The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 7, 1931 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 7, 1931
Page 4
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i"AGE FOUR BLYl'HEVILLE. (ARK.) COUJUER NEWS THE BLYTHEV1LLE COURIER NEWS THE 'COURIER NEWS CO, PUBLISHERS 0. R. BABCOCli, Editor H. W. HAINES, Aaverl'-slnii Manager Pole National Advertising representatives: rhe Thomas P. Claris Co. Inc., New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Dallas, San Antonio, Sail Francisco. Chicago, St. Louie. Published Every Al'.ernoon Except Sunday. Entered «s second class matter at the post oRlce nt Blj'thevUle, Arkansas, under act or Congress October 9, 1517. Served by the On I ted. Press SUBSCKIPTION RATES By currier In the city of Blylhevllle, !bc per iteek or OU.50 per your In advance. By mall within a radius o( 51 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.60 (or six months, 65c tor three months; oy mall In postal zones two to six, Inclusive, 53.50 per year, In zones seven »~d eight, per year, payable la crfvicc*. Insurance Payments An idea of tlio scope of (lie insurance buahuss in tins country is i;ivr>i in u recent statement by U. D. I'lynn, vice president and actuary of the Travelers' Iit.-urancc Co., showing that moi'e.tlian $2,800,000,000 was paid out to American po!iey-lu)klers and IjoiiefieiiirRs under nil lands of insurance in this country din ing I lit- past yi-ar. This total exceeds the total for 1929' by nearly §300,000,000. More than 52,000,000,000 of this was paid out under policies protecting p:<>- ple—.such as life insurance, accident insurance, liability insurance and the like. The remainder was paid under policies promoting property. Accidents causing personal injuries were responsible for the payment of ?(!00,0()0,000. Few of us, probably, had realised that insurance payment: reached any such tremendous totals. Probably' Mr. Flyan is entirely correct in remarking that this payment of §2,800,000.000 has been an important factor in the stabilization of business conditions. TVie Lure of the Sea A tending of the list of casualties in thj recent clash between the U. S. Marine.- in Nicaragua and a band of Sandiao's troops reminds one, once more, of the way in which inland parts of the country contribute to our naval forces. In the old days the navy and the marine corps drew their enlisted men chiefly Irom the seaports. New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore— these, ports were, literally, home purl* for most of th; sailors and marines with the U. S. fleet. I!«t now the recruits come from the interior—from places where men of war arc never se:n, and iitvcr will be .seen. This .casually, list, for instance; the * boys whose names appeared in it came from such places as Des Moincs, la., Washington, Pa., Chillicolhc, Mo., and Lawrciiceville, Ga. The lura-of the sea ha; a potent effect in places where salt air is never smolled. li drew thesj young chaps far afield—la unexpected death in a Xicaraguan jungle. Aficr all, muses the ollicc sane, iliwc is only i>. letter's (ilHcrencc between n resolution nncl :i revolution. A Typical Boy The most interesting thing to us in this story of the kidnaping of ills Buscli grandson in St. Louis wa~ the attitude the boy himself displayed towards his kidnaper. Questioned aficr he had relumed home, the boy revealed that the lirsl Ihing lie said to his kidnaper w;t-— not, "Where an- yon going to lake me.'" or "What are you going to do with me?" but "What kind of a !"in have you got'.'" And when tin- kidnaper told him, Ilk- boy's curia-it v was appeased. T[iat is interesting because it is so typically buy-like, (inns ami desperadoes have always had a fascination for boys; and Ilii.