Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on July 25, 1958 · Page 13
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 13

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, July 25, 1958
Page 13
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" " I DENNIS THE MENACE b Hank Ketcham "C'mon over, Tommy, an' bring all your busted toys! It's my Dad's day off!" STOCK QUOTATIONS S. F. Mining SAN FRANCISCO. July 24 (AP) Closing mining stocks: Sales Stock High Low Close 500 ADex 30 .3U .30 1000 Black Bear .38 .38 .38 1000 Gold Zone .. .05',j .05'i .05'i 4000 Manhattan C .02 2 -02 'a .02 "a 37000 Mt. Union .. .01 'a .0U .01,j 500 Slskon Corp. .90 .85 .85 1000 North Star Oil .14 .14 .14 3000 20th Cen. Fuel .20 .20 .20 Acme 04'-i -J Ambrosia Mineral 20 .28 Apex 28 -3 American Copper 08 .30 Best Sc Belcher 07 .25 Black Bear 35 .40 Black Mammoth -07 .15 Blue Ridge 12 20 Blue Ridge "A" 12 20 Calif Engels 10 .14 Comstock Keystone .... .04 .06 Comstock Tunnel 05 .13 Comstock Limited .26 21 Con. Chollar IS .30 Double O 09 -M Entrada 49 Eureka Hamburg 03 .04 Giant 1" 18 Golconda -27 bid Goldfleld Con JO 1.00 Goldfleld Development. .01 ',a .02',2 Gold Metals 05 .07 Gold Zone 06 .07 Hercules 07 .11 Jack Walte 11 Manhattan Con t i"'a Manhattan Gold 02' .032 Mount Union Ol'i .02 National Tungsten .'2 New Metals 10 .29 North Star OH 13 .16 Operator Con 20 .24 Pacific Uranium 6.75 6.00 Paradise Oumu 08 Pony Meadows 01 ' .. Red Hill 02'a .03 Rose Gold 18 .25 Round Mountain 10 .12 76 Development 3',a 08 Silver Divide 05 .06 Klilrnn f.nm 80 1.00 SmuEKler. Ltd 01 a .02 i Snnhiinl. 30 .35 Tonopah Divide 04 'i .05 'a Trail. Inc OUa 02 -a Translerra 04 .05 29th Century Fuels 20 .25 U. S. Consolidated d -OS 'a Verdi -20 ?2 Vivian ! -19 White Caps -25 .z Jordan Obtains Oil in Trucks AMMAN, July 25. P Jordan's acute oil shortage has been eased, informed sources said today. The first oil from the port of Aqaba has reached Amman in 140 bi? truck tankers which brought it from the British-owned tanker Clyde Explorer. An American-owned tanker Is due at Aqaba today with an additional shipment and the operation is set to proceed smoothly henceforth. The oil presumably is coming from the Persian Gulf. Crop Prospects Good in Soviet MOSCOW, July 25. UP The Soviet Union moved into the second half of 1938 with its national industrial plan exceeded by four per cent and its crop prospects excellent, the central statistical administration reported today. The gross industrial output in the Soviet Union in the first six months of the year was up 10.5 per cent from the same period in 1957. the report said. All newly created regional economic councils "fulfilled and overfilled the state plan for the first half of the year" with but one exception, the report added. The exception was the council on Sakhalin, the big island north of Japan. 8 Skirmishes HAVANA, Cuba, July 25. (JP Cuban government troops and Fidel Castro's rebels engaged in eight skirmishes yesterday in eastern Cuba, an Army communique said today, with casualties on both sides. The communique did not list totals but said the fighting took place at Jigue, Limones, Bara-coa, Maffo, Gran Tierra, Juaco and two isolated crossroads. San Francisco Poultry SAN FRANCISCO (UPI)--Live poultry: Broilers ls4-2a lbs. 23 24; frvers, heavy type 2'4-4'i lbs. 22-23: capon-ettes, heavy tvpe 4', lbs. and over 27 28; fowl (hens) light tvpe ail weights 16 17; fowl, heavy type all weights, no price; squabs, all weights .65. vnn loiaf: orpx.. i.iv; ij Mar. l.25"2; May 1.28'j. OATS; Sept. 63 62't; Dec. tSVt-M; I Mar. 68; Mav 674. I RYE: Sept. 1.26'i.iJ,: Dec. 1.31-30'i; Mar. 1.33U-: May 1.33.. I NONFERROUS METALS i NEW YORK, July 25. ( AP) Spot nonferrous metal prices today: Copper 26V cents a pound, Connecticut Valley. Lead 11 centa a pound, New York. Zinc 10 cent a pound. East St. Louis. Tin 85',i cents a pound, 1 New York. Foreign sliver 88i cent 1 per Troy ounce, New York. l HICAUU UKA17I CHICAGO. July 26 (AP) Close: WHEAT: Sept. I.851',-",: Dec. 1.81?,. U: Mar. 1.954.i: May 1.94"4- ec. l.ii't- New York NEW YORK. July 24 Stock quota tlons furnished by Walston St Co. lnc: Open Clcss Air Reauc bU2 61-;. Aileg L Steel 39 Allied Chem 8a (2 JK'g 87-;, 44i 20 48', 17-,4 14 14 12',, 4i 179 89 284 47 56 1 a Allied sirs 443 Am Airlines 204 American Can 48 j Alco Prod 17 U Am Motors 12;! Am Had St. S 14 Am Smelt 45 '4 Amer Tel & Tel 179 U Am Tobacco 88Vg Am Viscose 2&-,t Ancon Cop 46g Armco ti sa Armour & Co 173,4 Atchison 233.i1 23i,2 7;:, 35' 4 57'4 44 453, 32'4 34 , 47 28, 20', 74'4 168 603, 17 48?, 191, 1234 1234 54', 23'4 49I4 21i2 481 a 291, 38 597, Avco Mig 71 j Bait & Onio 334 Bendlx Av 68 Beth Steel 44i Boeing Airp 45' Borg warn 32?, Burr Ad M 333. Cal Pack 47 Can Pac 28' Case (J I) 197, Cster Trac 72 2 Celanese 163 Ches fe O 593, Ch M SP & Pac 16, Chrysler 48', Col Gas 195, Com Solv 13 Cons Copper Meg 12'i Con Edis 55 , Container 23', Cont Can 493, Crown Cork 21 a Crown Zell 48' a Curtlss Wr 285, Deere At Co 37 '4 Doug Air 591, Dow Chem ei 603,4 Du Pont 19034 191 j CHSv Air l, 342 34 Eastm Kod 114', 1131 El Auto Lite 33', Flintkote 431 2 Ford 4034 Gen Dynamics 58, Gen Elec 62, Gen Foods 63 Gen Motors 42 '4 Goodrich 65 '2 Goodyear 88 !', Greyhound 157. 