Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 4, 1896 · Page 4
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 4

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 4, 1896
Page 4
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CORNER. .On all kinds of ligUt weight underwear. All styles and prices for'men, women and children. The extreme warm weather 1ms so far made this a good underwear season, and John Gray Is the place to be suited. Greatest Discovery or the I9tn Century. Dr. Tongue'* mtw KKMKIII MoillcAtcd Air For the Cure of Cuturrh, Anthma and nil Pulmonary Diseased, It has no onitnl lor Stekand NervousHenil- »cai>, 1,000.000 people ate annually from Hie iibove named diseases. Wtii sufter lind die, when Medicated Air 18 yj£BlCAT£D Al* KUUMOieeU to care >ou. V*dlente>< Air ttiul Drug Co., Richmond, ind., U. S. A. It IB the best remedy 011 earth for La *....jpe. It win give Immediate relief «ad will effect a cure .rphere all other Mmedles fall. •old by B. P. Keesllng. DAILY JOURNAL Published every day In tho week (except Monday) by the Loj?ansport Journal Company. W. S. WRIGHT : President A. HARDY Vice President C. W. GRAVES Secretary S. B. BOYER Treasurer Price par 'Annum , 54.80 Price per Month 40 Official P,aper-of City and County. •" (Entered ai'second-class roall~mnttcr nt the Logansport Post Office, Februavy,S. isss. .- .• .. ..• " .: STATE NATIONAL BANK LOGAXSPOBT, IND. GflPITflL • S2OO.OOO J. F. Johnson, President. S. W. Ullcry, Vice President. H. J. Hcltbrink, Cashier, Li I' ' DIRECTORS. J. T. Johnson. S. W. Ullery. J. T. EUlott. W. M. Elliott. W. H. Snider. Buy and sell Government bonfla. Loan money on personal security and collaterals. Issue special ceitlflcntes of deposits bearing r per cent. Interest when loft one year; 2 per cont, per annum when deposited six months. Boxes In Safety Deposit Vaults of this bank for the deposit of deeds, Insurance policies, raorteascs and other valluablos, rrentcd at from 15 to >15 per year. TI1UKSDAY, .7UXE -I, ISOO. UNITED FOR PARTY SUCCESS. The ItiipuWk-an party lakes pride in sfort'st of adherents who would serve tho county with credit'. It is natural that tlie triumph of Repnblieanisin shO'iiliI bring tliem to.Tlie front. They have worthy aspirations, and their Mends, recogni/.lng tlieTr nbtllty, urge the.ir claims. They are all, however, too duotiJy (.-oiKwuctl for tiie future success of Uie party in county. State and Xation ti> liold.personal ambiti-ou or per- sioual preferment above the evident good of (ill and the i>lain will of Ihe majority. Republican workers, generally, have decided that the renomination n£. riic -short-term officers will best units the forces for tho campaign. It has be/ni the custom to tender a second nomination to two-year olliccrs. Good politics suggests that precedent should, in tb.is, govern tho county convention. "When tlie chances for success were shadowy they gave their time and energy lo the final victory of the Eagle, They have honored tho party by their faithful service of the people. Tlio county ticket, will be made up openly. Discretion will be the watchword. The ticket wlM be a winner. It will be unassailable. Those who are at this time especially deserving, should not. by any chance, be slighted, LIVELY MEETING • _'i ./* • ' • • Primaries all Over the County Well Attended. REPUBLICANS ALIVE. Ready for Business—List of Reported Delegates. I E never pal up any Flour under any other Brand than our own. W Oar Magnolia Patent Flour Is Guaranteed to bs Twenty per cent better than any other JPlour made in the State. Peru Milling Co. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers & Embalmers. 610 BROADWAY. MR. CLEVELAND'S ATTITUDE. Mr. Cleveland erWenfly does not believe iu redproCTty. If he did he would adopt that p-lan iu dealljj^' witli Congress. Soure day* ago rt fanatic bobbed up with a resolution .to impeach Hie Pirepident, Caus;rci* : rose as one man and subdued the cra.uk who insulted the cliief executive. .Every day fJmt passes adds to the -force aiul bitterness of the insult put upon Congress by the President iti Qiis fenorijig of the resolutions on the Cuban question submitted to him weeks ago. Then: was no call for the studied atl'rwit. Mr. Cleveland lias taken upon hiimseJC the burden of iuvcsri- ffUius tlie Cuban situation. The facts, lie assumes in his arrogance, du not tielon-pr to Concrreas. Wrilo lit 1 pesos 'as a mediator, with the avowed purpose of Itumiliatin? Cuban freodmen and iipholiling Spain ami her butcher, AVL'jit-r. tJiat general .is shipping 00,000 troops to tho island on-whicJi tltere is '•no such thins" as a state of war or :i bo.ili^erent ri-fflut. From all tndlcatlous it would be a'.n act of mercy to the Spanish sokltors to end the war. Thn Cubans will never surrender \vliile Spanish domination 5s tihreatejicd. Consress should aicit surrciudor until same expression or declaration on the-Cuban ..question has been forced from the obtund. Mr. Cleveland. .' . . JERSEY ICE CREAM, Bett in fie City. Little Candy Kitchen, 314 Pearl Street. All of our fine bon boos 25c a pound Tho "Twin Comet" and "Little Giant" Lawn Sprinklers. BEST HADE Unique, Efficient, Labor Saving. Will •prlnkle four times greater area than any others. Highest award at the Chicago Jtxposltlon. E. STEBBINS MFG. CC. •ole Manufacurers, Springfield, Mass. F«r Sale by all Hardware and Rubber •toree In tho United States. Spring Suits. Newspaper men in Northern Indiana who are aliive to tlie.ir best Interests will a-ttoml the meeting 1 of the North Indiana pditoj'Jal associiation at Ft. Wayne noxt week. These meetings, in bringing the editors In closer sympathy and better fuicndsh;iip, give t:ho monibers of (lie association :i combined' force that is incal- cuable. The weight bf a united ftrcss in public affairs Is LnOni'tely jn'ca-ter in the decree that there is 'an undejslaudiiiK and jrood will in the ; il-aternity. Those who po to Ft. Wayne should prepare to remain for two days' session. The centennial of the admission of Teunefseo as a State was celebrated by TtnnessoesMis Monday. There Is no limit to t'he possiiWlItVes of .Tennessee, nie hand of modem Tn-o^ress has been at work, imd she shtould soon take her stand with the mTe.it States of the pala.xy. Good Goods and Low Prices, the Combination that Wins. (§) Made in the Latest Styles. ® W. D. CRAIG 4x6 Broadway. Second Floor. WANTED. Helen Gouffar was in the Prohibition NaittloiMil convention, but no one whispers tlmtt that bad any connection with the split of tlic organisation. - Real eii-eourapeincut for'RepubllcnnR is contained in the reports of decisive vlctmy in Oregon over a combination of Populists and Democrats. Major MeKlnley marched wltli his oUl comrades Decoration day. Mr. Cleveland was not present at any of the services of the day. 1 «KNT9 WANTID: New book; Illustrated and A Dramatic Hlstor? ot the Be louli Cjclone fall gfspfilc account of Dew h Mid Devastation, IWee 25o. T«mn Hee. . Barclay * Co,, Cincinnati. Oblo. . St. Loauls -is aecepHnp relief Rrate- fully, thus acknowledging- lor poverty. What will she do with the big convention? It will Interest Vice President Stevenson's wife to learn his financial views. Hon. Matt. Quay recognizes Major McKInley's belligerent rights. . Colonel \Vattetson'-.