The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1934
Page 5
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FRIDAY, APRIL 6, 1934 _BLYT1IEV1U,E, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS HODEKN HOME NEWf Conducted for this newspaper in the Interest o( Its women renders by recognized authorities on all phase, of homo making. Florence Rrulwck, Kditor USE m IICUTTING THIS -Mrs. George Thiirn, Associate Kditor Angel and Sponge Cakes Should Be Pulled Apart With Forks. , Dear Friends in lilrDirvillc: Repeatedly the request comes for chccclnlc auijel cake. I am giving it lo you this week, wllh n reminder that no anscl or spomje cuke should ta cm. Mark with t-.-.e lines of a fork along the top where you wish lo cut it. then wilh two forks, lieid back lo back, insert Ihe double row of lines and slowly work along l.'c crease, penetrating the lop crust. This method pulls lhc cake into the proper pieces and does not squeeze it, as does culling. Angel Caku One and one half cups granulated suyar; four tablespoons cocoa; three iourths cup cake flour; one and one half cups egg writes 'tills is about iwclve eggs); one teaspoon cream cl tartar; one fodrth teaspoon salt; one tca- spcon vanilla. . Sift the sugar twice and sifi ihe cocoa with one cup of the sugar; sill (he ilour once before measuring; then sift wii.i ihe sugar at IciiiL three limes. Beat tlie egg wnucs with a whisk or nat better, ami cream ol tartar and salt when tlisy are I'roiiiy and continue beal- i/»y until they hold .1 point when tii. wn;ji is pulled out. Lienily lx?ai, and fcld in the cocoa [niAUU'e, tuen iliivornit;, then hour and sugar gi7\dually. Pour into a large, nrj, ungieased lube caiie pan uico;i& Jour and our loitrlh mch:s d^-p by ten across^. Cm through i.:c bailer with a to nrtuk nn.v large air Dub- D;e?. uaKc in a nioueraig oven, 3zo degrees, zcr si^U' to sixty-live minutes. Inveit when baked and let cool. Ice with boiled icing or £ei ve with chocolate sauce. <{uirk Vcyelablc Snup lhc aay cf inc long cooxing of ioiip in a wt en tac oack ol f.'.c cuic is gune, lor the excellent aimed boups arc superior in uuny instnncts to ihe nome maac v^iudes; and any soups made at Jiuuie tuclay are L.-IO sjiori-nie;i:o:l tip:-, but many Housekeepers ask in,: lor souy recii>cs lo use up lelt u.ers and o.m= ana jnus. '1 ..u <iiiK.ri vi-i;etaoje soup is delicious, ci.j:Kj:iiicat and one the chiidrcn UL^tit, to have at noon if you don't Mime, a soup on the evening menu, ruilr lauicsyouns mutu., u..^ hail cup wmte turnips; one hail cup cairots cncca; one halt cup CL- lv ;rv, cm in Email pieces; oiia .'man onion chopped; one and one hail cup's raw polatoes, diced, one quart water or broth; two tea- fcl^oiis sal 1 .; one nan ieusi:oon (.upper; o:ie hair tanies^oon oat- sup or chiii sauce. Mcll U'.c butter in (lie soup seme, aoumg ail tut %ci;eiables except me. i»n<lues arm cook unlil me vcsciaulcs arc luun-nccl .1 lime. .