The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on June 19, 1943 · Page 6
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The Pittsburgh Press from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 19, 1943
Page 6
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PAGE 6 THE- PITTSBURGH PRESS, SATURDAY, JUNE 19, 1943 Show Shops Judy Garland Plays A Stage-Struck Girl Van Hcf lin With Her On Stanley Screen In 'Lily Mars By KASPAR MONAHAN The Stanley's "Presenting Lily Mars" is the pleasant old fable about the small-frown stage-struck girl who becomes the toast of Broadway, weds her producer and lives happily ever after. Fame, riches and true love just like that. Certainly such a hackneyed story needs personality and talent in large portions, and it has them in Judy Garland. ilie ULUe CHIPS smwr n-Vila ave i 1 1 sinrpr hardly a beauty, never looked more ictching than she does in this film, and h?r voice, lift- M in several songs, is another support for a creaky old theme. Booth Tark-mgton wrote the original y a r n, and "o r l s i should h quotes about I it. Van Heflin, as the pro- Mr. Monahan ducer, likewise is a big help, and the cast includes such depend-ables as Fay Bainter, Richard Carlson. Spring Byington. In addition there's the warbling Marta Eggerth and the orchestras of Tommy Dorsey and Bob Crosby. All this and Judy, too adds up to boxoffice pull and "Lily Mars" certainly has it. Yesterday's audiences made no secret of their great delight in the screen doings, drowning out many of the lines with their guffaws. And the film has its effective comedy situations growing out of Lily's repeated attempts to land an acting job with Producer John Thornway (Van Heflin) when he visits his and her home town. Lily drives him mad by popping up unexpectedly and staging impromptu and unwanted "auditions." He is brutal with her, tells her she cannot act and threatens to spank her if she ever annoys him again. Discouraged, but not surrendering, Jjly goes to New York, sneaks by the stage doorman, interrupts a rehearsal of Thorn-way's new show. In sheer desperation he finally casts her in a fmall role. Of course, then, it will be just a matter of time until the name-of Lily Mars is flashing in the marquee electrics. Also that the-producer's resentment against the little lady from his own home town will change into great love. For the stage-struck of 'teen age, I have no doubt that "Presenting Lily Mars" will have a great appeal. Just as Lily watching a show imagines herself the renowned actress on the stage, they will imagine themselves as Lily Mars. About the best scene in it is the one in which Judy in a long white gown does the "out damned tpot" from Macbeth to the great disgust of Van Heflin. When he shows her how it should be done, all of Judy's family, peeking from vantage points, applaud vigorously as he grabs his hat and beats it. So "Presenting Lily Mars" has its amusing moments, ateo a few very sentimental ones, as. for instance Judy and an old scrubwoman doing a duet in the deserted theater of "Every little movement," while an orchestra possibly a heavenly orchestra softly supplies the accompaniment. HOLLYWOOD By HEDDA HOPPER Tallulah Eankhead, who's made history on the stage for years will do the Eame in pictures. She's finally signed for the leading role in "Life Boat," under the direction of Alfred Hitchcock. Atta, girl! Tallu. I knew your day in movieland would come . . . Joseph Cotten stars in For Us the Living," wnich is from Stephen Longstreet's story, "The Land I Live." David Selznick tells me this will be one of his big productions. Longstreet is here working on the screen play . . . Claudette Colbert, before pulling out for New York, phoned to say he'll play the part for which I