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OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SATURDAY, JANUARY 31, 1942 SCHOOL CHAMPION WOUNDED IN JAPANESE ATTACK li 3 man a iil4r Marine Officer Gets Promotion I. A. A. SPORT NOTES Seek $103,161 Reno-Bound Wedding Party Hit by. Truck;" Defense Bonds Set High Mark Billion Dollors Worth Sold in January, Treasury Reports WASHINGTON, Jan.

31. W) if I'll' 1 Petersens to Battle Yanks Bush Players Hope To Ering Schedule To An Early Close By ART MACT Hoping to gain another lap toward bringing. Winter league to a close, Raymond W. Conroy Made Lieut; Colonel; Captains Announced Fresnan Held Culpable Hishliehta of last weeks basketball In the division, the Owens Illinois Injury to three members of tossers really opened up for the first time. Total points amounted to 45 with Promotion of Major Raymond William Conroy, mmanding officer Reno-bound wedding party today 4 1 rr Defense' bond sales zoomed to a record-breaking total of precipitated the filing of damage every player scoring.

They were led by Haverty with 14, and Lewis with 11 points. High scorer for the week was Nichols of P. G. F. Dias of Marchant.

by ef the Marine Corp Reserve AVIS' eon unit at the Naval Reserve sta tinn. here, to the rank of Lieuten suits in Alameda County Superior managers and players are looking forward to fair weather scoring 21 points during last week's Court totaling $103,163. ant-Colonel hag been announced game, came into the list for high scorers. 000 this month, and some Treasury officials predicted that 1942 sales would reach $7,000,000,000. The January record approxi Edward M.

Marquis, 72, 1525 Oak Standings of the Division: Team Won Lost Tied the Marine Corps headquarters in Washington. Lieutenant-Colonel Conroy resides Pet. Street, and his wife, Christine, 39, I brought the actions against Clarence .666 .666 .333 .333 Lindstrom, 24, of Fresno, whose Marchant Calculators 2 10 Friden Calculators 2 10 Owens Illinois 2 10 P. G. E.

12 0 Montgomery Ward 12 0 Maroons 1 2 0 mately doubled the $528,000,000 sold in December, after the Pearl Harbor attack. Sales in the seven truck crashed into their automobile, at 814 Longridge Road and organized the Marine Reserve Scouting Squadron here. He received bis flight training In the Navy and Is a and hope the various grounds will be in shape. One of the worst years in Winter baseball has in no way lessened the interest of semi-pro managers and players (or what is left of them) in finishing the schedule. Practically every club has taket it on the chin by the loss of talent, through draft, enlistment and defense works.

But all are bent on .333 Their attorney, Lionel B. Benas, High Scorers: said that Lindstrom truck crashed head-on into the machine driven by graduate of the Massachusetts insu tute of Technology. Nichols, P. G. E.

40 Points "FTBias, Marchant 37 Points J. Nelson, Maroons 35 Points Andy Curtis, Friden 29 Points Mrs. Marquis two miles east of weekssince Pearl Harbor total nearly as much as the $1,800,000,000 sold previously from the time the bond campaign began last May 1. Officials called the January sales At the same time, the Washington Santa Rita on December 19, 1941. The Marquises were bound for headquarters announced the follow ine first lieutenants had been pro The A Division schedule for this week brings together two of the three league leaders when Marchant Calculators meets moted.

to the, temporary rank of probably the greatest distribution finishing the schedule, come what may. Fans can visit any Eastbay park tomorrow and witness a full of small unit securities in history. captain: Edward M. Hodgson. Oakland I Reno to attend the wedding of their i granddaughter, Georgia Marie, 19.

Another granddaughter, Verona Charlotte, 12, was riding with them. Marquis sued for $51,912 and his wife $51,251. They named Lindstrom AJtnougn JLiDerty, bond subscrip uons in me woria war were day of baseball if it is impossible fqr the ground keepers to get the dia monds in shape. William C. Judge, Bowers C.

G. Davis. George P. Chapman and Nor greater, purchasers frequently bought them on the instalment Friden Calculators in the featured game at 9:15. The other games to be played at University High Gym.

tomorrow: 7:00 p.m. Owens Illinois v. P. G. E.

