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Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 39

Oakland Tribune from Oakland, California • Page 39

Oakland Tribunei
Oakland, California
Issue Date:

CCGG D-7 These Business Opportunities Business For You Investigate OAKLAND TRIBUNE, SUNDAY, JUNE 1, 1S41 FRATERNAL FRATERNAL VITAL STATISTICS WEATHER REPORT Eighty-third Anniversary Of First African Methodist Supreme on Continental Side of San Francisco Bay OAKLAND'S ONLY LOCALLY OWNED, LOCALLY CONTROLLED DAILY. Established February 21. 1874 DEATHS In the spring of 1863 the members of the mission purchased an oldiiocal fogs on the coss4! slighUy warmer schoolhouse which had been interior; mooerai' northwest wind for' the city of Oakland by Horace Carpentier a number of years before. In 1862 after it was abandoned by the citl, the Methodists purchased it and moved it to the west side of Washington Street, between Fifth and Sixth Streets, where it was used as a church under the pastorate of Reverend Charles E. Rich. The Methodists in turn passed it along to the Colored Methodists who moved it to the east side of West Street, just south of Seventh Street. Later it was moved about fifty feet to the south and became a part of a lodging or rooming house occupied by colored people. Under the leadership of the J. Grigsby, the church was moved to its present location in 1884 at Fifteenth Street near West, and dedicated as the First A.M.E. Church. No regular pastors filled the pulpit in the early, dajs, but since the early 1870's the pastors have been Rev. J. B. Sanderson, Rev. I. N. Triplett, Rev. J. J. Deyer, Rev. M. Weih, Rev. J. Grigsby, Rev. D. E. Johnson, Rev. I. M. Burgan, Rev. Allen Viney, Rev. E. T. Cottman, Rev, O. E. Jones. Rev. G. E. Tillman, Rev. J. Pointer, Rev. A. O. Steele, Rev. N. P. Gieggs, Rev. F. J. Peck, Rev. J. M. Brown, Rev. Nelson Pryor, Rev. T. D. Scott, and the incumbent. Rev. D. G. Hill, Jr Bishop Noah W. Williams supervises the work of the district. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS (Continued) were entitled to a navnient In the sum of $4,028.26 on their contract tor tne construction, of the New County Oarage and Justice Court and recommended the payment of tne same. On motion of fiupervisor Wixson, seconded by Supervisor Bartell, the certificate was approved and the payment ordered by the following vote: Ayes: Supervisors Bartell, Caldecott. Hellwig, Wixson and Chairman Janesen-T-ft. Communications were received from the following: Alameda County Charities Com-misalon Recommending that con sent be given for the transfer and sale of certain real property belong ing to the following aged aid re riplents: John and Constance Scrl-bante, Tom hippo, Retta Wetherbee, Rose Zimmerman. Referred to the District Attorney; Deroto Library Association Iel ter of spprecfatlon of the activities of the Roard of Supervisors. Filed. City of Berkeley Acknowledging tne tiling or claim tor reiuna ot lees pain for the registering of vital statistics. Filed. Alameda County Employees' Asso. elation Presenting resolution re questing the Board to grant blanket. Increase in salaries to bal ance the increased cost of living. Referred to the Committee of the Whole. The following resolutions were jircepwiig reHigijaiMUls ot ijuiit Knobles. Stenographer, and Belly Barry, Jr. Typist in the Dept. of Charities. (ranting leaves nf ahsenca without pay to various employees of the Board of Supervisors; Accenting Deed from John Olson and wife and directing the Oakland Title Insurance and Guaranty Co. to record the same in connection with the Decoto Library. Directing the deposit ot a check from the City of Alameda in the sum of for the care and maintenance of prisoners confined In the County Jail during the tnontn or April ana a warrant from the Public Adminis trator In the sum of being full payment for hospitalisation of George F. Hbertz, Deceased, Kb late INO. 6181,, Accepting the hid of A. Holyoake In the sum of $1640.00 for the furnishing and construction of 5500 Uneal feet of fence around the race track at Alameda County Fair rollttdH. tnim nt ni Druid farmer, ann Josephine Dorato Junior Typwls In the Dept. of Charities: Sylvia Kael, Asst. Laboratory recnnssian, uepi. nf Iiislii utions. Approving changes ot employees thn various county Institutions, No further business appearing the Board adjourned. GEO. A. JANSSEN, Chairman: Attest: Hi. By J. C. HOLLAND, Deputy. 5unr Moon and Tide By U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey 307 Customhouse. Ban Francisco 2" 84 Member American Newspaper Publishers' Association Charter Member Audit Bureau of Circulation Exclusive Complete Associated Press Service for Metropolitan Oakland, Full United Press Service. The Associated Press is exclusively en. titled to the use for republication of all news dispatches credited to it or not otherwise credited in this paper, and also the local news published herein All rights of publication of special dispatches herein also are reserved. THE TRIBUNE PUBLISHING CO PUBLISHERS JOS. R. KNOWLAND, President, Pub lisher and Editor. JOS. B. KNCWLAND, Assistant! Publisher. WILLIAM F. KNOWLAND, Assistant Publisher. RUNO A. FQRSTERER, Secretary Treasurer and General Manager. PUBLICATION OFFICE Tribune Build ins corner of Thirteenth and Franklin Streets, fnone TEmpieoar wwo. Entered as second-class matter February 21, 1B08. at the rostottice at uakiand. Calif under Act of congress, March 1879. SUBSCRIPTION RATES BY CARRIER; (Daily and Sunday) Ona month 1.15 Six months One year 13.80 Sunday only 3 months. 