suggested her ihirley Temple's mother in "Since You Went Away" . . . Ann Corio was stripped before she could tease ;n San Diego. All her undies were swiped from ier dressing room . . . The town will be hotter now rhat Jed Harris and Clifford Odet-s are here . . . Well! Well! Mitchell Leisen walked off the set of Frenchman's Creek" for two hours today and after letting off steam, which wasn't caused by the heat, walked right back on again. Sophie Tucker plays a fortune teller in George Abbott's new one, "The Umpire," based on the Brooklyn Dodgers. With a turban and crystal ball. Miss Hopper Jinx 'YoO'Hoos' At Qeneral The Luclty Quyl) She's done mighty well with- there's no telling what Sophie will do, out em. V 3ic thought some studio would get around to buying the rights to "loner Sanctum." I'm glad Universal did 'cause they have just the faces and the sets at that studio to go with the title. Haven't they done "Frankenstein," "The Living Dead," etc., etc.? . . . William S. Hart, bless him, sent his check for $350 to sponsor one of those wonderful Saturday nights for service men at the Masquers club. They're so wonderful, you want to cry. sit The WAACs in Des Moines, la., turned the spotlight off themselves snd in the direction of Hollywood for the moment by saying Joan Davis ,as their favorite "Wack" . . . Mildred Coles, in "Dollar a Year Man," i brought her 9 months old baby on the set, and when Director Ray McCarey heard the baby say "Lum," he put it in the picture because it stars "Lum and Abner" ... I predict, which I seldom do. that Martha Eggerth will be a sensation at "The Merry Widow" on Broadway. I'm not so sure about i Jan Kiepura as Danielo. Kenny Baker regrets he can't replace Army bound Alfred Drake in "Oklahoma." Kenny's signed for "One Man's Venus," Broadway musical. I hear Metro nas onerea more tnan a quarter ot a million i dollars already for the rights to "Venus" . . . Rumor is again rampant that Wendell Willkie will resign i as chairman of the board at 20th Century . . .Agnes De Mille clan together not only Father William Miss Davis but Uncle Cecil and his wife, Constance . . . Margo's new RKO contract stipulates she'll play no more Japs. She did one in Behind the Rising Sun" . . . Universal would like Charles Boyer to tar in "72 Hours." That's the title not shooting schedule. It's a modern ' Raffles. But Chuck is leary. He was off the screen a year while producing a picture for Universal. ( 5iC 5fe Humphrey Bogart's housekeeper, Mrs. Gonzales, told him about the son of a friend who was being released from juvenile hall and wanted to discard his xoot suit, but hadn't anything else to wear. Humphrey not only gave the boy one of his, but a job as gardener as well. Lou Costello blames his illness on the William Morris office. They, together with the victory committee, booked him for four weeks of camp shows throughout the east in zero weather. After doing a show near West Point, Lou first came down with fever. His doctor told him to tay in bed. His agent told him he'd be called names if he didn't appear next day at Lakehurst naval base. He appeared and he's been ill ever unce . . . When the Baroness Rothschild gave a dinner for Caroline Keren Caroline's mother sent down a mess of crawfish from Portland Ore. Caroline, as a joke, started eating it with her fingers and Rex sr Cvr and Cobina Wright followed suit . . . Bruce Humberstone asked if I remembered "Duffy's Bean Shop." a landmark in St. Louis since the Civil War. Hey! Im not that old! Then ne tola me ne was repro ducing it in "Pin Up Girl.' Sargc Says 'Nix, Gal, He's the Old Man!' By ERSK1NE JOHNSON HOLLYWOOD, June 19 Take it from Jinx Falkenberg, an Army camp tour is rigorous but fun. Back in Hollywood after another swing around the