-\dd <nc potatoes ana water o: broth, ilien cover ai:u LOOK sion-ly. jtiM a, Jor abcui l«o honr.s. C.iu te done in a blow oven, or on top of tne sio'.c 1 . Add ine seasonings and caisup just teiorc serving. Haiv very noi. Tnlalo Ch\is The home made vunety of po- laiu clnpj is delicious, not only a» an accompaniment for salads, but as an appetizer, a crisp toucji lor tlie icgetable pla'.c luncheon, an appealing bit 10 serve with the Krmaio juice cocktail. Use only old „•[• mealy polatoes; paic ar.d slice as thin ns possible lor one hour or lower in , r , ™- C3S V l w ° " " 0 tc » tture ln ii-ctt talt water, one lablcscoon o talt lo two cups ol water. Drai vss =. Serve Doughnuts With Tea and Coffee made, sprinkled thick with sugar, plain or with jeliy and fiuil is always welcome. doughnut, habli. Freshly "nillnss" iliis old fnslilone<t favorlic Make These Menus a Guide lor Your April Entertaining Oucsl Dinner Peach, Orange and Pear Fruit Cup ; when the grill bit of mellcd butter poured on it Panted Chicken rimicnto Potatoes Cauliflower with Butter Sauce Hells ar.d Jellv Ice Box Cake Coflce in half stalks each salad plate. ends \vlth a IWnner for ."Men Mixed Grill Oven French potatoes Sniffed Peppers Hot Tousled Rolls. Butlered Endive with Roquefort Dressing Deep Dish Peach Pie CoHee Bridge Luncheons Tomato Juice Large Vegelable Salad Cheese Biscuit. Buttered French Pancakes. Marmalade Tea Co flee • * * Buffet Supper Slufled Tomatoes Slullcd Eggs Chicken Pally Hot Biscuits Coconut Cake Cofles • * * fn the first menu the pirnsctiio polatoes arc easily made. Simply add diced pimiento to well seasoned, mashed potatoes. Pile in a cns- scrole ar.d delicately brown th;;m In the oven. 'Ihe ice box cake especially recommended is; Maple Walnut Ice Box Cake One and one half dczei nngsrs; six- macaroons; th., llllill;;C ,„ [n n , nf fourths cup bulter; one and. one and top it wilh a c' fniirMi f.irts r^rt-i-rlnm^ r-,,™^.. - »I I , . f ' ""•" «' Li _ „--.- _ arranged on a plate. The sausage cr sausage cake should bo lurncd one; or twice also. Halves ct .tomatoes broiled and added to the plate make appetizing additions to this combination. Serve all very hoi. and with nms- tard and table sauces available. Endive Salail To make this, salad, buy 11 1( , imported endive, pull off any darkened leaves, trim off the slem ond for al:;>l half an inch, and cir, any d.irUnrrt tips off at the top. Wash and chill in the refrigerator until lime to serve. Then cut Ri-cipc H:\s.\Von Populav- ily for Well Known Now York Restaurant. "in 1 of tin- most Inli'rcsiini,' ros- iiiiirunls In New York Clly Is ll'iuiiaihiii uiul lht> dish which 1ms lii'Jpi'il in.-iki' It impiilar Li I'uprlkii I'hk'ki'ii. To miikc- ii iiiivu ready " '.hive anil hulf pound chicken, clean,.!! jirnl ready for cooking; mie tuurlh cup hhoricnhig; one t''iiMxxm sail; or.c loasixxjn rap- nk:i; une nnd one half eiijw milk; one fourth rup Hour. Heal the fnl In «„ i,- m , kl , uk . ; add Ihe chicken cm nl tlie Joints. J-alied nnd pcppfred inn) tolled In ihe llinir mixed wllh the paprika, liiowii the clilckPii well, mid hoi milk, mill La couk .slowly on Ui'.i ol tin- stove or In Ihe oven, well covered for Iwo nnd our hn!f limirs. Serve wilh the .sauce In which U cooked, which resembles a creiun army. Clilikrn and nice Another Hunsarlun db>li innde with chicken Is U|M> ,),;„!,. wild » Ihrre mid one hiilf IKUIIICI rather fat chicken. One foiuih cup shorl- i;miil!; one medium onion chopped me; one cup rice, x,ll ,, m | , )1<|)r |. Kii. After Ihe chicken is dressed and denned, cut It, In pieces, sail let .stand several hours In the refrigerator. Heal the shortening in an Iron kettle, mid Hie' onions, and fry lt lu ., KoMm brown. Set aside. Then fry the chicken in i], L . f., ( mul W |, cu nlcc . I}' browned, add paprika u, (,| S i 0 latwiil half a tcn.sponn Ls right for UK- American palate) and ndd boiling water (o cover. Let simmer about one hour. Ihe rice In <-noui;h cold water (o cover, drain, add lhc . fried onion lo ii and one Iciispoon ,-salt. C.rnduiilly add three cups of the chicken lirolh, more If necessary while it miks. when nearly 'done, add ihe chicken and finish cookiiif: hi a Mow oven. 300 dc- Sjrce.