The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 5
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APUIL 10, 1017 HLYTHEVILLE (AttK.) COUmtill NEWS Lilienthal, Confirmed by Senate as Chairman \S. Missco Tops A *—'- °- ' Anxious to^Get on WithJob^ Its Quota tor I The Red Cross Final Decision Comes After 90 Days Delay IiV HAYMOXl) I'filnl 1'i-fis Sluff CMrrosriomlciit WASHINGTON, April i(). ._ The i'Kvrr.inir nt's iitornir; i/nerey Commission. Mended by nsvkl t:. Li- fcil'ihT 1 h!ul ils ! ' 0 '- n '»' : " 1 ll( "Kd ^»*Cjh the jol)" today after Uiice Inrnlm nf im-et'liiiirv. Ill LiHenthtil'.s words: "Tlic important thaws now is lo Ket on with the jol). n i s ;l n urgent joi>. It demands for .success the wholelicurled te;ummrk of the entire Amcricnn people, of science, of iiKiii^ny. (lie nimcil forces and irov- ernnient." !'<• in.nin tli-it fliiteinent after the Semite voter) 50 (u 31 l;iie yesterday to confirm his nomination us chairman of the atomic commission, ft v.:is a vote thai came nearly three months alter President Trnnian sent tho noniina'.ioii to the Senate. _ Those months were marked \,y a \ 'Jitter fight, that lore itcniiimcnii ranks apart. 'I'Mc vole pin. nil end to delay and wi'.Trt;imiy th:it .some sclla'or.s and scientists claimed W cre jecixirrtiz- i«K America's leail :il r.tomic re- sciirrh. According to one commission official, i ho conclusion of the Senate fiKhl, should "clear up the greatest problem — personnel." He said some men sought for key Jobs had been w .ir y of accepting for fear the coumiisMiu would become a "political football." Action on some of the coinmi.s- sions contracts \vns reported (lelny- cd by Ihc Senate tight. I 'lioiiflial. 4!i-year-olcl former chairman of Uu> Tennessee Valley antliority, reccive ( i the votes of 21) f imblicaus and :m Democrats. The •ijv iiBaiiVil him were cast by 20 Africans'and five Democrats. Tne ertifh ination of I.ilimlli.i! fnmiil Arkansas' two voles In the Sennit: .si:li(. SpJi.-ilnr l-'tildright voleil for conlirmalion, and Scn- a(or ,w<:icli;ii\ vutuil against ((i]ifini3:ititin, AnioiiK his .supporters wris Senate Pvcsldont . Arthur H. VniKioiiljorg. H., Mich., and unions his opnon e»t:; '.vas Chairman Robert A. Tnft, H . O., of th<> senate Republic-;]]! Policy Committee. Taft charged thai was lop. soft toward. Hussia and communism. The decision was an anti-clitiriN because the opposition to IJlii-n- thnl linti reached its JieaV; streiiRtli last Friday. It iv;>s then that the BMialr- rejected 52 lo 33, the mo- PAGE me to the Lonely .,_,. „.,,..„,, .„,*„„., _ ' ' - " ' "' --- •fhe South Mississippi County drive in the 1947 Red Cross finini- £ ei'*l eam)>aiun luts ex-Coiled Us "S80 ciuot:i hv f"2) and contributions are still beiiw received, It , w;is niniomiced lodiiy tjv I/ovd Cioilli'y of Osccoln, fund chnh'innn for the South half of (he county. I "The SIK-CCSS of the rauijiuiim is dm- (o the fnct thai thnso working on eoinininiiiv eonimlttoes uuve mast Kriiri'Oiislv of their lime," M-. Ocdley snld. •rs of the eimmunHi' eojn- nrc MI-S. n. i,. NTUllliiff. J. E. Cr»ti). Wilson; liny Hvcss: R. C. LnntjKlnii, J. H. Wilson. Joiner; Mrs. i>"\"!nt and M-S. ,llob . . J^'-i^l, I r n'iich'ii;ni'.s riuy- llirold OhleudnrC. n'Uler: Mvs. HUH M r s. ,fames Crew l.ntcrKl; R. n. rrnnciv pr-nnn Point: Hnvs Knlli- A. C. SivlllDRS, "'"-I. iRirl--; ><r.- s . ^. JV[ p ](0""I'S. Vl-tnrl-.; C, .7. ;.->H.I-...- P .I,'., n-l- .?,•!