The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1934 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1934
Page 4
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PAGE FK)UH ^ THE BLYTI1EV1LLE COUIOER NKWS • SHE COURIER NEWS co., P'OHLISHEKS C. R. BABCOCK, Editor H. W. HAINES, Advertising Manager r ; Sjle National A^cHising nepri.'cnlstlves: Arkansas Dallies, Inc., New York, Chicago, Dei:\lt, St. Louis, Dallas, Knvsni C.ty, Memphis. Pubibhed Every AfU'iiioon I3\a;;l Sunday. EiUeied :i3 irroiul class matter «t Ihc post oilice at H.ytlii'ville, Arkansas, under net of Congress, October ». 1917. Served uy the Un;r<>d SUHHCUH'TION RATES • llj- r.ia-kr li; liic city or iiivil'.irille. 15c per week or fG.50 |f.T year In r.clviiiir.". liy mail within a"rad;us of 50 miles. $3.00 ]icr year. SI.SU fcr six months. B5c let (l.rcc months; by mall In postal zones Mvo to fix. Inclusive, SU.50 |>ci yi-;;r. ill vows seven aui 1 eight. $10.01) JXT ycur, i.'.iy.iblc in advance. A Promise to : hwarl Criminal Politics A! drive l<> riii iln' " ' country o)' i.-iclirlro.-; ur.t\ f, r -'H)J'- s <i'i' s . will In 1 hmr.ched by tin? i):ition;il ;ul- iniiiisti';il HIM. ;ui-'>niin;f ID (iispJiU'lics ' fliiill \Vils)iili};lcm. jll-t us soon ;is l.'cill- glt!SS lillislll'S IH'lioll (HI IVI'lllill |>L'lUl- iiiK anti-crime l>i!l.<. Those laws will };ivu llir fi'ik'nil govevnmcnl ML-W | tower in step inlo . load siltinlions ;uiil den\ will) minlis '."'who have not, so far, IICIMI within ....tench of fcdfi-iil ]:uv-. _ Sit'lliliaiiuly I'lsoii^h, il is sliik'il ;it •<• tlie capital thai tV-tU'i-iil a;;cnts will In' cnahk'fl to strike itii'ct-lly ;tt ^anKsU'r.s .L.. ."now shii'liio! hy iTonkwl |u>iili<-i;itts iir Lily olI'iciaN." "~ It will he a lino (\:\HK if the fi'dcial iiilHhoritk's actually ilo this; an<l il -will be oven linn- if by lining so llicy force tis l» realize wli;il (lie real trouble with our iinliOe sysk'in li;is been. * * * Nolliinj; conlil liu much oilili'r than .the way in wliith wi; berate the iiiuf- lidwiey of din- poliiv in dealing with on, r ;uii/,(.-<l triino, while we simullan- • uoiisly put up with Ihe kind of iiuminp- nl polilits winch niaUe.s sueli indVk 1 - iency ineviUible. Plow ji« llif ordinary dly pclice force adininisli'ral, anyhow '! \Vdl, Uiu (ARK.): COURIER HEWS 'T volera in ;u. mayor Jiilin 'Due. wlsn is known tu he h;iiiil 'in jflovc with the musl unsavory pulil- ' ica! g;ui£ in lown. Miiyor !.)oe :i]>]iuinfs i.ienlenatil Jloo/.is dik'f of police; C'lik-f immediulf'ly promote.-; all the od'ieer.s who favored ,lohn Dim's election and (leniok'.s those who did not. * » ^ Hoo/is kunws lie will slay chief of pulk-u only as IOIIJT as he keeps on the KOIK! side of .Mayor DHL-, and one of Mayor Duo's drift" allies is Hie liit;h- pov.-ercd lawyer wlio-o elients indtniu Hie biggest racketoers in town. Furthei-inore, Ahiyov Doe is busy • Hdlinjj special favor : ; to some of ihc town's best citizen.-, s,o tiie ct'iieral atmosphere \~ hardly conducive to • striet houcsly. As a result, ftuozis keqis his trap - shut, (low as he's toi:i, and makes hay - while the .