country for the Victory Committee, Jinx is finding a hard day's work at the studio in "Cover Girls," relaxing indeed, compared to a camp junket. At Fort Sill, Okla., her tennis playing ability preceded her. She played four sets of doubles with 15 of the camp's best players. In Frederick, Okla., 500 school kids stormed the lobby of her hotel at 8:30 in the morning and refused to go to school until she got out cf bed and made an appearance. At Pueblo, Col., one boy pleaded with her to wear his ring. She did for about 20 minutes and he told her he was going to write home that they were engaged. A jeep loaded with soldiers passed her at Camp Hale in Colorado. "Yoo, hoo, Handsome!" shouted Jinx. A hush fell over the soldiers accompanying her. "What's wrong?" asked Jinx. "Nothing," replied a sergeant, "only that was the Old Man Brigadier General Rolfe." Later the general said he would have "yoo- hooed" back only he thought it would not be good for discipline. Plea for Plumbers With a theme based on the cur rent scarcity of plumbers, Pete Smith decided to make a picture titled. "Fixm Tricks. He proposed to tide Mr. and Mrs. America over the war period by showing them how to take care of leaking faucets, drain-pipe stoppages and kindred plumbing problems. After his script was completed and production ready to start, Pete telephoned the M-G-M studio plumbing depart ment for the necessary technical assistants. "Sorry, Mr. Smith," was the reply. "The war, you know scarcity of plumbers perhaps in a few weeks !" It was bound to happen. Univer sal is about to bring together all the screen's horror characters Dracula, The Wolf Man, Franken stein and his Monster, The Invisible Man. The Mummy and assorted Zombies for a super - thriller, "Chamber of Horrors." . . . Silent film stars Aileen Pringle and Matt Moore will be seen as Mr. and Mrs in a new Fox flicker. "Happy Land.' . . . Sight of the week : Alan Carney, in Army uniform for RKO's new "Rookie" series, having lunch with two Jap soldiers. They were Chi nese, made up for "Behind the Ris ing Sun." . . . Alice Faye is backing down on her recent announcement that she's planning to retire from the screen. If given the roles she wants in comedy and drama and not musicals Alice says she'll agree to two or three films a year. He ll Be Ghost Not only will Charles Laughton be a ghost in his next picture, "The Canterville Ghost, but in one scene he will be a headless one. Script calls for Laughton to lift oft his head and carry it. Intro duced to his head, as built by the M-G-M makeup department, Laughton cracked: "Well, movie fans have seen the Laughton mug in some awful forms, but this tops anything." . . . There will be no capitalizing by Hollywood on the Los Angeles zoot suit riots. The wearing of neat pleats and stuffed cuffs on the screen was banned two months ago by the Will Hays cen- l , ...... - - - . - . . ... . : I -lte.H ' ... - ... f A I I & w 'M"v VrtffSffSS 4W ' a genera!. But the I ! Autograph Seekers Plague The Poor Hollywood Stars ' And. They've Become Very Resourceful' As They Stalk Their 'Victims;' One Gal Gets Flynn's Name' On Her Back By ERNEST FOSTER HOLLYWOOD. June 13 As daring as a commando, as resource-' ful as a prop man and as full of lore as a frontier scout is that incorrigible Hollywood sportsman, the autograph hunter. He is also as determined as a life insurance salesman ana as puness as a xsrooKiyn subway guard. We are not speaking now of the casual or amateur huntsman, who can take an autograph or leave u- alone, but of the career type, the addict, the true aficionado the "old regular." as he is known in Holly woodthe fellow who pursues tne port for the sheer joy of the chase, who knows the lairs, the feeding places and the habits oi all the