33'a 44 41 58' i 62'a 6334 42,a 66 89'; 1534 4034 35'2 815, 1031 4 3734 42, 4414 29' i 93 523, 86 503; 163; 67 337; 323, 3738 48i2 674 44i2 24 503; 99i2 18ia 337, 42'j 41ia 56 475, 92 133; 23", 51i4 463, 651 39'4 35 18'i 53'2 273; 94 ; 291, 25 297B 82 'a 61 48 3 4 56i 4 49'8 18'8 51 483; 54', 271, 38 '2 71'2 ll'a 25 127, 24 30 1017, 47 30', 29 66 'i 35', 69' j 21 fa 60 48'2 Homes take 403; Int Harv 353 Int Nick 82 Int Paper 102 Int Tel & Tel 37 Johns Man 43 Jones Sc L 43'4 Kaiser Alum 29s, fvt-imecoii Kern Co Land Lof Glass Lock Aire 92'i 51', 86 51'i Loews ifliv Lorillard P 67 Macy (R H) 333; mm uu I VJ Jj , Mont Ward Nat Blsc Nat Cash Reg 3234 37s 48 '4 66 Nat Dairy 441' Nat Distill 24 Nat Oypsum so5. Nat Lead 984 N Y Central IT7. No Am Avia 33'4 Nor Pac 41. Ohio Oil 41, Pac Gas Si Elec 56 Pac Light 477i Penney 92 Pa RR 131, Pepsi Cola 2234 Phelps Dod 513, Phillips Pet 46 '4 Proct & Gamble 64'a Pure Oil Radio Cp 39', 36 Rayonier 18 Repub Stl 53 Revere Copper Richfield O .. Safeway St . . 27'i 94i, 29 243, 30 81'i 6034 483, 563, 48', 18'i, Schenley Ind Sears Roeb . . Shell Oil Sinclair Oil .. Socouv Vac .. So Cal Edls . . I South Pac ... Sperry Rand . iStd Oil Cal .. Std Oil Ind .. 50 1 49 Std Oil NJ 54U ounray un zc. syivania aec Texas Co Textron . . . . 37': 71i4 llJ. Tide Wa As 243; Trans W Air 12' Transamerlca Twenty C f ox 2434 297, Un Carbide 100', Un Oil Cal 47 Un Pac 303; Unit Air L 28 Unit Aire U S Rubber U S Steel 67 , 36', 69' West Un Tel 203. West Elec 59, Woolworth 48'4 Eggs, Buffer, Cheese SAN FRANCISCO. (UPI) Egg prices to retailers; Poultry Producers: large AA 49-53; large A 48-50; medium AA 37-41; small A none. Sylvester Dairy Prod.: Large AA 43-63; large A 48-50; medium AA 37-41: small A none. Federal State Market News: Large AA 49-53; large A 46 50; medium AA 37-42; medium A 37 41; small A none. BUTTER (FSMN) ; Prices to retailers: First quality 1 lb. print 65-68'a. 'i lb. print 56V2-69: second quality 1 lb. print 63-66, ' lb. print 63 i. 67. CHEESE (FSMN) : Prices to retailers: Loaf 39-41: singles 40-42. (Cheese report Is issued only on Mon day.) ALUMINUM AWNINGS DRAPERIES and KIRSCH DRAPERY RODS VERTICAL and VENETIAN BLINDS Pprpi ESTIMATES and rtVCC pickup and Delivery FA 3-7501 VERTICAL BLIND & AWNING CO. 'Everything for the Windows 620 N. WELLS AVE. RENO LIVESTOCK MARKETS LOS ANGELES LOS ANGELES, July 25 (AP) (FSMN CATTLE 250; trading liimted to few dairy cows, about steady; utility 18.00 19.50: canners and cutters 14.00-18.00; part of cow run and few carryover steers not being offered todsv. CALVES 10; not enough for market tst HOGS 125; one load delivered on bought to arrive basis; not enough 'or market test. SHEEP none. STOCKTON STOCKTON. Julv 25. ( AP) CATTLE: For week 2.100. Steady. CALVES: For week 900. Steady to veaker. SHEEP: For week 750. Spring laughter lambs weak to 25 cents iwer, slaughter ewes and spring .eeder lambs about steady. Debate Urged By Franklin George Franklin, jr., of Las Vegas has challenged his rivals for the Democratic nomination for governor to a debate of campaign issues. In letters to Harvey Dick-erson in Carson and Grant Sawyer in Elko, Franklin wrote : "The voters of Nevada are entitled to know your thinking and mine on such vital issues as gaming control, freeway location, public and private utilities, welfare services, unemployment, fiscal management, and numerous other problems Franklin said he was issuing the debate challenge so that the ultimate decision of the voters will be based upon "knowledge and not publicity" of the candidate's background, training, experience and platform. Polio Running Less Than Half WASHINGTON, July 25. JP) The number of polio cases this year is running less than half of last year's figure. The Public Health Service said today 913 cases were reported by the states up to July 19 this year while 1.979 were listed in the similar 1957 period. Of this year's cases, 438 had been listed as paralytic compared with 780 up to this time a year ago. There were 125 new polio cases reported last week, slightly less than half the 252 for the corresponding 1957 week. The median for the week for the five years 1953-57 was 565 cases. WEATHER Information as furnished by the U. S. Weather Bureau at the Reno Municipal Airport. Reno. Temperatures high and low for 24 hours ending at 4:30 a.m.. July 25. 