- boy, finding himself in Hie prcsenc. <>f a real desperado, was assailed of all by a desire to know just wlial : ; »rl of weapon his captor carried. Could anylhing be more in Ihe tradition of Tom Sawyer? I S1D& GLANCES By George Clark _WEDXKSDAY,.JANUARY 7,'_lgj useful life. The method of treat= £;r£ »™ »<« ! MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOI 77;e Age oj a Worker That .Mti.-li'igee, Okla., coiiiraclor who advertised for a nninb:r of l.ric-k- ln.ver.-j and specified [hat they must be more than 50 years old seems to have . good sense, '.veil if he. is running counter to the jivueral trend in industry. "Old men are the best," he says. "They know more, do better work, and do it moiv easily. This stuff of turning men off at -15, as many do, is piffle." It would be hard to pick any Haw in that argument. Indeed, it is ru- llier likely that industrialists generally will return lo that point of view •in the next few years. Tha craze for youthful workers has gone beyond all reasonable bounds, and a reaction is certain to come. 0 1 510 viA -Ui.;E ii sufficiently lone time to indicate to' what [!^'.-ec the tre.itmem will al; feet (ho longevity of these people In general. : I'f'INAM'S lilRTIl i On Jan. 7. me. Israel Putnam, an American Sadler, prominent • in the French and Indian jutl K?',o-l li:tlonary v.::rs. «as bom 11- Das'-'' v?rs. M.'.s-:. | When nc\v<, of !ic battle o£ Lr:- I incton reached him while lie was! plov.lns on ht-s f,:rm, Putnam Ml i | his pUv.v in il:e dc-M. as had Ciii- i i chui.TUi^. ;':Ki. mounting a hoi^L 1 , • m!c lo Cnmh-jdui; ill u;ie (by, :\ \ distance at (ill miles;. In May of i tinU year, he ;o;i u battalion lo J • NocKlle's Islr.nd.' Mimed a Diitish! ; a::d c;i;:;'.:ieU a sloop. Ho I I later won rc-iicua for his bravery ] In the Battle of Bunker Hill, \U:ich! | was foilifk'it !.ir. ely on r-mnam'sj | adviir-. | j On I he rs.ic 1 .. :iuii of Boi!i;:i.. I'ninam iv;':: ]:]:.'•: ::: cniniii-jiiri <ii , Ke'.v York. \j(;\ K-ilo'.vim; his 1 (ir-icr-.t a'. Brcoklyn H.'i-lils he was re-1 moved fr<ii!i n,:!mvr.'J. lie later v:as : i icstoreu to i';:c cc:i'm!in<! when l:c ; v.-.-.s fciir.d ;;:-.:l:!-;.-. lor the- ilrfl-m. ; In !T17 l-.i-. >.•:-. appointed to ilia i 'Mime of :!ir Hollands on the • Hudson. "I'm glad if I impressed him, kind of. He's so intelligent and all." ASHINGTON The Windmill Cuba M. lligdon. "THREE LITTLE WORDS" The three little words some boys long to hrar Arc, "I Love You," ending with "sweetheart" at "dear." Hut. the three dial most of them like best, ! think, Is to be slapped on the buck and asked. "hey, have a drink." :S|T| ( -Ray 11. Priest. " lilylhevllle, Ark. There Is a beautiful fur overcoat up at, the clothing store, but I Just simply can't believe what they say about it. They say il Is a squirrel skin coat, but I know very well that there isn't any sfmliTels that lar^c anywhere. "I realize' that this article Isn't anything extra." sulil a write;- of prose, "but I won't grumble. It ..could be verse." Dink-nit iur OriHr.iry tc, Umleriiluiui \Vliy Ills Ci Kitlons Can't Get Their T;ix Kc- turns lllglil ir. the FirsI I'l.tee, and UlimlmU: Necessity for He- funds uv uonscY iiirrciiKii NKA Service rt'iik-r S:ieniS:t Believes Mars' | Canals fo:' Water Supply! NOHTH GCilUATE, It. I. (UP) —Frank E. Kc.iJi.tve b:i:eve> tlierj Is much to l:t- ;JIL: in favor of the hyiKHhcsls '.'