1.06 SUBSCRIPTION RATES BY MAIL (AU Mail Subscriptions Payable in Advanced postage paid to United States and Terri tories, i-ana cm, wcaicu, 0111111 iou certain South American Countries. All nthpr rmintnes double regular rate. One month 1-15 Six months 90 One year 13.80 IIVHAV ONLY EDITION 01 MAIL: One month -M Six months One year 5-w Published every evening and Sunday. Ktnei com: jjsi cainon, oc; (sun- day edition 10c. Back numbers: Daily edition, ttc ana up; unay cuimm. iut and up. OAKLAND LODGE NO. 101 meeta Pythian castle, mn mr.A Alice. Next meeting. uuis-ui cnnwY, msnder, 1S16 27th Avenue. FR ult- vaie zszuvr. in Jose Avenue. l-a ngini. SOS PythUe Sisters C1L1NTH1! TEMPLE NO. Pvthlan Caatie, lJth and Alice Street. N.Yt mp.iiiie. Tuesday, June 3 ReaTular Delegates report T.nmie Convention. Ke- frhmpn i. lve mnniru Klerkner and Emily Nietert hoit June I. Regular business meeting of the Fast niets Luncheon 12:30 p.m. Viola Furman, OHce Grant, Edilh Hardy hostesses. CLARA A. THOMPSON. M.JS., 2.86A Lincoln Avenue. Alameda. LA kehurst 2-2292. MARGARET O'SHEA. M. of R.AC., B8VcertOymPlc 315, American Order Som of St. George ALBION LODQS MO. 001 meeta St Georfe'e Hall, llth nd Grove Itreet. ttfe-rt vneetfnsr June 4. MAURICE OVERTON, Worthy President, 1S01 Cedar, Berkeley; AS hberry 3919. EE TERRT, Secretary. 1110 East 27th Street: MErrltt 1821. 315 American Order Daughter! of St. George GOLDEN GATE LODGE NO. meeta St George Hall. Itth nd Grove Strsets. Net June 4. JESSIE KETTLE, Worthy Presi dent. 259 76th Avenue; TR Inldad J0. MINNIE OVERTON, rinanctai Secretary. 1801 Cedar; AS hberry 8911. BERTHA OLSBN, Kecoroins; eo- retary. 1601 Madlaon; tw mosics 0270. 308 Woman's Benefit Association ARGONAUT REVIEW NO. 60 meets Wierwam Hall. Pacific 18th and Jefferson. Next meetinr Wednesday, June 4. MISS ANITA BOOTHS I. Presi dent. 441 45th Street: OLymplc 5381 MRS. HELEN TINOLET. Secre tary, 1601 Lafayette Street Alameda; LA kehlicst g-BSSO OAKLAND REVIEW NO. 1 meeta Wig-warn Hall. Itth EJr and Jefferaon. i initiation. Refreshment! Maude. Wifkham, chairirtan. MRS. RITA MORTENSEN. Presi dent, 4190 Shatter Avenue; HU m- boldt 7110. PEARL MENG. Recording- Sec retary. 100 East 23rd Street: TW In oaks 1290. 340 German Pioneer House Association THE UNITED GERMAN-AMERI CAN SOCIETY meets 22 Home Place East: TEmplebar 0188. Next meetinr. Friday. June 20. Directors meeting first Tuesday earn monui. Turnvereln, men, ladles, Thursday. O.D.H. every Tuesday. Gvm. Tuesday Fridays. AUTOS WANTED Continued) HIGHEST prices for late ears: edui- tlea; oat-of-State cars; 85" more If extra good. Hammond. 2217 Webster. HI gate 6241. HIGHEST cash prices paid for late model used cars, franklins Auto Wart RrniHirn HT rate 6416 PRIVATE party will pay up to $350, A TUT I 1 i-wr. nu mn'riui aikj pays most cash tor ivibiivii ears, eaultle oat-of-State ear cleared. 2041 Broadway 400 Cash, 1933 Rockne Sedan for FRATERNAL 303 Knights of Pythiss SOI The Shrine AAHMES TEMPLE. A.A.O. (TV N.M.S. MOSQUE. 297 ISth Street. Oakland. ALDEN E. GLAZE, Potentate, BOE ABERNETHY. Recorder. 301 Knights Templar OAKLAND COMMANDER! NO. 11 meets Masonic Temple. 608 12th Street Tuesday June 8. 1941, stated conclave. Opening short form at 8 p.m. Uniform fatigue. Work, regular business, balloting and en tert ain pn t. H. WILLIAM SUTHERLAND, Commander. L. F. SCHERLING. Recorder. 301 Eastern Star" NOVA DIES. DAYLIGHT CHAP TER, meets first and third Wednesday 12. JO. New Scottiah Rite Temple. Line officers party, June 4tn. ethtt. MURPHY. Matron. 1150 Lewlston Avenue; HU mboldt 7737. DANIEL RYGEL, Patron, sib Highland Avenue; HU mboldt miT. JESSlifl LAMBUKIN, BBWrj, 5930 Chabolyn Terrace; OLymplc 6123. 532 B. P. O. Elks niiruKn LODGE NO. 171 Elks' Club. 420 14th Street; HI sate 2640. Npvt moetinp Thursday. June EARL J. WILLIAMS. Exalted Ruler. E. H. GRAND BAN. secretary, HI gate 2640. 302 Independent Order of Odd Fellows OAKLAND LODGE NO. 110, TOO IT meets In I.O.O.F. Temple, llth and Franklin Streets. June 10, "memorial servlre. June 22. trip to I.O.O.F. Home at EDWARD FREEMYER. Noble Grand. 668 63rd Street; OLymplc 911 4 RAYMOND E. FORD. Vice nrand. 2570 14th Avenue, miu rntt O'SHEA. Recording Secre larv. 0699 Vicente Street: OLymplc 6567. PORTER LODGE NO. 272, I.O.O.F. meets every Monday evening at 8 p.m. at Porter Wall 1918 Grove Street. Next meeting Monday, June 2. De- ft-ree nractirjt. June 4, we will confer the-third degree at B'onntaln Lodge. CLYDE .1. PKAM Nohle Ora-nd. E. FIFIELD. Recordlnc Secre tary. Plelmont 7098J. 302 Rebekahi Ladies' Branch I.O.O.F. ABSIT INVIDIA REBEKAH LODGE NO. II. I.O.O.F.. meets every Tuesday, 11th and Franklin. I.O.O.F-. Build- in. Next meeting. Tuesday, 3. End of contest to fill Reliekali's pHrher Treasure hunt. Mary D. Hall, hostess. Election of officers. ARLINE DICKSON. Noble Grand. OLymplc 6418. FLORENCE M. SMITH. Secretary. 516 Street: HTT mboldt 1698. eOTfoa, CAMPUS REBEKAH LODGE Se NO. 331 meets Masonic Tem-ngl pie, 1837 Avenue, vjt? South Berkeley. Next meeting. Fridav, June 6. NAN DICKSON -Noble Grand. 1001 69th Street. -OLymplc B63S. PEAKL M. HASTINGS. Secretary. 1620 Klrkham: OL eneonrt 1I14. mm ELMHURST REBEKAH LODGE NO. 277. I.O.O.F.. WJ meets I.O.O.F. Hall, East 14th Street-B2nd Avenue. Next meelinr. June 9. Iniliallon by officerR and slaff of Myrtle Re-bekah Lodge No, 15. Marion Berg- strom. chairman. CATHERINE SCHLUETER. Noble Grand. 9240 Cherrv; TR inldad 38SR HANNAH POST. Secretary: TR Inldad 0K88. ML 'GOLDEN. Ltmt RERFlKAH UK LODGE NO. 10S, I.O.O.F., fffl meets W.O.W. Hall. 8260-East 14th Street. Next meeting. June 4. Drill for ini tiation. Members please come out. MARY HAAdA Nohia S47 Trestle Clen Road. HI gate 4824. ISA BELLE NELSON. Recording Secretary. 