Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on November 3, 1961 · Page 18
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 18

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Friday, November 3, 1961
Page 18
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18 RENO EVENING GAZETTE, November 3, 1961 Dennis the Menace by Hank Ketcham I M 1 1 II 1! I i 1 : "Mom, whtrt's Hie fingernail file?" Woman Pleads Guilty to Check Charge G azette-Jou rnal Carsan City Bureau Carla Ann Corda, 22, San Fran cisco, yesterday pleaded guilty to conspiracy in transporting of 32 stolen checks across statelines from Scottsdale, Ariz., to Las Ve gas, Nev. Miss Corda had previously pleaded innocent but changed her plea. Federal Judge John R. Ross set Nov. 30 for sentencing. She was allowed to remain free on 51,000 bond. Maximum penalty is five years and or a 510,000 fine. Miss Corda, John Charles Ad ams, 26, Jamestown, N. Y., and John William Bolton, 22, Oakland, Calif., were arrested in the southern Nevada city after they alleg edly tried to cash the checks at the Thunderbird Hotel. Bolton has pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 12 months in jail. Adams has pleaded guilty but the court is awaiting a report from New York where he is wanted in connection with a bank robbery before it passes sentence, sign later tonight." Lancer Plans To Help Washoe United Fund Bid The Lancer, popular dinner house on the Mount Rose highway, has planned a fund raising night for the United Fund of Washoe County, in conjunction with the first anniversary celebration of the present owners, Duke Coun-tis and Roy Crumrner. The affair, open to the public, will be held at the dancing and dinner spot on Wednesday, Nov. 15. It will guarantee proceeds of $1000 to United Fund or the net proceeds of the evening, which ever amount is greater. In making the announcement, Countis stated all facilities and services of the staff will be donated by the management to assist in the fund raising cam paign, which seeks $243,675 for 16 health, welfare and youth service agencies in the community. Patrons will be able to order from the regular menu at estab lished prices. Countis and Lon Melieres, mai- tre d' at the Lancer, are in charge of all arrangements. Energetic Day LAKELAND, Fla. (AP) Lucius E. Amiden, tends a 42-tree backyard orange grove without assistance, harvests his own crop, raises exotic plants in a pair of greenhouses and flies to. visit his two sisters. Amiden ins 91 years old. Gazette TV Log PRIDAT AfltrnMR 1:00 2 Queen Tor a Day 4 Brighter Day; Secret Storm ( Be My Guest 1:30 2 Who Do You fruit 5 -Captain Satellite Edge ot Night 4:00 2 American Bandstand 4 Movie 4:30 4 Popeye 5:00 2 Judge Roy Bean 4 Capt. Sacio 5 3 toopes ( Back A Jack 1:30 2 Mr. Magoo & Friends 4 Bold Journey Sheriff of Cochise 8 Funnies evening 4:00 2 Science Corner 4 4 News 5 Amos 'N' Andy Assignment :15 4 Huntley-Brinkley 4 Doug Edwards VW 2 Tightrope 4 Channel Report 5 Manhunt 6 Whiriybirds 7:00 2 Johnny Staccato 4 Dick Tracy 5 Whiplash 4 Wanted Dead or Alive 8 Pioneers 7:30 2 Straightaway 4 International Showtime 5 Ben Alexander 4 8 Rawhide 1:00 2 The Hathaway 1:30 2 Flintstones 4 Captain of Detectives 5 Night Court 4 8 Golden Anniversary Show 9 :00 277 Sunset Strep 5 Wrestling 9:30 4 Dinai Shore Show a The Beachcomer 8 Candid Camera 10:00 2 Target 5 News 4 Twilight Zone 1 The Corrupter 19:31 4 News 5 Paul Coates 6 Eyewitness to History 11:10 2-4-News; Movie 4 Three Star Theatre 5 Ripley; Movie Assignment 11:30 8 Late Show . 