Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey on July 13, 1993 · Page 35
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Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · Page 35

Asbury Park, New Jersey
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 13, 1993
Page 35
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Asbury Park PressTuesday, July 13.1993 D7 Stepping Out PanoramaLifestyle By Alfred Shelnwold and Frank Stewart , ne of your gurus agreed to play Ion a team with Unlucky Louie. We figured that, if nothing else, we'd get plenty of column material. On the deal shown today, the contract was four hearts at both tables. The defenders took two spades and then led a club. At one table, Louie won and tried to draw trumps with the A-K-Q. When East discarded, Louie couldn't afford to continue trumps since the defense would cash spades. Instead, he started the diamonds. West waited to ruff the fourth diamond, and Louie had to lose a club. Down one. RUFF IN DUMMY: Declarer at our table fared better. He won the club at Trick Three, cashed a high trump and next led the ten! We took the jack, but were then helpless. If we led a spade, South would ruff in dummy, draw trumps, and run diamonds to pitch a club. "Why didn't you duck a trump to keep control?" we asked Louie. His answer was no surprise. "When," he growled, "have I ever been in control of anything at the bridge table?" South dealer North-South vulnerable NORTH J5 V962 OQ9632 963 WEST EAST KQ92 A10864 5J873 V54 O105 087 Q82 J 107 5 SOUTH 73 VAKQ10 0AKJ4 AK4 South West North East 2 Pass 20 Pass 2 V Pass 30 Pass 4 0 Pass 4? AllPasd Opening lead K DAILY QUESTION: You hold: S K Q92HJ873D105CQ82.Your partner opens one diamond, and the next player passes. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one heart. When you respond with two four-card major suits, bid hearts first. Partner can raise with four-card heart support; otherwise he may bid one spade, and you'll raise him. Avoid a response of INT; look first for a trump suit. Alfred Sheinwold and Frank Stewart's syndicated column appears every day. Readers may send questions or suggestions to columnists in care of the Asbury Park Press. By Heloise Cash belt thwarts thieves 01 a recent vacation the un- thinkable happened my 'Purse was stolen and we lost all of our credit cards and money. We were forced to return home early. Obviously, this ruined the vacation for everyone. I want to pass along a warning to others to please keep close watch on your purse or wallet. Vianne Simpson, Philadelphia, Pa. We all think it won't happen to us! Thanks for the reminder. With summer in full swing and many families vacationing, please take the time to read the following: Don't carry excess amounts of cash! It's safer to carry traveler's checks. To keep pickpockets away, put mphey in a money belt inside your clothing, and don't flash your money either. An automated teller machine (ATM) card could sure help out in a pinch. Call your bank to see if there are machines that will take your card where you are traveling. Take a few minutes and sort through your credit cards. Only take the ones that you know for certain you will use. Then divide the ones you are taking with your spousepartner. This way if one purse or wallet gets stolen you will still have some cards. This could sure make things easier. Keep credit cards separate from cash. In the case of a theft, both won't be gone. I hope these will help one and all to have a safe and happy summer vacation. D Heloise's syndicated column appears every day except Saturday. Pre-show party for cultural fund eheck out this hot ticket. The Garden State Arts Center Foundation is hosting a cocktail buffet before Tina Turner's performance Monday at the Garden State Arts Center, Holmdel Township. Tickets, $135, cover a pre-show party in the Robert B. Meyner Reception Center at the Arts Center site and VIP seating for the rock star's performance. The concert, with guest Chris Isaak, will