Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada on October 8, 1957 · Page 12
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Reno Gazette-Journal from Reno, Nevada · Page 12

Reno, Nevada
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 8, 1957
Page 12
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12RENO EVENING GAZETTE DENNIS THE MENACE by Hank Ketcham -' WjJJlW I got a guest for STOCK QUOTATIONS DOW, JONES AVERAGES 30 Industrials 450.56 off 1.85 ' 20 Eai's 121.42 off 1.39 ' 15 Utilities 66.23 off .25 Approximate sales 3, 190,000. NEW YORK, Oct. 8. UP The .stock market broke sharply in heavy selling today but found support late in the session when ', losses were cut and some gains posted. Volume totaled 3,1.90,000 shares remDared with 2,490,000 yester day. It was the highest volume of the year, exceeding the previous 1957 record of 3,160,000 jraached Sept. 23. ' In one of the biggest volume days of the year key stocks wound up with losses running to around 2 points or more. Gains xnn from -fractions to about a point. The high-speed ticker tape was late on two occasions, at the opening when it was a minute behind floor transactions for a brief spell and again in the afternoon when it lagged as much as five minutes for a period of a half hour. The market was lower at the start, turned mixed, then declined gradually until the vigorous sell-off in the afternoon. Wall Streeters said that continuance of uncertain business prospects combined with technical factors accounted for the decline. The Associated Press average of 60 stocks fell 80 cents to SI 63.50. another 1957 low., with the industrials down $1.00, the rails down S1.10 and the utilities down 20 cents, both of the lat ter to new lows for the year. r Of 1201 issues traded, declines totaled 803 and advances 184. There were 352 new lows and one new high, Winn-Dixie Stores. LIVESTOCK MARKETS LOS ANGELES tna Ainnviva rw s (API: fFSMNl. CATTLE 900; early sales moderately active; steers steaay to nigner; uatu-ly enough heifers to establish market, ,,lltr tAarfv Vllllln HtrOllEr tO 50 htnhar- o.inri onH lnw choine 1015 lb. slaughter steers 22.25; average to high good lOUO liau ID., auu-twu iu. u.j", standard dairy bred steers 18.00; stand ard too 10.- siaugnier nnitra " mwB1 featfova nnH vniltVlflll P(1W8 17.25: commercial cows 15.25-16.00; utility 13.50-15.25 canners and cutters 10.50-13.50; utility and commercial bulls 17.00-20.00; outstanding charbray bulls to 21.00; no sales siocKers anu jiecucru. r4Tt77r inn fpm ra1a eacxi and Choice 290-375' lb. slaughter calves scpaay i 2i:3u-zz.uu; iu ueau mnuum 1flft IV, maar f1vpH 1H01. HOGS 300; slow, few aals barrows snd gilts 25-50 lowtr; u. a. no. i-a 2-228 lb. grain feds 19.76; V. S. No. 1-2 173 lb. 18.50; U. S. No. 1-2 315 lb. sows 17.03. STOCKTON STOCKTON, Oct. 8. (AP) CATTLE salabie 200. Slaughter steers and heifers steady, cows steady, odd good slaughter soeers 19.50; fed standard steers 17.50. Small lot standing slaughter hifers 17.60. Canner and cutter cows 10.50-13.00, few utility cows 13.00-14 00. CALVES 25. HOGS 200. Market not established. SHEEP 200. Market not established. NONFERROUS METALS NEW YORK, Oct. 8. (AP) Spot non-ferrous metal prices today: Copper 26-27 cents a pound, Connecticut Val-lev. Lead 14 cents a pound. New York. Zinc 10 cents a pound. East St. Louis. Tin 92'? cents a pound, New York. Foreign silver 905 cents per troy ounce, New York. K-SUE (SUSANVTLLE 1240 KC) TUESDAY, OCTOBER 8 Kiddle Korner News i Classified Column Bandstand SDeaklrg of Sports SupDer Serenade News Eddie Fisher News Music Here's to You Music News WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9 Music News Roundup Sports Page Newscast Music Classitted Column of the Air Newscast Civic Calendar According to the Record Woman's World Family Worship Hour Music News Music of the Day KSUE MufIc Box 's Trdiy Your Birthday? Newscast