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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 15
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada • Page 15

Reno, Nevada
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State ByDidDimg nte; Ga no Evening ZETTE Fir Mai Facility? PHONE FA 3-3161 PAGE FIFTEEN RENO, NEVADA, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 9, 1963 Water Outlook Convention Hall Tussle Goes io Public Hearing CARR UNSURE OH SEEKING REELECTION Bleak App ears The possibility of a $2,670,000 ing and noted that small conven-. WHAT'S NEXT FOR HALL PLANNERS? major convention hall-theater on the State Building site followed tions, for which the 700-seat auditorium was designed, will soon be handled under one roof at a 51,550,000 out-of-town arena Normal Supply for Nevada Doubtful; Moisture Needed developed at Tuesday night's ses either the Holiday or Golden ft i ft -A sion of the Regional Planning Commission. "GHOST TOWN lake for water taken from the Reno City Councilman George Carr has joined the ranks of councilmen still undecided on whether they will seek reelection. Washoe County Fair and Rec Regional planners, county com Allen doubted the value of a during the same period. missioners and hotel-motel spokes reation Board plans to share the Southside School block and build 700-seat something that is five The Soil Conservation Service men shuffled the convention fa Carr, whose term in office ex Nevada water users were notified today the 1965 water outlook right now is bleak.

Considerable precipitation is needed before the runoff season begins if supply is to be rated 0 700-seat convention auditorium says recent storms in the Sierra cility cards Tuesday night and blocks from the closest hotel," and added "Who are we to say we are right and the customer pires in June, says he has no idea Nevada have done little to im facing the planned new city hall came up with a new deal. at present whether he will seek were doomed by the planners. prove the snow pack. Normally rough timetable and a number of the office in the May election. normal, the Soil Conservation The consensus among speakers deadlines.

The pending ward division of is wrong? When that time comes, Reno will become the biggest little ghost town in the world." by Jan. 1, 40 to 50 per cent of the pack is on the ground. This Service said. at the hearing and plan the city has nothing to do with his The overwhelming opinion of A repeat of 1962, when Feb ners in their executive session indecision, Carr said. He said that the chamber would was that Reno, with a potential ruary and March snows built a the meeting, and the official decision of the Regional Planning "I just don't know yet," he year there is only 10 to 15 per cent on the ground.

Mountain soils aren't as wet as they could be, the service re late season pack in the mountains sakL population of 200,000 by 1970, will need all of the Southside School Commission in executive session, recommend a major facility at the State Building site at the next session of the fair board, Jan. IS. would be of great benefit to water The council is scheduled to act favored a major convention hall- site for city facilities by that time, ports. This means runoff loss users. either Jan.

14 or 28 on a plan to theater at the State Building site Allen received strong sup es because of soil absorption About the only cushion left to and that a 700-seat convention facility would be duplicating proj and an out-of-town arena. port from Douglas Cooper of the redistrict the city into five wards rather than the present six. The views and actions of the State Motel Association who noted The service made no early season forecasts for the Carson and Walker River Basins. But ects already in the works at two agricultural water users is reservoir storage. Nevada's principal reservoirs, exclusive of Lake The division will decide who meeting were paced by a sense downtown hotels.

I JA I 4.. A of urgency and a consciousness the Weather Bureau is forecast The formal actions climaxing will run for four-year terms and who will try for the short term of the room rent taxes collected in this area ($1,759,835.76 in the past 42 months) "without a shoveful of dirt being turned." of this area's rapid growth. the executive session of the plan ing Carson River and West Walk I 4 -i NEXT STEP two years. ning commission included: er River runoffs at 70 to 75 per The next step will come Jan 1. Denial of the fair board's Bill Tomerlin, co-owner of the cent of average.

The inflow to 16 when the regional planners and New Golden Hotel now under con Bridgeport reservoir on the East New Terminal application for use of part of the Southside School site for a 700- the Reno Chamber of Commerce will formally propose the plan to Walker River is forecast at 64 per cent of average. Variations in seat auditorium. hold 92 per cent of their Jan. 1 average and are at approximately 50 per cent of capacity. BELOW NORMAL Snow surveyors working early this month found a below normal snow pack at key snow courses.

