The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women Society Calendar Mrs. J. Louis Cherry is ' : the Mid-Week Bridge clul The Arruorel P. T. A. is .n< at the school at 9 o'clock !;•. home coming meeting. 'since the sumnwr vocation. It »as|nrd leadu'd by the group under held Tuesday afternoon ai the |her icaili'i.-hlp. Ciiolto asiil his aiic were studied , in a Cwinprchenslve program wilh Mcney from this dinner ivlll be Mr.s. E. )•'. 1'iy to leader. Mrs. used, as usual, for the upkeep of lotto Krcli'.tii'ky spoke ol Giotto's (he ceiiHtery through the winter. I career. hs» »ork and his hchool; It wos announced that very few I "Hmklm's EMImale of Giotto's Mid-Term Seniors Org«nne TheU- Class. There are H seniors who will make up the mid-teim class this year from Uie city high school. With Miss Frances Parker as sponsor those officers have been lol owners had paid Ihelr dues fur (lie season and was voled to cndtM- t'oi 1 10 obtain this money. >W. Reports showed that tlie cemetery U In good condition dc.-plte Ihe Lift- and Times and the Progress ol Art' '.MIS iht 1 ihfine of Mrs. O. Bits of News Mostly Personal The Sporting Thing For Autumn WEDNESDAY. SEPTEMBER 17,_1930 " " - """In Mr. nnd Mis vlsi'.iny relative 1 McCiilfhcon'.s talk; Mrs. J. | oilier point; ol K. ft. Mason me i at Marshall and Texas. Nifk Tiiuniiis took up Giotto's qunl- Miss Main:,: illy I he Is vUUlii£ itlcs as an artist III her discussion. | Little Rock lor several drive. dromli and that H lias been cared ! 'l lie (or throughout the summer. The hostess served delirious fruit Ehcrl.'rl and cuke. elected: John Burncttc. president; Bud King, vice-president; Cllffle. Aitnorfl Seniors HeRlh, secretary; Ethel Hearn, l; |, f( Tll( ,| r officers The Senior class of Ihe Armord Junior High school has elected these officers lor the year. Clam ciiiuc Heath, Naomi Rhodes, Lena i Gamer, president; Wuller Crowilrr, Slllsvcll, Beverly Gravelle, John j vice president; Lois liades, were- Burnctlc, Bud King, W. C. Cols-|uny; Frances Drown, lieiiaur,'! 1 ; ton, Curtis Mccarty, J. W, Htiyder, I Grace Lyon, prophet; Kalhryn Aubra Bruce and Harmon nobin- • Ridenom, pael; Allen Anderson, r ton. . I'oncliideil ulth Jhnmlc Tankcr.slcyjs a patient •oiiml lal/c talk of Glollo and I at lli'J Memphis Baptist; hoipil-ii. his pid::!o>. Practically all of bers wcse present. treasurer. Members ol the class are: Alum Krutz, Eclc Shcpavd, Elhel Hearn, Osceola Society--Personal '1 \.CL'.;. -Hive 'in mbnr* a porter; Jaek omolhnimin, hlslur- ihe n::i:il'.:y H»y:<! Service Ian; MKs Bub Williiimc, spoiisur. : inn ul tin- li.iplr.l W. M. U. held , . : Officers Are All Boys. | The sweet pea is UK llower, pink j at the Ismin; ol Mrs. C. <J. Huts en. The Senior class ol the city Jim- j and green Ilic colors and the mot- ! The diso'.umal .si'iviue was con- lor high school has organized to.' to "Preparation Is the Keynote to dueled by .Mrs. Eil Heall and Mrs. the year with the ofTlccrs all boys; | Si, ccc; , Si " ji. ». umoks lid the lioyal Service Ralph WllllRmham, presldciil; Har- ... j ])IOi ;ram on which parts were tak- ry Blanchard, vice-president; W. • Senior I 1 . T. A. Has ' en uy Mix Ida Tucker, Mrs. It. H. H. Jones, secretary; Homer Foster. .ilcdlnj, lUm-iiliim. j Jonc» an<l Mrs. 1. S. Hurton. treasurer; Belvic Morris, reporter. | Forty Interested parents a nil 