1958. H I. H L NEVADA STATIONS Reno 86 jLos Angeles 81 Louisville 51 Memphis . 54 Miami 50 Mpls.-St. P. 46 N. Orleans 43 New York . 62 Omaha . . . Austin Battle Mt Elko Ely Fallon . . . L. Vegas . 87 83 81 . 83 . 89 .100 . 91 69 Okla. City Lovelock . Susanville Tonopah . W'n'mucca 60 Phlla 87 46 Phoenix 102 86 86 54 Pittsburgh 48 P land. Me. P'land Ore Raleigh .. 62 Rap. Citv 63 Richm nd 64 St. Louis - 82 86 91 89 78 87 88 NATIONAL INFORMATION Albany NY 84 Alb'uerque Amarlllo . Atlanta .. B'mingh'm Bismarck . 88 95 82 88 82 71 S. Lake City 88 73 S. Antonio 98 52 San Diego 64 S. F'clsco 72 S. S. Marie 75 Seattle 61 Spokane . Boise 91 Boston ... 85 Br'svllle .. 93 Buffalo .. 86 Casper ... 75 Ch l't n SC 92 Chicago .. 83 Cincinnati 81 5J Tampa 72 Washington- 84 72 Wichita .100 62 Edmonton 64 Montreal 63 ottowa . . 59 Winnipeg 66 i 57: 78! 53! 79i 831 49 74 73 79 85 87 77 Cleveland Col'bus O . Denver Detroit . . . Duluth ... El Paso ... Fargo 86 . 81 . 79 . 85 . 84 . 82 . 79 101 90 . 81 Ft. Worth Galveston Helena J'cks'nvllle 93 Kans. City 89 PRECIPITATION DATA Reno and vicinity: last 24 hours. .04: season to date, .22; to date last season, .01: normal. .17. Other stations last 24 hours: Elko. .01; Amarillo, .43; Atlanta. .85: Birmingham, .54; Casper, .04; Charleston, S. C, .46; Chicago, .04; Cincinnati, .05; Colmnbus, O., .26: Denver. .27; Duluth, 1.30; Jacksonville. .23; Kansas Citv. .64; Minneapolls-St. Paul. .21; New Orleans. .01: Omaha, .12; Philadelphia, 1.45: Pittsburgh, .04; Raleigh. .35; Richmond, .85; St. Louis, .01; Edmonton, trace. FORKCASTS Reno and western Nevada: Variable cloudiness with a few scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Little change in temperature. Nevada: Mostly fair tonight and Saturday but with a few scattered thundershowers in the north and central portions. Little change In temperature. Sierra Nevada: Mostly fair tonight and Saturday with a chance of a few afternoon thunderstorms. Little change in temperature. Sunset Friday. 8:19 p.m.: sunrise Saturday, 5:53 a.m.; sunset Saturday, 8:18 p.m. IT sfeFi.R I -1 - in Htiw . ..unto"- Uj I SHOWTIMES: SATURDAYS I VYrA - 1 8:30 - 11:30 - 1:30 W&f A A VS 1 flYSX I FREE PARKING, TOO 1 I Fallon Man Shoots Wife ALLON. (Special) Nathan R. Bailey, 42, Fallon soda fountain operator is held in jail here for investigation of the shooting of his estranged wife. The wife, Mrs. Helen Bailey, 36, is in Washoe Medical Center with wounds in her chest and abdomen and her condition is re ported as satisfactory by her physician. District Attorney Jack Diehl said the shooting occurred at 10 p.m. Thursday in the driveway of the Bailey home a mile north of here. Mrs. Bailey, who recently filed suit for divorce, fled the house when Bailey arrived but as she backed out of the driveway her car went into a ditch and the shooting followed. The two were taken to Churchill public hospital by a passing motorist and Bailey was removed to the jail and Mrs. Bailey to the hospital in Reno. Bailey operates the Dew Drop inn soaa rountain here. Stardust Calls Creditors Meet LAS VEGAS Officials of the Stardust, Inc., have called a creditors meeting this afternoon in a discussion of problems facing the hotel as suits for unpaid bills and mechanics liens against the resort climbed to more than $100,000. Representatives of the United Hotels Corp., which includes the Desert Inn, will not be at the meeting, it was reported. Though the corporation oper ates on lease the casino, bar and theater restaurant, it is not involved in the management of the hotel where the financial difficulties are being experienced. A spokesman for United Hotels said business under the corporation is "excellent" and noted that "we know nothing about any troubles of Stardust, Inc. We are merely tenants. John Factor, president of Stardust, said the creditors will be told that additional financ- short term notes given to furn ishers, contractors and builders after Stardust, Inc., took over at a bankruptcy sale shortly after the first of the year. Largest of the suits for unpaid bills was that filed for Nevada Electric Co., which asked a total o $92,297 in labor and materials furnished from April 1 to July 16. A district court suit was filed yesterday in behalf of Transport Clearings for $2,907 while mechanics liens have been filed also for Crane and Rigging for $99.50 and Schroer Company for $6,824. The amount of other- bills owed by the resort is not known. Red Mob Riots At New Delhi NEW DELHI, India. July 25. UPi Three hundred police armed with rifles and tear gas bombs surrounded