8:15 p.m. Montgomery Ward vs. Maroons. Class B-l had two games with Identical score: Alameda County defeated 394th Quartermaster Battalion team, 21-19: and Keystone Club defeated Safeway by the same iow score. This leaves the two top team of last week still tied for first with three wins.

Shalby of Alameda County moved into the high score list with 23 Mis Beverly Thomson, daughter of Judge and Mrs. Thomson of Wat nut Creek, who will represent Acalanei Union High School In competition with senior girls from other schools of the State in a pilgrimage to Washington, sponsored by the D.A.R. PETERSENS HAVE EDGE man E. Denning, Berkeley; Edward E. Mann, Alameda; J.

D. Humphrey, and his employer, the trucking firm of Cleveland Martlnusen. plan, financed by local banks. To Without a doubt the Alameda day's defense bond sales are strictly VaUejo; Albert E. Benson, Kichara Fagan and Henry R- Rolph, San League program looks to be the hot casn basis.

test, as the loss of one game elimi Gate Span Revenues points. Francisco; William S. VasconselloS, Santa Clara; William A. Hamilton, Mill Valley, and W. V.

Harris, San nates a club, with Al Petersen's Liquors having an edge as the flt half winners. California Wants To Buy More Bonds Alameda County 3 0 0 1.000 Keystone 3 0 0 1.000 United Engineering 2 1" 0 .666 Safeway 1 2 0 1333 Albers Milling 0 3 0 .000 Carlos. 1 In the 11:30 game at Washington Up 3.6 in January, SACRAMENTO, Jan. 31. Park Petersen's will again meet the 394th QMB 0 3 0 .000 State Treasurer Charles G.

John High Scorers: son would like to see the State of ounfy's Tire Directors Report club they beat out in a thrilling game for the first half title, Kenealy Yankees, and what a game this should be. This is to be followed by the Bercovich-St. Mary's til at 32 Points 24 Points 23 Points Campbell, United Eng. B. Klkinton, Keystone J.

Shalby California increase its present holdings of defense bonds frm $500,000 Class B-2 is really scrambled after first Maybe the automobile and tire re to $5,000,000. But Federal restrictions limit the week's play. Westlnghouse is now lead strictions will make a difference ing as iraiimobile dropped to second jM i. ttiu, '( fi t-tmt Quota Listed defense bond purchases of govern place by losing; to the leaders 43-30. Weco Club climbed out of basement with Failure -to -Pay Funeral Expenses jails Crash Driver Failure of John Lawrence Lester Jr.j 30, to pay funeral -expense of two victims of an auto-train crash today resulted In the imposition of m.mrvnfh pntpnee.

V.r win over United Iron, 29-28. The margin of victory was determined by foul shots mental agencies. Johnson wrote U-S. Treasury Department officials asking if a waiver could not be later, but right now the Golden Gate Bridge la still doing a nice business. Bridge directors were told at their meeting yesterday that bridge revenues were up 3.6 per cent in January, compared with the same month in 1941, and despite the fact that 18 per cent, of the span's traffic was as Weco made 5 of 7 attempts and United Iron made only 2 out of 6 free shots.

Trallmobile 2 10 .666 obtained by the State for addi Miss Sylvia Gray, recently arrived at San Diego with other Hawaiian war zone evacuees, was hit in the shoulder and hip by slugs from machine guns in Jap airplanes during the Pearl Harbor attack. She was driving a station wagon full of children when the Japs struck. They strafed the car. Miss Gray sald A.P. Wirephoto.

2 p.m. What a show for free. There are two important games la the Maxwell League with Eagl Cafe and Al Moniz Linguica battling on the Ashland grounds, and Elm-hurst Merchants vs. East Lake Bowl at Elmhurst, both games at 2 p.m. As these are the four top teams for the second half, the games should be thrillers.

BUSHROD PROGRAM Out at Bushrod Park where the tional purchases. Westinghouse 3 0 0 1.000 521 for Passenger Autos in February; 616 Due for Trucks Boeing Army 2 10 .666 General Electrio 1 2 0 .333 Yesterday Johnson announced he had received an unsatisfactory reply which he said was apparently Weco Club 1 2 0 .333 toll-free Government vehicles. United Iron 0 3 0 .000 Superior Judge Lincoln S. ChurclW written some undersecre Alameda County will have 821 to decide on proposals for refinanc- High Scoreri: E. Roland.