659 17th Street: TE mple- nar SUNSET REBEKAH LODGE NO. 109. I.O.O.F., meets Odd Fellows Hall. llth-Franklin, Wednesday. Next meeting, June 4. Regular monthly whist. Lodge opens 7:30. Ltlvau A rgetslnger. chairman. C7AKDE7.IA KOT7GT1. noble erlnil. 50 Mlra Visla. OL encnurt "2r, LETTI" WOLLESEN. Recretarv 662 23rd Street: GLeneourt 7190. 313 Woodmen of the World Pi OAKLAND CAMP NO. 94 meets Corinthian Hall, Pacific Building. 16th and Jef ferson Streets. Next meeting Monday. June 2. S. FORGE. Consul Commander. 1425 Harrison: TEmplebar $491. THEO. H. HAOEMAN, Clerk, rooms 212-214 Paelfio Building, TE mplebar 7819. Closed all day Saturday. GEORGE H. DENNY, District Manager, office 947 Pardee Street, cserKeiey; sn; rxeiey 70iz. 315 California Adult Disabled Clubs, Inc. CALIFORNIA ADULT DISABLED CLT'R, meets every Monday nignt at iiunroom, 4th street. June 2, next, meeting. riEORGE WRIXTON, President. SW eetwood 3S91. JULIUS WOLTERS, Secretary, GLeneourt 6711, 309 Security Benefit Association OAKLAND COUNCIL NO. 783 meeta in Porter Hall, irove. Next meetinr June 4 CHARLES HARDING. President isrj rweiey 8371 w. MRS. ISABEL GEORGE. FInan. cler. BOT 24th Street. HI gate 2020 Tuesday-Friday. 1-4: home nhone uv moniac 4Zbe. JESSIE P. MTLIUS. ieeretary. rituitvaie 790X. Virtwnfiniwrtnj 307 Independent Order of Foresters COURT- OAKLAND NO. 1287 meets I.O.O.F. Temple, llth and-Franklin, first and third Thursday. Next meeting, Thursday. June 5. ARTHUR KATFER. C.R.. 1618 Mulberry Street. Alameda, LA ke hcrst 8-0205. C. F. HA8SLER. Financial Sec retary, 1602 Webster; TEmplebar 0404. 310 Junior Order Am. Mechanics CUSTER COUNCIL NO. 20, JUNIOR ORDER UNITED AMERICAN MECHANICS, meets bn the first Friday evening of each month at Midget Hall. Pacific Building. 610 16th Street. Next meeting, Friday, June a. DR. B. R. WTCKOFF, Becdrdlng Secretary. 0811 Howell Street; OLympio 4410. 321 Knighti of Columbm OAKLAND COUNCIXNO. 784, KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, meets at Corinthian Hall, second floor Pacific Build ing. 010 10th Street. Tuesday. ounces. QERICKX. Grand Knight inrnr. i secretary. Office. Room Rich-L 304 Veterans of Foreign Wan THE GOLD STRIPE ORDERS OF THE UNITED STATES Membership open to all Soldiers, Sailors and Marines who have seen foreign service. Vej EMERYVILLE INDUSTRIAL NO. 1010 meets veterans' Memorial Building 4321 Salem Street Emeryville .1 mt-f intic, i' i limy, nunc GEORGE T. CANTUA, commander. HANUSH, secretary OLymplc 907- Piedmont 8466. 304 American Legion OAKLAND POST NO. meets Veterans' Memorial Building, Grand Avenue and Harrison Boulevard. Next meetliiK'. Tuesday. Juue 3. "A Night in the TroDios." Eats. urnce: Room t. Veterans Me morial Building. Open dally, 0 to Saturday, 9 to 1. UL enocurt 1781 rendering service to veterans ot all wars and their families la connection with Government claims, hospitalisation. Information oa vet erans' legislation, etc. Kadio program every Tuesday evening 9:45 Station KLX. EKNJEfST LOUVAU, Commaneer. ELMER P. ZOLLNER. Adjutant 304 Disabled American Vete DISABLED AMERICAN VETERANS OF THE WORLD WAR. CHAPTER NO. 7. meets first and third Fridays, Veterans Memorial Grand and Harrison. Next meeting, Fridav, June 6. LOUIS r.iJORu.AN, Commander. ROBERTAS. RILEY. Adjutant Offfce afVeterana'-BuJldlnB. GLeneourt 6794. 304 United Spanish War Vet! E. H. LISCUM CAMP NO. 7 meets Veterans Memorial Building. 200 Grand. Vevt iiiejil i Th ii rvH 4 CHARLES F. CORRI6AN, Commander. 916 East 23rd Street: MErrltt 2877. O. M. McFARLAND. Adiutant 977 Alleen Street Oakland; OLymplc 0T78. W. H. McKELVY. Q.M.. tl Mitchell street: AN dover SR62. JOSEPH H. MqCOURT CAMP If NO. 13 meets In Veterans VI Memorial Building. 1981 Cen- ter Street. Berkeley. Next meeting Thursday, June it, GEORGE BROWN. Commander. 1229 The Alameda. Berkeley. BE rke- ley C168M. A. P. HANSCOM, Adjutant. 1017 Kalnes Avenue: TH ornwall 0804. WILLIAM G. DICKINSON. 1910 FaJrvejwOJLiyjnp 304 Women and Girl Workers. 61-65 WOMEN AND niRL WORKER'S OF THlj CIVIL WAR, '61 TO '65. meet on the second Friday of each month at the Oakland Memorial Birllding on Grand Avenue. MRS ETTA WIXSON. President, 1474 34th Street. JULIA BOLTON, Secretory. 026 Allen Street: OLymplc 8464. 304 Canadian legion of B.E.S.1. 6 OAKLAND POST NO. 16, CANADIAN LEGION OF THE BRITISH EMPIRE SERVICE LEAGUE meets at the Veterans Memorial Building, Grsnd and Harrison. June 7, Saturdffy, next meeting. All veterans who served under the British Flag are eligible for membership. LARRY W. HAUNDERB. Cem- n.ander. 1508 23rd Avenue. GEORGE MARMENT, Adjutant, S213 Bona Street 304 Regular Veteran! Association GOLDEN West Post No. 72, meeta In hall 4 at 8 p.m. on second and fourth Wednesdavs. Oakland Veterans Memorial, 200 Grand Avenue at Har rison, Aext meeting 11. An organization for all enlisted service men. In active service or re tired and those who have been honorablv discharged from the U.S. Armv. TT.S. Navy. U.S. Marine Corps or the U.S. Coast Guard. William Gllmour, commander. TR Inldad 1366. Harrv D. Hosae, adjutant, rn. 1-UV1AVA-WL-1 1 11- 326 Modern Woodmen of Amerira Oakland Camp No. 7286 meets the last Tuesday of each month, 8 p.m.. at Hotel Colt 1 4 45 Harrison Street. JOHN" FORREST. Consul. 15 Hamilton Place. M. DORRINS. Secretary. 1416 Castro: HI gate 1122: hours 10 a p.m. 32rt Royal Neighbors of America OAKLAND CAMP NO. 0170 meets Harmony Hall. I.O.O.F. Temple. Hth-Franklln. oetlne Fridav. June 0. MAE SUMMERS. Oracle. 696 21st Street: TF mnjebar 6648. ESTELLE M. DEPARADE. recorder, 9.12' Madison, Albany; LA nd-scape B-3Ii47. I lENK J. WALLEN, City Supervisor, 1308 East 27th Street: MErrltt 3974 VICTORY CAMP NO. meets W. O. W. Hall, East 14th Street. 