•..v ne"". whll- (on; and niulson Wren. Marie. COAL tigation. As soon as Hie ijUienthal vote was announced, the Senate approved by voice vote the remaininy commission nominees. They were Robert p. Dacher. atomic bomb scientist; Sunnier T. Pike, business executive and former member of the Securities Ex",'. \ change Commission; Lewis I.. Strauss, investment banker and \varliuie uavnl of.'iccr; William L. Wayinack, former Des Molnes, la., iieivspape> editor, and Carroll L. Wilson, official in the wartime office of roscnrch nnd development. Wilson is general manager c.nd the others are commission members. - - -. •—- • ns commission ch.iir- t!o:i oi pen. jo!i n w. Bricker. R., man receives $17,500 yearly, while O.. lo semi the nomination back to Wilson and the oilier commission ] patent grants for military and cc,mmtUc pending an FBI invcs- I members draw $15,000 annually. I pence time atomic developments. Under the domestic atoir/lc control act the commission is granted almost monopolistic powers over the atomic program. These include: 1, Ownership ;l n ( i operiiliott oi all facilities for manufacturing fissionable materials—uranium M5 and thorium. 3. Authority, under presidential directive, to manufacture ami store atomic bombs. 3. Authority to acquire, throush purchase or condemnation, svipplit's of source material—from u'hich fissionable products arc made—and limited wowcr to conduct exploratory operations. 4. Control, through a licensing system, or devices iisiiiK atomic materials and .sweeping powers over t'onthmed fr«»m l\*i,'c 1. olrt safety walkout. KIUR said the Cenlnili shnwetl the need for everyone 'o redouble safety cllorts. lint he snlil the uiiiie.s \veve snfer today tlinii at any time in the history of tho coal industry. Knig (old the roiiiinitlcc (lint, most UMW locals tr.ul "ti more oi 1 te.'i.s donnanl" mine safetv cotnmlt- tee hut that he tliotiiUit the, union's iiitcriialional hcadriuarlers would have .sent inslraetloiis and sw-jcs- tions to those local comiiiHtoc 1 .;. "So fur us we know, no siicli In- btriiclions w'ere ls.sued nnd the safety committees apart from one; district in .southern West Wrpliitn seem to have been largely Inactive except, only ns some of them to tile occasion out of local initiative," he said. Ivrll^ Itlalilrs IJiiIfin? Mcnnwlille the Interior Hermit.- ineiil I'CDorled (hat 82,000 of Lewis' FITIPATRICK'S iicnt must return Che minca to prl- 'ale management. ";'" "... •*$"*:; ; He Bi\kl lic,wqul<i slsjn no private! isrcemeiil urilefe 'the. health^and vcUare (uml,'incligfcd : $ Ills gov- M'lunoiit' cotitrn^i'i'w'crc "coiiffriuEd. er.s are stroilgly opposed to 'paving royalties,' which they cull "ewnomlo blackmail." Wlille in.'my miners were Ignoring Lewis' safely walkout, the'grcat nia- lorlty of Uic union membership kllH was out on the baste of tlio Intent ' 'jovcrnntciil report. TJie Intvrlor Department bam ',-i •if the 5l!i ihineS which were clo.wd uy (lie Bovei'iiment as hnzariloiis hud been re-«rtinccl, us safe by lederal ln.',|iecloi's, H snid 1377 ol\\m had ' been ccrtl/leil by /ecleral mine man- aucrs or union safety commlUccs. lx.'