1 A dcl:;hlfiil social hour follo\v?i! IUTC Study . Members of the woman s ary union of the Second " I teachers ol (lie senior high school : the Severn and Mrs. J. S. nilla- 1 attended the meeling of the Par- | liuiily, clMimmn ot Circle "' em -Teacher association which pre- ' picse'nted tlie hostess, who ha ' hurch studied the "Royal Neigh- j ^.,y evl ,m nB bor" In (he meeting Monday after- i lnc «. nc ii m ceded the Intormal reception 'Hies- '• moved in'.u a nesv home, ' noon at the home of Mrs. W. M. Blaylock Mrs. Lesll? Moore, lend- the high school lor ', beautiful floor lump, a gift ol the j c ; rc ; c individual cakes and Theodore Logan, president, j cream In i.ivcnder and svhilc, W outlined the year's project, in an '. M. u. cotei, were served. Mrs. J. T. Willcoxon led I program -meeting ol the; Methodist er, alro used the 18th chapter of I opening address and also an- Matthew for the devotional nnd minced Hint a $5 prize will be Mcsdtmcs E.- Z. Ncwswn, W. M. g | vcn uie room having the most! {voman's Missionary Union i.'.icnd- Blaylock. \V. M. McFarlnnd, Clyde mothers atlciKl the P. T. A. meet- | wt by [uo n; y members and held In Ellis, Pern Hipp and A. B. Morris ; | ngs Uie first term and that, prizes vhc t i U i P -ii |)u -| m;> . parts cm the also took part en the program with j of $5. S3 and S'2 will be given for .jv 0grfim tt -ere taken by Mrs. Clln; Mrs. Leslie Moore, Mrs J. T. Ash-! looms Sluing one hundred pel | Cn i ( | w( .j] Mr s H. A. Belireiu, Mrs. ley mid Mrs. Mary Spicor offering ceni attendances. ! B Al ii«l"fs anil Mrs. Claude prayer. In speaking of the study through Thomason The subject ol the pro- TllC llOSteSS, aSSlSted bj 1 MrS. E. l>"> m-nornm r-nmmlltpo Mi-c n -M ! Z. Newsom .and Mrs. Clyde Ellis, served light refreshments. year books . » * « Flan Monr^' Making The woman's missionary society of Uic Lake Strecl Methodist church will make money by having a novelty chop and serving a chicken dinner before Christmas according to plans mac's al a meeting al the church Monday afier- | Mri. Cosine lilackwe-ll bpsnl Hi:the 2\ mem. | weekend . in Paraguild with rc:.i ilives, — i Mis-'s llallle Wlleoxson has re| turned lrc:n I'.iraguuld • where ilic! i visited her parents, Mr. and M-; ;J. T Wilcoxscn, for the. weekend. Miss Nell Moulder returned ho::i ye.sleniay hum Jiteeln where .'-In | lias bien spending the past i:ve i v.eeks. ' ' .Ml.y> I';il/:ll:c'!ll lilyllie. win h:i:, been triiicully ill from lynlioid fever, is Ijclter Uatay. Mrs. Ktln'l Wil.sun, who lr,wb:-.'!> 111 several weeks. Is able lo he mil. Mr. mid Mrs. A. J. llaaga hatv a.s their Mr.s. llaa^a'* father, J. P. Leech, of Chicago, wlr: arrived today. Miss Annabel Conli-y is ill from tjphoid fever. [•'rank 1'oller rnul Reps Woody, of Parngould. were visitors in :Le city Monday. Paul Fletcher, of Paragonld, ha' ! acceplcd a pnsitlcn with the IMt- • Ion C'oltou Buyers. Mrs. R. N. Pr?sl and daughter, Mnybellc, returned Sunday frum ! n ten days vlsi: in Last. Prnlrle, the Mo., with Mrs. Priest's mother, Mr.i. Margaret \V.Ilium;on, svho lias been | serioiislv ill but who Is now much Circle No. 1, as just noon. the program commlltce, Mrs. C.'M. i ,. r , lm vvas Gray, chairman, distributed the , circ!" met-luv'S year books . | , ( , r | : ,n"'L !u i! CS ; °ux Sup:rimen:lenl Crawford Greene'. Monday altcincon ai the liomcs