1:00 24 News 4 Late Show Reorganization Of Stardust Is Near Completion Gazette-Journal Carson City Bureau Federal Judge John R. Ross Thursday allowed $291,899 for serv ices by accountants, attorneys, referees and the trustee-receiver in reorganization of the plush Stardust Hotel-Casino on the Las Vegas Strip. Granting of the allowances, although not final, marked the near closing of reorganization proceedings for the multi-million dollar venture under Chapter 10 of the Federal Bankruptcy Act. Under the reorganization approved by the court, and carried through by the trustee-receiver, the Stardust has been built from little more than an idea with a large debt, to one of the largest operations on the Las Vegas Strip. Troubles for the Stardust started when the originator, Tony Car-nero, also known as Tony Stralla, died in Las Vegas in 1955, leaving only the foundation for the hotel-casino and several million dollars in debt. Bankruptcy proceedings were started, and Paul McDermott, Las Vegas insurance man and former member of the State Tax Commission, was named as trustee-receiver in July 1956. j A year and three months later a reorganization plan to pour $4.3 million into the Stardust, sub mitted by Rella Factor of Los Angeles, wife of John Factor, who was the brother of the late Max "actor, was approved by the court. PAYS OFF BILLS Under the plan of reorganization submitted by Mrs. Factor, her group was to pay off $2.9 million in bills, and use $1.7 million to complete construction on the hotel and put it into operation. The Rella Factor group retained control of the hotel operation, but the casino management was turn ed over to what is now Karnt Inc which is composed primarily of the same group which operates the Desert Inn on the Las Vegas Strip. Judge Ross said Thursday that while his order granting the pay ments for services up until early last spring is not the final ac counting, there will be only nom inal allowances from now on. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS In ' order to provide Better service to our customers. " Display and Classified uers are asked to check their advertisements for accuracy when they first appear in the Reno Evening Gazette, if not notified of an error immediately following the first insertion the Journal or Garett wil1 not accept responsl-oility for the error in subsequent Insertions. WANT Aw DEADLINE DAILY 4:00 P.M. SATURDAY: 12 NOON CANCELLATION DEADLINE DAILY: 3:00 PM. SATURDAYS: 12 NOON RENO EVENING GAZETTE NEVADA STATE JOURNAL NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC Pleas investigate thoroughly any Investment Offer In Merchandise, Vending Machines or Similar Enterprises before investing your money. Although we make every effort to reect all fraudulent or mlsrepresent-ativ advertising, we are not responsible for the integrity of the firms or Individuals who place advertising in our publications. NEVADA STATE JOURNAL RENO EVENING GAZETTE LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF , WASHOE No. 195049 Dept. No. 1 Dolan & Nelson Attorneys for Petitioner IN THE MATTER OF THE CHANGE OF NAME OF VICTOR MURRAY, Pe titioner, NOTICE Notice is hereby given that the peti tioner above has filed a verified petition on 23rd day of October, 1961, where in he has requested that his name be changed from VICTOR MURRAY to VICTOR HEENAN. All persons desirlna to contest such action must file a written objection within ten (10) days from the date of the last publication of this notice. uatea this 23rd day of October, 191. Victor Murray, Petitioner Nov. 3-10-17-24 IN THB SECONO JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 195243 Dept. No. 1 YVONNE LUCILLE SCHWARTZ, Plaintiff HOWARD LEONARD SCHWARTZ, Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends oreetinos to the above-named defendant: you are hereby summoned and re quired to serve upon Charles D. Glattly, Esq. plaintiff s attorney, whose address is 308 Professional Bulldlno. 150 No. Center Street. Reno, Nevada, an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, ex clusive or the day or service, it you fail to do so, judgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a ludgment dissolving the bonds of matrimony existing between you and the plaintiff. (SEAL) H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By E. LIVERMORE Deputy Clerk Date: Nov. 2, 191. Nov. 3-10-17-24-Dec.