the U. S. embassy in New Delhi today to control a 1000-strong crowd of Communist demonstrators. The police warned the demonstrators, who were shouting ; slogans for the immediate with drawal of American troops from Lebanon, to keep 10 yards from the embassy gates and walls. The American staff had left for the day and only security personnel was on the premises. Yes, He Is LAS VEGAS, New, July 25. Jazz musician Charlie Ventura wonders if he's becoming accident prone. Last Saturday he broke a toe in a home accident. While mounting the stage at the Sans Souci hotel yesterday the 40-year-old saxophonist fell and broke five ribs. He'll be offstage three to four weeks. r ft UUMUMUl -"0UIMBY LIVE IN COMFORT WITH CANVAS AWNINGS Get them NOW ! CALL US COLLECT FA 2-3434 735 W. 3rd St. . Reno Gazette TV Log FRIDAY (Community Antenna) (Channels 2, 4, t KOLOTV (Channel 8) 5:00 2 Buccaneers 4 Movie 6 Movie 8 KOLO Korral 5:30 2 Mickey Mouse Club 4 Popeye 6 Movie ' 8 News (5:45); Weather Vane (5:50) 6:00 2 Tooneytown 4 Captain Sacto 6 News 8 Sports (6:05); Douglas Edwards (6:15) 6:20 2 Junior Auction 4 Whlrlybirds 6 Intrigue Theater 8 Sportsman's Corner 7:00 2 Amos 'n' Andy 4 Cavalcade of Sports 6 Trackdown 8 Cavalcade of Sport 7:30 2 Bengal Lancers 6 Destiny 8:00 2 Jim Bowie 4 Jefferson Drum 6 Phil Silvers 8 The Honevmooners 8:30 2 This Is Music 4 Life of Rilev 6 Schlltz Playhouse 8 Schlitz Playhouse 9:00 2 Extra Sensory Perception 4 M Squad 6 Undercurrent 8 I've Got a Secret 9:30 2 Patti Page 4 Thin Man 6 Personal -Appearance 8 Silent Service 10:00 2 Harness Racing 4 News; Movie (10:10) 6 Movie 8 Nlghtwatch 10:30 2 Star Performance 8 News: Late Date on Eight (10:35) 11:00 2 News 8 Sports (11:05); Late Date on Fight (11:15) 11:30 6 News: Movie (11:35) 12:15 4 News 8 Final Edition News Coins Removed From Juke Box The Sun cafe at 2960 South Virginia street was forcibly entered and a coin box removed from a juke box there, according to a report given to Reno police early this morning. Police believe the thief is the same person who broke into L. V. Red-fields Riverside lumber yard on West Second street the preceding night. The same type of tools for forcible entry were used, they say. The cafe's owner, Henry Yup, said he was not sure how much money was in the coin box. The theft was reported by waitress Pat Mulcahy. Bow 'n Arrow Used in Beirut BEIRUT, July 25. JP) A weapon of bygone wars the bow and arrow has come back into use in the Lebanese rebellion. But now it has a modern warhead. The rebels are shooting cone-shaped dynamite charges into government positions with ordinary bows. The unorthodox weapon was displayed by a rebel officer. A dynamite charge was attached to a heavy arrow. As soon as the fuse is lit, the archer aims the arrow on a steep trajectory, timing it to explode just before hitting the ground up to 100 yards away. Perilous Parker TT-rr--i-.. o- , uiLKuni, in.., juiy za .- Elmer Glenn Johnson Of V al- dese parked his car, got Out and hailed a cab. Shortly afterward he wasifi! herein booked bv police on a drunk charge. He had parked his car on railroad tracks at a crossing. A freight train was halted in time for police to haul the car off the tracks. WARREN'S LAWN SPRINKLING CO. specializing in . . , Custom Engineered LAWN IRRIGATION SYSTEMS Designed 7 Installed LOW COST TERMS FA 3-5413 Choose from: Galvan ilS '.- ized, Goodyear Rubber or Plastic HOW TO GET WELL AND KEEP WELL Try tho Great China Herb Specialists. On. specially imported herb remedies of over 300 varieties have been used In China for centuries. They relieve the various ailments whether they are of the Lungs. Stomach, Liver, Kidney, Bladder or Diabetes; or If you are afflicted with indigestion, asthma, catarrh, blood poison (including blood disorders and high blood pressure), rheumatism, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, or any other known complaint. GEO. Q. WONG HERB TEA COMPANY 115 E. Silt' St ' Phone FA 2 S348 .ma Gus Gorgan Rites Slated Gus Christ Gorgan, a cook at various local cafes for 10 years, died Thursday in a local hospital where he had been for 20 days. Mr. Gorgan, 63, was born in Greece. He formerly was a - .. ... . member of the California Na tional Guard, and was a ship yard guard at one time. He was;t 2:00 p.m. (Pacific : Daylight saving u u v j Time) for construction of a portion a iiitriiiLri ui mc vuimciiy tuiu Hotpl Service Workers Ilninn Local No. 45. He lived at 512 Mill St. Mr. Gorgan is survived by his widow, Mrs. Esther Gorgan of Reno; three daughters, Mrs. Diamond Pepiton, Mrs. Venus Reece and Elaine Caufield, and a son, Mike Katsiros, all of Oakland. He is also survived by six grandchildren. Friends are invited to attend