East slope Sierra Nevada courses are only 10 to 20 per cent of the Jan. 1 average and the Humboldt, Owyhee and Snake course are zero, zero and 38 per cent of average respectively. LAS VEGAS (AP) Clark the Washoe County Fair and Rec struction, said he was "100 per cent behind the chamber." He said that the New Golden would provide meeting and dining fa 2. Reaffirmation of earlier precipitation in the basins are LASH AND IMPORTANT FAMILY MEMBER FRISCO German shepherd loves acting, performing toe. (Both Gazette Photos) reation Board.

County's new $5 million airport terminal will be opened Feb. 20. planning commission approval of basis for the different Activity by the fair board was the State Building site for a con cilities for con expected to be limited to a crawl vention facility. ventions and that bis hotel and Snow conditions in northeastern 3. Formal recommendation to Lash LaRue Leaves Whip Behind the Holiday would "be able to of Nevada are poor, the service says, by a running 3-3 deadlock on most issues because of the replacement of former Commissioner Robert the fair board that a convention fer a lot of competition' for the Even above 7,500 feet the snow-pack is below normal at 38 per hali-theater seating at least 1,800 Clarkson by Commissioner How proposed 700-seat facility.

BOTH INADEQUATE cent of the Jan. 1 average and ard McKissick Sr. bou conservation service specialists say streamflow during summer months will be normal unless there is appre Three members of the fair and providing attendant dining and exhibit space be constructed at the State Building site, in lieu of having a theater in conjunction 41 per cent of last Jan. 1. SO to 50 PER CENT The plan evolved Tuesday night.

however, could have the support board spoke at the hearing. Sparks Councilman Edmond Mc The Weather Bureau reports ciable snow pack increase between Turns Motel Ex -cowboy Star Efforts to Reno of at least four members of the with the arena at the out-of-town now and the start of the irrigation fall and early winter precipita Goldrick said he could not support ceasrav npSfTVrrii ctnratrp is a hon- six-man board. NO OPPOSITION site. NO DISSENT fit not available in recent drought the fair board "If we build the two, they will both be inadequate immediately." If the two- McKissick, J. McKenzie and All three actions were taken years.

Edmond McGoldrick, all speaking without dissent The third action, at the meeting, voiced no opposi Lake Tahoe storage has improved in the last two months but site pattern is set, he said, be advocated Jhe chamber plan. Cracking a whip is a lot like tion to the plan. George Carr, fly fishing, says Lash LaRue, J. McKenzie, new chairman Is only ,22 per cent of average and 13 per cent of capacity. The in eErect, would transier some $1.3 million from the out-of-town project to downtown.

That, plus the $1.1 million originally budgeted for a downtown facility and famous as a whip wielding good guy in Western movies and tele fair board chairman, has already asked the Washoe County legislative delegation to explore the of the county commissioners, declared he was "not in favor of a Weather Bureau, in its January "Six Gun Heroes," a comic book 'featuring LaRue in his black western costume on the cover, has been one of the largest selling comic books in the world. LaRue also spent a year with the Wyatt Earp show where he played his one and only bad small downtown facility. I would tion over the upper Humboldt River Basin is only 20 to 50 per cent of normal. The bureau's prediction is for -a January-September flow at Palisade only 37 per cent of average. "Record precipitakm (about one chance in 40) would be required for average runoff or the upper Humboldt Riv-er.

Slightly more favorable bureau forecasts are being made for the South Fork of the Humboldt and for Martin Creek near Paradise, but they are for less than half of average runoff. The service plans a more comprehensive snow survey Feb. 1 vision shows, and now a Reno businessman. chances of the county acquiring report, says precipitation for the last two months in the Truckee the $270,000 earmarked for purchase of the Southside School site be more satisfied with 1,000 seats the State Building site. LaRue, a handsome dark The next hurdle would be the would add up to $2,670,000.

on up. We should give the tourist the consideration he deserves." haired performer who has been Nevada Legislature where action River Basin has been below normal but October precipitation brought statistics to near or above normal. Jud Allen, secretary-manager said to took 'like Humphrey would have to be secured within Commissioner Howard McKis of the Reno Chamber of Com man, John Behan, first sheriff Bogart with hair," rose to fame the next weeks. merce, led the attack on the sick Sr. acknowledged that "We have a very serious problem to The bureau is predicting the as a cowboy who could knock Then comes the problem of the chapter and verse from the two- a famous actor, George Brent, and try to get into acting instead of stunting.