Penney's Easter Parade Music Bex News Farm Front Lassen Roundup Melody Mutinee , Regional News Melody Matinee News Kldfile Komer News Cles-lfled Column of the Air Bandstand Speaking of Sport Supper Serenade Let's Go to Town Proudly W Hall . f Guest Star Music News 5:00 5:30 5:25 5:45 6:00 6:25 6:30 6Ar, 70 7:00 7:' 7:45 8:00 7:05 7:30 7:45 8:30 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:?5 9:40 9:45 10:00 10J5 10:30 10:35 11:00 11:25 11:30 11:35 12:00 12:30 12:45 1:01 2:01 2:30 2:35 3:30 3:35 5:-0 5:35 S:4S 6:00 6:16 6:45 7:00 7:30 7:45 8:00 October 8, 1957 the guest room!" New York NEW YORK, Oct. 7, 1957. (AP) Stocks :( Quotations furnished by First California Co.). Stock Open Close Air Reduct Wt 50Vt Alleg L Steel 40'4 38', Allied Chem 77 75i,i Allied Strs 43 " 435, Am Airlines 43?i 43,i American Can 43i 43?i Am Car & F 47 45ii Alco Prod I . 13 13',i Am Motors 7 7 i Am Rad St S , 12 12 Am Smelt 46 45y4 Amer Tel & Tel 170V4 168i Am Tobacco 75V 75 Am Viscose 33 i 33 Anacon Cop 50 49 "2 Armour & Co 13i 13','s Atchison 21"4 21 Avco Mfg 6 6V8 Bait & Ohio 43 42' '2 Bendix Av 47'i 46 Beth Steel 42 40 Boeincs Airp 36 33 Bcrden 60 60 Borg Warn 36 35 Briggs Mfg 7 7 Burr Add M 33 38 Can Pac 29 28 Case (J I) 15 15 Cater Trac 76 74 Celanese 13 13 Ches&O.. 58 68 Ch M SF fe Pac 1512 15 Chi & NW 23 22 Chrysler 75 72 Colg Palm 46 46 Col Brd A 27 26 Col Gas 16 16 Coml Cred 47 47"-. Coml Solv 13 13 Comw Edls 39 39 Cons Copper Mns 11 11 Con ECUS 42"', 4211; Container 38 18 Cont Can 42 42 Cont Oil 53 52 Crane Co 26 25 Crown Zell 46 46 CurtlS3 Wr 34 33 Deere & Co i. 29 29 I jg Air 6212 59 Dow Chem 53 61 Du Pont 178 176 East Air L 30 30 Eastm Kcd 92 92 El Auto Lite 35 34 Elec Bond & Shr 27 ?8 Flintkote 39 39 Ford 50 49 uen nynamics . . . i 8 48i2 Gen Elec 62 60 Gen Foods 47 47 Gen Mills i. 60 60 Gen Motors 40 35 Goodrich 64 63 Goodyear 82 80 Greyhound 15 15 Homestake.. 33 33 Int'l Biz Mach . . .' 303 308 Int Harv . 32 32 Int Nick 76 75 Int. Paoer 89 88 Int Tel & Tel 30 29', Johns Man .'. .. 42 41 Jones & L 4R 46 Kaiser Alum 30 29 Kenneeott 92 90 Kern Co Land 37 37 Lehman Cp 27 27 Lof Glass 76 75 LlbMcN&L, 10 10 lock Aire 32 31 Loews 15 15 Lorillard V 25 25 Macv (R H) 28 23 Martin (G L) 29 29 Minn Mns & Mfg 81 80 Mont Ward 34 33 Nat Bfsc 39 39 Nat Cash Reg 57 5'! Nat Dairv 33 37 Nat Distill 22 61 Nat GyDsum 41 We Nat Lead i07ia 104 Nat Sup 4t 41 N Y Central 23 22 No Am Avia 21 21", Nor Pac 39 37 Ohio Oil 34 34 Pac Gas & Elec ...... 48 45 Pac Lifrht 35 35 Parke Dav .5 51 Penrev . 76 76 Pa F.R 17 Hi' Pepsi Cola 19 Phelns Dod 45 45 Phillips Pet 40 39 Proct & Gamble 50 50 Pullman 55 54 Pure Oil 36 35 Radio Cp 31 30 Ravonier 17 18 Retmb Stl 48 46 Revere Copper 31 31 Rexall Drug 8 8'4 Rey Tob B 61 60 Rheem Mfg 13 13 Richfield O 71 69 Safeway St .75 73 Schenley Ind i 19 18 Sears Roeb , 27 27 Shell Oil 54 53 81nc!alr Oil 54 52 Socony Vac 53 51', '2 So Cai Edig 45 45 South Pac , 38 37 SD-rrv Rand 20 19 Std Brands 40 40". Std Oil Cal 51 soi'a Std Oil Ind 44 43 Std OU NJ 57 56 Sterling Drug 30 30 Rtudn Packard 5 5 -.unray Oil 23 23 Svlvan'a Elec 34 34 Texp Co 65 63 Te-tron 11 11 Tide 17 a As 27 i H Trans W Air 11 H Transamerica 34 34 Tw?ntv C Fox 24 23 TJn Cprnide .... ion iuv Un Oil Cal... 48 47 TJn Pac 26 26 Unit Air L 23 23 Unit Aire 63 60 TJ S Rubber 39 38"- U S Steel 59 57 Warner Ercw 20i' 20 West Un Tel 18 16 West Air Br 23 23 West Elec 59 58 Woolworth 41 41 Yonngst Sh & T 88 84 Zenith .. 113 111 CHICAGO GRAIN . CHICAGO. Oct. 8. (AP) Close: WHSAT (old): Dec. 2-16. WHEAT (new): Dec. 2.17-. March 2 21-. May 2.17-. ,July 1.97, Sept. 2.00. . CORN: Dec. 1.19T'-. Marcn l.Z4-,-V4. May 1.27-. July 1-29. OATS: Dec. 6, Marcn 68, May 68-"-. July 64. RYE: Dec. 1.28-. Marcn l.32'2-. May 1.32. July 1.27. - AGF.NT KILLED BROWNSVILLE, Tex.. Oct. 8. (JP) U. S. customs agent Benjamin Bert Stone, "25, was fatally shot with his own gun after surprising a group, of smugglers on the Rio Grande last night, Sheriff Boynton Fleming said. 