stars and who lifts his nose like a pointer the moment one heaves into view. In evidence of the resourcefulness of this breed let us cite the case of a lady autograph hunter who happened to be bathing in the sun at Catalina Island when she spot ted Errol Flynn's yacht, the Sirocco, riding at anchor nearby. She swam out to it a distance of sev eral hundred yards arrived out of breath, and was hauled aboard by Flynn himself, who recognized her at once as an "old regular. What are you doing over here?" he asked politely. "Vacation," she said. "May I have your autograph?" "But I've given you my autograph at least 10 times." She just smiled. "All right," Flynn said. "Have you got a pencil?" The lady bit her lip in thought. Then she brightened, reached into her bathing suit pocket and pulled out her lipstick. "It's- indelible," she said. "Just autograph my back with it." Flynn did. We have often wondered what makes autograph hunting so fascinating to some people, for obviously it must be fascinating. It has even been commercialized upon by some business institutions, such as the Brown Derby, where auto graphed cartoons of the stars cover the walls, and by Grauman's Chinese Theater, where little hand written messages from the stars are immortalized in cement, along with their hand and foot prints. We have seen people stand looking down at those tracked-up blocks of cement for minutes at a time, lost in rapture. What was getting them, we wondered. We tried it, and didn't feel a darn thing. Maybe you have to be a little crazy. A few weeks ago, Paul Henreid's coat was ripped and all but torn from his back as he stood in the midst of a crowd of autograph hunters, patiently signing his name. In New York once, Dorothy La- mour's dress was torn ofl, and a press agent had to lend her his overcoat. But violence is neophyte stuff. The old regulars never go in for it, for fear of spoiling their chances later, and perhaps out of deference to their own dignity as experienced journeymen. Most of the autograph hounds come equipped with cameras, and they will take a picture one time and ask the star to autograph it the next. Some of them, of course. sell their wares, but by far the most of them are in the thing for the sport alone. They trade, though, like kids do with marBles and pictures of baseball players. Yes, maybe you have to be a little crazy. NOW! COOL 1 ROSALIND RUSSELL FRED MacMURRAr "FLIGHT FOR FREEDOM" extra: M. G. M. CARTOON STARTS THURSDAY "STAGE DOOR CANTEEN" 100 STARS 6 BANDS ATLANTIC 9200 Off SCREEN NOW JDDY GARLAND YAN HEFLIN FAT EAINTER - RICHARD CARLSON uMiiw necxm scorn - iwtiw 'COVER GIRL Jinx Falkenberg caused no little stir when she "yoo-hooed' "Old Man" didn't mind too much. Who would! f ft - .. i j .... 1 sorship office. . . . Walter Huston is the latest to screen test for the film biography of Will Rogers. But it still looks like Stuart Erwin will get the role. Bing Crosby probably won't turn green with envy, but Pat O'Brien is going to sing on the screen for the first time in "The Iron Major" at RKO. Pat warbles, and darn good, too, an Irish ballad, "Dear Old Donegal," which his father used to sing to him when he was a boy. . . . Madeleine Carroll is worried about poundage and is consulting Hollywood beauty expert Gloria Bristol via long distance Movie Morals Won't Relax Despite War, Says Freeman By JOAN YOUNGER United Press Staff Writer NEW YORK, June 19 (UP) Pub lic morals may slip during wartime, but not those on celluloid. "Of course, we have to be realistic," Y. Frank Freeman, president of the Associated Motion Picture Producers, Inc., better known as the Hays Office, said today. "Weve got to try to keep in step with the times but just because wre indicate rape, or allow a sleeping bag in a love scene doesn't mean our morals are sliDDing. In fact, Freeman said 'firmly, despite the strain of reality, the Hays Office is as eagle-eyed as ever if not more so. 