The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE TEX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, APRIL 19,194* REPAIRS - IMPROVEMENTS ^[MODELING Financing of Home Is Made Easier Through FHA's Plan For Insurance on Mortgages Financing the purchase or construction o[ a home Is the Mist step In home ownership, and financing plans available today made home financing easier and less burdensome than ever beloif, according to the Construction Research Bureau, New York clearing house for building information. There are three main sources of mortgage money: Savings banks; savings and loan associations; and insurances companies. Commercial banks, private individuals and institutions like collegs and chut-lies write mortagcs to H lesser degree. The three main types of lenders are competing for home loans and have developed plans to fit the needs of almost every borrower. II is best lo shop for mortage money by visiting the mortgage officers of several lending Institutions. FHA Insuarnee The FHA plan for home ownership is more widely used thai any other. Last year the FHA Insured loans on 400,510 dwelling units. The Federal Housing Administration lends no money bnt insures the lender against loss, making it possible for the borrower to buy ncnl. For this, the bnrrouTr pays the I-'HA '.^ of r; of Ihe mrrtgugc face and this Is part of (he monthly amortization payment to the tender. The r'HA Is permitted to Insure up to 90% of Ihe first $7.00(1 of loiiK-term value and HO'; of the remainder with a lop limit of $16,000. For a $10,000 house, this means that a Sl.UOO down payment would be required—$700 for the first $7,000 and SHOO for (lie remaining SU.OOO. Thus there would be tin $8.100 r.iort- unpe against the piopnly. Most F HA mortgages arc written for 20 years at tin Interest rule of 4''j plus ^ of l 1 ^ for FIIA Insurance. The monthly payments on Interest and principal at 5*^ oil a 20-year $8,700 mnrtgnce are $51.42. Olbcr Payment Items In addition lo regular monthly Floor Is Called 'Most Important Side of a Room' Durability, economy and style adoptability are the most important factors lo consider In selecting f'.oor- tiiK for a new home, according lo a brochure on oak flooring published recently lor guidance u [ prcspeellve home builders. Flooring, the biwhurc points out l.s a basic, structural part ol a house It Is the side of a room that yoi walk on, the side that must withstand continuous weight and heavy traffic for the life of the house— with an minimum degree of weal and deterioration. Since it Is a pre- manent parl. it should be adaptabli to any decor and gracefully com plele the motif of your furnishings. Resistance lo abrasive action of Roof Trusses Cut Costs of Small House laborious (line-consuming culling HIK! filling of roof rnllcrs Is jinnlJitf no tfivc wa.y to LMISS construct Ion o[ roots for small Ivm.scs this method of roof fiEii !MK has boon found to brinf? appreciable cost suvluRs. according to the Construction Research Bureau, New York clearing for building Information. * The parts of each truss, including the two rnfter.s and ah bvfic- fng, ai'c cut rapidly \vllh power rmw.s, then quickly united or bollec together in a jig on the ground i which assures maximum accuracy ir filling. When finished, each truss I * home with ft smaller down pay- interest and principal payments, dust, dirt and traffic, immunity lo fading as a re.suH of exposure lo .sunlight and heal, together with resistance lo depressions due lo the weight, of heavy