The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 19, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 19, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY. APRIL 19, 1949 BLTl'HEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS High Court Split In Divorce Case Tribunal Upholds Decision Nullifying £i Reno Proceedings WASHINGTON, April 19. (ff"t— The u. S. Supreme court split S to 4 yeslerday In ruling that Connecticut courts properly overturned a "quickie" Reno divorce. The split decision upheld a finding that Herbert N. Rice's divorce wa» Invalid on the ground that Rice did not become a bona fide resident ol Nevada. The decision was given on an appeal by Hermolne p. Rice. She I married Herbert Rice In Reno on July 3, 19<*—two weeks alter he had won a Reno divorce from Lillian P. Rice, of Woodbrldge, Conn, nice was «n automobile dealer In New Haven. six months afler the Reno wedding, Rice died. His first wife then attacked the Reno divorce In a suit Hied In the Superior Court of Connecticut for New Haven county. She also asked that she be declared Rice's widow. The superior court ruled in her favor. Its decision was upheld by the Connecticut Supreme Court of Appeals. In other actions today, the court: 1. Told the U. S. circuit Court at New Orleans to decide who should share a $3.785,205 Hind posted by a Louisiana gas well company while •J-. (ought a losing rate-cut order. ~lie question is whether local distributing companies, the ultimate consumers, or both, should share the money. 2. Set aside a $186.707 award by the U. S. Court of Claims to the Georgia and Florida Railroad as extra pay for hauling mall from April 1. 1931. ihrough Feb. 28. 1938. The 7 lo 0 decision overturned Ihe claims court finding that the railroad needed Ihe money to realize a 5.1S per cent return on Its Invest ment in mail service equipment. Upheld, 6 to 2, the Civil Aeronautics Board's refusal to revise by Transcontinental and Western Air Inc., that a higher rate it sought should date from Jan. 1. 1946, rather than March H, 1947—the day the company asked for more Pay. Wherry Wants Total Cost of Proposals Told WASHINGTON, April 19. (/ri— Senator Wherry of Nebraska, the CiOp floor leader, said yesterday the total cost of President Truman's domestic and foreign legislative proposals ougnt to be "laid before Congress In one package." Only by such action, Wherry told the Senate, «-itl congress be able lo determine whether the spending Involved will exceed estimated receipts from taxes. Wherry told reporters earlier that Republicans arc willing to stay here until next January to discuss hat he called Ihe "socialized pro- am" Mr. Tnnnan has offered, "The people should know what its program Is going to cost." i'herry said. "They should know lat the cost Is going to be so stap;- ering it will increase taxation or ring deficit spending. "If the country is going bankrupt ie people ought to know about . Our job is to see that these latters are aired and I'm willing stay here till January to do It, It's necessary." Non-Denominational Prayer Chamber to be Included in UN Home LAKE SUCCESS, April 19. liTI— Architects of the permanent U. N headquarters in Mldtown Manhattan have been ordered to Include Mf simple, non-denominational prayer chamber in their building plan.' Trygve Lie, secretary general o the world organization, issued th directive to the builders last montt as i result of insistent demand from worshippers throughout the world. It was the first official TJ.N. mov In regard to the subject of divln worship. The U.N. charter itsel does not mention the concept a aurpreme being. Kraut with aKick MONTEREY, Cal. — That sauer kraut juice packed a potent wallo Arrested on drunken-driving char gej, Harold A. Toth admitted h had been drinking but claimed was sauerkraut Juice. He paid a $5 forfeit. PAGE HINB Long Range Weather Forecasts Prove Reliable After Long Test lod/es of Man and Wife •ound Hanging From 'ellar Rafter at Home NEWARK. N. J.. April 19. f/I'i— k middle-aged couple was found anghig from a cellar rafter ye.s- crday, little more than 24 hours ftcr the man had been arrested in charges of molesting an P.-year- ild girl in a local movie house. "This Is a very hard letter to vrite," police quoted a note .signed the woman, Mrs. Ncadhnni Roberts of 36 Chester Ave.. "Ncadham md I are goinc, together. It Is best hat way. He is innocent of any charge Hgainst him." Roberts, 49, had been arrested aturday after a little girl sitting beside htm in the movie house had complained he was molesting her Roberts pleaded Innocent and was released in SI.OOO bail pending a hearing scheduled for yesterday. NcmcK Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 816 S. First St., Biytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states that he Is a citizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he has never been convicted of a felony or other crime involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked \viO;?n live years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of tills state, or any other state, relative to the sale of alcoholic liquors. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the 1st day of July, 1949, and to expire on the 30 day of June. 1050. James Ford, Applicant. Subscribed and sworn to before me this 18 day of April. 