- .told what tlie real "jinpo" is. Britishers Mr. Allison will to the convention. least be presented Below an.'""complete returns from the ont towuultlps of the county, where the Kepublican primaries, for the selection of delegates to the connly convention and th« Joint representative noiuin- atlng convention, were held Monday .ni^ht. Everywhere there was a bis turnout of the Kupiiblicau voters anil in Clinton township more than two- fliir'ds of the Kepnblican voters of the towuslilp turned out anil voted at the primaries. An ^extraordinary interest w.-is taken all over tliu county Iu the result of this preliminary election. The convention. June Gtli, at the rliik, open- ins at 12:30 p. ni. v wjll see a most enthusiastic jrjittio'rlnf?; of Rcpnblicaus, and the joint representative meeting al the LICW court roonMn this city .Tune 'llth at 1 o'clock in rhj afternoon will be none the loss enthusiastic. Cass and Miami are both safe within the Republican ranks this year, and the man chosen will be the winner. Adams, Boone and Miami townships were slow iu reporting lists, CLINTON TOWNSHIP, County Convention—Sol Eice, Frank Dickinson, D. D. Neff, M. V. Martin, M. Tyner, John gaylers. John Bnrkbart, A. C, Shidlcr. A. .T. Sherman, .Tohn Best, Frank Justice, Vfm. Tyner, A. B. Fitx.- cr, James Little, Wm. Justice. Joint Ecprcsentative—IJ. R, Hood, Charles Meyers. DEER CREEK TOWNSHIP. • County Convention—Benjamin Car- noil OIlie Newport. Emerson KitcIie.II. Perry Ward, H. N. Millet', ,t. M. Campbell, Allie Seagraves, Warren Walker, Lorn Wilson, Harry WJlson, John Cost. 0. C. Card, Ossle Kale, Lou Simmons. George Barnett. Joint Representative—D. D. Lcnon. F. M .Todbunter. HARRISON TOWNSHIP. Conuty Convention—William Herd, Jacob Yantis .Sanmol Melinger, E. Dol- zoll, William Baker,' Mellio Tucker, Geo. Herd, S. A. Powleu, J.'T. Walker, J. W. Cast. Win, Davlsou,' Frank Hilkert, John Neodlinra. Joint Representative—John Herd. NOBLE TOWNSHIP. Connly Convention—Daniel Morrison, A. O. Brandt, C. M. Fides, W. C.. Thornton, W. C. Goldsbor'ry, '.T. H. Gibson, C. A. Brandt. P. Bnsard'. W;;(L'i.v- ingston, W. Rulcuhour, K. J. Carney, J.' Dritr, S. A. Stejilicn, -Milton Mcillllcn, W. W, Moss. Joint Representative—S. A. Moss and H. P. Gotshall. Alternates, Milo Saxton and C. C. Brandt. CLAY TOWNSHIP, • • County Convention—Wm. Ball, Wm. Scott. Jas. Simpson, Eugene Baruc'.t; Frank Barnard, WMIard 'McDowell, Cott Barnett, Isan.c Wills, Chap. Spry, Jos. Stonghton,' Wm, D'elepJane, Clay Can-, M. J. Morgan. • Joint Representative—Arthur Cook, with Chas. Spry n.s alternate. BETHLEHEM TOWNSHIP. County Convention—Israel Hill, .L' J, Williamson, - E. H. McDougall. S. M.. Grnble, Henry Lcman. Ira Maudlin, Joseph Hall, B. F. Yantis. Nnthnn Jvinnonjfin, W.'T. Leffe], Byron Powell, David Early, Harry Kirtland. Samuol Bantn, W. V, Frcsbcnire,.'Liimnn Buck, W. J. Bookwalter, Wnsh Thompson, Orlando Powell, L. B. Horn. Joint Representative—A. A. Cover, John Harwoocl. ''. " ' . JEFFERSON .TOWNSHIP. County Convention—Wm. . Ford, Frank Liston, Wm. Hitcliens', George Webster/ Henry Young. Abraham Miller, Frank Loser, JSmnmiel -Relsh. James Carney, Asa Fls-hcjr, -Bank Watts, Jay Hilclebrand, Caleb.Jl.-.Banta. Joint Representatlye-rHalleck Flshor. .TACKSON TOWNSHIP. County Convention—F.H..,Bcal, -1. F. Peak, John Crowdcr,, A. P. Wutklnt, Schuyler Oden, .Tohn.M.