funeral services Saturday at 11 a.m. at the Ross-Burke Co. chapel, with the Rev. John T. Ledger of Trinity Episcopal church the clergyman. Burial will be in the culinary workers plot of Mountain View cemetery. Hershey to Visit Reno, Carson Selective sen-ice offices In; by Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Hershey, national director of selective service Monday, Aug. 4. Gen. Hershey is to arrive in tr, c,,,, a tr. v. t. v i to be met bv selective service officers here. After visiting the Reno office Monday morning, the general is to go to Carson for an open-house reception and a visit to the Carson Lions and Rotary clubs. . Monday evening, he is to be honored at a banquet in Reno, to which selective service board members and clerks from all parts of Nevada have been invited. The general is to be accompanied on the trip by Lt. Col. John W. Barber, his selective service representative for the Sixth Army area. The Greek physician Hippocrates, who was born in 460 B. C, performed skull surgery with a small instrument resembling today's circular saw, reports the National Geographic Society. LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE rttTTKT-v rtv wucunp No. 175062 nent. No. PAUL DEXTER CRICHFIELD. MARY ELIZABETH CRICHFIELD. Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada s?nds greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re- ,Chslrman or Secretary of the State quired to serve upon MAURICE J-1 of Nevada Planning Board. Bids SULLIVAN. EbQ. plaintiff s attorney, i be subrnlned on a Bld Form RUpPiied whose address fs 158 North Virginia ;bv tne state of Nevada pianning Street. Reno. Nevada an answer tOBoard the Complaint which is herewith jPrevailing wage rates for the north served upon you. within 20 days after ern Nevada area shall be paid for all service of this Summons upon yovr. i classifications of labor .as established exclusive of the day of service. If you,DV trie Nevada Labor Commissioner, fall to do so. Judgment by default plans and specifications mav be ex- llief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a 'judgment dissollvng the bonds ofjeiated General Contractors. 180 W'esti.-urJf;.-. ,.TW. m.trinuin cvinHnff hetween vou and iPirst Street Renn Neiorto- Rsnn1 M. vii. l, ueicnaans t .nrpmi ,rr. , i c;;::Vi Icrueltv. and for an order awarding 'plaintiff the custody of the minor in plaintiff s verified complaint on iA.Ll Date: July 24. 195R. H. K. BROWN. Clerk of Court By D. CAIN. Deputy Cleric July 25 Aug. 1-8 Id 22 nrTm8ECONI" "JUDICI AL DIS, THE COUNTY OF WASHOE. No. 174320 Dept. No. 2. ELISA MAZZA DENLET, Plaintiff vs. WILLIAM JAMES DENLEY, Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to serve uoon Kendrick Johnson, Esquire, plaintiffs attorney, whose address Is 204 Byington Building. Reno, Nevada an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fall to do so. Judgment bv default will be taken against you for the relief de- I I t . v. 1 t . . luauuru ill niv .uuipiiui., wwn. divorce from the bonds of matrimony upon the grounds of extreme cruelty: custody of the minor child ren awarded to Plaintiff: a proper and suitable order for the support of said minor children, and other and further relief. ' H. K. BROWN. Clerk of Court Bv A. Mvers, Deputy Clerk Date: June 9th, 1958. (SEAL OF COURT) June 27 July 5 11 IS 25 in inc. Dtvunu o umoiui uus- TRICT COURT OF THE STATE of inkvaija. in Au run int;, COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 174823. Dept. No. 3. HELEN ELOISE SULLIVAN, Plaintiff ROBERT E. SULLIVAN. Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greet-ings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to serve ipon SAMUEL B. PRANCOVICH, ESQUIRE, plaintiff's attorney, whose address is City Hall, Reno. Nevada, an answer to the Complaint which Is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fall to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This Complaint Is brought to obtain a Judgment and decree of divorce on the ground of extreme cruelty. H. K. BROWN. Clerk of Court By A. Mvers, Deputy Cleric Date: July 10. 1958. (SEAL) July 11 1825 Aug. 1-8 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OP THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 174948 Dept. No. 2 ALARE KHULMANN, Plaintiff v. JAMES O. KHULMANN, Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re quired to serve upon Pike Si McLaughlin, plaintiff's attorneys, whose address Is 15 East First Street, Reno, nevaaa, an answer to the Comolslnt which is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If vou fail tn An n Judgment by default will be taken against vou for the rnf H.m.nrt.H I In the Complaint. This action is j brought to recover a Judgment dig. soivmg tne contract of marriage existing between you and the plaintiff upon the ground of extreme cruelty, mental in nature. (SEAL) Date: July 18. 