-., for a lx>ul one half hour. Spanish Chicken lour pounds of fat chicken, cut in pieces for serving; one IIU-RC sweet Spanish onion, sliced; one Healthful But Sometimes Unpopular Foods Made More Appealing. If yon haven't bought one of i fol "' tn C "P -chicken fat or butler I hose useful ring moulds (and inci-' "'I' C!m - tomi>10 w °»e stalk o, denlly some other shajies of mouldsi CC1 ' y CUL m £ " m11 P^'ccs; one lengthwise, llirougli four halves 0:1 Dress the tip list of kitcliin things needed. I Tiie ring mould has a number of uses, but . it is especially cftsctivd for vegetables, serving 10 vary them in the daily menus,'or mnkc nn appetizing dish for the yuesi liinct::cn or dinner. Children who mound of Roquefort The salad is eaten in tr.e dressing, fingers. To make the rlrewlnsr. arid on^ fourth cup mashed Hormefcri cheese to one cup of F/ench dreis- do not spinach 01- lor (hat matter who will not eat vegetables as a rule, will eal (hem prepared in a ring. Asparagus Itinf Two cans asparagus tips; three lalitepocns shortening; three PAGE FIVE New Version ot Roast Fresh Ham When roosliiB fresh 1mm, try treating It like the smoked variety. " s, n , , ' »« ° « «l»«", «ck full of clove,, add two tablespoons of elder vinegar ami one I..UCSIMOI, of brown S u 8 ar to lhc Julcci lu , hc " ' ^^ Delicious. STUFFED GflEEl PERU IS An .Attractive Way of Making Effective Use of Various Left-Overs. In the menus given on Ihls pago •slnflcd ]>cppers are called for. This dish Is u universal favorite with l:ousckec|)ers because the sinning may be almost anything from meat to rice, or vegetables or coinblrai- lions of all three, or 11 may consist of a sea food or fowl mixture. As a rule It Is an economy dish (or i green |x:ppcrs arc usually" low priced, and the slufflng mixture may be entirely of left-overs. Here are some ol the favorites: Wllh Btrf One onion, eight green peppers; one pound lean raw beef; one egg; one leaspoon sail; one eighth tea- 5(>oon ]>cpner; one hnlf teaspoon lemon Juice. Cut Hie -stem end oir, remove seeds ami any fibres. Mix the meat with the egg and seasonings. Fill the peppers with tlie mixture. Slice add butter to the crumbs spread over the, pcpiwrs, bake lwcnly-nvc mlnules in a moderulo 350 degree oven, n:w baste as needed wllh mcni slock With Corn Six green j*p)>ers; two c ,,ps O f cooked corn from tlie cob, or canned; one leaspoon salt; one eighth leaspoon pepper; O ne half cup grated cheese; iwo tablespoons bnl- ler. cut oft ihtj slem end and remove the seeds from the pepjwrs. Mix the corn and other Ingredients. Fill uie ijeppers wllh llic mixture. Uake In a pan w m, wnrlll waler one Inch deep for ten minutes. Modem i: oven, a50 degrees Wllh any baked pcpiwr, n n-ell seasoned cream sauce, is delicious, gravy, lomalo ssiuce or cheese E ARE SOME This marslimallow Icing