9528 8256 June 9. next meeting. CLAUD1NE GARCIA Oracle, 1589 63rd Avenue AN dover 4324. MRS. HAZEL E. MOSS. Recorder, 2222 Vleksburg; AN dover 2070. IRENE WALLEN. District Deputy, 1300 East 27th Street; MErrltt 319 Eaglei 4 OAKLAND AERIE WO. Hall, 410 llth Street. Next meeting Monday, installation of officers. Seating; of new officers. J. G. VERGNES, Secretary. 1181 Washing-ton; HIgate 1103. DR. CARL E. CURDTS, 406 Cal-zlel Building. 638 16th Street. Office telephone, GLeneourt 8884; telephone FRflltvale 4685. DR. K. C. McLEOD 1011 Western Professional Building. 1706 Broadway; telephone HI gate 0201. day 1 and night. i 339 Jenny Lind Hall AssocratioBl JJCNNY Llnd Hall Association mti at Z2Z9 Teiegrapn Annul 9840. Business $rd, Monday, 8 p.m. Social Tuesday evening-. "Singing. Thursdays. 309 Danrhters of America iiiesfcsie DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA, Martha Washington Council No. 0. Daugter; ot Fridays, at. LO.O.F. Temple. 410 llth street, visitors welcome. Next meeting, Friday, June 6. nnirr I E. Councillor; FR uitvale 8460W. MINNIE M. FOX. htecorain retarv. 472 27th Street. GLeneourt 2916 CAROL KINO. Financial Secretary, 1057J Aileen! OLympio 0107. wwwwwwftWMWwweeefteew 300- California New England Association, Inc. iMMeieiM(e CALIFORNIA NEW ENGLAND, tneete Masonic Hall, 010 06th Street near Bhattuck. Next meeting. Saturday. June 7. Business meeting, basket' dinner 8:30. All members requested to attend. WALTER DOANE, 8085 14 c94-eatA a lralnw 1 jsvxji -y CUAFIBEIi JL. JEl-aUloxT, mu jb- Metropolitan Oakland Fair and mild Sunday and Monday but iwith some cloudiness; moderate westerly wind Northern California Mostly fair Sun- but scattered light Sierra Nevada Partly cloudy Sunday with scattered light showers; Mender fair; little chance in temperatures mod erate westerly wind. Sacramento and Ban Joaauin Vallevs Fair Sunday end Monday; sUshtlr warmer; gentle variable wind. Santa Clara. Llvermore and Salinas Valleys Fair Sunday and Monday with local morning cloudiness; normal tem perature; moderate westerly wind. Nevada and Idaho Partly cloudy with scattered showers near the mountains bunday; Monday fair and warmer, Washington and Oreeon Partbr claudy Sunday and Monday with local showers over the mountains Sunday; slowly ns uig temperature and slightly lower hu midity in the interior; gentle changeable wma off coast; sentie changeable over inland waters of Washington but erate. westerly in afternoon. wind and Weather Off Pacific Coast- North of Cape Blanco: Gentle changeable wind and partly cloudy tonight and Sun day with scattered showers tonight, Between Cape Blanco and Point Con- eeocton: Moderate northwest wind and lair tonisht and Sunday but some cloud or tog mgnt and, morning. WEATHER CONDITIONS Barometers are slightly higher end about normal over the Far West and off tne west coast Saturday afternoon but there were showers yet in extreme Northern California and the Pacific Northwest Saturday. Low pressure' over the Central States with a mild disturbance central in New Mexico and Kansas causing unsettled from the Rocky Mountains to the Atlantic Coast and showers have occurred over the larser part of that area. Temiserahires are much the same as they' were en Friday and are still slightly below normal tn the Pacific Northwest and Interior valleys of California. With the air In the Tar West becoming more etsMe and in the absence of any disturbance gen erally fair weather will prevail in Cali fornia Sunday and Monday. The weather will he partly cloudy elsewhere in the ar west with local showers ever the mountains Sunday. It will be slufhtly warmer excem in tne coastal sections. RAINFALL TO :0 P.M., SATUMAT Last Seasl, Nrml. Seasl. Stations 14 hrs. to date to date .01 4S.M M.O 1940 48.24 Eureka Redding 08.61 J5 3S 58.08 20.8S tSacramcnto .00 .05 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 .00 25.79 51.05 35.04 18.40 25.00 18.91 42.82 32.78 17.80 28. 4 21.84 13.88 12.88 8.31 20.94 Santa Rosa 38.08 San Francisco 37.18 Stockton 17.38 Salinas Fresno is.oz 11.50 S. Luis Obispo 24.91 1931 Los Angeles 19.15 10.28 San Dieso .00 24.74 11 'Indicates precipitation at 6 a.m. tObservations taken et airport, METEOROLOGICAL, DATA Noon Barometer (sea level 1018.0 lOlt.O 1017.3 Barometer (sea level In. 30.03 30.0s 30.04. Temperature (dry bulb) 50.0 Mt 82.9 Ml 54.8 Temperature (wet bulb) 55.3 Humidity (per cent I 70 Wind velocity tm.p.h.) 1 52 80 13 18 Wind direction Weather Cloudy Clesr Clear TEMPERATURES PACIHC COAST I EASTERN HlSh Low High Low Baker Abilene Boise 48 Amarillo 461 i Hants 81! Boston fa Brownsville Ml Buffalo 52 Charleston Chicago 88! Cincinnati 481 Denver MiDes Moines 85 1 Dodge .481 Duluth .1 Galveston Grand Junct 521 Huron Jacksonville S8Kansas City 47iKnoxville b3iMemphls Paul 83 New Orleans 41 New York Platte 87Oklahema 48Omaha SOiPltUbursh Rapid City 52 Roswell 52' St. Louis 62! Salt Lake 41 San Antonio 43 Sheridan 65 Swift Current 84Tampa Vleksburg Washington Willlston Winnipeg Calgary Edmon Ion Eureka. Fresno Havre Helena Honolulu iJuneau Kails pell Los Angeles Marshfleld Moffett Field Needles North Head Oakland Phoenix Pocatello Point Reyes Portland Redding Reno Roseburg Sacramento Salinas San Dleso San Francisco 65 Seattle Spokane Tatoosh Tonopah Winnemucca Yakima Yuma PRECIPITATION Pacific Coast Baker .31. Boise M. Ed monton .03, Eureka .01, Havre 14. Helena Kallspell .20, North Head .02. Pocatello .21, Redding .09, Roseburg .01. Seattle .29. Soda Springs .10, Spokane .02. Tatoosh .09. Kastem Buffalo .01. Chicago .41. Ties Moines Duluth T. Jacksonville T. Kansas City .07, Lander T. New Orleans 01. North Platte .07. Omaha .35. Its- burgh .07. Rapid City .00, Salt Lake Sheridan Swift Current Washing ton willlston .12, Winnipeg .42. SHIP MOVEMENTS To Arrive SUNDAY. JUNB I Singapore Manila Boston Seattle Seattle MONDAY, JUNB