The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1931
Page 5
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JANUARY 7, 19:51 RIATHEVILLE, (AUK.) COURIER, NKvYS PAGE FfVE CLASSIFIED ADS Tv.o cents a word for first Inrei'lUm and one cent ft word for each subsequent insertion. No advertisement Hkeii for less them 50c. Cu'.nu the words aixl send tin 1 cash. I'huiio 300 I'OR SALE ANNt ADS1IN int OIACK PIGEON- 'lilt AVUNGINGPfrPCOr " MURDER BACKSTA'CS" FOR SALE—Small rooming house or its contents. Call G05. 6I--KB - I Don't Depend On Your For H will i,t]ri>ii^,c yen la kuovv thP.t n car ju~t as good as Die c^rs ycur friends drive may bs Ucught at about hi!f what yen ciLpec--. Uie ynce to I;:. You can buy u mighty nice car from us for a lililc nionc/ unil \ou cr.n te assured thnt the cur you get from u: is always exactly us rcr.rc3cntcd. '*?, DODGE* SEDAN S243 '28 CIIEVIIOIET COACH .... 125 'M CAIITEK 1-TON" TRAff.KH 235 '28 F0!!l» AA l!i TON TKK. J50 '23 L'SSt.V C Sl'OHT COUL't) l'J5 '30 KOIID TUUOIl SLDAN .. 1G5 "n FOKD PICK UP UEUVEH'iT 05 '20 CHEVROLET G COACH .. Z35 '29 CHRYSLER "75" KDS1TR '195 '28 WHilTETT COACH .... 1G5 'M CHEVROLET C COACH .. -!15 'JO LATE ESSEX G COACH 1V3 •io ro'.m niAETON 'an •2o CHRYSLER SEDAN .... 125 '30 I'OHD SPOUT ROADSTKU S3J '26 CHEVROLET SEDAN 63 '28 FOSi) TOWN SEDAN 330 ! See these cars on display. Very desirable terms to fit your mco:ne. If you have an Open Car, trade it in on a nice Closed Model. I'hone 811 PEiLOPS MOTOR • _ COMPANY - • --'Authorized I'ord-Dcaler3;=- Si:i.l3l 'null IJBXTEIl SVUAfiUE \\rrt> liodi murJiTCj licr^uxr ItLt-y t^v•r iiiirlniTfl In n lilnt-kmlill >,-ln-iin«, « MK- «h^ rolli-c tlii'iir? U llril .lirv ivrrr kllLrd <u ntrni:« -SWAI.I.ilHTA'.l. S*JI>IV RA\ r^l.l.l. ttliniti Tliry nr# vuiiiui^rd In h-^ir lirlrnjcd. Ill IIUIHll-l'-. »lT r.Kllllllr "»»i- ,,-^ 1,N <"'«- K "irntitrfl n&nlmr I"<'!M >I1!.I-'S. Itr (hl[b^« It IMii- ,11. 1,, sh,, liMlril M'n. Iklnklnc ME^ hill) till) lirr hllKlinnd (tf • •INI- ~.-lll'l:.l Involving ll-t. n,,d Ik. II THACKV Slll.l-H klllfrt -.prrxlli 1 In Itrclrrr htw vvllf (nun •' i-!j:l-"'i, cf liinrrfpr. tl* lrnrn« Id, I I'hir:! ril«Vnl Trnrcy Inln i,):i-rl^i:i'. >K'il Itirtr lir. n "innlr ^••ll{lrmcr." NV.Ifc vrrT rtnUfrtrf, Fn Vrtv York. llMfil'-c Attri« Iknt ilio t ir(><^ Tit t\'il(-Ti Nlln ivnft rrf- r,:--.'l mil i\lil<'li 111- ll'lnk. It ,. r ^,i|. lfT ,,...,, %vn* T>iitii v >tf In . ..... i>-,rj-. ;[||R Al Itic Knrsvlp L -nS,i-il. •» her- i' 1 * ivo-.-n Imolvril r.l'-"<l(Nl "I"' >%l'"r. \tlrt *Yn» fC- r^..r>T ,-r l h * Er"-fcr piny, hr i.." f .., t'-ni I'lnrn '^Ir »plin"l nml !• ,,—T,,- n r-l:nm» clrl In 11)10. end lold me that her husband had left her, after a quarrel, and hud nut returned, ft fioems that she Imd hinoeciilly laid him how she liad vainpeu Hennv Slclhfeld. the bi^ revue producer, you know. Iniu glv h:g ber u 'spot' lu hla bommui show, ami thai her "Mat 1 had lluwn Into a ra^e, accusing her of having been nnlrue to him. She never mentioned Ills desenlun to nu 1 a£al». but—" ro hivestlfinttiiK Iho murder, yon iave undoubtedly met lllllu i'c- u'louo Cralu?'' it | KNOW lur very well. U bap peim Hint the la prlvnlo KOCIO- ary to Hits district iiliorney, under OUR BOARDING HOUSE By Ahern ; 44VIIS?" Iliiiidee hrompKd. "Well." Serena Hurt went on, uncomfortably, "I'm uftald li — i It,!