'Safellilis' Hiis Science-World Eyeing Spufni (Continued from page 1) ly with us but they didn't say when." . The American added that as soon as U. S. experts got a true "fix" on the satellite's path, that information would be dispatched at once to the 62 nations taking part in the International Geophysical Year (IGY) including Russia. . JUST DON'T KNOW "As far as we know they don't have a true fix yet," he said. "For that matter, as far as we know, they may have a perfect fix. As far as ve know, we just don't know." When the bare announcement came out of Mdscow that the Russians had launched what they call a sputnik, the men of the naval research laboratory went to work at once tracking it down. Nine "minitrack" stations were already set up in North and South America to track the American satellite vanguard when it goes aloft, probably in early Spring. Those stations were pressed into service with a quick change of radio equipment and given a new target sputnik. "Right from the start," the American- scientist said, "we were able to get a pretty good fix on the satellite. It would have been a lot easier if the Russians had told us where it was launched, and at what time. Even ' so, we came very close, very soon." The minitrack stations get a lot of credit but almost as much of the initial credit goes to the nation's 165,000 licensed amateur radio operators. LOTS OF IIELP "The hams flooded our switchboard right from the start," one American at the research laboratory said. "We even got a report from an American ship off the roast of Japan. "Those amateurs were the source of a lot of valuable information. They gave us the strength of the signal, for one thing. Some were able to give us a bearing, which helped a lot. Between the minitrack and the hams and without the Russians we were able to get a good plot on the satellite's orbit without much delay." The satellite circles the earth 16 times a day, and passes above the United States about six times a day. Every time it gets near the United States, its radio signals are recorded. "When we take a reading on the satellite's radio signal," an American scientist said, "we know that our reading is ' accurate to within one-ten thou.sanths of a second. We couldn't get much closer than that if the Russians gave us their books on it." S. F. Mining S. F. MINING SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 7. (UP) Mining stocks: Sales Stock High 100 Afflb Mln ... 1.90 1400 Apex t 1.00 8500 Black Bear . . .92 1000 B'k Mamm'th .07 2000 Hercules 11 3000 Man Con ... .09 300 Mt Union ... .02 3000 Nat'l Tung .. .02 1000 N. Star Oil . . .24 1000 Red Hill .... .06 45OC0 Trail, Inc. . .04 4230 20th C Fuels .48 Low 1.93 .95, .91 '.07 .10 .09 .02 .02 .24 .03 .03 .46 Close 1.90 .95 .91 .07 .10 .09 .02 .02 .24 .06 .03 .47 Asked .12 L95 1.C0 ' .95 bid .45 .30 .15 .16 - .07 .27 . .'40 .20 1.50 .07 .35 - .25 .10 .02 .10 .10 .23 .09 .02 .03 .30 .05 .28 .24 6.75 X3 .07 .18 .11 .09 .09 .03 .04 .17 .04 .05 .50 ' .08 .22 .19 02 .28 Stock Bid Acme .05 American Copper 06 Ambrosia Metals 1.90 Apex 95 Black Bear 87 Black Mountain 06 Blue Ridge 40 Blue Ridge A 22 Best Eelcher .15 Calif Engels .11 Comstock Keystone 06 Com Limited 26 - Comstock Tunnel .05 Con Chollar 20 Double O 08 Entrada 1.20 Eureka Hamburg 03 Giant Resources 26 Golconda 16 Goldfield Con .09 Goldfield Dev 02 Gold Metals . .09 Gold Zone .07 Hercules. Mines Co 10 Jack Walte 20 Manhattan Con .08 Mt. Union Uranium 02 National Tungsten .02 New Metals Corp .15 Nlelson, Inc .01 North Star Oil J24 - Operator Con 20 Pac Uranium 6.62 Parade Gumas .08 Pony Meadows 02 Red H1U Uranium .06 Rosegolt' Pete ; .09 Round Mountain 09 Silver Divide 07 Siskon Corp 06 Smuggler. ltd. .01 Tonopah Divide .03 78 Development 16 Trail, inc uj TranBierra i .04 20th Century Fuels 45 U. S. Consolidated 06 Verdi .20 Vivian 16 Western Empire 01 White