1958. H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court 1 July 18 25-Aug. 1 8-15 RENO LEGAL NOTICES BIDS WANTED FOR HIGHWAY IMPROVEMENT NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed proposals will be received by the undersigned on August 7. 1958 for the construction of portions of the Primary Highway System as follows: (1) Bids received until and opened at 1:45 P.M. (Pacific Daylight Saving Time) for the construction of a por- tion of the Primary Highway System in Washoe County, on Kietzke Lane between 400 feet south and 1200 feet Lni, nt tho v ?! c t fibrin rf street in- north of the East Second Street In tersection, a length of Q.ilS mues. to i Riri recelvpd until and opened rf thr Prtmnrv Hiehwav Svstem In July 25, 1958 Lincoln County, on U. S. Highway 93,ern Nevada area shall be paid for all between uauente ana i.o nui mu' nf lunetion S R. 25 near Panaca, a length of 15.293 miles. The Nevada State Emplovment Ser vine Offices located at 800 Haskell Street, Reno, Nevada, and 409 Murry Street. Elv. Nevada, respectively are the local agencies designated to prepare the employment lists for these contracts. The minimum wage to be paid on the Washoe County Project shall be as follows: $2.46 per hour for unskilled employees: $2.55 per hour for in termediate grade employees: ana $2.70 per hour for skilled employees. The minimum wage to be paid on the Lincoln County project shall be as follows: $2.85 per hour lor unskin ed emolovees: $2.90 per hour for In termediate grade employees; and $3.17 per hour for skilled employees. Plans and specifications may be examined at the office oi the unoer signed, the Highwav Department Di vision Offices at Las Vegas, Reno and Ely, Nevada; the Regional Office of tVii Piirean rtf DnKHt PnaHe T?r,nm 102. Old Mint Building, Fifth and;avs D'a,pP-n'uB , . Mission Streets, San Francisco 3, Cali-Every bid 8ha11 b !;ccim2anedJ?y fornia; the Associated General Con- N"1? S?mPa(nJ ?0ndA ?f! tractors of America. 1210 Grove Check Certified Chech :. or Cash made Street, Boise, Idaho, 430 South MainiPayDle to the State of Nevada, in an Street. Salt Lake City. Utah, ttnd:amourVt of not less than five (57 Security National Bank BuUding. 180;Pnt of the amount of bid said t-i,. cw T.n v.-ft 0 1 amount to be forfeited should the. Plans, form of proposal. coAtract and specifications may be secured Dy pre- , . " J" C!m Ut qualified bidders through the office 5,. ... ,,rf-i,,rf ftr.rrscit rf ton other contract documents, and fur-Soil?" $10 00? is reouir?d for eacSin' the required bond wtlhln ten Ave dollars ($5.00) of which will be muuueu uju muiu w '",mrini, nf ,htrtv I30i calendar davs good condition, within fifteen (15) days after the opening of bids. Bids im.t h. th nrr.-! fwm nf Highway Department, and must .be accompanied by a bid bond, a certl fied check, a cashier's check, or cash in the amount of five per cent (5) of bid. Right Is reserved to reject any or all bids. Contractors desiring to bid on this work, if not already qualified under the State Law, shall file with the Department of Highways at Carson City. Nevada, not later than five (5) days prior to the date for opening of bids, a complete application for qualification on form furnished bv the Depsrtment. All requests must be made in writing on the standard printed form provided free of charge for that purpose by the Department of Highways. i ue Hiieuiiuu ui uiuuers is uirtfriea to the State Contractors' License Law requirement that a contractor hold a valid license of a class corresponding to the work to be done. Requests for license may be directed to the Secretary of the State Contractors Board. Securitv National Bank Building, 180 West First Street. (P.O. Box 4781, Reno, Nevada. Requests for general engineering llcerss will be processed within ten (101 days after application Is submitted. H. D. MILLS State Highway Engineer Carson City, Nevada i July 23 Aug. 1. lncl.address Is City Hall. Reno, Nevada, , . i an answer to the Complaint which. NOTICE JOcoNTRAeroRS jls herewith served upon you. within c. ," - JN.,V1TTION TO,BID , 20 days after service of this Sum- Sealed bids will be received in thelmon. ,irion vml. exclusive of the day I office of the State of Nevada Plan a'E1"?.08. Room 214. Telegraph ! parson Citv, Ward Building at the Nevada State Hospital Washoe Couty. Nevada. imonv now and heretofore existing Such sealed bids as are received will between you and the Plaintiff on be publicly opened and read at theithe ground Gf ywI extreme cruelty , above hour, date, and place, by the to Plaintiff I Alegre & Harrison. 