--" ^^]fll hr ..... x «<r>" lul Mln Mint whom I work. Why!" :c 0\ IV1TII TIIK STOIIV ClIAl'TBR XI.IU L never moi Sila's hus hand." Serena Hart replied "As :i mailer of fact, she lold me ex tranriliiiJi'lly little abfml hljn. and rlld not discuss her tnarrii)::e with ihe oilier girls of the chorus al all. I (;nt Hie impression thai Mr. Sellin — Mat. she called him—wanted It kepi secret for a while, liul 1 don't know why. . . . This was early In ion. as I've lold you. though i liiivc no way of fixing even Ihe ap- date, nnd New York was fnll nf soldiers. L remember I lumped to Ihe conclusion thai Nita | =mv!imhc>il to a war romance. "When {lid she tell you of her marriage—that is. when — in relation to ilic dale of ilio wedding Itsell*.'" Dundee aslted. "The very day she was mar- rk-:]." Serena Hart answered. "She was lain for the matinee. Our drcsJins tables were side by side, • as she slipped out of her rather forgot poor Mm ntlcr 'Teas Ing Tilly' closed, for ray next worU In Block In Mea Mollies. Alter a year of slocX 1 not my chance li legitimate Ehoiv on llroadway. aud ine day L met ber oti the 1 sireet. Not having much to inlk «lt!i her about, 1 nskcd her If she and her iiusband were reconciled She Eald no. that sho bad nevef seen him again. Then. In n burst of contldence, she told mo that s!ie had hired a private detective out of her meager carnliigs to luvestfKate Lira In Ilia home town, or ralhci the city that ho had told her he camo from. Tho detective had reported that no such person na Mai or Matthew Selim bad ever lived there, so far aa ho' could find out 1 ashed her If she was golug 10 eel a divorce nnd she said Bli& was not —that being already married was a R married r;i\v her at lead In tlio [ilay nt Koiayto four or live years UKO," Miss lluil explained, het (uto tinned from Iho delecllvo as slie dusted It with powder, "and 1 iv«s Impressed with tier taleni. li fcii-i, I advised her father, who luu come from Hamilton to witness ilii performance, as iiroud parents arc likely to do, to let her to on Hie stage." "So yon met Kotcr Grain?" Dun ico [mused to ask. "Oil. yea n clmrmlnn man. T\VELVE HEAD of gmil mules for Krilp. Sec Sum Thomas at First National Bark, Blythcvlllc. Ark. 7P-K10 TOR KENT IN DELL—FOR RENT—3 room house, S7.0U; -i rojm l:ous:, Sll. L. Fowler, Phone 888 or 450-J. 1BC-TP FOR RENT— Furnished apartment, 719 Chickasawba. Phone 295. 3P-K9 diess — " "This dress?" Dundee asked, and ! handed her the photograph of dead Nita In the royal blue velvet dress she liad kept for 12 years. "Yes." and Serena ilart shuddered. "Her hair was dressed like thai. too. nlthonEb she rail been wearing it In Ions curls, and had to lake it down before she could go on tor the opening number. She whispered to me tlir.t she bad been mariied tjtat day. that she was ter. riL'ly happy, very niNCh in love, nnd that her husband bad asked her to flress her hair in tho French roll, a favorite hair-dress with him. Between numbers .^lic whispered lo me again. telllns me that her husband was 'EO different,' 'such a lamb 1 —loially unlike any man she bad met on Broadway, poor child." "No. she did not tell me bow old he was. where be came from, his business, or what he looked like, and I did not inquire. As the days passed—weeks, probably—she became more and more silent and reserved, though once or twico she protection against In hasle again. After that, 1 rnther lost sight of Nlla, and praclictills forgol tier, our .'pallia being so ven divergent." "And you never saw her Dundee asked, very mucb dieap pointed. "Oh. yes. two ov three tlinea—a openings, or on Iho street, but never held any significant confer- sallon," Serena ilart answered, reaching fur her hat. "Ob, yes! I was about to forget! I had quite o shock In connection with Nita One afternoon—let's see.