.'r.u'. anp:ar to bu I canals en i:-.: jil.met. Mars v.eit'i Inmdc by in;ci::-;eiK beinys. ] ! "At. the Nc:::i S.'ituat? obscrv.1-! ttory I have r.o:.';l iliat ir.e canp.l 1 :! jnow seem to -x'.f.ta out at ills tlni: j of maximinn I::L-:;HI;; a; on: pol? | I or the other," tin ir.u-onomc:- sjkl : GNS A SAIlSPACTDRy EXKANATlOiM OF THS CUKCUS DANSi-IMG S«OWTM WHICH AOORMS THE IHKO/frs OF A\.L. /,\ooss ••• THE LONGEST BEtU L=VHfi RECORDED WAS 3& INCHES AND V#S WORN 8V A • COW MOOSE, ii. -J&, '% CAUFORN/A A fOOILESS i-l7APO AND A SMAKE WlTM 1ETSS ( TK= CALIFORNiS. 80A) *AS£ FOOMO IN THE SAME ioCAUTy ". .. • THE SIWERV FO&TtESS LIZARD is OI&TIMSUISMA6LE B*wl SNAKES SECAUSE OF ITS M2ARO CHARACTeRiSTICS, MAA\E EXTHRNAL EARS, ANP A SOLID lOWEfZ JAWBONE • , ^_ Qt»l BT IttA ifRVKEL IWX I LANDRETH Tomato See* Wise Growers should insis Canners supplying them with To- raiito seed grown by the reliable Firm of Landreth, the introducers of Landreth's Red Rock, Delaware Beaut}' cio. And there must luve! tiu ' 3C _ rciiuto been a munificent one las', year Ptor.el's v.-.itc: 1 sources that the j Greater Baltimore, and Bonny Best. Remember to ask supply is cbtalut-J! ' year :3:i5 totalled S12C.OOO.OOO. | corr.r.iitd (o the refund peak cfj sm.rACOo m 1020. ; WASHINGTON. Jan. 7 - One-1 wiu,, the Carnesjie Steel Company j to maintain life on 'the" phYieTTf i >' Our Ctlnlle1 -' f ° r the Superior Landreth grown Tomato of life's (srcntest irysturies. to per-1 «-on a of nearly $2i;,coo.6co. j Etic h life exists." | seed. Our Tomato seed sold only in cardboard lithe* sons who do not pretend to under- The cash refunds for the fiscal 1 I .1 . i . ,.,, , ,, , PARIS. (UP)---plans are linder : graphed sealed packages of % and Vz pounds. •ay for a ir.rae eons/ress of Frciicu' A1 , . r ,~, , , , . , , „ ar veterans in some American city'. A " cemucd Tomato seed sealed with the Government sea 'iiriL^ThrsuBsSticii cajri'^f-r'-J ' : °^ Pennsylvania...There is no substitute for quality seed. t.e'i^fi qrou'a 011 ! TT*^? CO '^ MS " • Grotfc'rsoftiHrartetiesofGardtnsftJ reslntcrsK^H;^^ D, LANDRETH SEED CO. Growers stn« 17B4 BRISTOL, PA pre stand the Involvements snd com- phcntlons of high flnntwe. Is the business of tax refunds .Itisl v.hy Iniijc covpcratiuiis. ,,,,,,, ,, hish-priced batteries olla«>« s and! HIT Wen Last, i'.inin;! mcst recent Garnrr-Mc "It's tho same old , stories," said tin 1 aichi- tect as he laid out plans for auciher apailir.cnt house. A New Jersey iiian has invented nu elec- (liciil device . lo shock n:ti.'[|u:'.o?.i lo death. And many of them, no doubt, will bite for this. ..., „, money refunded in Kssments-ruHiiinn; Into many l,un-. t!lc h3l 14 JTar - had b ,, cu 01lly Re .-ui Courier Nc-.vs drcds of millions of dollars is nu: ,.„,., 23 pcr C£nt of tlle nmo , mt only very dilflcult to ( . 