furniture are among the most desirable characteristics ol flooring from n durability standpoint, the booklet explains. In evaluating Us economy, one should consider Us maintenance cost- and whether the material increases Uie resale vahic of the house :c booklet explains. It adds that flooring, to be suffl- cntly adaptable, should hiirmcintzc ilh any color plan and style of fur- si) Ings. Whether exposed or scrv- as a background for rugs, tould beautify a, room. hoisted into place as n siiiKlo imi tmd fastened to the plate at tin Lop of the \vn!l. Bccuusn of the trussed bracing o the rafters, this method penult lower- pitched roof than with con >ntional rafter frnminK and ^sequent .saving nf frnminK lOfinK materlnl. It also allow fihtcr interior wall const ructlo Ith further savings In mnl j.sts hceausc the trusses carry Dress Up CONCRETE m BLOCK! Seal Out Dampness • with BONDEX Add Color GIv« your home modern color styling with Bondex. Easy t» apply, no experience required. BONDEX Cement Paint HTOBAKD HARDWARE 0 213 W Main St I. 9. KOBINSOK LUMBER Jit W. A.h Bondex not only decorates, if al>o seals up pores (hot allow moislure lo get into Ihe walls, The Cost is Low I A 3-it>. package «f wHlli SondtK maliti abaul 1 gallan, **1 1 Q ••Hi for only . . * . I {Colon ili'gb'iV hi'oW) Color-Styling Ideas in FREE Bondex Color Chart at ARKANSAS 1'AINT. ULABS 105 K, SI MISSISSIPPI COrjHTTT I.UMBKK CO I SOI W M»!n 51 BONDEX HYDRAULIC CEMENT ost lenders require thai onc- vclfth of Die annual tax bill, In- nance premium and water hil c added mid all covered In u single nymenL Ability to meet tills tola monthly payment. Is weighed agninsl borrower's Income and othci ebts and the value ol the homi determining how much he cai FOR QUICK PLUMBING REPAIRS "PETE" THE PLUMBER Expert Workmanship CRANE Quality Materials At Your Service 1440 MINUTES of Every Day envy roof load without need (tdiiionnl support. feezing May Require Repairs for Masonry An important parl of home mnl cnance is 'lie spring check-up. E mine all masonry for cracks oon as danger of freezing Is past! nd make repair. 1 ; to prevent serious amafie which may result IT Ihc racks spread. A standard mixture for palch- ng masonry cracks Is made with one part cement, three parts of sand, and enough water to make the mixture workable. Rcndymlxcd uortars which only require addition of water arc available at hardware stores. 1 Persons File Applications for Building Permits A (otal ol eleven application.* for lilding permits were added to the Ic.s in tlin office of City Engineer oe Carney during the past week. Estimated cosU on all eleven mounted to a total of $30,300. Six c.sideniial and five basine:*? build- ig.s arc planned, Applications were filed by: JiKi. Dllhud. for a four-room rame residence west of South 2Lst street; estimated cost, $1,300. Nathan Jlichard.son, for a two- oom [raine residence on South IGth treet; e.stimaled cost. $500. Glide I3tas., for a .steel slaughter building at Henderson and Monroe Streets; estimated cost. $4,000. O. s. nollison, lor a 3t by 50- 'ool liimbcr slicd oa Moullrie Drive; estimated cost. .