Consequently, he assured a producer that he had been cracking a whip since the age of 10 and was hired to star in a picture with this novelty gim-' mick. "I worked like crazy learning to crack that whip," he recalls. He became so good at mat he can slice a piece of paper or pick up a pencil with whips ranging from three to 30 feet in length. LaRue has been in over 100 movies and television shows and has traveled with exhibition XP-deos to all parts of the country. "Sometimes I would invite children from the audience to Lake Tahoe inflow for the Jan the six gun out of a badman's of Cochise County.

"I had to slink around and try to look mean," he says. State Building's tenants, the Ne face," and said that much will year old $25,000 Stanford Re nary September period will be hand with a lash from his whip. vada Historical Society and the search Institute report on the depend on the court decision growing out of state and county The first show in which he Washoe County Library. area convention faculty needs. 355,000 acre feet or 89 per cent of the 1943-57 average.

If true this would boost the lake elevation A man of many interests, LaRue is working on a novel called The historical society appeared and will make its first seasonal streamflow. forecasts then for a used a bullwhip was "Song of Allen said that convention offi cials who pick sites want facilities to present little difficulty, how-l ever, since general sentiment at Old Wyoming," released in 1946. This movie made him a star almost three feet, not allowing few representative streams. "Mask of Jvu." it la not a western. And he has written a within walking distance of nous- the meeting favored retaining as a tourist attraction in the con and gave him the name Lash, which he prefers to the Alfred which his mother christened vention building.

RIGHT TO STAY him. "Everyone calls me Lash now, But the library has the right to remain where it Is until June of Underwriters Check City's Rating Fire Protection Survey Could Mean Premium Cut even my he remarked." 1964. His wife, the former Reno legal action against the fair board involving its $L2 rnilhon purchase of an out-of-town major convention hall site. "MORE EXPERTS' Robert Miller, part-time coordinator and spokesman for the fair board, opposed most of the speakers and said that the controversy appeared to have "more convention experts." He saidr "When you talk about the need of a 1,500 to hall downtown, you're talking through your hat" He said it made no difference to him at which site the theater was located, "It's a bum economy Sierra Pacific Rate Hearing Ends in Reno -Regional planners felt the an Brown of Reno, daughter of a prominent Reno attorney, John swer to this would be to find temporary quarters for the Library while speeding plans for its new Robb Clarke, calls him either home. department and Sierra Pacific A survey underway in the City ef Reno by a team of investiga Power Co.

have made improve If aH the pieces fall In place, a major downtown convention hall- ments which could affect the A second Nevada Public Serv theater could open its doors dur city's rating favorably, he said. tors from the National Board of Fire Underwriters could mean a significant drop in fire insurance farce-comedy play as well as a number of scripts. He also dabbles in free verse. MET IN HOLLYWOOD The LaRues met in Hollywood, where their television appearances were in competition with one another. Reno Brown has been featured in western films, first leaving Reno for Hollywood in 1942.

"She's one of the few women who can do their own riding," puts in her husband The two have been married two years and over Christmas holidays have been enjoying entertaining LaRue's sons by a previous marriage, Paddy, 9, and Kim, 7. Another important member of the family is Frisco, a big German shepherd dog, who loves acting, performing, cameramen, children and people. "Reno is a nice place, say LaRue. "Everyone is friendly, even our competitors. There is a lot of glitter here but underneath it there is a lot of heart ing the spring convention season The fire department has added ice Commission hearing on Sierra Pacific Power Co.

rate changes ended in Reno early this morn in 1964. premiums for city residents. two fire substations, a training hold up the target for my whip," he recollects, "and the mothers darn near went crazy." No child was ever hurt." LASHING TARGET In his scrapbooks are pictures from newspapers in various parts of the country showing the black garbed westerner lashing a target, usually a rolled-up paper, from the mouth of a reporter. The pictures reveal that the news-gatherers, most of them female, displayed varying degrees of equanimity during this process. One of the news girls wrote, "LaRue is no drugstore cowboy!" admiration Is expressed by LaRue for the Shrine Clubs.

