The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY. SRPTKMnER 17, H130 (ARK.) COURIER NRWS Mississippi County Dislricls Affected by Drop in Stale Apportionment. Cheerful in Defeat Despite an increase of 1837 cliil- iim In Hie 1930 school census ol the county over Hie previous year, MlssiKiipljl county's share of t h e Stpltmber period allotment of ":i:ih from stale tax sources,, fell I fcliort o! the county's; share for the > t:Ji)ilar psiiod in 1929 by more Ihan | IH.CVO. base year at tills time the | touiity'a schools received S82,H'J ! iijjaiiiit $03.9^8.42 this year. There- ' timed income resulted from n drop ', In the apportionment per capita, uv \ the itnte. fro:n $3.10 per school : child In September, 1929 to $2.(iJ ' P-r school child lllis Sfpt?inber. The reduction of the per capita ' allotment by trie btate was l»«d or, , it-duced income from taxes anil fot i v.irlons otner reasons according l<j I iiatements, clmryes and counter j charges made at Little Rock. Hov. 1 - , tver, hope is entertained in som'j I sources that the per capita allot- ' iii'.'nt hi March which complete: r-[>er capi'a apportionment for r yeqr, will be substantially hiyn- T er'iind make up for part of the loss ' tufftred in the distribution till.: ' fall. Blythevllle showed an increase in . | the 'school census thb year of ap- i proxlmalely 1,000 children and had • [ the per capita apportionment this tall been about the same as las'. | year would have received a relatively icre'ased fund from the tp. With the decrease per cap- j Ita of $1.04 'per child, the district 'A little disappointed.' I suffered a loss of more than $450. The September apportionment av distributed to the various schoo! ca ' PACK Baplisl Mission Union To Mod al Luxora ! OSOFIOI.A. Ark.. SJp'- 17.—Til'' ; rewind jinmial inn-ling of the Woman's Missionary Union of UK Mississippi Comity Baptist nssodu- I will !x> in-Ill tomorrow al OIL- ; First Bnptis'. (hurch In Luxora. IK! ginning; ;it 10 f'cliR'k In the inorn- "is. The day's theme will he "Laying Our Foundation Stones." nud lii' 1 principal speaker on the progriu:i v.-ill be Mrs. W. D. Pye, corrp- | spending sccrcliiry of the Arkan- : sas W. M. U.. who will talk on ihr I missionary work accomplished llnr yifls of W. M. U. mem- ' bers. U'iminy her talk. "Precious Stuics." Mrs. 1'ye will l» on tin- r.Iiei-iiauii proi:r:im, six'Skini; nt f o'clock in the afterncKm. She will iif pi receded by Mrs. Oscar Barksdale- of Wilson, whose tnlk, "White Slcnc-s." will hnvi! to do with the - nusuiUu. oiphnns home and olhir . iusiiU'.tioniil work done through tin- ing-A White Crow Luxora Plans to Have' Football Team This Year I.IIXORA. Aik. --Coach Lloyd ilHl.'ii in the l.nwra lilijh I [;.cully h'.i. I; ivy IIIR nut nifi- !ii'iial u,r ,i :c»jiij.i|i tram. Twenty n|:oi...;| for trlnl 1 th;it Luxora 1ms li-ii'i- an excellent In 1 the Mist year n jila\rj In thf I.) Wii . In-. Build 5-Ronm Bungalow at 201 fiail Davis Ave. perinu-ndenfs office and machinery of the county system is opsr- I atedl by Roland Greene, county i treasurer, and with his commission deducted, follows: 1 Chickasawba District Amount i restrict 4 > 033.32 District 5 10.6iO.59 District 0 1.191.50 but laughing and joking in an effort, to cheer liis downcast guests, Sir Thomas Lipton is shown here aboard his steam yacht Erin after watching the defeat of his Shamrock V in the first of the America's Cup races off Newport, R. I. Famed for his ;ed sportsman refused to be downcast by the initial victory of the American Enterprise. District District, District Utslrict District District . Diflricl Ditlrict 1 .... 