The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1947 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 10, 1947
Page 3
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THURSDAY, APRIL 10, 10-17. :• : •; .' : '-M:|I •'(>') (.MAt M I.J: .'.•iKTY.rSf BLYTHEVILLE. (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Streamliner Jumps Track 25 Passengers Hurt In Accident Near Raton, New Mexico RATON, .N. ,M., Anril 10. <UP>- Thc wreckage of the Santa Fes luxury streamliner "Su;:or Chief ' derailed as is rolled under double jiesel-powcr from I.os Angeles lo ^Jcago, ,was cleared from the railroad's main line today. Santa Fe's president. Pred Gm- ley b?gau an immediate personal investiKalion with other riiilroad officials into the cause of the derailment which injured 23 persons nnd hospitalized 16. some with sci- ions injuries. The extra-fare train, nsua'.lv crammed with e^ctitives, motion picture and stage celebrities. hat! just added a second diesel enghi" nnd power unit for the long, wind- in^ drag over R-iton Pass, highest P'lint in the Banta Fe system. At ft:40 p.m. some wheel or Irn.-k beneath the center of the 15-Pullman car train cave wa\ iaekkniring the gleaming streamliner and • tossing the 152 passengers from their seats. Thirteen c>f| the car, left the track, two of them overturning. Thirlcen ,of U, c Injured remained in hosuil.ils today. The train, travelling nt T5 miles " n r hour, was on n Kvel stretch of trnrk when the accident occurred. A">ni>« the injured lake" lo a hncpit.m „,.,<; MrSi Rnsika rN»lch«r. rf New York, a member of the "Dolly sisters" of stage fame. Evicted by Spring Floods 'Fixed (Boundaries ' 'Eighlv-eiKlil s tar constellations are rc'cognized today. About 50 of these were named in an'cienC limes. By international agreement. the boundary lines of a constellation are narallel and perpcmlieii- ° " 1C CL ' leslinl equator. A family of foui i wollcn watci c iii (NEA Telcplioto.) is c\iei.atcd by'canoc from one jt the flooded homes on Chicago's south skic where ^«1 by thc heaviest spring rains in years, • inundated a' wide suburban area of, Writer, Felled by Frank Sinatra, Carries Grievances Into Court Rw.d Courier News Want Ads. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 10-14 Chicknsawha By ALINE MOSBQ United Press Hollywood Correspondent HOLLYWOOD, April 10.—Crooner Frank Sinatra flew 16 Nev; York today to collect an award for fighting intolerance after, urnmisiug lo appear in- court here next month for flghliuK.ii New York columnist. The victim Friinkie left ochind. Lee Mortimer, had a date to see a I lawyer about uos> ble for-the spindly singe;-—r, civil I changed his mind when he heart! damage suit. j Sinatra was (lying Kast to receive "I'm not satisfied yet," sa'd Mor- ! thc Tno '"" s Jefferson Award Irom timer, who yesterday Ijad The Voi™ ! - Collncl1 Against Inlolcrmice pinched for conking him' outside a i t>LIIUlll - v ' Sinatra Hollywood Columnist Ersk'llie Johnson "a belt In your :viclous 'mil .stupid mouth" if thc two ever mot. So far they haven't. , Though Sinatra was flexing his bleeps the night .or "'the ouuchiiv! match, he was all Kinilc.s when l.c was arrested in the middle of a tune yesterday at his nulio rclir'nrsal. Judge, Bert Woodward figured'on lllng the crooner surrender but uged his mind Sunset'strip nitery Tuesday night, j "I don't know what damage.; I'll ask, but I'll sue him." a jury trial at 10 a.m. May 27 when he'll put up his dukes UK;:hist, a battery charge. If the crooner goes . wearing a snappy rjr^y sports suit and a hangman'o tie instead of .bis usual bow. strode Sinatra's scheduled next loimd is' bl ' iskl v into Beverly Hills Justice im.u in.,* .,i m n ,.* *r~,. 0.7 ...i court and affably waived 1 reading of the complaint. „.., S500 ilail Kriiuirril down for the count, on !ik iuno-! But his .smile faded when the cent plea..lie faces a possible $1030 judge proclaimed S5UO bail. There fine and six months' vacation in the was un embarrassed silence wnil» county jail. J Sinatra nnd his attorney, Alber" He got away for his Between- 1 '1'carson. frisked their packet;:. | rounds visit to New York with thc "Uli. I'm a little short tod.iy " jaid of a 14-man entourage chat said'the man with the imllion- j helped him get his baggago rm a dollar-a-year larynx. TWA airplane last night and served Court, spectators and newsmen as a shield while he tried