0 |, ectcri . Mr . Ganlel - canu . back at but also ouitc dillicult for anyone i t ,,., t wi:h IollB j^ lcs which he £aici to explain. i':i!ic:istra!e(1 that as regarded in- You mliriit. think that thcs; 1 cnr- urine, oxcoss-proflti nrM estate tnx poratlo.ns and tlicir lawyers •.voulri | receipts the refunds, credits nnd have been mnkins errors through' .itMtcmciits hnd avvragctl 17.7 pcr underestimation cf the tax they j cent of receipts for the last nine should pay rather than ovcresll-j ycais and that In 1Q2G they rose to million—ami of LOiir-e many of j a (otal of 24.5 pcr cent, of the re- thrm do—but the total cnsli re-1 cripts. fu:nis. credits and alutrmsnts al-, Ml . . t , c ,, on shcds somc lulu o]1 lowed during Mr. Mellon'.? years as tilo b ^ jnj , stcry of why £0 " mimy secretary ot tho tie.iMiry are j,.;., re[ \, lldS| hllt not tt ,, y (otl mnc h. placed at around S3.000.0M.MO. &)|,, 0 1)0 | nt3 oul that f:hc noi . ris o ; it would appear either tli.u the cor- . ?0 veriimcii{ require pay- ipui.-.lions arc much n-.[.:-e anxlom! ,,. cn . of tnx( , 3; t]lal co , Ur0 vcrs:e.T to (jive their money away than thc ! cvpr chL , nmou f lt m ,, st be considered i government is to lake it or else:.,,,,, ra ; rly rfetcrmini-rt after pay- Dial's just so miicli more mystery.! ,,. f;lL Al] , iit of the rclllr]: by lhe i Many Charges Mitlc- i L':irenn of Internal Revenue then Of course, on^ also t:e^ to «oii- determines whether il is cori-cct. derm- about the constajit contcu-j War i im c Confusion tion uf John CLIIUM cf Texas that there is scmuthin.: ; T'C largest refunds rn rcornt both ns'iv and sinister about lho=ei:-" rs - " Ir - Mellon says, have nearly refuntis. ' It certain corporations i»» b " 11 attributable to thn war such ar, Mr. Mcllon's Alimiir.ini:' years. Taxpayers gcnrraliy p.r.:: Company nnrl U. S. Steel anil cci-. '"PC amounts to the treasury, with tain larije Republican campaf :i '• legality in doubt but, with Ll-.c as- funds contributors are bcins favor-, suraiicc thai "ultimately these pay- nciits would be analysed, that cor- ir. Ads. OF GRIEF IT SAVES YOU OUT OUR WAY ed as the result of a plct. the ii-- luncl method seems both so (levins j rrct interpretations would be _r.p- Rv Williams! and naive at "the same time as i..'pl:cd, that justice v.-ould bo clone IJ J " liUttlll ° I arouse curiosity over the fact thr.t "id excessive relundcd. . . those taxpayers liari to kick ill ail Clher tax extun.', agree tiiat "it's the sub.Tfpiently rrfundcd monuy in :•.!! vny complicp.tcd" and difficult the firs! place. , !o make .inyonc undri.stand. Tliej Fcrlmiateiy. \vh-.r. two such di"-. :.<i;crr.liy seem to ;isrce. also. ll'..U tSn&uisl-.eri exi:erK a 1 , ^fr. Meilor. -.lie :c!cr. of ictlin? the anil Mr. Garner are ,u such \vitle; (U;cru-. ; .;iT] cnricctness of payments variance nbox. ;lu- ref'.nuls. no 0:1^ : is r. gco:l one and Iliat the proposal experls nn ordinary ::r'.v?paper cor- 10 corparniions flsht f"'' rc- r;sponrictU to be ;ib:o to figure. fur.ds in the cjurts, if adopted. it nil out. I would create a fearful jam. Liver Diet Is Beneficial lo Victims of Pernicious Anemia i i:rr.rt tlsMirs c.-.!u.->.mcd chrsiir.iM I :ubslar.res v.-hicli stimul.itcd thcl formation oi red blocd cells. I Ur. \Vhi|.ple first began work] 13 yfaryagi «hpn hp was p.o'ij- scr of rferarcii incdlclnc In "!;c Uni- tersiiy cf Caiucrni:-. 1', cccu-rea to Dr. Minn; io adopt Dr Whipp'.eV uivcs-.:;;;!-..<-,;i; m tl-.c ircatmcul o: anemia. .,i i-.- i: r,n to feed !i< .'r 1!V I)K. MOUIiTS 1 !<HIU;tN KtllliT. Jounul of t!i^ American Mnllral Avsnri.ition. .nut nf My- fria. tlic Kc.iltli M.istaiinc As :; rf'fult cf ll-.c vxr of n larpo : .-:nnuu:c of tclencne men. the I' Science Monthly recently • ' .'.iicrt 5 ! .rC9 r:irh a:irt a irvtdnl to 1> c;oc;-.-e il. Whipp:<-. ncan of tlm uivcs-.:;;;!