^that was when I opened In 'Hullabaloo.' In which 1 made my first real success, you l;now—I bought The .Vcio fork Evening Star, which devotes con siderable space to theatrical doings I to see wbat sort of review tho shou lad got, and on tho first pago I saw a picture of Nita, beneath a head; iue which Eatd, 'Famous Model I'llh even moro personality than ila (Jnufilncr," the nctrosa answered •arelesaly, KO carelessly that Dun- Ico had o. enddcn hunch. "Have you seen Mr. Grain recently! He descried his family and fled Hamilton, In rather unsavory clr"iiina;nncc3." "What do you mean?" Mlsa tlarl asked sharply. , j "Ob. thero wn'9 nothing actually criminal, 1 suppose, but he Is bo- lleved to have withheld BOHIO so curltlcs which would have helped satisfy bis creditors, when bankruptcy was Imminent," Uuinl-ie explained. "Have you seen him since then—January, that was, 1 be llevc?" "January?" Miss Hurt appeared to need lime for reflection. "Oh. yes! Ho sent In bis card on [lie first nlglit ot my show that opened In January. It was a Hop —lasted only live weeks." • "Do you know where Mr. Grain Is now?" Dundee nslicit. "1 have u message for him from renny. which 1 should like to roacli him." "\Vliy should I see bleu again?" Miss Hart shrugged. "And I haven't tho least Idea ivhero lie Is llviug or "Itooj Mil* :rpxrlebt Hue beneath his nil-lure"—and ho pointed 10 U 1 I'hotosraidi ot Nlla wliK-li bud ipi'i-arcil erroneously—"moan that ,'".' I'K'luro was Byiidlcaiodt" Tlie uli-i bcni her head to sco. "'Coiiyrlplu by Metropolitan picture Service'," Hho reail'nloiul. "Yc», lhal'a \\hnt li meanj. When Tl\6 ij tilur wiia iivvniti by ,\ir. MiKmis. ho formed n separate company which he- culled Ihe Metropolitan Pli-turo Service, which Bun- plloil impel!, all t>ver tin.- rjuiitry vulii a dally pleluri; service, In mat h'i m." "Are their Hies available?" Dun- deo asked, "If (hoy I don't l,,i-.v. any- tiling iilnuu It." iho tirl \ v :,\ Mm, n iimKher seckci altur bound volumes of ilu- p:i|mr. "It doesn't mallei 1 ," Damlcc- as- red her, anil asked tor a shcel of win-, nn ulilrh |.<i iiah-ldy i.imposcd Hie rolUiulug ii-K-i-ruin, addressed to IVnny Cialii: j'i.i:ASi-: SHAHCII KII.I:S AI.I. we cx= GROUND AM 1 -!>(' OI^LV OIL -fUeRE-, 15 WrfA-r VQU\L •scoiSTfeP oiu "TfeRRn&f?V TOR •tH' Bissesf coMPAMtes 1 SP6AK WI-I^ AUTrfO'RlW I • 5O ^Ol^D BBTrffiR Stick -fa VoUR OIL 6F TTiJMIPEU-BERRV.' -v^_^ TllllKK IIAMIl.'I'ON I'AI'KUH IK MAY h-lll-KTII I'D TWO TOli STIIKY AND I'lC- TUHKS ON SU1C1DK AM 1A \.KK AHTISTS MOIJK1. KAY NOTIllNO Tfl AXYOX1C NOT B.\N, what ho is dolug now. . Ot course. If be should come to sec me backstage after 'Temptation' ojieiis— What Is the mesiage from Penny?" "That her mother wants him to come home." Dundco answered "And 1 nm sure Pcuny wants hlir. back. loo. . . . The mother Is one ot tho sweetest, gentlest, most Commits Suicide'—" 'tragic women I have ever met— "\Yhat!" Dunciee ciclaimcd, cs- an(t you navc sc ^ n Penny for your- tounded. "Ob. It wasn't Nita Leigh," sell. . The disgraco has been very bard on them, ft would be . , Serena Hart reassured him. "There splendid It Hoger Crsln would come aok and redeem himself." , "alt an hour later Donnio nun- Anita- Leo had committed suicide. i«ce. In the file room of The New was a correction the neit day. You see, an artist's model named ] and. ns the-Star explained It the next day, the similarity ot both the fir^t name and tlio last had i'orfc Efcnlno Star, was In posses sion of the bound volume of Ihe newspapc-r for Iho month of May, FOR RENT—Four rco:n apartment, 810 West Ash. Call 510. 