Is ytt- llculiirly «tr«cUvc on dark cato, »1- Uioiigh it is equally ae delicious on white cake too. One and ohe third cups JUgar; one lableipoOii cornstarch; one lialf cup cold vrater; six msrslnnallows cut In fine pieces wllh the "scissors; one egg white; one hair tca ; d|x»n lemon flavoring. Mlfi siiuar, wulcr and cornslarch. Bol) until i j| C mixture threads and add the marslmmllows. Beat the ecu white sUIT. Add syrup to egg white and best constantly. Add llavorlng. finish beating to spread- hiH consistency. Pour on cake and let run down thickly on sides, Spread evenly. Fluffy Icinj i One tup brown sugar; one cup .white sugar; one tablespoon while table syrup; one cup water; two one half teaspoon egg whiles; vanilla. Mix the brown and white sugar, add waler and corn syrup, a:id cook in the double boiler until the syrup threads. Beat tlie egg whites stiff. Gradually add the syrup lo the while of cg&s, beating constantly. Add vanilla, ChocoUte Iclnc One cup sugar; one fourth cup milk; two squares ttwo ounces) of chocolate; one tiblMpoon buttt-i; one egf; one halt leaspoon vanilla. •Deal Hie egg until thick, add the sugar and butler, melted chocolate <ind milk. Cook In a double boiler unin thick, flavor. Beat a little nnrt pour on the cake. sauce. If Hie peppers seem tin- usually thick or old, parboil them n few minutes before stufllng and baking. This Insures a tender, ^i..n,i ILVUL-I, uiie • — •-•-•• *•". >.<»tbuiv.. OHM sccrts nl «l n| wrs re- " c onlons . 1" a slew pan and cov moved; one can mushrooms; out. (.an peas, drained: Ihrce carrots ... ....... chopped fine; sail, pepper and pa- i Sonlc coots lfk e lo brown the er with a very Illtlc water. Stew the peppers hi this imftl well done. | cooked iieppcrs In n very hoi oven son the chicken wllh iilt ' !? r the la51 Mt: ^ te " m| n»lf3 of " ' the cooking. ' With Chicken delicately. Add The" chicken"'anil !, ^ ix . B , r ' !C " WVPCrs; two cups brown liBhlly. Lcl ccok slowly co v-l UoUc V en; (im <"' « nl - "'r lamb ercd in n casserole for aboul one i " uy bc ""W"! the same way); hour. Add Ihe lomato. cnrrots eel- : . . C " IB toile<1 rlcc; °" D CII P cry and pepper, cover again' antl! • slr "" lcrt lomnlots; one tablespoon ^Ld.iwit nil. Lllll:KL[l Wllll Sail, pepper and paprikn. Heat lhc fat and add ihe onton lo H, brow|uni; i ' in*. Wend iim^^cd anc, SV^' heal with a fcrk just before poir- ! ,']„? , 5 llo " : 01 ilia acrn« lhc mrllvn i InllK . inrso to fivi across the endive. Special Vegetable Safail I n To make this salad :n:mio:ied in ! ni ~ lhc Bridge Luncheon, have ready I ^ vi fr»=i. l>ea& cauliflower pull-' i vr ii cooked cci into small flowereu:-. teans. siring beans. Arrange on a luncheon pl.r.e four small letluce leaf cups. In each Place a mound of the vpL'etab'.es dressed with French dre.-jing. Ar- iniiill leaf Tilled nub. may- onc cup cream or r fire ^ s : °™ tM- ,, s ." r ': " S i';| r:> f" s in '° one j" ch 1 ^• U , th ? M - ad<1 illc n °"f. ai , ld , a " ulc l>wr. stir until blendert, add or.u third of the maise in the Center cf the , • , . r o te •'" a jinilk. another third and then the rest, stirring until smooth. Pour th:s sauce over the well beaten ?