-tin shines. A couple of years later .,ome other jwlilician beats .uayor |;., L -, a. new ehief is appoiiiteii, and tlie same routine is followed, with a new set of names. Now ifiis is the sort of (hing thai is put up with in the great majority of our cilio.s. Tim wowler i< that (he racketeers and gangsters haven't walked oil' bodily will) ;»osl of our city halls. If this federal campaign makes us icali/.c that the war on crime ultimately stands or falls by local jmlitical conditions, it will be worth all its cost. — llnico ('atton. Man-or Animal A put rabbit in ChieaK" tell into the hands of the police the other day because it bit three children. 'The cop- pur.s prepared to put it to death; but just in the nick of lime they received an indignant telegram from some anti- cruelty society in Iowa, so the execn- .licin was deferred until the bunny, could be tested for rabies. A Ihonyhtfijl man is apt In wonder -lij.'lilly at the y.eal which people can put into minor causes at a time when stupendous events are taking place. Om'lty lo animals—provided lhat the killing of a rabbit comes under thai heading—is a .sad tiring lo contemplate, to be sure; but cruelty to human beings has Jiol exactly, disappeared from this weary and sin-stained earth, and one would suppose thai il itiij;lit make a better goal for the ell'orts of the hu- njanitariiins. Honor-at Twenty Paces Tlif ancieiii and hoiinraliie custom of duelling is slill oli.-erval in France; and one reason (hat a civiliml people like the French put up with it might be that the people who take part in duels are such atrocious marksmen. Roger lie Tour, leader, fought a duel the other day with Deputy Jean Mistier, former cabinet member. They met on a ride range near (.'arcassone, lireil two shots apiece at a distance of 20 puces—and missed each other completely. • ^lonor, one gathers, was satisfied; and Ihe men left the field unscathed. How even the roltenest shot could miss a target the 'size of a human body—and miss it twice—at 20 paces is almost beyond comprehension. That Iwo miserable marksmen could be found at one lime and place is even more incomprehensible. But it's probably all for the best. Given such marksmen, the custom of duelling has everything to recommend it, and not a single observable drawback. Every fiiiv-miiulai UCIKOU shmilrt Ix- in [avur.~ lioin a M>c::il niul i-ronnnile st:mrt|inln(.. of a minimum wage; of Uie elimination of child labor; of n giuthini shonening of Ihc hours of Infcor — J'rc.iiclciit Alfred i'. Sloan. Jr.. General Motors. * * * The winter nisi'.: is n ireiiod O f IraiiciiiillUy of .1 :c« you will tipv«r achieve in civlti/nlton. — Rf:ir Arlnural Ric.'iatxl E. Uyrd. * * * I am simply a victim of fate. —Samuel Insull. - OUT OUR WAY B Williams ^L . , . _, ,!_, ,^/'_J , j W1M("1I,N \\ U ' IVE ,^JJP UIJD / \ DON'T -THEY, fit) Aritf^, IF \/ 6OSH! IN , VCU VWMNi/M i SCHOOL AM' MIT WO'JT VilJP.TMf., AT HOME, BUi v iou woy-' MEYER LIVE IT DOWN, AC UOMG AS LEARM . VOU TO BE I P'UTE TO VVIMMIM, VEH.VJ1TH W1MMIN, 'ATS FINE! BUT SHE AIN'T A VJOMAN , VET- REMEMBER THAT', HOW'D VOU LIKE TO HEAR, FIPTV E-R A HUND&RD TIMES A DAY, EDGAR'S STUCK OM EVA, AM' SEE IT WROTE OM FENCES AN'SIDEWALKS HAH? HO VOU LIKE THAT? 60 AHEAD-HELP HER,IF VOU WAMT TO— | BORM TMIRTV VEARS FIUDAY, APRIL «, 1934 ^i^^^SBy George Clark fgS^VjN-, "x^j&KstS?::?'?: ~- TOO SOOM, T*PM.V».»'