Ludingten. Admiral Nulton Aritonaa. Arkaneen Aieskea Japan Tokal Mara Oriakany Winona Texada Buenaventura Philadelphia Victoria TUESDAY, JUNK I Rangoon President Johnson-Nevadan Heffroa Tatuta Maru Coast Shipper Boston Norfolk Los Anseles Los Angeles To Depart SUNDAY. JUNE 1 Paso Paso Xamalma MONDAY, JUNE Ho departures listed. TUEADdrY, JUNE Manila American Clipper Valparaiso Naruto Maru Honolulu Maunalel New York Katrine." Lucseribach Eastern Ports NEW ORLEANS Arrived. May to. Jacob Luckenbach from San Francisco. Sailed, 30th. Birmingham City for ban Francisco. HAMPTON ROADS Sailed. May so. Hegtra for San Francisco. NEW YORK Arrived. May 30, Mary- mar from San Pedro. Sailed, May 29. Tuscaloosa ctty for San Francisco; May 30, Texan for San Francisco. PHILADELPHIA Arrived. May 27, J. L. Luckenbach from Camden. MOBILE Arrived, May 28, Ma thaw Luckenbach from Houston. Island Ports HONOLULU Sailed, p.m., Metsonis for San Francisco. Pan Royal for Moji; Kohaie for San Francisco; 9 p.m., Mariposa for Sydney: Ariipa for Shansaai; Permente for San Francisco. Arrived: May 29, Ariipa from Sanhw via Balboa; from New York; 8 a.m.,, Mariposa from San Francsico; Waimea from San Francisco. Freyberg Alive, British Report LONDON, May 81, ttJ.P.) The British war office said toasy "'t are elnd to be able to announre' that B. C. Freybprg, Brit lsh commander in Crete, is alive with his troops. The German official news rE" had reported Freyberg -ss I in 1 a plane rrah e.i rets' Ctra to --l. AIIIIOUHCEMEJTS MARRIAGE- Health Certificate and 'tests, complete. 12.00. Charles Wrltbt, M.D., and staff, located San Francisco Laboratories. Es tablished 2-6 rears. 090 Market RoVm 810, San Francisco. DO ug- Hours a to Saturday 9 to 6 DEATHS Alll.l'.lts In San 30, Estclle J. Ahleis, sister of tJeurjse G. and Jrue M. AJiLei's. A native of San Francisco, Califor ilia. Funeral services were held Sat urday afternoon, May 81 at til-ay's, iJi visa-uei'o at rout, saii Eruncisco. BKNMSTT In Oakland, May 29, IH41, George D. Bennett, hiisband of the late Eva B. Bennett, loving father of lUeoi'Ke mid Frede-riik 1). Jjennett and Mrs. Harvey A. Kirk of Sonuma, California, and K. L. Hickinan of Frewiwi, California, and brother of Frd L. iieu-nelt of San Diego, California; a of Utah, aged 67 years. A member, of The Church- of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Snints. Friends may call at the Avenue Chapel of the Grant U. Miller Mortuaries, 250 Telegraph Avenue until Sunday evening, June 1, 1941. Interment, Kaysville, 4. ta.h. DJTO In Oakland, May 80. 1841. Maria Francesca, beloved ife of Luigl Dito, devoted mother of Janus, Joseph, Martha and Marie Dito, Mrs. Lizzie Hussn and Mrs. Angelina Clarlzio, 4r Joe ftusao, Mrs. Teresa l-'ucliello, Mrs. Krtse- IMto. ik. Flloniena Dito, Mrs. Carniella Derenni, Mrs. Caroline Davison und Mis. Josephine Elhert; a native of Italy, aged 62 years. Friends and acquaintances are retipectfullv invited to attend the funeral from 4 he ('aporgno Oom. Jiany Mortuary, 1727 Unuve Utreet, I iiesdav, June 3 at 9:30 o'clock, thence to St. Mary Church where a solemn requiem high mass will be celebrated 'for the repose of her soul commencing at 30 o'clock. Recitation of the Rosarv Monday evening at o'clock. Entombment, Holy Mepulchre Mausoleum. DOVKGH Oakland. Mav IB 1941, Thomas, beloved brother of James, John and Joseph Donegan oi vniiv(i ana I'atnck Donegan 8 Sun Francisco. Friends are respectfully Invited auena tne iiuieial from East lawn Chapel, Monday, June 2, 1841 at 9 a.m., thence to Saint Frnnci lie Kales Church where a requiem mass will lie celebrated for the repose of his soul commencing at a.m.. interment. Holy Sepulchre t'emetery. KM.10K Accidentally in Concord May 89, 1941, George dearly beloved husbaud of l.lllie j-iicr, lining lather of Dorothy and George 1). KUer a native of California. A member of the loioinei immjo ot Mark's Evan gelical ('butch and pant Fi ulam ter of Troop No. 18, Boy Scouts of A mrrica. Friend are invited to attend the services Monday, June 2, 194J, at clock p.m., at the Chapel of Albert Kneel Company, 36S0 Telegraph Avenue and 37th Street. hi, hi, an. view Cemetery. Kl kland, Mav 81, 1941 r.jien, wile of the lale Rohert riynn: mving aunt of Mrs. Ronayne. Mis. K. Ulasson, Mrs Marjory Boyle, Miss Nellie Mc-Jl'lde and Miss Catherine A native of County Donegal, Ireland. Friends are Invited to attend (he umui Kioiiaay, June 2nd at 9 a m. from Hi Chapel the Oaks, Oakland Mortuary, 3007 Telegraph Avenue, thence St. Theresa Chinch, where a requlerh mass will he said for the repose of her soul hi a.m. Inlet ineiit, St. Mary's riuciri y. HtSKtt In Oakland. Mav 29, Sarah beloved wife of the late M. V. Hines; loving mother of Perry and Alice ilines. A native of Oliiii. Friends are respeclf nlly Invited to attend the funeral Monday, June 2, at 10:30 a. in. al the Fruit-vale Chapel of the Clarence N. I'ooiier Mortuary, 1580 Fiuitvale Avenue. Interment, Evergreen Cemetery. Helena, Calif Mav 28, 1941, Chris. R. Michel, beloved 'husband of Florence Michel; father of viiginna rionk, Florence (Mem Elizabeth Port, f'atricla. Chris nun the lale Ramsav Mlhel biother nf Flora Niiiinrmaker and i Kiln lloeffei. A native of Reriecin California, aged SI vears. IrU'lidM are servcs al The in vlted to attend: Grant I). Mlllerl? rtuaries. East. 14th Street corner 24th Avenue, Oakland, Monday, June 2, 1941, at 2 o'clock p.m. Closing services at California Crematory. MM HKI. Tn St. Helena, California, May 30, 194 1, Ramsay Michel, beloved husband of Virginia Michel; son of Florence and Ihe late Chris. Michel; brother of Virginia Bonk, Florence Odem, Elizabeth Powert, Patricia and Chris Michel Jr. A native of California, aged 27 years. Friends are invited to attend services at The Grant D. Miller Mortuaries, East 14th Street, corner 24th Avenue, Oakland, Monday, June 2, 1941, at 2 o'clock p.m. Closing services at California Crematory. Ml In Oakland. May 81. 