*? yolks, coo!, fold in uc - stiffly b-al- en egg whites and lastly the ns- -paragus piccos. Place in a nell greased ring moiilrl. set in a i)3n o fourth cups powdered sugar; three ! biscuits If chc??e eggs; three fourtlis cup chopped walnuts; one tcaspcon maple cx- wrapping tract; one cup cream; cream in addition. Line a mculd v.-ith the iady ringers, split. Place a macaroon in Ihe wttom of Ihe moi;!d and radialc lady fingers around it. T!?at the!.salt; my. adding the su- are not served with this salad, serve plain biscuits Or rolls. and stuffed celery, smil small stalks only, with a mixture r,t cream , ,, gar eradually, checr-e and pimiento cheese Delicious with the salad. French Tanr.ikcs One cup flour; one lialf ieispD^n two teaspoons baking po.v- two eggs; one tablespoon heat in 'the well i melted shortening; cue Inblespoon . — al a time, stir in , sugar; one and one half cuns o r nuts, flavoring and the cram I milk; one half CUD ]Mn „„...,,: wnppcd still. l. 3 .,t of all. fold in psach or apricot preserves' or" "I' the stiffly beaten egg whites, nil | malade; powdered suear thc Sift Hour, salt and r j-* •" t"*- »*.^v".^ ...i\j LIIU nn- ^1111, lo^et. cr me « ed mould, sprinkle over it pan of | caking p: ,-dcr and add th« C"<- cnrfien S "v < i nlS °- f th<? ^ fill3crs ! P lks ' s "S? r atKl miMtori shortciT- HHSs?:?i Oven Frrncli I'olatoes j allow ih c baiter lo run over RUiin^ Ins.oad of deep-fat fryinj no- ly. and cook solden hrnwn on bolh tatces. cut them as for the frying ; tides. Turn onf. spread thinlj- n-ith and prepare liicm this way: Snuc j the marmalade roll in and iro ' IiglUIy in shallow fat. and whcn'ceed until the'batter is -ill inel \ time into the fnt, not mor: than a cupful of .slices. Cook nnlil golden brown on Uotii sides. He- move from ll-.e- fat, drain on layers of paper toweling and .;prin- kle while hot wilh salt. To tesl the temp:ralurc of fat. if no thermometer is used, drop , one half inch cube ol bread into i:. It should be eolden brown in one mlniiie for tlirse p:latoes. as well ;is French fried and Julienne ]wtaloe.<;. With a liicnnoineicr. me temperature should be 375 degrees F. when the basket is lo\v- cicd into it. Honey Almond forties One and three fourths cup flour two teaspoons caking iwwder: one tourth leaspoon s.i)t; one half two thirds cup honey: cu? cup tnorttniiiij: si,' = ,ir; one half cup honey: lv:o egg--: grated nun o: oi:c iemon- one ess white, one tablespoon ual>-r: one foiinli cup whole blanched ilnionds. bill the Hour, bakinp powder ,iiul sail together. Ulcr.d th- fhtiricnmg wilh ihe welt, add the honey and beaten cggsond mix thoroughly. Add lemon nud and then the silled dry ingredients. Drop by leaspoontuls on a baking sheet rubbed with shortening. Flatten with a knife Bn:£h with egg while beaten ; little with a little water. Prec-s n . )3 of boilin;; water and bake in a moderate oven. 350 degrees, for cue lull" hour, or until se;. Remove to a hot Platter, place cooked p:as or caiili- - in the center and serve with Corn Klnj One can Hwo cups) corn; one cup cream; four cRgs. yolks and whiles bealen Separately; one teaspoon sail. p,,t ii. e corn tiiroujh the col- lander, add the well boaicn e 3 g jnUs, sn'.i. white ixjppcr. cayenne nnd paprika to taste. Add the cream and then th? stifriy beaten "K whites. Place in a rin- mould yell runted with shortcnini;. set in a pan of hoi \vater and hnk- "i a moderate oven 3iO dejrc« °»e halt hour or unlil set. Remove let cook until tender. Ten minutes | before serving add the iniishrooins' and peas. Season to taste. " """" W ° and °" e hftlf . butter; three fourths! cup meal stock; two tablespoons' fresh broad crumbs, I Remove lhc stem end and seeds! to a hoi platter, fill iV.e ccnler wilh j of the peppers, j.