- Wilson, New-, ton Hyatt, Wm. widner, .Tepse Ault, , George Trltt, W. EL.Shlrley, Perry Bell,, A. C. Davis, CusUce.Lalrd J. Q. Syroons Wm. Countiyman, R. C. Griffith, James Sprinkle, S. P. Bevifigton, Wni, Warapr lor, Peter B. Frash.. . ... .... Joint Representative—Geo. W. Davis, David Dayisson. Alternates —-Fro;l. Ault, .Tames Graff. '. .. ' • The delegates from, Jaclcsou will meet, at the Recorder's oftice-at 12 o'clock the day of the- convention,and fill, any vacancies wilth Republicans, pre,sqnt from Jackson township. - : '.-.••.„!.•• : TIPTON TOWNSHIP. / .County., Coaventlon—W.,., B., Cook, Robert Samson, W. F. Costoubprder, M. ,T. Wilson, J. M, Bo>v7er,,J..B;.pclawter -'W. H. Lucas, J. A. iViiuskiver, James. Davis, I. Bnmgarnejr, JDudiey Bell, R. F.; HnflEman, D. C. Drake, Frank Fair, E. E. Phillips, Sam Thomas, Jcronjc Beber Harry Banhs, Frank. :Ma-ys, Fred Cob- leutz. Ransom'Bell, ,.,.., Joint Representative— , tr . : .. WASHINGTON ' TOWNSHIP. County Cdnveutlon.—diile Marshull, W. H. H. Tucker, John. ^yaIIace l H. K. White, George G,raham,; Silas Stooer, N... K. Hall, L. W. Fiawnegtiv Ed. Martin, .Tasse Martiii,^r."H. Tlopon, R. T. Martin, .P. O:',Mceiuih, Willard 'Stauteau. John jnilcr, MarvJn Gremiuelspacher, J. W. Puterbangh, W-:-0. Shafts, J. E. Grain. • .., -...'.• Joint Reprcsentalive—John P. Merlin, Ira Dodds. BOONE TOWNSHIP. Connly Convention—W. G.. Sweet, James H. 'Hedge.*, 'Goo. H. Gise,. Daniel Vannnian, Dr. Fonix, M. L. Fullx, Samuel Minirhom...,.,:••• Joint Representative—W. G. Sweet. ADA'MS ! 'TOWNSHIP. Conutj- Convention—John. Stalc-y, E. H. Jone.s, SamiH'l Artlmrliultz, Joshua 1-IoweH, . Ge(>rjre Woolford, Rudolph Oakley, Gwrgc Bookwaltei-s, George Wilson; Daniel Cai-son, Samuel R'u-hard- son...L, S...B.nskirk, 0.' E. Applegate. C. B. I.iunsford. Joint Representiitive—Ira Grlinan. MlAjkiTOWNSHIP. County Couventi-sin — John- Kidd. Grant Fa.ir, M. WoluJs, S. A. Fisher. David Fair, .Stephen Patton, L. L. Black, M. Uiimiells, G. W. Bean. James Patton, S. C. Bo'wyer, Thomas Newman, J, A. Spencer. Joint Representative—Parker A. Fair. PERSONAL Ed UH1 was at Delphi on business yesterday. - . F. PI.-Morris, : of Wabash was in tho city yesterday.. Attoiniey Jiau. Coiner returaed yesterday ifroju Sou'fili Bend. Mr. and Mrs. Cmifcshank are visiting at Torre Haute tliis week. Wl 0. Wasliburn, returned Tuesday night from K.eokuk. Io-\va. Mrs. Newt.. Ricliason of Peru is n guest of relatives in the caty. Marlon Chronicle: It. G. Geary of Lo- giiiii.sporl was ; in tlie city roday. WJibash.Tribune: .lake Herffi went lo Logan spout rli.is morning on business. Ft. Wayne-Journal: .7. K. Andrews o'f Logaaspor-t is visiting south side relative*. - • ' • Dr. Si ewart and r. W. 1 Moore .ire spending a few d-ny.s a.t Wes: Badeu Springs, Ed DeWolfe. the raulinndlc firemn.n i.< tlic guest of his parents at Marion for a few days. Miss Maggie Dean lias returned from Monticdlo, where she visited Mr. 1 (led •Mrs. WJTL Dean. Edward Cook, of Peru, is visiting Mr. and M-i-s. C. W. Cook, who just returned front a. visit at Feni. L.. L. KJngsbury and wife have returned to Monticello aCter a visit with Log;inspOf- n-'-latiA'O.-. Mr. and M-rs. M. Gold ing of Denvei-, Col., arc visiting Sir. and Mrs. E:l Kmerick for a few days. Miss ttrac-e Black rofiurnctl yostejvl.-iy fo her home at I'em after a short visit \vj'lili relatives in tlic city. - • M,rs. Ora Wall of PlainfieM is visit- iag in this city. Mi-s. Wall is a teacher in Hie Flainfield reformatory. Mrs. James .T. Tto-bison of Ott.