The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 26, 1936 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 26, 1936
Page 4
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frotiii ' BLYTHJ3V1LL1S, (Allk.)' CObtUER • NEWS THE BLYTIIEVILLE COURIER NEWS . THE COURIER NEWS CO., FUBUSHJR8 0. R, BABCOCK. Editor n. W. HAINES, Advertising Mwuger 6o!» National Advertising Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New Yori, Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Dallas, Kansas City, Memphis Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered ns second class matter at the post office at Blytlievllle, Arkansas, under »ct ot Congress, October 9. 1917. Served DV the united Press SUBSCRIPTION HATES By carrier In the City or Blylhoville, 16o per w.-ck, or $3.60 per year, In advance. By mail, \vlimn u radius or 50 mites, 13.00 per year, $1.60 for six months, 15e for Ihrco montlu; Ly mall In pasliil zones two U> six, incliislvo, 46.60 per year; In /ones seven and eight, $10.00 per year, payable ,ln advance. Good Sense and Honesty Slate Senntor Ai'tluir K. Johnson op'imed Jhls etunittign fw governor last night with an address ill 1'ine Bli'ifl.' which, for a political speech, was singularly lacking in promises. \Vlinlever ulsu may bo said of hist (inatiliciilions, Sciintur Johnson apparently at Icnst has sense enough to realize Unit the (iiiiuiciii'l condition of Arkansas is not and will not for many years lie such as lo permit the putting into' effect of many of the attractive proposals which arc brought forth to tempt the voters each campaign year. And ivhal i.s perhaps more remarkable in a candidate for olt'icc, knowing that these 'lhii)j?s cannot 1)0 done he is honest enough not to promise them. We do not agree with Senator John- HOII'S declaration thai necessity ju.sli- lic'i contimiance of 'the .sales tux. A bad lax cannot lie justified simply by llio fact that there is need for the revenue il produces, Hut on the whole we think his fine Hluif address showed him to he possessed of tiual- ilies that Arkansas needs in its next . governor, lie may not bo the best •.'man'"nniong the ten candidates for tho office' foul the campaign has' already gone far enough to make it evident that there are n number of worse ones in the lield. 7'/fC Platform > The new 1 Democratic platform is r.trong in its declaration of principles ami purposes, weak in its failure to indicate specific: programs for the fulfillment of mitny of (hem. Regardless of its defects, howovi;r, it is at least an iiiimi.Hlakulilc promise lo continue the policies identified as the "New Deal," iiml that, after all, as the platform itself states, is the real issue in this campaign. \Vc particularly like tha Democratic statement with respect to constitutional amendments. The Republican convention side-stepped the issue entirely and while a statement by its nominee, ..Gov. Air Landon. has been widely praised as forthright and cour- r.gcous, il jilno failed to meet the question squarely. Landon simply, said that if it developed that under the constitution as it now stands the states lack the power to legislate on certain matters lie would seek enlargement of their constitutional power.. The Democratic platform acknowl- edges the self-evident fact that many Questions vital lo (he welfare of the American people cannot clfeclively be dealt with piece-men) by 48 separate stale legislatures and declares in plain language for such necessary constitutional changes' aa will "assure to the legislatures of the several states and to the congress of the United States, each within its proper jurisdiction, the. power to enact those laws which the state and federal legislatures, within their respective spheres, shall find necessary in order adequately lo regulate commerce, protect public health and safety and safeguard economic security." That is broad enough to meet the Hitnutlon. 