$1.800. Albert Thoma.s, for a four-room frame residence at 604 Scutn IClli; I'.slimalcd cost, $1,250. Richard Smith, for a tour-room frame residence at 1G(H Chnrleuc; estimated cost. $1.200. W. J. Pruitt, for fo a 20 by 30- foot RaraRC on Brawley Street; estimated cost. $750. Ark-Mo Grocery Co.. for a steel warehouse on South Railroad Street; estimated cost. $4,500. jHincs White, for a 15 by 20-foot frame tailor and hal shop at 917 South 10th; estimated cost. $2.000. It. O. Gill, (two permits! for a five and otic-half room house on Hardin Street; estimated cost. $6.0fiO. Also for a five and one-half room house and garage on Hardin Street; estimated cast, $1.000. lots In SE'.i of Section 9-15N-11E, $3,700. John C. MoRac lo Murdock O. McIUe, part or the NW'.l of Section 20-1GN-11E!, lying in Arkansas, $10 and other consideration. Ida Mae Ulnshaw to E. T. and Frances Giles, a plot 216 by 15 Icct in Section 17-15N-8E In the NW!i of the SW'i of the NE'A, $750. A. D. Harmon lo Hershel M. and Viola Carpenter, part of Lot 11 of the William R. Ovcrton Survey of the W'.l of Hie NW'.l of Section 31-15N-9E, S250. Mattle Sue Ball Sykes to Kyle Ball and Louise Ball, ail undivided 1'G Interest in the N'.-i of the NW',1 of Section 29-I5N-12B. $1.500. Holly Development corporation to Marvin and Mai-gard D. Smith, Lot 6 of the Jackson Second Addition. $2.000. Holly Development Corporation to Albert L,. Jr., and Mary Sue Richardson, f.ot IB of the Jackson Secotul Addition, $9.000. Blvthevillc Development Company, a corporation, to Elisha Brott'n, Lots 0 and 10 of Block 7 of Wilson First Addition, $600. Blythcvitle Development Company to James Zola r and Bell Biinklcy, Lots 13 and 14 of Block 7 of Wilson First Addition, $865. Holly Development Corporation to James M. and Elsljane Trimble ROT, Lot 23 of Jackson Second Addition,^ $2,000. ' • Holly Development Corporation to A. H. and Pally D. Boyd. all of Lot 20 of Jackson Second Addition, $1,200. Title Insurance Urqed To Protect Home Buyer Before a real estate trans-clion Is completed, Utle lo the propert) should be examined by a competent lawyer or title company to avoid risks o( future monetary losses or even confiscation of the I property. Title insurance Is supplied n't a low fee and protects the buyers from any past Ileus. liability tor n former owner's unpaid taxes, judgements or other encumbrances. Tight Register Joints End Streaks on Walls StrcnkA on \vnlls H round wnim repisters \isunlly tnciins the fnce- pbtc of IhR rt-^Istor docs not fit tight afiaiti.sL the \vnlL This can be remedied by cutting a gnskct from cnrrtbonrrt, or cork or otlicr gasket mntcrinl nnrl placing I!, between wnll ami register to make a dnsl-proof joint. That's rilrliiriff URBANA. 11!.—Hank Milchtiin. 39 -year-old pitcher for nn Urban a softbitii tcnni. has hurled only t\vo t-nmcs this SCLI.^OIK Both were no- hitters, one of them a perfect me—MO hits, runs, walks, errors or hit batters. Real Estate Transfers (Clilrkasnwli:i District) Clarence Stnrnes and Emma Starncs to nilcy and Hculah Watton, (lie East 50 reel of the West 250 feel of Lot 13 of the Pride and Gateway Subdivision of the SE'.i of Section 17-15N-11E. $600. Jane McGarrity to Frank and Mary Hunt. Lot H of Block 3 of Brnwley's Addition, $115. Richard and Beineda W. Osborne to Erick c. and Frances O Heckshcr. Lol 1 of the E. C. Roh- n.son Lumber Company First Addition, $10 and other consideration O. W. and Lois Fauelit to Doyle Bnrnctt. North 90 feet of Lot 8 Block 7 of the Park Addition, $1 | and other consideration. Doyle Barnelt lo Lois Gammons. North DO feet of Lot 8. Block 7 of the Park Addition, SI and other uonsideration. K. C. and Lora Mae Flcemnn. to Robert W. Pattern, part of the NW'l NW, of the NE'i near the roa;! ditch on Arkansas Slate Highway 77. £10 and other consideration. Jo.sic Mills to Mi's. Luc Copeland. Lot 20 of Block 1 of the P. J. O'Brien Addition, $10 and other consideration. Mrlvin L. Downing and Lilla M. Downing to Lnler Rilcy. Lot 8 of Block 1 of the original survey to the town of Manila. 