-,]) R .j th [he chicle-' sauted mushrooms, or creamed crab | en, rice, tomatoes aiKl onion well meat, cr stewed tomatoes. mixed together. Place In a baking SWEETiFUREpLOUR cJZuuayd &ood 4 " ih C* -» y A HIGH QUALITY ALL PURPOSE FLOUR A t Good Grocers Everywhere THE CRAFTON CO. DISTKIIIDTOKS BI,VrilKV[l.l,K AKK. . brownca' on all sides. ago. riclica'lely piace in a hoi taking di;-h in tf.c oven. Sprinkle with a little melted fat and leave, un:overed. in a moderate oven temperature. 350 to 375 degrees, for about three quarters cl an hour. Turn th= potatoes occasionally, and add a little more fat after the first turning. Season snlt about five minutes before removing from the oven Mixed Grill On lie broiler rack place lor each guest, one seasoned lamb chop, iwo small sausages, or on" sausage cake, one lamb's kidney" '••ashed and seasoned with snlt and pep;>er. uv 0 strips of bacon. Run miner the broiler flame. Turn ll:c chop several limes; walch Ihe bacon carefully it dora not'-— turn, removing it if necessary and !.:„', keep It hot in the lower p;irt of! . *'^i *-> ail u.^ci.1.1 • Keep the finished cakes rot on a I plate in the oven while the others! are being made. Sprinkle top wilh '• powdered sugar. Glnss making was known lo Ihe ; Egyptians more lhan SOW years | COUGH AND SIDEACHE the oven until the chops are finished. The kidney should have a almond Into each cookie. Bake In a moderale. 400 degrees, oven about twelve minutes, jfour dozen small Three to GEORGE" THURN. GRADE A Raw Milk Phone 74 Craig's Dairy Four Leaf Coupons Accepted Until Monday, Apr. 9th If jcu li-.vr nctinlrd ( n >rnr) i n vrvjr I'our l.rct Coffer courens, for ivlifrlt Wc are giving away oliscluffly frcr .r rliucn Cry>t 3 | fhrf Coffee an:l Tea Mahcr.=, plc.i^ <lo c» .it cr.ce. U makes nn difference if y cu havr ciilv MV rd s few, ycu might win cue of these Sl.oO Cryital Chefs. / Cr.ancns ilmiild !>-• sent 1^ (he Ccinirr N'rMs, I51y- (hrvillr. Arfc., an cmi|.anicil by votir rime anil -irt- drc.'i. Central Coffee Co. Blytheville, Ark. On Every Can McMULLIN'S CASH GROCERY Specials for Saturday and Monday ftl FA Villk y i** 1 1\~ VlAM Pound lUC lOc Kxci'llo McMullin's Sptciiil. None Uettcr .1 Pound 23c KwJ 1'ilted. No. 2 C;in 2 Co, SOAP I'. & G. or 0. K. « Bars for Or Green Onions liunch 5c LETTUCE Extra Large Heads Each 7ic Home Grown Pound 5c Luzanne 1'ound Can 27 c PORK & BEANS,,.ri' 2 °J' r .t lOc Ulyt Neville Cut. No. 2 Can. 3 for Nitc Green Heads Pound Excel kt 55-Oz. Package 20c MACKEREL No. 1 Tall Can E.'ich lOc EGGS Countrv Dozen 17ic FLOUR Optima 21-LI). Sack $1. NEWPOTATOES Pound 6c BIRDSEED French's Package CARROTS I/urge liunch Each 6c PEAS Klvthevilte. Soaked No. 2 Can lOc TOILET PAPER Ambassador Roll 6c HENS Full Dressed Pound LEG-O-LAMB Pound 16c VEAL STEAKS Loin or T-15onc Pound ISc LAMB ROAST Shoulder or Rolled Hrcast. Pound SAUSAGE Pure Meal Pound 5c LAMB CHOPS Fancy . Pound 25 c VEAL ROAST Fancy Milk Fed Pound SALT MEAT Best For BoiMng Pouirf 7ic

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