500 Plumas Street! Reno. Nevada: Nevada Chapter. Asso- I Reno. Nevada: Northern California j Chapter. Associated General Contrac- co. California: Sacramento Builders Exchange. 1331 T. Street. Sacramento. iW:H"d prime contract work at the office of the State of Nevada Planning Board. Room 214. Telegraph Building. 11 KJ'1 ftrwt. Carson City. lars ($50.00 twenty-five ($25.00) dollars for each additional set. Deposits will be re funded If plans and specifications fn.'".'".0 cJ?ndlttofn w'th:imony now and heretofore existing in ten U0 calendar days after bid h., ' vnlI .ntl the -hn. n..S opening date Every bid shall be accompanied bv a surety company Bid Bond. Cashier's Check, Certified Check, or Cash made payable to the State of Nevada, In an amount of not less than five (5) percent of the amount of bid. said amount to be for?Mted should the bidder to whom the- contract is awarded fall to enter Into the contract In accordance with his bid. and other contract documents, and furnish the required bond within ten (10) calendar days after reqlpt of notice of such award. No bid may be withdrawn within a period of ihirty (30) calendar days irom tne opening date Herein, ana ! tnen on'y 111 case the award of the contract has not been made. Contractors desiring to bid on this work shall be licensed and qualified by the Nevada State Contractor's Hrifirri nrpvioiw to time of hid onen.' ing. Nevada State Contractor's I.I-, County of Washoe. State or Nevaaa,-cense Number must be shown on bid made application to the State Engl.., form. ineer of Nevada for permission to p ; The right is reserved by the State of i propriate 0.30 of a second foot of the Nevada Planning Rnnrri in rpiwt. anv DUbliC waters of the State Of Nevada. ' or all bids or to accept the bid deem-1 ed best for the interest of the State I of Nevada WALTER A. SUTTON. Chairman. (s) By Walter A. Sutton State of Nevada Planning Board Carson City. Nevada Datea of .Publication In the RENO EVENING GAZETTE Reno. Nevada July 11, 18, 25, August 1. 1958 BANKRUPTCY SALE I JCSTJ?ineSS " CARSON SMOKE SHOP 2 Sway slot machine stands wired for Spin-All board . 1 Air Conditionlns System 2 Wood and Coal Stoves 1 ,,21" Table 12 Bar Stools 1 Electric Coco-Cola Box 4 Multiple Slot Machine Stands 1 Grinder and Polisher 1 Roto.Broil 1 Television Set (Subject to lien of 1271.06) 2 Captain's Chairs (wrought iron black base, coral backs and eats) . . . . 1 Solar Hot Water Heater 1 H.B. 3 Mixer ' 1 Large Cocktail Table, (round) 1 Fire Extinguisher 2 Sets Straw Drapes (in office) 2 Rolo dex Files 4 counter Stools (red top chrome base) 1 Sheet Metal Hood with fluors-cent lights and sheet metal exhaust pipe leading to exhaust fan. WILL BE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION AUGUST 5th. 1958. at 10:30 o'clock A.M.. in Room 302 U. S. Post Office Building. Reno, Nevada. Sales subject to confirmation of Court. For further information, contact HARRY BUSSCKKR, ESQ.. TRUSTEE, 118 West Second Street, Reno, Nevada Phone FA 9-1777. INSPECTION 1:00 o'clock P.M. to 4:30 o'clock P.M. AUGUST 4th, 1958 at Anneal Building. 102 South Division Street, Carson City. Nevada ' July 25-29-Aug. 4 Classified Ads Pay EVENING GAZETTE f 3 LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS INVITATION TO BID Sealed bids will be received in th office of the State of Nevada Planning Board, Room 214, Telegraph. Building. 11 West Telegraph Street,' Carson City. Nevada, until 2:30 p.m. -Nevada D.S.T., August 12, 1958. for . the Installation of an Additional Boiler In the existing Boiler Room at the Nevada State Hospital, Washoe County. Nevada. Such sealed bids as are received will be publicly opened and read at the above hour, date, and place, by the Chairman or Secretary of the State of Nevada Planning ' Board. Bids must be submitted on a j Bid Form Supplied by the stat. of Nevada Planning Board. ' Prevailing wage rates for the north ciashuivHviuus ui iHuur, b.i esiaoiiftiira . by the Nevada Labor Commissioner. : Plans and specifications may be examined at the office of the Engineers. Keller & Gannon. 126 Post -Street, San Francisco. California: Ne-vada Chapter. Associated General; Contracted, 180 West First Street," Reno, Nevada: Reno Builders Exchange. 136 Vesta Street, Reno; Nevada; Northern California Chapters Associated General Contractors, 850 Battery Street, San Francisco, California; Sacramento Builders Exchange. 1331 T Street, Sacramento, California: and may be examined and obtained by bonaflde bid- bers on prime contract work at the-, office of the State of Nevada Planning Board, Rooms 214. Telegraph Building. 