5C-TF -1 iirotcstcd she was still terribly happy. Then came a day when she did not show LP for the nerform- ance at. all. Ths ?ert niclit «hi FOR RENT—4 room stucco buna-i-JFOR RENT—Good a room house, low. Gnrnge. Modern' convcn- located North lOtii St., Call al knees. Apply COO N. Fifth St. 1915 ]j 0 Hi- phone 290. CC-K9 P-K-8 caused the error in the photograph. | !3- 2 - Under Iho caption, on Ihe There was a picture of Nita Leigh, with Nlta's statement that 'the report of my death lias been exaggerated,' and a picture of the real Anita Lee." "Yv'hen did Hie mistake occur?" Dundee asked. In great excitement. "Let mo think!" Serena flart frowned. " 'Hullabaloo' opened in— yes, about the first of May. 1D22. . . . Just a little more than eight years ago." Dnndce reached for his own bat. in a fever to be gone, hut to tiio surprise the actress stopped him, a faint color in her palo checks. "KiTjc.p vou'rp from Hamilton, and front page ot the issuo of May 3, which Serena Hart had quoted so accurately, wna n picture of n young, laughing Nita Leigh, her curts bobbed short, a rose between hr-r gleaming teeth. And In tho Issue of May 4 appeared two picturca side by side—exotic, stralght- hnircd, slant-eyed Anita Lee, who had found lifo so Insupportable that sho had ended it, and tho same photograph ot living, vital Nita Leigh. W HEN ho returned tho files be i the £irl in charge a qn mcitsoN iv UK is II,M-K STOP WHIU HKSUI.T IIDTIU.. In Ills lunc-l, while 1n:;,:i:iL'inly nwaltlns an nnsivor fruin IVnny. ho passed the time by w.imiliii; nil Iho Now York papers i>: Tliurailay atitl Trlday, on [be chan::e 'tf meL't- ing with slKtilfiaint revohitioiis concenilny the [irlvate life ol lk-x- tcr Siirai;uo or Ju.uula l.elnh milled In dcalli, liy Hie press, nt least. Two pieces of Information held Dundee's hiKicst, I Tlie lirst was a reminder ti> Iho ' public that certain llirilrk-al col. iiiniis of Sunday, Keb. 3. had rar- ried llie rumor of Ulster Ki'iagnu'd engnsemem to Dolly Martin, popular 'baby* star of Allamout Plciurca, and tlial the papers of Tuesday, 'eb. 11, had can-led Sinaguis's own Oenliil of ihe etigayeniL'ai. "So thai Is why Nlla tiled lo commit suicide on I'cb. 0—anil her attempted BulcLdo, wllli Its tragic cougeo.uenccs for l.ydla Carr, Ij [irobably the reason Dostcr Siiraguo gave up his pleturi: slur." lltindeo mnscil. "Did Nlla lei him persuade her to KII Into Iho blackmail business, In order to hold bis wander- Ing, mercenary affections'.'" Tho second bit of Information tfhlcli the. papers supiled him was gleamed by Dundee himself, fr-nn a new summary ol Mia Leigh's lilsl year of life as chorus girl, specially dancer, 'double' In plelures, nnd director of the Easter play at for- syte-on-tbe-IIudsoti. "If -Nil.i got n divorce or even a legal ser-arallon from her bus- band after htT talk a year ago with Gladys Karle, slip got It In New York and so Rocretly tlmt no New York paper liag been able to dip it up," Dundee concluded. "And yd she liad promised lo uiorrj/ A bellboy with EI telegram Interrupted Ihe startling new train of thought which that conclusion had started. Tho wiro was from Penny Grain. (To H« Contlnnrill CERTAIN S-fRIKS OIL 1)J A CAM OF SAP DIM'S S, I UOULP KlkioW AM -fUe WAld DiSCOV/EREP "Trlti -THA-r.