'Not a swear word is permitted in the mouths of soldiers unless it's a Biblical or historical quota tion," Freeman said. "Although everyone knows that a soldier in battle often uses words his mother wouldn't like. Shows To See And When N I XO X" Dracu ta" Kela Luscsi. Curtain at S.30. PENN "Ftigh t For Freedom" Ro.altnd K'iU and Frd Ma;Mnrr;. Ffaiur" beyns at 11:14. 1 0:0-. ft:41. 7:50. 9.59. fVa'iir b'siri at 11:10. :4 9. ?00. 10:33. 1:43. 4.16 Organ Recitals , .Corelli , . . . Each . .Witlan . , . Deliut- . . Bonnet . .Bi1ell .Kreisler . Purvis BUHL, PLANETARIUM "The Big Dipper" Shows at 9 81 and 8:50 p. m. dally except Tuesday. Stanley - -present,, LjrjTen Lucky Starlets Get Options Lifted Mars .ln6-r Garland and Van HMlirt. FeaV'! birs at 11:02. 1:13. o:Cs. 5:41. t :ot 10.09. J. P. HARRIS "Cra s Dive" T-we Power. Ann Baxter and pan 4r-ws. Fe?u- at 11:1U. 1:1 3;2. 6:30. 7:0 10:00 ART CINEMA "Going Spanish" RrsW H"P" Also. "Keen 'Em Snii'ins.' ith Jack Eennv and a Jam's Caf'xey feature Corpr-lte row& at 1U.0U iV5. 4 14. 7:06. :S. BARRY "The Great Impersonation' r.tK TUMsmv an.1 Fvfhn Ankfrs A !so Th Gh''t'"" and tn " .u?.'." .t.ames li-io. 1:43. 4:16. 6:49. 8:00. 9:23. 10 .00, WARNER "Action in the Xorth Atlantic" WumphreT Bsart and JuUa Eihw Feature begin at 11.30. -:05. 4.40. '.15 9:50. SENATOR "More the Merrier" Jar Artbur and J-eJ M-t-rea. Feature her?" at 11:C0. 1:25. 3:35. 0 Aa. 7:do. 10.05 KITZ "Five Grates to Cairo" Znch tod Strohim and Anne Baxter, HOLLYWOOD Living up to their group name, the Ten Lucky Stars have danced their way into new term contracts. Options of the ten dancinr beauties were lifted as a result of their team work in the musical picture "Thank Your Lucky Stars." Members of the team are Nancy Worth. Harriette Haddon. Janet Barrett. Mary Landa. Sylvia Opert. Harriette Olson. Dorothy Dayton and Lucille LaMarr. Was English Texan HOLLYWOOD Binnie Barnes. who plays an English vaudeville artiste in the Franchot Tone-Veronica Lake film, "The Hour Before the Dawn," once starred in English music halls as "Texas Binnie Barnes," doing a rope-twirling, singing act. Dr. Marshall Bidwell will give free organ recitals in Carnegie Music Hall tonight at 8:15 o clock ana tomorrow at 4 p. m. Tonight's program: Allerro from the Second Symphony. .Vierne bonata 1A - . . ta. Saraband, from the Sixth Suite for Cello) (b. Gavotte in B Minor . . . . Introduction. Pastaearlia and Fu?ue Two Aquarelles (a. Elves) , ib. Romance Sans Paroles) . Ereninj Iifyl Lirbesf reud , . . . . . t'nmniumnnl I K fc'rn. V If l.fn The program for tomorrow after noon at 4 o'clock is as follows: March Ruise Schminke Suite A Group ol Three Movements) Baon-tumunaou Prelude to "The Blessed Damozel'.. Debussy Two Norwegian Tone Poems .... Torjussen March. America the Beautjlul. .Macfarlane Overture to "Sakuntala" Goldmark Pmtomme ueralla Romance Zmerbart Serenade Driso Down in the Forest Ronald-Floyd Fanfare d'Orgrue (Etude de Concert sneiiey First performance at Carnegie Music Hall. The last recital of the season will be played on Sunday, June 27th. Marjorie Casanova will give the North Side Carnegie Music Hall organ recital tomorrow at 3 p. m instead of Dr. Caspar P. Koch, the regular recitalist. Cecilia Sukits. soprano, and Lillian Sukits, pianist, will assist. The program: Toccata and Fugne in D Minor. A Lovely Rose is Bloomin cherzo from Fourth Symphony soprano Solos: ta) fe tu 'amas b) T7n be! di vedremo Little Bells of Our Lad? of Lourdes Gaul Pedal Study "Perpetuum Mob'!?".... Middelschulte soprano So'oe: a) At Dawnin Cadmaa b Lullaby Emmet fe Sor.g of L""e .Schubert