-i.wa street, is entertaining Miss Fa.nnio Long find'her niece, Edith Long of DcLong. Mrs. W. E. Faskctt went to Chicago yesterday whore sAie will I 1 * the guest of her sister, -Mrs. W. W. Watts for a mouth. John Maxwell and wife have returned from Sa.nd«sky, Ohio, -where they attended the' funeral of. Mrs. Maxwell's father: • • Kokoaia • Tribune: Eugene Tate. P,ranb S'triiC-khvud and A. J. W-JiistJer attended -tlift bicj-clc meet at Logansport Sunday. Miss June Jeiiks of 111C Market sti-ect is onterfaLninig'Misses Anna .Tenks of Xcnia. Oliiio,::iJKl Miss Mattic Waring of Bhifftoji. ;. .Peru Chronicle: Miss Tat McGregor was tlid guest,of friends at Log-.vusport yesterday:-.'. JEev. H. Mefesner' visited n t Logansport today. Jlrs. Caroline Daugherty and son. Jesse Foote, spent yesterday calling on friends In the city, retiirnihig last night ;o Hieir lionie at Peni. Miss Li/./.io Helmiyo-f Tern was iu the cityj yesterday. She was accompanied by Joseph im-d Anna Myers who were on their way' to Chicago. J. J. Dic-kounn of Ridimond is here for a visit wit'b,-relatives atwl frlocds, and will extend life'visit to points in Michigan -before returning home. Ivokoiuo: .;T-rlbunc: Miss Amelia S-trecker. o-f Logansport, on her way homo from a ,visit with Highest of all in,Leavening Power.—Latest U. S. Gov't Report. Baking .^_. .* w Powder ABSOLUTELY PURE .frieud.s stopped off Imro lod:iy iind will remain the guest of D. (1. and Mrs. Wl.Iktne for a few (lays. Mrs. C. II. Doolittle and sister arc vlsitiup: in Chicago. Harry Ward anil wife have returned from .1 visit at Cincinnati. Misses Grace Hosjner and Ida For- sytlie are visiting at Hartford iCly. Miss Anna Weaver, a student of tho Stanford university at Palo Alto, Cal.. is home on a visit. Mrs. Frank Beroth and Mrs. Harry Cilley are at Kokoino Hie guest of Walter I'":iri]u:ibr and family. Miss Sarah Philips, who was i!)e Kiicst of Miss Itosa Michaels of West Broadway, has gone to. Marion to visit relatives. Miss Adams of Toledo, daughter if Ed L. Adams, is the suest of Will Graflis ami family of Tcntli street and Broadway. South Bend Times: Geo. IT. Asire. tlte .ex-jtrcenbackcr, is here from Logansport. Gcorps is now .is stron? a goldite as he was once a gruenuacker. Mrs. .1. D. Allison is visitincr her fa flier near Sycamore Corner, Howard county. Her daugliler Blanche and son. Master Wilbur, aceom-pauied her. • S.-R. rattersou lias sane to O'.lumwn. la., to assume the onauagemenf. of tlio opera house at that place. Mvs. ratier- son will remain hove for a short time. Miss Siisie GJsh went to Paris, 111., yesterday afrcrnoon to visit hor sister.. They wii! shortly .leave for ihe west where they will establish a millinery store. nuntingion Herald: Miss Mary Kenu who lias been a guest of Jier brother, Prof. JoJra Reiiii( for a few days, rd turned to her homo at Logansport last: evening. '> Peru Journal: P. M. Cru-uij. 1 , wife and son GraJiam were in Transport today L. if. pic-aril was Jn Lopranspoi-t today Slia-w Stevens was iu L-osans- port over Sunday. Mrs. -.1. M. Trouniian went to Grand Rapids, Mich., yesterday to be in attend- aaice at the commencement exercises of tho high school at that place. Her daughter. Elizabetih, is a member of tho graduating class. Moulx-ello .Toiirnal: Misses Ella Sclnv.'irfz a,nd Du.-isy Bmmctt arc visiting at Lojranspftrt the guests oJC Mr. and .Mrs. C. W. Schwartz Taylor Wake- laud hail business at Logausport tod:.y .'...Mrs. W. A. Forbis vis-ted in Lo- ganspoii't today. MontieeJlo Journal: Mis. M. J. Schwartz and daughter, Ella, returned, home from ttieir r-og.