Westinghouse 41 Points E. Rossi, Trallmobile 40 Points Ed. Re, United Iron -30 Points Class C-l might as well be at a stand nassenger tires and 616 truck tires ing the $35,000,000 structure, because tary of the Treasury who obviously either was not concerned Over the situation, or had no disposition to have the reputation of playing the I Jl 1 4. THREE KILLED IN BAY AREA revoked probation granted to tester on October 18, 1938, and sent him to Jail, Lester, a Pleasant! farm worker, was directed to pay $300 for funeral expenses of Mrs. Adeline Anderson for-rat on Ing during February, ac" lu -ii-.

Ji op in general use of private pas- closest Dan games, lour excellent league games will be played starts ing at noon. Chapel of the Oaks still see if some waiver could be ob tained." still as far as change In standings. They remained the same through the third week of play except that Merco Nordstrom hy defeating Hale Bros. 48-23 moved rom the bottom to 5th place. The Letter Carriers and Hazel Atlas both today Dy Faul B.

D'Orr, state ra- tloning administrator. hold the lead with Green and Bussa right on their heels. AUTO MISHAPS; MANY HURT and her sister, Miss Katherine Shen-ave, killed when Lester's automobile crashed into freight train near In the only leaeue cam nlnvH la scored 33 points to defeat Aladdin Heating and H. C. Capwell.

respectively. the Southern Division, Newark fans are in for a treat when the two Pleasanton. Llovd Volet, deputy probation of 1.000 1.000 .333 Automobile accidents, including The quotas for counties generally are down for the month of February, he explained, because it is a shorter month than January. Available for distribution by the State's local rationing boards to emergency vehicles and others Letter Carrier 3 0 0 Hazel Atlas 1 3 0 0 Aladdin Heating 12 0 H. C.

Capwell 12 0 tangle. Stan Roebuck, elassv left one where a driver failed to observe School at Presfofi Clifford Weston, alias Clifford Sport Faced By Shortage Of Equipment The car careened to the other side struck the curb and bounced over and onto the City Hall lawn. At this point its rear end struck .333 .3.13 .000 KO a boulevard stop sign, brought death to three persons in the Metropoli icer, asked the court to revoke probation, stating- that Lester had paid but $110 and also had failed to report after having been granted 80 Hale Bros hander, for Newark, will oppose Elias Castro who has made Ramos Drugs a contender bir his fjne chucking. tan Oakland-San Francisco area Shlmelfenig, i 17, Canadian Army identified with defense, such the concrete flag pole base. The impact threw Fong and Bucknell last night, according to police.

physicians and will be 184 High Scorers: J. Purnell, Hazel Atlas 1 34 Pointa M. McBreen, Aladdin Heat 2S Points J. Seiberllch, Letter Car. 25 Points Class C-3 found the closest and hardest (inserter; who held up a Berkeley police off icer rand attempted to passenger tires.

BB88 passenger tubes. Frank Fleury, 47, of 2275 75th out of the machine, but the car Bushball Tomorrow days to raise money. Following his plea of guilty to negligent homicide Lester was placed on three probation 11.691 truck tires and 20.061 truck kidnap him, eiijaped from the Pres Avenue, Oakland, died at Highland overturned and rolled over Fong, Semi-pro games rinnkeri fnr HiinAmv fought game of the week and resulted In second place UARCO defeating first place Tuttle's Cheese. 19-18. This leaves Man CHICAGO, Jan.

31. (U.R) J. G. Taylor Spink of St. Louis, co-oi-di- February 1.

by the Central rllforal After crushing the driver the tubes. ton Schoo Tues- The quotas for other nearby day1 It Jeaned Jiefff "today. Hospital this morning, seven hours after his automobile was struftk with the first year to be served in Baseball Managers' Association: machine righted itself and crashed nings Coffee undisputed In first place by another at Hillside and Ritchie the County JalL nator for the National Defense Fitness Committee of the sports goods front first into the City Hall steps, ALAMEDA LEAGUE 11:30 a.m. -Kenealy Yankees v. Peter.