to dodie passed the hat to save Frank's lhe newspaper photographers. ignominy of going to jail. Rut he This Isn't the singer's first lo-do was chastened further when Un- with the press. A few month:; ns;o der.sherilT Arthur Jewell announc"d •he- threatened -by -telegram l'i give the singer's gun permit had been PAGE THBE15 Jurors Balk Ai Indictment In Labor Case C11ATTANCOC1A. Tcnn., April '0, lUI'i—Ti'iincssce's new open shop :i« lost il.s first I OBI> | i,, sl Ul(1 ;iy » :i case involving a labor mnvs- :iiper. ) Tlie Uaiiillion Camay cr:ind jury •••(used to in.iirt Tiiin Oiitlb'i'l., '(lllr,r o! ili ( . L-I'JOI- World. au<l 'mil Hnl,. :ind Claude Shlel'V. iresidcnt mid si-creiary, re'p-o- 'ively df i.r.'iii rr> of ihe l>i-l>iiln>; I'lvtisinen's and Assistants Union if _Nnr!li Auii-rii-i (AT 1 !.).' Cuil'i::,>ri nnd his im'Vspjppr were ••liiirccd \v!lh n'fu.sliu rnr'loyincnt o non-itni(>n members. ' Ndi-ih Carnlimi, O-ni-in r.v.d l-'.'-'rfdi* al-n pissed le ii lsliilion b'in- 'li— el.'s«"l sluv-s '-ill court lesls In ihme sinirs | lnvt > not bnc-n mad'). A'IH'U;r [|,,. v.'blte .IM'I'ple «'f till: Envoy to India? Proposed Junking! Of A-Bomb Galled 'One-Sided trade' ATHENS. O.. April 10'. , <U?» — ,T;xc,;h E. Johnson, Chief of the J-;tate neparimcnt's Division of Ih J tenuUleiml gecurily Affairs, saM j-esli'i'diiy- It ivould ;be a "one-s!(!- cil cx.:hanpe" If the Unllcd Slates Kiivi- up K.J ntomle bomb now. In tin ndc!ress iircpured 'for de- Uvcrj bi'friro OJlio •-University's XJnilcd N.HIons Committee, Jchn- t.c-i denouiiced Eovlel, demands ihi'.t atomls ^boiti'bs b<» sereiiped bc- fo:e Inlcrnailoitul ntomlu control", "Sluulil llidr iircpo.-iil ijo ado.'it- ed. we shc.uld be deprived of lhe iiloinla Jwii b jis 'a A'uiinbii and It'll with no real iissfirance that the tfcliiifcal knowledge we »uv- emei - nd ppop!e; ' , . .,i*< medium (lurk culoiinii, and '4 ill" in) ijrnuuts. llo]ie:i for niiure Ij-ii.enneitt In lluluhii', are plimiMl, nrlinarily/on Hows' I' 1 . Gra<ly. asslsliuil sei'iij- tavy (it slnlc from IDS!) lo lilll, h«;i l>cori 'oskcil by President Truinnn to bu Ihu Ihsl U. .S, iiinbnssiidor to India, lie resigned from the State Dep.irl- tnent hi IU-11 to become, president or llio "Amerlciin I'rosklenl . l.hie-a. vapor dls(.'har«" ,.'*,,, nither llKui (lie Incandescent type. PILES Hurt like Sin! But flow I Grin 1 lijnih:tri(l.t cluiiik;* pronna to Krln*. U« ."!', '"., r " nj l"'" '" r«ll»vil ilj.wuinfort <>[ pll<!0 Sunl rlriiKKini;) ty niiujj TJinrn- !"_ii \ Minor <,'l|r>Jo. ISurifl lhlu« QtHL'K !i!l'•""."« '" ""' c 'V-i' l 'l»(< Bw'c'.llhiir." li'"u Mlil.nM H,vb,l C'lMlmV''.'^^'^^'"^"'^!!',. GROCERIES DELIVERED Once More! CALL 501 C. L.NABERS Gro. and Mkt. Melvin Halsell, Owner Frqnkie's Bakery Goods suspended. ', Sinatra explained he look out 111 1 penult (wo months ago to "prowe' personal funds." Shortly Hunx-ulVl he went lo Cuba where he me', gum bier Uicky Luclnno. Tbeiv iille^ei friendship was blistered in Morll iner's column and was believed Ic be the spark for Tuesday night', fracas. Sinatra earlier chargea Mm-time muttered "(here's tlmt Dago" lo ill. date when the singer'entered Clro'.s "I don'l take that kind of talk," said Frankie. "I followed him outside. I saw red. I hit. him. Ik's needled me for two years. He's referred to my bobby-soxer fann as morons. They're not morons. They're just kids." Mortimer, however, clalnvxl he hadn't even seen Sinatra In the club and knew nothing until he felt the crooner's fist on the left side of his head. "I was-standing on top of the steps outside the club when three men grabbed me and SinaLra hit me." he said. "I've got KCI-Ktchcd wrists and a broken watch to prove they held me," CITY CAB 924 Day or Night Our Government-Approved, Berlbu Moth Proofing Is Unconditionally Guaranteed Better Storage—Better HG« cleaning—Better Alterations i Remember Our BETTER CLEANING with the HUDSON FINISH-ln 8 hours for the asking HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 329 W«s» Main St. BlythevilU, Ark. Phone 2612 VOUR PRESCRIPTION 'COMPOUNDED WITH PRKSH' POTENT DRU65-By ONLY PHARMACISTS .«A»Jrur*ii--T> WOODS II DRUG STORE ROY VS/OQD!Sr:p^ i-RALPH NlCHbisJ WE DELIVER t PHONES 507-508 211 WEST MAIN ST. KlIaB&t *-v- «»_*WuiJ.-.iiii .-Y7i This Weefc At Our i FouiUtiin Fortune's Black Walnut ICE CREAM It's . De/iciou.T.' 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