In'roduetmn and Turue from "The Kine'y-itrurta Psalm ' Reutk As for the sleeping bag scenes m "For Whom tne Ben ioii," Freeman, who as head of Paramount Pictures was the producer, said that they were handled with "delicate restraint." "We build up the beautiful senti ment of the two lovers, and we are never objectionable." he said, brush ing off the thoughts that might arise in the audience's minds as "something the movies shouldn't be held to blame for." "The sleeping bag in this great picture," he said, "is something merely incidental." Rape scenes, and jomances carried on under strain, he said, were examples of reality which the movies could not overlook but which in no way reflected a tendency toward license. "Good taste and a portrayal of the penalties of sin are the answer to the bugaboo of sex in the movies." Freeman declared. "With these, and the Hays OfSce to guide us, we should be able to whip the problem," he added, "but you've got to remember that a picture of something creates a much stronger impression than a story does. The movies are like a peephole view of life and we've got to be very, very careful." phone from the east. . . . For the first time, the voice of a film cartoon character will receive screen credit. All future Bugs Bunny car toons will credit his voice to Mel Blac, who helped originate the character. McCarthy Stars Edgar Bergen's 16-mm. color film which he'll take on his Army camp tours this summer already boasts the greatest array of film star names ever packed into one picture. The film shows Charlie McCarthy popping out from behind shower curtains and boudoir drapes in the homes of Dorothy Lamour, Lana Turner. Rita Hayworth, Hedy La- marr, Betty Grable, Irene Dunne, Greer Garson, - Barbara Stanwyck and scores of other stars. Eddie Cantor is paging Cary Grant for a George Jessel type role in his RKO film, "Show Business." . . . Joan Leslie graduates from high school late this month. She has been attending school on the set for the last two years making screen love to Warner's male stars during recess. . . . When asked for his autograph. Jimmy McHugh never signs his name. He rapidly draws the musical notes of the first four bars of his hit song, "I Can't Give You Anything but Love, Baby." Dinah Demurs Dinah Shore invited a sailor to the stage after the Paul Whiteman show the other night and got more than she bargained for. The sailor grabbed her and planted a Hays office taboo smack on her lipstick. . Paramount has called off plans for Erich von Straheim to make a series of personal appearance with "Five Graves to Cairo. He wanted too much money. For a scene in Red Skelton's new picture, "Whistling in Brooklyn,'' Comedian Rags Ragland had to wear a harness lor a trick shot showing him swinging through the air. Observed Ragland as a prop man helped him into the leather and metal contraption: "The last time I was in harness I ran second and paid $4.40." KIIYDKI Mt. Today 2:33 niAWn Tonight 8:30 OElALUGQSl IN PERSON " PRICES: Eves. 2.20. 1.65, 1.10. 55c HUMPHREY BOGART ncTion in THE 110RTH OT1B11TIC" FRANCHOT TONE AMNt CAAitrr ERICH VON STROHETM . .Each Brahms . . Widor . . Denza Puccini Nickname Written Into New Song Hit HOLLYWOOD The nickname "Judaline" was given Judy Garland by Director Victor Fleming during the filming of "Wizard of Oz." It has stuck ever since. When the singing star's niece was born, she was named Judy Gayle Sherwood. But to the family, she became "Judaline" also. Don Raye and Gene De Paul. young song WTiters, heard the name and liked it so well they wrote a song entitled Judaline." Producer Arthur Freed heard the melody and will include it among the musical numbers in "Meet the People." Now there will be a third "Juda line." She will be Lucille Ball, star