Streets here. industry, has gan a survey to de So great was the impact, the cap from the gasoline tank was thrown Richard J. King 16, of Star sens Liquors at Washington) umniraa. O'Toole and Chrlstensen. 2 P.m.

E. Bercovirh Jfe Mnn St. Northern California counties, for School authorities said that he passenger and truck tires, respec- was being marched from his quar- tively, are Contra Costa, 104, 155; ters to breakfast-when he, broke Marin, 48, 78; Napa, 27, 72; San from line In the heavy fog and fled Francisco, 4DB, 802; San Joaquin, to the brushy hills two miles away. 128, 835; San Mateo, 115, 150; Santa They admitted that no trace of Clara, 198, 388. him had been found, although it termine how much rubber the industry needs for the extensive phy 5 feet through a City Hall window.

Route, Danville, an Amador Union High School student, was the other with their win over Merco Nordstrom 2. 21 to 14. Honors for high scorer of all divisions goes to F. Tomslc, City of Oakland, with a total of 47 points. The closest man is Roland of Wesunghouse In Division B-2 with 41 points.

Mannings Coffee 3 0 0 1.000 Tuttle Cheese 2 10 .668 UARCO 2 1 0 .666 Cltj of Oakland 2 10 .666 Paramount Fix. 0 3 0 .000 Mary's at Washington; umpires O'Tool and Christensen. Witneses said the. car was travel sical fitness program outlined by MAXWELL ROTTHERW ALAMEDA driver. Police said he failed to make the boulevard stop and the office of civilian defense.

Sports goods manufacturers al COUNTY LEAGUE Defense Director Jo Speak Monday Dlst' Atty. Ralph E. Hoyt co ing at high speed when the accident occurred. Becknell estimated the speed at between 30 and 35 miles crashed into Fleury's auto. p.m.

Eagle Cafe vs. Al Monte T.ln. ready are hard hit by the rubber was believed he had robbed a farmer's home and stolen clothing guica at Ashland i umpire, Martin. Merco Nordstrom 2 0 3 0 .000 Eric Franz Neitzke, 54, of 20761 shortage and unprecedented hoard per hour. Wife of Railroad Camden Avenue, Hayward, a ped SENT TO HOSPITAL ing.

One dealer forecast early ration estrian, died at Fairmont Hospital to replace the reform school uniform. There was no confirmation of the theft, and when Weston was Sigh Scoreri! F. Tomsic, City of Oak. 47 Points J. O'Connor, Tuttle Ch.

40 Points E. Connelly, P. Fix. 25 Points A. Francke.

UARCO 25 Points ordinator of the Alameda County Council of Defense, will be the Fong was treated at Fairmont Hospital transferred to 2 p.m. Elmhurst Merchants vs. East Lake Bowl at Elmhurst; umpire, Walker. 2 p.m. Frank's Oasis vs.

Nixon'g "7" at Lockwood. BUSHROD LEAGUE 12 noon Chapel of the Oaks v. Colombo Bakery at Bushrod No. umpire, Furtado. 2 p.m.

Ransome Co. vs, ArklnataU'l at Bushrod No. umpire, Furtado. 12 noon Orinrin RHi' Tfl-Ttu. Designer Succumbs In Class C-3 play waa resumed this ing of golf and tennis balls as well as other equipment to halt the wave of buying.

Delegated to the physical fitness Providence Hospital. He lives at the from chest and head injuries received when he walked into the side of a truck driven by Elmer E. Sil" vera, 37, of 150 Jensen Road, Hay-ward. This accident was at Ash last seen, he was wearing the regulation gray overall trousers, a khaki principal speaker Monday noon at the annual luncheon of the board of directors and members of the week after last week's lay-off. The Lakeside Hotel, Second Avenue ALAMEDA, Jan.

31. Funeral shirt and old -issue Army peacoat. and East 12th Streets. Army boys from the 394th QMB, Co. A.

won a closely fought same from Hazel Atlas No. 2, 19 to 18. The two Bank teams met for the first time and Bank services will be held Monday for A V-shaped cut in.the heels of his committee under Spink were Maj. John Hatton of Kansas City; John land Avenue and East Fourteenth In Berkeley, police are searching Mrs. Katherine M.