cl 5ta y lv In his talk, "A Successful Pnrlner- | Mrs. C. C. Ermcn and Miss Hattle '. Prleu. in Havana." ot the Presby- Laiilcs auxiliary \vcre held ic-alilcr 1 -:ell un .acxet has trimmings ila culls trickily. A yoke collar in the same lone. improved. J.laiirlec Rcsrn'.hal has r,?li from Pnragoiilii wliere he visile:! | "'"' """ Ills parcntb. Mi. anil Mrs. D. Res- j-m'ii-ou 1 . enlhril, tor Ihe weekend. >• | .weed (reck In the Iwo green, Vcrlon Convers and Stewart Bir- J hr have returned lo their home u: East Prairie, Mo., after n brief: jacket adds feminine touches and takes a ol green, for fall's first cold days. 11Y WJI. K. McKKNNEy Secretary Anieriean Bridge League No Trumj Auction bidders at one time would cnftjivor to open the bid- Jink' with one no truini) as 11 would eliminate all adverse bids of one, but iiound contract players today do not care to bid a no trump if the hand contains a biddable four- card suit. In no trump all suits me of lighter suede make this sports. s piped in lighter green and a A light grwn suede beret and a jaunty outfit fo r autumn jank and ihcrcfoia the tricks must be wen by high cards and the establishment uf small cards in long suits.. In a suit dc-claralion a sing- lelon or a doublelon is a decided , but al nn trump, if. ihe declarer has a w,?ak suit, invariably the opponents will OIXMI this suit and keep peeking away at it. Therefore, It Is not iidvisabe to bid no trump hodlng H void .Mill, a singleton or a weak doubteton. Tl'o idea distribution for no trump is 4-3-3-3, wilh at lea.Hl Ihrcc suits slopi>ed. A suit Is considered stopped when headed by niiy cf Ihe following: Ace, , King guarded, fjui'di. jiu-k guarded. Jat'k, 10 and Uui small- Quoin and tlirrc small, rivc-canl suit headed by Ihe jaik. A nn trump bidder should hold queen better than an average hand average being considered ace, kinc; tjucen, jack, 10. but as the card are not apt to be distributed tlie rotation given above, it become necessary to adopt a valuation sys tern for no'trump. The or.e most commonly used is tlie old Pilch count, giving a face value to honors as fellows: Ace, four. King, three*. Quern, two. Jack, one. But 10-tpols are an added value io ths hand and can be counted one-half when accompanied by a higher honor and should not be counted at all nnlcfs the hand contains at least one ace. The following combined count is I'll si ham), count nt K. Second hand, count ot 12. Third hand, count of H. "• Fourth hand, count of 15. An original no trump bid should Iso contain a;- least two <|iiick ricks In the flrsl or second hands. 'hl!e Ihlrd or fourth Uiould con-: ain at least two and on:-half ulck tiicks. W.ille the hand may coiris 1 . of 1 • he required count, the quick tricks'" are necessary lor defensive pur-' loses. : ' '' Therefore, summing up live' 1 ;' ibovc, we find thai no trump ls' ; bid first, if the hand contains llii- 1 'emnred count; ici-oiul. of il has liree suits probably slopped; third,' f the count includes al leaul two,., quick tricks for defensive purposes. .. There are times when a hand- mist be bid no' trump svilh onh/ two suits slopped. For cxampl.j 1 . .padcs, A-K-x; hearts, x x-.