The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 17, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 17, 1930
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Serperf 6# the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST AKKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXVII—NO. 157 Blythevllle Courier, Ulythevilte Herald. Blythcville Dully News. Mississippi Valley Leader. HLYTIIKVILLI.;, ARKANSAS, WKDNKSDAY. SWTICMHKR 17, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS SHAMROCK DISABLED, ENDING 3rd RACE * —. ^ , • . for Threat of Court Action Brings Heated Response 1'i'oin President Shane. A meeting of members of a school patrons 1 committee with the lorn! school board yesleiday adjourned without arriving at any detail? decision on a future program, bin not before a rather healed exchange of words had occurred. After members of the committee and of the board, and Superintendent Crawford Greene had expressed their views on the board's financial, problem, with particular reference to the possibility of re- uucing Ihe salaries or teachers either this year or when contracts ore signed for next year. Farri.- Simon, a member of the patron's committee, declared that he saw no possibility of reaching an agreement and (hat in his opinion tlr only course to follow was for citizens to take legal steps to prevent the board from operating tin .schools on a basis not justiiied by the district's revenues. . Says Properly Not 'Assessed i p. . ,. n . . This aroused Cecil Shane, prcsi- '. L/ealh May KeSUlt In lYluV- dent of the board, who charge:', • that. it.was largely due to Simon' thai a solution of the school prob- ! tern was not readied through th? j voluntary tax last spring. He Young Senator Ln Folio lie and Secretary \V'e<l FDR LTOLLEm Noah Beery and Missing Wife MADISON, Wis.. Sept. 17 iUPi — Senator Robert M. La Follette and Miss Rachel Wilson Young ol Washington, D. C.. his sccictary. were married here today. \vr • r ' W ', Mrs La Folle-.ic is .he daughter WlSCOIlSlll Campaign Wag- | of Mr. and Mrs Ludwk-k Craven e <j on National Admillis- | Young or Washington where ramily and the La Follet'e been friends and neighbors tration's Record years. Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 17 iU. I'.) She became associated with llie —The progressive movement wliich elder F.?nator La Follette in 1924 the late Robert Marlon La Follotle I'-hen lie ran for president. At his founded when he led a separation | death she became the personal sec- from the Republican party regulars t rerary to "Young Bob" who CVMH- in 1003 was strengthened in Wis- ! ually sueccedcil his inatlier in (lie cousin today by the nomination of s<™te. . bis younger son, Philip V. La Fol- Mrs. La. Follette has participated le;te. as the Republican candidate in three Wisconsin campaigns with for governor. last spring. He further declared ., ••••^«"-. -»'••'.. o</pi. u. that he had examined thc records! ,',, Onifr nt!d hren "stored in and was unable to find any per- ' "' c , M^'and state penitentiary soual propeity tax assessment, bv .' y y after a not lvllic1 ' llm >' . cos l ™ llvcs - propeny Simon, saying that it was failure properly to assess taxes that- war-. . Arthm ' Owcn ' 39 - a S" a: ' rt - > 5 ! » responsible for the district's finan- a ™ 3 l" tal here and may cli; from rial difflculties ' a bl!lll!t wound in his right side. ,, „ ' - . . . ' His death probably would result in Mr. Snar.e auer ward apologizaa : nu , Klei - c | bei s ,' ™ to the other members of the cm- ' aga i n5t all lhBe nine " committee and to the boarci. , (ook part in , he aUem|)le[1 jail break. The other man wounded in the La Foltette family. The cou- Returns from Tuesday's primary pie will -remain in Wisconsin mi- showed La Follette had been swept .u congress meets when they will into office by an indicated major- relurn and live in Washington. ity of 120,000 votes, carrying with him the progressive slate. Thc cut- come was so conclusive that Gov. Waller J. Kohler's managers conceded defeat today. With lhc count complete from all hut a few of the state's precincts ' the vote stood: La Follette, 340.323: Kohler. 