Russell, 81," wife shoes would Bushrod No. umpire, Armentrout. Street. T. Rodger, Louisville, and V.

I 2 p.m. Green Rhuji nolrlanrf a for a hit-and-run driver "who struck an automobile driven by Walter Children's Hospital of the Eastbay at thj Hotel Claremont. 'The function of the Children's Hospital In Civilian Defense; will be th subject of Hoyt's talk. William H. Oliver president of the Yale, Chicago.

Casket Co. at Bushrod No. umpire. 1 of America won, 37 to 19. 394th Quart.

Battalion 2 0 0 1.000 Bank of America 2 0 0 1.000 Arrows 110 .500 American Trust 110 .500 of Frank Russell, designer of track, officers streamline "locomotives, who died The youth "was captured here on here yesterday. November 10 wheik he hitch-hiked WAITER KILLED In San Francisco Harry Jennings' Gordon, University of California Almost all sports use rubber Armentrout. BERKELEY LEAGUE 12 noon Robak's Buffet v. football player. equipment of some sort and some of these may suffer but provision must She made her home here at 2105 a ride with Patrolman Charles 42, a waiter, was killed on El Camino Real when he lost control of his United Eng.

Co. 0 2 0 .000 Hazel Atlas 2 0 2 0 .000 Miss Joyce L. Williamson, 18, of at San Pablo No. umpire, Ham. 2 p.m.

Concord A.C. vs; Casa Orlnda at San Pablo No. 2: umpire. Asanovich. Eagle Street, with her husband.

Olson, of the Berkeley police force, designer of the Daytime Limited and attempted to kidnap him at 3038 Cahlfornia Street, San Fran be made for the increased fitness program, Spink said. The OCD pro cisco, a passenger in Gordon' p.m. Bank of America v. Y.nmlm r.mlm board directors, will preside. Move Than 800 persona are expected for this annual meeting, when reports on- the work of the hospital will be given.

1 High Scorers: F. Thcile, American Trust 24 Points D. McDald, Arows 21 Points B. Peterson, Bk. of Amer.

18 Points Bill Morison, Supervisor of Industrial for the Southern Pacific Company unpolnt.The officer cutwitted the and master mechanic of the road's overpowered him -and took machine, was treated at Berkeley at San Pablo No. umpire, Burt. gram outlined training for an estimated 18 defense workers for every BAY VIEW LEAGUE Hospital for an ankle injury. Gor El Paso He' is the only him inta man under arms. Recreation, announces that complete 12 noon Aerella'a Havpti v.

Tmmii don, who lives at 2745 Acton Street, automobile and hit two parked automobiles tit the First Avenue inter-section Horace Fong, 30, proprietor of the' Confucius Cafe, 3277 Lakeshore Avenue, Oakland, was critically injured in a spectacular accident in front of the San Leandro City Hall at 2 a.m. today. Street Merchants at Bav vieur Nn 1. close relative surviving. Berkeley, was not hurt.

The acct Monday's services will be at 1:30 I JUmm mLLx" dent was at Durant and Ellsworth schedules for all leagues have been distributed to competing firms. Any fans can secure a complete schedule of all leagues by sending a card to the Industrial Athletic Association at the Recreation Department, 315 City Hall, giving in the Fowler-Anderson mort- p.m umpire. Elder. 2 p.m. Alameda Club vs.

Ml Raneha Orocers at Bay View No. nmplre. Elder. AMERICAN LEAGUE Streets. Pillsbury Daughter Is Granted Divorce uary, 2033 Santa Clara Avenue, By Green Urged STRUCK BV U.S.

TRUCK name and address. These schedules show basketball between top teams Monday with the Rev. Sumner Walters of Christ Episcopal "Church officiating. Albert V. Horn.