< HI, i The Editor's Letter Box PRAYER FOR PEACt- -On S* tnlce/iVi /tim'mwy tfik ~U-;L-d Sialcs' _ _ ,., , lfcj ...jt'j/fylftf itriftv , Entry,n WcrU War. April (,. I9IJ By Helm Welshimer Y^prny for peace . . . Oh, musl we always ask Tlit-e lo let spring come serenely to KICCII Ik-Ids? lo Id us watch our .sons nro\v hill, nol fearing i'he allennalh a linulicU bailie yields'/ • ^S h'trs go tlown in I.eliauon You lold us Kinpirc.s would pass, tlitn visionnl i*are would come \\licn men would dream of hali-lm^ollcM batik's, Weave Icjjcmiry about a kilcnccd ilriun. JJAV we have peace—we are so tired of liinBoi), Oh, always somewhere there art roads Hint ring mill Iliish of steel, bine armor or Ilic khaki Where men liyht vainly for a pclly thing. 'ITIEHK is no difTcmu-c, Hod, in men wlio bailie; Alike tliey dream of Imw the lircliglil llnows Brave jjold across Ihe liair of : some loved uommi. One dream alone each weary soldier knows: yY t.OMfi, long road, far-winillnjj lo a baven Where is peace beyond il halt'-glimpsi'd door. A lull'-forgotten silence. Ihat mines sinijiiiK, An eml, (fear Owl, lo panoply of wavl, [LopjP4tl, lljl, All iej<ial JIK| soils [i A New Moial Issue (To Ihe Eullor:) The myth of "equal opportunity for all," which formerly prevailed in this couir.ry is dissolved, sine.' the open frontier, where pioneers took their families to carve u living from the wilderness, and wlikn Is studded with the graves ol over-workcti women and children, is no longer here to support this jnorat fraud. Tlic bit' pioneers were backed by a morality that was ijemihie, directly or Indirectly upheld by men of sincerity and conviction. Vast endowments shaped educational policies, perhaps without personal intent, but naturally. Th? same applies to "good Mill" in the relations between ailvrr- liECi-s and publishers. Who "titcs the hand that feeds him 11 ? The law of th? survival cf tiic fittest in the war for .success, In which many must be sacrificed, found many a reputable man following his conscience and working for ids wife and children. But, a.s the process of monopoly reaches Its apex the morel issuV changes: one is forced to "cheese". Allegiance musl be dcniilleh- purchased. Education must, be .'managed. News becomes a strict matter of policy. Censorship jm:M uphold Ihe unjust order, and when one concurs consciously hj is forced to think of himself 'as a schemer or a henchman. To the people, who must be acle i to think of themselves as "moral", i this situation becomes intolerable. Corruption is on its way out. A priesthood, educators or joiir- naliits are vigorous only when they respect their (unction. Our schools arc Emiiiming in the fciasp of r.rivilCRe. We have a vabt amount ol literature on this- sub- I 'eel. ! Zepli O'liricn THIS CURIOUS WORLD E ffl fl THE SUH U SNER.D 5UGHTLY FARTHER. AVW< OR CLOSER, THAN IT NOW IS, A'.AW COUIO NOT LIVE UPON THE EARTH/ HIS NEEDS AP.E SO EXACTING THAT A VERY SUGHT CHANGE IN THE AMOUNT OF HEAT, AIR, AND /MOISTURE ON THE EARTH WOULO SNUFF OUT HIS LIFE IN A HURRY/ ALL BUGS ARi; INSECTS, BUT NOT ALL INSECTS ARE SOGS/ t ?.Z SELDOM SEEN TO •'.' en A c/.o(joy DAY/ ^..-J^JG IS ONLY POSSIBLE .'1 WARM AIR IS RISINO FWW r-\RTH/ CLOUDS CAUSE '. SURFACE TO COOL =-/ WEAKENING THE FORCE .-•I::E ASCENDINO AIR. An insect must have certain qualifications to be called a true bus- Strictly speaking, it musl po^es-s a sucking b?nk, and belong to the order Hemiplera. Many ina-cw wliicli nrc commonly C atl«! tu-s do •lot icaily come under this classification. The well-known potato bug is an jxample. Oolf Srbrdulc Starts April M | STATE COLLEGE. Pa. lUPi—I This year's cighl-mnlcli schedule i i (.lie Penn State golf team will : Ton April 23 with Cornell her.;, 'lie Pcnn Staters also will mccl Swnrthmoic, Lafayette, Franklin j Marshall, Cornell again, Pitts- * and Pennsylvania. I Ni:.