of the film, to whom the song will be directed in the picture. Fo'be Field 3 P. M. BASEBALL TODAY PITTSBURGH VS. CINCINNATI Tickets Hotel Wm. Penn Lohhy; Volk. wein-. v31 Liberty Ave. Forhe Field. Women WANTED! . . . Press WANT ADS pages 1 1, 12 AirConditioned Theatres .tril Riw Week! Tyrone Power "CRASH DIVE" 35c ts 12 JO with ANNE BAXTER DANA ANDREWS IN TECHNICOLOR jtiiiJiJi.jiin. j m xi iv.'Ti'j f i 6th Record Week Jean Arthur Joel McCrea 33 ts 12:30 Charles Coburn "THE MORE THE MERRIER" rr f J il N K d 33c ts Class Anns Shirlty-Ges. Msrphy 'POWERS GIRL Fl "TUCK BUSTERS' 1 iMSMttSBtMll I 35s ts Clsss 'AIR FORCE' I JOHN GARFIELD YOUNG 17e ts 12:30 P. M. jtU Scoop . . 1st Picturii ca i n t MNTELLEMA TAKEN! "REVOLT IN ARGENTINE" 35c ts Cists JEAN ARTHUR JOEL McCREA "THE MORE THE MERRIER' MARIA MONTEZ 1 JON Mil i ! 'WHITE SAVAGE" IN COLOR Abbott t Costello ' i 25c ts Clou I 35t CO AGAIN" j "IT AIN'T HAY" THE NARO WA" 1 ATLAS (2603 Ptrrysvills Ave.) Greer Garson ft Tionald Coleman in "Random Harrest." Plus Cartoon and Sts. BEACON (M urroy and BeaconJ John arrrU A; Snin Harward in "Hit Parade ff 193." AUo Dead End Kias id "MuEtown." BELLEYUE (Bctuvue Mary Martin Ihck Powell in "Happy Go Lorky." Comedy and Late .New s of the World. HIPPODROME fNerth Side) Pirnone pimon in "The Cat People." ,Alo FibHer MtGee and Molly in "Look. Mho's Laashinsr." METROPOLITAN sioomHsid) lye Traoy & Gur Kibee in "Power of the, Pres." AJo Dan Barry m "Dead Man's Gulch." PARK (Greenfield) Jck Benny in "Meanest Man In th World." A1o Rot Korers in "Riding Down the Canyon." SHEA'S ORPHEUM 'M'K- Roekx PoH Hope Jiorothy Lamarr In "They Got Me Corered." Plus Sn-lecied Shorts & Newsi STATE (Fifth Ave., Downtown) Alan Ladd K- Helen Walter in "Lucky Jordan." Al:-o Ed. G. Kobinson in "Thunder In the City." STATE (Aliquippa) Mickey Kooney : Pay Bainter tn "The Human Comedy." Also Selected Shorts & Sews. TRIANGLE ' Broad and Fay Bainter in "Mrs. Wises of the Cahhace Patch." n :i Mesqui-teers in "Blocked Trail." 'ml I OP WESTERN f EMKSyiVAHIA SMBIPfMOtNTlT WNI AM OfltAft- ARCADE (South Sid.) Lana Turner ft Robert Taylor in "Slightly Dangerous." Plus 2ews. Cartoon and Shorts. i BRIGHTON (North S,de) Greer Garson ft Ronald Colman in "Random Harvest." Also Wn. Tracy in "About Face." BRUSHTON (Brushton) riaire Trevor. Glnn Ford 4 1!an-dolf Soon in "Desperadoes." Comedy. Suoerman and Ses. CAPITOL (Alien town) Mara Montej-. Jon Hall 5abu in "White feaTase." Plus Cartoon and News. CHARTIERS (Craiton) Koohester Ftbl Wa'er? and Tvna Home n "Cabin In the Sky." Plus Selected Shorts. COLONIAL (South s.det Man Ladd in "Hitler, the BeaJ of Berlin." Plan Bill Elliott m "Man from Thunder River." I COLONY ZZ'JrZ- McKees Rocks) Buck Jones in "Dawn on the Great Divide." Alo 5heila Ryan in "Who Is Hope Schuyler?" EMBASSY (Aspinwoll) Disney Feature -Fantasia." F'us Chester Morns in "Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood." GARDEN (North Side) Ginz-er ft Douylae Fairbanks Jr. in "Having a Wonderful Time. Also Alan Baxter in "Behid Prison Walls." GRANT (MMoole) All.ctar Cast in "Northwest Rani- er." Plus Frank Mrai Jean Rosers in "Stranjer In Town." HAZELWOOD (Hazelwoodt Marv Martin ft Dick Powell in Happy Go Locky." Also Selected Shorts and ews. HILLTOP fAZJntoum Jimene Simn In "Tahiti Honey." piu John Mark Brown in "Tent ins Tonight en Old Camp Grounds." MAIN ( Sharps burg ) Henry Travera ft ir Cedrie Hard-wieke in "The Moon Is Down." Plus Selected Shorts and Sews. MARYLAND (Blawnox) Bob Hope. Ems Crosby and A!l-?tar Cast in "Star Spancled Khjthm." Plus Selected Shorts. NEW CARNEGIE (Cameg.e) JaT Arthur ft Jol McCrea in "The More the Merrier." Plus Comedy Cartoon & Sews, NEW GRAND (Carnegie, Pa.) Richard Green ft Carl Lehman in "Flyinp