\; dia- '. . innnds, x-x-x-x; clubs, A-K-x. Tins licind contains a counl of M anil. • lias four liieh card trieks. Them is... no other sound bid one on luuni)., , If eilhcr one of the A-tC siiils con-,, - laincd four cards, Ihat suit wuld •• be bid in preference to no trump./ Mr. and Mrs. R. Driver Grove ship." urged the association through | LL V ,MS. a large, active membership, to bring ' rarmony Into the school situation. Mrs. W. M. Stewart has as lici; guest Hits «cck. Mrs. Tom Drive) Paul and Cecil Prlc;t mclored ;D The rains in this community have Ensi Prairie/-Mo., Saairclay I delayed cotton picking. and accompanied their mother aiv.i! Mr. .niii Mrs. M'f.-o uyiws ot Oo.i- ' nell spent iasl Tuesday night and •The Leisure of Tomorrrow" was ol St. Louis, who formerly lived. !. sister home. ic theme for Miss Willie A. I.nw- ] Iwre. . . I . Ml ', s - l27 * 1Ilcmtls »"'' lit:'--' - W:.;liie=day with Mr. and Mrs. Ben .-il's address who said in part: i Mrs. E. F. Alston ol Manila is | daughter, Jane Braxton, arc spend- • Knl?h:. 'There can be no delinite program i spending ihe week wllh her (laugh- ! I»B tlie week in Piirr.gould \vi;h .Mis. W. L. is sici this ; OT Allho'i"h leisure Is es- 1 tor, Mrs. Floyd Grhns; ami her i Mrs. Thomas' mother. Mrs, Fn-u : week. The 11 members present heard i ,xn(M for all there must be a dell- . family. Mrs. Grimes' su='.vr r Miss j Hester, who formerly lived here. ! Earl S'.iaiieylelt was Use supper Mrs- Louis Forbas read nnd com- j mtc ] c i sllro r or each Individual." j Lorcllc Alum oi Manila, r-pciH I Ihe Rev. Marsli M. Callavvny has • guest o! Cnailes Springer jr., las'. ment upon the nrst 12 verses in M ,. o v .i.,. nn[1 lm .mber- ' ytstrrdity here. i return ;U from Memphis wl:ere ho ! We:lncs:lay. John H for the devotional. I „, ,,„,. i,« n Tuiiiv rmnmiiim.- MM"!' W. E. JclniFOii of L«xm:;'.oii, : spent tivo clays consulting life phy- ' Charles Springev jr.. had For th.? delicious refreshments. Mesdames Iversqn Morris, J. W. Langley, T. C. Jarrelt and \V. H. Patterson were., hostesses... ot her hospitality commlltce: Mrs. his A . M . B;|U> w . M. Taylor nnd Miss Frances Parker, In- Ky., is in O?ceo!a for an exlendcrl Isicinn. visit wilh his daughter.' ' jjiii'sls Fr:d:iy nigiu Charles Big- S- S. Class The Convention Sunday tchnol class of the f,2cond Baptist church was reorganized nt a meeting Tuesday evening at the- home of Mrs. J. B. Langslcr wilh the women forming the T. E. L. clnis while Ihe vited ihcsc present to ihe home after the ' : were 'introduced to the new nicmuei'js of ll'.e : , : W. Pa-will, nnd Mr. Prewitt. ami Mrs. Charles l.wralic: Tom ,\' SimpSDii is attendin:.! ham and Albert Hall, lo business in Memphis. j A ia:^; crowd aULiided the muct- Simpson, daughter of Mi '- my ai -Lii.ver Grove iasl \\eek v -. ~ ' guests. Jiidge and Mrs. W. and Mrs. Tern Nca! Simpson. IKI:; 11. Taylor of Unlontoi'.n. faculty nnd dainty Suilbury School fo Have Family rcfresluncnts'iM'*- Joe Croiner of Osc'.'ola. w:, .dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. I Chas. LatsTnne; sr., in Memphis 1Insl evening. required for initial no (rump: Lone Oak Items Fanners in this ccminuniiy. ni, busy yalhcring their erops. ' .,., • There will be an Ice cream sup-" . i per at the home of .Mrs. B. B."" Hodge Friday night, Sept. 1'Jlh fw ' . the benefil of the church fund. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie liar; vis.