He played a number of Shrine events and said, "Shrin-ers do more for kids than Hewett Wells, architect working tower, 10 firemen and some new ing with virtually no cross-exam The three San Francisco men will evaluate the city's fire department, its water sources and equipment. ination by the company. Back on Job The power company has con The company's rate changes, on the city hall plans, said mat half, the Southside School sits was adequate for a convention facility with up to 2,000 seats plus system, and other factors. many of them increases, will be structed two new water storage reservoirs, increased its water Using their findings, the board decided by the state's three-man commission sometime after sub off-street parking. Gazette-Journal Carson City Bureau Wilbur Anderson, who resigned as Carson City engineer main mileage and has sunk sev will rate the city on a scale from one to 10.

Reno's current rating, Regional Planning Commission mission of briefs, a process which eral new wells to boost the dependability of the city's waiter issued nearly 20 years ago, is five. City Manager Joe H. Lati- members were polled as to their views in the executive session last year, was 'rehired Monday night by a 3-2 vote of the city supply. Latimore said. more said he hopes the new eval should take 40 days.

Commission auditor Ed Regalado was ordered to make a projection of the company's 1963 earnings and ex Latimore requested the study. following the hearing and were almost unanimous in their senti council. uation will drop Reno's rating to Councilmen Let Montevaldo and The service is provided free of charge. The team will review the ments regarding the future needs at least as low as four. REDUCTION penses.

Don Morris opposed the rehiring. of the city building and the de On Tuesday afternoon consult fire department's manpower and the training the men have re A rating of four might mean ant Harold H. Heidrick told com sirability of the State Building site for a major convention facility. an average reduction of 10 per cent for fire insurance premiums missioners 64 per cent of Reno- ceived. Fire equipment, substation facilities, the number and location of fire hydrants, the Fire "Lash" or "Honey." IV OCTOBER The LaRues came to Reno from Los Angeles last October to assume management of the former El Ruth Motor Court, whose name they have changed to LaRue Lodge.

A number of tourists have stopped to photograph their marquee at 2251 W. 4th St. The sign reads, "Truckers, Salesmen, Divorcees Welcome." "We weren't trying to be cute, but that sign seems to amuse people," said LaRue. The couple is making plans to remodel the motel's office and build living quarters above it The lounge area will feature, among other things, a combination fireplace and fountain, which is not strange as it sounds since they plan to have the fountain gush in the summer and the fireplace to be crackling hot in winter. Quite evidently more interested in his present career in Reno than in his past adventures, LaRue was obliging about discussing his theatrical experiences.

A native of Gretna, which is a ferryboat trip away from New Orleans, LaRue went to California and attended the College of the Pacific with the idea of studying to be a lawyer. Then he was attracted to show business. ONCE BOXER He did some professional boxing, was a race car driver and finally went to work as a movie stunt man. After he had broken both elbows at once in this profession he decided to take the advice of paid by local. property owners.

Sparks residents might feel the impact of electrical rate increases Latimore said he has cause for Prevention Bureau's activities and ranging from 22.6 to 78 per cent. confidence. Both the city's fire city enforcement of building, elec DECREASE trical and plumbing codes will be Most Lake Tahoe Basin users Donner Crash Injures Driver A Reno driver was critically In reviewed. would receive a decrease under The team will pay attention to the company's changes, he said. Train, Auto In Collision The consultant, retained by the size of Sierra Pacific's water mains, its storage capacity and Reno and Washoe County, esti jured in a two-car accident Tues its reserve water supplies.

Fire mated 75 per cent of the com A collision between a train and hydrants will be tested for pres day night on Donner Summit, the California Highway Patrol said pany's electrical bills in the Car an automobile in Sparks Tuesday sure and yield at various points. son City-Lovelock zone would today. show increases, but smaller than The findings will be turned in to the Survey and Rating Bureau night brought injuries to the car's sole occupant, Eleanor J. Harris, Reno-Sparks boosts. Richard Harold Jensen, 25, was taken to' Tahoe Forest Hospital after the wreck.