51.000. •' Russell oaskins and Geneva Gaskins lo J. Jackson. Lot 13 of Hlock "G" of the Barren and Lilly Ad- clillon, $3,230. Carl E. Alberg and Luble While Alljerp tn Pliilip C. and Ruth Ft. Hehn. part o[ Lot 12 of irregular DON'T SAY FlOOJf P^/NF-SAY Yci, Flor-Ceal doe* ill the work ERSY TO USE-OWES OVtRNlCHTI with inn one coal — and in ont . operaiuin! It leaves t lastingly hciiitifuT fioor ihat'i protected from dirt and wwr, oil or gr« 3 « ...• floor thii'i easy to keep clem' Alt for • cosi of only , , • bout 1 cent per squire foot! Flot Cnl p*irn— vrnH • ju»i liVc GUARANTEE... Fi«r . Cni it o^ ihppuy tw beiuty «' '' " it»wi^«iy Trtu youf Moot* lo nd lilt *Hh Flac-Ceill BlythevilleWater Co "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" For AIL SURFACES • INSIOi OR OUT WOOD 0* UNOUUM Idol Clm (i, FlorCnl t .11 Ikt plrlnl) Blltminl Hoeri I II oul bnfhtcntd »c<J Itctcd ".',? 'XT' «.";i"J' i 1 .,,'"' .k""" 1 I'T oil «nJ di.l .rd Won't chip or pttll VhrlliV .. k" quickly willi Fler-Ctill K« <>!!• pr, r j,,i,or, , t 1,,,'h,,,,, ,„" "J^ Al.ioluulynon-llii.ptiJ ly Uid concrtir "n't "'" '"">l'"m. m»l«« '" S**'*:!''''*'* colon tnd blicV irj «minuoui w.,m[ un nunoty ind tumput FOR HOMlFARM • FACTORY ^ NOW YOU CAN GET fIO«-CfAL FROM THESE DEAURSr FURNITURE REBUILDING BE YOUR OWN DESIGNER* ...with a KENTILE floor! The House of Charm can really miike your present furniture like new again! We offer truly superior wurkman- shlpj a wealth ot selection In upholstery fabrics at every price level, and ID da; service. Call for a free estimate. Hcuse Of Charm ftmmie Deal Kemp Whlsenhunl •tO'il West Main Phones: 4631 or 4469 ^X'hy envy those smart floors you sc« in model kitchens? You can have one with Kentile. It's tile-set—combine colors as you wish. We'll help you plan the design. Yes, and lay it for you! Kentilc's a real investment in economy, low cost and wears for decades, always looks new. Kentile's colors go clear through —need only simple mopping to keep fresh. And it's the modern floor,that's practically stain, dirt and scuff proof. Just ask rif anything ahofti Kentile — wt'vt got the faflt. DEAL'S PAINT STORE 109 E. Main Phone 4469 WITH »»trizi ROOM Such glorious color! Such magic ease, when you decorate with the MiracIeWall Finish! And only $.5.79 a gallon! No wonder Kern-Tone is America's n)ost popular flat wall paint! MIRACLES? Applies like magic! ^ ght over wallpaper.' One coat covers! in an hour! °ne gallon a room! with KEMi-OIL REAL OIL FORTIFIED WITH SPECIAL RESINS (or extra duribilitjT, Uttini btwty. \J LOOKS'"WASMSm BAKED ENAMEL! from the famous laboratories that gave you Kern -Tone! SCUFF IT.' SOIL IT/ SCRUB IT f Sensational new Kem-Glo! Looks an<l washes like bukei) enamel! For (he first time, kitchen and bathroom walls, woodwork in every room can have a finish that's smooth as plastic.clcana hie as chin aware, beautiful as polished ivory! DON T SAY FLOOR PAINT . . SAY FlOR-CMl HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. 213 \V. Main Phone 2015 EASY TO APPLY! .SCRUMAILIl ONE COAT COVERS! « ONLY KM A OUARTI NO PRIMER! .WON'T STAIN! NO UNDERCOATEKt • RESISTS GREASE! DRIES-3T04 HOURS! • DIRT WASHES OFF! WASKAILEt .RESISTS BOILING WAUR1 BUILDER'S SUPPLY, INC, Building Service and Supplies J. Wilson Henry Highway lil South W. H. Pease Hlvtheville

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