's Grocery. . 30 iik-5;7 Max Ix>gan, Realtor. Office Lynch l$ldg. Phone [Don't worry about hard water in your farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf |Piani). FofrMon Kcliool of Music. Can be sfen at 809 Ctiickasawlja or CA'I 2040. 2Vck-tl |0ii« AHen Motor Tunc-«p mschine factory recondilmncr. I,e« Motor Ralei. Knst Jlsin. 1'hone 509. 4|20'Ck tf | 3 Jfedropm home. Well located on 75x150 lot. Immediate possession. A RKAI Huy. Jimmie 'Stevenson Noble Gill Agency. 5-3ck-5-7 .2034. Residence 1134 Phone 502. W. Ash, Licensed broker, Arkansas & Missouri. Prompt attention to all in- Quiries. List your property for quick cash sate. 4-27-ck-5-ll Will trade good 1937 model car and cash for 193!) or 1040 model car. No dealers. Phone ;«ilG. 55-G-ck-4-!) Will trade 41-42 model cars for 38 or 39 models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5th and Walnut; 3-27-ck-tf CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Blytheville" Phonographs —• Records and Accessories. Battery and Electric Radios 219 W Main Phone 3443 Refrigerator Service OP ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phcne 2918 or 2642 CALL » TULLOS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT TOUR BERYKCE" Phon. 2241 Farmers Furniture Store Now Located at 405 East Main St. New and Used r'urnilurr DO YOU KNOW In operating a six cylinder motor cor ten thousand miles the distributor points open and close ninety million times? Each spark plug fires fifteen million times? Ignition coils deliver ninety million charges of approximately fifteen thousand volts? The carburetor mixes two million eight hundred and ten thousand cubic feet of air with six hundred and twenty-five gallons of gas? The distributor shaft and rotor revolve fifteen million times? YOUR CAR SHOULD HAVE A COMPLETE SCIENTIFIC MOTOR TUNE-UP EVERY TEN THOUSAND MILES? Drive In For Free Check-up Today toy Eich Chevrolet Company T«xaco Gas and Oil* 301 West Walnut PhoiM 57S 13ce owners ulonx Die Nllu plucu llielr hives on bouts und floul them (o i'C|;lons where (lawern tiro nbmulnnt. Radios Repaired Auto - Electric We Pick Up and Dellrrt Just Received! Several NEW Six Tube Electric Radios We Buy and Sell Used Radios. CITY RADIO REPAIR 324 Eiil Main Phone 2401 Prrffct Ttir today's e»- quisile footwear iissuml when rebuilt in our modern sliop. Local & iMng Distance Morlnj Cotupeteut Help and equipment. A<1«- UiLAtcly Insured. Cootrtct UAB!|D£ uid MlHC. IlervlcM. Home Scrrlce A St«race C*. Fbon> 2801 *» M mow era Bh»r[>en4il .ind AH types Hnl k'm.U. Wo npu Iiuwer uio>N-er tlif»r[>«niTiK A overlifcuHng. Yt», we pick up nnil deliver. U1yilie\ille Matliine SKop. <[l2-ck-t( motor Tractor repairs and service. Electric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY (AH Type* Except Cancer DRS.NIES&NIES Cttnle $14 Main. Nrthtrllle, Art. Plxne ian Wonted To Buy siiod lioute. 1'hone IWooil, 855. N. ICIIi. 