'World's Fair" Revival The old Ainenciui Imljil of tfohiK to expositions scorns to l>o reviving. A generation ago Die "world's fair" was a more or less regular feature of I lie Inmlwiijic. When til. Louis, Chicago, or Buffalo put on a show of that kind, it would draw visitor from all over tlio country. IVople would go to lie anuiBcd mid stay to loam something. And then, somehow, tin; habit fell into eclipse. After Die San 1'Yandsco exposition of 1915 we had very few such ventures; and when thn 'Philadelphia SosnmcciUenninl Hopped, it looked as if the country hud outgrown the hnhlt for good. lint now it lias returned to us. Chicago set the stylo a couple of years ago. This summer the Texas Centennial is going great guns; in a more modest way, t,he Great Lakes ISxposilfon ill Cleveland is causing a stir. New York is planning a fair for 1930. The "world's fair" is usually a lot of fun. Jt is good to see it staging a vigorous comeback. Slnnding on the Record Scnulor noblnson w«s not afraid to admit thai In llic great emergency ivilli which the Hooscvclt administration luul to cope .some mistakes were made ami some unforeseen dillicul- tics irerc encountered, nut lie hud no apologies (o oner. Ills reply lo Ihosc who would indict the whole New Dcnl 'program because u bn» not. been 100 per cent successful in every undertaking wus lo spread before Ihe public Iho record of its vnat net accomplishment, as cou- Iraslcd alike with the record of Its Republican predecessors and with ivlint Ihcse opponents are now offering the country in the way of a platform and ii candidate. That treatment, ot (he Issues, it seems lo Ihe Guzetle, sounds llic true keynote for the Democratic, party's campaign this year, lei us be Judged by wliut we. have done and Ihe spirit iu which it bus been done. —Arkansas Giizcllc. Itiillnn civilization irlll radically Iransfortii barbaric Ethiopia. —Herbert Faimtlcroy Julian. American negro nlvplane pilot, formerly o( Elhiopian nlr force. Sancllom are to stop war. They arc not designed for purely punitive purposes. There is only one way lo aller (he course of events, which have Inken place so far, and this is v> EO lo vvnK —Stanley Baldwin, British statesman. Grand opera Is as dead as a dodo bhcl. —Jiiromc Kern, composer. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "My husband'cloesn'l like for me to take in rnnniers's have to diarsfc u liltlc more than the iivcniirc." ' " j THIS CURIOUS WORLD *Cr EXfSTS AT THE UNIVERSITV OF MAINE/ 6V TRANSPLANTING THE HORN BUDS OF A DAY-OLD GAUP, BOTH HORNS WERE MADE TO GROW INTO ONE MASSIVE SPI«r£ IN THE CENTER, We know thtit no other ptmicl in our solar system has conditions which would support life such as is V.nown on earth. But we cannot say whether there might he countless planets, similar to the earth lr>r out ill (he universe, circling the millions of stars, or suns NEXT: What dO(r changes color after il OUT OUR WAY By Williams , FRIDAY, JUNE 26, BJRDS PUT ON HEAVIER. CUDTHES IN WINTER. BV GROWING- EXTRA FEATHERS . It-lie QMS ar NE* SEHVICI, i»tc. ON ANY OTHER. PLAN£T IN OUR. SOLAR. SVSTEM, IT IS OP A DIFFERENT SORT ..v THAN THAT FOUND CW ; EAKTH, FOR NO OTHER P-ANET HAS CONDITIONS SIMILAR TO THOSE OP OUR EARTH. Even Healthiest Children May Suffer As Firsl Teeih Conic Tlirouirh 1IKGIS HI!IIB TODAY DR. M011UIS FISIIBEIN AUogcthcr there arc 20 leclli in In r l t "'• ^ rcma!ntlcv gcia, tlic llcalll, Jla S a«lnc j" 0 '" 1 bctw «» ll 'o cightccnlh nnd Children differ comwcrnbly In f 1!!° lwcut y-fo»rtli ^monlhs.