-insport visit rbis morning S. D. 5'Iaggart was at Lo- gauspo-rt today on business T. T. Wilson and sou of Lognnsport, were in the city today Mr. and Mrs. Frauk Mader rode over from Logansport yesterday on their wheels and are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Warden. cent's.hall Monday, .Tone 22. at 7:30 o'clock. AJ) member*- of Rehekali degree staff will meer for drill on Friday evening. Elwood Jias been granted free mail delivery, to begin July 1st, with four carriers. Tlie infant sou of Mr. and Mrs. Fred I-Iortsman of West Broadway is seriously ill with lung fever. There are three hundred dele-prates at the-meeting, the seventh annual, of tho Indiana Union of literary clubs. Paul Taber fell form a cherry tree yes torday at his homo on Tenth and Spetr streets. He was not injured seriously. There is money iu your pocket—buy anything of Harry Frank. He's bound to Quit, and goods must move, no matter what they bring. 'George W. Steele. jr., alternate to (lie Annapolis naval academy from this district, has been admitted, he bavins passed the examiinatioji. The new c.i- det is a sou of Hon. Geo. W.Stecle, M. C. Mr. Xewton Ridenour and Miss Dora Landers were united iu marriage ye«- toi'day at noon by the Rev. Mr. Wellborn at the residence of the bride's parents oil Pratt street. The young couple have gone to housekeeping on Ottawa street. Four females and Three males were a rested at Mattic Collius's place on Oak street hist night about 10 o'clock, the raid being occasioned by tiie disturbance created by the visitors. The seven victims "put up" for their appearance today in the Mayor's court 1 . David Ciippy. watchman at Fernald's sawmill, caught the largest fish yet reported this season yesterday. It was a catfish and weighed forty-seven pounds. Mr. Cuppy is a. noted .fisherman and never goes after them but what he g°ts a good string. GIVEN ^ In exchange for Coupons with • A LOGANSPORT MAN. Elected President of the Catholic Total Abstinence Union. At the convention of the Catholic Total Abstinence Uuiou which was held at South- Bend- Tuesday and yesterday, Patrick Mahoncy of this city was elected • president, and John J. McCaffrey, also of Logansport, was elected treasurer. Tlitt meeting was an interesting and. profitable one. Tlic W. C. T. U., the Y. M. C. A. and various other or- ganisations joined in making the meeting a memorable one. The convention adjourned at 3 o'clock and about fifteen bus loads of the' visitors visited St. Mary's academy and tlic University of Notre Dame. At the latter place luncheon was served jind the visitors were royally eU'tcrtained. e PCELLENTODenFaoB WATCHES, t 2 fte"l!raIl>OUoft"WatohMaremaSeVrale**,. 9 In« American Watch Company ami ore gnar-* m (atttedwilltout : qua,lij/!cation. The "worti'.j | T conuln oiily tfio fory bat quality of materwl . • «d bare oil Imlovement* up to dale. Thcr 1 A Will wearwd perorm well for- a lifetime if, ' J only ordlnttrlrj- cared for: ' Scetrbefon Itat Ufaretlom . making Hochintfi/ enable! va to o/cryou. ' Coupon* explain how to »ocnre the A!>OT*, One Coutm in each « cent (4 OUHM) Paciagt. Twa Couaont W.tach 10 cent (4 mnee) fackagt. Mall Pouoh Tobacco Is, Mid ta all dealan. (noamnlt) concalntiiB no cou CASS SETTLES UP. The County Pays in $37,099.19 and Gets $i5.<H><>- County Treasurer Kcesling h.is returned from Indianapolis, where lie -furucd over Cass county's contribution to the State revenues. He deposited |?37,099.19 in the treasury, and drew out .)