-! ited Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Hr:L ul~. ' Gosntll Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Joe WJltcrc vis-, ittd Mr. and Mrs. L:c H^.ivkin;, of Halt Moon oiinday. '' ' Mr. and Mrs. Erbie H3:h-o vis'- r itcci Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Pruitt of'.' Gosncll Sunday. , :: : Mr. nnd Mrs. Lawrence ro'.yeir'' were the guests ol Mr. and Mrs': • • Lee Po'.vell of Clear Lake Sunday''' i-fk'rnoon. - "' ' There is Sunday school every' Sunday nt 10 o'clock. Lvcry^r.c lr : invited. ' J; Our community lair will Jjilirt;!'' al the church next Monday. '"" lamily visiled in Gosnell Saturday n:glit and Suiidny. Ihunuan Wilson is recovering Irom a si'.ort spell of sickness. Mrs. Ernest llillhousc was called to L'jne Oak Sunday to the bod- side o! her brother, who is very low. A large crowd alteiulecl Ihe ball j game at Eligha Swain's Sunday al- lErnoon. Ehgha's ieani was defeated by Half Moon. 15 to 1. vlsi:or in the cily today. The Sudbury elementary school j CltVdWCll N&WS A OlCS \ Sunday evening at Promise Lsr.d. ' ! Ml- -.ttr, ^T.-e T -ll.^.il^ Dr. and Mrs. C. I). Holder ol i , Thursday. Mr. and ham of Pill m.:n members have already formed ! w llV7mvc'T"'f'aml'ij'"''party Friday ! th Oifi^,eeted were: Mrs. Ben ! ^"^,^,0 ±S\ Some \ HayU Mo., visited in C.rdweU Harrison, president; Mrs. J. B.! bctlcr acquainted with each other. Langstor, first vice president; Mrs. i No charge will be made for tlie Mary Mc,Mllster, third vice pr.?si- jijtcresting program to te present- dent; Mrs. W. M. McFarland. sec- j E( j m the nudllorluin ai 8 o'clock,! Ws !' :irc nis rctary and treasurer. The 1 second j according to announcement ma:le vice president will be elected at! by Charles L. Stubbs, principal. the meellng. ' ...... The seven members pment de- elded to use for the motto "A tie Child Shall Ixmd Them' 1 ih the aim: "To train our c' ;n aright, to extend our heal to receive parents of their pupils. Mrs. Vasco Cunning-i ( , Le^i her ?±E j *"' al Paiagould. Sheriff Tom Dominion hi\d bi:s Mis. Mary sue Saviiis'toti is inftR- returned home from Union city • '•'•'•:' !'.cr licuu' v .t!i her nun:, .Mrs. Tcnn.. wiicrc she visited her j W. L. Bi;! grandmother. [ Mrs. Bii'tha Brcck and children A. J. Cole, of Wilson, was ; were the guests u! Mrs. Mamti'j Springer lia'.unlay afiornaon. i'.isco WaldioiK: ol 1'lir.l, Mic!:.. aiul Thorney Daniel cf Illinois are visiting Mr. i':i:l MIJ. Eliijha Swan 1 this \veok. Cileries Si:: in ?cr. jr., was the Saturday iiitjli; 3ue s i ol Ciiarles Bighain. Jce While tjii'ii; .1 few days with iri?iui> and r^lautc.s here las' week. Mrs. Ciarsie ti.Ai and chilnicn |ter .Mr.s. l-lawkin = . Mick Sunday afternoon. Misses Una Alae Culler n:id Mary ! Alice Si'.\y calk'd on Mi-s Anna Lou Mick Sumiav. Midway Notes LUXORA. Ki-ute 1.—E. M. Me- Doiiald, RecJ Ciav.'ley and J. C. Jones were business visitors in Luxora Friday. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Jones visited Mr. and Mrs. Walter Alexander ol Shady Lane Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill attended the singing convenlion held at 3ogivoo;t Ridge on Sunciiiy. Jin: Kennedy ol Keiser visiled Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lind Sunday. J. C. Jones, Frank Lind. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Hill were Blyilieville : isiiors Sautrday. Mr. ana Mrs. Harry Stanford visiiul relatives In Luxora Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. E. M. MsDonaU v.orc Barfield visitors Sunday. Mrs. F. B. Scxlon was a Lux- visitor Monday. MILL WORKER BENEFITED Picked Up After Taking Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound Townmla, Pa.—"I was worljinf; in a pi!k mill arrl got BO lircxl and rundown that I weighed i onlj- SO jwunds. 11 was n o t w c! 1 ennugly to do my \cork. 'As'Fooh 1 iiS 1 began to '(akc I.yilia E. Pinkham's "\Vgclable Comi>oiiiiU, 1 began to pick up. After being married for thirteen ycnr.s, I Imtl a baby boy and the next year I bad another boy' who now weighs 37 pounds and is healthy as a bear. The Vegetable Compound lias helncti me in a dozen ways ami I hope others will try it loo." —Miis. C. B. JOHNSON. \Vcbb Street, K. D. /ti, Towanda. 1'eiuisylvania. THREE MOKE ; DAYS - Our special price of $6.50 For the FKEDIUCS VITATONIC - . rtlCMANENT :.; EXl'IItES SAT. SEPT. 20th: riicnc 288 FOR A1TO1NTMENT Mrs. McAdanis' Bcauly Shop 104 S. First SI. INGKAM BUILDING •\ , hospitality and to keep h with married women ci church." The song "My Faith L" 1 ss i Tuesday Club Ruunirs IMrtic-s. Up To Thee" was cliosen and n::a '• The Tucsdny Budge club ixwHir.- Erecn and while are to b.? used tor cd its weekly nlternoon paiti'-'s lur the class colors with the white c<i£- : the fail and winter season ycsicr- nation for the emblem flower. Tne ' day afternoon when Mrs. Harry group will meet the firsl Tuesday Kirty entertained the members and of each monllv '" ' "—" '" Paragould last Tuesday. j D. C. Morgan of Leachvillc was I a Carclwcll visitor last Tuesday. ; Born Monday, Sepl. 8. lo Mr. ami j Mrs. John Herrod. » clam:hU"r. I Mr. and Mis. llershcl Thompson; ol Paragould visiled her parents; Lyr : n in! Hakcr was a vi:,i;or Land Sunday. liilch w,is .i i31ylhevi!K visitor 3unc 4 :y aficrnoon. A Ir.rse crtnttl from rro::i:/,c L:ind attended the ball yam;' »t Kh-. 1 , I^iki Simdnv. Q U K T S L E R MOTORS PRODUCT a table of guests, Mcsdames Kver- • • • ell B. Gee. Russell Phillips, J. A. Thrift Club Formed . Lcrch nnd Eilon W. Kirby. A Thrift club has been organized: Mrs. \V. Leon Smith won club In Hi: 4 A room ot the Suribury • honors wilh a cnrrt table as tin- gnmniar school with Miss Lucife! nward and hosiery went to Mrs. Armstrong as sponsor. The pur- : Huwoll I'l-ilUps for high among tho ; j^'J jYr pose U to save as much as i>os;.ible '' S'lesl-j In every way during the nrst sem- : Mrs. L. L. Walker of Chesler- ; Held. Tenn., is visiting m Cardwcll. Mr. and Mrs. Norval Wliile ol i St. Lo'Js are visiting relatives lu-re. Hoy Clarke and Jot 1 F. I'Uts | the Joe F. Pills shaw. vis- . . Clark's parents here Tues- I .day night. Thill's \Vh;i1 A '1'oxas Slylcd fortnodcrn eiriaTlucss-euginceredfordc- liglilftil smoothness—liuiil for couiforl—priced for value. Do Solo Six, S»10 and up; DC Solo l)lr:ii<>ht Kight, §965 uuil up, f. o. b. faclory. week. Junior High Clavs Elects Us Officers | lv0111 l>)™*<' »' ll ' f In tbo 7B2 class of Junior hich " on school the officers have been scl- i 5 ' ccled as follows: Herbert- Cliilrts, president; Dorlmic Jacobus, vice president: Geraldine Riloy, secrc- tarj'; Koland Bishop, treasurer; XSurhl McFall, reporter; Nathaniel Dodson. sergeant at arms; John Sparks, first aid officer. "Work Hard and Play Well" Is "ic.-lU-nl number nf m-mbcrs in .»!