8 9 15 n 20 5G1.9: 210.30 1.048.05 1.190.G5 5911.4 » 9-14.2'J 534.30 1.084.71 . 488.24 . 549.57 . 225.GO 228.00 1,001.83 . 27155 . 990.20 . 315.51 . 527.3' . 393.41 2.031.25 . 841.5-1 . 559.03 . 330.24 . 587.21' . 2M.3D . 3H.3G . 448.11 . 638.9? . 3S8.4C Amount S3.742.3? 2.5I7.1S 292.48 3,362.3." j"{ 278.M I District 13 I-""' 03 I District 16 £'f i District 2= 2 '™' 5 ' i District 28 ^ iDUtrictSl^ ................ 2 - i;? . . District 36 '•???'S I District 51 District 55 Oeneral School Fund .... Legion Installs Now Officers at. Annual Banquet 23 .... 24 .... Dislilct 27 District 29 ... 30 ... Dfijrict 32 .... District 33 ... Mtlrici 34 .... District, 37 .... Diflrict 38 ... D^ricl 39 ... District 40 .... Dijltict 44 .'.District 45 .... UWriet 43 ... USUtci 4D ... Dfetrict 50 - • • D&rict 62 District 53 ... District. 54 ... oiceola District 1 1 .... District 2 .... Dislrlct, 3 District 759.91' 7.302.44 I Bonded Debt Burdens Local School Budget (Continued from page, one) I ol this Issue, which did not, pro| villa for new buildings but for cur- I rent items ) At the present time the bonded indebtedness of the district k 5280,000 the last of which is due on November 1950. The total payments for the bonds. Interest and collection fees 'o'be made by that date aggKgato $447,323.99. The schedu 1 ; of the various is- .ii-e.s is such that the payments ore to be made yearly as follows: $23,017.43 24,548.76 26.909.66 24.248.00 24.G45.25 23.991.12 25.31564 24,563.80 25.790.61 24,941.00 25,002.04 25,194.13 26.222.95 32.184.09 25.779.31 26.694.16 1.483,68 8.11541 7.842.08 1.508.75 7,115.42 $441.323.99 It Is easily recn that the budget for nest year must be increased about $1,500 Li care for the bonds wlille year after nest, 1933. 11 must, be nearly $4.000 greater than lor this year. One of the chief causes of the present burden 0:1 the district is Hie fact that in the past the tax producing powers of the district did not develop In proportion to ihe Increase in population which necessitated approximately 100 per crease In teaching force to care for oi the syr.tem and the. necessary In- Icreasft in teaching force, to core for jlhe pupil* in these n«w buildings. School yecr 1931 School year 1932 . School year 1933 School year 1934 School year 1935 School yeor 1936 . School y.iar 1931 School year 1938 School yeas 1939 School year 1940 School year 1941 School year 13»2 School year 1943 School year 1944 School year 1945 . School year 1S4G School year 1947 School year 1948 School year 1949 School year 1950 School year 1951 A new year of American Legion activity was inaugurated last night at the annual dinner of DuJ Cason post, served in the Glencoe Grill with ths installation of the offl- ceis who will conduct the affairs of Lhe for the next 12 months. E. A. Rice, who as chairman 01 the membership committee last year led the post to the largest membership in Its history, was installed as commander. With him will serve R. B. Stout, first vice- commander; C. B. Hhcdes. Wii- son, second vice-commander; Cieo. Roth, Manila, third vice-commander; Jim Bray, Leachvillc, fourth ' vice-commander; A. L. Flowers, finance officer; Howard Proctor adjutant: Fred Oarlock, chaplain and O. A. Cuiv.iingham. historic. P.