Fortress." Plus Selected Short Subjects. NEW GRANADA c"' f Basil Ralhbne in "Sherlock Holmes & Thx Secret Weapon." Also John Mack Brown in "Ghost Rider." PARAMOUNT (North Jane Withers ft Patrick Brcok in 'Johnny Dourhbor. Also 3 1e-- Quiteerb in Shadows on the Base. PARKWAY Pvhv . Philip Dorn in "The Lichtinc Chetniks." Also Gale Storm and Robt. Lowery in "Rhjthm Parade." REGENT SQUARE (EdSewood) Lionel Barrymon. Ruth Hussey ft Van Heflin in "Tenneee Johnson." Plus Musical Cartoon and Sews. RIALTO (Mt. Oliver) Eov Borers in "Idaho." Also Dead Fnd Kids in "The Clancy Street Boys." ROOSEVELT 'tm Center Ave). Gal Patrick A- Go. Sanders 1n "Quiet Murder P!ae." Also Tun Holt in "bandit Hanger." ROXIAN (McKees Rocks) Richard Car'son in "My Heart Be. lones to Daddy." Also Johnny Mak Brown in "Old Chisholm Trail." STRAND (Sharpsburg ) Robt. Younjr ft Loraine Day in "Journey tor Maraaret." Also Joan Bennett in "Martin For Error." TEMPLE (Sheraden) Lana Turner ft Robt. Toun? in Mijrhtly Danserou." Also Comedy Cartoon and iVews. SEWICKLEY (SewicUey) Pierro Anmon' ft Susan Pster tn "Assirnment In Brittanv." Plus Comedy Cartoon and JVews. AlR-tONDlXlONED Ethel ffalers-- Rochester" Lena Horn! SHERIDAN SO -cabin in the sky" piprr Aitmont-feuan Peters RFRENT 'Assignment In Brittany"' ntutnl lus "Escan Frew Crime-' Aia-CONDlIiONED r. nrdkkf-Brj;erji "MOON IS DON" ENRIGHT -falton Strifces Bsct" Sp'nrr Tran--k". Hephum -.,..- -KEEPER BF THE FUME' CAMERAPKONE A'n'MilW-rrank P'ntr "RwetHs With Bwerly" AlK-C0NDITI0Ma ARBOTT V;.i,CQi'IW.-0 A,. , . " Millard P. rWvl i518 Walnut St. CRTSTAJj BALL" i ,tl McC'et-JeJi "ir SCHENLET.... -woiie the mehiep' Wnt Plus "Ameritsu Ewslw" Bs" MiUscd-P. Gritrl ..,.. "CRTSTAL BALL" STnAHU. .. .. . j Wfi.tnnllr-r. 0'-yd "TAH2AW TBIUMPHS'' sicui nsvi Attn Bi'ton MJiLan r. Wrnteri HEW OAKLAND -man of olragf. """" "Ssee'les f Sam Br;h'' Kf IilUTii P. fi"dlrd CENTRE . "CRYSTAL BM.L-Cor. Cenm. rrsir " ..t 1 rEOPLE" piir AHmnt-Su.-n Ptrii iiuni "Assianment In Brlrtjnv" WAWUH -My Heart Belsnas ts D4y Cb'e Tre"r-f;inti furi mm, "DFPERADOE" SH HILL Tins "When Jotinny CssHS Marehlni Hm" CnilTM MILLS -SLIGHTLV BASGEiOUS" SOUTH HILL Enr! "Bsrt VUtsry' Alice f aTf-J(a P'" HELLO. FBISCO. HELL8' HOLLYWOOD.. duffin "Amilna Mrs. Holliiliy" John fiar"'H-r,' Yin BOULEVARD. . AIR FORCE" Biii-t rirr-Le" rj"!!! I BELMAR "AMERICA EMPIBE-' I Joel JfeCrea-Jean Arthur ROWLAND.... "mbbe'the memies'' " 8rn'r Tracr-K Hrt"i!i 'KEEPEI BF THE FLAME' STATE.. J-W BnnT-Pncilla U" 'Maawast n in tK Wsflf . (fhn Canrll-Fitan Ba-yeJ "HIT PABAOE BF 1943" REGAL Piu Frank P'i'k a r'JACARE" I AIR-C0ND1TIOMD JE. MT. OLIVER... ?' .ln Hall-Maria Mvrtu uUITrUAII "WHITE MVAGE" IpfHlltrlAUl.... -h(ma at 3AH 6 j, - ?ius "Mystafiaas Datlet" " hirr Wsrtin-DK P"'ll UriBOCtT "HAPPY GO LUCKY ' Gsties ' XLiljijhli'gi (iiTTT Khir1 Otr-Leo '"errllo tTTli A ''AMEBICAaj EMPIRE' ftlHA. ........ fjtrs! "Basart Vietary" Jnai B'nnett-'Tilt"" Brls vruveu "MARGIal FOB ERROR" KENT ON. ..... Bkhard fMr-Len trrV.-t "AMERICAN EMPIRE" AK-CONDTnOSED ARSENAL 410 Bntiar St PLAZA 4TBS libert Ats. MODEL. ...... Join Ratl-Marta Meeei "WHITE pAVAGE" Plus "Lat's Hy Fas" Rirtianl Dii-L"! CirrlHe "AMERICAN EMPIRE" Eitrs! "Deasrt Viitary" LIM N ABNER "TWO WEEKS TO LIVE" Ken Mavnard-H'nt r,tj'" WILD HORSE STAMPEDE' luaim't I !' K"oe-r. !onia '" "HIMAN fOMllii AfrhrMs PRINCE. irryinrt AUt-CONBIHO.NXD klANOS STRAND. f3ra3sbui AIB-C0MITIO.XD MEMORIAL... "Oalet. Plaaw. Marker'' Ttj wnrht-Jos. Cr,'e "SHADOW BF A DOUBT" WALT DTSNEY S "BAMBI" lis Caimll-piisan Hartr! HIT PARADE OF 1943" Plus "PfalaSa ts War" M.rfcee Rne-F. Mviih "RDUM COMEDI " Iters! "Pralaa ts War" Walt-r H'Kteit-Ace Harrji MISSION TO MOSCOW ' 'las "Ysans, ti Wtllini"

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