-ro WrlAt-E OIL, ( . DERRICK Oli ' wri ALE'S BACK TlELPS CiF CrllUA { BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A lill) FROM HAHK By Martin FOB RENT—ti room Bungalow, 605 FOR KENT—Nice three (3) rccm , Chickasavvba St. Apply Mrs. Wal- aparlnient wilh priv.itc bath, gnr-1 i el - Rosenilml, Phone 149. GO-Ktr ajc an dcnlrance. Call 12-W. Cnsli Paid For Liitc Model_Used Cavs \Y. T. HAKNCTT 117-UO tan Main St. Plicne 8B8 or htn 7P-K10.FOR RKNT — Bedroom ill steam 1 heated house. !Uen preferred. Phone No. 1, Mrs. J. G. Sndbnry. 1P-KH WANTED WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent vvliite woman. Mrs. Brown, 704 S. Lake St. 17CK-TF STUI1KNTS GKT "HREAK" 'rule which ndtls a six innnths per-1 rc]iortct! thai a sneak thief ha BERKELEY, Cat, tUP) — Stu- iod of "academic warning" to back-'stolen $50 \vorth of silk stockings dents falling behind in scholastic ward students. 'which were a part of chorus i;rls attainments at Ihe University ol.. ' costumes. "I thought chorus girls California will receive a decided; Clicvus Girls Lose Blockings \ abandoned stockings In 1818," a "break in the near future," accord- ; SAN FRANCISCO, (UP)—A Rasp, veteran detective exclaimed, ing to Thomas B. Steel, I, recorder of of surprise sounded through police j • faculties, who announcer! n now headquarters here when a theater | Read Courier News Want Ads. WJPt CrXVi'T DOlK) AM OOT OPEMD f> 0;Mt OW HER. — \AWt I'D Vkf«t TO FOR A WW\.t SHt'o TMNU 1 WA-b A 6REAT GOY •••• MOT WU^tVS- OV 60 1 . Cl,,.,. -.,..- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS fJKNKKOlJS NEIGHHOR? Nossui Ij) and lonj distance hauling. Special races on rarlnad lots. Team for local liaulinjr. V. It. WASIIAM TRANSFER HOD Cliickasawln. Vlione Sol Vi'c can Save you money on Auto Glass .JACKSON 2020 Mnin UTO i'AHTS Phone fi« HAY Ore halo or a train load. EAll CORN, shuck tin, CSc bit. Shuck oil, 85c ]icv bu., in car !ots. C'ollon SUIrs Salrs Co., Inc. llljthcviile, A.k. Phone 174 or LD IMS. j POULTRY V.V.HTED-MRihcl prl- crc;. any qu.intity. Marilyn Hat-! chcry. 2',0 3. Fourth St. OC-TF, WANTED — To buy poultry, r.ny amoinit, market prices. J. E. Fifhcr tit C. L. Bennett, Co. Feed | Steve. 210 N. R. R. QC-K20 LOST AND FOUND WANTED—To buy chickens, any .amount. Fisher's Place, 213 South i First St. 23C-TF STRAYED—Black horse mule, 6 years old. cut, c;i hind foot. Call 555. 3P-K7 .• Bt)T I TU^U. ^ v fAAVJ NEX.T CGOfi T£> US. TACUSH !! $»<7 ^ : STRAYED — Three black horse • niulcr-. vliitr noses. 12CO pounds., 'Hcsvard. George E. Sniticr. Manila.! I 5F-K6' '. TAKEN UP —- Four horse mul?s. i three blnck. l bay. white ncse;-. weight nlxiiit 1100 each, age ntoul j i n years. Koutc 3. Box 61A. Frank I i Birclicll. 6P-K3 : . WHKN 'CltKY KAIUKI) YOU E.UK-Scir.c cf tiie very test snunrtan homes in lily. li'.cvillr. 2 :ic;-es land, plenty of out uiUldins.s. low taxes, ;<-,,-- cf flov.-crs and .Mmitlsery, bcaulllul in«n. nil modern c:,:,-(-,H heal, several |:p;-cr shc-11 r,ccan ln.-c.s. cnc of the mn.',t ir:;.il licmc.-: i': Blythcvlllc. Priee Is down in keeping wilh low v.nccs ct co'.ton. with terms. I ,i:.-.o lia-.r i-.vo or tiircc c.ish buyers for small farms. If yon \,.i:il (o tcl! ^o:ll• f.irm hbt it with me. I Invo sold < faf,.ns a:ul n:c in (li« pa.«t 3D days. , IS GETTING BETTER. W. BADER. . OLO v*JtNT OUTA JILOPPVI IT'D ROOS\ A MlMOTE. BUST HIS t CllASEO W I IF Wt ^WSElF. THIS, OF n HEM A FEEUN6 OF SH^Mt •LJCREtPS OVER THEM. TUtV rEtV. COMTOMPTlGLt, MORTiFIEt* B«rte.y WtREVURF-O FOR THE TOME. PURPOSE of PROTECT- iKG THE PRQFtSSOft'S LIFE. AMD WIS INVEMliOM. T' n EV HW6 toNJE . wtv »\se. T~TTiENTTrtt" PROFESSOR"," vie CAREFULLV BROU6HT IN OM 15v v^ra "OEATHLV PAUE, r, -Cjkllsf*^-^ \;.', /S^S^lTTn^- < ^- •' • '•& : Mf' ^ii/iY ^'^m^

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