-A. White, R. N. Ware and .i J. Daly are newly elected member.; of liie executive committee. All the ne'.v officers except tho oul-oi-Uwii vice-cominaiidcrs were among the 45 members of the post who attended Ihe dinner. Mayor Nelll Heed reviewed the record of tlie. past year, describing • the membership record, the service work, and the part playeil by .the post in obtaining for Bly- thevUle the new national guard nr- mory blinding, now Hearing completion, as major achievements, tl. i N. Wa r e made a brief appeal in I behalf of the campaign now un- | der.vay to finance a special train | to carry exhibits of Arkkansas j products through the east by til? sale of strmps which themselves ere advertisements of Arkansas resources. Willie Trotter sang between. courses, accompanied by Mhs Je,,- I salyn Payne. Reiser News Miss Kathleen RHenhaur of Ar- nwrel visited Miss Margaret Robinson tlie first of last week. The following teachers have returned to assume their duties: Mis-, Tommy Sherrick. primary: ML 1 -^ Minnie Bell Shnw. second: Miss Amer Taylor, third; Miss Lucih Moore, fourth and first year Latin: Miss Mary Faust, fifth; Orls Childs. sixth. For Ihe seventh, cightX ninth aim toiUti are W. E. Pigg. mathematics: Lucile Moore. Latin; ] W. L. Cassiday, history and English; and Miss Kathleen Cox. science. Miss Alihca Wilson left Sunday for her home at Humnoakc, Ark., sfter visiting Mr. and Mrs. E. C Cook for several weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Cook accompanied her to Memphis. Miss Irene Nichols atld Charles Nichols motored to Blytheville Sunday. They were accompanied home by Jamie Nichols who spent the summer in BIytheville. Mr. and Mrs. S. Anchlin and children and Miss Sis Watson of Deerlng. Mo., visited the latter's parents here Sunday. W. W .Anderson was a Wilson visitor Thursday. Dr. and Mrs. J. T. Polk of Forrest City were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. P. Dunavant Sunday. The Rev. Manwarring of Wilson preached a very Interesting sermon ht-re Sunday night. Miss Margaret Robinson and Miss Kathleen Ritenhanr motored tn Wilson Monday. A formal school opening was held here Tuesday. Many parents were present. Miss Willie Lawson, county superintendent and the Rev. C. Jordan and Supt. W. E. Pigg made Interesting talks. Mrs. Clovis Crockett of Osccola was a K«lser visitor Tuesday. Mrs. Crockett was formerly Miss Gladys Wilson. Miss Margaret Robinson mo'or- Tlic morning program will In- ' chide talks by Mrs. F. L. Ingram [ ', of Memphis, on "Altar Stones," or | j the importance of individual pniy- ! c-i 1 and famiiv altars, and by Mrs. '. , IC ., ,. M . ., ' Ida M. Strot'her of Memphis, on i .' EI , K ? ', M °" t " 1U " ~ "'<' "lli-wn Stones" which will outline | sl>'ie-i<'<.-r:il crop reporting service ciul btresb the importance ol Bi- '!" ' ts mo '". llly ""'T^' ur »«""*- blc s'.udy and mission study com'st:;. | l»ra|j_^tioii^ said this yours "Living S;om-.s." emblematlr ol " " the uuining of the youth of tlu . church will be portrayed through n - p!ay!v: crilleil "Am^rlcn for Amer- i • ii-ans," prcssntctl by a group o ' Ulytheville youn;; people under the direction of Miss IJe'.la Purtle oi : BIytheville. Mrs. W. B, Langford of Jones- buro,. FiipetliiLendent of ihe Northeast Aikinsits District W. M. U. -.sill be present accompanied by r. group of students from the Bap'.is' college at Jonesboro. who will con- j tiibnte to the musical program oi : the day which will also include H i piano solo by Mirs Dorothy Brown j and a vocal solo by Mrs. Majors. i Tne five aims of the W. M. U.. I ed to Blyiheville Saturday. prayer, study, personal service. I Mrs. W. II. Anderson is ill this | L'lHs, und the missionary training i week. i of the youth, will IK stressed Ir. Minor Taylor motored to Mem- ciory part of the clay's program phis last week to purchase sto:k The mc-eilSi will lie presided over lor his store. by Mrs. i!. H. Jones of Osceola The ladirs 1 nid met with Mrs. I sup?:mteiidenl of the ML^issippi