Caps 3-S Eggs, Butter, Cheese SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8. f AP) Butter and Cheese: singles 38-39. Egsrs: nrlces to retailers: Poultry producers: large A A, 51-52; large A 50-51; medium A 43-44; small A 29-30. Svlvester dairv nroducts: large AA kl-52;. large A 50-51; medium A 43-44; small A 29-30. Prices to wholesalers: FSMN: large A 49-50: medium A 42-43; small A 28-29. San Francisco Poultry KAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 8. (AP) Live noultry: Broilers l-4 lbs., 20-21; fryers, heavy type 2-4 lbs., 18-20; enponettes, heavy type 4 lbs. and over 27-28; fowl, heavy tvpe, all weights. 20-21 '-: fowl hens) light tvpe, all weights. 1616. .Squabs, all weights, .75. "BANK STOCKS Stock Bid Asked Bank of America . 33 35 Chase National Bank 47 50 Irvine Trust 32 343, Mfg Trust 42 45 National Cltv 60 63 Guaranty Trust 66 70 INSURANCE STOCKS Stpek Bid Asked Confl Casualty 78 83 Great Amer Ins 29 31 New Amsterdam, ' 44 44 Home Insurance 35 37 Vital Statistics DEATHS GONZALES In Reno, Oct. 8, 1957, Joseph C. Gonzales, brother of Mrs. R. T. Brlcker of Hawthorne, a native of Colorado. i The body will- be accompanied to Hawthorne for services and burial with Ross-Burke Co. In charge of local arrangements. HOLBY In Reno. Oct. 7, 1957, David Holby, husband of Mrs. Dorothy hoi-by of Reno, a native of Bolivar, Penn. Funeral arrangements will be announced by Ross-Eurke Co. O'MARA In Reno, Oct. 7. 1967. Roy T. O'Mara, husband of Mrs. Dorothy O'Mara of Reno; borther of Mrs. Harold W. Shirley of Portland, Ore., Mrs. Charles T. Smith of Sutherliln, Ore., Mrs. Frank C. Cokelmann of Tillamook, Ore., Henry T. O'Mara of San Diego, Calif., and John V. O'Mara of oRseburg, Ore., a member of Laurel Lodge No. 13, F. and A. M., Rossburg, Ore. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p.m. In O'BrlenRogers chapel with Mrs. Anna Loomis officiating. Burial will be In Mountain View cemetery. . DEEDS RECORDED Andre J. and Beverly M. Stlenne to Zelma M. Rice and Marybeth M. Lamb, portion of lots 7 and 8. block u. Manor Gardens Addition. Joseph and Elisabeth Constantino to Nellie C. McQuerry. lot 1. block B. Mountain View Sub'n. 1 Roman Catholic Bishop of Reno to Union Federal Savings and Loan Association, lots 15 and 16, Rivervlew Survey. victor ana iisteue ixystrom to u. w. and Frances Mack, part of lot 12, block C, Sun Valley Subdivision No. 3. Gladys Cogswell to James ana its-plle Franklin, part of lots 1 and 2. block I, Southside Subdivision. William and Marian Carlson to Ben and Nell Wofford. lot 13, block A, New Sunnyside Addition. C. P. and Esther O'tteeie to rercy and Corlnne Relf , lot 7, block 24, Uni versity Terrace 'Addition. Roy and Pauline K-Utcner to tior-raine Kutcher. lot 5, block K, Alameda Heights Subdivision. Bella caDrai to itonaia ana aamea Herigstad, lot 3, block F, Southside Subdivision. Joseph and Rose Iveson to Russell and Alma Zimmerman, lot 5, block G, Southland Heights Subdivision. Rov Roberts and Son to Maurice and Nora Moffett, part of Lot F. River Mount Park subdivision. Nevada Wholesale Lumber Co. to Saul and Esther Sabbath, part of lot II, NW, section 7, T 19 N, B 20 , MDB&M. Nevada Wholesale Lumber So. to Frank and Ida Greenswelg, part of Lot II. NW. section 7, T 19 N, It 2U JS, MDB&M. ACTIONS FILED Joyce P. Evans vs. Robert W. Evans; Application of William Thater for a writ of habeas corpus; Walter F. Re-baric vs. Mary L. Rebaric; Donald R. McCoy vs. Mercedes McCoy; William N. Frltzlnger vs. Idylla 8. Frttzlnger; William G. Van Dyke vs. Weir; Parental Rights a to Evan D. Fant; State of Nevada vs. Glen D Menefee. Federlca Casanares vs. Delores C, Casanares; Esther L. Bessey vs. Charles J. Bessey; Dorothy E. Jacobs vs. Benjamin E. Jacobs; Nevada Credit Rating Bureau vs. Wayne M. Smith; Shirley H. Smith vs. Edward C. Smith; Patricia A. Halev vs. Charles C. Haley. -Howard C. dwell vs. Anna