The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 14, 1938 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 14, 1938
Page 4
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THURSDAY, APRIL 14, 1938 I Shoot Straight For Sponsors _RLYTHEVILLEJARI(,)_cOURir;R NEWS 1 Picard Saves His Group By Prevailing In Masters' loumey liV liAllHY UllAVKON NJUU-I.S iMUuc. NKA Sf-rvicn Now llmi Uio playing prolrasirm- als linv'L- ,:iuli.|| another long winter loin-, ami rciinneil to their re- spcllvc- oliiL.s, Iliusv; (,-las-c:,t to Uir; Mluallon inr> wuntlcrUij JILSL when' i» JlliinU];l.- : ll,|(.,v War i;. |[.;i<|, h ,, llWrdl. Al ICHKL <»m jH-Qwimit of Tli<: I'l-iik-aloiial Golfers' AS.SII- r:liitlcin Miy S that, U»- commercial ti« of thf loiemo^l nholmaki-i-.^ Ihii'iUf-n nil' iuijxirtuiit toiirnii- iiicnLs in whlc-h ihi>y take ji 'I In: li'imir'.s Ki-ralest [jlayi'i-s arc .siiteldlzcil hy factories, and tholr liriiii-ipal biisltiftss is to iwoinot,' .salt'.s. 'Hills, when llonry !>lravd ankliul "ill In ivin (lie- Mn.s(rrs' 0|)Pn nl AiigiLshi, ]«• was pli.'dgcd l« <lo iir ille [oi- dear »U1 PHtli 'Em xjp Clasi! Hros. Picard is u iiiciiilH'1- of llic .sinalU-st in tlnvi; rival groiius. Teamed with him is blcaul Craig Wood. The Chocolute Soldier just about saved liis squad in Ilio Mas- le.r.f. by tin- mi,, for Wood liaci nn olf ^(^ii.sot;. • Ralph Guldahl, 011 Hie oilier liaiid. is paid to see that Swat-a- Ball-n-Mile & Co. "els none (lie worn of liiiii» s . -rue United stales Oj)cn ehnni])ion belongs (o one of the larger cliques, which includes Benny shute. Sneiul, Johnny nevoltii. cenc Sarajten, Jno- M,.. Spaclen, and Jimmy nines. ' ' Harry Cooper rcprescnUt'puU &. Hole Out. IDC. Abo working in ti,i s outlifs interests are such luminaries as Bobby Jones. Hoi-ton Smith i'-idl Ruiiyan, Jimmy Tliomson Lawson Ijttle, nntl Sam Parks. Giildnhl and Coojier tied fov Kccoiid in the ^fastel^, two strokes back- or Picard. and Rimyan was fourth, which is a good" illustration of ho.v closely the factions fighl. it out. f.Vunpiic-alions Arise From (lolfers 1 ('Dm)nercial Ti?s Sharks with the potent puucli lirctty pitch, imd touch Icclniiqiie are given retnincr fees by equip- nicnt houses. Each major victory brings $1000 or more to Uiem from tlieir sponsors. The more they win, .Hie more their names mean on balls mid clubs. The combinations stick together like fraternity brothers. The Swat- ii-Bati-ii-MUc men do nothing to promote tlif Pik'h 'Em (Jp Close Bros.'boys: The Pitch 'Km Up Clow Uros-. lads barely speak to the Putt. & Hole Outers. For example, Suead picked up and stormed off the course in the Pasadena. Calif., Open. The incredible hill-billy explains that he had grown fired of being bracketed with Thomson, whose extra deliberation in more recent mouths would have made the slow game of the Cyril Walker of some yenrs ago seem last. But the trill Ii easily might hnve broil that since Snead swiped muc:l\ of Thomson's long-driving llniii- der, (he Swal-a-Ball-a-Mileis didn't, cure to have Thomson of the Putt. ,1- dole Outs trailing along find re-Heeling in the glory of While Sulphur Sam. "Lot Thomson get his own «al- lery." .asserts .Smim/en, the Swat- a-Ball-a-Milcrs' siiokesman. who has taken young Snead under his wing. I'rofexsiorals Should r.eave I-'aelorics in Ijirker Room Some «r the big shots on the ottier side of the fence are a bit envious of the Snead who came with such a rush, it, seems. They're ie.sort.iiig to technicalities, at least. After Sue-.ul had traversed a second course like a prairie fire In 1he third round of the Greater Greensboro Open, Runyan refused I" sisn his card. The' little man jvilli Ihi- bij; SIXXMI protest«t Iliat, i Harry Cooper Cooper carves bis nnmr Sne.irt'.s cuddy had g-iunndcd (lie Siege Gun's bag in a water linuml on the eighth hole, the pi'iuiUy for which LS two .strokes. It wouldn't have made any difference, anyway, for Swad's phenomenal 271 won by five strokes but other protests led lo the lo--al' officials asking the United States Golf Associntiou for u strict Jnici-- pretation of the rule. Morton Uogue, chairman of the U. S. O. A. rule.