-! NOTICE OF PUBLIC SALE iuurInnH. CURTI LYNCH. Re ceiver of GRAND SUPPLY CO., INC., will on the 10th and 11th days of No- vemper, Irei, Derwren ine nout wi t.w .vii . m nH sao o'clock p.m.. at 301 Washington Street, Washoe County. eno. Nevaaa, oner irm IRAND SUPPLY CO., INC., at a public ' - DATED this 30tn aav or ucrooer, itpi. CURTIS LYNCH, Receiver ot GRAND SUPPLY CO., INC. BIBLE, MCDONALD JEN5EN 300 South Virginia St. Reno, Nevada Attorneys for Plaintiff , UCT. JU Nov. 3-1. LEGAL NOTICES IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE Or NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE. No. 195044 Dept. No. 3 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF LEWIS LaVOY Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that the un dersigned has been duly appointed and qualified by the above entitled tourt on the 3rd day of November, A.D. 1961, as Executor of the estate ot Lewis LaVoy deceased. All creditors having claims against said Estate are required to file the same w th the proper vouchers attached with the Clerk of the Court within three months after th first publication of this notice. Dated November 3. A.D. 1961. (s) John Howard LaVoy William E. Freedman Attorney for the Estate. 90 Court St. Reno. Nevada Nov. 3-10-17-24 Dec. 1 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 195239 Dept. No. 3 KENNETH GEORGE ROBINSON, Plaintiff HELENA NORMA ROBINSON, Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and re quired to serve upon WILLIAM L HAMMERSMITH, plaintiff's attorney. whose address is 10 State Street, Reno, Nevada an answer to the Complaint which is herewith served upon you, with in 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of serv ice. If you fail to do so, ludgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint Said complaint requests a Decree of Divorce upon the ground that defendant has treated plaintiff with extreme cruel ty, mental In character. (SEAL) H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By F. Murphy Deputy Clerk Date: November 2, 1961. Nov. 3-10-17-24-Dec. 1 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NE VADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 19524 Deot. No. 2 DONALD LEWIS CHESHIRE, Plaintiff v. PEGGY EDITH CHESHIRE, Defendant SUMMONS The State of Nevada sends greetings to the above-named defendant: You are hereby summoned and required to serve upon Charles D. Glattly, Esq. plaintiff's attorney, whose address is 301 Professional Building, 150 No. Center Street, Reno, Nevada, an answer to the Complaint which is here-wtlh served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of the day of service. If you fail to do so, ludgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded In the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a ludgment dissolving the bonds of matrimony existing between vou and h plaintiff. (SEAL) H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By E. LIVERMORE Deputy Clerk Date: Nov. 2. 1961. Nov. 3-10-17-24-Dec. 1 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT UP I fit ) aic jt- VADA IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF JAMES GARFIELD KELLY, Plaintiff CORDIA MAE KELLY,' Defendant SUMMONS Te Stat of Nevada sends greetings You are hereby summoned and required to serva upon E J. MORRISSETT ESQ plaintiffs attorney, whose address is 125 W. First St., P. O. Box 1264, Reno, Nevada an answer to th Com plaint which is herewitn servea upon you. within 20 days aner servnw " ,. , ..rlnciu nf the dav of service. If you fail to do so, ludgment Dy aeTaUIT Will W OIdi ayano. i - the relief oemanceo in ."" ,iM Krumht tn recover a ludQ ment and decree of this court forever dissolving the bonds or mammon y now and heretofore existing between you and the above named plaintiff on the around of your extreme crueny lowam all as more fully described in th Com (SEAL) H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By i. L.a ram, iywij Date: Otober 5, 191. E J. MORRISETT, Attorney for Plaintiff 125 West First Street P. 0. Box 1264 ' U Oct. 4-13-20-27-NOV. IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND . rUH inc. l.uun I i jr WASHOE. No. 189904 Dept. No. 1 im THF MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF ARGANTE PARDINI, also known frank PARDINI. Deceased. Notice of Posting of Settlement of Account, and Hearing petition tor uis-rlhutlnn at Estate. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT DAVID GLOWERS, the Executor of the estate of the aeove namea Kwn i c PARDINI. also known as, FRANK PAR DINI, deceased, has rendered and presented for settlement, and filed in said Court, his first and final report and nt of his administration of said estate; and also has petitioned for distribution of said estate; and that Tues.. the 7fh day of November, a.d. mi, being a day of Regular Session of said Court at 9:30 o'clock A.M. at the Court Room of said Court, in th City of Reno, in said Washoe County, has been fixed by said Court for the settlement of said account and hearing said peti tion for distribution of said estate, at which time and place any person interested In said estate may appear and show cause, if any they have, why the order should not be made. For further particulars, reference is hereby made to the petition on fil in the above entitled estate. Dated October 12, A.D. 1961. H. K. BROWN, Clerk By A. MYERS, Deputy Clerk Oct. 13-20-27 Nov. 3 IN THE SECOND JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE. No. 194492 Dept. No. 2 IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF CLARENCE A. SWART, Deceased. NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice Is hereby given that the un dersigned has been duly appointed and qualified by the above entitled Court on the 3rd day of October, A.D. 1961, as Executor of the estate of CLAR ENCE A. SWART, deceased. All creditors having claims against said Estate are required to fit th same with the proper vouchers at tached, with the Clerk of th Court within three months after the first pub lication ot this notice. Dated October 4. A.D 1961. (s) Eugene Thomas Swart LOYAL ROBERT HIBBS ESQ. Attorney for th Estate. Oct. 13-20-27 Nov. 3-10 IN THE SECONO JUDICIAL DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE OF NEVADA, IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF WASHOE No. 194867 Dept. No. 4 SHIRLEY L. ADAKAI, Plaintiff KEE Y. ADAKAI,' Defendant SUMMONS Th State of Nevada sends oreetinos to th above-named defendant: You are hereby summond and re quired to serve upon STANLEY H. bkuwn plaintiff's attorney, whos address is 436 Court Street, Reno, Nevada, an answer to th Comslaint whith is herewith served upon you, within 20 days after service of this Summons upon you, exclusive of th day of service. If you fall to do so, ludgment by default will be taken against you for the relief demanded in the Complaint. This action is brought to recover a iudamcnt Dissolving the contract of marriage existing between you and plaintiff upon th ground of extreme cruelty, as more fully set out In the Complaint on fit herein. (SEAL) H. K. BROWN, Clerk of Court By E. LIVERMORE, Deputy Clrk Date: Oct. 11, 1961. 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Gardening. Evenings, EL 5-4274 SCOTT'S TREE SERVICE Licensed, Insured. Topping, prun-Ing 4. removals. FA 3-7437 BUSY BEAVER TREE TRIMMERS Topping, trimming, removing. FA 2(0(3. TOP soil, landscaping, dioqing footings, ditches, plowing. FA 3-(244 after 5. BUILDING TRADES 52 WE build patios, walks, steps, walls, fences. Stat contractors. FA 2(0(3. SERVICES, MISC. 54 TRAILER repair and parts. Call us for work of any kind. AM lobs accepted, large or small, Bob's Trailer - Service, 171 Moran, Reno. FA 9-3574, FA 9-4(04. HOME frzr service. Call FA 2-7197. Any make or model. SAW filing of all kinds. Tool sharpening. For pickup, FA 9-3420. BRICK BLOCK MASONRY Good work. Reasonable. FA 3-2444 REAL ESTATE LOANS 61 MONEY AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE TRUST DEEDS AND CONTRACTS. NEW LOANS ARRANGED JJENNY F. HALL BROKER FA 9-3074 FA 2-11 83 125 EAST FIFTH ST. MONEY available for Real Estate Loans or purchase of Trust Deeds, Contracts. Call Herb Graf-fam. Realtor. 