F. Crowell; Estate of Dolly Twilight; Donna Marie Van Geldern vs. John B. Van Geldern; Donna Mae Kroll vs. Michael J. Kroll; Theodore Lebakls vs. Pauline Lebakls; Manuel S. Martins, jr., vs. Maria E. Martins. Ada C. Roberts vs. Burt F. Roberts; Juanita I. Simms vs. William A. Slmms. jr.; Donna A. Jalovlch vs. Frank H. Jalovlch; Mike Zaharchak vs. Mary Zaharchak; Paul W. Murphy vs. Eileen J. Murphy; Hattie N. BOzeman vs. George Bozeman; Jean Cassa vs. John A. Cassa. Joyce C. Hodge vs. John W. Hodge; Elizabeth C. Goldfinch vs. Charles W. Goldfinch: Ruth V. M. Smith vs. Arthur L. Smith, jr.; Maehelena Glus-czynski vs. Thader Glusczynski: Ethel B. Early vs. John J. Early; DeLyle F. Hill vs. Olga Hill. William A. Goldschalk vs. Thelma F. Goldschalk; Jerome W. Cross vs. Margaret B. Cross; Patricia M. Stephenson vs. WUllam R. Stephenson, jr.: Adolf Kings vs. Fatima Bent Hassen El Motnaula Kings. Norman C. Harding vs. Dorothy F. Harding: TMa M. Bruchler vs. John A. Bruchler; Florence R. Wyatt vs. Grover J. Wyatt: Nevada Credit Rating Bureau vs. Charles E. Stlnson; Eunice A. Minetta vs. Fred A. Minetta; Ruyi O. Baughman vs. Cliff Young, administrator f the Estate of W. L. Baugh- Frederick !. Greer vs. Donald O. Heldaman: John E, Freitas vs. Josephine E. Freitas; Betty Jean Turner vs. Bervl J. Turner: Rae M. S. Hllb vs. Leo Hllb: Gordon D. Hodglnson vs. Elna Hodgklnson; Patricia K. Sanford vs. Samuel St Sanford, HI. Dora F. Sineath v. Frank D. Sineath, 1r.; Georgia S. Everett vs. Harvey A. Everett; Kathryn A. Ingram vs. Albert E. Ingram: Abb F Davis vs. Ruth D. Davis: Estate of Robert B. Jones; Patricia Dobson vs. Kenneth G. Dob-son. RhiriMr B. Welnbere vs. Joseph Wein berg: Florence E. Williams vs. Wslter E. Williams; Jessie m. tsenaer vs. kuh-ald , Bender; Nettle M. Dantrlch vs. Adam P. Dantrlch: Zenith E. Rooney vs. Clarence Rooney; Frances M. Bush vs. John M. Bush. State of Nevada vs. Arch Russell: .Tnnlcp Johnson vs. Frederick John- sin. Jr.; Marv E. Clifton vs. Lloyd R. Clifton; Grace E. Dunkelberger vs. Everett B. Dunke'berger; Jack G. LIds-comb vs. T oil K. Lloscomb; Willie FrprVs vs. William O. Franks: Estrella J. Villanta vs. Eduardo Villanta. . JamFS D. Cockmon vs. Mary t. cock-"ian: Ruth E. Wright vs. Maurice L. Wrieht: Peter A. Rocereto vs. Joan P. Rocereto: Leo E. J. Carney vs. Aides M. Carny; Helena Llpko vs. Andrew Lin- ko: Barbara C. Apperson vs. wesiey v. Aooerson. - Calendar Slated WELLS Deadline "date of Oct. 10 was set for the community calendar at a regular meeting 6f the Wells Lions club here last Thursday. Charles Ballew, chairman of the project, has assigned work to section captains. He appointed William D. Widmer and John Battcher to cover the ranch area. Plans are in progress for a col lege basketball game slated in Wells Dec. 18 between Compton Junior College of Compton, Calif., and Weber College of Ogden, Utah, sponsored by the Wells Lions club. Jess Urresti, president of the club appointed Rod Knight and L. F. Hinds to handle arrange ments for the game. Four Spot Fires Caused by Storm BISHOP Lightning from a brief electrical storm last weekend caused four small fires within the Inyo National forest, the Eishop office of the forest service announced this. week. Three of them occurred in the Monache area and one at Reds Meadow in Mono county. All were quickly extinguished. Residents of the Inyo-Mono area again were reminded that the region is still dry, despite the storm, and that continued caution is necessary. A report was also made this week that lightning struck a radio antenna at the inspection station at Benton last week. Search Mexico For Slayer -Of Tiny Girl ROSWELL, N. M., Oct. 8. UP) Police today combed deep into Mexico for the kidnap-slayer of a 5-year-old girl, whose unclothed body was found last night in a dump eight miles east of here. Little Sandra Jo Lucero apparently died from a single stab wound in the heart. The weapon, a