?15,bob as the school fund allowance of (Cass county. Indiana pets a great deal 'more from this county evei-j- year thuu is dispensed on- the -county's scliools. TLc'-rich counties lielp pay for the education of the citizens in poor communities. The systeju is a wise one. COUNTRY SCHOOL-TEACHERS. Tb*y Earn About i>8 Much »H Cobbler or Dressmakcrii, In the countiy, whether in the east or west, north or south, the corapen- rntion fo school-teachers is so small that it seems wonderful that those who receive these salaries can live on them. These salaries raugu from ?100 a year to $000 a year. The average for a Kchool year of nbov.t scvon months is S31S.3G for men ;md #2G2.0i for women. The duties of, a country scljool-tcachcv usually includes denning ihe school- ^ house "and build inff (iivs. Tl>cse duties crc not always considered liartJshipa by the i^ersous who tnl-:c such posts, as the women in :ill save exceptional cases have bocn nccustorncd to such work at horix% and tho men lind it easy enough to get pupils to do the work in ex- chang-e for "favors in school. In the country schools of the Uuitcd States there lire three times as many women as men, the percentage being- a little greater than in the cities. Jlost country schools have only one teacher, and that teacher is required, to instruct children of n.!I agrfs and in all branches up to {grammar ;uid algebra. The amount of either grammar or algebra dispensed in these schools is quite inconsiderable, as these nre branches of knowledge not in demand. For what these country teachers do, as the schools are at- present established, it is likely that they are quite adequately paid, A village schoolmaster will earn as much in the year as the cobbler; the schoolmistress will make as much in the year as the dressmaker. They do not belong:, as a.g-en- cral thing-, to a class better educated than the cobbler or dressmaker, and they do not work any harder. Thoec of them who have thought alxmt. their calline, and who have ever been moved to feel that frreat. responsibilities devolved upon -them, have realized that the conditions .were such that they could do next to nothing, and usually they have griven over any efforts to secure a change in school administration. — Forum. . Barometer. A cane-bottom choir furnishes » natural barometer. The loud creaking- . of the canes when sat -upon is an indica^ tion of g-ood weather, but when they are milent rain Is probable. Cincinnati, Cincinnati is worth $188,751,350, an* han B dcM of $26,240,197. . ca one Coupon, "4 oz." LLU3TRATEO C.UIMU9 o/°O*r raltuple Artela wttbteplanatim how'o get tlum, Mailed on pequeit Ths Blooh Bro».'Tobaoo? i Co.,*h«el»g, W. »a. Ho Conpone exchaiiffed aftcx July 1,1887 ADDITIONAL LOCAL. Dust pans 3c each at Polity's. Michigan potatoes 25c bu.--Rol.her- mel. .Dr. A. G. Miller. Tliursday.at Ills now ioHice,. 314 Korth street. The closing exercises of St. Vincent de Paul's school will He held at St. Vin- BABIES WITH SKINS ON FIRE 'from Itchlng-wid tiamltiit eczcm.-n.nod,other nkin nnd Rcnlp lorturei*. Kono but parcula roul- Izc ho* there Uttlc.tnioiLiniflfer. . To. koow'that • warm Iwtb with Cc;riccpA SOAJ*. itijd n Hln^Jo .ipplic.illoli of CUTICUHA (olntracni), the pro»t. nK)n cure, will In the majority of CIWCH' afford ijiwtjint rclliif, i>ermlt rcftt nnd Bleep, and point. . to it uprfdy rare, nnd not lo use them without a. moment'" dulay la to (ull in our duty. Sold tfironjlwut the n-orld. Price, CnricOTtA, MM So»r. IM.i IUSOLVIST. Me. ind ti. t'onzs Or.ca- AJJD Cni:M. Coi;r., Sole PrAn»:, Bontoo. .. . Ot""nn-lo Cure Skin Tortured B.bici, "mailed ft««.

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