236,059. At Kohler headquarter? here i;i;rly leaders attributed Ihe probable defeal of Kohler to the burden of "carrying Hoover." La Toilette, v/hcse father ed the progressive wing of llie Republican party, stressed '.he full dinner pail issue throughout In int'-'iisu'e campaign and accused the 'national administration cf ve.ipon- tibilily for the depression. He declared repeatedly "Kohler's '. sunpoii of Hoover before and a. r -j ter the presidenlia] election should I cause all workers to turn on him." •! Bandits Get [ir !$5p,000 In ur 'BankJRaid LINCOLN'. N'eb., Setit. n lUI 1 ) — Six bandit-, armed with two machine tuns nnd revolvers robbed the l.lncdn National bank lotlay and i •!• r M escaped with approximately S50.- •VCal I I'ilCC ol Mrs. ,000. $20,000 in rn>.li and the remain- 'S 111 : 10 IT; Intensive Search Fails lo Noah Berry. in bonds and securities, j Twenty paiioiii and employes of ,11-, r, lh(l b;mk w ' l ' : ? furced to lie duwn on I'Kimo. (;»].. se;>i. 11.,UP' .he 11™- as the bandits went Mainsail Falls to Deck of British Craft, Making Continuance Impossible. Aboard the U. S. S. Kane (by thf cages. wiiiie'Vour mcii : |ladl0 - So » l - 17 ' ""I'.r^' " the bank Iwo remained Thoma. l.lpton, Bjecn dialleng t CI e ' P Against nmales. Mrl.. Sept. lead Ihem to more cletlulte intor- i mallcn n.« to the film imtabieV I wife. I The foul play theory trainer! cr.'- | deuce fruin information supplied bj lirery who said his wile had SSD't 1 Police at Los Angeles have been asked lo help search for Mrs. Mar- or SfiOO with her when slir lef'. —The M-.m-li (or Mrs. Murpnvrllt Beery, anting wile or Niwh Bi-ery. Acrecn uct-ir. inrped to the liarboi ^n"'iMi''am<)lKol.i"c"mil.^dVrXulv"to'Shamrock V., was disabled 45 min- district early today when police n-. i,|,-ivc u R , m ......... Th ", ...."(....i...,,, ntes after a beautiful slart against '' " -" ••'-••—•-- ' >• Enterprise In their third match for the America's Cup when her main- Isall came billowing down on her |dccK. H appeared lhc, block holding the _ _ _ _ great blanket had pulled out. Tlic ptTsnu telephoning, inn found it wns vacant. - Authorities believed Ihe clue. 1 a!- ', 1 hough apparently valueless, may abruils. Fearlni; she had been klthiniieii nrrTn or wns the victim of foul play p<>- MLLL U l!cr mndc n frantie search of the-! Ill I I II holm; named by the. ptTsnu lele- I • •• gucrito Beery, wife of the famous mni-ie star, Noah lieery. who has ' li 'dr v "nch hrnui> near llully :een mining ler more Ihan a week. Mr. and Mrs. Beery are shown j Kcr1 '| c '"' Jr ' 1 "' lere in a photograph taken on the veranda of their home al Hollywood. "'" " ' """'" I accident brought the race to an end nnd Enterprise came about. I in llie leclh of a spanking 15- knoi breeze Shamrock and Enterprise went over Ihe starting line . iat 10:40 A. M. illlllc Rock Exchange All-' T|1D challenger and defender i c i i i r i i wcl ' e rmlum B down thc line when liounces bchedule Ol Ad- ,lhe whlsllc sounded and fo r thc \nnr c t r m ' E ^ " nlc s '"ce " le matches began \itllLlh 10 UlOWCl'S. .skipper Tetl Heard succeeded in .out-maneuvering Harold S Vamler- I.1ITI.E ROCK, Sept. 17. (l)l>(- bill, taking thc wealher'berlh as Vai Ions methods or aiding farm u, c big boats sailed across the bow to bow. SEEK CII5 Ulilily Company Represeii- lolives Here !o Institute Mils haying that he wished to muke it clear thai his remarks were directed solely toward Mr. Simon. and not. .toward the patrons' committee in general or any other nf i!s me tubers. Members of the board and some members ol the citizens committee said they did not favor any effort ;o have ten.cliers accept salary reductions at this time, their salaries for this year having been fixed by contracts signed in good faith 'By United Press) Ri'bi-.Hs in brie! of primary elections and p.irti- conventions h.'hl i „ „ ... .-, cwi v ,cts who VP .,teruay in various nates follow: | CCClll'l'V JClllllg La MASSACHUSETTS -- F 0 r mei | " 1 ,. . „ _ Senator WilHam M. Butler, dry. | the riof was George Bailey, a pris- , sads ESE11 Drap(lri v , et . , or Rppllb . oner, wtio was shot in the lung ilig the outbreak yesterday. ^^ore than 500 police were sum- Mean senatorial nomination. Marcus A. Coolidge. wet. leads for the Democratic nomination. Joseph r. W. O. Totld. (lis'rict r.ales man- '^cr. securities division, of the Football Injuries Fatal to Tennessee Schoolboy UnOWNSVILLE. T.