screwdriver, lay nearby. Police Chief Tommy Thompson and Sheriff J. C. Jones said they will file murder charges today against Joe Franco, 24, a farm worker with a record of minor scrapes with the law. Franco, & "friend of the family," has already been charged with kidnaping the child from her home early Sunday. The FBI, whose agents were aiding local lawmen, issued a fugitive warrant for Franco. HEADED FOB BORDER His car was found abandoned 200 miles southwest of here in El Paso, Tex., near a bridge across the Rio Grande into Juarez, Mexico. Border patrolmen, FBI agents, Mexican police and New Mexico lawmen swarmed into Mexico in a joint effort to find Franco. Left behind in the car was Franco 30-30 rifle, fully loaded and with a shell in the chaniber. A post mortem was ordered on the child's body to determine exact cause of death and whether she had been sexually assaulted. Officers Said it appeared to be a sex crime. Her body, half covered with sand, was found by a group of five of her relatives who told police they searched there because they knew Franco "was always boast ing" about the area. His parents live nearby. Former Residents Visit Tonopah TONOPAH Mrs. Margaret Breen, who has been spending some time here with her son, District Judge Peter Breen and family, has gone to Redondo Beach, Calif., for a visit' with her daughter, Mrs. Mark Cessna. Mr. and Mrs. Cessna drove to Tonopah to accompany her on the return trip. In Tonopah to visit Miss Margaret Harvey recently were "her brother, Bernard G. (Speck) Harvey and his wife of Alhambra, Calif. A former resident, Harvey attended the Elks g'olden jubilee while here. Mrs. Milton ManouMan and in fant son, Noel Craig, are' here from Reno visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Bradshaw, and brothers, Nick and Jerry Bradshaw. Manoukian is studying at George Washington University in Washington, D. C. J. A.-. (Buck) Buchanan, who lived in Tonopah from 1904 to 1912, renewed acquaintances here last week. He makes his home in Oakland, Calif., now. He was accompanied to Tonopah by Mrs. Buchanan: Colletti Rites In Virginia City Requiem mass was celebrated for Mrs.- Margherita Colletti Tuesday morning at the Church of St. Mary's of the Mountains at Virginia City, with the Rey. Robert Jelliffe the celebrant. 1 Recitation- of the rosary was held Sunday night at the Ross-Burke Co. chapel in Reno. Burial was in the Catholic cemetery at Virginia City. Pallbearers were: Michael Ne- vin, Joe Viani, Cecil Morrisen, John Gerbatz, Paul Giraudo, Martin Rosso. CARDS KEEP STAFF OF COACHES INTACT ST, LOUIS, Oct. 8. UP) The St. Louis Cardinals announced today they are keeping intact the coaching staff of Stan Hack, Al Hollingsworth and Terry Moore that helped guide the club to a second place finish this year. Manager Fred Hutchinson had been signed earlier. "We think the combination of Hutch and his coaches did a remarkable job this past season," said General Manager Frank Lane. "We're happy that they have all agreed to terms for next year." WEATHER ' Information as furnished by the US Weather Bureau at the Reno Municipal Airport, Reno. Temperatures high and low for 24 hours ending at 4:30 a.m., Oct. 8, 1957: H. 14 H. L. Neyada Stations Reno . . . . . Austin . . . . IFort Worth . 81 63 ' IGalveston . . 80 72 62 35 Helena .... 3? 26 57 32 Jacksonville . 81 58 Battle; Min , Beatty iElko 59 20 Kansas City . 75 61 75 . !Los Angeles . 76 60 56 18 Louisville ... 73 42 60 19 Memphis ... 74 48 Ely . . . Fallon . . ; Las Vegas . . Lovelock . . . Susanvllle . . Tonopah . . . Wlnnemue6a National Information Albany NY . Albuquerque Amarillo . . . Atlanta . . . Birmingham Bismarck . . Boise Boston . . . Brownsville . Buffalo . . , Casper Charleston SO Chicago .... Cincinnati . Cleveland . . 61 35 Miami .... 84 74 79 47iMpls-St. Paul 67 55 59 3(1 New Orleans . 78 69 36'New York . . 63 58 57 21 0maha .... 