-,- committee, ruled in favor of Snead, on (he ground that, the water hazaixl was not defined, or something, but, u, e incident, didn't make tilings any more pleasant among the money pliivers The professionals shouldn't lie fi-illclzetl for getting nil they ean hile Ihe gclting'.s good. Topnotctiers who "golf for S0 ld n-liaps get. less out of tounia- inciits than from any oilier source but (ournamcnt.-i provide (lie fame' Umt, makes the name Dial goes on balls and clubs. It. might be well for (lie p'rofes- slouals to pay more 'attention to their'game . '. .-leave |h,< tai-lnries in tbe locker room. Towns all over Great. Britain have installed automatic machines which dispense twopenny brickels of ice cream. Henry Vlcaril enry [>l,-ard swings for ,„«„„. Ralph Ouldalil putts for his fn,;- tory. BV .fKURV filtONDFIKI.l) NliA Kprviri- Smuts IVriter COLUMBUS. O., April H.-He- forc Mat. Mann anil Mike Pepjje are done (he famed fend between the Hntdelds and (he Coys win have looked like a couple of schoolboys nrguSng over some marbles. The Michigan-Ohio State rivalry has been a fierce one (or years, but no one ever suspected that the boys would get so heated up over Ineir swimming teams. Ami now that Ralph Flanagan the greatest swimmer in the country, has decided lo cm-oil at Ohio State next, fall, there has been additional fuel added to the names. Under Mnnn's guidance Mlchl°au bus become esl.iblislied us (lie leading college lank team in (he coimlry. The Wolverines hndn't. boon defeated in a duel meet in seven years mill) Mike Peppc's up- stait liuckeyes twice backwashed the Wolverines in dual engagements this past season. Maim suUercd further humiliation when the Ducks captured (ho Big Ten crown, but gained a meas- 1110 of revenge when the Wolves won tin 1 National Colleghite meet from the Scarlet by the slendei margin of one point. Tricks of (he Trade Came the National A. A. U. championships and everybody .started pulling fast ones in an attempt lo walk off with llic biggest swimming plum of all. First Mann tried to use Jack Knsley, number ono breasl-stroker of a year ago. with his collegiate medley relay team. Kuslcy already has completed his Ihrcc-ycar span of varsity competition with the Wolves but is still in school. 1'eppc howled nml won his point. Kasley was forbidden lo swim with Michigan's medley relay. Meanwhile, Pcpiic. with .plenty of talent available, entered two relay teams instead of the customary one. practically -assuring the Bucks of wimp points in the event. They luul to restrain Mnnn from jumping Into Ihe pool. And then it was discovered Hint F-lnanngnn would desert the University of Texas to come lo Ohio State. It's no obscure fact thai Michigan and Ohio slate swimmers • ^^^—"^"•^^••"'^^"^•^•••^•••••M Fishermen! Regisfer Now for this Big OPENS MAY 1st - CLOSES AUGUST 1st H5 IN CASH PRIZES BUY NOW! While liny ing Is Good! Yon will pay more — §50 j In «1200— for the same type automobile 90 (lays from now. I9.1G Chevrolet Master Tovni •Srilan, >ri(!i Ra- (tOQC <lii> A Hc.ilcr ...... tpjtfi) IH35 Fnnl V-8 Deluxe Coupe 931 Chrvrolrl | roach. Only 10:« Tonl V-R Tndnr ........ Ti-ll(-l<s, 31. 3S. SG, 37, Cfiv., Kord. Dniler, Terrnphiir. All ! prices. i Rnsy GMAC Payment Plan Tom Little Chevrolet Co. Phone 633 RULES A I I con I os (, a 11 t s in u s t register at our sloro to iiecoinc eligible for a prize. Fish must bo caught with liook .•UK! line, fly rod or casting rod', live 01- artificial bail. Those caught, on (rot lines, in .seines or nets will not htv RULES P i s )i ni ti si I) c caught within a f>0- mile radius of B)y- Ihcvillc lie twee n May 1st and August 1st lo be eligible for a prize. Weighing of any fish .subiiiiltcd J'or a prize must be done at otu- store or in the presence of an employe of Ilnbbard's on approved scales. CC FOK THK . ftr FOR THK «r FOR TUP *3 RIGfJIOST HASS WlHGRRST CRA1VIB $5 IJinGEST BREAM HUBBARD HARDWARE CO. - u'llils Armstroii(» 1 f Mf «K«M- With Coup In »V IIAIIItV (illAVSON .^liorts ICdUnc, M;A Hi-ulc,. IH;T HI'KINfi.s, Ai'k.-Mdli' ,'""*' Miya I hid Ilwuy Armslion,: ill i-iirii $L>iKJ.(HKi aii<l win twii '' mil-id rlnuiiplumhlpri within i- iii-st n (iiiiiiiit'i. Mi-ade l.s h,n. wild ( )(s f,,,,^,,,,. 'HIIUII, ft-hll | S |,,|.p m -l lm ,„ „„!„ -iu-iiey llovs If, Kiimihi f,,r (lie .' 1 .,,. W "'""' "' Vlll| k"- 1 Slmliimi, "' ""' ''vi'lil lii,.l he i-cpels " .-.. AriiislroDK I.'- M^ui'd I,, lio.v '"i Ambers for iiu. iixhtweliihi. 'inli-i»h||i. June -.ij, Muiili- h.-ra.'t iimn;,..!-,! f| B Ju 0 i:i ''-',' Iliaivy years mi- unlhlin. iiistiiim. IU ]-.'I lo:,,.. MSI , Itos:s •<!•••, la make ilu- ,nn u , -11, n , cl( ,,_ .' :, u-elii'i- <-l)iimpi<.n.;|i| () ( .||- j'.ii'.-.iiiciil. AinlH-rs Is .!, ;m .d In -i- AnnslroiiM ,- . , ll ,'lintll, Si-jil Minslron,. | s " X Y";' Allll)l ' 1:i "if 1,'iither ruler. pmtlnjj over Dils amp, M,., U |,, '* "'I'OHed lo have i-iliu-lied thi- ii joi^ ^.mits-Max sclnnellnn linn- bee,, e <miln B fi-,,,,, the « v ! ,''" , , ""' U " 10 "' '""• *'«»» »••'i is lo have Inken it u, I,,.,,,., „, « l"i:< way now Hint In- has l,, s i, all n'iT'7 if K<l1 ""^ " lc ll|lsl - sw "''- iiH-r in the country. lies! Sinn- \Vc-lssiiiulln' '''»"«i!»ii is jml that, H,,' S prob- >l>l.v He grunli-sl Dlcre of sivlimnlim iimchliu'iy Kim-,. Welssiiiiillpi- lit," -piMvei-nn, | lls movements ihvoiii'h tile mder RK , ls sll)00 i h „ VTI'llllll Xllllli. ' He ovi-i-sliiulows the nnlloii''; mWdle dtalnncc .stars com ,u,,o K Coaches at the A. A. U. meet c-laiui- wl you couldn't Ijeat id,,, lt ht , ,..., mi anchor tied uround his mlddl" Snorts wrilcis in the prcw se c- oKlrcw nmnlwrs out of „ lli n fnendly little botilinf pool nean swam t,, inuc mmihcr th' the 500-yiird event. Without „ mid.'and heforo the race even Marled, Ihey ,m ssct | ,,„,. tho M-iap of .inn,. 23 for New York in return (or tlii'lr •j.tni-ticiiliii; (hi-, 1-IHi series of undent's, Mike- an- cobs is said (o have iij'omlsed thii New York lloxlnn Commission tluu OH- milllim-ikillur heavyweight n- -• -•' -• .1 lUltl-Nlli'i III!- tlVllll'S Ulnl {Jll|.,|(|,. dtli'l'li. I i'<ll< AlCII (III IU« llllslllesf .lambs believes |l)ir, Kim mid ArmMnmi; will KHM ,,, mv n mil J.'ISO.HHi, mill HIM i|». m. umis DIIM .sainii mmlcl <imw i-los,. to S'HIJ.H'II with AllllM-i-:; -,n ||n, ,.y<.|,l 'lint In' ii'llevil the Clili'uKoan dl '<>••• dlmlcin. 'I he |iiciii,,ii-r uin-udy UK KoivS-AimMiuii!' duel. AiiliMroiii;, (he :lux .snri-turi- •'i liltlr IIMIII nun- Terrible TI'I V .MrllilVi'lh. Kill K '•!> |iei- Mil il the nei .ereipt., In eiii-li Mart. I"' l.l'jlk l,lMcr.s ||| Ills-lory, ts u :it '.lull! i|..|,| Mow i,.. „ |(.,(,]! .;„ »'lll i|;.ke Hi,- |)i,( K| 1-1,1,, | lmsi , t :<>H. "ml (I.-. 