1097 South Virginia. FA 3-0754. REAP. ESTATE 62 SOUTHWEST 3 bedroom fc family room (or 4 bed-roms) on a beautiful residential St. Near schools. WITH: A most atractlv living room with fireplace. A separate dining room. Kitchen with bullt-trw. Wall to wall carpeting. A large patio . Double garage with wonderful built-in storage space. S30.500 with convenient financing. Garrett INSURANCE I REALTY CO. Reettor 22 West 1st Street FA 3-1(94 After Hours: FA 3-25(7, FA 3-(540 FA 2-((47 BRICK Near now. Sparks, 3 bedroom, 2 bath horn. Fireplace, WW carpet, built-in oven & range. Oversized detached 2 car garage. Could be converted te rental. $5,000 down. ACE REALTY MERLYNN HARVUOT Mardell Harvuot, Realtor 740 S. VIRGINIA FA 2-9442 After Hours: FA 3-2349 I FA 3-9442 NOTHING DOWN TO VETERANS 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, attached ga rage. Payments of S100 Includes all. FA Mid Eve. FA 3-4931 STERLING BUILDERS 524 Oenslow Drive R-l LOTS Southeast, near school S32M ach 1 1 Acr let In Sparks. John J. Silva Jr. REALTOR - INSURANCE (15 W. 4th St. FA 2-490 Eves: FA 3-4431, FA 3-7475 CHOICE t bedroom, full semi finished basement. Larg beautifully landscaped beck yard. Many special touches that make this house a home. ONLY (21,500 Nevada Agencies BROKERS 1041 S. VIRGINIA FA 9-4444 After Hours: FA 9-229, FA 9-1411 S.E. RENO 3 br. dining room, ntc kitchen, family room, tiled bath, fireplace. Fully carpeted except 1 bedroom. Large covered patio. Nicely landscaped and fenced. S3400 down, $130 per month. Total $20,000. MAKE OFFER. Irving M. Schelin Real Estate insurance Broker EL 5-403 Anytime 1927 G St. Sparks, Nevada, Ches. EL 5-5535 SOUTHEAST Immaculate 3 BR with carpeting, stove, refrlg., dw, disposal, washer and dryer. Priced at (19,950. SOUTHEAST f BR, Vh baths', utility room, fireplace, appliances ai.J carpeting. Asking $21,000. No qualifying. BOB HALLAHAN BROKER PA 3-45M - FA 3-7(4 SOUTHWEST, spacious, thre bedrooms, three baths. Fenced, sprinkled yard. Double corner lot. Drive by 50 Bret Hart. If Interested call FA 3-1 7(4 for appointment, 9-5 weekdays. Asking 13, 000. Make offer, owner will carry second or will take papers for equity. TRADE or sett Southwest thre bedroom, two bath view home, five years old. Extra large living room, drapes, carpet, buirMns. Ample closet and storage space. Double garage, patio. Priced below cost. Principals only. Phana avenlngs, FA 2-437$ IT'S A STEAL Seven bedrooms, two full baths, two half baths, two larg living roam.. Siv a.r.AM t.i.i t front property. One acr. All for only $42,500 furnished. Additional a c r a a a available. By owner: " 9-1117. WILL exchange two bedroom home In Southeast for larger home or what have you. Equity $(.200, $7,300 first mortgage. R. Redelius Realty, and Insurance, Brokers. FA 2-21 1(. BY OWNER: Split level, four bedrooms. 9 Kath. HnuIlM patio, landscaped, fenced. Two rA J-2JYS. fa 3-7119 FOR sale: Split level, thre bedroom, two baths. Thre er Bars New. $31,900. 1(55 Meyberry Driv. Phon FA 2-5727. TRANSFERRED. Immeculat thre bedroom, drapes, W-W carpet, storm doors, fireplace, fenced. FLeetwood CUSTOM homes Apartments-Hotels Drlve-ln tc. Brownies Realty, Broker, 17 yar$. FA J- 5540. THREE bedroom homo in Sperks. Good location. FLeetwood (-1592 after 4:30 P.M. THREE bedroom house, double a-r9e. Close to St. Mary's Hospital. 434 West 4th. NEAR University, three bedrooms, bath, $15,500. $1500 down. $115 per month. FA 3-OOK. $500 DOWN, move in today. Two bedroom. Call FA 3-4931 or FA 3-4792 afternoons. THREE bedroom, two bath, new WW carpet over hardwood. Covered petk). $11,900. Low down. FLeetwood t-yJ3f. SMALL two bedroom home, $7,500. By owner, Fleetwood -343( THREE bedroom, two bath on Vj acr. West Plumb Ln. FA M442. Real Estate Bnys Always Listed In The Classified Investigate Now REAL ESTATE 69 COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES i LOT WITH PANORAMIC VIEW. BUILS YOUR DREAM HOME IN THIS EXCLUSIVE RESIDENTIAL AREA. NEAR GOLF COURSE APPROX 13 ACRE Only $8800 EXCLUSIVE WITH OUft OFFICE. Call Bob Bewrs LUCINI & . ASSOCIATES 220 CALIFORNIA AVE. FA 2-452S AFTER HOURS FA 2-532 B P V BEST POSSIBLE VALUE These homes ar being built on m individual basis despite th arte. Either