61 54 57 2l;Oklahoma Cy 73 60 Philadelphia 70 56 (Phoenix ... 85 60 63 58 Pittsburgh . . 56 47 76 53 Portland Me . 61 51 57 51'Portiand Ore 58 44 72 52 Raleigh ... 71 45 73 48iRapid City . . .45 30 43 33 Richmond . . 67 43 65 , ISt. Louis . . 72 47 57 55S Lake Citv . 60 34 87 74!8an Antonio . 83 63 72 48 San Diego . . 74 57 44 29'Sn Francisco 69 55 ISt Ste Marie 70 40 77 58 Seattle 48 44 47 36 84 65 67 55 69 62 62 51 1 Spokane . . 72 49' Tampa . . . 65 48 Washlngton 62 40iWichlta . . 61 42' Edmonton . 67 48 Ottawa . . . 51 49'Winnipeg . 81 57! 54 43! Columbus O Denver . . . . Detroit . , . Duiuth . . . El Paso . . . Fargo . . . . 29 16 64 57 52 39 PRECIPITATION DATA Reno and vicinity: last 24 hours, none; seeson to date, .81; to date last year. 1.06: normal, .79. Other stations last 24 hours: Albany, N. Y. .24; Bismarck, .26; Boston, 1.35; Denver. .82; Duiuth. .22; Fargo, .21; Fort Worth, .22; Helena. .03; Kansas City, .01; Miami. 1.78: Mlnneapolls-St. Paul. .10; NewYork, 14; Omaha, .95; Oklrhoma Cltv, .58; Portland, Me., .06; Rapid Citv, ,08; Seattle, .15: Spokane, .18; Wlchlta.72; Winnipeg, .03. FORECASTS Reno and western Nevada: mostly cloudy tonight and Wednesday. A few light sprinkles. Not much change In temperature. Nevada: variable cloudiness tonight. Wednesday, occesional rain in the northwest portion. Variable cloudiness elsewhere. Not much change In temperature. Sierra Nevada: rain tonight and Wednesday from Yosemlte northward with snow at very high levels. Little change In temperature. Windy at times in the northern ranges. Sunset Tuesday, 5:30 p.m., sunrise Wednesday, 6:03 a.m.; sunset Wednesday, 5:30 p.m. . Practice Runs OnMeMea LAS VEGAS, Oct. 8. (JP) Jack Regas has gunned his unlimited hydroplane Hawaii Kai to straight-away speeds of 160 miles an hour in practice runs on Lake Mead for the Sahara Cup races Saturday and Sunday. Regas will be pointing for his fifth straight victory of the season and the national point championship when he gets into competition. He won last year's Sahara Cup with, a speed of 98.68 miles an hour over a 2 -mile course. . In the Gold Cup field of 12 Regas' principal competition is expected to come from Bill Boeing, jr., and his Miss Wahoo and from Miss Seattle, owned by Roostertails, Inc. Limited hydroplane events have drawn 112 entrants. Jacob Hoffman Services Held Funeral services were held for Jacob Hoffman Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Ross-Burke Co. chapel with the Rev. Howard Busching of the First Methodist church, clergyman. ; - Appropriate music, was played for the service. The body will be accompanied to the Golden Gate National cemetery at San Bruno, Calif., for committal. - IJH4! . Cf -J Wmm - f' STEVE CAMPBELL is a crap dealer on the graveyard shift at the Sparks Nugget. Originally from Graceville, Minnesota, Steve has been working for Dick Graves for a year and a half. He likes to hunt and fish arid also owns mining property In Churchill county. (Adv.) 2350 Caftie Sales Figure hows Increase Cattle sales are up in Nevada latest information from the Uni versity of Nevada shdws. Sales topped 2330 topping the previous week's sales by over 500 head. Elko and Lander counties reflected the mopt sales with nearly 1000 head from these two counties alone. Top price received was from sales in Twin Falls, Ida. vhere Nevada steers brought $21.60. Sales of 800 head were record ed at the two auction yards in Fallon, the Sparks yard moved 165 head and the Elko yard 195. Eighty-eight head were sold outside the yards in Washoe county and 155 heed were moved through Lincoln county. The sales report, which Is a cooperative venture of the agricul tural experiment station, Max C. Fleischmann college of agriculture of the University of Nevada and. the agricultural extension service says that sales are about finished in some sections of the state. Business Bureau Director Leaves LAS VEGAS Muriel Tsvet- koff, managing