194B. Mrs. Marshall Blackard. (SEAM Notary Public. My Commission expires: 2-9-53. By Frank Carey Atswlated I'rcss Science Reporter WASHINGTON. April 19 W'j — Weather perfidious for 12 monlhi fltivnnc'0 are \xxs.slblc for any city. Dr. Cjini-les G. Abbot, fa mm sun expert ol (he Smithsonian Institution, rrpoted yesterday. Ho bases the system on periodic fluctuations n the heat radiation of the sun. Ablxji disclosed n near-iiciTect record lor pedicting cool imd warm days—by actual dates—in the nation's capital during 1048, and suld the nintliod could be applied lo any other local area in the* world. He's already sot his dales lined up for 19-19 and predict*, union;; other tilings, a relatively coo! Fourth of Ju!>; lor Washington and a relatively wurm ChiIMmas—for your Information In you're pluming a visit here. Aljixit's present rciwrt concerns temperature vultitlons only. But he also h:is worked out a similar solnr method of forecasting (he likelihood of rain or fair weather on ;pec//fc dptes a year ahead of time 1 1'retltctcd Inaugural Wcallicr (A^r-d months in advance by the A.'.-^irirtc'ri Press to give a forecast oti Liu- Roosevelt mid Trumnn in- rsl days in 194.4 and 1948 respectively. Abbot predicted fair woa'hor- and scored perfectly In both cn.scp.l Here':, what Abbot (lid In 1D48 about Washington temperatures: In Janur.ry of that year, he selected 55 specific dutrs—four or five for c:u:h ir-oiith—when lie said Hie temperature would chop to a minimum 'ind Ihcn start rising again. Between the "cold days," he predicted, there would be warmer days ;u'era!:hi? 7.1 degrees higher, followed by a drop to another minimum. Then he locked his predictions in .1 sale. Enrly tliis year the safe wits open- ed by the director of Smltlifontan's Astrophyslcal Observatory md the predictions were checked with the actual weather record ol Ihe U. S. Weather Bueiui. Out of the 55 "minima" predicted, said Abbot, 48 dates had lower tcjuperalure.s than others intervening Iptweeu (hem. The average rx- I'ess of the wanner days was 6.% decrees, against 1,1 iegrers predicted. Ilnpliy Blrlhrtajr FORT WORTH, Tex. - CnmllU Ritchey. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Kd fiitchey. reversed (lie trend In celebrating her third blrtlulny. She Ba\T all Ihe clicks presents. They were 3-ycar-olds from (he Lena Tope home for children. •N'olire or Kllliis of For Uijuur I'ennll Nolice is hereby given tluit (he undersigned juts filed with the Commissioner of Revenues ol the stale of Arkansas for permit to sell mid dispense vinous or spirituous -II- quors lor beverage' at retail on the premises described as 111 So. Main St.. Lcuchvlllc. Ark. Application Is lor permit lo be Issued lor operation beginning on (lie 1st day of July, 1049, and to expire on tlie 30 day of June. 1950 Fred F. Alexander. Applicant. Mackenzie Continued From 1'age ft sentenced to death. Later this was changed to life Imprisonment ami finally lie was pardoned. My Irish chauffer u later found lie wus a Sinn Fclner) and I were taken at midnight to the grim stone, barracks. There scverul Dilllsh officers subjected me lo a sort of drum- d court martial whll* I stood with hands over my head and a ring ol bayoneU against my body. The debute was whether I should be execuled or should be sent with my Jl-lsli driver to Kingston nine miles awny over a country road lined with British troops who would ulioot on sight. Either decision was a dealh senlcnce, while thfs went on rebels, with luinds ro|K'd behind llielr bucks, were being murclieil by me Into the barracks grounds. 1 could hear what sounded like a Ilrtriii squint working methodically behind Hint wall. <•<•!» Out of 'lijjht S|iol Well, I finally wus ordered to proceed lo Kins.slown with my Irishumn. But I fooled 'em. 1 told my driver to run in low gear wllh his headlights on full, while I honked the horn constantly. Troops boiled up out of the bushes bealde the road all the way but they took It for granted we weren't up lo mischief while making such a devil of a noise. Kingstown was quiet and my driver h!<i mr In )il.s lltlle cotlago overnight. The next morning I surrendered lo the constabulary mid was Interned pending my retain to England, The nrltlsh military crushed Ihe revolt I" a le»- iluys, H wjis R tru- ll Ic time. lor some 1.000 \icople were killed. and 14 other leaders were condemned by courts inurllul and were executed. Another condemned to die was the colorful Connies.* ol Mnikievlr-z, who took part in the actual Rim play, but this sentence was commuted to penal servitude and she .shortly wus released altogether. The countess, by the wiiy. was tlie first woman ever elected lo the House of Commons She was elected from nn Irish con- stituency but never served. Thus American-born Lady Astor later became Ihe first woman lo lake a cent In Commons. Reports Srnutional Trial H fell to me lo report the scn- sationnl trim of Sir Roger CBMJ- nient In London. Thu defense was Hint he was working for Irish iu- depriulciico and not to help thu CltTimms. He wus convicted of tieu- s»n niid when nskcd It ho had anyihliiR to say ns to why .sentence of dcuth shouldn't, be passed on him lie inndi! from the dock nn eloquent statement of Ireland's ease against England. One of my most vivid mi'moiicx of tin- ciisc ciimo ut Ihe height of the trial. I wus silting Just back ol Casement and couldn't help .seeing Hint ho wus dm wing little ro.sps wllh n red pencil on n piece of paper while ho listened to testimony whii-ti luul lo do with his presence in Germany, Suddenly ho slupiu'il is art work and \vrotc: "Oh God, It is not, true Hint 1 me sold my soul for (leriiinn ild." I Rhinccd at his face, nnd thoip ere tears In his eyc.s, Cusi'iiiiMH wus .sentenced to deuth. The. Untied Slates Senate passed a rsolutlon asking lhat clemency be exercised. I'opo Benedict nlsor Interceded on Sir Roger's behalf, But the condemned man was hanged In I'cnionvlllo prison. 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