58. of 822 Santa Counsel for three dissatisfied San Francisco Superior Judge E. 'Open Windows' to Be Pastor's Topic WALNUT CREEK, Jan. Windows" will be the subject of Rev. Ralph Kleen's address at tomorrow's 11 a.m.

service in the Methodist Church The choir will furnish special through Friday nights. Barbara Road, Berkeley, member of members of the Seafarers' Interna Mogan today granted a divorce Two passengers in Fpng's heavy club coupe escaped with miner injuries when jthe 'machine overturned after skidding along EaM 14th Street The Tribune advertising depart- tlonal Union suing President Harry decree, ending the marriage of Mrs. Tubbs Graham, and William Earl received Bhoulder Injuries Alameda Prepares Lundeberg for an accounting of 216 Housing Units 10 a.m. Bucaneers Club vs. Naval Reserve at Bushrod No.

umpire, Walker. 10 a.m. Post-Enquirer vs. Moffat Packers at Bay View No. 1.

10 a.m. Taylor Appliance v. Koyal Cafe at Bay View No. 2. SOUTHERN LEAGUE 2 p.m Newark Sportsmen v.

Ramos Drugs at Newark. INDEPENDENT GAMES 12 noon Guy's Drutfa vs. nuiru a. Graham, whom she married in 1935 when his automobile was struck by an Army truck at Telegraph and $180,000 of union funds today suggested that A.F.L. President William For Communications For Marin Cities in Riverside County.

Ashby Avenues, Berkeley. The wife, daughter of the late ALAMEDA, Jan. 31. -A very caU for nis own investiga- music. The regular monthly pot-luck supper of the church will be The Divisiof.

of Defense Housing Police said that Private John Kan- Horace D. Pillsbury, telephone com tor, 22, of the San Francisco Presidio, held Monday at 6:30 p.m. today proceee'ed with plans for con for more than 400 feet They are: Robert Becknell, 21, of 3262 Fair-view Avenue, Alameda, and William C. Dodson, 22, of 374 Soto Street, Hayward. LOST CONTROL OF CAR Police said Fotig apparently lost control of the automobile and struck the west curb on East 14th Street.

Neil at Bay View No. 2. pany president here, said her husband spoke disparagingly of her, struction of 216 permanent housing I m. Deadrich Real Estata va. Mel the trluck driver, failed to observe a boulevard stop sign.

He was turned over to military authorities rose Boosters at San Leandro. was quarrelsome, and criticized her units at and Vallejo which were approved by President Roose choice of wearing apparel. She asked after first aid treatment at Berkeley no alimony. complete communications center, to be the "brain" during possible Jrlim Frnncisco, representing the plain- ntv MZ iiSls- said that Green' really in-equipped ow City Manager terestedi might do well to send Charles R. Schwanenberg said a now to Investigate lay' Lundeberg's management of the It operated with three s.IU." shifts, of ZO-'telephone operators to iandebeig denounced the suit, man the eight trunk lines during filed Thursday, as a "scheme by the emergencies.

They will be con- Communist party and Harry Bridges nected by special telephones with to discredit him. The suit also 7 velt Previous marriages of Mrs. Gra The Defense Housing Corporation ham were to Alfred Deropp Dr. Bay Men Elected To Shrine Offices Thomas Ledwlck-of Oakland Arthur Collis Gibson and Tallant was designated to build 200' units BRAND YORE TIRE -PODNER; SAME AS GRAMPA'S STEERS Way out" West 1942 style: "Paw, you'd best get the brandin' Iron out and get our brand on them Tubbs. De Valerff Wins Confidence Vote- at Vallei6 for families of "civilian and Louis Sutter of San Francisco Workers with incomes ranging from were elected vice-presidents of th $1800 to $3000.

each of the 175 block wardens. In named Norma Perry, Lundeberg's SUSANVILLE COUNCIL Western Shrine Association in ses The Federal Works Agency will adjoining room staff of seven confidential secretary. sion at Los Angeles yesterday. Eire's Military Courts Upheld build 16 units for families of Navy personnel at Tiburon. C.

Don Field of Glendale was representing police, fire department, water service, demolition named president and Ernest Hurst of Los Angeles, secretary. tires." Yep! No less an authority than crews, bomb squads, emergency telephone crews and the public Pay Raise Sought By Key Employees BANS JURISDICTION RAIDS BY LABORITES Widows Entitled By HELEN KIRKPATRICK Special Radio to The Tribone and (lie Chicago Dally News Other vice-presidents elected the California State Automobile As- light plant, will dispatch their men Wherever needed. DUBLIN, Jan. 31. Eire retains Wage increase demands were To Veteran Exemption tested in ordinary courts.