1841 Rphraim, beloved husband of Anna Muller, loving father of Mrs. Al- nert Hoffman, Harold D. and Phil lip M. Muller, Lt. U.S.A. A member nf Oakland Lodge No. 252, B'nal B'rith. Friends are invited to attend the services Monday, June 2, 1941, at 2:00 o'clock p.m., at the chapel of Albert Engel Company. 2630 Telegraph Avenue and 37th Street. Interment, Home of Eternity cemetery. RA A BE Sleep In Jesus, 'May 30 4 ijouts Kaahe, beloved hus band of Mary K. Raabe and loving father of Louise Raabe. -A native of Germany, aged 76 years. A member or orace Lvangelical Luthern Church of Haywarri. Friends are Invited to attend the funeral Monday, June 2, at 2 p.m. from the Grace Evangelical Church, corner Grace and Soto Streets, Hayward. Friends may call at the Garden Chapel ot the Piatt Mortuary, 1044 Street, Hayward, until Monday noon. RICHARDSON Entered into rest In San Francisco, May 30. 1041, Ralph a- 894 elBA, 0BV A sT aT- FRATERNAL 320 i Moose OAKLAND LODGE HO. 384. L.O.O.M., meets Moose Hall 1110 Clay Btreet Neit meeting-, Friday. June 0. F.lrst Initiation of new term. Ray Waring-, In charge. June 7, Saturday, dinner dance for new members, families, friends of Moose. Floor show, JAMES B. CLIFFORD, Governor. 8TANLKT A. BURUKAFF. Seore-Ury: HI state 1442. CHESTER F. QRBiEN. ill Blake Block, 1121 Wasblngtes Street. HI gate 4644. DR. JOHN J. MELVtN. Suite 211-214 Thayer Bulldln. 07t 14th Street. GLeneourt 4924. nn a. HPL1THOFF. .112 East 14th Street, Osklan. in in set to of by be he 10 The Eighty-third anniversary of th founding ot the First African Episcopal Church of Oakland will be observed this morning at 11 o'clock at the church, Fifteenth and West Streets. Many descendents of the pioneer founders of this oldest Negro church organisation in the East Bay area will he present to take part in the ceremonies. A thirty-voice chorus, directed by Arnold Barancd, will render special music. Marcus Hall, baritone, and Florida Baranco, soprano, will be guest soloists. The Reverend Daniel G. Hill, pastor, will preach on "Guide Me Thou Great Jehovah." Eddie Jones is chairman of the Pioneer Day Service. Luncheon will be served to the Pioneers at the elose of the morning service by the Young Women's Auxiliary. Mrs. Irma Valle, president. Mrs. Lydia Jackson and Mrs. E. Amos will be guests of honor. Vespers will be observed at p.m. when the "Cantabaliers;" a chorus of college students will sing. The church will celebrate its eighty-third anniversary throughout the month of June. The church was first organized as a mission in the home of one of the members in the spring of 1858 in a house on Fifth Street near "The Point." The mission grew into a church by 1863. Mr. and Mrs. John Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Flood and Mi's. John Peterson were member of the first organization. BOARD OF SUPERVISORS RtStitl.AR ROARIt OF tUPtiRVlelUK. Tt KKOAV, MAV SMTH. 1P0 1 The regular meeting of the Board of Huperyisors was called to order at 10:00 R.m On call of the roll the following were present: Sunerviaors Bartell. Caldecott Hcllwig, Wixson and Chairman Jansseii 6. MINUTK8 APPROVED On molion of Supervisor Hellwig seconded by Supervisor Wixson, the reading of the minutes of the last meeting was waived and they were approved as entered oy the toiiow lug vote: Ayes: Supervisors Bartell, Calde eon. Hellwig, Wixson and Chairman Janssen RKPOIt'f APPrtOVKD The report of the County Treasurer for the month of April, 1S41, was Dresented to llievBoard." On motion of Supervisor Caldecott, seconded by (Supervisor Battel the report was" approved end ordered tiled oy tne toiiowing vote: Avew: Sunervisors Bartell. Calde cott. Heltivla, Wixson and Chairman Janssen i. riAXCE PERMITS The following applications for per mits to conduct nances in the un incorporated territory of Alameia County were presented to the Board: I. O. tsiffoid The Alabam (Sard- ens, 14S1 Kast Fourteenth Street, Ssn ISetuidro May 24th, 1341. Comlnrinn H. T). E. S. Hall. Alfefttfeit-May 2 Iftfl On motion of Sunervlsor Hellwig, seconded by Supervisor Wixson, ihe anolications were approved and the Clerk directed to Issue the permits bv the follow ng vote: Aves- Sunervisors Bariell. Calde-' cott, Hellwig, wixson ana cnairman Janssen The annllnat on ot 1. O. tllttorn to conduct dances each and every night at The Alabam Gardens, 14801 Kast Fourteenth Street, Kan Leandro. uas presented to the Board end rererrea to the District Attorney for investigation and report. nnvn Fll.inn An annual Bond In Ihe sum of $1000.00 with the Close Huidlng (Supply as Principal was presented ihe Tinurri. annroved and ordered filed pursuant to the provisions of Ordlnnnce No. ill. Communications were receivea from the following: Kdgsr J. Hlnkel, Project huper- lmi- WPA rii'c a I'd i fi" reaDnortinn- ent of sponsor's project lunos lor new fiscal yesr, rroject minioer 1174. Referred to the County 1 nilllnr Board of niiei'tor of tne Aivarnnn Sanitary District Filing budget for vesr 1H41-4H. Ketcired to Cmiiilv AniUlnr. Ftnard nf Fire Underwriters i me Pacific In connection with survey of the rural fire protection in meda Count v. Referred to tne mm- mll of the Whole. Charities commission r-rcneni iiik Resolution adopted by said ominls- In xnnnoctlnn with nhOtOStatic copies of old records. Referred to the Dielrlct Attorney. i-hsritles Commission Making certain recommendations In the ase of George Prescotl, sgea am recipient. Referred to the District Attorney. fnnntv Hlirvevor Blimeil nanui- ton