\T: linw fast dots the innoi;. travel? **?,.,; I aroused in many » foiuinlne licar toward an imlisrrctiou . Tlicn Jiiaatto :!< il CHURCH EXCUSES By G to. w. Bar him suppase that every community j las its social climbers. 1 know i hat our Saturday Night Club has j few more than we need, ar.a isl lately one tried to woik p some opposition to me. think- that she could take over the ership—because I have been na\)\i to find a suitable person to take Sister and Junior to church she thought that was evidence that 1 had no ability " ANNOUNCEMENTS^ The Courier Ne»s has been authorized to announce- the following a< candidates for public office, sub- it ct to the Democratic prioiary next August: Vor County ,liid;p ZAL 1). HARRISON For Mcmticr of Comrrrs" CLINTON Iv. CALDWELL Kor Sheriff and Collector CLARENCE H. WILSON' For Rc-olcctton for Second Term For County Treasurer JOE S. D1LLAHUSTY ROLAND GREEN- far Circuit Cmirl Clerk HUGH CTJAIG ADDISON SMITH t'nr Cnnnty Court Clerk FRKD FLEKMAN- tor Rc-Ekcllon for 2nd Trim For Assissor "?. L. (BILLY 1 . GAINT.S O. C. (IKE) HUDSON For Constable of JACK ROBERTSON ns a leader but she failed a^; most of our members are also members of the church and have children and know just how hard il is to find regular church women that have had .such training in soriai matters as T have had and of course they fed as I do that to have my children going places even lo Sunday school ai:d church with . c ome woman who knows nothing whatever nuout parties other than those had In Ihc basement or annex lo icme church. I feel lhat icon, at least a pa it of my trouble will soon lie over as Sister and Junior will ?oon be lar^c enough to go to Sunday school by themselves and it does no', matter so much atont them flaying for church until they are alum gtoivn. I love my children and of course I want them to have some church trniniir; but that can come later. ^Today's u"— ad "No. don't. Marcia. Please! I'll i catch up with you in jnst a RIO- ' niciil. I'd really rather ml delay . slll . CW(]1 lllcrc . ,,, you. please, ll's <<i wnnilcrful on ' top 1 want you to hive all the time >ou can there-" was unMrlin- a V "TV c- ?. 11L ' 1; """" I A " KVt I'lvciilion consists of a sV oi,Ai;ut,. Wis. (UP)-Boylliny fhshligbt fastened to a bunch scoii.s of New Clarus have com-i of keys, enabling one to find the Pitted com'.ruction of a pbncliir-I keyhole on dark nights mm ai;d for a small charge arc > - „„ Siving inu-restcd cilinons a chance ! Prohibition enforcement cost the to see the nations and move-, lives of 79 enforcers and 175 pri- ments ol the stars. ! yate citl/crs nitno," tronii answeroj. . I'll raauaje every til ins. What could he ilo. anyhow? It lie wants lo pull out, vt. him! I can get along without him but be can't rlo nothing. Nothing! Sec? Wli.ifa lie sol on uie? Not a tiling i" the world. Nobody knows I was there but they do know lie wns. And they know H was lit? knife lhat done it. too!" Louie saw but sho was uot satisfied. Under liic few liours that were happy for her there was always nn undercurrent ol uu- casii^ss. pOH a Ions while fahlilo hail been anxious 10 know some- tliimj about his faiber. Tlic Ilinu^til s\ as cou[>letl in Ilia mind will] the name ol Conception j Villaverdc y r.hinco — a nams i Angela batl repeated when lie was a ior:urc.t! child