They are empowered to pass the death sen were Dave Ericson, Reno; Chester H. Webber, San Diego, and Dr. Na- than C. Hale, Sacramento. its special military courts set up Widows of American soldiers, All will report to their stations served on the Key System by Divi at soon as an alert is sounded, sion 192 of the Amalgamated As tence or order acquittal.

SUSANVILLE, Jan. 31. Jurisdic to punish terrorists, and premier Eire's Labor Party claimed that tional raids between rival unions Schwanenberg said, expressing the soclation of Street, Electric Rail- soclation says -that motorists harried by increasing tire thefts due to rationing are resorting to "branding" their names on casings. "That'll fix those cantankerous tire rustlers" the modern-day Hiram declares. Most of the motorists are burning their names into the rubber Eamon de Valera's regime boasts a confidence vote of about 3 to 1 the courts eliminate the protection conviction that Alameda emer flAY MEN FACE the citizens should be entitled to sailors and marines who die in service during the war' are entitled to the $1000 property tax exemption accorded war veterans under California law, Attorney General Earl Warren advised the State Board of gency setup will be among the best in the Dail.

receive through trial by Jury- But were prohibited and employees not desiring to join labor organizations were furnished protection today by an emergency ordinance adopted by the City Council. in the country. the Government believes the pres By a vote of confidence of 71 COURT IN CAPITAL with an ordinary pyrograph outfit Leaves $43,000 Estate equalization today. ent situation sufficiently serious to waive trial by jury in certain cases. Presumably, reference is to the Drafted by Carleton L.

Rank, way and Motor Coach Employees today and the company was given until Monday to reply, A membership meeting will be held after that time to determine further' action, according to L. W. Mathews, union secretary. Key System officials had no comment. Mathews said the union wanted the present scale of 82 V4 cents an, hour raised to $1.05 for all plat The exemption also applies to Miss Anna Graeme Fraser, 60, to 20, Eire's Parliament yesterday turned down the Labor Party's motion to annul Eire's military courts, wUch labor claims curtails civil rights.

1 To deal with what the Govern outlawed I.R.A. (Irish Republican members of armed forces, except the State Guard, honorably dis Oakland attorney, the measure became operative immediately under the title "An Ordinance to prevent employers and others from interfer educator for 40 years, world traveler and lecturer, left n. estate of Army) which Sean McEntee, min ON FEBRUARY 9 Frederick V. Williams and David Warren Ryder, Bay area- men ister for local government, yester day said was trying "to bring about -the kind used to burn designs on leather or wood. While the burned imprint is made shallow enough to avoid damaging the tire it is there to stay.

Thu thefts are discouraged and danger of detection for thieves is increased. Some car wnersare mafawig a memorandum of the serial numbers! of their tires ing with employees in their rights charged after the war. However, if the veteran or his widow owns property valued at more than $5000 the exemption does not hold good. ment describes as grave peril from of self organization and of selection $43,000, according to an appraisal filed, today with County Clerk G. E.

Wade. Miss Fraser, a former vice-president of the National Education Association, died last March 13. She an actual state of war between Ireland and Great Britain." It was im- charged with failing properly to form men, brakesmen and coach of collective bargaining agents of register as agents of an enemy Dlied in the Dail debate that the operators. their own choosing. I.R.A.

has operated in connection "certain' organizations" who resort to terroristic methods, the military courts have been established. These courts can accept, as evidence, un-i signed and other documents, the validity of wtych would be con-1 Violation was made a misde lived at 881 Alma Avenue. country, must be in Washington, D.C., on February 9 to answer to a Federal Court there. meanor made punishable by a $100 with German agents. Copyright.

1943. by the Cblcag Dally News. Ine. ACCIDENTAL SHOT Authority Cancels Rezoning Petition The Oakland Housing Authority fine, or imprisonment, both. Under terms of the ordinance it unlawful for an employer to dis Two Army Airmen Crash in Alaska, Hike for Weeks to Civilization today withdrew its petition lor rezoning to residential classification nf nroDertv adjacent to the two West COSTS BOY, 6, EYE; MAY CAUSE DEATH charge of agree ip discharge any employee for membership or non-membership in any labor organization, or refusal to join or withdraw Pointing out that the country is in a state of war and that the charges against the two jnen relate to foreign propaganda, Federal Judge A.