11 West Telegraph Street, Carson Citv. Nevada, for the deposit of fifty ($50.00) dollars for ; the first set and twenty-five ($25.00), dollars for each additional set. Deposits will be refunded If plans and" specifications are returned in good condition within ten (10) calendar. .'i.; ! """"" wlthln 'a r .v.. 1. i th . ? fh ,w.rd of tn th.-ilnen onl? m case. tne "wara OI lnB , Contractors desiring to bid on this work shall be licensed and qualified by the Nevada State Contractors Board previous to time of bid opening. Nevada State Contractor's License Number must be shown on bid form. The right Is reserved by the State of Nevada Planning Board to reject any or all bids or to accept the bid deemed best for the Interest of the State' of Nevada. (s) Bv Walter A. Sutton WALTER A'. SUTTON, Chairman State of Nevada Planning Board ' Carson City, Nevada nates of Publication fm the RENO EVENING GAZETTE i Reno Nevada I July il, 18. 25. August 1, 1958 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE. No. 174712. Dept. No. 2. " SHIRLEY SUE CALHOUN. Plaintiff, v. ROBERT GEORGE CALHOUN, De-fendant. " ' SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greet-. ings to the above-named defendant: You are hareby summoned and required to serve upon Bruce D. Roberts, plaintiff 's attorney, whose - of service. If you fall to do so, Judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded In the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a Judgment and ' decree of divorce by this Court for-- rtinivir1cr the hnnri. nf mut.ri. (SEAL ) 1 H. K. BROWN. Clerk of Court Bv M. McCradeoeputy Cleric Date: July 3. 1958. v'uly 5-11-18-25-Aug. 1 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE 8TATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE. No. 174819. Dept. No. 3. -' f ROY H. VINCENT, Plaintiff ' summons The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: you are nereDy summoned and re- 2HS-d Xive M,HRi? .'l , ' ?r. "V CZSS. Nevaaa. an aer ?Z the Complaint which is herewith; served upon you. within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you. exclusive of the day of service. If you fall to do so, judgment by default., will be taken against you for the re- lief demanded In the Complaint;-This action Is brought to recorer ft (judgment and decree of this Court,. i"--. S plaintiff on the ground that since the marriage of plaintiff and defendant, the parties hereto have lived separata and apart from each other for mori than three consecutive years without' cohabitation. Immediately preceding, the commencement of this action;" all as more fully described in the Complaint. . H. K. BROWN. Clerk of Court By M. McClodan, Deputy Clerk Date; July 10, 1958. , (SEAL) . July 11-18-25 Aug., 1-4 NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR PERMISSION TO APPROPRIATE i THE PUBLIC WATERS OF . THE STATE OF NEVADA ; Application No. 17532 Notice Is hereby given that on- ths 14th dav of April. 1958, in accordance with NRS 533.325 Landa Brothers, (Steven & Marcellno Landa) of Reno, Diversion is to db maae irom se en. unnamed springs at a point in the SE'4 NE4 Section 29, T. 20 N.. R. 18 E., or at points from which the E'i corner of said section 29 bear No. 1 S. 45 07' E.. 590.13 feet; No. 2, 8. 70 39' E., 337.20 feet No. 3 S. 73' 59' E . 288.99 feet: NO. 4 S 74" 28' E.. 234 07 feet; No. 5 S. 74' 42' E.. 214.89 feet; No. 6 S. 79 49' E.. 323.08 feet; No. 7 S., 82 05' E., 300.25 feet. Water will "5 1721 wf.vii. -T.h "on" 29 and uslS forirTigation ! purposes from Marcn 1st to Novem ber 1st or eacn year. Date of first publication July 11. IMS Date of last publication August 8, 1958. ' : . Slened: . EDMUND A. MCTHr . State Engineer July 11-18 25-Auy: 1-8 IN THE , SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THB STATS OF NEVADA. IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 174942 Dept. No. 1 BETTY F. McRAE, Plaintiff y- . is WILLIAM R- McRAE, Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greet-ngs. to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon John Robb Clarke, plaintiff's attorney, whose address is 133 North Sierra Street. Reno, Nevada, an answer to the Complaint which Is herewith served upon vou, within 20 aays aiier eri ui this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fall to do so. Judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action Is brought to recover Judgment dissolving the contract of marriage existing between the parties hereto upon the ground that plaintiff and defendant being wife and husband have lived apart continuously for more than three coa-: secutlve years last past, without cohabitation. - (SEAL) Date: July 17, 1958. H. K. BROWN. Clerk of Court By M. McCRODAN, Deputy Clerk July 18-25-Aug. 1-8-15 ' 1 . J

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