advising the Board that cer tain repair wort in rounecuuu the Improvement of the Subdivision of Tract No. 571 Kden Township had not been done. The Cleric was directed to contact the principals on the Bond accompanying the map of said Tract and request reasons for the delay of said improvements. The following resuiuiiun adopted: Granting leave or ini'm" permission to leave the State of California to Albert B. Hill, Public Administrator. Directing the recordation of certain bill of sale from Robert D. Ra-mage snd Edna Ramaga- Authorising the sale of certain county properly. ui. Directing tne from the Joint Highway No. 14 In the sum of being Alameda County's share of the District Funds not-required for the construction of the project. Directing the deposit of ehecK from the City ef Berkeley in the sum of $184.20 for thjf Vara and maintenance of lhat ty's fusoriers In the County Jail during thmontn of April. Authorising me ''ir; 7i. oil warrants In the sum of H.i'' nirili the Clerk to -advertise for bids on the turnlshlng and delivering of furniture and equipment 1 n.m.ili Cnuntv Garage and Justice Court, on June 141. Kunervfsnr Caldecott. seconded by Supervisor Wixson the claims, -also pay roll, an submitted by the Auaiung ana iinium mlttee were approved and ordered paid to the respective claimants In the sums and out of the Fund as designated by the following; re capitulations General Fund 140-41 211.59 171J.6S 7.70 SJ.S Do Children's Ala Good Roads 1940-41 1940.41 1940-41 1940-41 Veteran's Memorial Advertising Exposition C. M. In- aigent mm 1940--41 1940-41 R.449.S3 Motion carried oy ins miwsii V0AVes: Supervisors Bartell, Caldecott. Wixson nd Chairman Janssen 5. No tutrner Busin.e pp-ii Board reresssd uriUl 1 Thursday. RKCESS MKKTTWO THtTRSBAT, MAI ZZ. ll The Board of Supervisors was called to order st 10:00 s.m. On call of tn roirtne loimwini Supervisors Bartell, Celdeeott. Hellwig. Wixson and Chairman Janssen S. ORnr.RED A Certificate was. received from JJLrehitects Crl We- if ajd (Co alls. ued) Royal, beloved husband of Ruth H. Kii-hardeon beloved son of Liszie and the late Sol Richardson; broth-, er of Mrs. 1. -Mr Blood aud the late' Vesta Jtfrus. A native of tjregiiii, aged 46 years. A member of Aliaal 1odge. of Fleasanton and Marine Engineers Beneficial Ac-socialiou. Friends are invited to attend services at the Telegraph Avenue Chapel of The Grant 11. Miller M.oriuarivs, luc, gKuil Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, Moiwlay, June 2, v1941, at 1 o'clock p.m. Ki-v. Joyce Karr and Masons officiating. Closing services at Tu Chapel of the Cliimes. VON AUKLUti In Oakland, May 81. 1941, Alexis, beloved husband of Ida iditll vuu Adelung, father of Airs, Barliour, brother of the late Dr. Kdward von Adelung, and grandfather of Allen Babcock Harbour and Donald Cur-tiss Barbour; a native of Canada fcieryices Monday afteruoofi, June 2, at 2 o'clock, at the Tower Chapel, Mt. View Cemetery, Oakland. Albert Browu Co.) VH-KB In Oakland, May 30, 1941. Francis beloved husband of Lorena A. Wicks; father of Mrs. Carolyn Adair of San Antonio, Texas, Mrs. Helen Dandy of San Francisco. Mrs. Marive Klliott? of- Fallon, Nevada, and Francis R. Wicks of Sacramento; brother of Mrs. Carrie Easier of Bartles-viile, Oklahoma, and Mrs. Kate Crow of Blackwell, Oklahoma. A native of South Haven, Kansas, aged 65 years, II months, 17 days. A member of Hell Lodge. ro. 211. of Fort Arkan sas, Little Rock Consistory of Little Ro-k Arkansas, and Seventh Da Advent 1st hurch. Friends are invited Id attend services at The Telegraph Avenue Chapel of The Grant I). Miller Mortuaries. 2660 Telegraph Avenue Oakland. Monday. June 2 194 1, at. 10 o'clock a.m. Closing services at Mountain View Cenie tery. Card of Thanks WE wish to thank our many friends fm- their Wind expressions or s.vm palhyand beautiful floral offerings received duriug our j-eoem ne. reavement in the loss of our be loved husband and brother and to a press our thanks to the organisation taking part in the service. Signed Mrs. Albert. J. La Cnnha, Mrs. Frank Heating and family. Transpacific Mails The follow Inst selling dates and closing times of transpacific snails at the main San Franeiseo pmetofflee ere baaed on the attest information furnished by steamboat sosfljianlsa: OEDENTAL June 1, 1:10 p.m.. A Vessel. June 3, 12:30 Clippership. June 4, 8:10 a.m., Harry uLckenbech, June 4, 6:00 p.m.. Hokkal Maru. June 5, 6:10 a.m.. Tatuts Maru. June 9. 0:10 a.m. Washington. JuneO. President Pierce. June 10, 0:10 a.m., HAWAIIAN IB1.AXDB June 3, Maunalel. June 3, 1:30 p.m., Clippership. June 6, 8:10 a.m., Washington. June 6, 2:10 p.m., Matsonia. June. 0:10 a.m., President Pierce. June 10, 6:10 a.m., Msnukai. June 24, 0:10 Monterey. AUSTRALIA June 3, 12:30 p.m., Cllppership. JuneS4, 0:10 a.m., Monterey. LEGAL NOTICK The Civil Service Board of the City of Oakland announces tne loi-lowing- examination: ART GALLERY HANDYMAN (PART-TIME) Requirements; Residence In Ala meda County for past year; age: 18 yrs. or over. Applloal ions now being receivea at the Office of the Roard, Room ,128 City Hall. Last date for filing; June 12, 1841. By order of Civil Service Board T. 41. Stahlberg, Secretary and Chief Kxamlner. 437-May 30-3t NOTICE- BIDS FOR OFF1CIAL-AD- VKRTIWNti Orl THE CITY ur OAKLAND FOR THE FI8CAL YEAH 1941-1942. The Council of the City of Oak land will receive sealed bids on Tuesdav June 10. 1841. between the of 1 o'clock p.m., and 2:00 o'clock p.m.. for publishing all uffi- advertising- of said cltyfor (fiscal year ending June 30, 1912. Such advertising inirst be pun- IfHM ymiw urn, in, 1 1 baner has been regularly piinnanen in said City for two successive years prior to thestlme of awarding the contract for such advertising. Bidders will state In their proposals the pi-Ice per square for doing said official advertising and printing according to the. followls schedule: 1st A price per sonars for the first Insertion set In single column. 