-nll.. Sept. 17, i UPl — Uenjamin Carwell Johnson, 1C. dietl lute ye.sterday kllowing injurle:-. received Friday in football practice at the Hayvvcod county high school here. II is bcll.-.ved to be the first football fainiity thi?, year. Johnson died ol Intcrnnl injuries. Municipal Telephone and Utililbs .7 t ,SS ^gagcTln''^.:.^ J? c >iT rt^"i™S P atr Sed lo'd'i'vuir 1 ' s; f s,:rL^iv=d'' "I may have left thoiisamls of j of U3 Arkansas bankers here vcs-' enemies." the distracted aclorsald. UTclay. I \ "A nmii in public life may muke ; The Little Rock cotton exchange | enemies without knowing It. nut 1 \ outlined a ')lan by which It will know of no enemies bitter civjm;': I aid fanners'lu handling cotion this " Has His C . , Cast and Doctors or viclijus E'liough to do away with niv wife'' Is taken over by banks as security on loans. TEICIN, 111., (UP)—It's "Oh my 0[>eration" when Tiny gets out among his little canine friends C"7C fkAn /M • r* i i.-i i>in.i-^7vuin i~uuuu uiuvM-i.s Lib- J>?'J,UUU Lhair Company j solution, outlined the efforts whic!' Organized at Camdeniinaw CAMDEN. Arl;.~The Rockwell ton exchange follows: • company. which Associated | Clialr i/ompany, rapitall/ed at $75.— j (iTO. has been organi/ed here and i work mil start within a few days Charles O. Henry, manager of Recently Tiny, pet pomcranian the Mid-South Cotton Growers as- i belonging t'» Fred Muhelenbrink, ...... suffered a fracture of one of his tiny legs wl\en rim over by an ar4 \ mobile. ' .' 7 ' When the accident cccurrad, Tiny as taken to a Peoria dog hospital, where he experlEnccd all "the de- [will be. made by that organization ' n aiding the farmers. The plan or the Little llockk cot- dncil to stand guard nround thi Ely appeared the Democratic gu- j ...., lv . prison walls during the outbreak. . oernatcria ' ,--..' The prison is located in the heait of downtown Baltimore K.u.lJ.uh* . 11 nil " J 111 II n.-*.-M«l mn u | _ n - p. I u i utilities', owner or tub local water:farmer, Deranged, shoots j on a brick factory "We will buy all cotton at. full basis value, advance you 85 per ecu: of the Invoice price, give you : affiliated, and R. 13. Pale, i , r building. 35 by J lha privilege, of -finally nxhi'i'Uif . puce at .my lime you may *clcc: lolls of a major operation. He given cU ' leg :inrl Ore.inlnallon was completi-d fol- between now and June Now Tiny, who weighs but six 1!)31 | pcumls. Is back wllh his old- play-' Ihem citizens were atracted break prohibition confessed he Had •. thould decline at least 100 points Either Mr. Todd or Mr. rate will cio] p]an Ls smi | lrir , iven Owen, the injured g'.iard. : Chairman F. Wallace Iheir 5- v .| licll lh " ;llnl should happen, then yon last spring. Mr. Simon and Claude establish headquarters here for the c camden Furniture com- se rivers and harbors cotn- yenr-old son. Joseph. ' elllier put up S'2.50 a bale ad- Cooper, however, contended that it Lead Calholio? ihe 15 i>er cent inorgln may be per- I mlticd to remain with the local I banks, thereby resulting !n the lo- I cnl banks realizing a full 100 pet I CONNECTICUT— out. sufficient funds. No have, but that it would not bepos- this smwstion was taken bv th sible to maintain the present Stan board but so:ne members to sav just what reduction in th? ed themselves as seeing no other budget would w> possible Bonded Debt Burdens Local School Budget Editor's Note: This is llie third interest. The following is a brief of a series of articles prepared by history of the four bond issues uf Yale posed by emtrilu; of the school the Democratic nominee. | but a special sale of preferred and OHIO—The Ohio Democratic j cia;s A common .stocks was deler- convention took no action on trio prohibition question but Robert -J. thc schools. In 1911 an ifsuc of 525.000 bearing 5 1-2 per cent, interest was floated on the present junior high school building. Of tins amount. due