director of the Better Business Bureau of South ern Nevada, has resigned and will return to her former home in San Francisco, it was announced to day. Mrs. Tsvetkoff in her letter of resignation to the board of di rectors said she will fill the newly created post of assistant to the president for development of Golden Gate College in San Francisco and is slated to take over her new post on December 1. Prior to accepting the post in Las Vegas, Mrs. Tsvetkoff had headed the Better Business Bu reau in San Francisco. She has won many top honors in the 31 years in the better business bureau management field. ' ARCHULETA RITES Graveside services were held for Michelle Renee Archuleta Monday at 11 a.m., at Mater Dolorosa cemetery, with the Rev. Leo E. McFadden saying the committal prayers. Ross-Burke Co. was in charge of arrangements. ' .i tvf 'mm 'IMKQX This issue analyzes: I ft- 12 High Income Industrial Commons ; 8 High Income Electric Power Commons ...and reviews: GENERAL ELECTRIC , This issue provides a clear cut picture of the largest company in the industry. G. E. is an outstanding growth situation, attractive where money can be invested with the thought of preserving ultimate purchasing power. MINNESOTA MINING & MFG. CO. Substantial expenditures for' research and development operations by 3M have been amply rewarded. Last year 22 of the company sales came from products developed and marketed during the past five year period. With first half '57 sales up Ylxz over the same 1956 period, and 1956 sales up 17 over 1955, we consider 3M an attractive purchase. J. A. HOGLE & CO. MEMBERS NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE & OTHER PRINCIPAL EXCHANGES Riverside Arcade Reno, Nevada Please Bend me a FREE copy of your report. "AMP -'" ADDRESS. CITY . -STATE. Li T ' Former Oregon Trooper Passes Former Oregon state trooper Roy M. O'Mara died at his Reno home Monday following a lengthy illness. He had moved to Reno in July, 1956. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Dorothy O'Mara of Reno; two brothers, John V. O'Mara, Rose-burg, Ore., and Henry T. O'Mara, San Diego, Calif.; three sisters, Mrs. Harold W. Shirley, Portland, Ore., Mrs. T. Smith, Sutherlin, Ore., and Mrs. Frank C. Ockei-mann, Tillamook, Ore. Funeral services will be held Thursday at 2 p. m. in O'Brien-Rogers chapel with Mrs. Anna Loomis officiating. Burial will be in Mountain View cemetery. Arizona (Tempe) Has Good Backs SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 8. UP) Coach Bob Titchenal of Saq Jose State, whose Spartans have lost to both Stanford and Arizona State College at Tempe, was asked to compare the two. Titchenal told the Northern California Football Writers Assn. that Stanford presented the better line and Arizona State, with Leon Burton t and Bobby Mul-gano, had better backs. "Overall, I think Stanford is stronger," he concluded. In comparative scores, Stanford beat San Jose State 46-7 and the Sun Devils from Tempe won 44-6. "You can't judge by comparative scores, though," Titchenal said, "because Arizona State kept its first team in most of the way while Stanford substituted freely." CAR TOP CUT Someone who cut the top of his convertible car in a Reno parking lot, also stole his month-old cocker spaniel, Alfred J. Buser of Silver City told police Monday. He said he left the car parked at noon and discovered the loss when he returned at 6 p.m. The puppy, a female, was brown with "white nose and chin," and was worth $25. , FIRE IN CAB Police discovered a fire in a parked 1947 sedan at 218 St. Lawrence Ave. Monday night, and called firemen who held the damage down to a scorched front seat. The car's owner, Gordon Mackin, said the blaze was probably caused by some one tossing a cigaret into the car. He said he hadn't driven it for 36 hours. "If Tf 1 JJOA EST. ISIS 8 CM. I I ; -PHONE. 1 f

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