single or double gareges. With or without basements. Bwllfe in kitchens. They all hav 3 bedrooms with large wardrobe closets. Oil forced heat at floor level. Hardwood floors. Your cholc of colors throughout. Pricd t $17,- 500 to $2000 with a lirtt as $1500 down. FA 9-0572 MOVING TO SPARKS Large Family Maybe T 3 bedroom 1 bath custom built home. H-W floors, doubto detached garage. Beautiful larg land ica peat yard. Easy terms. Just Married? Completely furnished 1 bedroom home. W-W carpet and drapes Included. Fenced front and rear. Low monthly payments. BALZAR-CIMINO Agency-Realtors 524 Forest St. FA 3-2131 After Hours: FA 3-3441, FC -337 THE MAN IN THE MOON Looks down on this HOME with an EAGLE'S NEST VIEW. From tha Washoe Country Club and to Hidden Valley Country Club and Reno area. A reverse floor plan to give yoa day & night view from this beam ceiling modernistic living room wit wood burning fireplace. Age 5 yrs. doubt garage. This HOME yea must see. The owners' lovety Mother wlH give you 4 lis in appointment to visit. Ptoas do not ask te sea It unless you can afford to buy it. $79,500 minimum down $5408. THANK YOUI PAUL HURSH Agency, Real Estate Broker 13 West St., FA 3-OXU, FA 2-454 14 B.R., 1 bath, in excel tent S.W. location. Fireplace, buitl-Ins, carpeting, drapes, $35,100, $13400 down. 3-3 B.R 3 bath, dot in S.W. Readily convertible to duplex. R-3 xond, $35400, $15,000 down. 3 S.E. 1 B.R. on SO'xIaV, Ml zoned lot. $14400, $4000 down. 4 Income N.E? clot In 4 units, completely furnished. $30408. $10400 down. REVADA-REALTY BROKER 591 NO. VIRGINIA FA 3-5124 Evenings: Fleetwood aV1424 3 bedroom home, $1700 down. Immediate occupancy, balance ten than rent. WW carpet, tr, dr. t halt Fenced vard. We hava th k.v Veteran take your cholc available on VA direct loans. I, 3 br I, 3 br. on comer lots In Sparks. If you hav your notice, see us, dent wait. MAT H. GIBBONS REALTOR 1324 PRATER WAY EL -9244 After Hours: EL M744, FA 2-7351 DRAIN ROCK TOP SOIL AND FILL DIRT SAND AND CRAVEL IMMEDIATE DELIVERY FREE ESTIMATES LA PORTE WHITTAKER Steamboat, Nev. FA 3-7244 S.W. AREA EXCLUSIVE IVi ACRE ESTATES Small down payment, Lang Terms. Lakeside Meadows 7700 LAKESIDE DR. Win. C Davis Broker FA 3-239 3 BRs. $16,000 Has everything. Lets than $240 down, south location, large lot wftn nic yard, futur vah, attracttv exterior, sound construction. A reel home. HURSH Ins. & R. E. Agency, Broker EL 54344 or FA 3-435 Serving Reno a. Sparks 30 Yrs, Price Reduced $1000 SW Thre bedrooms, fireplace, garag, EXTRA LOT. All far $14,(00. Term A. Georjreson, Broker 125 E. Second FA 3-754S FA 3-474 DREAM HOUSE Lfv In quiet atmospher af nice home in th S.W. 3 br., 2 bM, family room. Built-in kitchen. Oft heat. Shak roof. Low down payment I immediet possession. PLUMMER REALTY . REALTOR FA 3-2440 Eve. FA 3-3S7B BUYERS MARKET $2500 down. N.W. 2 bedroom, older brick homo, R-2 let. $2500 down, S.E. 3 bedroom, WW carpet, bullt-ln range and even. GLEN JOHNSON Realtor 343 EAST TAYLOR AT WELLS FA $-(444 Ev: FA 7-477S. FA 3-3273 FA 9-09(2, FA 3-472 GREENBRAE 3 bedre .v 1 baths, hug family room, additional furnace, at eve. disposal, dishwasher, fully carpeted. Fireplace. Covered patio, all fenced, brick planter, $JD0. $2500 Daw, $140 month, Irvinjr M. Schelin Real Estate Insurance Broker EL 5-4(03 Anytime 1927 G St. Sparks. Nevada. Chas. EL S-5533 NORTHWEST, $14400 with SI4W down will buy newty painted, fwa bedroom horn. Insulated, storm windows, oil furnace, fence) yard. FA 3-0420. NEW custom deluxe Southwest, Vir glnia Lake. Thre bedroom, two bath, fireplaces, fenced landscaped. Must sell. Only $2400 hast dies. FA 3-4259. NORTHWEST, fwa bedroom trick horn. Den, finished bfnnt, garage, fireplace and extras. $30 JDS. $5400 down. Llngenfetter e Saver: Realtors. FA 3-2404 - FA 3-2974. BROKER owned: Southwest thre bedroom home. Exceptionally aaco, Immediate possession, $3,500 dawn. Btu Gables Realty. FA 3-3441. SPLIT level. Northwest. Four bed- Loaded with extras. Attar PM., FA 9-2714, Salesman-awner.

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