2nd A price per square for the first Insertion set In double column. 3rd A price per square for the second insertion set in single col umn. 4th A price per sqirare for the second insertion set in double col umn. tth A rrloe per square for the third Insertion set In single column 6th A price per square for the third Insertion set in doubls column. 7th A price per square for the fourth insertion (and for earh sub sequent Insertion) set In single col- tin. 6th A price per square for the fnnrth Insertion (and for each sub seqirent insertion) set in double column. Said printing shall be In eeenrd- ance with the following specifications: I-tAII advertisements shall be solid sir-point (nojtpareil) type columns of 24 ems to the line, nit 144 ems to the square, except that when such advertisements shall, at the request of the office authorising the same, be set In double columns, the same shall be In col umns of 48 ems to the line and 294 ems to the square. 2 Titles and subheads shall be In -pnlnt capitals. Precinct designations in election proclamations shall be set In 6-nnlnt canltals and paragraphed. 4 The combined list of polling places and election officers In election proclamation shall be set in one paragraph. 5 Each description In the delinquent, tax list shall be set with descriptive material filling each line the full width 24 ems to the line and 144 ems to the square, except final fractional line. No hanging Indention to be nermltted on either side of column. Tract names In sub heading shall be In capitals. Names dellnnuents to be set in capitals. 6 Special advertising requiring! display may be pu hushed, but only direct authority of the City Council. 1 All advertising; shall he subject as to substance only, to ths approval of the authorizing same, hut no variations as to specifications shall be permitted. 0 08 copies of official paper to furnished daily to various mu nicipal departments: not to exeeea xidltinnsl c.nnles shall be fur nished free on request of City Clerk. Not to exceed twenty (20) copies of any printed notice shall furnished tn the City of Oakland free nf charge en verbal request or the City Clerk. Blank forms or proposals win os furnished by the City Clerk upon1 application; A bond in the sum of 81000.00 for faithful performance r.t contract, to be given oy successful bidder. rnnlnrf tn ha entered Into within dsys after awsrd and official advertising" to dons as eUutrea, FRANK City Clerk. SUNDAY. JUNE 1 1 Sun rises sets Moon sets. MOON PHASES flew Moon Last Qtr. Full Moon 1st QU OS' June 24 June Id June 0 June 2 The tune and height of tides in the following U.S. Coast and Geodetle Survey table are given for foot of Webster Street. Oakland. Fort Point subtract 4 minutes. JUNE 1 TO JUNB 8 i nig infiuci ocmn. in uiiuku 6 PLEASURE TRAILERS A factory bnilt; sleeps only 25, easy terms, uasjana xrauer a.x-change, 127 East 12th Street. H.W. L.W. H.W. L.W. 1 S.I 3.4 l. I 4.1 01 L.W. H.W. H.W. 3 11 4.6 B.0 4 1.5 4.5 0. a.3 5 0.7 4 2rOBn 1.2 NOTICE tn the above tabulation ot the tides the deily tides are given in the order of their occurrence, commencing with the early morning tide in tne left-hand column, Snd the succeeding tides as they occur On some days but three tides occur. The columns ef heights give the eleva tion of each tkie above or below the level on Coast Survey chart soundings. The numbers are always additive to the chert flenth. unless oreceded by a minus (-1 dsn, then the numbers ere subtracted from the depth of the chart. LIEUT. L. B. HUBBARD, Inspector. Coastwise News SAN DIEGO, Mar (API Arrived: E. W. Scrlppa. 12:30 a.m., Channel Island; L-sdsreita, 1:43 a.m., fortiand. Sailed-. Cedaretta, p.m. San Pedro. SAN PEDRO. May 21 API Arrived President Pierce. a.m.. Manila via Ban rsnciscn; Telon, 9:10 a.m., Seattle; American 0:10 a.m., Auckland; Anna Scbafer. 1:15 Djn. Aberdeen. bailed: Topiia. a.m.. Ean Francisco; Susans. 9:20 a.m., Seattle: American Clipper, 10 a.m., San Francisco; San Luciano. 12:03 p.m., Santa Rosslla; Xwa 12:45 p.m.. El Sesundo; Baldhill, 12:55 pjn. Ventura; 1:35 p.m.. New Vork. PORTLAND, May IB. (API No arrivals. Sailed: Richmond, p.m., Los Ansele. ASTORIA. May 2 (API No No movements. SEATTLE, May 29. (API Arrived: None. Sailed: Hie Maru, 3 p.m.. Kobe via none; Taku, 4 p.m.. Southeastern Alaska: Arkansan. 10 Boston via ports; Ed- waro. Lurkenbech, midnight, Tampa Via wmi: west Maoaaet. mldniant. Balti more via ports. Notice to Mariners Mare Island Strait Mare kland Strait light 2 etsabllshed May 28. in 10 feet, about 100 yards SS'V from Carquinez Strait hht station: light is flashing red. 1 sind. 2 of I 1 1 en NEW and used bargains-Used, 0175 api new, Oaao to tu; see us a.t Brookside Trailer Court before you buyr trade or sell. OHO Foot- hlll U.S. Highway 60). TRAILER, 12 foot factory built McClaren demonstrator, easily converted Into living quarters; excellent condition; $175; also 16-foot Sliver Dome, Al condition. See at 4425 Piedmont Avenue; PI edmnnt 15-foot Silver Dome, spacious living 1 i quarters for excellent conoi-tinn; refrigerator, heater, airbrakes, etc; must be seen to be appreciated; $485. Call owner, A If 1 S70 rrOO LATE TO CLASSIFY CITY farm with' eix-room modern home; l5th Avenue; was notio for quick sale; $3250, terms. KE 1-loe 4-3i3. rAIRY ranch; sear Manteca; mostly to alfalfa; $6250 clear: sell or tnif for clear- home. FR ajtvajn IJM. leM Bufldinr t3(Ss FranlcHn. snog

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