and which he Ind . never foreoiien. !le wanted to kno-.v abonl liis - fnllitr I>ec,iii5? of J-.'Mrlle. She bad ; paid she didn't care about his ! "I bncv: inj :n:u?r," sbe h.i.l i pah! eie-ni-ly one ni.sbt when they | I'.ad met at ibe cdsc of Jim i Field's sroin:d5. "and 1 know he i is not a £001] man. Your father j ro'.ild no; have liena worse. And. j ,'iliywny. wli:it difTercucc does it '. :uakf? tt'bal diffcreiire can nny- ; Ibar-;e in ns wbcn we care I T::I:I sMo bad rrl-,1 a lililT • bo li;i'l n:iir::rlrcd those e\'r;;v«- li;il Mill Hie »-.-!i to knn-y ."•-bna; lii^ fncli^r^icd He wjm'jii to .<?<> ;;nj woman wii.-, !-.2-i cr.Ft liiia idio a cliiiilliooil bell, a woman W:II-P mirrif.i r ,am» i, 0 Inil l-an:.-d wit:; a lilt of (|ucc- Mo'cd nut early o:i» afirr- ri-inn i-forc ibe hnnr tor ralliuq. H? d:«l n';t \visli in cnroun'er v:^- J)U.LINGS paid for Ilia cards and _ went up ihc stairs. Mo stood j : close to tlic iwo women, ovcrbear- i.i.- i''"' lllcir cnl| v crs "ion. but be cot *!" nothing from it e.tecpt Esielle's discomfort over Mareia's lis!ii alii- tmlc toward Ihe history ol Morro. The older woman teemed ranch amused by tlie guide's v^vid ile- scription. "It is very real lo all Cnliaus." I'Jstelle prolCEited. "You sec. a war is real when your uncle or your ; father was killed in ii. And the • Spaniards were brutal to Cillir.n boys ns well a? to men. It was — mnn nnil I'.iMitd niM.i.Mrs. :\f, T V,i Tfcrft Trar. „;.. I'nlilllo nnij l:«ti-llc 'I'lu-T admit IlirJr 1 ollifr. 11AIK -|.» TIIIIAJJWAV V.iir J'.-tMilo ir.-i.f nur the iinirtlrr.-T Ijul rc-m:iln<-U Bllrnl. (r:irlnp «i-;in,l:il. l-altllro nin.T IK- Sir '.i'liiiir*"-.''^!.^'' Iff K;ip* In >l,,rrn I'nsllr :m,l « cr -* sou- co o.\ WITH Tin: STOISV CIIAI'TICil XX.Mt DII.I.IKGS' o.ucil was rewarded. rc:ill >' Jlarcia—nuitc horrible." In that slender, bi^b tower o( '•. "U.irlinp, you la:;e a!l ibis so wjmiin.^ stairway where Ibe shri.'l seriously- -" .Mareia con'-pl.-vinrf!. voices and breathless gasps of' I-'^lle ?a;il t-.oliiiim. She baled tourists cclio he lapped behind near: "ippancy of this sort and tlic men Hie daughter of Jim Kield. oslens-' ! ""' w omcn wlio were tier father's ibly to buy post cards. Tbe smaillT • ;r -°"' J = seemed always ;o bo dir- alltred older woman whom the sir] ! l iruu about cvoryililnj t!:,il w.-,; aildrcEsed as "Jiardn" seemed to ; rt!l1 - She bad sren one Cuba:; consider It amusing lhat her com- i ™ I: ian who evidently uadcrsloe.l Tianion \visbcd lo buy post can!.*. ! l^u-^lisli wiucc at Marcir.'? word? llilllnjjs bad noticed Dial the oMer i alul sllc rc.ilborl If .Mar.-i.i ha.! oae's eyes always seemed above: ^u° u 'n s!ie liad r:uj^ed this burl the beads of Hie oilier tourists nnd : 2 ' 1C woald not care. They were a that sbe spoke ,is though s)ie a:id selfish, cruel set wbnso oaly t)ie girl were quite, alouc, j emotions wcu: aa.-or over a maid's "You so ahead." the sir] had : ""'I 1 '""? or clnniM:ie.=s. dfe-attsfao. snyscstcd. "and I'll eatch up willl ."•«' «'i"'|i dress ll, : ,: w,r, "a me.-:" jou. 1 want to B ct some canls."' 0 " a " >nl ll ' ;U ''"' liyl la '*' m lo "Dear child, not really'" i please Hi™. "I always scud them to ' S1 '° was ' ircl1 °' " ""• l:?lc "' She used to lie my nurse.' ; ; nausea, — tired ID tlie pfiiat of "flut I'm p' . " ; nausea, "flui I'm pi-i: s U; i;e: Oh, I suppose such pcnpla would : away from it!" sbe ilioiiilu con- dore tiiem. Well. I'll wail—" i 'iaemly •- ' ........ ' It Juanito wa-s sir Aiibrey'- (! . ,\| r ,. e hail r'jiinecled • Juanito ivitli Uic lioy wbo i;ad e.-raped from Jim Field's cam;- at'ter muid-'-riiic 'i'ed Jrf:"ii-.= autl Flealin; tbo fa:i:onj Jeffries. have a w.-,y of tnr.jlin-: oi:c wl^islau^jjMd.y ca.ll£4"thjfMrfe r vnar. w p.iuo- r--:uic ricw of Morro Cnsllo and die harl:or. "Hnw inudi arc ihc enlored onc.= ?" be nskcd. He was thinking lint the Klrl was "not sojmi of Icailiii!;. :it Icnjlii, t slow" allSioii^h plie bad lot lier^ball. nervousness rcvca! Itself by linen- ! « ... S "')' . , , . \iTIIKN' Palitiln ai-rnj-d li^nu r' A moment Inter Juan to ap- \\ . . ,.., : ' . eareil. The nir! ,j,o: 4 c in 3 vvh 3 . i , , luv1 "" lflllr .' 1 M '^ '", , ,,-,.- , , • olflrr mail \v^s ralni. ' - i pea A frtciifl of bcrs—I can't explain now—but s!'o mentioned your name j In a letter and—" She stew silciitt then, looking at Hilling?, and shook , her head. , "These brown ones—how ranch | arc they?" Nilllnqs questioacd i loudly. Without turning bis bead 1 lio saw Juanito kiss Ills cirl's I hands, first one and then tlio other. • He saw him bold them for an In-, plant asaluft Iii3 heart as lit | looked adorinsly down at her, kiss them once again nnd tlicn drop them. Almost immediately she was Eone. Tlic young man stglicd a little and, turning, recognized Hillings as tlie man wlio had been eager to know how many, "ciactly how many," Cubans had been killed by the Spaniards in Morro Castle. H* ooddtj, fATcrlar Ellllnja Titt em of thoit uallei tltit were "I mljlit." ; "And liow, sweetheart? I a 5 ^yo« liow!" Tlic tv.'o liad aot cxc:i;n-,;c.1 any but th.-» mo-:l mc.Li;cr \\ur.l? since' that day. "Aw, this "Is ncli:". Lottie tiad Siurst out al more than' ono sileal meal as she moved In- : patiently, Pl.immlnq down a beaw i glass or pu?hi:ij lier chair away ' from the table. ; " him trc:it no decently and' I'll return llio favor," H.-aii ir.ur-l mured once, to wlilcli I'ahlito did! no more than to asV li-.e sl.u- tcrnly girl who waiioi upon tlicm : for more butter. The siiuation. as Lottie said, was "pretly bad.""It'll cud up in a smnsii for all! of us if you don't bring htm around, Bcaj," sho mldently and : unhappily prophesied. "look tert. lister. r 0!! teed i* your ItnlttlD' naci I'll tenij to . e w.i.. i;!ad the hoiisn not in Iho t3:.!iinmlilp Vcdado. A tcrv- .int l!ioro n:-,-ht have i;ndc his reaching 1,1 K-:uora tmire diniriilt. (roncep.-ini: Villavcrde y lilaaf-u iiacl nr>i. lie (Senideil from' h»r act- dro«s. nnrr;-d too great a fortune. Me aude lib way quickly tbrousli the iwUting, narrow = troei5 tlut always amaze to;;.-- i=ts. Tlicu at leiiElli no pause:! before the door. Hi;t he did nit slop out ol hi? car. Tlie man who had i.-li;,;rt with h!:u at Mnrro Cn=;le u a s standing near IV.c house. A srrvnnt nail told l:li:i that l.a S-:r.ora was out ami had not Inviini ),;„, |a;ide iv wan. Her own swcetlieart lia.v pcucd to be boldly occupying tbo bis saloa at ibe laomcnl. llnis aialiins 3n unusual discourtesy. suv Pabllto stop and il'.cn flan bis rnr again and drlvo on. "That settles it!" he tbouglit. Mailing a fotingo, be dlreclett the driver to take him to a tele- firiph offlce. He would cable Sir Aubrey and wait for his arrival. Tlicn together they would talk ite situation over and decide •A'fcai to do. (To B« c-icntlaued)

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