25-tik-S|25 |6iC 1042 li ton I)r>d[rp truck, : 7.000. F. S NVIiistte. Kl»< HrrcfoM Pnnn. .I'hon Personal for l.oK ATIR^TPS. Calif.. "n n t;ikf a iissM'iim-rs. J\ c ; « Courier News. ( c pay e»Hh for used fiirnilurt. ono pici-j or ft housa full. Call 2302, Alvin ll»rdy Furnilxire Co. 4110 clt-lf Help Wanted SAI.KSM.VN — I.a Distrilinlor ilr lr> slcvro^. Heclr ; toys. ' I TO Ol!Ti V|<rKN*])A ANT) PATRONS\\> \vish In Omnk yon for your hiijsi- iirs^ in tltf> pnsl nnil to iiiYid' yon I n pnfrnnrte H* hi OnT nf«- location on llighwAjr 61 SoiHh r.f oil mill, \V» aro opc-u a-I >innrs pr-r dny. We •"porBkl- ]^i! in trnrtor nml unto rcr.iirs, Tolc- phftne S0?7. Oc]xPn *n-l J'nlmsr's 'larnga. __l-pk-S Otmrter Newi Wuit A*. , inc.. no 'l^ $100 . n!fl<. plr. CrunnusRi IcrrKory. l.drcs eAr ,),!,• I,, lin.iiirr M-lf ' sil rrqnlrril (or » U'rilr. wire or pTionp for ^iiiioir- AI.1.IKI) WI10I.BSALKHS, 25I Monlrnsr Avc.. CJiicAffo 18. IH. Wsilrcs 144. ts wanlcit. Goorl t»l«r<-. Phon« Os«ol». or Hlvllicville 21" The sulcld* rate among men Is higher than among women throughout the world. FOR SALE 35 TONS of D & P L Planting Seed From 1944 Certified Seed LESLIE E. SPECK, Sr. Frenchman's Bayou, Ark. Of«« Phone 2348 Reiidence 2309 T"t -H t T -M«ltX .ST. PRESCRIPTWIS FreahMt BtMk GnarantMd B*«t PrlcM Kirby Drug Stores PLANTS— 'tomatom, le each—Flat nuicli Oubbuce — Crrtined Potato PlanU. ELEVATOR FEED STORE Bruudwuy at K. K. Track! Kills Rats Roaches Biddfo Exterminators Member N»fL Pert Central Aarn. 115 8. Third St. Phone I7S1 FOE BAIJf, CONCRETE STORM SEWER AIX 8IZEB hrrnvw Tkan BrM(« OSCEOLA TILE CULVERT CO. (Meeebi, Ark. Phan* «»i Dr. J. L Guard Optomttrttt GUARD'S ; JEWELRY ; 209 W. Mofn , t DON EDWARDS il'iHA. AHP RZM7JJOTOH rrpcwcuTKBc t OBT*JJUil aTRKBT ..««err rHOMB stnl « SERVICE '*£ ^ 4-Motf Ret us about your mechanical trouble. Our expert meebaa- <cn working with modern' tools and equipment ran pat your car in top condition. , We also have a palat find l>ody shop repair service. W* vlll fix your car or buy ymr <ar FOR CASH. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO,, a Complete Stock* of Parts For Chrysler TtoOmet* 121 K. Main BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Worried BY EDGAR CORft , SOO VU6 VS FRECKLES AND JUS FRIENDS In Had Form iiTJiLD^V STILL Rt-'FUSES TO Si't LARD. DESPITE HIS EFFORTS To M^KC AMENDS FOR K3^XiEl^^6• HER OUEIW& V«MAM-MATIM&- VVEEK, &UT LARD IS TRVIM& NEW TACTCS — f-i |CO,MFIOEMTIAL(_Y, 'SCREWBALL, THIS WON'T GET YOU ANYWHERE/ , -75—^^3^-^S--.. BY MERRILL B! HERE TILL HILDA TA>rt=O Of' : HL-R BOXIM& GLOVES / ^ ^W MECTOR JUST WHY WONT | FRANKLV, PAL, YOUR. SISTER SEE ME? I SHE SAYS ~ ~ ' VOU'REGErriN' TOO TKtf „ '«) >._1_W jjQCA srnVrCF. TNQ. T. VI. SHE SAYS STREAM-LINED—AND < VOUR. STOMACH WON.'' THE &ATTLEWlW < <CX«. CHEST/ ?®i tt AU.KY OOP They Were Smart, Too BY v. T. HAMILTON; KNCWIHG ML ANUS WILL ee A FOR THB IF TUBS INKJ-'AN HSAPONS P.?C/e Iff EC flY£ AGAINST AU INVADING 6/WD Cf ATHENIANS , OOP M'D BOOM , KO?,WG FOR A PREVIEW Of CATASTROPHE , H~AD K>% THS 2OHZ ' Of VOU S=E,OOP, IF SARTOM'S f?E3£(.S GST T00«3xy WITH THEIR SUN- BLASTER WEAPONS, TH£V AW SHAKE me UNSTABLE FOUNDATION OP ATLANTIS; SET OFF A M6^S OP VOLCANOES-SORTA SLOW ISLAND , APARF, EH ? HOW D'VA BECKON \ AIENTAL ttlLITY I* NOT TH£V STUMBLED ON \CONFINED TO THE 1O9CENT-I ATOMIC ENERSV J Uiev! THEVVg (K£O IT INDUS'-1 10,000 YEAK^ <TRIALLY FOR GENEOAJtOf BEFORE WE 01D ?) 6OT IT H?OM S*(X> ACTiVB •• Ofie" IVE SAW MINED IN THOW ; x &9SAT UNDERSCOUNO " - CAVeCt-JS! f. J - m w METAL FfCUUAK TO ATLANTIS, A9NOTSO BY PLATO, «». ,.

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