-. ^ :•"!'! rf Mcuiciju- ri -.lie Unlver- patic.iN n'.y ,-r KnclK-sti-r. New York, and to \Vh-,-:i »:• Hr ('Mrfo «. xiino!. profo".-.r ot t;: p.i: 11 -n:<! with il-.r- d:«casn in lt2-'.\ i-: ; .icire m Hirvarc! University and ro-itln::rd thicujli l!>2.i. ho! 'iraica; School.' for living made Ispgini at !;r.s; uiil: a quarter of a! '-••• r.rrr:'.,s; c.irreni a jievcmcul in pound a cir.y and mcrci\s:d it ;a;^r| ' :".icc for i!.? benefit li' the public, to LI hi'.! \.-;,; per day. Flnaiiy. j ' <% :i t.-vt-.-fl occaslr::: :n the Pas! in IKS. lie .iniuumrid t'a:>.'. <IT\ • !.'-;• y. •;:•.:- ;hu di'ccvi:;.-i of these Ircdis;,: o; iivr r i 0 pjti>'!il-. v.ith' n .1 i'.a-.,- i:-e;i n:,'rrcd to In r r ''•'•«•' 1:- ur.iir,u« wc.uld i-io:-ir,: "i :; . r ,-,-,;-( ipij. of the thf :;• I', 1 .. - l-v V- -epir.p the red bl J .);'. fi-.- i..i.':-ol oi per- n-:l-i c:>:-..-i.u.::y up to t!io rtr-,t;.icd -. was iicv.3lopcd by nuin'.v.-r. .ii t'n? .ii-plicattai of '•'• ':-. rf co;;r.-^. .1 nii.--:a'< t" 'I-- ;-.ralm:iit o: of ti-,r i:-o n; i. vivas ? ca .:- ;I: -,ior:» rf Dr. n:c:o..;; „:.;:-.::.,. ,\pparc::; not ^'ij..^ i!-,o lir..<c r ":.' Dr.' Mi- prtr;-. niucti-'ts. pun- ii^.T. i 1 ::!:--.- i: - c'.'i^iS' re- !:\cv. c.•.'.•.•.".- :.-. and So«a:l r-'.-firs lo s -o o:: •..'v find Vnc ceils H?.:'i i 1 .? : :'.r, as lr,.^ es to ial;? :r. cf v lin: II Ci V.V.O'-' up UID ic:. to live a WE KNOW a sect! 'muse thai proves each season's nop of seeds in their own Iriul gurdciiK before they offer Ihem to Ihe public. Flowers and vest-tables grown from iiu-se seeds miwi m ensure uji to delimit btanciurds, or else (lie L-ntire crops from which Ihe samples were taken are burned. We know a manufacturer of dry butteries who tested :i new product two years before he sold a single battery lo a single dealer. \\v know ;i manufacturer of an anti-freeze solution for suitomobile railialors who spcat two years fcslin;; bis product under all conditions before he said a word in ;i<ivcrli.-;injr about Ihe merils of his {roods. We know a manufacturer of household pharmaceutical products whose sclf-imiiosttl standards of purity and efficacy is even higher than that laid down by llio United States PharnuKouacia and the National Formulary. If we inentiop.ed their namc.s you \s-»ulil recognize them immediately. Vdu probably wrniltl say, "I plant those seeds," "1 use that balUry," "1 use thai anfi-freeze," "My medicine cabinet contains those products." 'lite four instances cited are lypical of every reliable manufacturer in America. .Millions of dollars are spent annually to develop, lo improve, Jo aaiiriardize. and Ui l;:kc tl'.e Riiussworl; out of merchandise. Other million:; of dollars :"•(• ;-pent in advertising to tell you about them. All of which is to ,si\ that in ptiUin;; your trust in advertised mureban- diM you save y<ii;r.-,;ii the bother, ilie cxin-nse, the disappointment — yes Hie (-aniitT— of evpevhncnlin.u' and discovcrinp for yourself which make of stap, luealif;'«i fond, radio tul.cs, lingerie, gasoline, tea, eiectrital device, Hlnli:i;'.cry — :ir wlial-:«ii— ijivis you Hie mosi service for your o: tills na'Kr keep you informed of the latest inter;'.(! local lu.'tpcnm-s. Ti-.-j atlvfi'tiscments keep you .i^;. moM ndv.intngeous. reliable merchandise pn;xi\wive ;ii;;kci-.s arc producing-. 'ii'.c n:«s cn;;:; nalimui ir.toniK-u in" !lu- thai America.-; n

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