«'lr> asked his miners to await ve-L-crUUcatton ,by reuular federal Inspectors but It was ubvloua that «u\ny were iiot walling. The 127,030 union nnd iion-uniuji ninrrs who worked yesterday pro- luceil more thnn n 1.000,000 tons of oft coal. Noriuul dally production s 2,'lti!),OfXI ' tons. SSK^ar* 1 ,,Wcll, It was nice to hm'c coniiintiy for :i vvliiic. _is on Us wuy homo, these Lilllu America members were nmoiij (liu Iicailni; 127.CM men at work in lh-j tnlius , ,)iuii:e '1 yeslenlay, Come 1.47U inlnc'i were! |uiH;e wan lo rule on u UMW P"li- In operation unit production reai'lu'd I lion for rr-lnin nf nit !)iil STaj.O'Jtl oi alwut ^r> per cent of norimil. | (he $:i,5011.0(10 i:ne luipoyed on 11 I'IH' recommeiidcd this proerinii. :;tr[kiui; l«sl yenr in dulluiie-j of his 1. Mine operators sliould eon- ciniie. "With more dl.spnlch ami vi't- or," cftorts to comply with [he Jud- eral safety code. •J. The UMW "should promptly initiate n thorough gohiB enmpaii,n to sell mine safety to Us memhcr.-i." y. Future contnicts between (hi; union and the operators should c-.m- tlinic the fcdrnil safety coil,! nnd "hi some form" the health nnd wclfnre fund. 4. The U, 8. ruirenvi of Mines should be rstven -power to enforce Its safety recommendations. 5. The bureau should be Rivin u larger force of Inspectors uinl uuiiu funds. Attorney General Tom C. Clark declined to reveal his plans i;n thy contempt fine In advance of u noon Beautiful Collection i APRIL B5RTHSTONE RINGS Sjiccia] Low Price. Size 720 Full-View SPARTUS CAMERA $ 9.95 Handsome Service For 6 NARCISSUS SILVER PLATE $24.75 Ooy's Jngraham Watches 4.59 tax hie. Masonic Rmgs ; 22,50 up ck Jewelry Store 0 It Takes Only 3 Minutes to Open A Charge Account . Uiit now lliiil Admiral llyrd's Anlnrelie cx;>ecU,u.i -•n^iiin.'i niiisl revert (o (heir nouiuil lonely ll(o. before VYdcral Distnd, withdrew Ills April 1 lilrlk;; cull. Alan Ookl.,b<irmi,:!i. 'cim wliteli he tms dime. Tlwiu hi some reports Hint the liiivuuini, wuuld contend Hie sutety liiul vltdiitt'd the Biiiiremo C'-nirt rullnit. Mennwlilli>, I.esvls raised (lie threat Of. 11' ftill-llcdyed ' sof, coal order. The Supreme Cviin agreed lo \\\\w Mil W.HOIMW (if. tlic line if l_cwlM . - ., strike ou July 1, when the e.o i MOM I! III Jl ^COFFEE "*^ .M..tOUR DfAlERS Tribute to the Ladies $9.75 ^ •&&.* Here's lo l!jc Indies ulio iviscly^ turn to lines serene ami slender, Jike tlieseJ ^\Vlio love tlic cool, composed look ' of Mayspun, who put their f.iilli in __ tlic llaltcry o[ jirclly coloriuiis ami pleasing prints. Flowers against a variety Others °^ ' )ac ' ; 8 ro " n< ' colors. Ill carefully proportioned siies' $8.75 ro $11.75 _ 12 to 20; \Vu arc also fcaUtrinjr Mnyflowcr's exclusive patcnlfil tlvcss, Ihc— MAYFLOWER Action-Maid designed for action—siiiicrb for every use! L Rosenthal r Inc. 226 West Main BUILDING SUPPLIES Hcd ar Huff 1(). r . M). I'cr KIJ. H IN ONI-;. Thick Hull Hod. 21)5 J.lis. I'ci' SCK HHXACON' 170 Ufa. I'cr iSci/ AURKM1U UKO, DO l,li. Wliito *2 8 $A5 50 K Rt-adc S«50 IU',1) 5 f.'allons MM mmw§ ROOF SAVER K KUJ'KK (;i(AI)K, ~> (JiilloiiK GALVAN2ZED SCREEN WIRE 24" 100 ft. roll 11.64 «2" 100 ft. roll . ' 20.38 36" 100 ft. roll 17.46 48" TOO ft. roll 23.32 FENCING SUPPLIES ;J2". 10 Catijjo, top anil Holfoni, \'>.V L In : ,T. Ii In. Sl:iv, ^0 ltd. Koll |g M". 10 (in. 'I'op iintl Knllom 5 in. slity. ^1) nl roll 47". i) (in. Top .'tiid IJciUom 11 i L«r \'i iiuslsiy, 20 n\ n>ll •I I'l. 12!/ 2 C:i, SO lid. Itoll $-ri •11), SO, 1«1), i I DO 1,1). KCK Nail Tor Kvcry I'urpiirif! 3 1(10 I-I)." Kcs 01) BABY CHICKS WHITE ROCKS, BARRED ROCKS NEW HAMPSHIRE REDS PER 700 White Leghorn Cockrel, Per 100 ..... .4.95 SPECIAL VALUES LAWN GARDEN im 5 I'icce, Bolld Oak Ili'R. ;!S.!);i \'aluc, .Non- Jim ltni\\n'.s llt'Kular I».!l5, p Now Avmlrss Kc.utiliir ll'.ll.T. Now •1 liuriicr, 'i'.'ihlo Model Only Tired Hi" 'C'al' Hluck llulihcr r,(i F(. 50

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