in both 1931 and 1932 , - •-- ia " 1 ,. ^^o'moWle. In 1920 bonds totaling S120.000 at; E N Orccn 55 VV35 killed when | pp r CP]! t wcrc w -ith which : Supfrintcndent Crawford Greene dealing with the various phases of the local school situation. BY CRAWFORO GKEENF, Superinltndtnt of Schools In addition to the expanse of instruction which was discussed In i the last article, the Blytheville | school expense is listed under several otlv>r items, the chief of which is the expenditure for bonds and interest. In thc United States as a whole. school budgets usually include lt; ,,,. , las ,, Uin <: U m iaio «un «iiica i n j,, re .i about 6 per cent of trrfr deb: t o build Lange and Sudbury ...i, ,*,,,„„ an service, while Blytheville must In- Schools. Hcliremcnt on thew bonds __L_ elude about 21 per cent. i will begin in 1932, with S2.COO be- • This unusual burden on the bud- | i, lg & K t ) m ( year and continue ! p,.i:., 0 Tklol payment of rollce 1 -»^ 1 Bulkiey. candidate for . made a speech in favor or repeal. Passenger on Truck Killed at El Dorado established securities mark?:.-., yesterday. ; Harry was qucs'.ioncd by officers i late ve. tcrriay but thc results cf tU: • mined itp-n in an effort to build ' queslioning are being withheld for • up thc present- McGregor is to be Iat.? today it is understood. No formal charges have been placed the young men. The cafe al 311 West Main street a substantial share In ownsr senator, ship among th.? company's custom ers. Miss Hnzel Kardin. thc local I manager, and other local emplove.s I will .mist Mr Todd and Mr Pate ! was nunrtl :llld c i' f ' ra '-" !<1 b >' H - F in tl'.e sale cf thc stock i Marshall. The restaurant was open for icrvire 24 hours ;i day until recen;ly w!ie:i nigiit service was dipc^ntinncri. I "A further plan is being evolved ' by several of lhc larger cotton mer- | f chnnis of Liule Rock whereby even I DisCUSS Desha County ' Agricultural Program ^fcGEHEE. Ark., Sept. 17 (UP) — cent of the current market value farmers, business men and cdura- cf the cotton. This plan will be an-! u om \ wori-.:rs met here today to : nonnced within a short time In tuke initial steixs in the formation of a long time constructive program for agricullural development in ! detail." in i ,i n i i n 11 ' Desha county. Monk' Rutledge Paroled! 1 irom State Penitentiary ' U. S. Exports $80,000,000 L1TTLF, "Monk" Hutledge sentenced to a year in prison for A grand larceny al ihe Spring term A Ark -Worth of 'Blythevillc ; of criminal courl in Mississippi i county was among Ihe 19 convicts of S80.»64.000 in exports lor August this year as compared with August 1929 wns revealed to- paroled yesterday by the pcnUen- ** >» ™«™™ A d ^\ l ^\^• llary commission. .Rutledge was: P la «< 1 «otal U. S. EL DORADO. Ark.. Sept 17 iUP> —One person was killed and three ctl-ors seriously injured near here j r,,..... IVpfinpiilav a collision between a| ^°«H flfeunesaay Light Docket in Police to build the hiph school. These Minnie Mae Caglc and John automobile driven by F. A'.'J Lcs>irc ^ <""'«' *'•> "di in polif Camden crashed with collrl thl ^ . morning or. pleas of thc „„,,„.„,; ' ' bends mature at the rate of SG.OOO ,J n .1 ',,' ririv ,,n K V u-illiam Elli-t -"'">' to charges of violating city until 1944. thero toing S84.000 tin e -• - •' "^i—» v« •>»•> <=.— «—paid at the present time. An issue of S100.000 cent was floated in 1926 Fire Truck Pays Return | Call on Same Building! TORONTO. cUP) . The ! negro. Bandreaux .... _ owner of a building at a down- sustained seri- j """"""a? N O 262. Steve Monrp | town street corner is beginning to ancl Dcnnie Hetison. also accused j wonchr If (he crew of a fire ladder le ; , ous injuriej, as well as Elliott and i ™ a . "«>».' «f"»n "iso at 5 per ErnC5tJGre( , n . i c . S011 of the fatally !' • »ifract,on>o thco with which. inj ,, red man . Grccn and hls son : « egran crt eon .nuances lhc , nlc k. . Elliott. j Ozmenl and Gwynn were the ar| resting cfricers. ! John Whlroner ordinance, i truck has a en:dge against him. get for debt servic.;. tends to em-'through !