He was cited 39, of Carson City. of the NBFU, which will make its figures available to the vari The power company proposes She was pinned between the to lower and adjust gas rates by the California Highway Patrol ous insurance companies, Lati steering wheel and the roof when with the coming of natural gas more said. but Heidrick said 70 per cent of the collision with a Southern Pacific engine occurred at the 17th The survey is expected to be the users billed would actu for driving on the wrong side of the road. The patrol said Jensen's car and one driven by Lowel Werner Banzhaf, 29, of Idaho, completed within a week. A rating Street Tpe engine ally pay more due to higher backing up.

should be forthcoming in from to 60 days, he added. She said she looked both ways before starting across the tracks Inspectors are Marvin J. My-rick, who heads the team, Eu tv, ft Li vw 1 i I ttf i Ua I .,,..3 i 'Eighth Wonder of and did not see the engine moving. gene L. Nelson and David M.

Pe tersen. The victim, employed by the State Health Department, is reported in satisfactory condition at Latimore said their findings may also help the city prepare Touring Legislators See Nevada Test Site St. Mary's Hospital. No citation Fugitive Held For Extradition budget for the fire department was issued by Sparks police. LAS VEGAS (AP) A 29-year- LAS VEGAS (AP) Touring, I ra certain we would not have oid fugitive from Minneapolis, legislators visited the Nevada Test awaited extradition today Site Tuesday and told newsmen been aware of certain problems here if we had not made this trip," Lemaire concluded.

after he surrendered to police Four Others Injured Crash West of Ely Fatal to Bride, Boy they were impressed by what they Tuesday and said he was wanted saw. Sen. Wilson McGowan, R-Persh- for grand larceny. They were told that the Atomic said "We are bound to under Duane Richard Peterson told Energy Commission has spent $368 police he took $700 in cash from stand the problems which exist in the southern part of the state." million on the site since 1951. Em the safe of the Loring Auto Wash cas, 19, of McGilL and Ryan.

ployment was estimated at 8,000 Co. in Minneapolis where he was Bennett and Ryan were re with a increase expected Sen. Jack Bay, D-Eureka, added. It was an eye-opening trip. There employed.

Police said Peterson is leased from White Pine County ELY (AP) A bride of less than two hours and a young boy were killed Tuesday when a oar went out of control and overturned three times 62 miles west of here on U. S. Highway 5a Four other persons were in a parole violator. Hospital here after being treated by January 1364. IMPORTANCE Sen.

Rene Lemaire, R-Lander, is nothing like first-hand information to fully appreciate a community's problems." for cuts and bruises. Mrs. John He was booked as a fugitive and signed a waiver of extradi son was being treated for shock said, "This one day alone has WIFE RENO BROWN THUMBS THROUGH SCKAFBOOK WITH LASH "Six Gun Heroes' one of lorfeet setting comic books in world. tion. and Lucas for lacerations and EIGHTH WONDER" One unidentified senator de been enough to convince the legislators of the importance of the bruises.

Both were reported in jured in the wreck that kffled Barbara Bambrick Bennett, 23J conditioa by their lest site to the state and the na scribed the test site as the "efgbtfl ALLTHEVEVER think CALL IT LACK doctor. 006SABA REAULVONDCf wonder of the world." tion. I PREFER TO THINK OF FT AS SIN6LBESS Of PURPOSE! and Alan Lee Johnson, about four, both of Ruth. ABOUT 15 EAT1N6. OF- DEPTH Olson said Ryan told him the For an hour before the tour the "We would be derelict in our Set" Ted Olson of the White group was returning xrom the legislators were briefed at the site on the Rover and Pluto space pro Bennett wedding, about 9:45 am Pine County sheriffs office said duty if we neglected to enact legislation beneficial to the test site," he said.

in Eureka. When something fell from the dashboard, Olson said, both victims were thrown from the car being driven by Bernard Lemaire said the trip proved to him the need for a four-year col grams. Today the legislators wind up their visit with a tour of residential areas and industrial plants. Ryan apparently reached down and tie car went out of control Ryan 25, of Rum. Injured were the bridegroom, lege Southern Nevada to pro and rolled over three times.

Larry Bennett, 23, of Ely; the educational facilities, at Nevada vide sdentiSa and technical per boy's mother, Marcella Griffin sonnel with advanced study The crash Is still under investigation. Southern and the new terminal at McCarraa Held. Johnson, 23, of Ruth; Robert Lu courses,.

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