F. St. Sure denied the. pleas of their attorneys for a con tinuance until February 23. Attorneys Leo Cunnioham and George Hauerken aske for the continuance so that and Ryder could wind up personal af Long Hotel Strike Certified -To labor Board by Mme.

Perkins from such a group, or for refusal A Christmas gift of a .22 caliber designate a specific labor organ Forced in central Alaska ization as collective bargaining plane was forced to land January 17 some 2S0 miles northeast of Fairbanks. They were tmhurt, but Oakland low-cost housing projects. No reason for the move was given in a letter to the City Council from Bernard J. Abrott, secretary-manager of the Authority The property is now zoned for general commercial or light industrial use and land owners recently lodged a vigorous protest against DroDOsed rezoning with the City rifle cost Russell Hindery, 6, of 73 LoveU Street. Mill Valley, the sieht agent.

It is also unlawful to, make mem of his eye in an accidental their radio was out of commission. shooting yesterday which may cause fairs here. Cunningham added that it would be difficult for the men, to obtain transportation to Wash ington because of the defense emer- gency. bership or non-membership in any labor organization a condition of employment except in instances After waiting two days in the hope searching Army airmen would ws aeatn. boy was shot when examln find them, the two started off on Certification of San Francisco's five-months hotel strike to the War Labor BoarAi was made yesterday by Secretary of Labor Frances Perkins.

4 The action was taken on the grounds that "a National defense factor is present In the situation," according to Associated Press dispatches from Washington. Both the Planing Commission. Ing a rifle in the hands of Willard of 192 West Blythedale after flying many hours' through Ktorm, two Army airmen trekked back to elvllization after almost two in the fey wilderness, F.xn Francisco Army authorities re-- r-d today. The two, Lieut Col. Harold H.

Carr and Corp. Richard Pompeo, -re praised for their, "resourceful-s and soldierly qualities" by i Gen. John L. DeWitt, com- i general of the Western foot, carrying food, bedding and 'If the Government wants these where 75 per cent of the -employees are bonafide members of the specific union. An employer.

Is permitted to men in Washington, it will get them there," Judge St Sure responded. St. Joseph's Wins the move, but officials of the Hotel Employers' Association contended that "by no stretch of the imagination could the hotels be considered a defense industry WLB did not reveal whether or not it would accept the disputa for consideration and action. The strike began August 31 with picketing of the Hotel Empire and spread to 18 of the 27 hotels affiliated with the employer group, including most of the major hostelries. Employers have agreed to arbitrate wages and hours, but have refused union demands tor closed shop.

egotiate terms of employment with Street, Mill Valley, where Hindery and, his mother were visiting. At Boss General Hosoital. Dr. W. Assistant U.S Attorney A.

J. labor organization if 51 per centjast Joseph's of Alameda defeated firearms. An Indian trapper was encountered after a long trek. He guided them to another trapper they were relayed to successive trap lines, finally, last Monday night, Zirpoll opposed any continuance be P. Goddard said the boy's conditionl his employees are union mem bers.

this morning Is critical. The Estlin boy was showing Russell the. rifle Army and Navjf "have occupied space In some of the struck, but operating, hotels for offices and for quartering evacuees. yond February 9 on grounds that his orders called for delivery of the defendants "forthwith." Unions are barred from picketing. the St.

James live inursaay nignt i Salvation Army Gymnasium, 29 to 23, in a Catholic Athletic League game. -It was St. Joseph's fifth straitmt victory and strengthened his elder brother, Roneyj received boycotting or coercing any employer in an effort to lorce violation of the They were released en ew released on a aew ,1 Command and; Fourth f's'l'juartA-i sSd thrtr they reached Fort Yukon, and then were provldetransportatian, to Fairbanks. for Christmas when it was Ais- Striking culinary -na service bond of $5000 each. their hold as league leadenu i promoiuons, Unions expressed gratification over nharged.


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