<MG when barrass lhc schools in a financial of the S13.000 will be due. Before this is- way. During the course , years the district has hart to borrow ; pil id $79.000 interest In ndditior much money. Paying this back, I the principal. • - ....... .1 6ii? is retired, the district will have : to' was fined 510 on ! a plea of guilty to disturbing the I rx>ace a_ was Thomas Norlhron. and E. B. Noble Return : 0'-mem and Owynn were llie ar- i rtsling officers. M G. Goodwin, chief of police, j . . *'' p!cas vver(1 c » : ">--'l *»' Swinging cut of the way to avoid striking a rar as the fire engine sped to answer an alarm, the truck lill the. building and \vn» badly: damaged. Last December the sami • truck, with the ;ame crew, hit thc same builrting when another automobile got in its path. ; with the attendant interest, Ls a| In" 1928 "the district owed over WM\r\-nb'P7e7umeT Wdav'Vo'm ; Mls who rtitl "ol appear at conn. grea I drain upon the treasury of the ! £60,000 for current Indebtedness North Li'tie Rock where Ihey at- 1 - -- • "'! district has only one I cT^ thk'tHirphls W » ' ^ ^0^ to^ati^ i no debt on the west half of the central ward school but the side, which houses tlv= junior Seat on Worid Court 1930. This issue draws 4 3-4 per : Godwin and Mr. Noble to hold j- GENEVA 193 ' Th" 932. Tint stand '" j th<> 1931 stands as a po- Blytheville. , _____ ..... ______ ... ..... _.. .. high, rchcol. Is 1101 yet fully paid • lent warning against the district A small portion of the high I going i ° f tllf ^ ln B Various civic organ- • state ot the Uni'ed ' 17 (IIP) Fr-ink- Keck Will Hear Case Against Poinsett Sheriff Judge G. E. Keck will go to Har- , serving a term ior grand larceny ! e *!» rts for A "«» st nl 5300.000,000 i Among the other prisoners pa- ' nnd lm P ;)rts at S211.000.MO. • rolcd was J. D. Young of Monroe | ; county, sentenced In October. 1922.1 ! to life Imprisonment on a charg. FRKK GAIiDEN I'LOTS KECSKMET. Hungary (UP)—To ior lirM. degrcTmurderrafid Gladys >elieve the precarious financial sit- Cooptr Craighcad county, senlenc-i linllon of Kecskamets jobless Ihe od for grand larceny. ' : municipal council has divided into ! J500 large garden plots a huge city !--owned estate in a suburban dis- iAsks Permit ior Huffman-1;^ ^-^'« « v ^ t « j Blytheville PUS Service I city's SCO neediest families pro! | vided that these familiss agree to ' LITTLE HOCK. Sept. 17 (UP)— j "iltivate tlv>m diligently. : Applications for five bus and trans- ] ; fer permils will t.: heard by the ! HIT BY BOTTLE jstate railroad commission October' SALZBURG. Austria (UP)—While 11. it was announced today. {standing beside the railway trade I Among thc applications arc T. J. | waiting for an express lo pass so ' Barnes of Blytheville, permit to ' thai he might resume work Johann i operate a bus" b;twr.?n Blytheville i Drod member of a section gang land Huffman; Tom Stewart, freight > wlllcu was a( work on llle track Mine between Jonesboro and Mem-!*" 1 - hnd his nof -- broken and nve iphls: E. -B. Ro:eson, freight linei teeth 'knocked out by a bottlo , c.?twccn Memphis and Jonesboro; ! Clyde Pierce. Jonesboro, general i transfer and drayage service. thrown from a window of the train ment was necessary. ! agalns-t Sheriff Harve Landers of Pohuett coumv. eymeil and laymen gather a! O:na- : r.a. NeL.. on Sep;. '-J lor th? Sixth | National E-icharivlc Cor.Ieroncr. j •lit dignitary ores-1 lain « ror Jonesboro but was transferred if when it wns found it woulti have IT be tiled in 1'njnselt county. Will Recognize New Argentine President PARIS, Sept. 17 (UP)—France eorge Cardinal Mini-j lias decided lo recogni?^ the gov- - - — ' ernmcm ol provisional president Gen. Jose Uriburu in Argentina, the United Pre^s today learned WEATHER (top), of C!i:cego. Tiic opet't scssicn ivil'. b" presijctl over b\ Higiit. Rev. .loseph Schrembr O',v), (rishop o; Clnvelaml, Ohln. from authoritative sources. j Arkansas—Fair tonight; Thursday fair, warmer in northwest por- llon. The minimum temperature cf GO yeotsrday rose to i maximum of 82 Tuesday allernoon and this morning It was 66 for a minimum, according to the official weather observer. Francis Oarpent*r.

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