11 here ii,,. (iir,i|. weeks] ileail,- flu' "!•'• b,.)i)n,>, s ()i,. f( . i( |. nniinh I.IIM,,,. wrili'ii, umoululeil I vi'ini. ii|>o will |usi dike the ' Alter I tn| .S|l!ltl|>,\ Anili: will n-palr ID Or, j,, ( . Kli-r';; "'i fltlll|> III l'lllll|llun Jj,kr;, Mrail,' lljinri* llnil ||,e |«| v a.Mliit! lii"!." look In his uiinuni' HIM I awitiiM ^vierliu, (imvla |,i |- I'lirnhnl of Cliuiniiloiis ill die •In Clniiiiiils la-,1 Aitiiusl. dliln'i 'Mil' ltll[ liny | mm 'n,.,^ K1( . i-iivii imlnl.s ID the Curl thut. Idiss IMll till- t.V|H' Illlll 1 W ,|| S ,„, „„ oplioneiK. and Mi.spetls lluil Ann- sliwiB will h,-ll ,»,( ,,,,yl,,,,|y whu slands ii|> ..,liiii i; !i| lliimmi'i-iiiii iii-iu-y Is l)li!)ji'r (him ?<ws frm,, d,, «alsl up" Meacle l»sl.s ,s Ihe u, v '„,„„ hns knocked out :i» or .10 ni>|iom>nl« in l-l inondis can KO llrkuty-splll lor 15 roiiiKls. n osii „„!,(„ ()U| , llnslips. He like* to consl for' l.ivo minutes <>r end, round. Mi-ncle us- seil.s dim (|],.|,.'|| |j,. I,,, consiinir May 20. Slilki-s finlil ,„, ciulilni sioiif While the otrieinl rantvads stnli- tlml Itaw mid AmiKtronK are bos- liiK ill 1-17 IKMIWI.S. |ln>y hiitv |irl- vntc iiKiwnients mlllnu Tiir Hoss to <lo 1« ov 1,'ia anil Ai'iiislrolir '•ill of more, niul encli IUIH i m (n\ a $5000 (orrelt. • Hoss 1 niitiiriil wdghi | S |.| 2i rtrinslroiin, n rroak at making jvclghi. srnlrd 1:13 (rounds In Hut- U'li HB Lew l-'eldnmn at the New York Hippodrome the other nli'hl Hiid ia« In .vtoiiphiK ahllc Ztvlc In lie t ro it live nlshls previously. I lie Little Urowu Uomlipr nlwnys works .several rounds In tht> dvess- me room before nj>iiolii(ni(?i!f.i. nnrt Mentlc Insists (lint any .surplus win tic dispensed wllh tn tluit fii.shloii. Monde had $170,000 In ,vish r>th Helen Hull ,|;, rul) ,. fl , «;n«H'>ii:iliM uiul d,,-,,,,., ,;„",. i-il Slalrt, woiHi-n'fl singles leu- l! mM!',"" 11 "!" 1 ' a "' (vi ' ;; ->l Houth- w.;a,n"' ll , i :s: 111f> %^ • Hiu Miritii; niillini.iy. wlilli- nmnunliU! .lot- I.yiu'h, (he old tjiintiini iio^s. in uiaai. ' Ktniit. Kdwiird hail In iiock a milrli tlml l.ynt'li l m( | (jiven lilni to get out of Mew York In 1927. flc moved to Cleveland ' • Ho letl Cleveland In dbgiiit two years ngo niul drove to Los All- plus o. 0. D. As a, matter of fact, lie borrowed the few sealskins required for the (jfisollne wliicli look wlial passed for a rnearra or con- vcy/iiwe (o southern California. tint Mcnde is hack -In the Wp Mips, and he | s entitled to bo tlic-rc. rt, wns his knowledge of llXhU'i-.s 'tlml jiiil him tack on lite inns, llo saw Armstrong In Au. KftlG, ami ton-owed tire $10 «00 In- paid for iroinlchle Ik-ury ii'oiu Al Jolson nml Oeorglo Raft Mciiili- wu.s jusl ono Etc-)] ahead u( (hi; slit-rill when liu jitiuiiibled iii'ri>.'« Ai-iiistioiiK and Jolson and Unit. Now he lias to hustle to keep H|> with IK-iiry. mid has fallen »«'»y I" a mere -MH iwnuds in :liml!lnjj up and down ring s(c|is. ICdtlle Meadi- really Mruek gold "blui-k Kold-on (in; golden dope. fipci'lal knli'ea nrc vised (or cul- »)« ruMitt lioes lo allow tile Itt|'X to How. The knlre punctures tie tin. biirk lo exactly (he right. 2-t HOUR MtlGIDAlRE SERVICE Only Antlmtlwd S«rvlc« In Counly Phone 67 E. B. Gee Sales Co. PRESERVES THE UPHOLSTERY 1938 SEAT COVERS • Rolutu the liaih, n«w appoaiane* oi your upholilery with Ilioio atltaclivo loot covert. Thoy ar« tullorod to til «nujly. Available in ploaimg colon— mado of strong, woar rDniatia? (okric.-H your foots are «pott«c? ond worn, lh*s» covoji mak« (hi cur inloilor look lilts n»w. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 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