begin at 9 o'clock. Funds raised through sale of reception tickets support the Garden State Arts Center's Cultural Fund, which provides free programs for New Jersey school children, senior citizens and disabled and disadvantaged people. "It is a wonderful endeavor which we have been involved in for the past 26 years," says Lionel M. Levey, South Orange, vice chairman of the New Jersey Highway Authority and president of the Arts Center Foundation. At the cocktail reception, there will be a raffle of such signed Tina Turner memorabilia as T-shirts and sweatshirts from her current tour. There will be door prizes, including round-trip air fare from Newark to London via American Airlines. Post-performance, guests will be offered one for the road creamy ice cream donated by Ben and Jerry. Time is of the essence. For information or reservations, call the foundation at (908) 888-5012. Adopted children are often slighted DEAR ABBY: I am writing in response to the letter from a birth mother whose daughter was adopted shortly after birth. You responded with a beautiful poem titled "Legacy of an Adopted Child." I can certainly relate to this poem, being the mother of two children, an 11-year-old son by birth, and an adopted 2-year-old daughter from Korea. This column referred to the "natural" mother vs. "birth" mother, which brings me to my reason for writing. As an adoptive parent, I feel it is im- By Sydney Omarr IF TOMORROW Is your birthday, holiday atmosphere prevails for you throughout July. Major domestic adjustment takes place In August, could Include actual change of residence, marital status. Mark these days as memorable in August: 2nd, 1 1th, 20th, 29th. You'll acquire art object or luxury Item In September. Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius people play significant roles In your life. FORECAST FOR WEDNESDAY, JULY 14 ARIES (March 21 -April 19): Lost article retrieved, cycle high, people who previously were indifferent could now become allies. Spotlight on responsibility, deadline, dollar signs. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Excitement will be where you are spotlight on personality, magnetic appeal, ability to win friends and Influence people. Events transpire to bring you closer to goals. NEW JERSEYS LARGEST PARTY CENTER SHOWROOM IS NOW LOCATED AT 1621 SL IMY. 35 IN OCEAN TOWNSHIP OUR SUPER MOVING SALE CONTINUES UP TO 70 OFF SELECTED MERCHANDISE 1621 ST. HWY. 35 Three-generation shtick A touch of New York's Lower East Side is billed for the Ocean County Fair. The j t iir ic i j i 1 1 1 ( i lull iu uinuig place today through Saturday at the Robert Miller Air Park, Route 530, Berkeley Township. And MARGUERITE HENDERSON among all the fun and frivolity will be a three-generation appearance from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Thursday, of Elizabeth Eger-man, a resident of Holiday City, Berkeley Township (but formerly of New York City's Lower East Side), her daughter Pauline Hahn, Millburn Township, (who has been performing since age 2 and also got her start in New York) and Pauline's daughter Ariel, 9. Mrs. Egerman a singer, stand-up comic and poet is thrilled to be invited back to perform at the Ocean County Fair. She's even more thrilled that her daughter and granddaughter will be on stage with her. Grandma will perform and act as master of ceremonies. And she expects her daughter, who is both ventriloquist and yodeler (as a EH23BZ By Abigail Van Buren portant to educate the public regarding the use of proper terms when speaking about adoption. I consider myself and my daughter to be very "natural" and "real." I have also been asked whether or not I have any children "of my own." My response is: "Are you asking if I have any children by birth?" I do not wish to discourage these GEMINI (May 21-Juim 20): Those who foolishly claimed you were a stick In the mud will have red faces and possibly choke on crow, stress Independence, originality, willingness to take risks. CANCER (June 21 -July 22): Intuitive Intellect serves as accurate guide. Female family member needs attention following emotional outburst. Spotlight on finance and romance, added popularity. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Individual In position of authority plans surprise for you. Be gracious, avoid display of false modesty. If you don't blow your own horn, there won't be any music. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): Study fine print, check references, reunite with Individual who helped you in past. Be willing to tear down In order to rebuild on more attractive, sturdy base. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Emphasis on teaching, reading and writing, participating in exciting clash of Ideas. Money comes from surprise source, love plays role, marital status commands attention. Is Your Child Caught In A Failure Chain? Your child may need help with weak study skills or poor reading or math skills. Some are unmotivated or lack confidence, despite good IQs. Our certified teachers help students overcome frustration and failure. A few hours a week can help gain the Educational Edge41. Individual testing and tutoring in Reading, Study Skills, Writing, Phonics, Spelling, Math, SAT prep, and High School Proficiency Test prep. Middletown Toms River East Brunswick THE HUNTINGTON (&I992, Huntington Learning Centers, ALL-JERSEY MULTPLEX CINEMAS NEMMW 11741100 AMBOV MULTIPLEX CINEMAS SWVU m MOD LHTfO ARTISTS BELLEVUE TMPLEX imR MOHTOAtt 744-14H aEAOVtWCMMAS SERGE NFIELD CMEMA 8 WGtfl0MSI6OQ CINEMA 10 TENPUX SUCCASLJWM44faO LNTED ARTISTS CINEMA 46 IMPLEX TOTOWA 256-MJ LOEWS CIRCLE BRCKTOWtt 4M5077 CUFTONQUAOMUon GENERAL CfCkM ESSEX GREEN WEST OfiANGt 7317751 TOUCLE F AW LAWN CMEMA 8 tNPUm 796-1717 LOEWS FREEHOLD CMEMA 6 fHEtMOLO a wmow. mmigsn tmcatk HAZLET MULTIPLEX CINEMAS HMlIJ 162200 HEADQUARTERS 10 HWlSICMt 712O60C KENDALL PARK CINEMAS 7 SOUTH BhjNSWKK42M444 flOBW CRAT KM MALL CMEMAS 8 UNNttON 4 WOO LINCOLN CMEMA 9 WlWGTON 997473 LOEWS MEADOW PLAZA 8 SE CAUCUS 902 9200 ONE (UX ODE ON MENLO PARK MALL CMEMAS EDISON 1211411 MOVIE CITY ft kid she did her acts on the Ed Sullivan Show and with Arthur Godfrey on TV) will do her shtick of "Climb Upon My Knee, Sonny Boy" with Ariel perched in her lap. Mrs. Hahn, by the by, is a doctoral candidate at Columbia University and is an accomplished actress and director, who has starred on Broadway, off Broadway and on tour. 'Purely social' Ben Waldron, senior vice president of National Community Bank, Manasquan, and newly elected president of the Monmouth-Ocean Development Council, heads up the committee for the 6:45 p.m. July 23 benefit cruise on board the River Lady out of Toms River. It's not just any old cruise of Toms River and Barnegat Bay; it's a dinner cruise melded with a murder mystery produced by Avis Anderson of Creative Consultants, Red Bank. Waldron describes the evening as "the first purely social event in several years to raise funds for the programs of MODC." Tickets, $75 per person, may be reserved by calling (908) 223-6632. Marguerite Henderson is a Press staff writer who has been covering the social scene for 20 years. Her column appears Sundays and Tuesdays through Fridays. questions, and I am very sympathetic to the fact that most people simply do not know the proper terms to use, but I am concerned about how their questions sound to the adopted child. Imagine how you and your child would feel if someone asked you point-blank: "Do you know anything about her real mother?" Thanks for helping me educate a few people. Just call me "mom" DEAR MOM: You have made some excellent points. Thanks for educating the general public concerning adoption terminology. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Many doors, previously shut tight, will open almost as If by magic. Emphasis on music, art, luxury, love. Domestic adjustment relates to lifestyle, residence, marital status. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Element of mystery will not frighten Instead you'll be Inspired and some will declare, "You are a magnificent human being." Stop blushing and move toward goal. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): You're called from the bullpen to save game and the day. Focus on personality, sensuality, promotion, Intense love relationship. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Refuse to be limited by outmoded procedures. Break new ground, emphasize Independence, originality, daring. Dark corners of your life receive greater light. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Forces scattered and this works In your favor. Means keep plans flexible, options open. You'll be more popular, you could even win contest. Sydney Omarr's syndicated column appears every day. 1650 Highway 35 1410 Hooper Avenue 385 Cranbury Road 671-0200 341-4700 257-7500 LEARNING CENTER Inc. Independently Owned & Operated .J MOW CfTY IOS0N 54466M CHEAT EHTIRTAMCNT NEW PARK CMEMAS ROsaU M Ml 2S2S CKnUnoEON NEWPORT CENTRE CMEMAS JERSET CITY tJfrttOt NEWTON TWM WtfTOft MJ.7390 GEtfMLCMki OCEAN COUNTY MALL TOMS NMR 240M9S UNITED ARTIST! PASCACK MSTWOOD664-UO0 UWUD ARTISTS RIALTO TRIPLEX WSFITL0 212I2U LOEWS RIDGE FIELD PARK BDGfftLD PAW 440661 ROCKAWAY TWELVE ROCMWT 10WMSHP 3S066C CKPLtX ODEOh ROUTE 4 TENPLEX PARAMUS U? 7909 GENERAL CtCHA RUTGERS PLAZA 6 f (WW GENERAL CHEW SEA VIEW SQUARE AStUTr ftWH 77SWO GEWRAL CHEI SOMERVUXE OR CLE HART? AN S26O101 CNEPIE' ODE ON WARNER QUAD mxwood4i:m ( ROCKLAND ) UNITED ARTISTS CMEMA 304 NEW CITY 6344200 UNTIED ARTISTS MOVES AT SPRING VALLEY SPRING VAUEY 421600 NO PASSES HONORED DURING THIS ENGAGEMENT T 1 - Jay Carr, BOSTON GLOBE Ml I '(1 llMj u ii t m in1 iwnrriirinni nrn w'iiiiTiTiirr-itriniTr"t-Jt"'--" u?aaaSsffis?HF Call the Talking Directory every day for the latest information about local merchants and services. If your favorite business isn t here, tell them they should be! The Talking Directory and PRESSTO sm are not pay services. Only standard NJ Bell toll charges, if any, apply AUTOMOTIVE Automotive Collision Specialist Monmouth Auto Body .6519 Automotive Parts Emerald Auto Parts . . .6521 Renting & Leasing Rent A Wreck 6509 10 Minute Oil Change Quicky Lube Plus III . . .6528 BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES Make Serious Money Dutch Touch Marketing 6523 GENERAL MERCHANDISE Lumber and Building Supplies Columbia Lumber . . . 6526 Pools & Spas Aqualand Pools 6517 GENERAL SERVICES Limousine Arrow Limousine 6508 Painting All Star Painting 6510 HEALTH SERVICES Alcohol & Drug Abuse New Beginnings Rehab 6506 Dentists American Dental 4422 Dr. Joseph Oleske 6504 Optometrist Hillman-Cohen Eyes . .6501 Personal Growth The Open Center 6527 Weight Control Weight N See 6524 24-Hour Information PRESSTO Time .8463 PRESSTO Area Weather 4034 PRESSTO Beach Report 5050 PRESSTO Marine Report 5051 Lottery Results NJ.NY.PA.FLA) 1750 Sports PRESSTO Local Sports Report 3020 Horse Racing Results 7223 Major League Baseball Report 3013 National Report (American) 3008 Horoscopes Aquarius 5000 Pisces 5001 Aries 5002 Taurus 5003 Gemini 5004 Cancer 5005 Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio . , Sagittarius ..... ..,.... ..... Capricorn Your Birthday Today Dial (908) on any touch-tone phone and enter one of the codes in the listing below. on PRESSTO sm 24 hours a day HOUSEHOLD GOODS Appliances Eatontown TV 6513 Cabinet Refaclng National Cabinet Systems 6516 Furniture N.J. Wholesale 6505 Kitchens Kitchen Magic 6502 Unens & Curtains Home Furnishings Outlet 6515 PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Mutual Funds Mutual Fund Management 6514 RESTAURANTS American Hannah's 6512 Italian Villa Del Mar 6507 ItalianAmerican Fine . Cuisine Rick's Place 6518 Seafood Net Lane Fisherman . .6520 Waterfront Dining Shrimp Box . ..6500 For information about advertising your business in the TALKING DIRECTORY Call 1-800-822-9770, Ext. 3704 5006 .5007 5008 5009 5010 i . .5011 .5012

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