^cxccpt- \vny.s tliey ctevolnp llieir teeth, j differ even in the ditficul- teething. children HOB HASKBIJ,, <cllJ,, e 0 "e S "ike lirUniniili!,, SYI.VJA, lie loven her Inn cmi't n n vl j | 0 junrry her. Mar, In, hurl and licirllilori'il, mall* iilwie mi the trip II, m „,., lo hnve hftn u lLun«>'iiiuc>n. On the «hli>' like mceu ri[|],l,ll> KIHK- »*. tnglrircf. I'hll Ij, ituliiit (o ritrlt la mk CH«ILr,,v JIOU'H, in wbum kc li:i» l.ccn devoird nil >fan, In iiiurrx him. lu Turin Marcln mccl« Cnmlllii. BoT, nrrlvfft ana Ihe four Ko ftuout tgKPtlltr frequently. „.£.'.„» "'KM club (hey uieel HOSri-A, a diiuctr. Sevi-n,l ilii,« Inler Hu.llii citmcn to Hie liolpl nnil <cll» Jlnrrtn Hun 11. )l, In In Bcrlouj, 111,,,,,'rr. Jlnrrlu KOCN wllli her Ig nn niil-of-lhe-wnr cafe. .,'.':'• " Klicolu, inmrnrK nnd Hat In and Pierre neek ID Ijlatk- nmll Mnrrla, iKliit |iho(iM-rj|,]i» nude wfcrn .Ue dunotd with I'lerre. They deiim»a 50,000 zrntLCk, Mnrcln iironilirn to give llifni nu Rimvtr nex( duj-. NOW CO ON WITH TI1U STOKY CHAPTER VIII reached the hotel shortly a/(er Phil, Bob and Camilla had started their quest for her. "Mr. Kirkby went away with Miss Howe nnd Mr. Haskell an hour ago," the clerk explained. "They were asking about you and seemed perturbed." "Do you know where they went?" Marcia osked. "No, Mademoiselle, Key die] not say." Marcia went upstairs, undressed, lay lor a long time in a hot bath, then nrcsscd in a while silk frock whose yellow daisies were scattered in careless loveliness over the shoulders and the round puffed sleeves. She sat down to wait Ten o'clock, 11, 11:30— at 12 the phone rang. "Marcia!" It was Bob. "Bob!" "Where in the world were you? We've been tearing up (lie town, ' Marcia, honey." "Oh, I'm sorry, Bob. I was called away." "With Hoslla." "How did you know?" "The clerk is an observing man, my dear. Is the young lady still trying to frame me?" "No, she's trying to frame me. Wait for nie, all ot you." From the bed she took a white evening cloak, laid there a while before, ami from the dressing table a small white beaded evening bag. "Marcia, you're while!" Camilla greeted her. "And Beared," Piiil ;iddcd. Bob examined her critically "Bui lovely!" "Can we go some place where It's quiet?" she asked. "And safe. I'm scared. I'm afraid rny suilc is being watched." "Then come to mine," Camilla volimlcercd. HEN WH " r. ••. ':•. She told tho h!-> . , . r , .. nc finished Inn .• , ..ionishcd silence. "Of all (he dY.,' : OT course they can't do imj-Lhiv ; 'OL;'. scare you!" I3ob raid. "They can— and will— send those pictures lo the Hew York papers," Phil interposed. "Of course we can swear lhat it's a lie, a frameup. Bui what good are we, as friends of Marcia's, againsl the evidence?" "What good would il do Rosiln and Pierre if they did publish (he pictures?" Camilla asked. Then she answered her own question. "Unless, of course, the comment was so terrible that you paid them to sny it was all in the spirit of flood, clean fun." "We have to get the pictures," Phil said. "How about it, Bob?" "I'm all for trying,. But I don't know quite how to go about it. What sbout the police?" "fliey would stir up an investi- galion. Anyway, she's been Iherc." "There isn't much lo worry about tonight. Tomorrow we'll get them, I promise you!" Bob told Marcia. "I'm to meet them at the same plac'e^omorrow at 7," Marcia said. "They know I won't be alone, if I come. Aren't they taking chances?" "They don't think you'll come. »ey may expect you to let the stunt go and crash through later when you need them. We'll gel them!" Phil' answered. « * * QAMILLA, curled up on the long couch, was Ihinking ot a remark that had been made at dinner — a remark that she was independent, self-reliant; that she didn't get herself into scrapes from which she needed to be removed. Men liked to do the rescue act— it made them feel big and manly. She walked to the window and