Di.navanl last week. ; County association, and luncheon Here Is one of the rnreil of all nature's frenki-a white crow. The bird Is the piope'ity of Churles M. skill uf Los Angeles, who lescneil It In tin- deseii i:ear Bnrslow. Calif., ns a ll^ck of its dnrkei- brothers were about to peck il to dealh. nlack crow... nlu.iys destroy thi'.sr albinos, which (KC'.I!' very Infi'cqui inly. sitsai' beet crop would be the best in .several vn.sons. .Su^iir bcet.s, til.? report said, probably will prove the bis: iri [> i:i Montana this year. •b" rd fl. luivc Tin- two Iji ([:-I:-,;ILS .<; jno:!cm ctii:vi-]:;i built-in kjulK'.i pl.ici' aiul ci|iiipn UHj Aic.'(i:ii hi-iu 1 l'.(U' .hnt:e al -iiiiv whcie tin'.. 1 .••vcLa] years. ic'-ir- will hav'.-> ! a numbi'r u( Mo. Tlie church has been witiictit a pastor since September 1. when flev. L. O. MrCrr.ckcn resigned, and (•billing minister. 1 !' will cuiduct services every Sunday until n pastor Is.secured. for a Hie- Install- ' will t :( . u -ady lor Sikeslon Caslor Holds ! Services at Luxora \ I.UXOUA. AiX.--Snnilay mornlni; ' an:l cvciiiiu; prc.idiiiiR S i-rv!r..-s ni) tin- Firs: Uaplist churcli were con- . :lucli-<: by Itev. Joiu-s ol 3ike:.ton. ' : BAKING POWDER It's c/out/e acting Die K C for Fine texture and jarse volume in youi bakings. MIUION5OF POUNDS USED BY OUR COVEBNMEKT Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Taylor motored to Mississippi last wee!-: for a few clays visit. They were ac- j cunpanied home by Mrs. Taylor'" j mother ami Mis= Kathleen Cox and Amer Taylor. I Mr. and Mrs. Dosa Ke:m?:ly' Mere Kciser visitors Tuesday. j served at noon by meiu- ths Lu:;oia organization. I'OI'UI.ATION KEI'OUT i SPHIXGFIELD. I'.! . (VJP)--Pcp- ulaticu cf state institutions In- I ciputed at the ratio of three to on? ! as compared with the increase in i the population of the since as a' whole during the dccado ending '• June 30 last, according to a repor MJSI'I.ACKD AUTHORITY ST. PAUL. Minn.. (UP)—A stnm whistle on n locomotive passing un- ! 0 f Rodney II. Brandon, director of tier a viaduct blew thrs-e bo?.vds I the State Department, ol Wclfcuv, (.If ih? sidewalk abdve as il whis- j to Governor L. L. Iiinmerson. ti d for a crossing. The mattei 1 — was repoi"' ?cl to police who decided I il shGiitd be referred to Commissioner of Public Works. Before -the , Wmmlrsioner could be reached over J.vjBfr .-d HOI1FO CHIEaNlGrlT WI'DS the nolle-: radio s'.a'.in:i, a ; ?:r^T<' 'J T S:cjl»a«'i ta-.t, iruisinR .squad of police not know!KJ of the change of authority for replacing the back. boards, put ilicm . Ccrtolt from druxc^t- - p&ia qiiik. Boils Ticish [n Qtudctlt -ime erer kr.o*T.. FARMERS ATTENTION UNTIL SEPT. 30th. THE FAMOUS COAL THERE'S a harmony hclwccn the natural loveliness of this modern age and the natural, mild goodness of Camels. And if you find them keeping company, don't he surprised. Camel has given the world the luxury of a naturally miltl cigarette —a cigarette that preserves all the refreshing fragrance of the choice, mild tobaccos from which it is made—a cigarette that is delightfully smooth, but never, flat, never parched, never tasteless. Modern smokers are awake to the fact that mere flatness doesn't mean mildness. That's one reason there's such a swing to Camels. Watch it right in your own crowd, Join them in Camels —a smoke that's enjoyable all the way—all the time. CAMELS (Burns to a Clean Gray Ash—No Clinkers) Delivered in lilythevillc During Scp- 58.00 per Ton Cash. LAY IN YOUR WINTER'S SUPPLY NOW SUPERIOR COAL CO Cherry and R. R. Sts. Phone 123

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