-' ^ W edn"5ilay. : '"'r "'»"'• ''''' 'tendance. I Mr and Mrs Glenn Uniln wo;xi n-infty bv Mrs. T. C. ' Mrs. J. T. ^'""''^^y;;?: oi Arbyid were CarcUv.-ll viMtm:, Willuw suvot. Hl«- l-.nv re- o! 1701 wr,, . <liK ' 1>1 " j W. Bariir.m \s tue next socl.i 1 Salcr. j bu.-lness •'"'' ' Cl.i^ Conkf. Members ul Sirs. 11. A. Lynrli 1 ' MelhcrtiM rhurch rnjiM-,| an un.; ; iiig at Barfield Tui'-il.iy i-vcnni 'Uuiin-.: my chiUilio.d. my iii.iih- |""Mrs. W. B. Bra.',:. Dinikliii'rr u.-ul Thcdford's »l.u-k-l)iau.:hl i county lied Cross sii'.-i:ny. UL»! m uuv in<ftir [requently. SI 1 .: 1 -MVC In C.vrdwcll limiMlay. it t" u- children for lillli sp.-lX of Helen Hayes aiul Chris- : s;,k;n--. Wlu'iicvrr su- «,-:i;ii t,,in- line Tinnin of Horncis'ii'.'i'- \isiltd cf iml Eceling \\ril. ;-;r^ \\..iild I in Card well the Ull'.'r i'.i:l of Ihe iiitr :is ;i iiinr.-r uf Bl-.ick-IXa.idit '.\vcek. wtui-li :.|r,n;:!itencd u : . mli: u:it. ' Roy Shaw had br.sinr . in Ken- ".sir.u- I have boon su.ii". i. d. I • nctt Thursday. -li.uo dininl Biack-Ui.uu'.hi iu i;.- a i Andiew Brailley vctiu;v;l Friday ;u,r l.ilp in r.ii-ini: my fa: v ..'.t It Miss Willie A. Lawson. I Slmly (ilolttv. supcrinlcndcnt, will IK Ihe prin- | The Delphian chapter of this cipal bpoaker at the Home Coming : C j(y \ull sponsor an ait exhibit program of the Armorcl Parent-I an 'ti conies: for tin- school stu- Teachcr association Thursday eve- j c t fu ( s O f Mississippi Civ.nily in Ihe nnig. 8 o'clock, at the school. |early spring. This ac'.ion was This will be the firsl of a :::':: iiaxen al today's mcolln-.: folknv- cf such programs hi an elfort (o jing an address by Mis^ Wnmit- vas ire Sunday have ccopcrallon of parents, virsil Turner, comity supervisor.' teachers and pupils. ' wno displayed examnlos <it art • • * 'work among tile rural schiwl pn- Plan for Upkeep Ol Mipl« Cemetery Promise Land Mr. and Mri. L. C. .lishr.- were I lie Sunday allcni-mi •::>• . cf Mr. and Mis. Jerry Winu-. Miss IVuilinc Wosl ol U'lyi-i: vi. "1 M>.~ (.;. MilItT and i:.i v ii •; l)i.,i;jli: .ilnays give . a:-(l ,il:rr I have taken - i!' .•*!! .\iul i r.ei'KL'tie. 1 \-t\ti u ttt tlu 1 chiklh :n ul ;\ IIM. They do r.o; ( Lowe Motor Co. rs. Anna Hell Scay «.(• ay afternoon gur>l ol p ji s i n on inleres'.luj b.okict of . m( y,iirr. Mrs. P. H. Culler , we ll known paintings portiayed by Mv and Mrs. t rkaiisas , and Mrs. Ku:-=':i . Plans for the annual chicken dm- •kodart;. were visitors in Promise Lov-.c: Sig ner to be held .n?xt month, were : Mn. C. W. Affiirk. the ps^t prcsi- , day. made at the first meeting of the .den I. was presented a nc.-t presi- : Mr. and Mrs. Ora D:ri: .-:, ..-,. Maple Grove Ccmc.icry Association jdcnfs pin as a token of the stand- .Miss Ruby Dickson aHcnci.'.i :-.i- . Seeking Out the USER The electric transmission line, threading its way across the landscape, delivers power wherever a use for it can be found. Town, hamlet ami farm, factory, mine and home, all arc sought out and encrgiicd by electric power. This is a revolutionary change from tlie day, not so long ago, when the user had to come to the |x)ivcr. The extension of widespread transmission systems—replacing in.ulci]naic isolated plants or britKmg power where none had been before—is working rrofoiind changes in the small town and countryside. ARKANSAS-MISSOURI POWER COMPANY "At Your Service"

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