watched the lights for minute. When she turned she spoke to Marcia. "1 have twin beds. Let's have your night things brought up. You spoke o{ being frightened in your rooms." "Thank you, Camilla. You're grand," Marcia answered, relief suddenly making her a little weak. When the lights were out at lasl, and a cool, wel wind was stirring the curtains, she did not sleep. She thought of Bob — funny that he was growing so much less important. Then she thought of Phil. She tried not to. He was Camilla's.' He had wanted: her. for a long time and came to get her. In the bed across from her, Camilla was thinking about Bob and wondering why his dark face insisted on squeezing in between her and the while sheep she was counting in order to go to sleep When Marcia wakened il v dayllaht and the hands of Ihe c lj said 10 o'clocjt. She took a show slipped into a green linen sn<! suit that had been brought J stairs the night before, along v! white accessories and a snj green hat, and .hurried do\ stairs. Camilla was slill sleep "Mr. Haskell and Mr. Cunnl ham?" the clerk asked. "They early." "Did they say where they w'i going?" ^ "No, except that the young . dies were not to expect them '. fore late afternoon or early c' ning and the young ladies v,; to stay in the hotel." ~ "Yes—of course." She went.' lo the dining room and had EC' grapefruit, coco;i and rolls si.; there were hours and hours u"; late afternoon or early cvcnl- the dining room t\ caught sight of a dark faci-l Ihe lobby—a face with two wr>| of black hair on the cheeks, drew hack into the dining i and slipped behind a screen, stayed there a long time/ she looked out again Ih'e'f not in sight. She asked A *.» e to show her the service clcvi'- gave him a handful o* francs, s landed in Camilla's suite again' "Being blackmailed is inci venient," she said. < The telephone began (o r! Camilla answered. "For you,"?; signaled to Marcia, but Ma'' shook her head. ' "Miss Cunningham is nol \il You may find her in her ( suite," Camilla said casually, j I'll take a message." A sec? later she replaced her telephi "The impatient _voimg lady if Up. I think it was your bl;'_j mailing friend/' ( Later, trying lo read the ncS papers, Marcia came across sfc Inbloid headlines. Suddenly j began to sec tho possibilities oft headlines that could be pufi'.. her own piclurc. ! ; Paying Ihe 50,000 francs—„,.,. mail though it was—would be 8l Icr than having her name liili 1 with Pierre's for all the worl see. She jammed the green hal her red curls. "Where arc you going?" Co la asked lazily from the deep c where she sat reading a-new 1 and swinging silken-covered under a violet negligee. "Just—out!" . • .. The nonchalant attitude di peared. Camilla, small and and sturdy, was in front oil door. ''r "Listen, Marcia, nion en you aren't paying one cent of money. I'll bo your keeper the boys get back." {To Be Continued) iug the four tack double teeth, which usually appear between the twenty-fourth and t h 1 r L1 c t li months, but may be even later. The importance of teeth for health 'and long life cannot bo overcstimatedd. Few mothers rcnl- t?c thai first attention to the teeth of the child must begin before the baby is born. The mother should visit her own dentist early, as I pointed out ill the series on prenatal cure. She must !;cc|> her own- teeth clean find take care of any cavities or decay which develop. She must always cat the right foods, so that the child's Icclh will develop properly. Proper foods for the expectant, mother include plenty of milk, fresh vegetables, eggs, cooked fruits, cereals, and a sufficient amount of calories lo provide energy. The foods lo be avoided arc sweets and meat in excess, pastries, and highly seasoned sub- slances. CHURCH EXCUSES : Hy G. W. Barham === Courier News Classified Ads Pay. If I can get Ihe consent of our club members. I tlilnk I shall'put on n real party and invite Archibald and Junior, Jim, that's niy husband, Ihe ex-eiiurch board chairman, his son-in-law and hired man, and Molhcr and Joe, and let Archibald tell us his experiences in selling the soap lie ordered from department "J" and whether or not he sold enough lo get Junior's picture enlarged and if Jim, that's my husband, is slill thinking hig thoughts lie can tell us what be has done about the losl church letters; and see if Mother and Joe have settled the baptismal question; if moliier is still tuning in on the radio sermons and if the cdilor of this paper will [ell us through his column just Ihe kind of refreshment he would like. 1 may ask him lo come lo our party and if he would like a Eolo we will have Archibald's aunt on hand lo foe him. OUR BOARDING HOUSE Old Indian Fighter Recalls Custer Sc DAVENPORT, la. (UP)—Cc lius C. Clark has spent a life! flghling, but he regards his ' est expprience as seeing the ', tleneld where Cuslcr's troops^ When he was 18 he joined^ Union army as a drummer i and in 1865 . wns ' honorably chargM. Later he fought Inc on the western frontier. C: national drum major of Ihe G! Army of the Republic, 'now ; here with his 70-year-old bro'5 Edward. The cockatoo great life span. is noted (hey have during Hut even (he healthiest niny he fretful nnd have poor Announcements The Conner l^-us rms Been an- Jrrp for tiro or three nlghW, v.'hrn the firsl Icclh corns- through. 'I hey have r. iii^posiuor, to put fini:rr.s' in their mouths and (o indicate discomfort in olher ways, i Poineiinics there Ls considerable drooling, or flow ' of saliva, 'with' ?.s cf appetite. | There also may be slight fever j net lo.Tsene^s Of the bowels, and! u- appearance of undigested foods! in Ihe excretions. In most Inslsn- <'••. those symptoms will Insl only] nuc-c or four days, and '.here, may) ''.'• no pain In weight for three 1 or! "ur M-eeks. * j 1! symptoms of teething nre severe, the mother should consult! I'.ov doctor promptly' for aid inj P'i'Vriillon of pnln. and in en- 1 cminging development ot the tirth. It is useful also lo know the science in which the "Icclh usually appear. First come llic two ccn- Ual lower Icctli during the. period i-nm the filth lo Ihe ninth month, N'rxi nre the four upper central l''o(h, which come In from the '•ichih to lite twelfth month. The oilier two lower central' teeth follow In tile tirslftli (o-(He eighteenth monllt. j thorised to make format nounccmcnt of (lie following cnn- dtdatcs for public office, suDlcci to the Democratic primary nexl For Rcrrfscntilive In Congress ZAL B. HARRISON For I'rosccatlnj Altointj O. T. WARD BRUCE IVY DENVER !,. DUDLEY For County .Iitdge VWGIL, GREENE R U OLftDISH NEILL HEEn For Shrrlft and Colittlor HALE .IACKSON •fOE R. DILLAHUNTY For Conniy Ticasurcr ROLAND GREEN For Circuit Court atrk HUGH CRAJG For Rc-Klfcllnn for 2nd Term for foiintr Court Clerk MISS CARRY WCXiDBURN For re-rlrctlou for second lernl I'cr Slsle Scnalor LUciEN E. COLEMAN tor Counlj Representative IVY \V. CHiiWFORD >'or rotmljr Assessor B- I. (BILbY) GAINES t-xr Uc-f!«tlon lo R 2nd Tern) For ConsUWe, l-liickisa»l)i Township HARRY TAYLOft FRANK MCGREGOR _With Major Hoo| HOLD j?|C YOU'RE STILL IM TME REq OM IT, ^7\ MVCUFF —MUDGE YOUR ^£1 MAJOR/) MOSS-COVERED MEMORY^! AMD YOU'LL •RECALL-pULUMi * A SOB AMDSMIFFLE OKJ ME T-'OR A F(W,TO SQUARE A I "ROUrvlD OF SUCS AT THE ' . _/WMILE '; VOUR THUMB \5 E6AP, LADS / GOOD 1 AM _ _ ALL MY lOU's /CLYDE, TMI5 SQUARES I TAGGED YOU A FORTNIGHT BACK AMD, BUSTER, WRITE 5S OUT A RECEIPT FOR POSE FOR MY COLLECnoW . OF RARE , PRIMTS / LEAF FROM BOOk OF BILL'S BALAWCES V MOOPLE LEDGER TO

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